Captain's log 1 July 2177

The repairs on all the relay towers have been completed . In six to eight weeks we will be at the Kuiper Belt. As of today, we have travelled farther than any other humans. We will celebrate our first year in space in three days. Celebrations are planned all over the ship.

So much has happened in this past year it is hard to believe that it is only one year. Good, bad and ugly, we have made it through the first year relatively unscathed. Luckily we have not had to convene the Tribunal often. Most disputes and fights between the residents were solved with just the use of a mediator, without having to resort to a full blown trial. Disputes were bound to come up due to the varied personalities of the almost one thousand residents.

One of the biggest surprises on this trip is how mom has flourished in space. She still rules the family. She still intimidates Kacey and I, two of the highest ranking officers on Andromeda, She still has the ability to put the fear of God in us. She has Anya and Natalia as her buddies. Both continue to take cooking lessons from her. I am glad both her daughters-in-law have shown an interest in cooking. Mom now has two people to pass on all her secrets and recipes. Kacey and I never showed any aptitude or interest in cooking. She never pushed us to learn. It was almost as if she knew all those years ago the neither of us would be the 'little woman' in any relationship.

Kacey and I have reached a new plateau in our relationship. My little sister is such a complex person at times. At times I am still able to see that skinny little kid peek out. Natalia brings that out in her. We still butt heads occasionally, but we have both learned how discuss any problems rather than yelling at each other.

We have both grown up this past year. We have learned from each other. Kacey has taught me that a leader can be both tough and flexible. She has shown me that a real leader listens to all sides before making a decision with the best possible solution. She has also shown me what real courage is. The injuries she suffered when she rescued the Queen from Marcus Prime, and when she collapsed during our confrontation with the Megarans, for the greater good. Now she has taken on the task of teaching our children how to play the piano. I certainly hope the girls have inherited Anya musical abilities. She is so patient with them.

When the time comes she will be a great mom.


Personal journal Col. Kirsten C O'Malley 1 July 2177

Seven months ago today, I married the most fantastic woman in the universe. The love of my life. The other half of my soul. If you believe that ancient Greek legend about all humans having two heads four arms and legs yet shared one soul. Zeus, seeing how happy the humans were, divided them with lightening bolts. Humans spent the remainder of their lives searching for the other half of their souls.

Natalia and I have been talking about starting a family. She is so good with Kate and Anya's rug rats. She has finally learned how to tell them apart. We have had the preliminary meeting with the doctor. Natalia is doing all sorts of things every morning and has all sorts of charts. We have decided to go for a multiple birth rather than a single. I watched Kate go crazy during Anya's pregnancy. I hope I will not be as bad as she was. We have not told the family yet.

"I have learned quite a lot during this past year. Most of the education came from Kate. She has shown me that I do not have to be the strong one all the time. I can rely on the people around me. To not only accept help from the people around me, but to also have the presence of mind to know when to ask for help. Kate has taught me that no matter how much we argue and yell at each other, we will still be sisters, when all is said and done. Nothing can break that bond. She still tries to protect me like she did when I was a child. She still looks out for me even when I feel I do not need her protection. I think it's a "Mom" thing. Not something you can learn from a book, but more of a natural instinct. Maybe there is a special gene that women have that lies dormant until you hold your child in your arms for the first time that special gene wakes up or kicks in. I hope I have that special gene so that I can be as

good a mom as I have or as Kate and Anya are.

Some things that Kate has shown me are questionable at best. Some of the things Kate and Anya have sent us are so twisted. They both have that same warped sense of humor. Yet when I call them on it, they both just laugh and tell me to 'be adventurous' I do no think I will ever be that adventurous to even think about trying some of those things.

We are in an area of space that no other human has ever traveled. We are pioneers. Each day, Hell each hour brings new discoveries. The Star Navigator computers are working overtime. Natalia has been assigned to the Bridge crew as Anya's assistant. That is quite and accomplishment for someone who had not gone through the rigorous training the rest of the Bridge crew has. They work side by side as the computers take in and process all the information gathered. I really am proud of her. I wonder what our second year will bring us.

To be continued...

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