The Art of Driving

Part 2

R. P. Martin

Copyright © 2012 R. P. Martin


Three Years Ago


“Hey Had, how are you?”

“I'm good, how are you?”

“Fantastic. Things are great.”

“Are we still on for Barry's?”

“Girl, really? Do you think I would miss an afternoon at the pub with you especially after not seeing you for a couple days?”

“I was just making sure.”

“I'm not in the habit of missing my Had time thanks. And it's all you can eat wings for 12 bucks. We both know how much you can't resist those might fine chicken wings.”

“Ha ha, you got that right.”

“First I have to see Professor Morsen.”

“Professor Morsen?”

“My Sexual Studies professor. Come with me?”

“All right.”

“Thanks Had.”

“It's no trouble. Just make sure we don't miss out on the all-important C-Ws.”

“Don't worry. Chicken Wings are coming.”

“Good. So why are you seeing Professor Mosen?”

“I'm having trouble with our latest assignment.”


“Besides, I haven't had my fix for the day yet.”


Hadleigh wasn't really sure what her friend Robin was talking about but by the grin she was sporting, she knew it had something to do with her Sexual Studies professor. She had heard the name Dr. Morsen a few times during the last semester but hadn't seen him before and was a bit curious to see what kind of guy her friend was into. Until now, they had never really talked about that kind of thing but she was happy for her friend, even if he was her instructor. If Robin enjoyed him, who was she to deny her? It wasn't any of her business anyway. Just because men in general did nothing for her, it didn't mean she didn't want to be part of her friend's excitement. After all, weren't girls supposed to share in that kind of thing? Girl talk!


“What fix?”

“Dr. Morsen of course.”

“Dr. Morsen?”

Hadleigh couldn't help but smirk at her friend. The unlikely pair had met at the local University pub a few years back and had been the best of friends since. Robin was carefree, open, outgoing and extremely liberal but for some reason their characteristics, although opposites, matched. Hadleigh never had much time to spend outside the confines of her favourite library seeing as how she was knee deep in her medical studies but when she did have a few minutes, she enjoyed spending it with a selected few, Robin being her favourite.


The two women slowly made their way up to the 5th floor of the University. Robin nearly talked non-stop the entire time not having seen her friend for since Tuesday. She liked Hadleigh and respected the determination and motivation she had in becoming a surgeon but when they got together, she crammed in as much as she humanly could. The medical student's drive had been the first thing she admired about the short but gorgeous brunette. It seemed strange that she should find such a good friend in someone who was her complete opposite but Robin never question it either way because when push came to shove, Hadleigh was always there for her, despite her studies.


As the duo approached the slightly opened door, Hadleigh noticed Robin's body stiffen a little. She fixed her long blonde hair and slowed her pace as if reminding herself to stay calm. The medical student couldn't help but smirk at the behaviour Robin was displaying. This professor must be something special in order for her friend to momentarily go through her mental checks before seeing Dr. Morsen.


“You ok Rob?”

“Uh huh.”

“Are you sure?”


Robin looked a little dazed for a minute but when she finally clued in that her friend was talking to her, she blushed and slightly looked away from those expressive yet extremely attentive darken eyes. Robin had never told her friend that she was attracted to women which were completely uncharacteristic of her but that morning for some reason she had felt it was time for Hadleigh to finally find out the truth about her preferences.


“I'm great. We'll talk about this when we're done with Dr. Morsen.”


Hadleigh was a little muddled but saw the slim panic set into her friend's posture. Her body language rolled from one emotion to the next in rapid intervals until finally they both stopped in front of the door. Hadleigh watched her friend take the deepest breath in the world in order to calm herself.


“Of course. You just take a minute and get yourself under control.”

“Hush you!”


The women smiled at each other and Robin finally knocked on the old antic wooden oak door.


“Enter at your own risk.”


Hadliegh watched Robin close her eyes upon hearing the voice and again wondered if perhaps there was actually something else going on between the two. She herself however was shocked and intrigued by the extremely velvety voice that had come through the doorway that was ajar. It was the first time she had subconsciously ever reacted to a voice like that. It seemed to profoundly resonate in the pit of her stomach making her instantly nauseous. No wonder this guy affected Robin so much.


“You're my side kick OK, come in with me.”

“What? Why?”

“Because it's imperative. I need you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Of course I'm sure.”

“OK. Let's do this. I'm hungry!”

“Fine. You and that belly of yours!”

“You know what they say; a way to a girl's heart is through her stomach. Let's do this so you can feed me.”


