Chapter Twenty-One

The next morning as Kasey was making coffee, Lee called. "Hey Sweety, a friend of mine at work is having a really big party at Laces Friday night. There is going to be a lot of people, and it sounds like a lot of fun. What do you say, will you go with me?"

"Well, I guess I really could use a night out." Kasey paused a moment.
"I'll go Lee, but I won't be able to get there until around 9:30 so I'll meet you there ok?"

"Fine, that's fine Honey. Wear something sexy, and I'll see you there."


Monday morning Kasey saw Chris sitting in the hospital cafeteria by herself. After getting her coffee, she went to sit at the table with her. "Are you alright Chris? You look really drained."

Chris smiled a tired smile. "Dr. Camp couldn't make it in last night for some reason or another. They called me at 2:00 this morning and asked if I could cover for him." Yawning, she set her cup down and smiled. "I haven't pulled a double in about eight months. So Dr. Brooks how is your day?"

"Obviously not as bad as yours. I'm meeting Mr. Rico at the new office later today with the plans. He said that he could start earlier than they thought. I was going to ask you if you wanted to come with me, I think though when you leave here, you need to go home and get some sleep."

Chris went to refill her coffee then sat back down. "I'm off tomorrow so I can get plenty of sleep tonight. I want to come with you."

"Great." She was hoping that Chris would say yes. "We're suppose to meet him around 5:30."

Chris stood to get ready to leave. "I tell you what Kasey, Monty isn't due home until later this evening. I'll pick something up for us to eat from Bamboo Hut, and I will meet you there."

Chris was getting really excited about getting this Clinic up and going. This had been a dream of hers for quite a while now. She loved working at the Hospital, but there was something more personal about running a clinic. When Kasey had told her several years ago, that she also wanted to have her own clinic, the wheels started to turn. Just eight months ago, they got really serious, and started scouting around for the perfect location. When they found this building, their dreams became a reality, and everything started moving ahead pretty fast. Monty had recommended Mr. Rico, and told them that he was one of the best.

Chris met Kasey, and Mr. Rico at exactly 5:30, and they all went over the plans. After he left, they sat down to eat their take out that Chris had picked up, and discussed what their plans were going to be.

Chapter Twenty-Two

Friday night rolled around, and at 6:00 p.m. Koty dressed after her shower in sweats, and an old Houston Oilers t-shirt. She fixed herself a Crown and Seven, then settled down in her recliner to watch some old 80's sitcoms and just relax. By seven thirty, she had watched three shows and had as many drinks. Feeling pretty good, she was laughing at a funny part on the show when the phone rang.


"Hey Koty girl, it's Jamie. Get that pretty little ass of yours up and dressed. There's a great big party going on at Laces and you're going with us."

Koty groaned. "Not tonight James, I'm already in my P.J's. You go ahead and I'll take a rain check." Before Jamie could protest, Koty grinned and said, "Love ya, bye." And hung up the phone.

She knew if she would have stayed on the phone, Jamie would have talked her into going, and she really just didn't feel like it. Besides she already had a nice little buzz going.

All she wanted to do right now was relax, and watch some television. She looked over at the phone, then reached to shut off the ringer just in case Jamie tried to call her back.

She knew that Jamie would be pissed at her for hanging up on her, but she also knew it wouldn't take her long to get over it. Hell, they were best friends after all.

About twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang. "Shit!" Koty mumbled as she walked towards the door. Before she could open it all the way, Jamie and Trish pushed past her.

"Dakota Silvers, don't you ever hang up on me again!" Jamie said as Koty shut the door behind them.

"Well come on in guys. Geeze."

Trish grabbed Koty by the hand, then gently pulled her towards the bedroom, trying to be careful not to hurt her.

"Koty, you get your ass in there, and get dressed before I dress you my own damn self. What's it gonna be girl? Need my help?"

Trish wiped her hands together like she was brushing dust off of her palms, put her hands on her hips, then gave the detective a level look. Stunned, Koty started laughing. She had never seen Trish be this forceful. "Um...Yes ma'am. Did you say a big party?"

"Yes, we said a big party. Now be a good little Princess, and dress to kill. There is going to be lots and lots of gorgeous women there tonight, and we want you with us."

When Koty came out of the bedroom, she was dressed to kill. Her snug jeans hugged her long muscled thighs, and her shirt showed every sensuous curve that she had. The shirt was cut low, to show just enough cleavage that even Jamie and Trish's eyes about bugged out of their heads.

"Jamie hollered. "Holy shit! That's my girl." She slapped Koty a high five and Koty winched a little in pain. "Shit Koty, I'm sorry. I forgot about your ribs."

Koty just smiled. "I'm alright Jamie, are you ready to go?"

"Yeah Baby." Linking her arms through Trish and Koty's she said, "Lets go cream some jeans!"

Trish elbowed her in the side and told her to behave.

Koty was glad that they got to the club when they did, because there were only three tables left in the whole bar. She looked around from the table they were at, and recognized several women that were regulars at the club. She slowly turned her chair to a position where she wouldn't get bumped, and, so that she could watch Jamie and Trish dance.

