Chapter Thirty-One

Jamie and Trish were having their annual Christmas party. A party where all the couples had to bring an ornament for the tree. It had been a tradition for the last five years.

Koty and Kasey stopped at the 'Christmas Shop', a cute little shop that was open only from October to the end of December. Looking around, they finally found a pretty little crystal angle sitting on a cloud.

"Oh Koty, this is so cute. I think it's perfect don't you?"

"Yes, it is very pretty. Just like you Baby." The detective grinned.

"Oh stop. Come on or we will be late."

"Asshole!" Koty yelled as yet another car pulled out in front of her. Pressing the accelerator and pulling around the vehicle, Koty said, "This is the part that I hate about the holidays, too damn much traffic."

"Koty Honey, if you don't slow down, you're going to get a ticket."

Koty reached for Kasey's hand. "That's ok baby, I know some people at the police station."


At the door, Trish and Jamie both gave Kasey a hug.

"You two make yourself comfortable. There is spiked punch and other various alcohol in the kitchen. Oh and Kasey, there is also plenty of coke if you don't feel like any hard stuff." Trish told them.

"Thanks Trish. I think that's what I'll start with." Kasey said as she turned to Koty. "I'll bring you back a drink Honey."

As Trish and Kasey went to the kitchen to make the drinks, Jamie pulled Koty aside. "Look Koty, I invited a friend from work, and she just called and told me she was bringing Tina with her. I hope that's not going to be a problem with you or Kasey."

"Kasey still doesn't do to well with all of that, but it should be ok. If Tina can't handle seeing us together then she will either have to get over it, or find some other party to go to. It should be ok, we'll see."

'Oh boy, this should be interesting. Kasey gets kinda clammy just at the mention of Tina's name. Hopefully there won't be a problem; I don't want Kasey to feel uncomfortable in any way. Please Tina, behave.'

Trish and Kasey walked up and handed them their drinks, and Trish gave Jamie a knowing glance of what Jamie had just informed Koty of. "Ok, get rid of those serious faces you two, and lets go join the party and have some fun."

An hour later, Koty and Kasey were sitting on the loveseat talking to two other couples. They both looked up at the same time as they heard someone coming in the door. Koty felt Kasey's body tense and go rigid as Tina walked in with some woman.

Setting her drink on the table beside her, Kasey turned and looked at Koty with a frown. Letting out a deep sigh, she went to stand but Koty grabbed her hand to stop her from moving.

"Kasey," she whispered quickly. "Please stay here with me. I swear to you Baby I didn't know that she was coming until Jamie told me when we got here. She said that she invited a woman from work and just found out that she was bringing Tina with her. Please Baby, sit back down."

Kasey slowly relaxed back in her seat. Without releasing Koty's hand, she listened while Koty finished her conversation with the other couples.

'Son of a bitch! Ok, get a grip Kasey. Koty is telling the truth, and you will just have to act like an adult. Shit!'

Koty refused to acknowledge the smile that Tina sent in her direction. She picked up her drink and leaned even closer to Kasey.

'Let the games begin!' "I'll be right back Baby, I'm gonna get us some more to drink." Koty said as she made her way to the kitchen.

Jamie watched as Tina followed right behind her and decided that maybe she should go stand by the door un-noticed just in case.

As Koty was fixing her drink, she felt a hand slide across her back then around her waist. In a low sexy voice, she heard, "God Koty, you are really looking good. So how have you been?"

Koty set her glass on the counter and pulled herself from Tina's grasp. "Tina, please don't try to cause any problems tonight."

Tina leaned against the counter and folded her arms across her chest. In her very famous Tina pout, she said, "I'm not here to cause you any grief Dakota, but you don't have to treat me like I have the Black Plague either." She came a little closer. "Koty, we were lovers..."

"That's just it Tina, we were. Not any more. That was before you decided that I wasn't enough for you so you had to go and spread your wings and your legs to God only knows how many women."

Tina felt like she had been slapped. As she tried to reach for Koty one more time, they both heard, "Enjoying the party guy's?"

Jamie asked, coming through the door causing Tina to drop her hand and step back away from Koty. Releasing a sigh, she sadly looked once more at Koty then turned and left the kitchen.

"Thanks Jamie."

"Think nothing of it. I saw her follow you in here and wanted to make sure she wasn't gonna try and start anything with you."

Rubbing Koty's shoulders for a minute, she turned to the cooler that was on the counter and grabbed herself a beer.

"She's still in love with you, you know."