Robin tugged on the edge of Hadleigh's button down shirt and the duo entered the room. Hadleigh was immediately assaulted by massive amounts of books that were neatly stacked on the shelves. She was taken by surprise and the moment seemed to take her breath away. She couldn't help but smile at how much this office reminded her of the library she spent most of her time in. The smell of antic books was potent but surprisingly she could faintly smell a deep subtle but rich and manly smell which amazed her. Normally her sense of smell wasn't this persuasive. The cologne wasn't powerful but it gravitated into her senses, intentionally intoxicating her and making her smile. It was a sexy smell and something she hadn't ever smelt before.


“Hello Professor Morsen.”

“Hey Robin. What a pleasant surprise. How are you?”

“I'm well thank you. Do you have a minute to help me with something?”

“Don't I always my lady?”


Hadleigh was still staring at the books on the bookshelves admiring the man's collection but attentively listening to that voice that acutely affected her to her bones. She hadn't looked at the professor yet, completely shell shocked by the intensity of her feelings surrounding what was in the office and how everything in the room was affecting her. She was experiencing something so unfamiliar but was captivated at the same time. When the professor spoke again she grinned into the air thankful her back was to them so the two wouldn't see what kind of reaction she was having to that voice. She couldn't help but tell herself to get it together. After all Dr. Morsen was a man and she never was affected like this by men. Well not until now that is.


“Yes, you most certainly do.”

“That's what I thought.”


The medical student silently chuckled at how the duo talked to each other. She could almost

sense a bit of flirtatiousness in there as well but who was she to say anything about that. She was having her own visceral reaction at the exact same voice.


“Before I start however, you are going to have to tell me who you've brought into my office.”

“Of course. I'm sorry about that. Had?”


Hadleigh thought she had heard her name but wasn't really sure. She was still gushing over the voice, office, smells and aura. Everything about this office and the man associated with it was intriguing her, inviting her to the deepest darkest places in her soul where she never dared looking into because she was either too busy, too scared or couldn't afford the distraction.




Finally after hearing her full name coming out of Robin's mouth, she knew she had been in her own head again and not paying attention. She took a quick breath and turned around only for a lightning bolt strike her through her chest. The powerfulness of the attack punched her straight in the stomach to the point where she felt she couldn't move, breath or even see. Hadleigh's body instantaneously grew weak and her heartbeat involuntarily increased. Her head was spinning and she felt like she still couldn't say anything but finally managed to say something.


“Had, honey, are you alright?”

“Oh yeah, of course. I'm sorry about that.”


The medical student snapped out of it and slowly made her way to the carved oak working desk where the most handsome looking man she had ever seen sat. The closer she got however, the more she realized she couldn't keep eye contact with the professor. Where had she picked up such a bad habit? When she reached her friend she looked and gave Robin an apologetic look. When she looked back to the man who she thought would still be sitting down, she was stunned beyond anything to find him standing a little taller than her. She quickly realized the man wasn't a man at all and when she looked into the eyes of the professor, the butterflies in her stomach summersaulted in every which way. It had taken Dr. Morsen's deep grey-blue eyes literally two seconds to pierce through her soul.


She was forced to look away not understanding the situation or the emotions and feelings that were flowing inside her. Having this kind of reaction to anyone had never happened to her before and it confused her so much. She looked back at the professor and somewhat smiled at the cocky grin the very good looking professor was wearing.


“Dr. Morsen, this is a very good friend of mine, Hadleigh Colder.”


The medical student looked at the professor again not really sure what to do but extended her hand none the less. Robin's teacher equally looked out of character when she momentarily hesitated when she was about to take the pretty brunette's hand. Of all the months she had known Professor Morsen, not once had she ever seen her so unsure. The exchange between the two was influential and it took Robin by surprise. Dr. Morsen was clever, gorgeous, a big flirt, extremely confident and was such a handsome swagger but she had never crossed the line. She admired the instructor for that but as she watched the silent attraction and energy filled interaction between her friend and teacher, she was dumbfounded.


From the first moment Robin had laid eyes on the teacher, she immediately thought Dr. Morsen was gorgeous but after a few unsuccessful tries at having a date, she was continuously respectfully rejected and had made her mind up that Brogan Morsen was simply only eye candy. She was ok with that, even now with what was happening between her teacher and best friend. Besides, Robin had her eyes set on Danielle now, one of Hadleigh's colleagues.


“It's umm, very nice to meet you Miss Hadleigh Colder. Or is it Ma'am?”

