The Art of Driving

Part 3

R. P. Martin

Copyright © 2012 R. P. Martin


Later that Night


Eventually the medical student finally found her groove stopped thinking about the professor enough and studied way later then she had anticipated. She had somehow managed to keep the sexy professor out of her mind for most of the night but realized that she was surprised that she thought of the woman at all. She didn't know a thing about the professor but as she lay down in bed with all of her lights turned off, her mind ventured back into that office where she first laid eyes on the strong confident woman. She curled herself into a tight ball and desperately tried to stop thinking about the professor now that her mind was no longer able to focus on her school work but she couldn't.


She ultimately caved and allowed her mind to freely venture to wherever it wanted to go, the focus still being on Dr. Brogan Morsen. She wondered if it would actually hurt to email the sweet professor and say thank you for the invite. She ended up tossing and turning for the remainder of the night. She fell asleep in the early morning but knew it would be impossible to continue sleeping seeing as how she had one of her exams that morning.


When she looked at the wall clock before heading out of her bedroom, she was shocked to realize she had at least another hour to waste. She frowned thinking that she could have slept a little longer but at the same time was happy about being early. This midterm exam was extremely important and she had worked her butt off to get to where she was. To waste some time, she sat back down at her desk, refusing to look at her notes or reviews knowing it would only do more damage and decided to surf the net. When she caught Dr. Morsen's note neatly placed on her desk, she picked it up, red it again for the millionth time and smiled.


“Alright Dr. Morsen, let's see what you are all about.”


She opened up her email and quickly started composing her email. When she was done writing the email, Hadleigh re-red it out loud making sure it made sense and that the words flowed properly. She knew darn well that her writing and expressing abilities were nowhere near what the creative professor's was but still wanted to make some kind of an impression. She just didn't understand why she wanted to.


Hello Dr. Brogan,


I got your note. Somehow, I figured you didn't mean to disrespect me and or

invade my privacy so thank you. It was very courteous of you. You did

however actually invade my privacy. What do you say about that? :) The

poem was lovely. I've never received a poem before. Is that part of your

swagger charm Dr. Brogan? Something you perhaps use on all the ladies?

Coffee you say? I'm tempted seeing as how I absolutely love the stuff. I

am not however in the habit of accepting coffee date offers from University

professors, however tempting it is. You however are exceptionally sweet. Thank you for the invite and for saving my wallet.



P.S. It's still very possible our paths will cross around campus so don't be

shy to say hello when and if it does happen.


The medical student was pretty satisfied with the email. She knew she was rejecting the sexy professor but in truth, how in the world could a woman like that ever be interested in her? Furthermore, she had to focus on her schooling and Brogan Morsen was a member of the faculty and she wasn't sure playing with fire was the right thing to do right now. Most of her couldn't believe she was actually rejecting the woman's coffee date request but knew it was probably for the best.


Hadleigh looked at her elegant yet sophisticated silver watch and nearly shrieked when she saw late she was running now. Yes, staying away from Dr. Morsen might be the most important thing to do. She quickly grabbed her purse, keys and messenger bag and headed out the door not bothering to turn her computer off which is something she also never did. As she walked to the examination room, all she could think about was the professor and how she had turned her down without another thought. She was now having second thoughts about the whole thing knowing that her soul absolutely longed for some companionship. Just because she had spent her entire adult life determined and dedicated to becoming a surgeon, it didn't mean she wanted to too loose out on a chance at whatever could happen with Dr. Morsen, if something ever could but she was afraid. That's what it boiled down too, Hadleigh Colder was afraid of Brogan Morsen and she knew it deep in her bones.


Later on that day, after the exam was done, when the exhausted brunette walked back into her room, Hadleigh was pleasantly surprised by the flashing signal indicator light on her lap top letting her know that she had received an email. She subconsciously wondered if Dr. Brogan had emailed her back but in that same second convinced herself it wasn't possible. Hadleigh put her things on the bed and sat at her desk dreading the long day ahead of her. She routinely opened up her email account and when she looked into her inbox, she took a deep breath when she saw that Brogan had in fact replied back to her. She leaned back into her chair, took a moment and then read the subject line of her email.