Sipping her Crown and Seven, Koty noticed Liz and Tammy walking towards her table. Liz was another running buddy of Koty and Jamie's from school. Koty slowly stood, and gave them both a hug telling them to sit at their table. "There are plenty of chairs for you guy's. Besides, the way those two dance, I'll at least now have someone to talk to, and won't be lonely sitting here by my lonesome self."

"Why aren't you out there dancing with them Koty?" Liz asked as she sat next to her. "I can't remember seeing you sit this still."

"The fast songs are a little too much for my ribs right now, so I'm taking it easy."

"Oh yeah, that's right. We heard about what happened. You doing ok then?"

Liz and Tammy had been out of town visiting Tammy's family when Koty had been shot. They just got back the previous night.

"Yeah, I'm alright. I just have to take it easy for a little while is all."

Suddenly standing, Liz said, "Here comes Fred and Ginger now." Referring to what they all called Jamie and Trish because they couldn't stay off of the dance floor.

Laughing, Jamie walked up to Liz and hugged her. "Lordy Trish, look what the cat's dragged in."

They had been there for about an hour laughing and drinking when Jamie nudged Koty, and gestured towards the door.

The sight that Koty saw made her catch her breath, so that she choked on her drink. In the doorway stood Kasey in a short, strapless, clinging black dress. 'God, she is so stunning!'

Liz gave a low whistle when she saw what they were looking at. "Who in the hell is that?"

"Wow. What a looker." Tammy whispered.

Koty didn't say a word. She couldn't. She just sucked down her drink, and turned back to everyone at the table.

"Aren't you going to go over there and talk to her Koty?" Trish asked her.

Tammy looked at Koty with a grin. "You know that woman Koty?"

Jamie paid the waitress for the drinks that just arrived. Handing Koty and Trish their drinks; she ruffled Koty's hair. "That my friend is Kasey. She and my pal Koty here have the hots for each other, but they are both too chicken shit to admit it."

A slow song started to play, and Tammy gave Liz a knowing grin. Tammy had been a die hard match maker ever since Koty had met her. She just absolutely couldn't stand to see anyone alone. So with a sheepish grin on her face, Tammy turned to Koty, and held out her hand. "Koty, this is a slow song, and I promise not to hurt you, so don't argue and come dance with me."

She pulled Koty out to the dance floor. "See, this ain't so bad is it Koty?"

As Tammy turned her, Koty's eyes locked onto Kasey's.

Kasey had been watching her the whole time. Koty nodded in her direction and Kasey smiled. She smiled that drop you to your knees smile that made Koty's body turn to liquid, and she thought she would dissolve right there on the dance floor.

The song ended and they walked back to the table. A few moments later the waitress came and sat a drink in front of Koty.

"From the lady in black at the bar." She said nodding in Kasey's direction.

Koty felt her face suddenly flush. She was glad it was too dark for anyone to see. "Um... Tell her thank you will you?"

Another slow song started to play, and Tammy and Liz got up to dance. Koty was just getting ready to say something to Jamie when she felt a warm hand rest on her shoulder.

"Excuse me ladies." She heard Kasey's husky voice say. "Uh...Koty, will you dance with me?"

Koty closed her eyes, and swallowed hard. She slowly got up and followed Kasey to the floor, missing Jamie and Trish's wide grins.

Kasey turned and stepped towards Koty laying her hand on her shoulder. "Maybe this time we can finish our dance."

"We will as long as you say no to anyone who tries to cut in."

"Koty, I have no right, and I sure don't want to seem greedy."

"I don't mind." Koty answered with that crooked grin. Kasey smiled back, and put her arms around Koty's neck.

Koty's heart started pounding wildly as she pulled Kasey closer to her body. An electric current shot between them as their bodies connected. "I thought you were mad at me, or something."

Kasey pulled back just enough to look Koty in the eyes. "I'm not mad at you." She said softly.

Kasey looked around the dance floor as if in deep thought then slowly turned her face back to Koty.

"It's just...It's just that...That woman..."

"What woman? Who Tina? Look Kasey, Tina and I were lovers for three years. We aren't anymore."

"Well Koty, the way that I see it, is she still wants to be with you."

"It doesn't matter what she wants Kasey. That's just her way. She doesn't like it when I get attention from anyone else, she never did. Besides, Tina shouldn't have anything to do with..."

Koty stopped mid sentence when Kasey lightly kissed her lips. 'Oh God. I'm going to die right here where I stand.' Koty thought as she closed her eyes briefly.

"Shh Koty, lets just dance ok?"

Unbeknown to Koty or Kasey, the women at Koty's table were slapping high fives to each other. They did not miss the scene on the dance floor.

As the song ended, Koty reluctantly pulled away from Kasey.

Still holding Koty's hand though, Kasey asked. "Will you dance with me later?"

"I'd love to, and Kasey?"

"Yes hon?"

"There are extra chairs at our table if you and Lee would like to sit with us."

Koty had spoke so softly that Kasey almost didn't hear her.

Smiling, Kasey said, "Maybe in a little bit, Lee is meeting someone here." She leaned over and kissed Koty on the cheek, then sauntered off of the dance floor.

Koty walked back to the table with a smile on her face. As she approached, she saw them all staring at her with shit eating grins.

