The Art of Driving

Part 4

R. P. Martin

Copyright © 2012 R. P. Martin



Hadleigh opened her eyes and looked toward the patio door where Robin was calling her name. She smiled but when she saw the tears running down her friend's cheeks, she immediately looked at Brogan and silently asked permission to let go. When Brogan took her hands off of her hips, Hadleigh felt her own tears start to build. Being in Brogan's space had completely comforted her in ways she was unaware of and now that their contact had been broken, she longed to return into the professor's arms.

“Robin, are you all right?”

“I'm fine Dr. Morsen.”

“Let me drive you home.”

“I'm not leaving without Had.”

“Of course not. I'll drive you both home.”

“You don't have to do that Brogan.”

“Please, I would like to make sure you two get home safe.”

“Are you able to drive?”

“That was only my first.”

“What do you think Rob?”

“OK. Let's just go.”

Hadleigh walked to Robin, looped her arm into her friend's and Brogan followed them closely behind when they re-entered the house. The three women walked through the party until they reached the mud room. Once there, the medical student watched Brogan say goodbye to a few girls and assumed they were probably Anna and Dell. When she saw that Brogan was looking at her, she momentarily looked away only to find herself gazing right back to where she knew the professor was probably still standing. She was however surprised to find that Brogan had already made her way back to the mud room by the time they met each other's glances again.

“Dr. Morsen, do you mind if we actually walk?”

“Not in the least.”

“But that means you'll have to come back for your car.”

“Yes it does. I'm ready when you are.”

Hadleigh couldn't believe how sweet and courteous Brogan was and somewhat disliked the fact that their night had ended early but then was reminded why they were leaving in the first place. Robin needed her and she was going to help her friend regardless of the unknown emotions she was feeling.

“Are you sure Brogan?”

“Of course I'm sure Hadleigh.”

“Fair enough. Thank you.”

Robin semi-cuddled up against her best friend as they walked and Brogan strolled close beside them but respectfully allowed both women the space and intimacy they obviously needed. The professor wasn't exactly sure what had happened but had heard through the grapevine that Dani was into Robin. The only problem was that Dani was a cheater and a player and she suspected that what Robin needed now more than anything was a shoulder to cry on. The least she could do was make sure the two students made it back to their homes safe and sound. Besides, it would allow her a bit more time with Hadleigh, even if they most likely wouldn't talk all that much. Just being in her space, her environment was enough for now.

“What happened hon?”

“More like what didn't happen.”


“Yeah, Dani.”

“What did she do?”

“She likes me all right, but apparently she likes a million and one other girls as well.”

“Oh damn, I'm sorry.”

“Don't be. It might hurt a little right now but trust me, it's for the best. I don't want to be involved with someone like that.”


Robin looked over to Brogan and smirked at how nonchalant the professor was being. It never ceased to amaze her how fantastic, wholesome and thoughtful the older woman was.

“Dr. Morsen?”

“Yes Robin?”

“Thank you.”

“No need. And by the way, I didn't hear anything but if ever you need someone to talk to, you know where my office is.”

“Again, thank you.”

“My pleasure.”

“Thanks for walking us home.”

“No problem.”

“Oh shit Had, I'm so sorry for intruding in your time with Dr. Morsen.”

“Hush now. Are you OK?”

“I'm fine. I feel much better. The fresh air is helping.”


When the three women arrived at Robin's apartment, there was a quick little conversation between the two students and in the end Robin said she was all right to spend the night alone. Hadleigh and Robin made plans to call each other in the morning and when Robin closed her front entrance door, both the stunning brunette and Brogan waited for Robin to properly lock the door.

“Can I walk you home?”

“Please. I would like that.”

The duo started walking together systematically matching each other's paces, step for step as if they had been walking together in unison for years and years. The medical student could feel the tingling sensations traveling through her body and she wanted so much for Brogan to touch her but knew the professor would never, especially not now. They walked in silence for a long while, the two of them enjoying each other's company as well as the night sky full of stars.

“This is me.”

“OK. I hope your friend is all right.”

“Me too. I'll call her tomorrow.”


“Thanks for walking me home Brogan.”

“No need to thank me. I really wanted to.”

“I'm glad.”