Hello Miss Hadleigh,


I'm glad you received my note and no, I didn't mean to invade your privacy

but of course I just had to check. I didn't ransack your wallet or anything. I just

wanted to make sure it was yours and not my student's. So if invading your

privacy in order to get an email from you was the outcome, well, I say it was

worth it. :) That was the first poem you ever received? Be forewarned, I'll likely

shower you with them now. Of course it's a Brogan charm but it isn't

something I willingly use on the ladies as you put it. Just on the special ones. :)

Are you sure I can't convince you to have coffee with me? I understand your dilemma

seeing as how I am one of Thornton's professors. Fair enough. Any time your

wallet needs saving, you know where to find its saviour.



P.S. If our paths do in fact cross, you can be certain I won't be shy Miss Hadleigh.


The medical student re-read the email and couldn't stop smiling. The professor had taken the rejection with poise and grace just like she had suspected which only made her want to sit down with Brogan that much more and get to know her a little better. She grinned at the computer screen and was about to reply to the email when her cell phone rang and took her out of her thoughts.



“Hey pretty lady. How are you?”

“Hey hey, I'm tired but good. How are you Rob?”

“I'm very well. I just finished my Sexual Studies class with the, oh so freaking gorgeous Dr. Morsen.”


At the sound of the professor's name, the gorgeous student subconsciously put her hand to her heart nearly willing the increasing heartbeats to stop from pounding against her chest. She wasn't used to these reactions, emotions and feelings that were automatically happening within her when it came to Dr. Brogan Morsen. She couldn't control them and thought it was going to be challenging to stay away from the woman who tapped into her curiosity and everything else in between.


“You just got quiet Had. Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I'm good.”

“Alright. So listen about Friday night, are you still coming?”

“Friday night?”

“Don't tell me you already forget Hadleigh Colder.”

“Apparently I did. What's going on?”

“Dani's party remember?”

“Oh crap, yeah, of course.”

“I know you hate big crowds and that kind of thing but I need you as my wing man.”

“Really, again? First with Dr. Brogan and now with Dani?”

“Come on Had, you said you would come.”

“I know I did. I'll go but only if I can get these reviews done.”

“Perfect. Meet me at the apartment around 8.”


“Fine. Miss ya.”

“Same here. Bye Rob.”

“Bye Had.”


Hadleigh put her smartphone down and looked at the computer screen again wondering if she should actually answer the email or not. She contemplated for a few minutes before giving into her subconscious and started tip tapping away her reply to the professor. What could it hurt? It was just an email anyway.


Hello Dr. Brogan,


Do you make a habit of ransacking through women's privacy for emails in return?

Hahaha. So, I take it you are completely alright being a bad boi at times?

Yes it was the first poem I've ever received. I am forewarned but what

exactly does that mean? You'll have poems for me all of the time now? :)

That sounds like the Brogan charm! I however have a hard time believing

it's only used on the special ones. Just so you know, I'm still tempted

about the coffee but the dilemma isn't going to go anywhere soon unless you've decided to quit your job. How long have you been a professor here anyway? I haven't seen you before. And I'll be sure to keep your email close by if ever my wallet needs your assistance.



P.S. I wouldn't have it any other way Dr. Brogan.


The medical student spent the next few days studying her heart out getting ready for more exams and such. Like clockwork however, she now also replied to the emails that Brogan regularly sent. Brogan had continued the chain of emails and Hadleigh had come to really enjoy them. In fact, she now hoped for them to be in her inbox and when they were she grew more and more happy about it. She continued to decline any kind of offer the professor continuously subtly offered but found it becoming increasingly harder to do.


That Friday night, after getting out of the shower, dressing into her dark blue jeans and white button down shirt, she fixed her hair and found herself paying extra attention to how she looked. She wasn't really sure why she was fussing about the whole thing seeing as how she never really paid attention to that kind of thing before but for some reason, tonight, she thought she should. With one final look in the mirror, she thought she looked good and was ready to hang out with a few of her friends for a little while. If all else failed, she could come right back home and study or take advantage of a quiet night and catch up on some fun reading.


