Among the Stars

by Psyche_B

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        The music started.  Kacey led Natalia onto the dance floor.  "We have a very special request from Natalia O'Malley for their song.  We will not do it justice as the primary musician is on the dance floor."  The sax player stepped forward and began playing the opening bars that Kacey would play.

      Kacey took Natalia in her arms and moved her skillfully around the floor as the orchestra played the song Kacey wrote for her.  They were the only ones on the floor for the whole song.  As the song ended, they kissed.

      "Will you play at all today?"

      Nope.  I did not even bring my violin with me.  Today I am all yours.  Maybe tonight I will play for you, but today except for those I have to dance with the others, I am all yours.  They walked back to their seats.  The waitress brought Kacey a brandy and a wine for Natalia.  Now that they had eaten Kacey felt it was safe to take a sip of her drink before she led Natalia back to the dance floor.  Once again they were alone.  Shortly after they started dancing,  Kate and Anya joined them, then Liam and Patricia.  Even the girls were twirling to the music.  Soon the floor was crowded with dancers.  Kacey held Natalia close as if she were a precious piece of fine china.  Natalia listened to the strong steady heart beat beneath her ear.  She looked up as Kacey looked down.  Desire turned Kacey's blue eyes darker.  She kissed Natalia.  A kiss that held a promise of later when they were alone.

      "Can we leave yet?"  Natalia whispered in Kacey ear.

      "You want to leave before we cut that beautiful cake.  Mom would kill us if we did that.  There are a few things we need to do before then.  I will make it worth the wait."

      "Don't you even say it's protocol."

      "Not protocol, but tradition sweetheart.  Believe me if we had any choice, we would be behind a security lock right now."

     They started back to the table when Liam place his hand on Kacey's arm.  "Would ye be up to sharing a dance with your old da?"

      "I would love to dad."  Liam took Kacey's hand and led her back to the dance floor.  He signaled the band leader.


      "Hush lass.  Tis me right as your father."  The music started as he led his daughter around the floor.  He began to sing in his beautiful tenor.  

      "You're the end of the rainbow, my pot of gold.  
        You're daddy's little girl to have and to hold.  
        A precious gem, that's what you are.  
        You're mommy's bright and shining star. 
        You're the spirit of Christmas, the star on my tree.
        You're the Easter bunny for mommy and me.
        You're sugar you're spice, you're everything nice.
        And you're daddy's little girl.
       You're a treasure I cherish, all sparkling and bright.
       You were touched by a Holy and beautiful light.
       Like the angels who sing, a beautiful thing.
       And you're daddy's little girl."

      Kacey's eyes filled with tears as Liam sang to her.  He did the same at Kate's wedding.  Her reaction was the same..  When the song ended, Kacey hugged her father.

     "I am proud to be your daughter dad."

      "Ahhh lass tis proud I am to be your father.

      They returned to their seats for only a short while before Anya took Kacey back to floor with Kate and Natalia.  The reception continued until early evening.  The couples changed partners, Kacey was even able to have a dance with her mother and nieces.

They gathered around the cake for the ceremonial cutting.  Kacey removed her gloves and tucked them into her belt.  Together they cut the first slice.  Then carefully fed each other, taking care not to get a crumb their clothes.  There was just one more tradition, a final dance and they could make their escape.

      The rest of the cake was sliced and served.  Kacey threw caution to the wind and ordered a third brandy.  Kate brought a chair to the middle of the floor.  Anya led Natalia to the chair and had her sit down.  Kate brought Kacey over.  She knelt on one knee  and slowly ran her hand up Natalia's leg under the dress.  She went past the garter.   Her left hand covered the motion of her right as she brushed Natalia's center.  Kacey was certain the only ones to see her actions were Kate and Anya.  They  smiled.  She remember Kate doing the exact same thing to Anya at their wedding.

      Kacey removed the garter and held it up to show the room.  There were cheers from the men.  Kacey quickly pocketed the garter she had just removed and took out an identical one.  She was not about to throw the one that had just graced Natalia's leg.  The unmarried men lined up.  Kacey aimed her throw to her friend.  He caught it easily.

      Natalia threw her bouquet and also aimed her throw to one particular person.  One final dance and they were ready to leave.  They said good bye to their family and friends and made their escape.

      Arm in arm they walked to their quarters.  Kacey keyed the code.  When the door opened, she picked Natalia up and carried her into their quarters.  She gently placed her on her feet as the door closed behind them.

      "Computer set security lock code O'Malley Colonel Epsilon five Omega eight Alpha three.  We will not be disturbed.  Only Kate can override that code and if she knows what is good for her she will not use it unless it is a dire emergency."

      "That is good to hear."  Natalia said as they kissed.



To be continued...

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