Hadleigh took a step toward the professor but immediately took the exact same step back. Her heart was pounding in her chest but she didn't know what possessed her into wanting to be close to the gorgeous woman. As she stood there looking into Brogan's pools of worry, she knew there was something exceptionally special about the woman who was quickly taking over a lot of her thoughts, ideas, emotions and feelings. They had only really been talking for a few weeks and she knew it was way too quick to be thinking about such things and especially about a stranger but there was something extraordinary about the good professor. So far, this woman and all that she was, reminded her of the characters that belonged in those beautiful romantic love stories she read during her time off. Never did Hadleigh think a night in shinning amour would stroll into her life and steal her breath away with a simple gaze. What was she going to do?

“Can I see you again?”

“Dr. Brogan, I would love that.”


“Ha ha, yes really.”

“Don't wake me if I'm dreaming ok. I want this moment to last forever.”

“You aren't dreaming. I would love to see you again and preferably without any kind of drama.”

“My kind of babe.”

“Uh huh.”

“When can I see you?”

“I'll email you.”

“You could always text me.”

“That would require a telephone number.”

“That can be arranged if you want it.”


The two women exchanged numbers with the promise that when Hadleigh had a few minutes, she would contact the professor. Brogan gazed into the face of the beautiful brunette and smiled really hard when she saw the girl's red cheeks flutter with happiness. The professor looked away for a slight second trying to gain her composer but when she looked back, those piercing dark brown eyes magically held her breath in place, depriving her of any leftover control she had, weakened her muscles and her mind raced with anticipation of what could happen between the two.

“It was lovely to see you tonight.”


“Have a good night Brogan.”

“Sweet dreams Hadleigh.”

And with that, the professor watched the younger woman enter her home. Hadleigh quickly locked the front door and rammed her chest into the door simulating smashing her head over and over again. Eventually she closed her eyes and tilted her head until it was flat against the wood panel where she could take a bunch of tiny erratic breaths to capture some fresh air. She noticed that being around Brogan was challenging because she never could seem to control how her body reacted to the wonderfully thoughtful woman.

Hadleigh didn't even have a chance to get to her bedroom before her cellphone went off. She wasn't sure who would be texting her at this time but she hoped it was Brogan even if she believed it wouldn't be.

I know I just left you on your doorstep, but I thought I should really check to make sure you didn't give me a bogus telephone number. I'm only a few blocks down so if you've given me the wrong number, I'm coming back and hunting you down.

The medical student laughed out loud but rapidly smacked her mouth shut with her hand. She didn't want to wake up her colleagues but no matter what she did, Brogan continuously surprised her. She closed her bedroom door and sat on her bed while she texted the professor back.

Who exactly are you looking for? Only a few blocks away you say? Are you stalking me? You're going to hunt me down?

It didn't take long for Hadleigh's cell phone to come to life again.

Now, I know for sure it's you! Beware and make sure to keep a close eye out. I don't need to be stalking you. It appears things are finally falling in my favour.

Hadleigh let her body fall flat down on her bed as she read Brogan's last text message. She was

enjoying the playfulness so much. She knew she should probably try and study a little more but

wanted to spend more time talking to the professor.

Of course it's me. I didn't lie about my phone number because I thought I knew you'd hunt me down. Your head is swollen enough swagger. Things are actually falling in my favour. Don't you forget that! I'll be keeping my eyes open.

She barely had enough time to take off her coat before the next text from Brogan came screeching through.

Have I told you lately how wonderful you are?

That single sentence made Hadleigh catch her breath. Her eyes closed when the sinking of her stomach wouldn't stop. She had no idea how a text message like that could affect her to her core but whatever was happening was intense and so incredible.

You're such a charmer Brogan. I should study.

The medical student flattened her feet on the bed and couldn't believe how swiftly her emotions had spiraled out of controlled to the point where now they scared her to pieces. Just a few minutes ago, she had been ready to spend a little more time talking to the gorgeous woman but now she was terrified. She was afraid of the emotions that soared through her body and itched to explode. The feelings and sensations were so new to her and so extremely complex. They frightened her because she had never in her life experienced anything so genuinely overwhelming and beautiful.

Fair enough. I'll leave you to it. I know you said you would email me but can I see you tomorrow?

Ironically, despite her fear and anxiety over what was internally happening to her, she wasn't going to miss out on the opportunity in seeing Brogan again.

What time are you picking me up?

Hadleigh was hoping to have a few days to calm her nerves but it seemed her fingers were doing the talking on their own. She smiled when she knew she would make the time to see the professor.

