Beyond the Farthest Planet

by Psyche-b

Chapter 4B

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Disclaimers: As always the characters belong to my warped little mind. Unfortunately not the people they are patterned after. If this sort of this offends you please hit the delete button now. If you are under 18 please come back when you are older.

"Kacey, thank you."

"For what my love?"

"For going along with me on having children, for showing me how to make a snowman, for loving me."

"All are my extreme pleasure. I am sorry the rain took away all our hard work. At least you did not want to bring it in like the demons."

"I did think about it, but knew it would just melt and make a mess. Kate and Anya really got into making a snow man with the girls. Did you see Anya nail Kate in the butt with the snow ball?"

Kacey laughed. "That was a definite surprise. I thought Kate might land on her face in the snow bank. Then that snowball fight we had. That was a lot of fun. I thought mom and dad would have joined in. They always did when we were younger."

"They did not join in honey because they were laughing too hard."

"I hope the computer recorded it. I would love to tease Kate about that less than graceful landing."

"Kacey, that is really not nice. Funny, but not nice. Did the storm to any damage to the smaller ships?"

"The tops were too slippery to check yesterday. When the rain stops I can get up on top to check them all out. I just hope I do not have to recalibrate too many systems." Kacey said. "Talia, what if this worked and we have more than two?"

"We love them. Just think how you brag to Kate?"

"How so?"

"If she did the plunging, it took her three tries to give Anya twins. While if we have triplets or quads after the first try, you can brag that you were a more potent plunger."

Kacey laughed until her sides hurt. "Potent plunger. That is a good one. I definitely have to remember that." Kacey laughed again. "Finish you tea before it gets cold." Kacey handed the cup to Natalia. "Is there anything else I can get you?"

"No. Wait yes there is one more thing you can do for me."

"What is that sweetheart?"

"You can come here and kiss me." Natalia stated.

Kacey knelt on the floor next to the couch and kissed Natalia tenderly. They both heard Natalia's stomach growl in hunger.

"You close your eyes and relax while I go get our lunch before your stomach wakes the dead."

"Go Colonel." Natalia said as she pushed Kacey away. "Do not forget to talk to your mother."

Kacey saluted her and left.


Kacey walked with a bounce in her step. She found herself whistling as she bounced along. She smiled and nodded at every one she passed. She went directly to the counter when she arrived at the Mess Hall to talk to Patricia.

"Hello dear, where is Natalia?"

"She is resting in our quarters right now. Mom can you fix me a couple of whatever you have on special to go please?"

"Is Natalia feeling all right?"

"She is fine. Could I get a coffee while I wait? I will be sitting over there." She pointed to what had become the family's table. "Mom if you can take a break, I need to talk to you."

"Of course dear." Patricia handed Kacey her coffee and watched as her daughter carried it to the table. She had no sooner sat down then she was ambushed by her nieces, followed closely by Kate, Anya and her father. Kacey smiled at them.

"Hey demons."

"Aunt Kacey where is Aunt Natty?"

"She is resting right now. I am getting lunch to take back to her."

"Is she sick?" Anya asked.

"Was it today?" Kate asked at the same time.

They sat down and programmed their choices into the table top menu. Within minutes the servers brought their meals. Patricia brought two containers and placed them on the table.

"Hey, why do they get what they ordered and you just ignore my choices?"

"If you ordered something other than a sandwich when you are here alone, you would get what you ordered." Patricia told her.

To be continued...


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