So Far From Home

by Psyche_B

Year three in the Voyage of Andromeda.  The adventure that started in  Among the Stars, and Beyond the Farthest Planet continues in Far From Home.

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                                          CHAPTER 12 A

  Several days passed before Kacey could move without too much pain.  She made good use of her down time by working on her music and spending quality time with her family.  Her parents, Kate, Anya and their children visited often.  For the first time in over a week, she was able to hold their babies.  She sat in the rocking chair with Caitlyn in her arms, while Natalia held Patrick.  Both children had been changed, fed and were happily blowing bubbles at their mothers.

  "Have you given any more thought to what you wanted for your birthday?"  Natalia asked.

  "I told you before.  What I want is you in a whipped cream bikini."

  "I was thinking more along the lines of something you can open in front of other people."

  "I hope you are not planning anything big."

  "I was actually thinking of the family and a few friends."

  "Exactly how many is a few?"

  "Bella, Rhea, Mike a few of your Marines."

  "I tell you what.  Surprise me.  I will love anything you give me."

  "Including a year's supply of milk?"  Natalia joke.

  "Of course, I would love it.  I just would not drink it." Kacey joked back.

  "Now what sort of example is that to set for our children?"

  "Have you been taking lessons from Kate on how to fight dirty?"  She asked.  "I will wait until they can actually hold their own cups before I answer that."

  "So you will not back me when I want them to eat and drink things that are good for them?"   "I did not say that.  I will back you within reason.  Please do not take a page from my mother's book.  If they really hate something, no matter how good it is for them, I can not in good conscious force them."  Kacey stated.  "I went through that for years with my mother and found I really resented her interference in my life.  I don't want our children to resent us."   "When you put it that way I have to agree.  I would like them to try new things before they say they don't like it.  I hope I can count on you to back me up then."    "Then I will."    "Good.  I knew I could count on you."  Natalia said with a smile.  "You know I think the two of us sitting here rocking our babies has to be one of the best things in the world."     "One of them maybe." Kacey stated.  "I can think of better things to do with our time."

  "Oh yeah?  Name one."  Natalia challenged.

  "Making love with you."  Kacey stated without any hesitation.  "It has been ten days since I was stabbed."

  "I do not want you to hurt yourself or do anything that would cause you any pain."

  "How about this.  If I have any pain I will tell you.  Unless you are not in the mood for making love."

  "Sweetheart, I am always in the mood where you are concerned."

  "Then let's put the little ones down and see what develops."  Kacey said as she wriggled her eyebrows.

  "I can honestly say I like that idea."

  They carried their sleeping infants into the nursery where they laid them in their cribs.  Pulled up the blankets and kissed the tiny heads.  Natalia turned on the baby monitor while Kacey dimmed the lights.  Arm in arm they walked from the nursery into their bedroom.  Kacey snapped off the living room as they walked past.  They took turns in the bathroom before they lay on the bed.

  Kacey gathered Natalia in her arms and kissed her.  Their tongues danced until they were both breathless.  Kacey kissed Natalia's ear and traced the outline with her tongue, which caused the younger woman to shiver, before she made her down the smooth neck.  Kacey undid the snap holding the towel close.  She moved slowly, taking her time.  Kacey returned to capture Natalia's lips.  Her hand slowly traced the outline of Natalia's breasts.  Her hand moving in a figure eight pattern to cover both breasts.  Each figure became smaller and smaller until her hand brushed each nipple which hardened at her touch.  Kacey took one rigid tip in her mouth and sucked lightly.  Her tongue flicked rapidly over the hardened tip.  She moved to the other breast. 

  She continued to lavish attention on the twin globes while her hand slowly  moved down towards Natalia's center. Natalia's legs moved to give Kacey room.  Kacey's finger brushed over Natalia's clit lightly before she entered her.  She kept her movement slow to prolong their pleasure and to avoid any sort of pain.  She had no intention of stopping. 

  Kacey moved from the breast she had been loving to recapture Natalia's lips.  Her mouth followed the slow path her hand took.  She kissed each breast and continued to kiss her way to Natalia's center.  She knelt between Natalia's legs and watched her face as she used her free had to lightly rub the hard pearl.  Natalia's head lay against the raised head of the bed, her eyes closed, and a smile on her face.

  "That feels so good.  So very good."  Natalia murmured.

  "I hope I can make you feel even better."  Kacey bent down and licked the red bud.  She continued to keep her motions slow, prolonging the pleasure.  Her fingers moved in the warmth.  With the head of the bed raised, Kacey could see Natalia's face.  Her rapid breathing told Kacey, she was close.  Kacey increased the pace of her hand and tongue.  She felt the walls around her fingers pulse as Natalia climaxed.  She slowed her motions before taking her over again.  Kacey let Natalia relax and waited until she signaled it was all right to remove her hand.