“It's Miss and it's also nice to meet you as well Dr. Morsen.”

“Please, call me Brogan. Robin over here insists on calling me Dr. Morsen but that makes me feel really old and I don't think that I am all that old.”

“As long as it's reciprocated of course.”

“Such as?”

“Please call me Hadleigh.”

“Fair enough Miss.”


Hadleigh's cheeks faintly flushed but she soon got her emotions under control when she saw how expressive those pools of grey-blue were. She looked away and pretended to pay attention the professor's book collection.


“Alright, now that the introductions are over, what can I help you with Robin?”


The medical student wandered around the office, completely making herself at home not even realizing she was snooping and prying but just couldn't help herself. The professor was highly mysterious and so captivating. Hadleigh found herself grasping for any information she could gather about the woman from any of the books she had on her shelves. She couldn't help but smile when the calm and collected professor refocused all of her attention and helped Robin. She smirked and occasionally glanced at the woman who was half sitting on the corner of her desk.


Her breath hitched so many times, she wondered if she should just leave the room so as not to make a scene. Thankfully the duo was too busy to even notice her discomfort. When Hadleigh heard the two finishing up their conversation, she looked toward the two and again observed the professor's extremely sexy body. She found herself staring at the taller frame from head to toe seeing taking in as much detail as she possibly could.


Brogan Morsen, wasn't all that short but still wasn't extremely tall either. However, she was gorgeous and beyond anything she had ever seen. She wore slightly baggy dark blue jeans, but not enough so that she couldn't see the formation of her powerful legs, more specifically her thighs. She couldn't help but mentally lick her lips when she could see the woman's carved quad muscles flex when she adjusted her weight from one leg to the other. The professor's charcoal coloured button down shirt and vibrant purple and grey tie matched perfectly together. It was always so difficult for Hadleigh to look away from a sexy swagger like that. To finish off her apparel, Dr. Morsen had a plain black Kangol flat cap that allowed the swanky, yet stylish and hip look to come together. Brogan Morsen wasn't society's idea of perfect but the thickness, solidness and teddy bear like persona just made Hadleigh's head spin. She wondered what it would be like to be hugged by Brogan Morsen but immediately threw that thought out of her mind when she saw both Robin and Brogan looking at her.


“Where did you just go? Don't tell me your head is already at Barry's?”

“I'm sorry, were you calling me again?”

“Yeah I was.”

“Sorry Rob, I have this huge exam coming up. Don't look at me like that. I wasn't thinking about the chicken wings.”

“What are you studying?”


When the professor's voice violently injected her blood's body again, she closed her eyes for a fraction of a second trying to settle her thoughts and emotions. When nothing came out, Robin saw the discomfort in her friend and spoke for her to save her the embarrassment.


“Had, here, is going to be a surgeon.”

“That's excellent, I'll be sure to look you up when I need some assistance.”

“By all means.”


Hadleigh smiled and looked at Robin.


“Thank you so much for your help Dr. Morsen.”

“Please Robin, how many times do I have to ask you to call me Brogan.”

“I know, I know. I'm sorry. I'll see you tomorrow.”

“You better!”

“Ha ha.”

“It was nice meeting you Miss Hadleigh.”

“Likewise Dr. Brogan.”


The two laughed at each other's banter and flirtatiousness. Hadleigh was completely taken aback by the behaviour she was displaying because normally she was extremely conservative, especially with her sexual preferences. She looked into those amazingly deep elusive pools of confidence and knew if she continued to stare at the handsome woman, she would happily drown in them so she forced herself to look at Robin. She needed to be focused on school and nothing else. She finally forced herself to look away but felt a loss when she did.


“Maybe I'll see you around campus.”

“That's a high probability Dr. Brogan.”

“So it would seem Miss Hadleigh but let's just hope it happens.”


When the two younger women left the office, they both took several breaths before looking at each other. They were half way down the hall when Robin was the first to speak.


“What in the hell was that Had?”

“Your guess is as good as mine.”

“Please, it's pretty evident what just happened?”

“No, really?”

“Oh shut it Had. Why didn't you ever tell me you were into women?”

“Why didn't you? Kind of works both ways you know.”

“Good point. You're so old-fashioned; I just didn't want to disrespect you.”

“That's true, I'm a pretty private person but I didn't mean any disrespect by apparently bluntly flirting with your professor and not telling you about my preference for women. I know you have a thing for Dr. Morsen so I'm sorry that happened. I don't know what came over me.”

