Chapter Ten

The next morning, found Koty at her desk talking to Jason about a case he just finished with when her phone rang.

"Detective Silvers, can I help you?"

"Hey sis, I have a favor to ask of you. Remember that foreman I was telling you about? I need to see if you can get any background on him. I need to find out what the hell he is up to."

Koty got some more information from him that she thought she might need, and told him she would get back to him as soon as she found anything out. She took it to a friend of hers at the station, and told her she would check back later.

Saturday evening, Koty was in a rare good mood as she got dressed for the concert. She went through five different outfits before deciding on a tight fitting pair of butter soft black leather pants that fit her like a glove. She then picked out a tight pink tank top, and a black leather jacket that matched her pants.

She knew the effect that this outfit would have on some women, but that wasn't why she was wearing it. It just made her feel good. After pulling on her boots and some New West perfume, she was on her way to Jamie and Trish's house.

It had been awhile since she had gone to a concert. The last one she remembered was Melissa Etheridge. Trish had won free tickets and a limo ride from being the tenth caller on the radio. She had gone with Tina, Jamie, Trish, and one other couple. It was a good thing that they had the limo, because none of them were fit to drive afterwards.

Trish opened the door to Koty's knock and stepped back with a grin. "Wow Koty, that outfit is really hot. How are people going to be able to watch the concert when they won't be able to keep their eyes off of you?"

Jamie came around the corner at that time. "Shit girl, I haven't seen you wear that thing in a long time. Look out Virginia Beach! Well, if you ladies are ready, lets rock this town."

As they drove to the concert, Koty thought about the first time that she had worn her current outfit. It was over three years ago when she had met Tina. She had gone to a party at Jamie's where she introduced Tina as being the newbie at the fire department. She had just transferred from North Carolina.

Tina had asked her to dance, and could not keep her hands off of Koty. Her excuse had been that women in leather 'just did something to her.' Tina would only let Koty wear leather if it was just the two of them going someplace where they would be alone.

"Baby, I know how I reacted to you in leather. Nobody else needs to be looking at you the way I do when you wear it. I can't bear it when other women just look at you." Tina had confessed at one time.

Koty briefly wondered if the woman she had caught Tina with wore leather. She shook off her memories, and concentrated on the concert. 'I really don't need to have these memories.'

Faint lights on the stage, and one brilliant light silhouetted the image of a solitary figure behind a curtain. All at once, bright lights and a pulsing beat that could be felt as well as heard, began, and bodies were up clapping and yelling. The Goddess of country music, started the show.

During the intermission, Koty volunteered to go get beer for everyone. As she approached the line, someone dropped a drink. The woman in front of her quickly backed up to keep the splash from hitting her. As she went to back up, she tripped over Koty's foot and started to fall.

"Whoa, careful!" Koty advised as she caught the woman before she hit the ground. Looking down at her, Koty caught her breath. There in her arms was Kasey. Unable to speak right away, she just held her there.

In that low husky voice that turned the detectives insides to mush, Kasey laughed, "Koty hon, are you going to just hold me all night or will you help me up?"

"Jesus Kasey, I'm sorry. Are you alright?"

"Koty, I tripped over your feet, don't apologize ok?"

Kasey could not help but to look Koty up and down once she was helped to her feet. She felt herself blush hotly, and quickly looked away. She was positive that Koty could see the lust in her eyes, and the heat radiating from her body. She could imagin Koty in a lot of things, but never black leather. Seeing her dressed that way sent her body into meltdown, and her libido into overdrive.

When the doctor felt safe enough to speak, she introduced Koty to her friend Lee, who watched them the whole time with an amused look.

Lee reached for the detectives hand. "That, is a very stunning outfit you're wearing. Isn't it Kasey?"

"Um...yeah, it's really nice. I see that your eye is looking a lot better Koty," Kasey said to change the current topic, "does it still hurt?"

"Actually, it's much better. Now that the black and blue has mostly faded I don't feel so awkward going out in public."

"Thursday or friday, either come by the clinic, or have Chris remove those stitches. I imagine they are starting to itch."

"Yeah, Chris told me she would remove them for me. I'll see you later Kasey. It's nice to meet you Lee, you two enjoy the show," the detective said as the two turned to leave.

Looking back over her shoulder as they walked away, Lee asked, "wow, who is that beautiful specimen of woman flesh? She is sexy as hell."

"She's just a friend Lee. Actually, she is Chris Silver's sister-in-law. You met Chris at the hospital a few times when you met me for lunch."

"Yeah, I remember Chris. So, she's just a friend huh? Ever date her?"

"No. We have never dated. We had dinner once, but it wasn't a date. The only reason she even asked, is to thank me for taking care of her eye." 'Isn't it?'

Lee glanced over her shoulder once again. "Well, I gotta tell you Kase, sparks were flying so fast I thought you were going to ignite, but if you don't want to date her..."

"Forget it Lee. She is going through a lot of stuff right now, and doesn't need any complications."

"Uh huh. Well, you could help her out I bet. Did you notice the way she was looking at you?"

"You, are imagining things. Koty isn't interested in me, or anyone else for that matter as far as I know."

"Oh yeah? Then why she is still watching you?"

As Koty made her way back with the beer, she was wondering who the cute blond was, and just what she was to Kasey. 'Jesus Silvers, it's none of your damn business.'

Handing her friends thier beer, Koty told them what happened.

"I don't know Koty," her best friend teased, "looks like destiny to me."

"Shut up Jamie. God Trish, how can you stand her when she's like this?"

"I ignore her of course. You are coming to the club with us afterwards aren't you?"

"But of course. Besides, I need a real drink, beer just doesn't cut it for me."

Chapter Eleven

They had to drive around the parking lot several times before they found a spot to park. Trish slipped her arms through both Koty, and Jamie's. "Boy, it's packed tonight. Everyone must be here from the concert."

Luck be with them, as they walk towards the dance floor, a group was just getting up to leave. Jamie grabed the table right away. They had been there for about thirty minutes or so when Trish asked Koty to dance with her.

"Sure, I think I have enough alcohol in me to make me believe I can dance shake a leg or two. Lets go sweetheart."

Two fast songs had played, and a slow one was just starting. Koty was just getting ready to bow for Trish when she heard a husky voice behind her.

"Mind if I cut in?"

Trish grinned, said sure, and turned Koty into Kasey's arms. Koty caught her breath. She couldn't speak.

"Fancy meeting you here Koty, are you following me?"

"I...uh...I..." 'Geeze, why do I constantly find myself unable to perform complete sentences when she is around?'

"I'm joking with you Koty, take it easy." Koty swallowed then found her voice.

"What are you doing here Kasey?"

"Lee brought me here a couple of weeks ago for dinner. It was in the middle of the week, and wasn't quite as busy as it is now, but I really liked it, so here we are. We stopped by tonight to have a couple of drinks."

Koty looked over and saw Lee leaning against the bar talking to some women there. 'Christ! maybe Kasey is a lesbian just like Jamie thought!'

Kasey stepped in a little closer, and put her arms around her neck. Koty trembled slightly
when she noticed Kasey's breathing change. They never lost a beat as another song started to play. Without Koty's permission; the detectives hands had a mind of their own, slid down to Kasey's hips, and pulled her even closer.

When Kasey placed her thigh between hers, Koty felt that she was going to spontaneously combust. 'Oh God, this can't be really happening. I can't let this happen. She feels so good.'

After a few turns around the dance floor, Kasey felt Koty tense up. Following her gaze, she saw the red-head from the restaurant slither up to Koty, and ask if she could cut in. Koty was getting ready to refuse when Kasey backed away and walked off, but not before Koty saw the dark look on her face.

"Who's your new girlfriend Koty?"

"Jesus Tina, what's it to you anyway? Where is your girlfriend? Surely she wouldn't like you hanging on women, and sniffing around would she. Haven't you caused enough damage for one lifetime?"

"Whoa Baby, take it easy. I just wanted to talk to you, and see how you are doing. Come here." She pulled Koty closer to her. "I've really missed you Koty."

"Oh you have, have you? Somehow I find that just a little hard to believe Tina. Like I said, where' your girlfriend?"

"She's not here Koty, and she's not my girlfriend. Can't we just dance or do you really hate me that much?"