"What?" 'Smart asses.'

A fast song came on, and everybody but Jamie jumped up to dance. As Koty sat down, she smirked at Jamie who was teasingly fanning herself and saying, "Hot Baby, umm umm hot."

Koty playfully slapped her hand. "Shut up James."

A half hour had passed when in the middle of everyone laughing at something Liz had said, the women heard once again, that husky voice.

"Excuse me again ladies, but can we join all of you?"

Everyone stood, and did a comical version of musical chairs. Liz and Tammy made sure that Kasey was sitting next to Koty, and Lee and her date sat next to Kasey.

When Koty looked up at Liz, she just smiled, shrugged her shoulders, and winked. 'What the hell are you up to Liz old girl?'

Koty and Kasey danced to several more songs, and shortly before last call they were up again, slow dancing.

By now, Koty was feeling the effects of the alcohol, and admitted to herself that she was a little drunk.

Drinking had always given her a false sense of courage to do and say things that she normally would have been too shy to say or do. She pulled Kasey impossibly close and kissed her deep and passionately.

When she felt Kasey respond, and heard her throaty moan, she whispered in Kasey's ear, "God I want you so bad. Will you come home with me?"

Kasey looked at Koty for a moment, and hesitated before she said, "Koty...I would love to go home with you..." Kasey paused.

"But..." Koty said. "I hear a but."

"Koty Honey, you are drunk. If and when I sleep with you, I don't want alcohol to have anything to do with it."

Koty started to speak, but Kasey lightly pressed a finger to her lips. "Hear me out Koty, please. I know all too well what alcohol does to the hormones. "I also know that alcohol induced sex can lead to hurt feelings, and even heart break. I simply can't and won't let you hurt me."

"Hurt you! What do you mean hurt you?" Koty swallowed a gulp of air. "Kasey, I would never intentionally hurt you. I can't believe that you believe that."

"Koty, please don't make this any harder than it already is." Kasey pleaded.

"Kasey...I'm in...Oh fuck it. You want easy? Then I'll make it easy for you."

Koty pulled away from her, and walked right off the dance floor, and right out the door and waited for Jamie and Trish to come out.

Later that night, Koty was in bed totally exasperated. She couldn't believe that she almost told Kasey that she was in love with her. She hadn't even known it herself until she almost blurted it out. 'Jesus, what a huge mistake that would have been.'

"Tina! What in the hell have you done to me!?" She yelled out loud, then grabbed her side. 'Oh shit, that hurt.' She was still in the middle of cussing life when she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Chapter Twenty-Three

The next afternoon, Koty was wallowing in self-pity with the CD player belting out Shelby Lynn when the doorbell rang and Jamie let herself in.

"I'd love a drink Koty, thank you."

Koty gave a half smile then turned the CD player down and went to fix them both a drink.

"Koty, aren't you taking your pain pills?

"Yes, but the last one I took was this morning. I'll be fine. And no, I didn't take any last night."

Sitting on the couch with drink in hand, Jamie eyeballed her best friend. "Ok Koty, tell me what's going on. You wouldn't tell us jack shit last night." Taking a sip of her drink, Jamie watched Koty ease herself down in her recliner. "Koty, one minute you were on cloud nine, and the next you were red-faced, sulking, and storming out of the club. Talk to me babe, what gives?"

"Shit Jamie, everything is so messed up!" She closed her eyes and let out a deep sigh. "I messed up last night, and asked Kasey to come home with me."

Koty jumped up from her chair then sucked in her breath at the stabbing pain in her side, and went to make another drink. "She told me I was drunk, and wouldn't sleep with me because of it." Koty almost laughed. "She said something about alcohol and hormones, and that she wouldn't, and couldn't let me hurt her. Can you believe that shit? Like I would hurt her!"

Koty gulped down the rest of her drink before putting the glass on the table. Thinking twice about the glass, she asked Jamie to fix her another one. "You want to know what the real shitter of this is Jamie? Last night I almost told her that I was in love with her."

Jamie's jaw dropped in shock and when she looked her best friend in the eyes, she saw tears starting to form there. She quickly went to kneel in front of Koty and pulled her into a much needed hug. "I knew it had to be more than you were letting on Babe." 'Yes!'

"God Jamie, I hardly know her, but I am so full of her. I can hardly stop thinking about her, and when I am able to stop, it's only for long enough to fall asleep, and then I dream about her. Shit. Then I get drunk and ask her to sleep with me. What a fool I am."

"You are not a fool Babes." Jamie went and sat back down on the couch. "True love is like that sometimes. It just kind of jumps up, and slaps you in the face whether you are ready for it or not."

"Well, it doesn't really matter anyway, Kasey stated her point, and I took the hint. End of soap opera."

"I don't know if I would rush to the bank with that deposit yet Koty if I were you."

Jamie got up to make her and Koty another drink. Making Koty's weaker than she knew Koty did herself. Handing the glass to Koty, she ruffled her friend's hair. "You know Koty, when Trish and I first got together, she wouldn't sleep with me the first time I asked her because I was drunk."

Koty looked a little stunned, and then grinned. "That's different Jamie."