"It's a little too late for that Jamie. She should have tried to remember that when she started fucking women behind my back."

"I know that babes. Besides, Trish and Kasey have become fast friends. I think Trish would kill you if you stopped seeing Kasey. Then she would probably come after me thinking that I should have been able to do something about it. She always got along ok with Tina, but there is something special about Kasey. I think it's maybe a shopping thing. Man has she been doing some shopping since them two hooked up. Anyway, let's go get the two sexiest women here and have some fun."

When Koty made it back to her seat, Kasey was not smiling, nor would she look Koty in the eyes.

She had seen Tina follow Koty into the kitchen and became very agitated. 'That woman has a hell of a nerve!'

Koty was unsure of what to do at first. She sat Kasey's drink on the table, then leaned over and kissed her passionately. This made Kasey smile. 'Phew, not good Koty my girl. That was not good.'

"Are you having fun Baby?"

"I am now, dance with me Koty."

Pulling Koty to the middle of the living room, which had been turned into a dance floor, Kasey pulled Koty close to her body and buried her face into face into her neck.

Tina must have taken the hint because for the rest of the night, she had stayed on the other side of the room away from them. Every once and awhile, Kasey would catch her watching Koty from the distance with a sad look on her face.

Koty didn't seem to notice though, and it almost made Kasey feel sorry for her. Almost. Kasey had never really been much on the jealousy thing, but Tina seemed to bring the worst out in her. 'She is still in love with Koty. Tough! She had her chance.'

Chapter Thirty-Two

Much later that night, Koty pulled Kasey close to her, then adjusted the covers tightly around her lover. "I think winter has finally showed it's ugly face, and it's gonna be a cold one. I wonder if we'll get much snow this year?"

Virginia got a lot of snow in the winter, but not much in Virginia Beach. They were too close to the ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. Koty remembered back to the blizzard of 1980. 'Now that was a storm.'

She remembered that she, Jamie, and their girlfriends at the time almost got snowed in at the Norfolk Scope when the Ringling Brothers Circus had come to town. If it wasn't for Monty and his buddy, who had a huge four wheel drive truck came to their rescue, they would have had to stay with the rest of the people who were snowed in there. Still to this day, everyone jokes about it always snowing in February whenever the circus was in town.

There hasn't been a snow like that since then. Hopefully there wouldn't be for a long time as far as Koty was concerned.

"Koty, if you are cold, I know a way to warm you up. "Kasey told her as she climbed on top of Koty, kissing her deeply and slipping her thigh between Koty's legs.


The sound of Koty's little moan urged Kasey more, and she moved her lips down to Koty's breast.

Kasey had a way of doing something with her tongue that drove Koty absolutely wild. By the time that she got her fingers between her thighs, Koty was soaking wet.

"Jesus Kasey, what is it that you do to me? God, you take my breath away!"

"I love pleasing you Koty, you will never know how much." Kasey purred as she slid even further down Koty's body. By the time that she reached her destination, Koty was sweating and squirming.

"Oh God." Was all that Koty could say before a multitude of colors exploded behind her eyes. As she reached to pull Kasey up to her side, she barely had the strength to do so. "Baby, let me catch my breath and I'll show you just how much I love pleasing you too."

And Koty did. She took Kasey to a realm of pleasure that she had never been to before. Even with their previous lovemaking. Koty never ceased to amaze her on how she made her feel.

"Ungh, I need some water Honey," Kasey told the detective. "Ill be right back. Want me to bring you something?"

"Yeah I do, but I'll be able to get it as soon as you come back to bed."

"Down girl, I thought I was going to die just then. You need to let my body regroup after that."

She leaned over to give Koty a quick kiss that suddenly turned passionate. Kasey's body started to burn again. "Wait, wait Honey. Oh my God Koty don't touch me!" Kasey jumped from the bed and quickly left the room.

"Hey Hey." Koty chuckled watching the beautiful rear view as her lover went through the door. "Hurry back Baby."

"You have no idea what you do to me Koty." Kasey told her as she snuggled up to her.

"If it's anything even close to what you do to me then I definitely have a clue sweetheart."

Now they were kicking the covers off, complaining that it was hot. The wind and the cold was whipping up outside, but it was rather toasty in the bed.

Chapter Thirty-Three

Koty, Kasey, Monty, and Chris had been talking about getting together and going skiing up at Wintergreen. Chris got a deal on lodging and lift tickets so she went ahead and purchased the tickets for the four of them to go.