Koty saw the tears starting to form in Tina's eyes, and in a much calmer voice she said. "I don't hate you Tina, I just can't..."

"Good, then hold me like you used to."

"Tina, I..."

"Hush Baby, just dance with me." Tina told her as she placed her face in the softness of Koty's neck.

Koty stole a glance over at the table where Jamie was getting ready to come out of her seat and say something to Tina. Trish had her hands on Jamie's shoulders trying to calm her down.

"Let her be Honey. Koty is a big girl and can handle Tina."

The song was finally over and Koty pulled away.

"Please call me Koty." Tina told her as she kissed her hard on the lips and left her standing on the dance floor. Koty shook her head then walked back to the table.

"Damn it Koty, how can you dance with that..." Jamie saw the dour look on Koty's face and never finished her sentence. "Sorry. Here, I got you a drink.

Tina walked over to the table where her friends were sitting, and thought about Koty. It really bothered her a lot to see her dancing with that woman. She missed Koty, and to this day, still couldn't figure out why she had messed around on her.

Koty was the catch of a lifetime, and she knew that she had messed up big time. Koty hated women that screwed around on their partners, and Tina had become one of those women. She hoped that one day soon, they could at least be friends again.

Koty had been the one stable thing in Tina's life that she could ever depend on, the one friend that would never have turned her back on her, and she threw it all away. 'I still love you Koty. I always will. I can't change what happened, and don't even know that it wouldn't happen again, but I love you.'

Tina finished downing her drink and put her jacket on. She stood there for a little while longer just watching Koty. When she saw Trish lean over and give her a hug, she told her friends that she was leaving, and she would catch them later.

As she drove home, she thought about the night she met Koty at Jamie's house. She never would have dreamed that a woman like Koty could be even remotely interested in her.
She could have anyone that she wanted. Tina knew, because she had asked around. When she found out that Koty was interested, it made her feel so special. As a matter of fact, Koty had always made her feel special. Maybe that was why it was so hard for her to understand why she did what she did.

All of her friends kept telling her that she was really messing up by screwing around on Koty. She guessed she thought that maybe Koty would never find out, and once the affair had burned itself out, she and Koty would always be together. She should have known from the start that it wouldn't work out that way. In a way, she was glad that Koty found out. She desperately hated running around behind her back. Wiping a stray tear from her cheek, she walked into her house and went straight to bed.

Koty looked around the bar trying to find Kasey, but her and Lee had already left. 'Fuck. Obviously, Kasey is gay. Just as obvious Lee must be her girlfriend.

She didn't know what would have happened on the dance floor if Tina hadn't showed up. She felt herself getting far too carried away out there dancing. She was enjoying it too much. She felt herself getting a little too crazy and was on the edge by the time she got home that night.

'Man, I really need a break.' She climbed under the covers and turned out the light. 'I don't think I want to know what tomorrow is going to bring me.'

Chapter Twelve

On Monday morning Koty called Monty. "I have a little info for you on your foreman. You better get an inspector over to any of the buildings that he's done. Seems that this guy Coleman did the same thing in Washington State. A huge office building that he did apparently collapsed, killing two people. By the time they figured out that the materials he used were at fault, and they weren't the materials he was suppose to use, Coleman had left town. Taking with him about two million dollars he got from pocketing the money that wasn't used for supplies.

"Word is, that he could be pretty violent when provoked. He also had an inspector working out of his pocket. I guess that's how everything was passed."

"God damn it! I knew something was up. I know just the guys I need to talk to. Thanks Sis I owe you one. If you find anything else out call me on my cell phone, not my work."

"Alright Monty, but be careful ok."

"I will be. Look if you don't have any plans tonight why don't you swing by for dinner. I know Chris would love to see you."

Koty hung up the phone, leaned back in her chair, and thought about Kasey. She didn't know if she could be just a friend with her or not. The only way to avoid any sexual feelings toward Kasey was to stop seeing her completely. Koty no longer felt that, that was even an option.

Then there was Lee. Were her and Kasey together? Kasey had said that they were friends. Just how close of friends, is what Koty wanted to know. She really didn't believe that Kasey would have danced with her that way if she and Lee were together.

Koty picked up the phone, and dialed the number to the clinic. "Yes, may I speak to Dr. Brooks please? Yes I'll hold."

"Dr. Brooks can I help you?"

Just hearing her voice sent heat up her spine. "'s Koty, I hope I didn't call you at a bad time."

It took a moment before Kasey spoke. "No Koty, it's alright. How are you, is everything ok?"

"Oh, yeah. Everything is ok, look, I wanted to see if maybe you would want to have dinner, and maybe see a movie with me on Friday night?"

More silence.

"Koty, I ..."

"Please don't say no Kasey. Twice now, we were enjoying each other's company and got rudely interrupted. I don't know, I would just like to see you again."

"And have your little friend show up again?"

Koty was quick to answer. "Kasey, I don't think..."

"Look Koty, why don't you come over to my place on Friday night, and I'll cook dinner there. Be there around seven o'clock alright?" 'What am I doing?'

"Well sure, ok. What should I bring?" Koty felt her breath leave her as relief set in.

"You don't bring anything but yourself Koty, I'll see you then."

When Koty replaced the receiver on the phone she sat back with a huge smile on her face. Closing her blue eyes, she tilted her head back.

"That must be some really good thoughts there Silvers to send you off to space like that."

Koty jumped as she heard the voice beside her. "Jesus Jason, don't sneak up on me like that!"

"Sneak up? Hell Koty, I called your name twice. So what gives, what put that kind of smile on my favorite girl?"

"Shut up Jason, don't you have work to do?"

"Oh my, it must be pretty good, but I will let it drop for now. Come have lunch with an old friend."


Thursday evening when Koty pulled into her driveway, she saw Tina's truck parked at the curb, and Tina lounging on her front porch swing. She dropped her head to her steering wheel and shook it. 'I must have been a very bad girl in my last life.'

Slowly dragging herself out of the jag, she walked up to Tina. "What are you doing here?"

"You've been avoiding me Koty, and you refuse to return my phone calls, so I decided that I would wait for you here. Wait, please don't be mad Koty. I'm not here to fight, or cause you any problems. I really just need to know you are all right, and to talk to you. I miss you Baby, can't you believe that?"

Koty closed her eyes and sighed. "What else could you possibly have to say to me Tina?"

"Please Koty."

"God, this is so against my better judgement, and I'm sure I should have my head examined, but you may as well come in. I was going to order pizza, have you eaten yet?"

Grinning, Tina stood up from the swing. "No, I haven't eaten. Thanks Koty just let me grab something from my truck and I'll be right in."

Koty walked into the house shaking her head and thinking that this probably wasn't a really good idea. 'Nothing good could possibly come out of this, I should have said no.'

When Tina came into the house, she was carrying a bottle of Grand Marnier in one hand and a yellow rose in the other. Koty just stared at her with her hands on her hips, and blew a stray strand of hair out of her eyes.

"What's this all about Tina, what's going on?"

"Nothing really. I just wanted to say that I was sorry for hurting you like I did."

"I hope you don't expect me to forgive you just like that Tina, because I can't. It's way too soon for that."

"I don't expect it Honey. I couldn't blame you if you never forgave me. I know what I did was totally wrong. Like I said, I needed to know that you were doing ok, that's all."

Walking into the living room and sitting in her recliner, Koty picked up the phone to order a pizza. Tina said she was going to make them both a drink and put the rose in some water.

Koty rubbed her fore-head to help ease the dull ache behind her eyes. 'It won't hurt any to have her here. We were very close while we were together. It will be ok.' Koty knew that there was a small part of her that missed Tina. It is hard to erase three years.'

After a few drinks, Koty started to relax a little and asked Tina if she wanted to watch the movie Jumping Jack Flash. They used to sit for hours and watch Whoopi Goldburg movies all of the time.

When the pizza arrived Koty put the movie on and they both sat on the couch to watch it. Koty had to admit to herself that it felt kind of good to have Tina there, even if it was just for pizza and a movie.

After two movies, they both must have fallen asleep. At one point in time Koty had lay her head on Tina's lap. She awoke to Tina gently shaking her shoulder.

"Wake up Honey, it's late. I'm gonna go so you can get some sleep."