"Now just how in the hell is that different Dakota? It's the same damn situation."

"I don't know, it just is. I don't think that I am very good at this relationship stuff.

"Koty, you just haven't found the right woman yet. It damn sure wasn't Tina. Maybe Kasey is that woman, and maybe she ain't, but you just don't give up because of Tina, or anyone else for that matter. Maybe you need to give this thing with Kasey a chance."

"Like I said before Jamie, she's not interested so it's not like there is a chance to give."

Chapter Twenty-Four

After making herself a snack, Kasey sat down to read the newspaper. She kept thinking about last night, and how she couldn't get Koty out of her mind. The way that Koty had walked away from her on the dance floor almost crushed her. She had wanted nothing more than to grab Koty, and go home with her. She had her rules though. Never again would she sleep with someone for the first time when they were drunk. Especially when that someone was on the rebound.

Kasey also wondered for the hundredth time what it was that Koty was going to say to her before she got mad and left. She could still hear her words, "Kasey, I'm in..."

And then she stopped and left. Kasey really wanted to hear the rest of that sentence.

The phone rang breaking into her thoughts. "Hey sweetheart it's Lee. Are you feeling any better today?"

"Oh hi Lee, I'm fine. Really"

"I got to tell you Kasey, I don't recall ever seeing you quite that upset before, and then you wouldn't even tell me what was going on."

"I'm really sorry Lee, I didn't mean to spoil your evening last night."

"Honey, you didn't spoil my evening last night. As a matter of fact, my evening went just fine when I took Ms. Texas home."

Kasey laughed for the first time that day. "God Lee, you are so bad."

"Damn right I am. You want me to come over, and you can talk about it?"

"I don't want to talk about it, but you are welcome to come over, I'd love your company. Besides, I want to hear all about last night, and Ms. Texas."

Laughing, Lee said, "I'll be right over, this conversation could take a while. Want me to pick anything up on my way?"

"No, I'm good, I'll see you in a little while. Bye."

Kasey hung up the phone and started thinking about Koty again. The devastated look on her face last night when she left just wouldn't leave Kasey's mind.

She didn't mean for Koty to take what she said the wrong way but obviously she did. 'You blew it Kase, she'll probably never want to speak to you again.'

"God I hate this! Will my life ever be normal again?"

Throwing her half eaten sandwich away, Kasey went to make a batch of tea for when Lee came over. They had been known to polish off a pitcher when they got into their long conversations, leaving both of them wired.

Koty still hadn't quite recovered from her wounds from the shooting, and Kasey was really worried about her. Koty had dropped some weight and was still a little pale.

'I'll think about Dakota Silvers later. Not that it's gonna do any good.

Chapter Twenty-Five

Since this was Jamie's three off days from the fire department she decided to stay at Koty's house for dinner. Trish wouldn't be home until around eleven because she had to close the store that night.

Koty pulled their steaks off of the grill, and they sat on the deck to eat. "I think that I am going to spend some time with Mel this week while I have the time off." Koty told Jamie after they were done with their dinner.

Melody was yet another friend of theirs from high school. Mel once had a slight crush on Koty when they were in high school, but now they were just very close friends. Mel had moved to West Virginia about two years ago. She and her partner Gina had bought some property in the mountains and built a house on it. They said that they were tired of the city life; they needed to be able to breathe.

Koty would usually them about twice a year on her vacations. Since she had nothing but time on her hands now, she figured she would go there and get her mind off of certain things, and put things, back into perspective.

"Hello, Koty. Are you still with me? I asked you how long you were planning to stay?"

Coming back down to Earth, Koty shook her head. "I don't know. I've been cleared to go back to work next Monday, but only for desk duty, and I can't stand to do any desk work. Actually, I still have vacation time. Captain Riggs told me to take as much time as I needed, so I'm not sure how long I'll be. I'll just have to see how things go when I get there. I'm tired of this house James; I'm going stir crazy.

"You know how much I love it there. I never want to come back. Get that look off of your face. You know damn well I'll be back. I wouldn't be able to live without seeing your mean mug every couple of days or so."

Jamie laughed and patted Koty on the back. "I know what you need my friend. You need to get laid."

Koty snapped her jaw shut, then they both busted out laughing.

"You're a pervrt James."


Koty called Mel first thing Sunday morning.

"Koty! What's going on girl, when are you coming up here to see us?"

Koty smiled at her friend's enthusiasm. "Well, that's why I'm calling you now. I need a break, and I'd like to come up tomorrow if you don't already have plans, and it's ok with Gina."

"Hell yes it's ok. Even if I had plans I would change them." Mel said happily. "I'll have to work a couple hours a day, but we'll have the rest of the days and nights to play. Not that I have to work mind you. Hell, Dad left enough money for me to live two lifetimes without ever having to lift a finger. I do what I do because I like it."

"Just what is it you are doing Mel?"

"I'm working for the Wildlife Preservation and doing a lot of rescue work for injured wildlife. Gina and I both are doing it. It's really kind of cool."

Koty and Mel talked for about ten more minutes, and Koty told her that she would see them early in the evening the next day.


Koty met Monty and Chris that afternoon at the Golden Coral for lunch.