  Natalia shifted.  Kacey slowly with drew her fingers and made her way slowly back up Natalia's body.  She gathered Natalia in her arms.

  "You are so incredible."

  "Only for you Ma Chroi."  Kacey said. "I think I like the head of the bed raised.  I liked being able to watch your face while I made love to you."

  "I have to try that out.  How is your side?"

  "If I move slowly it did not hurt at all."

  "Well let me see if I can also move slowly."


    Dawn snuck in.  The room lightened.  Kacey's internal clock told her it was time to get up.  She lay wih Natalia in her arms as her brain sloughed off the last vestiges of sleep.  The monitor near her head hummed as one of the babies started to wake up.  She moved out of the bed slowly and made her way into the bathroom.  Kacey grabbed her sleep clothes as she walked by the dresser.  She took care of her personal needs, donned her clothes, slapped water on her face and brushed her teeth.  She made her way into the kitchen where she placed two bottles into the warmer and grabbed a coffee to chase the remaining cobwebs from her brain.  After taking a few sips from her cup, she made her way into the nursery.  Patrick was squirming and she knew he would wake shortly.  Kacey gathered clean clothes for him, water for his bath and went back into the living room to finish her coffee.

  When she walked back into the nursery, she found Patrick smiling up a her.  She picked him up and took her son to the dressing table.  Kacey removed his sleeper and picked up the wash cloth which she passed over his face.  She quickly gave him a sponge bath before undoing his diaper.  Cleaned and dressed, Kacey picked Patrick up and carried him into the kitchen where she took one bottle from the warmer, before she returned to the nursery and sat in the rocking chair to feed him.  He looked up at her with trusting eyes.  Eyes that were almost the same shade as her own.  She found herself talking softly to him.

  "Little buddy, what does the future hold for you.  Will you be a mucisian?"  She looked at the tiny fingers.  "Maybe you will be an artist like your Aunt Kate.  Maybe a world famous entertainer, or a doctor.  Doctor Patrick O'Malley?  Now that has a very nice ring to it.  A doctor who will work to make every person illness free.  I just hope that what ever you decide to do it will make you happy.  Any that you find some one to love as much as I love you and Caitlyn and as much as I love your mama."  Kacey's eyes filled with tears.

  "Aww mommy"  Came the tiny voice which caused Kacey to jump.  Natalia's laughter came from the nursery door way.

  "You just scared the bejesus out of me.  I thought Ptrick was talking."  Natalia continued to laugh.  "How long have you been standing there?"

  "Long enough.  You do realize that you are such an old softie.  Especially when it comes to our children."

  "Do you think it will be possible to keep this between the two of us?"

  "Honey anyone who has ever seen you with our nieces, Caitlyn and Patrick know you are a marshmallow when it comes to our children."  Natalia joked as she bent to kiss Kacey.  "Speaking of Caitlyn, has she been fed yet?"

  "Not yet.  She has been making squeaking noises and squirming for a couple minutes.  She should be closed to waking up."

  "I will take care of her."

  "Anything special you want to do today?"

  "How about getting the family together and go enjoy the city one last time before we leave."  Natalia said.  "That is if you feel up to it?"

  "Is there more shopping you have to do?  Is the universe about to explode if you do not shop?"

  "Silly, the universe is safe, but there is a certain object I noticed when we were there last."

  "Why not.  I feel pretty good and I have not left the ship since the day of the inauguration.  After breakfast I will call Kate and mom to see if they want to come with us."

  "Do not forget Rhea or Mike.  They go where ever you and Kate go."

  "This is turning into quite an excursion."


                                    CHAPTER 12 B

    The large group walked off Andromeda.  By the time they were able to leave there were nine adults along with the four children.  Kacey had Patrick in his carrier, while Natalia held Caitlyn.  That lasted only a few minutes when Patricia took Patrick from her stating, "He will put too much strain on your ribs."

    Kacey could not stop herself from rolling her eyes, but let her mother take the boy.  They took the transport into the city.  With the threat gone, they were able to walk about unmolested.  Many residents greeted or waved to them as they strolled the main avenue.  The group walked into many shops with the intention of only looking, but walked out with bags from every shop.  After three hours, Kate pulled Kacey away from the group. 

  "Let's go find a coffee or drink."

  "Getting tired Kate?"  Kacey joked.

  "No but you are looking a little ragged and beat up."

  "Nah, I am fine."  Kacey protested.

  "Come on anyway.  Natalia wants to get something for you."