Reaching out her hands, she grasped Koty's, and pulled her to her feet. Tina then leaned forward and gently brushed her lips with her own. As she was about to pull away, she heard Koty's soft moan and leaned in again, and this time started kissing her passionately.

Koty knew that she should pull away and put distance between herself and Tina, but she couldn't bring herself to do so. It felt so familiar and comfortable. She let herself be led to her bedroom.

When Koty awoke the next morning with Tina's leg and arm draped over her she cringed and started to slide out of bed causing Tina to stir and reach for her.

"Oh my God, I can't believe this." 'What in the hell have I done?'


"No Tina. Jesus, I can't believe we let this happen."

"Look Koty, it just happened. You know how you get when you drink Grand Marnier."

"No Tina. Koty yelled. You know how I get when I drink it! Was this a fucking setup?"

"Christ Koty, don't be so naive, you wanted it as much as I did!"

Koty turned her back on Tina and ran her hands through her hair. In a much to quiet voice she said, "please just leave Tina."

"Look Honey, why don't we just take a shower and..."

"No Tina!" When Koty turned to face her she was crying. Tina jumped out of bed and went to her.

"Oh God. Please don't cry. I'll go; I'll do anything you want Baby, just please don't cry."

Tina finished dressing, and was getting ready to say something else to Koty, but changed her mind and left. Koty had seen the tears in Tina's eyes but refused to acknowledge them.

Chapter Thirteen

Koty went to the kitchen to put coffee on, and then to take a shower. 'I need to wash Tina right off of my body. God was that ever stupid!'

Later that afternoon, Koty called Jamie to see if she could meet her at Fuddruckers on the Boulevard for lunch.

After getting their lunch and sitting down with drinks, Koty told Jamie what had taken place the night before.

"Oh Koty, how could you set yourself up like that?"

"I know, I know. It was a really stupid thing to do. I've been telling myself that all morning. When she walked in with the rose and the bottle, I should have known right away that it was a mistake. In fact, I knew it was."

"Do you want to get back with her?"

"Hell no! Look, I got drunk, and was horny. Tina is really great in bed, but that's it. It's in her blood to screw around. Hell, she was still with Kym when we started seeing each other."

The detective pushed her plate away, all of a sudden losing her appetite.

"Tina will never change, but I can't put all of the blame on her. It's not like I couldn't say no, and she damn sure didn't force me, or twist my arm. I don't know what came over me, but you can damn sure bet it won't ever happen again."

Smiling, Koty reach over and stole a prawn that was hanging off the edge of Jamie's plate. "I ask again, how come you and I didn't fall in love years ago? It would have been so easy."

"Shit Koty, we would have already killed each other by now. Well... I guess then you wouldn't be in this predicament if I had killed you huh? You grab one more of my shrimp and I just might do it anyway."

The two friends tossed tips on the table, grabbed thier jacjets and went outside where a strong gust of wind came howling around the corner.


Later that evening after work, Koty went home to shower and change before she went to Kasey's for dinner. Kasey answered the door wearing very snug faded Levi's worn through at the knees. A soft sweater that hugged every one of her curves, and she was barefoot.

Koty wondered if she had ever seen anything more beautiful, than the woman in front of her. "I brought some wine, I hope you like Averna." Kasey smiled and reached for the bottle with one hand, then Koty's hand with her other, pulling her inside.

"As a matter of fact, I do like it. Thank you Koty, make your self comfortable. Dinner should be ready in a few minutes."

Kasey liked the way that Koty seemed comfortable enough, to just toss her jacket on the back of the chair, like she had been coming over forever. She also liked the way that Koty's jeans clung to her hips as she walked over to that chair. 'Those legs go on forever.'

"It smells really good in here Kasey, what are you cooking?"

"Rack of lamb, potato's and some fresh veggies. This wine will go great with it. I wasn't sure what to fix, I hope you like Lamb."

"Well yes, I do like it. You really fixed all of that?"

"Yes Koty, I fixed all of that. Here, have some wine. I'm really pretty handy in the kitchen."

"Not me, I get joked a lot about not being able to cook. I guess I never really had much interest in it. Hell, Monty can cook his ass off, I'm not sure what happened to me."

"That's alright Koty, I'm sure you have a lot of other talents." Kasey's face flamed red at what she had just said. She turned away from Koty praying that she didn't notice. Koty didn't say a word.

During dinner, they discussed the clinic that Chris and Kasey were going to open. Koty still couldn't believe that she hadn't met Kasey before now, since she and Chris were such close friends.

"I know this is something that Chris has wanted to do for sometime now. It's good to see that she will be having one of her dreams come true. How about you? Is this something you've wanted also?"

Kasey pushed her plate away and leaned her elbow's on the table. "Chris and I talked about years ago. The timing is finally right, and I'm really looking forward to it."

"Will you still work at the hospital?"

"I'll still work there at least one night a week. I truely love being a trama surgoen, but I am at a point in my life right now, where I want something else as well. This is going to be perfect for me. I know that Chris is just going to be at the clinic once we get it started."

"Have you always wanted to be a surgeon Kasey?"

"Ever since I can remember I've wanted to a doctor. I don't remember if there was a time I haven't wanted to be one."

"Yeah? Well I bet playing doctor for me as a kid, was quite different from what it was for you huh?" Kasey chuckled, then drained her wine glass.

After dinner, Kasey took the dishes to the kitchen to put them in the dishwasher while Koty cleaned off the table.

"We finished off the wine Koty, but I have some Crown Royal, would you like a drink?" Kasey called out from the kitchen.

"That sounds really good, thanks."

The doctor came back with the drinks, and suggested that they sit out on the deck since it was a mild night. The deck overlooked a small creek that ran into the Northwest River, and they could just make out the images of the dock from the bright moon.

"You know Kasey, there is some real good fishing in that creek there. Especially if you're fishing for bluegill or perch."

"I'll take your word for it Koty, but the only fish I can emagine catching, is if one is getting ready to slide off my plate at Captain Georges."

"Not much for the slimey worms and all huh?"

Kasey laughed, and Koty was mesmerized by the glow of Kasey's profile, and golden halo from the moons light. 'God you are beautiful.'

Looking at her watch, Koty quickly sat forward. "Geezz, it's already midnight. Where in the hell did the time go?"

Koty stood, and reached out her hand to help Kasey stand. "I really enjoyed dinner Kasey, I'm sorry it is so late."

"Nonsense Koty, I enjoyed it as well. Thank you for coming."

Inside, Koty walked over to the chair with her jacket on it and put it on. Kasey walked her to the door and when Koty turned to give her a hug goodnight, Kasey leaned in and kissed her. When she went to pull away, Koty reached for her hips and pulled her back to her not wanting the kiss to end.

When Koty felt Kasey's tongue, a fire shot right through her soul and straight down between her legs. This was absolutely the most passionate kiss she had ever felt. Her head started to swim, and lust filled her body.

Without realizing it, she had gently pushed Kasey against the wall and slipped her leg between her thighs. When she heard Kasey moan, she started to tremble.

Kasey slipped her hands inside Koty's jacket and started to slowly kiss her neck.

'Oh God, I can't let this happen. I've gotta pull away and leave.' Koty abruptly pulled away and heard Kasey gasp for breath.

"Koty, what's wrong?"

"" Koty cleared her throat and tried again. "I'm sorry Kasey. I just can't do this." She reached for the door and was out it in a flash.

Kasey shut the door and leaned against it closing her eyes. 'Oh my God I have never been kissed like that before.' She was somewhat relieved that Koty did leave though, because she knew if she had kissed her like that for much longer, she would have pulled Koty right into the bedroom with out giving it another thought.

She turned and locked the door, shaking her head to clear her thoughts. She shut off the living room light and quickly headed for the bathroom. 'I need to take me a very long, and very cold shower if I'm going to make it through the night.'

Koty was still in a daze when she pulled into her driveway after leaving Kasey's house. She couldn't believe she acted that way over a little kiss. 'That wasn't just a little kiss Silvers, you wanted more. Much more.' Kasey was an incredibly sexy woman, and those smokey gray eyes were to die for.

Chapter Fourteen

Koty slowly opened one blue eye, and realized that it was morning. Remembering that it was Saturday, she groaned and pulled the covers over her head, and was almost back to sleep when the phone started to ring. 'Shit.' In her early morning croaky voice, she answered. "Hello?"