The day before they were supposed to leave, Kasey got a call from her mother telling her that her father had been rushed to the hospital.

She had always been really close to both of her parents and didn't get to see them often since they moved to Houston ten years ago. She went to see them as often as possible, but that was only two or three times a year. Even though she talked to them three or four times a month, it wasn't the same.

Koty told Kasey that she would wait to go skiing another time when they could both go together, but Kasey insisted that she go with Monty and Chris.

"Honey, please still go with them and have a good time. I am flying out of here tonight and I wouldn't be with you anyway if I stayed behind. Besides, I promise to make it up to you when I get back ok?" She told Koty as she nuzzled her neck.

"If you keep that up Kasey, you aren't going anywhere."

"Well...we do have a little time before I have to go to the airport. Come into the bedroom Honey and let me show you how much I'm going to miss you."


Kasey flew to Houston out of Norfolk's Intercontinental Airport that evening. Her mother had told her that her brother Toby, and sister Lynn would be there to pick her up when she arrived.

Lynn had come to see her right before she had met Koty, but she hadn't seen Toby in eight months.

Toby was the only one in her family that originally had a problem with Kasey's sexual preference. After about a year though he finally came around and told her that it didn't matter. She was his sister and he loved her no matter what. If anyone else had a problem with it they would have to deal with him.

“Besides, he confessed to her, you're way cuter than I am, and I was just afraid that you would steal my girlfriends”

Lynn, two years older than Kasey, had told her that she always knew, or at least had a suspicion about her. Even though Kasey had boyfriends from school in the past, there never seemed to be anyone who really got her attention. No one except a few girls that Kasey had ran around with. When Kasey came out to her family, no one was surprised except for maybe Kasey herself.

She realized in high school that she was looking more and more at the other girls, thinking that this one was cute, and that one was even cuter. She remembered in the ninth grade after volleyball practice when she first saw Jenny Graham in the showers. She couldn't seem to take her eyes off of her. She was mesmerized by the beauty of her body. She also remembered the flash of heat that generated between her legs at the sight of the young womans nakedness.

Right at that moment, Kasey knew that she was hooked on the female body. No guy had ever made her body react the way that Jenny's did that day.

Then there was her first kiss. Amy Harvey. She had been tutoring Amy in math for about a month in tenth grade. They were at Amy's house in her bedroom when Amy suddenly leaned over and kissed her. God what soft lips she had.

They had started to hang out a lot after that. Going to the movies, the mall, or just hanging out in each other's bedrooms watching T.V. They had kissed and held each other often, but that is as far as it went.

Right about the time that Kasey had gotten the nerve up to ask Amy if they could go further than kisses, Bobby Johnson had asked Amy to the High School dance.

Suddenly out of the blue, Amy started dating Bobby, and stopped hanging out with Kasey. She wouldn't return Kasey's calls, and when Kasey saw her at school she would tell her she had to hurry and go. Amy had never given her an explanation as to what happened.

Her first year in collage she shared a dorm room with Emily Nelson. They were taking the same classes together, and enjoyed a lot of the same things. One night after a few of them had come back from a party, they were in their room alone.

"Kasey," Emily had said nervously as she moved closer to her. "I really want to do something, but I don't want you to hate me, or slap me for it."

Kasey had swallowed hard. "Just tell me what it is you want Em."
"I can't tell you, I have to show you."

"Then why... um...why don't you just show me?" Kasey had said in that sweet husky voice.

Emily had reached for her and cupped Kasey's chin in her hand. Leaning closer to Kasey, she kissed her softly. After that first kiss, neither one could hold back.

Hands and mouths were suddenly everywhere. The first time that Emily took one of Kasey's full nipples in her hungry mouth; Kasey thought that the floor was going to drop out from underneath her.

They had stopped going out as much, and their friends told them they were proud of them for spending more time with their studies and less time going out and partying. They had no clue what was going on behind their closed door.

They had been lovers for a year and a half when Emily came in one night after spending the day with her parents, crying. She had told Kasey that her family was moving overseas and they wanted her to go with them. It was an excellent opportunity for Emily to study abroad.

They had spent the night crying and making love. They promised each other to write as often as possible, and to send pictures. They kept in touch for about two years until the letters got fewer and fewer in between.

One of the last letters that Kasey had received, Emily had told her that she was a surgeon in Australia, and she and her lover had been together for five years.

Kasey had a few lovers over the years, but nothing really serious until she had met Samantha. The breakup with Sam had hurt her deeply. She used to pray that someday they would get back together, but like one of Garth Brook's song goes, 'Sometimes Gods greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.' Otherwise, she would have never met Koty.