“Seriously? Ha, ha, listen, she might be really nice to look at but I've never, I mean never had a chance with Dr. Morsen. She might be the cockiest lesbian I've ever met but she's also the most humbling, honorable and professional. Behind that tough exterior is a sweet, sweet respectable teddy bear. She doesn't have enough of an edge for me anyway.”


“Yes really, besides, now that I know you are into girls, you need to hook me up with Danielle.”

“Danielle as in Dani? From my class?”


“Why didn't you tell me? She told me months ago that she thought you were cute but I thought you were into guys so I never mentioned anything.”

“No shit?”

“For real. She was into you. Well that was until I told her you were straight of course.”

“That's nothing. Oh this day is getting better and better by the hour.”

“Uh huh.”

“Come on, our C-Ws are waiting.”

“Right! Chicken wings. Let's go.”


The two University students arrived at the pub and found their usual spot. When Hadleigh sat in the booth she wondered how in the world she had traveled down five flights of stairs and across the University property and gotten into the booth at Barry's. She looked into the brown eyes of her friend and as she saw the curiousness take over the woman in front of her she knew she was in for it.


“Hadleigh, you aren't thinking about my Professor again are you?”

“Can I lie?”

“Ha ha, of course not. I think I can even see the wheels turning in those guarded eyes of yours.”

“That isn't possible and you know it.”

“Right, of course not but metaphorically I see them winding out of control. Well, are you going to tell me what's up?”

“Let's just say I'm adjusting to what happened up there in that office.”

“What do you mean?”

“All I'm going to say is wow.”

“Speak of devil, here she comes and she's heading this way.”


Hadleigh wanted to look back towards the door but stopped not wanting anyone around her to see the anticipation of seeing the gorgeous woman again. She kept eye contact with Robin until she heard the voice that had so easily punctured the boundaries she had built her whole life to protect herself.

“Fancy meeting you ladies here.”

“Hey Dr. Morsen.”


“Sorry, hey Brogan.”

“Much better. Thank you. Hello, Miss Hadleigh.”


Brogan courteously flipped her cap a little towards the medical student when saying hello. The flip of the professor's hat was endearing and so charming. Hadleigh had always wondered if people were still consciously genuine and courteous anymore. The medical student was forced to look at the professor. She had no choice but to hold her breath long enough to get over the initial shock of how intense her reaction towards this woman was. She was speechless and so unbelievably shaken up.


“Dr. Brogan.”

“I'm sorry to disturb you both but one of you must have dropped this in my office.”


Both women looked at the smaller grey wallet the handsome woman was carrying in her hand and then looked at each other almost shocked at whose wallet it was. Hadleigh directly went for her messenger bag and sure enough, the main zipper had opened up and her wallet had somehow fallen out.


“It's mine. I'm terribly sorry about that. That's never happened before. Thank you so much for returning it.”

“Please it's no trouble. I overheard you girls talking about coming here and just figured I could bring it down myself so the both of you didn't have to come back up to my office.”


Robin looked at both of the women who were talking to each other and she wondered if they both knew how into each other they were. It was like no one else existing in the world and for the most part that had been something Robin had always wished to experience with someone. Watching the intimate connection flow between the two women made her long for a connection just like this one, no matter how much the two of them didn't know what was exactly happening.


“Thanks again. That was sweet of you.”

“Sweet is my middle name Miss Hadleigh.”

“So I've been told Dr. Brogan.”


Hadleigh gulped and took a look into those charming grey-blue eyes and could feel the blood pulsating from her veins to her brain nearing the verge of explosion.




The three women laughed at Dr. Morsen's antics. Brogan watched the twinkle rush into those incredibly deep brown eyes. There was something exceptionally breathtaking about the medical student and Brogan wondered if she should even pursue her feelings. Hadleigh, after all, was another University student. She was most likely a good 5 to 7 years older than the stunning brunette but the scariest part was if Hadleigh too had felt the connection she felt in her office no more than 30 minutes ago she would be in trouble. She didn't want to be made a fool of and certainly didn't want to disrespect the medical student either.


“Would you like to sit with us Dr. Morsen?”

“Thanks but no thanks Robin.”


Hadleigh was shaken to the bone by the idea that Brogan Morsen either wouldn't stay or didn't want to stay. Either way, she looked away knowing the women would see that she was hurt beyond belief by the rejection and overwhelmingly confused by what she was feeling. It was absolutely silly of her to be thinking that but she couldn't stop herself. When she looked back, she wondered if she saw more hesitation coming from the professor but soon enough Brogan's guard was up and her self-confidence was firmly back into place, nothing having the ability to faze her.