"Good morning Koty, its Kasey. I hope you don't mind, but Chris gave me your phone number."

Sitting up in her bed with her heart suddenly beating erratically, she said, "um...hi Kasey, is there something wrong?"

"No. No, it's nothing like that. Look Koty, I'm sorry for calling so early, but I wanted to catch you before you made any plans for today. Well anyway, some friends of mine are having a pig roast up in the country, and I thought that if you didn't already have plans, maybe you would like to go with me."

Kasey knew that she was rambling but couldn't stop herself. "Like I said, it's up in the country. There are always a lot of people, plenty of food and drink, and they usually have a couple of bands playing. So what do you say Koty, do you want to come?"

Koty laughed to herself, and blushed on the last part of Kasey's statement. "Well ok, what time?"

"I'll pick you up around twelve if that's alright with you. I have a few things that I have to take care of first, and then I'll be over.”

Koty smiled. "Twelve is fine Kasey, should I bring anything?"

"No, but dress comfortably. I have a horse that I keep up there on their property, and if you would like to go riding with me I'm sure I could get one of Lu or Dina's horses for you."

"You have a horse?"

"Yes I do. I don't get much of a chance anymore to ride like I want to though. I've been too busy at work and it's quite a ways up there."

"Well, I don't know about the riding part, I tried it once when I was about thirteen, and I don't think I was very good at it then."

"There's nothing to it Koty, but you think about it. I would love to take you riding if you want to. Anyway, I'll see you around twelve."

Koty hung up the phone, and lay back down. She was excited about seeing Kasey again, but was also a little apprehensive as well. She thought about last night. She knew it wouldn't take much to sleep with Kasey. 'I'm terrified that I will fall in love with her, and that scares the shit out of me.' She wasn't quite ready for another commitment. Tina was enough to last her for a long, long time.

She decided to clean her long overdue house, and had just put the vacuum away,
and was headed for the shower when the phone rang again.


"Hey sweet cheeks, how about you bring your cute little ass over here, and spend some time with me and Trish? Then later, we can have some dinner and drinks. What do you say?"

"Hey Jamie, I'd love to, but Kasey asked me to go to some kind of pig thing with her, and I already said that I would go. Shit, I'm sorry."

"What the hell are you sorry for girl? I'd be really pissed at you if you turned her down. Like I said, that woman is hot, and hot for you if you ask me."

"Nobody asked you James. If you aren't busy tomorrow, maybe I'll come by then."

"You do that sweet thing, then you can tell me all about the party, and what's going on with you and the Doc."

Chapter Fifteen

At twelve o'clock on the nose, Koty answered the door to Kasey's knock. "Hi, come on in. I just need to grab my jacket."

Kasey watched as Koty picked up her glass and took it to the Kitchen. 'Jesus, this woman would look good in anything.'

Koty was dressed in jeans that were so worn they were almost white. Black boots, black belt, and a plain black and white flannel shirt. The image made Kasey's jeans a little to tight around the crotch.

"You ready to go?" Koty asked, penetrating into her thoughts.

"Uh...yeah, I'm ready." 'For more than one thing.' She mentally scolded herself for her thoughts.

They got into Kasey's Mustang, and headed for the interstate. Both were quiet for a while until Kasey could take the silence no longer. "It's about a two hour drive from here, but the drive is pretty scenic and it's beautiful where we're going. I used to take this trip a lot, and I always did love the drive. By the way, I didn't know if they would have it there, so I picked you up a bottle of Crown Royal."

A little surprised, Koty just grinned. "Thanks, that was very thoughtful of you."

"You're quite welcome."

"So, how long have you had this horse? I am trying to picture you with this cowgirl hat and chaps." 'Oh my, what a vison.'

"God, Tonka's 18 years old, and I've had him for about 16 years. When my parents moved to Texas, I moved him to Dina's barn. When I lived in Richmond, I would go every weekend to ride him. Since I've moved back to the beach, I don't get out there as often."

Kasey leaned across Koty's lap, and reached into the glove compartment for some CD's. "Do you mind listening to Melissa Etheridge?"

"I love Melissa. Um...What is that perfume you're wearing Kasey?"

"It's Halo, I just bought it the other day. I've been eye balling it for a while though. Do you like it?"

"Uh, yeah. It smells really good." 'Too good actually, and I know where Halo is purchased from.' 'Fredericks of Hollywood'. Koty thought. 'Yummy.'

Kasey turned up the volume on the CD player, and Koty was a bit relieved that conversation would stop, at least for a while. Leaning a little on the door she studied Kasey's profile. Smelling that perfume made her want to bury her face in Kasey's neck. She physically shook herself to shake off the urge.

Seeing Koty shake, Kasey asked. "Are you cold Koty?"

"Um, no. I'm fine." Embarrassed for being caught, Koty turned to face the windshield. 'Get a grip on yourself, you're loosing it!'

Both women said very little for the rest of the drive. They were enjoying the scenery.
They pulled into a tree shaded driveway that must have went on for a half mile until it opened up with fields on either side. Straight ahead was a beautiful old style home that had obviously been redone. Fantastically huge Oaks surrounded the home with rolling hills behind, and to the left of it. Koty saw that the porch wrapped all the way around it.

"Wow Kasey, you were right, this place is beautiful."

There must have been at least fifty cars and trucks parked in the field to the right of them. And it was only 2:30. "I bet this place gets packed by 5:00. I'm glad we got here when we did." Kasey said as she parked the car.

As they got out of the car, Kasey told Koty that they were going to find Lu and Dina so she could introduce her to them. Making their way through the massive crowd of women, Kasey heard her name called.

Turning to the sound of the voice, they saw Lee walking towards them. Pulling Kasey into a hug, then reaching for Koty's hand, she brought it to her lips.

"It's a pleasure to see you again Detective."

"Koty. Please call me Koty." Koty felt her cheeks heat up.

"Ok Koty, how have you been?" Lee said grinning.

"Um, I'm fine. How about you?" Koty was a little embarrassed at all of the attention.

Turning her attention, but not her eyes to Kasey, Lee told her, "Lu has been looking for you. I told her you would be here shortly, but you know how she is."

Finally releasing Koty's hand, she grabbed Kasey's, and pulled her towards the barn. "Come on hon, I'll take you to her so she will settle down."

Kasey turned her head and grinned at Koty, grabbed her hand, and pulled her with them.

Lee stopped in front of a woman with jet-black hair, and eyes just as black. "Looky what I found Lu."

Lu grinned, and pulled Kasey into a fierce hug. "Where have you been? God I've missed you woman. You always stay away far too long." Noticing Kasey holding a strange woman's hand, she asked, "who is your friend Kasey?"

"This is Koty, Lu. She's a detective in Virginia Beach. Koty, this is Lu. A very dear friend of mine."

"A detective huh? You sure don't look like any detective I've ever seen.” Lu took in Koty's strong presence matched only by her own, and smiled to herself. “And damn if you aren't the prettiest one I've ever seen. It's nice to meet you Koty." Lu reached out to shake Koty's hand.

"I thought that all detectives had beer bellies, and were bald. You know, the kind that walks around with a lollipop in their mouth."

They all laughed thinking of the old show Kojac. Hearing the laughter, another woman came to Lu's side and kissed her cheek. "Koty, this is the better half of me. Dina, meet Koty, she's Kasey's friend."

Reaching out, Koty shook her hand. "It's really nice to meet you. You have a beautiful place here." 'Wow. She must be a model. Man, Kasey sure knows a lot of beautiful women.' She had the kind of eyes though that could probably melt steel if she were mad enough.

After a few more introductions and a tour of the house, Kasey was saddling up two horses. "This here is Tonka, Koty. You'll be riding him."

"Shit Kasey, Tonka sure is a good name for him. He's as big as a damn truck, and that's a hell of a ways down to fall!"

Laughing, Kasey placed her hand on Koty's back. "It's alright Koty, he is big, but he's as gentle as a lamb. You'll do just fine, I promise." Noticing the skeptical look on Koty's face, she quickly added. "Trust me."

Koty gave one of her crocked half smiles, but the corner of her lip started to twitch. Something that Kasey had already picked up on, that she did when she was nervous.

"Honest Koty, you'll really have fun. Just give it a go for me. Please?"