"Look guys," Koty told them after taking a sip of her tea, "I'm going to visit Mel and Gina for a little while. Can you check on my place every now and then?"

Chris looked at Koty for a moment. "How long is a little while Koty?"

"Um...I'm not sure yet. I'll see how it goes while I'm up there."

Now Monty eyed her suspiciously. "What's going on Sis?"

"Nothing's going on. Look guys, I just need to get away for a little while. I'm feeling a bit cooped up in that house, and you know there is nothing better than the mountains to give me the space that I need." Shrugging her shoulders, she said. "I'm due for vacation anyway so the timing is right."

She pushed her half eaten plate of food away from her. "Look you two, quit looking at me like I'm gonna break in two. I'm fine. Really. I'm just gonna use the time that I have off to do some relaxing, and breathe in some real fresh mountain air."

Chapter Twenty-Six

Koty pulled into Mel and Gina's driveway at 6:30 Monday evening, and Mel was already at her car door before Koty could even get it open. Grabbing her as she got out of the car, Mel hugged and kissed her. "God it's really good to see you chica, it's been way too long." She held Koty at arms length and raised her brow. "You're losing far too much weight girl. Come on in, Gina has supper ready for you."

Koty had almost forgotten just how beautiful the mountains were. Every time that she felt she needed a break, she and Tina would come to visit them. Tina had always liked Mel and Gina both. She just hated the mountains. Every time they had come, Tina was always in a hurry to leave. Koty smiled at the fact that she could stay as long as she felt like it. She would enjoy the mountains, and her friends.

Looking around her, she remembered all of the walks she would take through the woods, and down to the lake at the edge of Mel's property. 'Man, we sure had some great parties down at that lake.' Gina would always bring down a sound system that they had loaded in the back of her truck, so they could listen to hours of great music.

Koty also remembered the many times that she and Tina had skinny-dipped in that lake. She had often thought that, that was one of the only things that Tina had liked about the place.

When the moon was high, it was breathtakingly serene. To Koty, the whole place was breathtaking. It was like being a million miles from nowhere, with nothing but the sounds of the wind and animals as background music. No sirens or horns blowing, nothing but the sound of peace.

Koty shook off the memories as she grabbed Mel's hand. "God it feels great to be up here. I never fully remember the beauty of this place until I come back and see it all again. I sure have missed you guys."

They stayed up late that night talking about what was going on in each other's lives. Mel was a little upset that neither Koty, Chris nor Jamie had called her when Koty had went into the hospital. Koty had explained that if it had been any worse than what it was, they would have.

She also told her friends about how Jamie, Trish, and herself had walked into that dance club, and caught Tina with that other woman. Jamie had called Mel and Gina, when Koty kicked Tina out, but she didn't go into a lot of details, so they didn't know the whole story. Koty also told them about the drug bust, and how she came about meeting Dr. Kasey Brooks. Finally around two thirty in the morning they said their goodnights.

The next morning, Koty was out in the barn where Mel and Gina kept a lot of their rescue animals. She was leaning against a post talking to Mel when something furry climbed up on her shoulder, and then down her back. Screaming and then calling for Mel, she started to dance in circles trying to grab at her back.

Gina was laughing so hard she dropped to her knees in fear that she would pee her pants.

"Koty!" Mel said reaching for her, "Shit girl, calm down. It's just a baby raccoon!"

"Baby my ass, do you see them fucking teeth? God Mel, get this thing off of me!"

By now Mel was laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes. She gently took the baby off of Koty's back and held it close to her. "Jesus Koty, you scared the shit out of the poor thing."

"I scared it? What in the hell do you think it did to me Mel?" She asked breathlessly.

Mel went to hand Koty the baby raccoon, but Koty almost fell down backing away from it.

"Oh no you don't Mel, you keep that Satin-spawned fur-ball away from me."

"God Koty, what a big sissy you are. You're one of the toughest women that I know, and a bad ass detective, but you're afraid of a little baby raccoon. You are priceless Honey."

Gina, after composing herself, and smothering her laughter, got to her feet and patted Koty on the back. "It's ok Koty," she said as she wiped the tears from her eyes, "I was afraid of them at first too. It took me quite a while to get use to all of these animals. Now they are so much a part of our lives we sometimes forget that not everyone is used to them."

Later that evening they sat on the side deck of the house that overlooked one of the most beautiful sceneries that Koty had ever seen. Sipping their drinks and finishing their steaks, they watched the sun set.

"This is one of my favorite things about this place." Koty told them as she propped her feet up on the rail. "Of coarse being with you guys, is the best thing. I've really missed ya'll."

"This scenery is just the thing that made us decide to build the house on this spot." Mel said as she handed Koty a fresh drink. "When we stood in this open area we knew right then and there that we wanted to build here. Sometimes at night we will be sitting here and we'll watch a herd of deer wander around right over there at that patch of tree's. They always see us sitting here, but they don't seem to really mind. It's like they know we won't hurt them, and we are just here to watch. It's quite an awesome feeling."

Chapter Twenty-Seven

By Monday morning Kasey was pacing the floor. She couldn't decide what to do about Koty. She wanted to be with her so bad it was killing her. She knew Koty was upset with her, and she was quite sure that she wouldn't call.

