Among the Stars

by Psyche_B

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Accessory alert.  This is basically another of those plot? what plot chapters.  If this makes you uncomfortable please skip to the next part.


"Can anyone get in on the pool Doctor?" Kate asked from the doorway.
"Oh shit. Someone wake me when I am done being the butt of everyone's jokes." Kacey said and closed her eyes.
"We will try for a half hour to start Colonel. I will check back then." The Doctor said, and walked out of the room.
"When do you have to go back to the Bridge?"
"I am here for as long as you need me to be.
Kacey looked up at Natalia and Patricia. "I really need to talk to Kate alone."
"Of course dear. Natalia and I can find something to occupy ourselves." Patricia stated. "We still have a lot of plans to make." They both kissed Kacey and left the room.
Kate pulled over another chair and took out a recorder. "Will it be all right to record this?"
"Why not. Who knows it might even end up being useful."
Kate turned the recorder on. "Talk to me."
"Remember when you said yesterday that my brains got scrambled you were very close to the truth."
"How so?"
"The first time I went through the field, my head filled with all sorts of numbers, symbols and equations. It was only for a few seconds, but all this umm stuff ran through my head."
"You did not say anything at the time. Why?"
"I did not say anything because I really was not sure it happened at all. It was only for a few seconds."

"What happened the second time?"
"The same thing. Numbers, symbols and equations filled my head again. They lasted for a longer time. It seem that as long as my heart beat was elevated the symbols stayed with me. Once my heart beat returned to normal the symbols disappeared."
"Yet you still made no mention of it?"
"What should I have said, Kate? Oh, by the way, the field just gave me all sorts of numbers and symbols and other information. Kate they would have fitted me for one of those fancy jackets with the extra long sleeves that tie in the back."
"So the third time, when you passed out, what happened?"
"I don't know if it was because of the information I gained from the first two times or because of the research I had been doing, or even a combination of both, but, you are going to think I am crazy."
"You let me be the judge of that. What did you learn?"
"It was not just learning about the field, it was more like I was in tune with it. That I was on the same wave length as the field. I understood it, how it worked. And with that, came the knowledge of how to destroy it."
"So when the field came down?"
"It over loaded my brain and I passed out. While I was unconscious, I had these really weird dreams about the symbols and equations. My brain was fighting the symbols."
"Is that why it took so long for you to wake up?"
"Yeah, I think so."
"So are the symbols still there?"
"They are, but they are in the background. They are more like a memory. I can access them if I want to."
"Did you know at the time how you would react to the destruction of the field?"
Kacey hesitated before she spoke. "I hoped you would not ask that question, Kate"
"I take that to mean you knew?" Kacey looked at Kate. "The truth, Kacey. You knew."

Kacey let out a breath. "I could lie to you and say that I had no idea, but I will not lie, Kate. Yes I knew. I also knew it would be bad, just not how bad it would be. I knew there was a chance," she paused, "a chance that I would not survive."
"You knew that, yet you ordered the destruction of the field anyway."
"Your are either the bravest person I know or the most foolish person. I am not sure which yet. Why would you do that?"
"The greater good Kate."
"That is total bull shit Kacey" Kate said a little loudly. The Doctor came into the room.
"Captain this interview is over. I can not have you badgering my patient. It is time to bring this discussion to an end."
"No Doc." Kacey argued. "Kate was not badgering me. We really need to get this done."
"Very well for now, but I will remain in the room and will put an end to any discussion if I feel you are being unduly stressed by this."
"Agreed." Kate stated. "Kacey do you have any idea how your death would affect us all. How it would have devastated Natalia, Mom, Liam, Did you give a single thought to that?"
"I did Kate. But... I survived. It was a calculated risk I was willing to take to protect the ones I love."
"I should never have talked you out of fighting your placement in the Marine Academy. It seems they filled your head with all sorts of crap."
"It is not crap Kate. Tell me you would not have done the same thing if your were in my place. "
"I can not. I would have done the same thing."
"It is who we are Kate, it is just who we are. Just think Kate if I had gone to the Space Academy, with my luck I would have ended up in a position where you and dad would have to salute me."
"I would do so gladly little sister. So would dad." Kate said proudly
"Thanks, Kate. That mean a great deal. You know it is funny, you have not called dad that since I was a little kid. Why did you stop?"
"I have no idea why I stopped. I did it as a favor to him so that you would understand that he was dad and not Liam." Kate explained. "How about we get back on track? What would happen if we encounter any more of these fields?"
"I don't know, Kate. I honestly don't know. I think I know of a way to boost the scanners on Andromeda and the smaller ships so that we can avoid them or even actively search for them to destroy them or alter our course long before they become a problem.,"
"That would be after you have fully recovered. We will work on this idea of yours. But only when you are fully recovered. Doc before your release my very stubborn sister would you give her a complete physical. We need to make sure all her cylinders are firing correctly."

"She is scheduled for a whole battery of tests in two days. The Doctor stated.

"Still looking out for me Kate?"
"Always little sister. Always."


To be continued...

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