Among the Stars

by Psyche_B

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      Kacey and Natalia snuggled on their couch as Christmas day slowly came to a  close.  They were pleasantly stuffed from the excellent dinner Patricia, Anya and Natalia had cooked.  Music played softly.

      Natalia fingered the emerald necklace that Kacey had given her.  The stone matched her engagement ring.  Kacey hummed along with the music.  Her hands slowly traced Natalia's arms to her throat and skimmed the tops of her breasts.

      "Are you falling asleep Colonel?"

      "No way sweetheart.  Just thinking."


      "If I am brave enough to open that gift Kate and Anya gave us."

      "She did say to make sure we are alone, which,"  Natalia raised her head enough to look around, "I believe we are alone now.  She also said to make sure we read the instructions."

      "Instructions?  Now I know I am not brave enough to open it."

      "I do not believe that for one second.  Lets just bite the bullet and open it."  Natalia stated.  "What is the worst that can happen?".

      "We are talking about my sister  and Anya.  Remember Kate, the one who sent us step by step instructions complete with videos."

      "Uh huh, I know the one.  A little taller than I am, auburn hair, blue grey eyes.   Shall I get the box?"  Natalia asked.

      Kacey sighed.  "Tell you what.  You get the box, while I refresh our drinks.  I think I may need a bit more liquid courage."

      Natalia went into the bedroom and returned with the box which she put on the coffee table.  Kacey refilled their glasses.  She rejoined Natalia on the couch and handed her lover her glass.  They both took a sip and placed their glasses on the table.  They looked at the box.  Neither made a move towards it.  They looked at each other.

      "I do not think it will explode.  That could damage the ship."  Kacey stated.

      "There are no air holes so it is not alive."  Natalia added.

      They still made no move to open the box.  Kacey gathered her courage.  "This is ridiculous."  She said and undid the ribbon on the box.  Natalia pulled the paper off.  Kacey broke the tape holding the box closed.  Natalia helped her remove the tissue paper.  Inside the main box were several smaller boxes each with a number and a piece of paper taped to the top.  Kacey lifted the first box and handed the paper to Natalia.  She opened the box.  Inside she found two small silver clamps connected by a thin chain.

     "What the Hell?"  Kacey asked.

      "Those are...  Oh my..."  She showed the paper to Kacey as a blush covered her face and she crossed her arms over her chest.
      "Are they kidding me?  Nipple clamps.  I am not sure I want to open any of the others."

      "Where is that Marine gung ho spirit?  We have started, may as well continue.  We can always stop further on."  Natalia stated as she reached for box number two.  Inside they found a blindfold.  That one seems to be self explanatory and safe."  Natalia said.

      "Sweetheart, I really do not think we will find anything in this box that is safe."  Kacey said as she picked up box number three.  Kacey handed the instructions to Natalia.  Inside she found several items.  The first was a string of beads in increasing size connected by a silken cord.  The cord had a large ring attached to it.  Also attached was a small battery pack.  The next item was a bottle of, she had to read it twice.  "Lubricant?  What the bloody hell?"  Kacey said as she picked up the last item in box three.  A package of plastic gloves.  Natalia handed her the instructions, her face redder than before.  She pulled out box four.

      "This one is a little on the heavy side."  She handed the instructions to Kacey  Inside she found a half a dozen bottles of massage oil. "Non toxic." She read on the label.

       "Heat, use and enjoy."  Kacey read.  "Easy instructions. "Definite theme from those two twisted minds.  Is that all of them?"

     "No there is one more, no  wait there are two more. " Natalia pulled out a box that was about six inches long.  She opened it and closed it quickly  after she spied the item inside.  

      "I am going to kill them both."  Kacey said.

      "I can almost picture Kate doing something like this, but not Anya."  Natalia stated.

      "Oh do not let that cool reserved demeanor fool you.  Anya has a wicked sense of humor that can and will blind side you.  I can absolutely picture her at Kate's side picking out these things.  Or even making suggestions.  What is the last one?"

      "It's flat."  She opened the box to find a video disc.

      "The instructions say watch disc before trying anything"  Kacey touched the private button on her communicator.  "KATE"  She yelled.
      "Yesssssss."  Kate drew out the word.

      "You two are so damn twisted."  They could hear Anya laughing in the background.

      "Be adventurous little sister and enjoy."  Kate laughed before she signed off.

      "Where would they even get things like this on board?"  Natalia asked.

      "One of the shops on deck eight carries this stuff in the back room."

      "Just how do you know that Colonel?"

      "My dear sweet sister in law told me about it when we first started this journey.  I never went in."  Kacey told her.  "To tell you the truth I was afraid to."

      "I am glad.  Maybe we can go together one day."

      "Natalia, you are a very surprising woman."  Kacey said and kissed Natalia.

      "Shall we watch the disc?"

      "Now?"  Kacey asked.  Natalia nodded.  "Why not."

      She put the disc into the machine and they sat down to watch.


To be continued...

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