Well, looks like my charm is working overtime tonight. How about 7?

The medical student chuckled to herself knowing exactly what the teacher was talking about. There were no playing games with the gorgeous woman anymore. She couldn't stay away no matter how much her head wanted her to. Her soul, body and everything else ached for Brogan and that was exactly what she was going to do or at least she hoped she could.

Perfect. You know where I live. See you then.

Hadleigh got up from her bed and started pulling some of her clothing off for the shower she

now knew she desperately needed to have in order to cool off.

Yes you will. Good night and sweet dreams Miss Hadleigh.

The near naked woman smiled from ear to ear. She picked up her cellphone one last time and replied.

I look forward to it. Good night Dr. Brogan.

Hadleigh threw her cellphone on the bed, put her bathrobe on and ventured to the bathroom as fast as possible. When the hot water touched her overheated skin, she couldn't help but think of the handsome woman who now took up a fair amount of her thoughts. The whole experience was beautiful, exciting but terrifying all at the same time. She closed her eyes and before she knew what was happening, she was reminiscing about the evening she had just had. When she finished with her shower, she wasn't refreshed but over stimulated. She had hoped the water would help but it hadn't. She was going to have to study to forget about Brogan for the night but wasn't sure she could.

The sun was shining through Hadleigh's bedroom window when she woke up. It took her a few seconds to realize that her reading glasses were still on and that she had fallen asleep at her desk. Her books were under her arms and she was so completely sore from spending the night sleeping on her desk. It had taken her a while to focus on her studies the night before seeing as how her thoughts continued to go back to Brogan but now she realized that she had worked hard enough to fall asleep at her computer. When she got up, her body ached but she thought a hot shower would help. After all, she had another long day ahead of her if she wanted to spend the evening with the professor.

When she exited the bathroom and entered her bedroom, she smiled when her cellphone came to life. She instinctively thought it would be from Brogan. At least she hoped it would be even if it could be from a number of people. She wasn't sure if it was the professor but hoped it would be.

Good morning! Hopefully this isn't your wakeup call but I wanted to remind you that we have a date tonight.

Hadleigh smiled thoroughly enjoying the morning text from the professor. Normally, she would have probably already gotten an email from the professor by now but to know that Brogan had texted her just a few seconds ago made all the difference in the world. It was strange but such a good sensation to be feeling.

Good morning. I woke up a little while ago so, not it's not my wakeup call. You don't need to remind me. I'll be ready for 7. Oh btw, where are we going?

The medical student started pulling on an old pair of scrubs to be comfortable while she studied for the day but didn't have time to finish changing before Brogan's text came through. She grinned and read the message as she put one leg through her pants.

I'm taking you out for dinner.

You are, are you? Where?


It's a surprise. See you tonight.


Can't wait. Bye.


Hadleigh smiled to herself as she finally finished dressing. Before opening her books again, she ventured to her closet wondering what in the world she would wear that night for her date. It had been a while since she had been on a date and especially with someone she knew she could potentially really like. The last time a girl had taken her out was a while back and that had turned out so disturbingly awful. She hoped spending some one on one time with the professor would only heighten their connection. Once she stopped day-dreaming about how the evening would play itself out, she picked out what she was going to wear and then made her way back to her desk where her books were and started to study.

The medical student hadn't looked at the clock in a while but knew it was getting a little later. When she saw that she had received and email, she thought to herself she would check the time and start to get ready for her evening with Brogan. She opened up her inbox and smirked at the email she had received from the professor.

Until the moment I met you, I believed I was colorblind,

Everything around me was always dull, faded, simple and full of anxiety.

Now, my days are filled with vibrant colours that sooth my aching soul.

I no longer have to mask my desires because I'm no longer colorblind.

You bring me light, shading, texture, brilliance, beauty and complexity.

Most of all you bring me the idea that colours can heal, carry me and make me whole.


I'm leaving now and should be on your doorstep in 20 minutes. Are you ready?

Hadleigh felt the warmth gather in her belly from the words the professor used to describe what was starting to happen. She had never met anyone who tried so very hard to be as open as possible when sharing their feelings. She admired the professor but knew she would have to work hard to be able to open up and equally give Brogan what she received in return. It would be a challenge but if things turned out the way she hoped, she would try her best.

