The Art of Driving

R. P. Martin

Copyright © 2012 R. P. Martin


Present Day

Hadleigh quietly sat at the kitchen table sipping on her coffee. The silence around her comforted her and warmed her heart like it did every single morning she could enjoy a few precious moments alone before heading into work. For the last two years, life had blissfully taken her by surprise, shaken her core with how wrong society's ideas of how the world really worked and finally innocently agreed to allow love into her life. As she smiled into the air wistfully thanking the heavens above for bringing Brogan into her life, she couldn't help but feel the familiar tingling sensation slowly crawling under her skin. She closed her eyes and felt the incredible sparking energy flow from her toes all the way up to the very tips of her fingers. It was a common reaction she always felt when she thought of the handsome University Professor who had somehow continuously left her breathless. It was still something she wasn't used to having in her life, no matter how often she was reminded.

She casually leaned back into her chair admiring the feelings that vibrantly gushed through her. When she heard the creaking of the hardwood floor boards above her, her smile instinctively reached her ears. Soon, thereafter, she quickly wiped the grin off her face, re-opened her eyes and tried to act as normal as possible. She knew that if her lover saw the goofy grin on her face, she would certainly be teased by the gorgeous woman whom she hoped to live the rest of her life with. Hadleigh however secretly and anxiously anticipated the playfulness and actually loved the back and forth banter. Hadleigh lifted her head and focused on the stair case where she knew Brogan was descending from. No matter how many times she saw her girlfriend, it still took her by surprise how intense, magnetic and soulful her emotions were when they immediately made eye contact with each other. Her heart always skipped a beat, her pulse raced and the small of her back clammed up as if it was on command. It was again another reaction she couldn't get used to but refused to question it anymore because of how in love she was.

“Hello gorgeous.”

“Hi you.”

For the life of her, the woman already sitting at the table couldn't stop the smile from spreading across her face. As Hadleigh watched her lover's incredibly swanky walk, her heart deeply pounded into her chest. It seemed silly to her to be responding like that especially knowing she had just showered with her but she allowed the emotions and spirits to captivate her entire soul. She couldn't imagine living this life not feeling how she felt and she was going to do everything in her power to always have it.

When she felt Brogan's naked lips capture hers in an excruciatingly slow motion, the beautiful Clinician melted into the passion that always came from the Professor. As Brogan's hands quickly made way to her girlfriend's soft and smooth neck, all of Hadleigh's thoughts came crashing down around the sultry touch . Nothing else existed in that moment except for the connection; love and craving that traveled between the two women who had magically found each other when they had least expected it.

“I love it when you kiss me like that.”

“You do, do you?”

“Mmmmm, very much.”

“Don't I always kiss you like that?”

The beautiful brunette couldn't help but smile again and chuckle at her girlfriend's boldness. That cockiness had been one of the first things that had caught her eye. Brogan was edgy, rough, mysterious, serious, playful, honest and so extremely sexy and to Hadleigh, the Professor had the perfect combination of swagger and not. She had never met anyone like Brogan before and still after two years of being together, the power of what she felt for the woman still actually scared her a bit.

“So, do you have your lecture ready for tomorrow?”

“Yeah, of course I do.”

Hadleigh laughed when she saw the smirk coming from Brogan. As the handsome woman sat beside her at the table, the temperature in the room swayed and the Clinician was forced to take a deep breath to calm down her nerves, emotions and longings but still hoped her partner had not noticed the involuntary reaction. When she saw Brogan wink, she knew she hadn't been able to mask her response therefore put the attention back on her girlfriend. Hadleigh's cheeks flushed but it didn't stop her for shifting the focus.

“Well, come on baby, don't be so coy and let me hear it.”

“You just want me to recite it because you know the true meaning behind it.”

“Well, do you blame me? It's pretty remarkable how you can turn an innocent topic such as driving into something that sexy. You're just brilliant my handsome instructor.”

“You bet I'm handsome.”

“Oh course you are.”

“You think?”

“Didn't I just say so? Oh I get it; you want to hear it again.”

“Would I do something like that?”

“Yes you would.”