They had been riding for about twenty minutes, when Koty finally started to relax. She had to admit to herself that it was kind of fun, just the two of them in the woods.

Both women slowly rode side-by-side without talking, just enjoying the scenery. Koty thought that she could still feel the heat on her back from when Kasey had placed her hand there.

Koty was mesmerized by the country around her. The grass was actually the color of the green crayon in a box of Crayola Crayons. The different colors of the leaves on the trees took her breath away, reminding her of a place in the mountains that she loved.

Stealing a peek at Kasey's profile, then the hills around her, she relaxed even more, and took in the clean crisp air. 'Wow, what a beautiful day.'

Two hours later, after brushing down the horses and releasing them, Kasey asked Koty if she was ready for a drink.

"God yes. That was some workout. No wonder the cowboys walk all bow legged. It's gonna take a month for my legs to straighten out."

"God, what a big powder puff." Kasey joked as she started walking.

Just as they had finished getting Koty a mixed drink and Kasey a Coke, Lee approached them again. Sliding her arm around Koty's waist, she said. "Hey Honey, there is this really cute redhead over there in that crowd that says she knows you from way back when. I told her I would bring you over to her as soon as I found you, so come with me. The band is getting ready to start, and that's where she is."

Kasey surprised herself when she realized she was a little taken back by the amount of touching Lee was doing to Koty. Lee was one of Kasey's best friends and she knew that it was just her way, but it still bothered her a bit.

When they approached the woman that Lee was talking about, Koty immediately went to her, and as far as Kasey was concerned, pulled her into a much too close, and much to long of a hug. Then the woman had the nerve to soundly kiss her on the lips. They were obviously more than friends at one time or another.

Koty finally released the woman and turned to Kasey. "Kasey, I'd like you to meet an old friend of mine Deanne. We've known each other for years, though we haven't seen each other in over a year. Deanne, this is Kasey. She works with Chris at the hospital.

Deanne told them that her new girlfriend was the lead singer for the band. This piece of news made Kasey relax a little, but not much. While Koty and Deanne talked for a while longer, Lee pulled Kasey aside.

"I told you Kase, that Koty is one fine looking lady. You had better stick to her like glue tonight, or you're gonna have a hell of a lot of competition."

Kasey silently looked around her, and noticed a lot of women eye balling Koty. Some were even gawking. Kasey gave a light smile to Lee. "I told you Lee, we're just friends." 'Then how come I want to go over there and claw their eyes out?'

Chapter Sixteen

During an intermission of the band, Koty told Kasey that she was going to the bathroom, and she would bring her a soda back with her. Twenty minutes later, when Koty still hadn't arrived back, she went to look for her.

She spotted Koty leaning against the wall of the barn. A woman, and her reputation that Kasey knew well, was blocking Koty with one hand on the wall, and the other on Koty's waist. Frowning, she walked up, took the drink from the detective, and grabbed her by the hand.

"Lets go finish watching the band Koty."

Koty had to duck underneath the woman's arm as Kasey pulled her.

The woman got an angry look on her face. "Still stingy with your toy's huh Kasey?"

"Yup, you know me so well don't you Carla?"

Kasey ended her sentence with that, and kept walking with Koty's hand still in hers. Koty wasn't sure why she was so mad, but decided it would be best to just let the subject drop.

"This is a great party Kasey, I'm glad you asked me to come with you."

Kasey stopped and turned to look at Koty, and their eyes locked for what seemed to be an eternity. Kasey finally released her gaze.

"It is a great party and I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. I'm sorry for the display back there, but Carla really knows how to be a bitch sometimes."


Making their way back to the band, Kasey finally released Koty's hand, and stuck hers in her pocket to shake off the tingling that touching her caused.

It was after ten o'clock when Kasey asked Koty if she was ready to leave. "It's going to be pretty late by the time we make it back to the beach, and I don't want to fall asleep driving. And you, obviously aren't in any shape to drive." The doctor lightly laughed.

Koty just smiled as she got into the Mustang. 'I am definitely feeling no pain, but I haven't felt this good in a long time. I wouldn't change nothing about tonight. Well...'

For a long while, both women were quiet, just listening to the CD player. Kasey reached over and cut down the volume. "Tell me Koty, is your name short for something?"

Koty grinned. "You mean to tell me that my wonderful and loving sister-in-law didn't fill you in on my life's history?" Turning to face Kasey, she reached out her hand. "Dakota Silvers at your service ma'am."

Kasey laughed and shook her hand. "Dakota huh?"

"When Monty and I were born, our mother was going through this crazy stage of naming everything after the states, including our pets. So, we got our wonderful names, Dakota and Montana."

"So Monty is Montana huh? I didn't know that."

"Yeah, kind of cheesy ain't it?"

"Actually, I kind of like those names. They fit you both."

"Maybe, but the kids sure got a kick out of them when we were growing up."

"Chris told me that your parents died in a car accident."

For a moment Koty didn't say anything, and Kasey was instantly sorry that she brought the subject up.

"Yes they did. We were just seventeen. I had a three-day weekend from collage, and I wanted to come home to see my girlfriend. My car was in the shop so I asked them to come pick me up. They wanted to wait until Friday, but I had to insist that they come Thursday instead. "It started to snow really bad that day, and they were hit head on by a truck that crossed over into thier lane. It took me many years to get over the fact that it was my fault."

"Oh God Koty. I'm sorry I brought it up. That must have been really tough for you then."

"Still to this day, I have nightmares about it. Only in my dreams, I'm the one driving the truck. That was nineteen years ago."

It had become quiet again, and after a while, Kasey realized Koty had fallen asleep. Deep in thought, she felt Koty's head softly fall on her shoulder. Adjusting herself in the drivers seat, she tried to make Koty a little more comfortable.

About fifteen minutes before they arrived at her house, Koty woke up, and rubbed her eyes. Realizing where her head was resting, she quickly sat up.

"Jesus Kasey, why didn't you wake me up?"

"You looked so peaceful, I didn't have the heart. It's ok Koty, you didn't leave any drool marks or anything."

Koty blushed, and glanced at her shoulder just to make sure that she didn't.

Pulling into the driveway Kasey put the car in park, but didn't shut off the engine. "Well, thanks again for inviting me Kasey. Like I said, I had a great time."

"You're quite welcome Koty, and I'm glad you went with me. I too had a good time."

Koty leaned over and gave Kasey a light kiss on the lips. She started to pull back but stopped. This time when she leaned in she kissed her deeply. Koty heard a throaty moan and thought her heart would pound right out of her chest.

They both pulled away gasping, and Kasey could see the want in Koty's eye's.

Barely able to speak, Koty asked, "would you like to come in for a drink Kasey?"

Kasey slowly reached up, and put her hand on Koty's cheek. With her thumb, she traced the outline of her lips. "Honey, that would be the perfect ending to a most fabulous day, but I think we ought to take a rain-check. I think that you will thank me in the morning."

"I...Um...Goodnight Kasey."

Koty leaned over once again, but this time kissed her on the cheek. She got out of the car, walked up to the house and didn't look back. If she had, she would have noticed that Kasey was just sitting there staring at her door.

Kasey wanted nothing more than to run right into the house, and make love to Koty. She knew though, that she wouldn't be able to handle it if Koty pulled away from her again. 'It's best if I just take myself home right now.'

Koty had made herself a drink when she got into the house. She couldn't understand why Kasey wouldn't come in. She felt by the way that she kissed her back that she wanted to just as much. 'Right, that's just wishful thinking.'

Chapter Seventeen

Sunday morning, Koty woke to the ringing of the phone. 'Ugh, I'm gonna change my number! "Hello."

"Morning Koty, it's Jason. I followed Coleman yesterday like you wanted me to. He met up with some guys over at the new site on Battlefield. They were unloading some crates, and putting them in the building that's mostly finished. Even though the building is pretty much done, I found it kind of odd that they locked it up with chains tighter than Fort Knox. It isn't like there is anything that someone would want to rip off. They even have a guy hanging around the place like he's watching it or something."

"Doesn't that seem odd? Why all of the trouble? The property itself is pretty secure with security passing around there every half hour."

"That's what I thought too. Why don't I come and pick you up, and we can take a ride over and check it out?"

"That's a good idea Jason. Just give me a half hour to shower and get some caffein going through these veins. I'll see you in a bit."