“Are you sure?”

“Enjoy your chicken wings ladies.”


“And Miss Hadliegh, keep an eye on that walking wallet of yours.”

“Not to worry Dr. Brogan, it's already taken care of. Thanks again.”

“My pleasure.”


The two friends watched the dynamically irresistible woman walk through the pub not even realizing how many other women were actually looking at her with adoring eyes. The professor might have been extremely confident but she wasn't full of herself which was nice to see. Hadleigh tried to look away but found her eyes glued to the retreating form. She eventually forced herself to look away only to find her friends eyes directly on her.



“Uh huh?”

“What was that?”

“I have no idea Robin.”

“You can't be serious.”

“I'm not really sure what the heck is happening.”

“I've never seen you like that. It's very out of character and what's with the flirting back and forth? What have you done with my friend Hadleigh?”

“Who the heck knows? I'm flabbergasted myself about the whole thing.”



The women briefly talked about the situation a little more but the more Hadleigh thought about it, the more she grew confused and uncomfortable talking about it because her thoughts were mixed up. She wasn't sure what had happened between the professor and her but ultimately knew deep in her soul that somehow, that powerful connection was prevailing. She had never felt anything like it before despite the handful of relationships she had managed over the years. It was surreal and as she made her way back home, Hadleigh convinced herself she would probably never see the gorgeous woman again. She hadn't until now, so why would it change?


As she entered the quiet house where she lived with two other medical students, she smiled

enjoying the silence. She was so happy to be home and away from the chaos that had left her nearly speechless. After showering, changing for bed and pouring herself another cup of coffee to get ready for the long night of studying ahead, she spotted her wallet on the corner of her bed. She sat there watching it for several minutes wondering if it had some of the answers she questioned herself about but laughed out loud for thinking her wallet could give her any of the answers. Eventually, she picked it up in her hands sat back down on her computer chair and stared at it as if it was the most precious gem in the world. After all, the last pair of hands that had touched it beside her was Dr. Morsen.


She shook her head wanting the image of the elusive yet stunning woman to leave her head and opened the wallet for the first time that night seeing as how her best friend had insisted on paying for dinner. She sat back and took in a sharp deep breathe when she found a neatly folded piece of paper. Normally having a complete stranger ransacking through her personal belongings would enrage her because such things should always remain private but there was something innocent, gentle and sweet about how the four cornered piece of paper had been placed in her wallet.


She picked it up and when the smell of Robin's professor waffled through her senses, she couldn't help herself from closing her eyes inhaling the pleasures. When she opened her eyes, she quickly realized that the folded piece of paper wasn't a figment of her imagination after all. She smiled and ever so slowly opened it up, anxious to see what was inside.


Hadleigh's pulse increased the instant she saw the professor's artistic handwriting. Her hands trembled in anticipation. She smirked and began reading the short but heartfelt note.


I meant no disrespect by placing this note in your wallet.

Ordinarily, I would never succumb to my desires and invade yours,

But not doing so would be against the beliefs and morals of my planet.

Besides, I've never been one to shy away from potentially opening new doors.

Instead of waiting around and seeing if we actually do see each other around campus, how about chancing it and having coffee with me Miss Hadleigh?

Feel free to email me at



The medical student couldn't help but read the short poem several times trying to wrap her head around how adorable the professor's request was. Her elaborate smile was plastered to her face and nowhere ready to leave. When her cheeks started to tingle, she placed the note lovingly back on her desk and forced herself to focus on her studying. She could hopefully deal with the request at a later time but for now, it was important for her to not be so sidetracked. This couldn't be happening. It shouldn't be happening and she hadn't come this far for this to interrupt or to misguide her.


She soon opened up her books and later found that she was still reading the same paragraph. Up until now, her life had been stable, chaos free, simple and so limited. All it took to turn her world completely upside down was the look of a handsome professor. Hadleigh wondered what in the world she would do and if the prestige teacher was serious about the request. Could she finally allow herself to open up and explore the feelings and emotions that already crawled under her skin? Could she deny Dr. Morsen? Could she deny her desires or was it a question of should she? She had come so far to achieve her academic goals. Would Brogan Morsen be worth it or would the instructor simply just be a temporary temptation only reminding her of what she hadn't ever had? Was it really something she could afford to take a risk on right now?

To be continued...


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