As Hadleigh was walking down the street, her cellphone came to life. She looked at it and smiled knowing that she had received an email from Brogan. Now, they were emailing each other at least a couple times a day and she was looking forward to the notes and messages. She stopped walking and opened up her inbox and started to quickly reading.




I know I'm a little late with this email. I wanted to email you this morning

but it was impossible with my morning office hours. My students are

having issues. Does that mean I'm not doing a good job? A swagger

not doing a good job, that's a no no. Oh boy. I have been suckered into

going to this party so I should go. Talk to you tomorrow?




The short brunette's smile immediately grew into a crooked grin as she thought of what to email the professor back. She now freely didn't stop herself from emailing Brogan because she enjoyed it way too much. The emailing back and forth was exactly what she needed, especially during the hectic schedule she had. She thoroughly enjoyed it so much, perhaps a little much.

Hey Hey Brogan :)


Don't worry about being late. You aren't late in fact. I'm just happy you sent

an email. Your students are having issues? With what? I doubt it means you are

doing a bad job. Besides, doesn't the swagger code clearly state that only

doing a good job is acceptable? I've also been suckered into going to a party tonight.

Fingers crossed that we talk tomorrow.




Hadleigh put her cellphone back into her pocket and made her way to Robin's apartment. After chit chatting for a bit while Robin finished getting ready, the two women left for the party. Once the two girls arrived, Hadleigh was already getting a headache from the loud music and the massive amount of people who were crammed in the tiny space. Campus parties were her least favourite kind of parties of all but she had promised Robin and she was sort of hoping that Dani would finally get the nerve to ask her friend out.


“Do you want a beer?”


“Ok, I'll be right back.”


The medical student watched her friend walk towards the kitchen and when she turned around and looked into the living room to see if she could spot Dani or a few other of her classmates, she was shocked beyond anything to see the woman she consistently thought off standing there nursing a beer. Hadleigh took a deep breath and inwardly smiled to herself. For the life of her, she had no idea how in the world it was possible for her to be so intensely attracted to this woman. She didn't even know her that well. When she finished looking the professor from head to toe, she realized those amazing grey-blue eyes were piercing deeply into her soul. Her body jerked right down to her core but she managed to smile.


It only took Brogan a total of two seconds to tell the group of people she was with that she was excusing herself. When she started walking over toward Hadleigh, the medical student's heartbeat amplified, her palms grew sweaty and her knees jerked a little bit. For Brogan, seeing the woman of her dreams in the flesh again was an absolute dream come true and she wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity even if the younger woman wasn't interested in having coffee. At least, she could say hello.


Hadleigh blinked several times before realizing just how close the professor was to her. She watched as the sexy smile on the professor's face grew bigger and bigger the closer she got. The medical student felt like they were the only two people left in the world. Everything around them seemed to fade away and for a fraction of a second she wished with all of her might that Brogan would take her into her arms and passionately kiss her. When she looked into the woman's face, she realized Brogan was talking but she couldn't hear her so she hunched her shoulders suggestion that she couldn't hear anything she had said over the loud music.


Time slowed right down when Brogan was as close to her as possible. Hadleigh could feel the warmth coming from the doctor's face and it enveloped her cheeks. Her face was so close to hers that she could smell that racy amazing musky smell that had kept her unfocused for hours on end several days before. She slowly closed her eyes enjoying the closeness of the body against hers. Her insides trembled and when she felt the ever so slight touch on her ear lobe, the shutter ran deep through to strike her bones. It was so intense; she wondered if it was actually pain she felt in the pit of her stomach. Of course she knew it couldn't be but the intensity was powerful and nothing like she had ever experienced before.


“Hello Hadleigh. Who needs tomorrow, right? Are your fingers still crossed?”


The medical student barely had enough time to open up her eyes up again before Brogan looked into her eyes. They smiled at each other knowing their connection had once again magically solidified. It was Hadleigh's turn to lean into the strong frame but this time, Brogan didn't hesitate to subtly put her palm on the small of the very pretty brunette's back. The medical student's head started spinning and the more Brogan gradually pulled her into her body so she could answer her, the more Hadleigh wished for the moment never ever to end.


