Waiting My Whole Life

R. P. Martin



Copyright © 2012 R. P. Martin

Part 2 of A Suitable Suitor Series

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Part 2: Waiting My Whole Life (complete)
Part 3: Walking Away (complete)
Part 4: The Stalker (complete)
Part 5: The Nightmare (complete)


Present Day

Piper briskly walked to her car knowing what to do but her thoughts circled around Bean. Breaking up with Robert was the right thing to do but in truth, her father's expectations troubled her. She didn't exactly fear her dad but for the most part Brandon Jackson intimidated her to the core. Growing up hadn't always been unpleasant but trying to constantly please her father and never following her own desires was getting old. She wondered if finally she could stand up to him.

Her father would be tremendously pleased with the fact that she was no longer involved with Robert but from what she knew, he would never accept her attraction to Bean. Either way, it was important for her to break things off with Robert because she couldn't be with him anymore. It just wasn't right, especially with the way she was feeling about Brandon's newest member of the team.

After getting into the car and starting the engine, she reached for her cell phone and attempted to dial the familiar numbers only to be stopped in her tracks. There on the windshield of her car, was a neatly folded piece of paper which possibly came from the “Man of her dreams”. Bean had probably put it there after she had left her father's dinner party. Piper made a mental note to remind her to talk to Bean about their specific issue the next time they saw each other, if they ever saw each other again. She pressed the window release button and when the crack in the window was wide enough for her to reach out and get the note, she did.

I can't even explain to you how absolutely exquisite you look tonight. I realize things are kind of messy but if you ever feel like chatting about our secrets, I'll be here. For what it's worth, I whole heartedly miss you Piper. Everything in me misses you. I hope you're well.

Piper couldn't help but smile. Breaking up with Robert was undeniably the best thing to do, no matter what the outcome with Bean would be. Piper took a few breaths trying to control her emotions and feelings so she could drive but was absorbed by the intensity of whatever was traveling through her body. She felt unbelievable and for the most part invincible, feeling like she was able to do anything. She slid the gear shifter into drive and started making her way to Robert's house. She would be able to talk to Bean later on.

“Dial Robert.”


Piper drove the streets of her familiar neighbourhood feeling better the more she put distance between her and her childhood home. It was always a stressful time when she was expected to entertain her father's employees. At times she felt like her father's property and she felt like she had to do what he wanted. That feeling only made her feel that much more uncomfortable. No matter how intense her feelings were towards Bean, she would have the battle of her life trying to defend her feelings for the CFO.


“Hello Robert.”

“Oh I see, now you have time to talk?”

“It was important that I attend my father's dinner party Robert. You know this.”

“Are you always going to do what dear old Daddy tells you?”

“Don't patronize me. I'm calling because we need to talk.”

“Well it will have to wait.”

“I'm afraid it can't. If you make me wait, I'll tell you over the telephone.”

“Fine, I don't have time for a visit so tell me.”

“Robert, I'd prefer to do this in person.”

“Whatever you have to say, you can tell me over the phone. It's not like you are breaking up with me.”

Piper couldn't believe the arrogance her soon to be ex-boyfriend was displaying. The conversation so far was proving to Piper that breaking off their relationship was exactly what she needed to do. It was enough that her relationship with her father was unhealthy; she didn't want a partner who was abusive in any kind of way. She sighed and took a few deep breaths giving her blood flow a chance to calm down in her system.

“Actually, that is exactly what I'm doing.”

Piper listened to the silence that came over the telephone. She wondered what he was doing but the sooner they could talk about this, the better she would feel.

“You're cheating on me aren't you?”

“No, of course not. The point is that our relationship isn't healthy.”

“I don't believe you. I saw how that jerkoff was looking at you last night.”

“It doesn't matter what happened last night. I don't feel comfortable being your girlfriend anymore and I won't have another unhealthy relationship in my life.”

“You are not breaking up with me and that's final.”

“I don't care what you say anymore Robert. You and I are no longer a couple and it's final.”

“You can't do this. We've been together for over 5 years and you belong to me.”

“I'm sorry but I don't belong to anyone. This kind of thing is exactly why I don't want to be around you anymore, not that I ever am of course.”

“I refuse.”

“I don't care. It's over Robert. You'll have to deal with it.”

“This isn't over Piper. I'll be talking to Daddy. Soon enough you'll be mine!”

“Good bye Robert.”

Piper immediately hung up the phone not even giving Robert the satisfaction of getting in the last word. He always had to control and direct the conversation but now was being condescending, disrespectful and controlling. She knew she had made the right choice. She also wondered if her father would really ask her to get back together with a man who recently displayed this kind of behaviour. Regardless, she vowed to never be with a man like that.