During Koty's shower, she couldn't get Kasey out of her head. Her feelings were already way too strong for the other woman, and she felt that maybe she should pull back from her before she got in even deeper. If she were to fall in love with the Doctor, it would be a one sided love she felt sure.

She had just finished her second cup of coffee when Jason knocked on the door, and asked if she was ready. Silently they drove to the site where Jason had seen the suspects the previous day. When they pulled off to the side, they watched as a pick-up truck stopped at the door, and two men started unloading more crates.

"Jason, that truck isn't one of Monty's. As a matter of fact, they never even work on Sundays. If anyone of them do, it's normally Monty. Something is definitely not right here. I need to talk to Monty some more about this, and do some more digging on Coleman."

The sat there for another ten minutes, and decided to leave before anyone saw them. "Koty, I'll talk to some of the guys at the station and see if they will keep an eye out when they go by here. We'll figure out whats going on."

Jason pulled up to koty's house and put his truck in park. "Thanks Jason. I'll see you tomorrow."


Koty remembered that she had told Jamie she would go over to her house for dinner today, so when Jason dropped her off, she went directly to her car and headed over there. I'll have to face the Grim Reeper sooner or later so I may as well get it oner with, Koty thought toherself.

"Give me a hug, and go sit down and get comfy, I want to hear all about your day with Dr. Feelgood." Jamie said as she swatted Koty on the butt.

"Let me go get us something to drink, and let Trish know that you're here."

When Koty finished telling them yesterday's events with Kasey, Jamie started laughing, "I told you Trish, she's falling for the Doc!"

"Shit Jamie, just because she is the most sexiest woman I have ever seen doesn't mean I'm falling for her!" Koty sighed and finished her drink. "God, I do think about her all of the time though."

Jamie and Trish both just laughed. Trish stood up, kissed Jamie and patted Koty on the back. "I'm going to finish making dinner. You two just relax for a while and I'll call you when it's ready."

When Trish left the room, Koty told Jamie about her and Jason riding over to the construction site, and what they had seen. "I'm gonna take a ride over there after work on Thursday, and snoop around. Maybe I can come up with something to prove that Coleman is up to no good."

"Uh oh. I know that look babe. Look, you are the best at what you do but you're not the whole damn squad. Don't go there by yourself Koty. There's no telling what you might find."

"I'm just going to take a look around James, maybe take a few pictures. It wasn't tools in those crates they had, but I don't know what it was. I'll take a peek and then leave."

Dinner had been finished, and the kitchen cleaned hours ago. The three sat in the living room just talking and having fun.

Jamie sat back and watched the smile on her best friends face. 'It's so good to see her smile again. That Goddamn Tina really fucked with her mind.'

Jamie had missed Koty when she was trying to deal with Tina's deception. She had really worried when Koty stopped coming over, and even stopped going to her brothers. Koty had been so happy when she was with Tina. Her devastation over her break-up had really eaten at Jamie. She sometimes felt that it was her fault since Jamie had introduced them at one of her parties.

'I tried to tell her after a while that something was going on with Tina. Friends had told me that they had seen her out with other women, and I just couldn't make Koty believe me. I hope she finds something with this Kasey woman.'

Koty had given them hugs, and told them she needed to go home and get some sleep, that she had a long day ahead of her tomorrow. It was close to midnight when she finally showered and went to bed.

Chapter Eighteen

Thursday before Koty had left work, she had been thinking about Kasey. Again. She hadn't seen, or spoken to her since the night of the pig roast, and had wondered if Kasey was mad at her.

'Maybe I'll give her a call when I get home tonight.'

Koty slowly pulled up to the side gate of the construction site. Getting out of the jag, and standing by the front, she contenplated on going further. She recodnized the truck from the other evening, and a few others.

She thought about calling Jason then decided against it. She figured she was only going to take a quick peek and the leave. 'I'll just sneak around back and see if I can see anything through any windows.'

She never saw the truck pull in, just in time to see her go around the corner.

There were no windows for her to look through when she got around the back. She slowly walked to the door and tested the doorknob. 'Unlocked.' She started having second thoughts about entering when something cold and hard was pressed against the back of her neck.

"Don't turn around sweetheart. Just do as I say, and you will be just fine."

The man pushed her through the door into a large room where Coleman and four other men stood around a table, which held several bags of cocaine.

"Well, well. What do we have here Rich?" Roy Coleman said as he walked up to Koty. He lifted his hand and caressed Koty's cheek. Koty slapped his hand away, and stepped back. Coleman just laughed.

"Mighty feisty aren't..." He stopped mid sentence, and walked up closer to her and studied her face. "Holy shit fellows, do you know who this wild-cat is?”

He grabbed Koty by the front of her jacket, and pulled her to the table. "This bitch is Monty Silvers sister. And you know what else she is fellows? She's a fucking cop!"

The guy who had held the gun to her neck was once again behind her. Coleman raised his own gun, and pointed it at her face. "This changes everything boys."

"What are you going to do with her Roy?" One of the guys on the other side of the table asked.

"Yeah Coleman," Koty smirked. "What are you going to do? Monty already knows about your little scam here with all of your little playmates. Actually he's been onto you for a while now."

Coleman's eyes went dead cold, and Koty knew he was getting ready to pull the trigger. She kicked high, knocking the gun out of Coleman's hand, and with her left arm she slammed her elbow into the nose of the guy behind her, smiling when she felt it snap and heard him scream.

She heard a gun go off, and felt a hot burning pain in her ribs as she hit the floor. In a fog, she heard Coleman's voice. "Shit, torch this place now!"

"Hey man, we can't just leave her here!"

"I said torch this mother fucker now, and yes we can just leave her here. I'm not going down because some bitch cop knows everything."

That was the last thing that Koty heard before her world went totally black. She never saw, nor smelled the fire or smoke.

Pat Martin, a mechanic for the Ford Plant was on his way home from his shift when he saw smoke coming from the building, and some men running for their trucks. He quickly grabbed his cell phone and dialed 911. He stayed on the phone with them until the fire department showed up.

Firefighters had to use bolt cutters to get into the building. One of those firefighters was Jamie. She entered the room and saw boots behind the table. Unsure if there was a body attached to those boots, she went to investigate. When she spotted Koty, she dropped to the floor screaming for help. "I need help here Now!"

Crying, she reached for her best friend. 'There's so much blood! Oh God Baby, pleases, please be ok!' "Koty! Hang in there for me damn it. Don't you dare leave me!"

Two husky firemen lifted Koty, and rushed her outside with Jamie hot on their heels.

Jamie spotted Jason Price talking to one of the Patrolman. "Jason! Oh God Jason, it's Koty. Koty was the one in there, and she's hurt really bad. Please take me to the Hospital."

Hugging Jamie, and helping her into his car, he told her that Koty would be ok. 'Oh Jesus, I hope I'm right!'

Jamie was still crying when she asked to use Jason's cell phone. "Chris! Oh my God Chris. This is Jamie, look, Koty is being rushed to the hospital. We responded to a call about a fire, and when we got there I found Koty inside. Jesus Chris, she's been shot!"

Jamie followed Jason through the doors of the Emergency Room. A moment later she saw Kasey walking down the corridor.

Kasey turned as she heard her name, and saw Jamie running towards her. Seeing Jamie covered in soot, still in her jumpsuit, Tillamock boots, and her tear-stained face, the little hairs on the back of her neck stood straight up. Kasey reached out and caught Jamie as she stumbled into her.

"Jamie, what is it?"

"It's Koty. She's been shot. We pulled her out of a burning building, and she is in really bad shape."

Kasey didn't wait to hear anything else. She was already running to where the trauma team was frantically working on Koty.

Somebody yelled, "Call O.R. stat! We're loosing her!"

Jason handed Jamie a cup of coffee, and told her he needed to go back to see what he could find out. "You have my cell number Jamie, call me as soon as you hear anything. I'll be back as quick as I can."

Jamie had just taken a sip of her coffee when Monty and Chris came running through the doors. Chris ran to her and hugged her. "What's happening? Where's Koty!"

"I haven't heard anything since we got here, Kasey is with her. God Chris, I know it's bad though." She started crying again.

"Monty Honey, find out from Jamie what happened. I'm going to find out what I can about Koty." Chris kissed him and left.