“Ha ha.”

“You're brilliant babe! And if you're good, I might even allow you to take me for a test-drive after work.”

“A test-drive? Come on baby, aren't we past the test-driving stage?”

“I guess you'll have to wait and see what happens tonight. Please read it to me.”

When those piercing grey-blue eyes found her brown eyes, she lost all control and couldn't stop herself from kissing the woman beside her. She had never been so open and forthcoming with anyone before but there was just something about Brogan that always allowed her to feel free and be herself. She never felt judged and continuously felt supported therefor wasn't afraid to say exactly what was on her mind, even if it was completely and utterly out of character.

“Fine but, what do I get in return?”

“What do you always get in return handsome?”

“Excellent point Doctor. I'll be right back.”

Brogan swiftly got up and left the table leaving a startled but laughing Hadleigh looking at the excitement coming from her girlfriend. When the professor jogged back into the kitchen, the stunning Doctor was captured by a pool of lust coming from her beloved partner. Hadleigh stared into those expressive eyes that managed to comfort, support and provide her with everything she always dreamed off. The two women stood there in the kitchen silently staring at each other before Brogan finally spoke out loud.

“Gorgeous, if you keep looking at me like that, I'm not going to be able to read anything.”

“Oh no, why is that?”

“Oh you're a tease this morning Had.”

“Me, a tease?”

“Did you not get enough last night and this morning in the shower?”

“Enough? That's a bit of a silly question now isn't it? Handsome, you know I cannot resist you in those Batman boxers and I know for a fact you are wearing them this very second.”

“How do you know that?”

The two women laughed and gravitated towards each other. Hadleigh confidently wrapped her arms around the slightly taller woman's neck while Brogan's hands reached for the small of the brunette's back. When their forms joined together, they both closed their eyes at the exact same time and allowed the emotions to control and overtake their reactions. In no time, Brogan's hands romanced her girlfriend's lovely backside and eventually pulled her tighter against her chest not allowing any room between their bodies. Hadleigh's head was spinning, her thoughts were swirling around her lover's touch and the more Brogan got excited the more her muscles flexed, comfortably squeezing the body against hers. This only fueled the fire deep within Hadleigh's loins. The Doctor couldn't get enough of Brogan but knew she would be late for her shift at the hospital if they continued so she slightly pulled away and spoke.

“Listen sexy swagger of mine, my shift starts in an hour, I'm driving us both to work this morning so you need to get on with the lecture or we'll both be late.”

Brogan cocked an eye brow and laughed out loud when Hadleigh rolled her eyes.

“Ok gorgeous, Ok. Let's just get into the car right now and I'll read it to you while you drive me to work. How about that?”

“Fair enough.”

Hadleigh's picked up her things she needed for the long shift ahead and headed for the garage not quite sure when her insides had started to tremble. She had mistakenly agreed to listen to the lecture while on the road not fully understanding or acknowledging the repercussions of what that might mean. Was she mad? She was going to have to pay extra attention this morning in order to keep them both safe. She got into the car put her seatbelt on and watched Brogan lock up both the house and garage doors before getting into the passenger side.


“I'm always ready baby.”

“Enough Brogan.”

“Alright, alright. I'm sorry babe. Let's go.”


As the couple left their garage, the sun brightly shined on them. Hadleigh peaked at her passenger and smiled when the professor subconsciously placed her hand on the Doctor's tight and looked out the window while seemingly taking in the beauty of the morning. It was a sight she would never grow tired of and the warmth that came through her scrubs penetrated her core, reinforcing how uniquely beautiful their relationship was.

“I'm ready to hear that lecture now.”

“I bet you are.”


“Fine. I can't read you everything. I won't have time but I'll read you an excerpt ok?”

“Uh huh.”

“Pay attention to the road!”

“Shhhhh, now read.”

The two women laughed and smiled at each other but when Brogan started to read, Hadleigh found herself almost hypnotized.