Chapter Thirty-Four

A hand on her shoulder brought Kasey back to the present. She turned and hugged Toby then reached for Lynn with tears in her eyes. "What happened guys, how is he?"

Lynn released her after a kiss on the cheek. "He had a heart attack Kase. It was pretty scary there for a while, but he's in stable condition now. Mom is with him now, and we've already seen him so you go in and see him. "Talk to him Honey, just don't expect him to respond right now, he's still pretty out of it. Listen to me tell you, the family doctor, what to do!"

"It's ok Lynn. I'll be right back. Is mom ok?"

"She is now, and she'll be even better when she sees you. Now go."

Kasey quietly slipped into the room and walked over to her mother, putting her arm around her shoulders.

"Kasey Baby you're here." With tears in her eyes, her mother held her close for a long time. Finally releasing her she told Kasey that he was out of immediate danger, but they weren't sure yet what kind of damage had been done. "He's resting peacefully right now Baby, so why don't we join your brother and sister and we'll go down to the vending area for some coffee."

Her mother had told Kasey that her father had been out in the garage looking for a wrench when she heard a banging noise. When she went to see what had happened, she found him lying on the floor holding his hand over his heart.

"God, I just don't know what I would do if something happened to him Kasey. We've been together for forty one years, I don't know anything else."

Tears started to fill her mothers eyes once again, and Kasey reached for her hand and gave it a big squeeze. "It's going to be alright mom. I've seen patients live long and normal lives after massive heart attacks as long as they take care of themselves. He will need to watch his diet, and learn to relax more. Plus he will need to give up them damn cigars of his."

"As a matter of fact Kasey, he gave those up about a month ago, so that will be a start. He started complaining that they stunk, and were making him feel bad."

"Well I'm glad to hear that, it's about damn time."

"Watch your language young lady," her mom smiled, patting Kasey on the butt.

"Sorry mom. Lets go find Toby and Lynn, I could really use some coffee."

Kasey's father, a retired tugboat captain, smoked expensive cigars ever since she could remember. He wouldn't be caught dead smoking any cheap ones either. If all they had were cheap ones, he would do totally without until he could get what he wanted.

He was only allowed to smoke them in the den because her mother told him he wasn't going to stink up the whole house with them, and they had put one of them Ion filters in there. Most of the time though, he would go out on the porch though to smoke them.

"What's this I hear from mom about a new love interest in you're life Kasey?" Lynn asked her when they sat down with their coffee.

Kasey grinned from ear to ear. "Her name is Koty. She's a detective in Virginia Beach, and she is absolutely the best thing that has ever happened to me."

"Wow, it sounds pretty serious. So when do we get to meet this wonderful woman, and is there going to be wedding bells in the near future?" They all laughed at this.

"Toby will probably just try and hit on her when he meets her." Lynn said as she ruffled her brother's hair.

At twenty-eight, Toby was an electrician, and doing very well for himself. He still played the field a lot, but said it was because he was still looking for Mrs. Right.

Lynn was a collage professor at the University of North Carolina. Though Lynn was straight, she had a large following of lesbians that were always signing up for her classes. Lynn and Kasey looked so much alike they could almost pass as twins. When one of her students found out about Kasey, she hounded Lynn for months to get her phone number.

Kasey pulled a picture of Koty out of her wallet and passed it to Toby. As expected, Toby's eyes about popped out of their sockets when he saw her.

"Man, she's hot Kase. Does she have any sisters? I don't care how old they are. Hell, I'll even settle for a mom if she looks like your Koty."

Rolling her eyes, Kasey took the picture from him and passed it to Lynn.

"No Toby, I'm sorry. All she has is a twin brother, and he is married to one of my best friend Chris. Both of her parents died in a car accident when they were seventeen."

"She's quite beautiful Kasey." Her mother said with a smile on her face. She hadn't seen her daughter this happy in such a long time. 'I don't even think she was this happy with Samantha.'

"I hope we get to meet her soon. We'll see how things are going when your father recuperates from all of this."

Kasey's mother insisted that they go to her house to get some rest. She promised that she would call them if there were any changes in their father's condition.

Kasey had called Koty as soon as she arrived in Houston and had picked up her rental car. Since it was so late now, she figured that she would wait until tomorrow night to call her and fill her in on what was going on.

Lying in an unfamiliar bed, Kasey tossed and turned and was unable to sleep. Getting out of bed to go get herself something to drink, she found Toby and Lynn in their fathers study having a drink.