Monty and Jamie held each other tight. He could not control the tears running down his face. He kissed Jamie's forehead, and led her to a chair. This woman in his arms couldn't be any more of a sister if she was his blood.

"It's going to be all right Jamie. Can you tell me what happened?"

Jamie had just finished telling Monty what she knew when the doors flew open, and Tina came rushing in.

"Jamie, what happened? Charlie came in and told us that you found Koty in a fire, and she had been shot."

At first, Jamie was pissed that Tina was even there. Then she softened when she remembered that she and Koty had been together for three years. It was somewhat understandable that Tina might be upset. "Come sit down Tina, and I'll tell you what I know."

An hour later, Kasey came up to them, stopping short when she saw Tina. She turned her attention to Monty and Jamie. "She's in stable condition now. She lost a lot of blood, but fortunately no major organs were damaged. The bullet hit her in the ribs busting a few, but that's probably what saved her life."

Kasey glanced at Tina once more, and then back at Monty. "She also inhaled a lot of smoke, but there isn't any physical burns, and there doesn't appear to be any damage to her lungs. Chris is still with her, Monty, you can see her in about another hour."

Jamie could see tell tell signs, that Kasey had been crying. She reached for her hand and asked, "She's gonna be alright then?"

Kasey squeezed her hand tightly. "We won't know for sure for another twenty four hours but yes, it appears that she is going to be ok."

Kasey reached up and pushed the hair off of Jamie's face. "She's going to be ok Jamie, why don't you go home and..."

"No way, I'm staying right here. Trish is coming, and she's bringing me something to change into. I'll clean up in the lounge."

Jamie hugged Kasey hard, and the tears started again. "You take care of her Doc. She's my best bud, ya know?"

"Yeah, I know, but Dr. Young is going to be her doctor, and he is one of the best." Kasey felt the tears threaten to start in her own eyes again. She turned to Monty as she still held Jamie's hand. "I'll come get you as soon as it's ok." Then she left.

Just then, it dawned on Tina who the doctor was. 'That's the woman Koty was having dinner with. The same woman she was dancing with at the club.' Tina wondered if they were lovers. 'Surely Koty wouldn't jump into bed with some one this fast. Nah, that's not Koty's style. No matter how beautiful that woman is.'

Chapter Nineteen

Jamie saw Trish come through the doors with a backpack flung over her right shoulder. Reaching for her lover Jamie cried once again. This time though, they were happy tears. Happy because her best friend was going to be ok.

As Koty awoke the next morning, she slowly opened her eyes to get them focused. At first she was confused at where she was, and it took a moment to realize that she was in the hospital.

Her chest felt like it had been crushed, and her throat was sore. She saw Monty asleep in the chair, and tried to call his name, but only a croaking noise came from her throat.

Monty opened his eyes when he heard the sound, and came to her side. "Don't try to talk just yet Koty, just relax."

Koty then remembered the shooting, and why she was here in the first place. She reached for Monty's hand and whispered. "Coleman."

"I know Koty. I talked to Jason last night, and it seems that the guy who called 911 got the license plate number from one of the trucks that just happened to be Coleman's. They found him last night with suitcases in his truck. He was getting ready to skip town. They don't know yet if he is the one who shot you, but they are pretty sure he will talk. He's not the kind to take the fall by himself."

Koty's eyes started to close so Monty kissed her on the forehead, told her to get some rest, and he would be back later to see her once he took care of some things at the office.

Much later when Koty woke again she saw Jamie and Trish sitting there smiling at her. Jamie came over and gently brushed her lips on Koty's. "Don't you ever do that to me again Dakota Silvers, or I will kill you myself. Do you hear me?" Once again there were tears in Jamie's eyes.

Trish leaned over and kissed her. "Hey Baby, you sure put the fear in us last night. God, if anything should ever happen to you, I would have to have this one committed. How do you feel?"

Koty laughed. Her throat was still sore, but not as bad as that morning. "I'm ok Trish, you guys can't get rid of me that easily you know."

Koty went to sit up but gasped when a shooting pain hit her in the ribs. "Christ that hurt, are my ribs busted?"

"Yeah, but you are lucky that was all that happened. They said that those busted ribs are probably what saved your life, even though you lost a lot of blood."

"Geez Trish, thank you for that bit of information." Koty laughed and squeezed her hand. "I really need to sit up."

"No Koty, you need to lay still before I have to sic the Doctor on you."

"Did someone say Doctor?" Came a voice from the doorway. Koty saw Kasey walking in, and her heart started to pound.

Kasey walked over to Koty, pushed the hair off of her face, and smiled that drop dead gorgeous smile. She gently brushed her thumb across Koty's cheek, and looked deep into her eyes. "And how are we feeling today?"

Before Koty could answer, Jamie told Koty that they would be back that evening to see her. They slipped through the door with smiles on their faces.

Koty looked back at Kasey, and in a deep croaky voice, said. "I'm alright, when can I go home?"

Kasey grinned, and with some of the tension now gone said, "Don't rush it Honey, you were hurt pretty bad you know. You had all of us pretty worried there for a while."

With a weak smile Koty asked, "Were you worried Doc?"

Kasey stared at her for a moment with a sad smile, and then in her low husky voice, said, "Yes Honey, I was very worried."

Kasey checked her vital signs, and glanced over her chart. "I'm going to get you some ice chips to suck on. We'll see if that will help soothe your throat a little. Is there anything else I can get you?"

"Yes, you can find out when I can go home."

Kasey was only gone from Koty's room for about ten minutes before she returned with the ice. When she walked into her room she stopped short when she saw the mysterious red-headed woman again, standing next to Koty holding her hand. She gave a quick glance at the red-head then back to Koty. 'Who in the hell is this woman?' She knew that she should just walk right back out the door, but couldn't make herself do so.

She was very uncomfortable with the red-head holding Koty's hand. The little green monster on her shoulder was kicking up a storm. 'Whoa, you don't have grounds to be jealous old girl. She doesn't belong to you.'

Kasey put some ice in a cup, and looked over Koty's chart again to make it seem like she wasn't paying any attention to them. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the woman tell Koty she would be back to see her, and then leaned down and kissed her.

"Bye Baby, you get some rest now."

"Alright Tina."

'Tina? This woman was Koty's ex? Why in hell is she coming around so much now.' Kasey felt herself tense with a rage she had never felt before in her life. Shocked at her own feelings, she turned her back until Tina left the room. She became very edgy, and turned to hastily set Koty's ice on her tray, then turned to leave.

"Kasey, is there something wrong?" Koty asked sensing the change in her.

Pausing, Kasey slowly turned to face her. "Koty, I...I've got a lot to do, I'll be by to check on you later."

Kasey walked out of Koty's room in a funk. 'I know that they were together for a long time, but sonofabitch! You're an ex Tina, you are the one who fucked her over so just go away.'

Kasey resisted walking back into Koty's room and telling her exactly that, but changed her mind and went to make her rounds for the morning. Koty needed to get more rest anyway.

Koty was released from the hospital three days later with instructions not to return to work for two weeks, and to get plenty of rest. She didn't know if she could stay still that long.

She had hardly seen Kasey since the morning that Tina was in her room. The few times that she did see her, Kasey was quiet, and seemed distracted.

Chris was there to pick Koty up the morning she was released, and helped her into the car. "Monty picked up your car honey, and dropped it off at your house. Jamie had followed him there to give him a ride home."

Koty leaned her head back against the seat, and wondered what she was going to do with herself for the next two weeks since she couldn't go back to work.

"Koty, are you alright Sweetie? Chris asked as she brushed some loose stands of hair from Koty's face. "You look really distracted hon."

"Yeah, I'm ok. I guess I'm just feeling a little sorry for myself right now. I don't know how to just hang around the house and not do anything."

Koty turned to gaze out the window. "Have you talked to Kasey lately Chris?"

She cast a sideways glance at Koty, and gave a puzzled look. "I talked with her shortly before I came to pick you up. Why?"

"Just curious."

"Koty, is there something going on with you and Kasey? You don't have to answer that, I just thought..."

"No, there is nothing going on." Koty frowned and looked back out the window.

'Hmm.' "Do you want something to be going on?"

"Yes. No...I don't know Chris. I know that I can't stop thinking about her, but I don't think the feeling is mutual."

"Are you in love with her?"