“Today's lecture is called The Art of Driving. Most people would say that driving is the controlled operation and movement of a land vehicle but I would say that is leaving out the most vital parts of what driving is really about. It's unjustly to think that driving isn't perfectly described as perhaps one of the most exciting and earth shatteringly beautiful experiences one can ever take part in. If you're lucky it can leave you exceptionally breathless, supremely speechless and utterly baffled especially when you can't wait to drive again. So sit back, envision you are a passenger or a driver in a sexy car, let's say a nice shinny brand new black BMW convertible and take in the possibility that dynamic driving, although challenging at times is by far an exceptionally phenomenal experience to discover, especially when sharing it.”

Hadleigh's eyes were already nearly bulging out of her head at the first paragraph of her lover's lecture. Brogan was a University Professor who always took the time to creatively write exceptional lectures for her Women's Studies and Human Sexuality Class. She had always wondered why Brogan had never pursued her dream of being an author but realized teaching had given her the flexibility of incorporating all that she loved while producing these lectures. It seemed like a good fit and she was tremendously happy for her lover.

“That sounds good so far handsome. Do you have more?”


“Well? Are you going to keep going?”

“Aggressive driving is perhaps my least favourite type of driving however, at times, it is certainly necessary, particularly when in the right moment, it calls for such forcefulness, need, urgency and recklessness. The inevitably of drifting occurs which only adds to the thrill, excitement and risk but if the driver is well equipped, trained and the passenger is willing to trust and follow in the maneuvers, the ratio between engine revolutions while controlling the amount of boost can be simply erotic for both riders.”

Hadleigh was speechless already and her chest was starting to constrict. She desperately wanted to ask more in debt questions about the lecture and its correlations, especially those having to do with the classes she was teaching but she couldn't form a single coherent sentence right now. The warmth on her thigh from Brogan's touch had somehow made its way to that perfect spot where she could feel the electricity from the professor's hand firing deep into her heated core. She wasn't sure what she was going to do but knew she had to stay focused on driving. Now certainly wasn't the time to give into her desires.

“Uh huh.”

“Are you OK over there gorgeous?”

“Keep reading.”

“My favourite kind of driving however is the road trip. It's where the driving is preformed over a long distance clearly taking hours and hours' worth of time. The key to making the road trip last is none other than setting the transmission in the proper gear right from the begging, regardless of the exhilaration, anxiousness and adventure both parties feel prior to setting on their journey. In this situation, both driver and passenger really have to have the time, energy and desire to take in every single second of the ride because the fluctuation in scenery is how a successful drive is attained.”

The brunette became fidgety with the context of the conversation and now it seemed Brogan's voice was penetrating her need, that velvety voice constantly attacked her insides. It made her crave that resting hand that sat a mere inches from her sacred haven. She wanted Brogan so bad the temptation was quickly taking over her body, thoughts and soul.

“Shall I continue or should I stop?”

“Please, keep going.”

“A swagger has to demand driveability in order to achieve a smooth delivery for both the passenger and driver. Properly knowing when to power through the corners while simultaneously shifting the manual transmission allows for a flawless amount of speed fluctuation and the fluidity of the ride can be beautifully overwhelming. Clutch control is absolutely vital during this process in order to maximize the driving potential versus simply cruising along. Using the cruise control can be used during road trips but the more imaginative the maneuverability, the more enjoyment both riders can experience.”

Brogan looked at her girlfriend and couldn't help but love her that much more. The idea that someone could love her that much made her deliriously happy. Brogan was a little rough around the edges but the woman sitting beside her, driving her to work, the woman who had inexplicably stolen her heart and asked to share her life had reached into the most private places and simply taken her breath away.


Hadleigh's focus seemed to be on the road but Brogan could tell by the corners of her curled lips that the Doctor was someplace else, most likely in a far, far off land.

“Gorgeous, I'm going to have to stop reading this out loud if you aren't going to be able to drive.”

“I'm sorry handsome, I'm good. Please finish, were almost at school.”

“OK. Joy riding through the valleys however is where the car's performance shines. The driver must always pay attention, keep control, and properly manipulate the acceleration and deceleration of the drive. Also, both driver and passenger should constantly have proper hand placement and seating position. It's mandatory for the two to rhythmically come, slide and gravitate together forming one single constant repetitive fluid motion in order for the drive to exceed its desired performance.”