“Hi Brogan. My thoughts exactly and no my fingers are no longer crossed. What are you doing at a frat party? Don't you have anything better to do?”


Hadleigh went to step away but Brogan securely kept her in place, obviously making sure she still respected the medical student's space but wanted her to know she was still welcomed in her arms. The younger woman made no attempt to move again which allowed Brogan to recognize that Hadleigh was in fact alright being that close to her. She put her lips as close as possible to the brunette's ear lobe hoping she could get the desired affect she was looking for and replied.


“I'm not that old you know. Some of my friends basically forced me to come out. Apparently I'm too much of a homebody. Is this really a frat party? I had no idea. All I see is you.”

“Borgan Morsen, you're such a charmer. Who are your friends?”

“I came with Dell and Anna. They asked me to come because apparently there were going to be some babes from the medicine department here. Of course I said yes hopping you would be here.”

“Is that so?”


“And do you and your friends frequently attend frat parties hoping to find babes who will be future doctors?”

“Of course we do, aren't swaggers also called prowlers? Hahaha”

“I'm not sure, are they?”

“No. I came here specifically hoping you would be here but I wasn't sure you would be.”

“True. I'm not crazy about parties.”

“I'm not a big fan of the loudness either. Do you want to go out on the balcony?”

“Yes I do.”

“Can I get you something to drink?”


Just when she was going to answer Brogan, she felt a tap on her shoulder. She stepped out of Brogan's hold and slightly turned to see Robin holding a few beers in her hands. Brogan and Robin smiled and waved at each other. Hadleigh leaned into Robin, said thank you for the beer and explained that she was going to go outside and talk to the professor for a while. Robin winked at her. Hadleigh couldn't help but swat her friend from the playful implication.


“I guess you don't need a drink after all.”

“Good eye professor.”




Brogan once again put her hand on the small of Hadleigh's back and gently showed her the way to the balcony. Hadleigh purposefully walked as slow as possible to make sure Brogan's hand didn't disappear from her back all too soon. She could feel the warmth penetrating her skin through her cotton shirt. She basked in how wonderful it felt to be touched like that. It seemed so silly to be thinking that she had never been so innocently touched that way that but still, the affection was exactly what she craved. She longed for Brogan and still wasn't ready to admit it to herself but her body clearly had other plans. As they stepped out onto the balcony, the music died down and Hadleigh immediately felt a loss when Brogan retracted her hand away.



“Much. Thank you. I'm not a big fan of the loudness either but I promised Robin I would come.”

“I'm glad you did.”

“Are you?”

“Very much so.”

“So am I actually. Do you come to these things often?”

“Oh no. It's really rare that I come.”

“Really, a swagger like you not attending parties?”

“It's not my thing. I prefer going out for coffee or dinner. Something a little quieter or being at home believe it or not.”

“Sounds wonderful. How old are you exactly?”

“How old do I look?”


The duo gravitated to each other and found a quiet spot in the corner of the balcony. There were a few other people out on the balcony but for the most part their conversations were just as quiet and intimate as theirs. Brogan turned, faced the gorgeous brunette and looked into her eyes as much as possible as they continued to talk. There was something so uniquely beautiful and captivating about the medical student that she just couldn't pull her eyes away from. She desperately wanted to lean into the smaller frame again and kiss the stunning brunette but feared what the repercussion might do to their growing friendship. Brogan's body yearned for Hadleigh's touch but still, she remained perfectly respectable, loyal and completely chivalrous.


“Well, you don't look all that old but you're a professor so you have to be old enough. I'll say you are in your mid 30ties.”

“Smart girl but not that old. I'm 33. So what does that make you?”

“Not 33. Hahahaha”

“Of course but if you are graduating this year; you must be at least 26.”

“I'm turning 27 next week.”

“Next week?”


“I'll keep that in mind.”

“You do that. So did you find a babe back in there?”

“As a matter of fact I did. The only issue is that she's not into professors.”