Finding the Grand Marnier in the bottom of the liquor cabinet, she poured herself a drink and sat down to join them. 'I knew I could count on you dad to have my favorite drink here.'

They sat for another hour talking about all of the trouble that they used to get into when they younger.

Like the time that Toby and his best friend Johnny Cowen super glued the doors to the gym shut in high school, and when Lynn got turned down for cheerleading just because the captain didn't like her, she stole her shampoo bottle and filled it with Nair. Thank God that no one ever found out about that.

They remembered when Kasey had sliced up all of the tires on Bobby Johnson's mustang just because Amy had went with him to the school dance and she was jealous.

Toby grinned, "Man, we sure did get into some good ones didn't we?"

Slapping her brother playfully on the leg, Kasey told him, "Yeah, but you still do don't you?"

"A little, but not like I used to. Hey, I'm a guy, I can get away with it every now and then."

Finishing up their drinks, they gave each other hugs then went to separate bedrooms. Kasey felt much more relaxed so she figured she would finally be able to get some sleep.

Chapter Thirty-Five

Koty, Chris, and Monty drove to the resort the following morning in Chris's Dodge Durango. The forecast for that area had been calling for heavy snow, and possibly a blizzard.

They arrived at the lodge and checked in before putting on their skiing outfits and hitting the slopes. They were able to ski that day but when they went to go out the next morning they were informed that the slopes were temporarily closed due to blizzard-like conditions.

When they peeked out the door, they couldn't even see five feet in front of them. A little disappointed that they couldn't ski, it was still kind of exciting to be trapped in the lodge.

With nothing else to do, they went to get some Irish Coffees from the bar and then went to sit by the fire. Everyone was glued to the T.V as the weatherman stated that most of the roads were being shut down due to the storm.

"It's a good thing that we already have our rooms here." Chris told them when they found out that the lodge was booked solid.

"Well, we may as well settle in and enjoy ourselves. Look on the bright side. The snow is bound to be great for skiing tomorrow, but there is going to be a lot of people stranded here because of the roads."

After a couple of more hours and several more Irish Coffee's later, Koty told them that she was going to her room to take a nap. They made plans to meet here for dinner around 6:00 o'clock.

As Koty approached the stairs she stopped dead in her tracks at what she saw. There at the foot of them with her hand resting on the rail looking right at her was Tina. 'What the hell, doesn't Tina work anymore?'

"Koty!" Tina said genuinely surprised.

"Don't you work anymore? What are you doing here Tina?"

"Now that's a silly question. This is my three days off, and I'm here skiing, or was skiing until this damn storm hit."

Tina pointed over to some women by the bar. "Me and some of the girls from the station caught one of those tour busses up here, and now they are saying we probably won't be able to make it out of here today or tonight. Can you believe that shit?"

Koty followed Tina's gaze over to the bar and recognized some of the women that worked with Tina at the fire department. She sighed deeply and turned her attention back to Tina.

"Where are you headed Koty, and where's what's her name?"

"I am going to take a nap, and Kasey is out of town with a family emergency. Chris and Monty are here with me. Now, if you will excuse me..."

Koty walked past Tina then went up the stairs, missing the small smile that reached Tina's lips as she watched her ex-lover walk away from her.

'Jesus Koty, you look even better than you did when we were together.'

Koty was far to tired too worry about Tina right now. She closed the door behind her, stripped out of her clothes then climbed into the bed. As she lay in the quietness of the room, her thoughts turned to Kasey, putting a smile on her face as she fell fast asleep.

After a long and peaceful nap, Koty met Chris and Monty downstairs for dinner and drinks. Lots of drinks. Spirits were pretty high after all of the cocktails they consumed.

"Ya know Chris, I haven't seen Monty drink this much in a long time. I almost forgot how hilarious he is when he's drunk, this is great."

“Hey, I'm not as think as you drunk I am.” Monty snorted when he realized what he had just said. "Hmm, maybe I am. Oh well, we are here to have fun."

They partied for a while longer when Chris told Koty that she was taking Monty upstairs and putting him to bed before he fell out at the table. Koty stayed to have one more drink and then headed to her room.

She had just kicked her shoes off and lay on the bed to watch some T.V when she heard a knock on the door. Thinking that it must be Chris, she jumped up and opened the door. Her smile slipped from her face. 'Shit!'


"Hi Koty, can I talk to you please?"