  Kacey sighed.  "All right."

  Together they walked out of the store laden with bags.  They walked the short distance to a sidewalk bar.  After placing their bags on the ground they sat down and placed their order while they watched the citizens stroll by.  Many stopped to shake their hands.  Many more smiled and waved at them.  The morale of the citizens was so much better since the first time they visited the city.  Their drinks arrived and they sipped the strong beverage.  Before they had finished their drinks, the waiter brought them another.

  "We did not order these."  Kate stated.

  "Captain, Colonel, the grateful citizens have bought these for you.  There are several more waiting for you."

  "Lord, this sounds like we need dad and the rest of the family."  Kacey joked.

  "Would you rather I just bring you the bottles?"

  "Bottles?  How many are we talking about?"  Kate asked.

  "At least three, Captain."

  "You had better bring the bottles."  Kate stated.  "And several glasses for when our family arrives.  And would you pass on our appreciation to the citizens."

  "Colonel, you and your people saved our city."  The waiter stated.  "They are very grateful.  How much longer will you be with us?"

  "A few more days.  We need to start our journey back to our home planet."

  "We will be sad to see you leave.  Perhaps someday you will visit us again. I will bring your bottles to you."

  "Perhaps.  We never know what the future has in store for us."  Kate stated.  The waiter left them to finish their drinks.  He returned several minutes with several bottles and glasses.

  "Would you be able to live on another planet?"  Kacey asked.

  "Why would you even ask a question like that?"

  "If something were to happen where we could not get home or if it took us longer to get home.  Would you give up and find another planet to live on?"

  "That is a question I hope I never have to answer.  What about you?  Could you live with all the technology?"

  "There was a time I thought I could, but now I don't think I can.  Just look at this last incident.  If it weren't for the technology Queen Dyan shared with us, my ass would probably still be in Sick Bay."  Kacey stated as she looked at the store they had left.  "Oh my God, what did they buy?"

  They watched their family and friends walk out of the store.  Each carried large shopping bags.  Even the girls carried bags.  Kacey signaled them.  They crossed the walkway to join them. 

  "Did you leave anything in the store for others to buy?"  Kate asked.  Kacey stood and let Natalia sit down.

  "Lass do not be giving us a hard time."  Liam stated.  "We only purchased two items.  The rest are from grateful citizens."

  "It is the same here.  The waiter brought us over several bottles that the citizens bought."

  Liam took one of the bottles, and a glass.  He opened the bottle and poured a generous amount into the glass.  He passed the bottle to the others who helped themselves.

  "Kacey this is  getting way out of hand."  Natalia stated.

  "I know and the only way to stop it is to return to Andromeda."  Kacey replied.

  "That is a good idea."  Patricia stated.  "You are looking a little worn out dear."

  "Nah I am..."

  "Do not even think of saying fine."  Patricia warned.

  "How do you feel about okay?  Will that work for you mom?"  Kacey joked.  She felt a poke from Natalia.  "Is good a better choice?"  Another poke.  "Well?"  Another poke.  "Hey I am going to get a bruise there.  Want to try the other leg?"

  "Behave yourself and you will not have to worry about a bruise."  Natalia told her.

  "I want the complete truth, Kacey."  Patricia stated.  Kacey met her mother's eyes and remained silent.  "Just as I thought.  I think we should all head back to Andromeda."

  They finished their drinks and stood up.  Kate placed several bills of their currency on the table, waved to the waiters and left.  Kacey picked up the bag Natalia carried as they made their way back to the transport.


    Once back inside the ship they all went to Kacey's quarters where they divided up their purchases and gifts.  Natalia and Patricia carried the sleeping infants into their nursery and placed them in their cribs.  Anya handed a mysterious package to Natalia when she came into the living room.  She carried it into the bedroom.

  In a bout of gracelessness, Kacey flopped down into the chair.  Patricia looked closely at Kacey and noticed the lines of exhaustion across her forehead.  She went around the chair and placed her hands on Kacey's shoulders.  Kacey covered her mother's hands with her own.

  "Would you like a cup of coffee dear?"

  "I would love one, mom.  Thanks."  Patricia went to the replicator and ordered a coffee.  She handed it to Kacey. "How do you always know?"

  "Practice, dear.  Also knowing what signs to look for because if I waited for you tough service people to say you were not up to code, I would be waiting for a very long time. Don't forget, I have known you from the second you were born.  I know the signs."  Patricia told her.

  "Have you been giving Kate lessons?"

  "No why?"

  "She said I was looking beat up and ragged.  I think those are the words she used."

  "You will get to that point eventually.  Once we get everything divided up, we will leave you to get some rest."

To be continued...

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