Twice now she turned down Koty's advances. Not that she really wanted to, but she thought she was doing the right thing. 'She probably thinks you're nothing but a big tease you jerk.

After two hours of debating on what to do, she finally decided to cave in and call. After the fifth ring, the answering machine picked up and she hung up the phone. She refused to leave a message. She wanted to talk to Koty, not her stupid answering machine. She tried calling again at nine o'clock and once more at eleven. Still all she got was the machine.

When Kasey got home from work on Tuesday she tried again. No answer. No answer once again on Wednesday, so she decided to finally leave a message. "Um...Hi Koty, it's Kasey. I've been trying to call you since Monday but I guess I just keep missing you at home. I'm sure that you are busy but if you have the time, I really want to talk to you. Koty, please call me as soon as you get in. It doesn't matter what time. Anyway...please call. Bye."

Kasey waited until one in the morning on Thursday for Koty to call. Koty did not call. After taking a long hot shower, she finally decided to just go to bed.

Friday afternoon, Kasey met up with Chris for lunch, and then they planned to go over to the new office and meet with the contractor. Neither one of them could wait to get it up and running.

"Hey Kasey, how was your morning?" Chris looked at her with concern on her face. "You look pretty beat, bad night at the Hospital?"

"No, I was off last night, but I was up late. I hope I don't look like I feel." She said with a smile.

The waiter brought their food and drinks, and Kasey took a long swallow of her coke. Absently, she wiped the condensation from the glass and contemplated asking Chris about Koty. "Uh Chris...have you talked to Koty lately?"

"Yeah, I talked to her on Wednesday night. She's in West Virginia, why?"

"West Virginia?" Kasey asked stunned. "What is she doing there?"

Chris leaned her elbows on the table and said with a frown, "Some friends that she went to school with live up there. She goes to the mountains when she needs what she says is space and down time. I gotta tell you, she really needed the down time this time. I've never seen her this low. Even when she kicked Tina out she wasn't this bad."

Chris took a sip of her drink and then continued. "Koty is going through a lot right now. She puts on a tough act, but she can be really fragile at times as well. Nobody but those that are very close to her would even know something was out of wack with her." Chris gave a slight smile. "This past year has not been that kind to her, but she will be fine. When she gets enough 'space' as she calls it, she will be back ready to take on the world."

Noticing the almost sad look on her friends face, Chis asked, "Kasey, what's going on, are you ok?"

"Yes...No...I've been trying to call her, and wondered why I couldn't seem to catch her."

Chris silently stared at Kasey for a moment then said, "Kasey, I'm not really sure what's going on with you and Koty, and it's probably none of my business, but I do know that she cares a lot for you. It's not my place to say that, but..."

"Chris, is Koty and Tina going to get back together?"

'Bingo.' "What I do know Kasey, is that Koty gives one hundred percent to her relationships. Tina hurt her pretty badly. I'm not sure what she is feeling right now, but I don't believe that she will take Tina back. Why do you ask? Do you think they are going to get back together?"

"I don't know Chris, I really don't know. I think that in her own shallow way, Tina is still in love with her."

"Kasey, you might be right on that, but I think Koty is smart enough not to fall for it. Koty loved her deeply, but I think Tina messed up big time when she screwed around on her."

They changed the subject and finished their lunch. On the way over to the new office, they discussed hiring a few people to help them when they opened.

Chapter Twenty-Eight

Koty called her Captain and requested one of the weeks that she had left for vacation. She actually had two weeks to take, but since she had already been off for two weeks from her shooting, she figure one more was all she needed.

"Koty," he had said to her, "I want you to take as much time as you need, don't come back until you are ready. Just tell me you are coming back. This place is not the same since you haven't been here to pick on everyone. The guy's really miss you."

She had reassured him that she definitely would be back; she just needed a little more time. She told him that she would call him as soon as she got back to town and keep him posted.

She knew that her job was not on the line, but she didn't want to push her luck. She was smart enough to know that anybody could be replaced. She still liked her job enough not to let that happen.

The following Wednesday found Koty giving hugs, and saying goodbye to Mel and Gina. "Thank you guys for putting up with me for as long as you did."

"Yeah Koty, cause you really were a handfull to have here." Melody hugged the detective back. Don't wait so damn long the next time you come up here."

"I promise not to stay away for so long again. I love you guys, and I'll see ya'll soon, bye." Koty waved one last time before she pulled her jag away from her friends.

She took the long way home, enjoying the mountain views and scenery. She decided to get a hotel room instead of driving all the way home. She found a Motel 6 and pulled into the parking lot. She knew that she wouldn't find a better hotel on these back country roads.

Koty really had a great time with Mel and Gina for the time that she had spent with them. She never did let them talk her into holding any of those furry creatures though. Tough cop or not, she just couldn't make herself do it.

She did promise though, that when they had another fund-raiser that they were to call and let her know, and she would send them a very healthy check. She had told them that she loved all animals; she just didn't want to hold them.

She had slept in late, then had brunch at the hotel's restaurant. She visited a few antique shops that were just a couple of towns away, but hadn't seen anything that caught her eye enough to buy it. Not that she was much into antiques anyway, but always enjoyed looking.