The car jerked a little when Hadleigh pulled to a stop. Brogan looked out the window and realized they had magically made it to the University in one piece. When she looked back to ask her partner what had happened, she was caught by two incredibly pulsating lustfully infested eyes. She smirked and put her head back against the head rest.

“What happened there?”

“You know damn well what happened there Brogan Morsen!”

“Ha ha. Are you alright?”

“Finish it please.”

“Yes Ma'am. Entering and exciting tunnels, lavishly exploring the most incredible mounds in the world , expectedly banking the twist and turns to finally reaching the peak tops allows both riders to simply bask in the unfathomable heart pounding, body stiffening, gasping views only fairy-tale descriptions are made of. Luckily during road trips, pit stops are required but then once both riders have freshened up, stretched, and walked around untangling their sore muscles, they are back in the car just itching to experience that phenomenal, gut-wrenching and inexplicable deep seeded want they momentarily just experienced.”

Hadleigh watched her lover's lips moving but by now couldn't hear anything coming out of that stunning mouth. She turned her body towards the professor's and rested her head on the strong shoulder needing that closeness. Automatically, Brogan took Hadleigh's hand and kissed the top of the brunette's head.

“Are you alright?”

“Are you done?”


“Finish it before you leave handsome.”

“Are you sure? Can you handle it?”


“OK. I'm not sure if all swaggers and babes belong to the Institute of Advanced Motorists but I guarantee you, every single drive is uniquely different regardless of all the factors. The only way too truly experience a stunning drive is by physically experiencing it, preferably with someone who is most definitely sexy, handsome, caring, loving, adorable, thoughtful and patient. You know that kind of swagger I'm talking about; it's the one you think about sometimes. Yeah, exactly, that one!”

The doctor lifted her head and looked into the eyes of her lover wishing they would have stayed home an extra few minutes. As she felt Brogan's hand reach in between her legs, the warmth of her pleasure immediately cascaded her in waves. The heat pushed through her scrubs and started punishing Brogan's slightly rough hands but Hadleigh could do nothing but close her eyes and feel her passion desperate to explode.

Just as Brogan was going to finally make contact, which is something Hadleight had craved for from the very second the contact had stopped her heart, beat out of control. She could feel the anticipation burst through Brogan's kiss. She shuddered and knew the only thing that could fix this situation was if the handsome professor actually touched her. As Brogan's tongue slid further into her hot mouth Hadleigh knew she was done for. The kiss deepened the closer Brogan's touch approached the Doctor's most southern region. Just when it was going to happen, both women were taken aback by the forcefulness of the situation and what was happening. The idea that they had showed this kind of display in such a public place wasn't something they wanted to share with the world.

Brogan kissed her driver a few more times on the lips like she always did every morning before speaking.

“I'm sorry about that babe.”

“Don't be my love. I couldn't help myself but promise me you'll finish what you've started when I got home from my shift?”

“Better yet, why don't we play hooky?”

“I can't Brog and you know it.”

“Thought I would try.”

“You have no idea how much I want to take us back home.”

“Oh yes I do. Now go before I take you upstairs to my office and lock you up for 30 minutes.”

“30 minutes. That's it?”

“I could go right now Had.”

“OK, OK, I know. You better change your boxers handsome.”

“Uh huh. This rule of always having a second pair of boxers on hand is coming in handy today.”

“I've used it a few times myself.”

“I know.”

“Have a good day.”

“You too babe. Have a good shift and I'll see you tonight at home.”

“I love you Brogan.”

“Ditto gorgeous. Bye.”

Brogan got out of the car and came around to properly kiss her girlfriend goodbye. Hadleigh was stuck in place and couldn't move as she watched her androgynous girlfriend walk up the stairs and through the University doors. Never in a million years, had she thought things could be like this but knew in her heart and soul that no matter how wrong some people thought it might be for them to be together, everything about Brogan was right. It just felt right and she would fight to the end of time for that kind of love. Nothing could ever get better, could it?

To be continued...


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