Twenty minutes later, Hadleigh looked at herself in the mirror one more time before hearing the doorbell. She was wearing a tighter pair of blue faded jeans then she normally wore and a black three quarter shirt that exposed her forearms. She had left her hair down but due to her headache was forced to wear her glasses which she wasn't all that crazy about. When the ringing of the doorbell came, she practically threw herself down the stairs so anxious to see the professor. On the last stair, she saw a glimpse of the woman standing outside and immediately stopped, catching her breath, her throat collapsing and the air gasping for entry.

When she got the nerve, she opened the door and observed the professor's smile reach her ears. The gorgeous woman was an absolute vision in jeans that just so happened to match her baby blue faded ones. The crisp black button down shirt exposed the professor's upper body form just perfectly. To finish off the outfit, Brogan wore a black flat cap and a vibrant gray and blue tie that matched her soulful eyes. The professor was so incredibly attractive. Hadleigh found her palms going clammy and had to swallow a few times before speaking. She could feel the pulse in her neck reaching a dangerous beat but basked in the intensity of the connection that was happening. It seemed surreal and something she most likely would only see in the movies.


“Hi. You found the place all right?”

“I'd never forget. These are for you.”

Hadleigh's red cheeks shined for the entire world to see when Brogan handed her a beautiful bouquet of deep, rich red Gerberas. The medical student couldn't believe how romantic Brogan was and the idea that she had picked out non original flowers for her was that much more of a thoughtful gesture. She liked Brogan and was so afraid of what could continue to happen but was entirely too invested now to even entertain the idea of not spending time with the professor.

“Thank you so much Brogan.”

“My pleasure. Are you ready?”

“Just let me put these in water before we go.”

“Of course. I'll wait right here for you.”

“You can come in you know.”

True to her word, Brogan stayed outside while Hadleigh went into the kitchen and put her flowers into some water. She had never received flowers from anyone before and wondered if this was what dating really was all about. First she had received a handful of poems now the flowers. What else could there be? She shook her head reminding herself that the dream of a woman was still standing outside being perfectly gentlemanly like in waiting for her.

Normally, she always just brought her keys, phone and wallet but it seemed that tonight was a little more of a special occasion so she had picked out a blue purse to go along with her outfit. She smirked to herself when she walked out the front door and locked it knowing that their outfits completely matched. How in the world did something like that happen without any of them even talking about what they were going to wear?

As the two walked down to where Brogan's jet black BMW rested, Hadleigh's heart started pounded a little harder. The situation was real for her now and the fact that this handsome woman was now opening up the passenger side door for her was just the icing on the cake. She wondered if there were still some down to earth women who were still courteous and aware of those thoughtful acts of kindness but now was rewarded by Brogan's gestures. The car was sexy and sleek but it was the whole picture that really did it for Hadleigh. Brogan Morsen was simply heavenly.

As Hadleigh was going to step into the car, Brogan leaned into the medical student to tell her what she had been patiently waiting to say since the future surgeon had opened the door.

“Damn, you're beautiful.”

Hadleigh stopped in mid motion, looked into the eyes of her date and saw the glossiness of her truth. It was exposed for the medical student to see and the thought that Brogan allowed her to see the openness and vulnerability and for it to be the subject of the student's scrutiny made Hadleigh admire the professor that much more. Brogan wasn't afraid to show her emotions and that made the brunette want to see so much more of the professor.

“Thank you. You're pretty handsome yourself.”

“You think?”

The women laughed and after Hadleigh was settled into the car, Brogan smoothly closed the door. She watched the professor saunter around the front of the car and finally enter the driver side. Once she settled, Brogan started the engine and looked at the gorgeous brunette sitting to her side.

“Are you ready?”

“Where are you taking me?”

“I wasn't sure what you liked but I choose this quiet place on fifth.”

“The new pasta house?”

“Do you know it?”

“I've heard of it yes.”

“Ever been?”

“No, I haven't but that sounds wonderful.”


Hadleigh watched the professor shift her sports car into gear and thought it was the most incredibly sexy thing she had ever witnessed in her life. She wondered if she was going mad because Brogan was only simply driving her car. How could something like that be sexy? She couldn't take her eyes off the handsome woman. Things were becoming so intense for her. She absolutely loved to drive and in fact insisted on driving most of the time but having the professor drive her around was something celestial. Brogan was sexy and she was so thankful she had decided to take the professor's offer in going out on a date. Now, what else would this night bring her and could she handle it?

To be continued...


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