Koty stepped aside to let her in the door before closing it behind her. 'This can't be a good idea I'm sure.'

"What do you want Tina?"

"Look Koty, Me and the other women are stranded here because of this stupid ass snow storm. There ain't any rooms left, and there's no way to get to a Hotel. "The lodge has extra pillows and blankets for us all to sleep in the lobby, but I really don't want to sleep on any floor."

"So what is it you want from me Tina?"

"I'm asking if I can camp out in here tonight. Koty, I promise to be on my best behavior. I won't try anything, honest. Look, I know I don't have any right to even ask you this, but please don't make me sleep downstairs."

"No Tina. Why can't you sleep downstairs?

"Koty, there are too many people down there to be even remotely comfortabe. It's not so much as I don't want to sleep on the floor, but it's so crowded."

Koty knew that Tina wasn't lying about the sleeping arrangements. Against her better judgment she gave in. 'I really, really know that this is not a good idea.'

"Alright Tina, but since you said you don't mind sleeping on the floor, you can pull the pillows off the chairs and sleep there. Don't make me regret it."

"That bed is a kingsize Koty..."

"The floor Tina, or nothing at all."

"Okay, and I promise I won't do anything to make you uncomfortable."

They were sitting on the bed watching some T.V when Koty told her she was going to take a shower. She had been in there for a while when the phone started to ring. Tina, not sure if she should answer it or not, reached over and picked it up.


" this Koty Silvers room?"

"Yes it is, she's in the shower though can I help..."

"Who is this?" Kasey said before Tina could finish her sentence."

"This is Tina, who is this?" 'Oh shit!' Then it dawned on her who it was. 'Uh oh.'

"Tina!" Kasey repeated in a sharp tone. "Let me speak to Koty."

Koty had just come around the corner from the bathroom and asked Tina who was on the phone. "Um...I think it might be your girlfriend."

'Shit shit shit! This is all I need!'

She took the phone from Tina's out stretched hand. "Kasey?"

"Koty, just what in the hell is going on there and what is that woman doing in your room!?

"It's a long story Baby, let me explain..."

"Oh Christ, nevermind. Don't tell me...Don't even bother Dakota, no explanations are needed at all. Don't call me, don't come to see me!" Click.

"Kasey? Kase..." Nothing but the dial tone. "Son of a bitch!" Koty yelled as she slammed the phone down, climbed on the bed lying on her stomach and pulled the covers over her head. Tina had been with Koty long enough to know that meant there would be no more conversations tonight. This was Koty's way of clamming up when there was something she didn't want to talk about.

Knowing that she had caused enough problems tonight to last a long tome, Tina turned off the T.V and went to sleep.

The next morning when Koty awoke, she realized that Tina was gone, and she was alone. Rubbing her eyes and pulling herself out of bed, she stumbled to the bathroom. When she came back out she found a note on the table.

Thanks a million for letting me stay last night. I promised you that I wouldn't cause any problems, but it looks like I did anyway. All I seem to do anymore is hurt you. I am truly sorry for messing up your life like I have. You don't ever have to forgive me. Just please, please don't hate me. I wish you and Kasey, (see, I do know her name) the best. I hope that you get what you truly deserve in life, even if it is her. You are one in a million sweetheart, and I'll always be around if you ever need me to be.

I'll always love you,

Koty sat there for a while with her head down in her hands. 'Shit. Why can't anything ever go right for me anymore? What have I done so wrong to deserve this anyway?'

She got herself together and went downstairs to meet Chris and Monty for breakfast. All she wanted to do right now was to go home and wait for Kasey to return from Houston.

The roads that led out to the highway were now cleared, but the slopes would be a while before they opened, so they decided to just pack it up and go as soon as they had something to eat. When Monty got up to go pay the check, Chris turned to Koty.

"Koty, was that Tina I saw leaving your room this morning?"

Rubbing her hands over her eyes, Koty explained what had happened with Tina's sleeping arrangements, and about how Tina just happened to answer the phone while she was in the shower when Kasey called.

"Christ Chris, I swear to you that nothing happened. I made her sleep on the floor, but Kasey is never gonna believe that. She has such a problem with Tina that I'll never be able to make her understand."

"I'm sorry Koty. Why don't you let things calm down a little, and then try and explain it to her."

"She told me not to call, or go and see her. I just don't know what to do."

"What to do about what?" Monty asked as he came back to the table.

"Oh nothing," Chris said as she patted Koty on the Back.

"Just another day in the life of Dakota Silvers. Come on, let's go home."

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