Beyond the Farthest Planet

by Psyche-b

Chapter 6B

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Sick Bay was quiet. The curtains around the wounded Marines were closed, while the doctor examined his patients. Kacey waited to get his report. She wandered around the room. Finally the curtains opened as the doctor finish his exams.

"Colonel, are you here to get a report?" Dr. Pence asked.

"What can you tell me Doc?"

"Corporal Tolliver has several lacerations on his back, that took sixty stitches to close. He will be on medical leave for at least three weeks. Private Micah suffered damage to her legs that took well over one hundred stitches to close. She will be off duty longer. Plus she will probably have to under go therapy to strengthen the leg muscles once the stitches are removed"

"What about the others who were injured?"

"They were treated and released. All cuts cleaned and bandaged. Give them a few days before you send them back out."

"Understand, Doc. Can I see my pilots?"

"They are both sedated right now."

"I do not want to disturb them. I will return later."

Kacey left Sick Bay and headed back to her office. She set the Security lock to avoid interruptions so she could work on her away mission report. And to hide from Kate and her questions. Kacey knew if Kate really wanted to enter her office, she could use Captain's Privilege to override any security lock.

She smiled as she remembered Natalia's news. She suddenly found she could not concentrate on mundane tasks such as reports. Kacey looked again at the pictures on her desk. In less than a year there will be another. Kacey leaned back in her chair and let her day dreams take her away. She quickly lost track of how long she was lost in thought. The computer beeping brought her back to the present. A private message came in. She opened the message window.

"Kate is asking a lot of questions. We had better tell the family tonight."

"I agree. I will ask everyone to come over. Is nineteen hundred hours all right with you?"

"That is fine. Do we have anything to offer them except crackers?"

"There should be stuff in the storage area."

"I will find something to give them. It is a good thing I love you. We need to really stock up on groceries." .

Kacey laughed. "I will be home in about an hour. We can stock up on our next day off."


Kacey jumped in the shower as soon as she returned to her quarters. She put on sweats instead of fatigues or her favorite 'around the quarters, clothes'. She put several discs in the machine and hit play. Kacey then went into the kitchen to help Natalia get everything ready. She brought down glasses and filled the ice bucket. She then placed bottles on the counter. Natalia filled a tray with crackers and cookies, before she brought the tray to the living room.

"Do you know what you are going to tell them?"

"Me? I thought you would tell them."

Natalia slapped Kacey's arm. "No Colonel. You did the deed, you get the bragging rights."

"Ouch." Kacey said and rubbed the arm Natalia slapped.

"You big baby. That was just a little tap. I can do a lot worse."

"Really?" Kacey wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "That could be interesting. Maybe we can postpone this get together until tomorrow and spend the night doing more pleasurable things." Kacey kissed her.

The door chimed as she place the tray on the coffee table. Kacey looked at the monitor.

"Come in" She called out. The door opened and her parents walked in. Natalia quickly gave up her position behind the counter for Liam to handle the bar tending duties. She pointed to the seltzer for herself. He smiled and nodded. The bell rang again. "Come on in Kate." She called out. Natalia poured milk for the girls and brought the glasses to the coffee table. Liam carried the tray of drinks to the living room as Kate, Anya and the girls walked in. He handed the drinks out as everyone sat down. Liam and Patricia sat on the love seat. Kate, Anya and their girls sat on the couch. Natalia sat in the chair with Kacey perched on the arm. Kacey took the glass Liam handed her. Natalia nudged her. She cleared her throat and stood up.

"I imagine you are all wondering why we asked you all here tonight. Even if you are not wondering, I will tell you anyway. The reason behind this little family get together, is to give me an audience for my bragging rights."

Natalia nudged her again. "Kacey."

"Where was I? Oh yes, bragging rights. What took Kate three tries to do, I managed to get done in one try." She sat back down and got quizzical looks from everyone except her father who just shook his head and smiled.

"Honey I think they need a little more explanation." Natalia said. "What this goof ball is trying to say is..."

"Goof ball. I resent that."

"Kacey hush and let me finish." Natalia ordered. Kacey took a sip of her drink and tried to hide her smile. "As I was trying to say that this goof ball totally messed up is, my tests came back positive today. We are pregnant."

Everyone was on their feet congratulating them. Kate hugged Kacey.

"Bragging rights little sister?"

"That is right. I was the more potent plunger." Kate groaned and elbowed Kacey in the ribs.

"Did you know at the meeting this afternoon?

"Why do you think I ran out of the conference room?"

Patricia quickly removed the drink from Natalia's hand. "No alcohol for you young lady."

"I know. That is just plain seltzer. I asked Liam for that."

"Liam did you know?"

"Aye Patsy darling. Anyone on the Bridge who saw Natalia's smile, knew. It was not my news to tell so please do not be getting mad at me for not telling.

"This is September, so we are looking at maybe June?"

"Doctor Amstall thinks June fourteenth or around there."

Liam raised his glass. "A toast to Kacey and Natalia as they start their family. They all raised their glasses.

To be continued...


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