“Oh no? Not into professors? Is she mad?”


“What's wrong with her?”

“Nothing. Not a damn thing! Do you have any pointers on how to convince her to just have one date with me?”

“Just one?”

“To start, yes.”

“Hmmmm, well, have you asked her?”

“Every day. She probably thinks I'm a creep by now. I'm an old pig.”


Hadleigh couldn't help but smile at the woman who was leaning her side against the railing of the balcony. As Brogan looked out onto the street, somehow Hadleigh knew in her soul she couldn't deny this kind gentle soul any longer. It just didn't seem right especially because it felt right for her as well. No matter what kind of image Brogan had, she was entirely a creatively different kind of breed. She must be worth it. She must. Women like that just didn't exist.


“Well I doubt that. You're so sweet. There is no way she sees you as a creep.”

“Let's hope not. I nearly talk to her every day and I'd like to keep it that way.”

“That sounds lovely.”

“Oh it is.”

“By the way, do I know this girl you are interested in?”

“Oh yeah.”

“Well, perhaps she's changed her mind. Have you asked her out lately?”

“Actually, I didn't ask her today. I was rushed when leaving the house tonight and didn't get to it.”

“Well let's pretend I'm her. How would you ask her out? I'll tell you if I think she'll finally say yes.”

“Hey that's some good thinking Miss Hadleigh. Practice makes perfect. Ummmm, this is what I would say.”

“Ok, I'm ready.”


Brogan stepped away from the railing and took a few steps towards the brunette whose heart was already beating out of control. Their mutual flirting had hit an all-time high but she was enjoying every single minute of what was happening between the two. She was still conscious about the entire situation but Brogan Morsen seemed to be worth it, worth the chance anyway. She had made her mind up about that in the week leading to this night, even after trying to convince herself that she might be better off staying away from the handsome woman.


When Hadleigh looked into the eyes of the professor, something clicked inside her. She couldn't quiet explain it to herself but in that moment she knew without a doubt that Brogan was the real deal. She wanted to get to know this woman and wanted to see what this connection was all about. Brogan latched onto her gaze and it captivated her whole being. She was speechless and as she watched those grey-blue eyes search her soul for the answer to the question she was about to ask, Hadleigh couldn't help but smile at the professor, allowing her to see right through her emotions. She was giving in and when she saw the thankful gasp coming from Brogan, they both smirked at each other.


“Hadleigh, have coffee with me? I respect your reasons for not wanting to date a professor but I'm not your teacher. Let me take you out. I'd like to get to know you.”

“Is that all you would say?”


“Well, come on, let's hear the whole thing.”

“You make my heart skip a beat. I'd like for you to give me a chance because I'm literally a pile of goo around you. Have coffee with me?”

“Well, why didn't you ask me like that in the first place Dr. Brogan?”


Brogan took a step closer to the smaller body in front of her and smirked at the quick intake of breath the younger woman nearly choked on. When Brogan leaned into her body, Hadleigh again thought she could easily lose her mind around this sacred soul. Her knees grew week and as the whisper traveled down throughout every single crevices of her body and ending in her most southern region, she unconsciously placed both her hands on the woman's solid forearms. She allowed the natural gravitation towards each other to happen until both their chest were firmly pressed against each other's.


“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are Hadleigh?”


“Like this.”


Brogan slowly placed the palms of her hands on the brunette's hips and looked into Hadleigh's deep dark eyes as if wanting her to see the absolute truth behind her words.


“Roses are red.”

“Uh huh.”

“Violets are blue.”


“Your beauty spins around in my head.”


“To the point where my heart continuously skips a beat, it's true.”


The medical student briefly closed her eyes but smiled knowing Brogan's eyes were still on her face, watching her every move. For the most part, this would probably have made her feel uncomfortable in the past but there was something so wonderfully comforting and beautiful about the handsome professor that she soaked up the attention she was getting.


“Mmmmm, did you make that up on the spot?”

“Yes Ma'am, I most certainly did.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes it is. Hadleigh. You're gorgeous.”

“And you, you're a sweet talker.”

“So can I pick you up tomorrow?”

To be continued...


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