"Come on Chris, I just got rid of Tina. Why would I set myself up like that so soon?"

Chris gently pulled into Koty's driveway, trying not to jar Koty too much, and turned to her after turning off the ignition. "Speaking of Tina Koty, what's going on there? She sure has been hanging around a lot lately."

"Nothing is going on there either Chris. I'm not sure what she is up to, but I'm not getting back with her. Is that why Kasey is mad at me?"

"She hasn't said anything to me about that Koty. Why?"

Chris was helping Koty get her things from the car. "Give me that Koty, you're not suppose to be lifting anything."

"Chris, I can carry something." Koty pouted as she handed Chris her bag.

"Not today you can't, now behave. Are you going to answer my question?"

"I don't know. I'm not really sure if she is mad, or not." Koty slowly sat down on the couch and pulled one of the pillows under her arm to help ease any pressure.

"That's ok though, cause I don't know what I want, so I guess it's no big deal."

Chris just smiled at her. 'Uh huh. I think there is a whole lot more going on that you don't even know my dear sister in-Law.' Chris couldn't imagine two other people, that she would love more than anything to see get together. After all, they were two of her favorite people.

Chapter Twenty

By Wednesday, Koty was feeling better, and was able to move around easier, so she decided to drive to Monty and Chris's for dinner. Monty met her at the door, and gave her a big hug.


"Sorry Sis, come on in and sit down. You look a little better. At least some of your color has come back. How do you feel?"

"My ribs still feel like someone did the Electric Slide on them, but other than that I'm ok." Koty said as she took a glass of tea that Chris handed her.

"Monty, lets sit down and eat first, and then you can hound Koty." Looking at Koty she said, "He's been going nuts since I wouldn't let him go over and bug you."

"Have not." Monty said sticking his tongue out at Chris. Koty busted out laughing.

"God, that is so mature!"

After dinner, Monty made Koty sit in the recliner and prop her feet up. "You need a blanket Sis?"

"Jesus Monty I'm ok, stop fussing over me." Koty said with a big grin. "I'll never heal if you don't quit babying me."

"You know Koty," Monty said after lighting a cigarette, "Coleman isn't the one who shot you, but Jason has enough to put the bastard away for a really long time. Plus, Jason got a call from Washington. They're wanting to have him expidited there and charge him with manslaughter. He named the guys who were with him, like we knew he would. They have three of them in custody, but the one who pulled the trigger is still loose. His name is Bob Wheatly."

Frowning and reaching for Koty's hand, Chris said, "Honey, you really need to be careful knowing that he is still out there."

"That's what Jason keeps telling me. He put an unmarked car at my house, but I think the guy is probably long gone by now. Jason doesn't know I know about the car he put there."

Koty leaned back and rubbed her temples with the palms of her hands. "I know Jason isn't gonna give in though. In the past three days, there has been four different cars on my block. Last night I took the guy some pizza and a coke. I thought he was gonna shit when I walked up to his un-marked car. He thanked me for the pizza though."

Monty handed Koty a drink. "The building that they torched was insured. I'll rebuild it. I have three different inspectors working with me to check out the other buildings that they have done. It's probably going to take a couple of weeks for them to find anything out but I'd rather be safe than sorry."

Chris sat down next to Monty, and curled her foot up underneath her. "Kasey and I are opening up our clinic in two months. We decided to still work at the Hospital a few nights a week, but we won't be at the clinic anymore. Next Thursday is my last day at the clinic but Kasey will be there for three more weeks."

"That's great Chris. So, you've already picked a location and all?"

"As a matter of fact, we found a place just two blocks down from the other clinic on First Colonial. We start remodeling in a week and a half. Dr. Jets might be joining us also. She is supposed to let me know next week."

Koty started to yawn, and got up to leave. "It's been a long lazy week, and I've got laundry to do before I go to bed. Thanks for dinner guys." She gave them both a hug then headed to her lonely quiet house.


"You still don't do any cooking huh Lee?" Kasey asked as she made them drinks.

"Why should I? Right now it's just me I have to fend for. That's why I always find a woman who can cook. As a matter of fact, it's mandatory in a relationship with me."

They both laughed and carried their drinks into the living room to get more comfortable. Both full from the big dinner that Kasey had cooked.

Kasey had been restless, and called Lee and invited her over after work. She had, had a long day and couldn't keep her mind focused for some reason. She couldn't seem to quit thinking about Koty. That woman had really gotten under her skin and left a permanent mark. She couldn't recall ever being affected this way by anyone.

"So Kase, what's been happening with you and Koty?" Lee seemed to have read her thoughts, and asked. "I've gotta tell you hon, if you didn't have your eye on her...Well anyway, she sure is a looker." Lee didn't give Kasey time to answer as she continued, "When you and Koty left the party that night, there sure were a lot of unhappy women there. Jesus, you should have seen them all coming up to me and asking who she was."

Lee winked and gave Kasey a smug smile. "You sure pissed Carla off. Man was that woman hot. I don't know what you did or said to her, but she was fit to be tied."

Kasey grinned. "Yeah well, she'll surely get over it."

"Oh she'll get over it, but I don't think her girlfriend will. Apparently she saw, and heard everything she said and did to Koty." Lee lit a cigarette and leaned back. "They got into this really big fight after you left. Her girlfriend slapped her right in front of everyone then left her stranded there."

Still laughing, Kasey put her glass down. "That must have been a hell of a show. I kind of wish I had stayed to witness it. Carla's had that coming for a long, long time. She may be good looking, but she's a womanizer, and has a nasty temper, so it couldn't have happened to a more deserving person."

"Yeah, it was a hell of a show. Pretty funny actually." Lee took a drag of her cigarette, and just stared at Kasey for a minute. "You still haven't answered my question. So what's up with you and Koty?"

"Nothing is up Lee, I've already told you that."

"Come on Kasey, I know you better than that. If nothing is happening, it's because one, or both of you are chicken shits, and you're holding out."

Lee finished her drink and stood to go make another, but she stopped and looked at her friend. "Look, I know you are crazy for her, and I also know that she couldn't keep her eyes off of you the whole time at the party. Now hold that thought." Lee went to make her drink, then came back and sat next to Kasey. "Kasey, there is some really hot fire waiting to be lit between the two of you, so what gives. Talk to me."

Kasey rubbed her temples and leaned back against the sofa. "I don't think Koty and her ex are quite over each other."

"What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, I think that maybe they are still stuck on each other Lee. At least the ex is still in love with Koty if you ask me."

"Well, didn't you tell me her ex cheated on her? Fucked her over pretty bad didn't she?"

"Yes, but I swear that woman shows up everywhere. She showed up the first night we had dinner. She showed up at the bar after the concert, and she showed up at the hospital."

Kasey thought about the kiss she witnessed between them, and felt the deep rage start all over again, and got up and fixed herself a Grand Marnier. She had just been drinking Coke. “I tell you Lee, the kiss that woman gave Koty before she left the hospital had way too much heat in it to just be friendly."

"Did Koty kiss her back?"

"No, but I'm sure it was just because I was there, I don't know."

"Could it be you are putting something more into it that really isn't there?"

"I don't know Lee. I just don't know." Kasey gulped down her drink, then went to get the bottle. She sat down and poured another.

"You're jealous Honey," Lee said with a smile. "You're letting this get to you. I can tell by the way you're drinking. It's rare to see you drink, but it's even more rare to see you slam it down like you are doing. Look Kasey, I don't know Koty that well, and I sure don't know her ex but..."

"Her ex is gorgeous Lee." Kasey said with a sigh.

"Well what the hell are you, Spam? Shit Kasey, you are a knock out, with a smile that could drop any woman to their knees. Myself included so don't hand me that shit! Look Honey, her ex fucked her over pretty bad, and Koty doesn't strike me as a woman with a learning disability. I don't think she will take her back, I've seen how she looks at you."

Taking a long sip of her drink, Kasey softly said, "I don't know if I want to take that chance again Lee. You remember what happened with Samantha."

"Kasey, you gotta take chances every now and then. Besides, I don't think you should compare those two."

Lee got ready to leave and pulled Kasey into a hug. "Baby, there are no guarantee's in life, take a chance Kasey. If you don't, you're gonna kick yourself in the years to come wondering what might have been. If there is any chance Baby take, it. Don't let her get away." Then she left.

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