Small towns had always interested her, with everyone knowing everyone. Hell, the post office was the Greyhound bus station, slash video store. There must have been a whopping three stoplights in the whole town.

'Andy's Market' was their great big grocery store, and the Police station was about the size of a 7-11 with maybe three cars. Probably the worst crime here was the local boys shooting out mailboxes and street signs with BB guns for some Saturday night fun.

Debating wehther she would stay another night in the small quaint town or not, she decided to go ahead and drive home. She could always stop in another small town later if the urge hit her. It's not like she was in a great big hurry to get home. 'What for? Oh get over yourself Koty. What a wimp you are turning out to be.'

She did stop at another small town about 80 miles out for an early supper. Two more antique shops and she was finally on her way home. She had to admit, she felt a lot better now than she did when she first headed out to see Mel.

Maybe she was on the way to getting her life back on track now. This past year had seemed like she was living someone else's screwed up life.

Chapter Twenty-Nine

By the time Koty walked into her house that evening it was eleven o'clock. She kicked off her shoes, then sat down to listen to her messages and go through her mail.

She was erasing most of the messages as soon as they would start if it wasn't anyone she knew. She was about to erase the next one when she heard Kasey's voice. Her heart constricted and started to pound. She played the message three times trying to hear a hidden message. 'She was probably calling to tell me to get lost or something. Shit, do I call her back?'

She went to make herself a drink and then change into a pair of boxers, contemplating calling her back or not. 'Oh well what else could I lose? "Oh well, here goes nothing." She dialed her number.


"Um...hi Kasey, it's Koty. I just got your..."

"Koty, where are you, are you at home? When did you get there?" Kasey was speaking so fast that Koty could barely understand her.

"I just got home. I sat down to get my messages and heard yours. So what's up?"

"Koty...can I come over for a few minutes?"

"Well yeah...You want to tell me what's going on Kase?"

"I'll be there in ten minutes Koty, I'll talk to you then."

"Kasey? Kasey?" Nothing but a dial tone. "Shit!"

Exasperated, Koty went to fix herself another drink. She was very tired, and wasn't sure if she was ready for Kasey's anger. She took her drink to her recliner and sat down to wait.

Just as she was getting ready to finish off the drink, there was a knock at the door and she opened it.

Kasey walked past her, and then turned while Koty closed the door. "I've got one thing to say to you Dakota. Never, and I mean never, walk away from me like that again."

Then she was in Koty's arms kissing her with a passion so raw that it made them both tremble. What seemed like an eternity later, they stopped and pulled apart.

"Show me your bedroom Koty, and don't you even think about telling me no."

In a bit of a daze, Koty took Kasey's hand and led her towards the bedroom, stopping several times along the way to kiss her, and nuzzle her neck. 'Oh Jesus, is this really happening?'

In the bedroom, Koty's hands were shaking so bad she was having problems unbuttoning Kasey's shirt. Kissing her again, Koty got frustrated and ripped her shirt apart sending buttons popping like tiny missiles shooting at the walls causing Kasey to moan from deep within.

Koty pulled back to get a look at her and sucked in her breath. 'Oh my, no bra and so full.' "Oh Jesus Kasey." Koty said as she took a hard nipple into her mouth. "God Baby, you are so unbelievably sexy, I've waited for so long to do this, you just don't have any idea."

Taking Kasey's other breast in her mouth, Koty let out a moan. All of a sudden her hands seemed to be everywhere on Kasey. She couldn't decide if she wanted to kiss her, or continue with her feast.

"Koty, I can't stand up much longer. My legs are getting ready to give out."

Koty slowly backed her to the bed still kissing her. She was afraid that if she let loose, Kasey would change her mind and leave. There was no way in hell she was going to release this Goddess.

They shed their clothes in record time, and Koty gently lay Kasey on the bed. She lay her body against the full length of Kasey's, and slipped her thigh between her legs. "Baby, please tell me that this isn't a dream."

Kasey didn't answer her, she just pulled her even closer to her body, and returned Koty's passion like there was going to be no tomorrow.

Koty slowly removed her thigh and slipped her hand in place of it never leaving the skin untouched. She thought that she would absolutely die when she felt how wet Kasey was.

A low growl came from Kasey as she started kissing Koty's neck. Koty slowly slid her fingers back and forth with just a slight pressure. Koty hissed, “Oh God” as Kasey sucked her neck just short of marking her.

Koty feasted hungrily on Kasey's body taking one nipple at a time into her mouth, then slowly moving all over her body with her tongue. 'Goddess, her body is even more beautiful than I thought it would be.'

Koty just couldn't seem to get enough of her. Kasey was ready to protest when Koty went to remove her hand. But when Koty started to slide down her, she sweated with anticipation.

"I need to taste you Baby." Then Koty placed her mouth where her hand just left, and Kasey began a ride to ecstasy like none she had ever felt before in her life.

As Kasey neared the point of no return, she gripped the sheets and called out Koty's name. After catching her breath, she pulled Koty up to her and slowly kissed her. Tasting herself on Koty's lips made her heat rise again.

She would take her time making love to this woman. She would do her utmost best to make her forget all about Tina. She would do her utmost best to make her forget about any other woman period.

Slowly she rolled Koty onto her back and proceeded to show her just how she felt about her. What she couldn't say in words, she would show her by touch. "Tell me what you want Honey. Just tell me and I'll do it."

"I want you Kasey, that's all I ever wanted. I think that I will die if you don't make love to me."

Kasey slipped her hand between Koty's legs and felt her wetness. "Oh God Koty, you are so wet!" She pulled her fingers away, and slowly put one in her mouth to taste Koty's wetness.

Koty groaned loudly, and squirmed beneath Kasey. "Jesus Kasey, you are melting me!"

"Honey, I plan to do so much more than melt you. Relax, and let me have my way with you."

Kasey lifted Koty's hips, and slowly slid down her body to bring Koty to her mouth. Just the scent of Koty was enough to make Kasey wet all over again. She took Koty into her mouth and began her feast, bringing her to the point of no return.

Koty arched her back, and pulled the sheets clean off of the bed, as she reached a peak that surely made her body leave this world completely. Leaving her gasping to fill her lungs with much needed oxygen. "Jesus Kasey, oh God!"

They made love until three in the morning, when neither one of them could hardly move. Koty pulled the covers over them, and shut off the bedside light.

'This woman is absolutely incredible. Where has she been all of my life, and what did I do to deserve this?' Pulling Kasey even closer to her, she kissed her lips one more time, smiled, and then they finally slept.

Chapter Thirty

Koty awoke to Kasey kissing her neck. Groaning, Koty pulled her up on top of her cupping both of her breasts in her hands. Sliding her hands to her waist, Koty took one into her mouth, then switched to the other. "I could do this for days." She told Kasey as she pulled a hard nipple into her mouth. "You taste soooo good."

It didn't take long before they were both wet and ready. Once again they made love several times, and for the first time in years, Kasey was late for work.

The first break that she was able to get, Kasey called Koty. "Hey Honey, you still in bed?"

"The same place, and the same way that you left me this morning. I haven't even gotten up to scrounge for breakfast and I'm starving."

Kasey laughed in that low husky voice, "I'm rather hungry myself, but I can't satisfy my craving until later."

Koty groaned. "Will you stay with me tonight Kasey?"

"Are you going to fix me dinner Koty?"


Laughing, Kasey said, "I'm teasing you Koty, I'll pick something up on my way over tonight."

Kasey sat back in her chair after hanging up the phone with Koty, and thought about the night before. Never before had a woman made her feel the way that Koty had made her feel. She had had some outstanding sex before, but with Koty, it was erotic, and each time was even better than the last. It wasn't just the sex either, it was the way that Koty had touched and held her last night. Like she had reached deep inside her soul and wrapped herself around her heart. It was like finding something she never even knew she had missed.

Kasey knew that no matter what, she wanted to hold on to this woman. She would take whatever Koty had to offer. She didn't seem to have a choice. Her body and soul had made a decision for her, and she could no longer hold back.

She was already addicted. 'No wonder Tina is still in love with her. Koty is like this dynamic drug that keeps a junky coming back for more, and never being able to completely satisfy the craving.'


Kasey and Koty were lying in bed after making love for the second time that night. Kasey had her head lying on Koty's chest while Koty ran her fingers through Kasey's long blonde hair.

"I knew that you would be this way in bed Kasey, you would have to be. You are the most sexiest woman I have ever met."

Kasey pulled herself up to Koty and kissed her. "You are only saying that because you finally got me into your bed."

Koty pulled Kasey's chin up so she had to look her in the eyes. "No Kasey, I mean every word that I said."

Kasey lie her head back down on Koty's chest. She couldn't speak. Silent tears formed in her eyes, and she was sure that Koty could hear her heart getting ready to thump right out of her chest.

For the next two months, Koty and Kasey spent most of their nights together. They would go to dinner, the movies, stay at home and watch T.V, and make love every night, but neither one of them would speak of their love for each other.

Since Kasey had not mentioned the word to her, Koty vowed that she would not be the first to say it. Oh, she knew that she was totally gone and in love with Kasey, but somehow figured that as long as she didn't say the words, it would make it easier and hurt less if it didn't work out between the two.

Kasey had no doubts about her feelings for Koty. The more time she spent with her, the deeper her love for Koty got. It seemed to her that maybe Koty was afraid of commitment though. So she would not reveal her true feelings for fear of scaring Koty off. She would not say anything until she knew for sure what Koty's feelings were.

Then there was Tina. Tina had called several times while she was over at Koty's house. Once, Kasey had answered the phone, and Tina was very short with her demanding to speak to Koty.

Koty was always very brief with Tina, and would tell her that she was busy. She had asked Kasey to ignore the phone calls, that Tina was just trying to be a shit.

Kasey found it hard to ignore the calls, and even harder to ignore Tina. She felt though, that if Koty would just express her feelings for her, everything would be ok.

"Um, come here Baby and let me hold you until you fall asleep." Koty told Kasey as she pulled her close and lightly kissed her lips. "If we don't start getting more than just three hours of sleep a night, we are going to wither away."

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