She quickly changed direction and headed home. When she entered her home, she instantly checked her messages and smirked a little hoping that the red button that was flashing meant that Bean had left a message. The minute she started playing her voice mail, Piper was chilled to the bone. The caller was Robert. She assumed he would call her but she didn't think it would be that soon.

“This isn't over you slut. I won't be made to look like a fool. I guarantee this isn't over Piper, not even close.”

The visibly shaken woman stood there in silence for a few minutes trying to digest the venom in Robert's tone of voice. Piper was uncomfortable and debated on whether to call the police or not. After realizing that the police probably wouldn't do anything because it was just a phone call, she tried to forget about it. In truth, Robert's threats weren't violent in any way but they were eerie and made her skin crawl. She wondered for the hundredth time that night alone what she had ever seen in that guy.

Piper showered and rapidly made her way to her master bedroom. The second she was hidden under the blankets and comfortable, she reached for her smartphone and started texting the one person she had gravely missed. The urgent need to connect with Bean overwhelmed her to the point where she was anxious to say hello. It seemed strange to be behaving this way but instead of questioning her motives, she just went with it, enjoying the excitement.

?Hey you, I got your note. I wanted to say hi and thank you.

She didn't need to wait long for a response. It was as if Bean had already typed in her response, ready to hit the reply button if ever Piper sent her a text. Piper couldn't help but smile at the quickness of the reply.

v I'm glad you got the message. I wasn't sure you would text me back but it's me who thanks you. Hi J

? Hi J

v I know things are different but I really hope you take me up on that offer. Regardless of anything, I do miss you Piper.

? Why do you think I texted you Blake? I miss you to. Are you free for dinner tomorrow night? Perhaps it's time we get to know each other, maybe even build a friendship?

v Sounds great. I'll pick you up at 7? Casual and wear some boots. I'm taking the bike tomorrow night.

? You are, are you?

v Well, unless of course you don't want to ride with a potential friend, um, I'm willing to meet you if you prefer.

? No. Pick me up at 7 and I'll be sure to wear my jeans and boots.

v Just that huh? Sounds perfect to me.

? Funny!!!

Piper's smile reached to all of her nerve endings and she knew instinctively that Bean's confidence shouldn't be compared to someone who was trying to control the situation. She loved it and her assertiveness. In that moment, Piper recognized that there was a big difference between Blake and Robert and how they individually treated her. She also grasped that Robert's controlling temper had blindly always been there. His ideal characteristics were nothing like Bean's playfulness and honesty.

v I guess I'll see you tomorrow?

? Yes, you will. BTW Bean, congratulations again on the job offer.

v Thank you. Sweet dreams.

? Night Bean.

That night Piper had an awful time getting to sleep because she kept thinking about Robert and how he had reacted to the breakup. Her thoughts viciously ran around and around in her mind forcing her to reminisce about the last five plus years. The more she thought about her past relationship, the more she recognized the red flags that were predominate during their time together. When she finally fell asleep, all her thoughts were focused on the beautiful woman that still occupied a lot of her thoughts.

The next morning and day were filled with keeping herself busy until her date that evening.

v Piper, I'll be there in about 15 minutes.

The artist had already gotten out of the shower, straightened her hair and slipped her bra and underwear on when the text message came through. She calculated that she'd have enough time to finish dressing and do her makeup. She smiled feeling like a giddy school girl thinking she was going on her first date with the cutest boy in the world. Piper laughed out loud and couldn't help talking to herself about it.

“First date maybe but Bean is not a boy and I'm definitely not a school girl.”

After slipping her socks and dark blue jeans on, Piper put on her casual deep green V-neck sweater hoodie and finally slid into her gorgeous and used brown boots. She lastly made her way back to the bathroom and applied the finishing touches to her make-up. As she looked at herself in the mirror one last time making sure she looked presentable, she heard the doorbell ring. She excitedly half ran down the stairs and before opening the door looked at the wall clock and noticed Bean's punctuality. She smiled and calmed her nerves by inhaling the much needed air her lungs needed before opening the door.



Bean patiently stood at the door waiting for the woman of her dreams to open it. She knew that Piper believed that she wasn't interested in a relationship with a woman but for whatever reason, their connection was out of this world and something she could not overlook. Bean's body unconsciously shuddered in anticipation of seeing Piper again. She knew without a doubt that Piper was someone she was interested in dating but believed that the artist would never go for it.

Bean took a few good deep breaths but her muscles grew weak at the knees the second she saw the beautiful blonde standing in the door way. Nothing prepared her for the attraction and pull she had towards the gorgeous woman. It seemed surreal to be feeling this for another person who could never return the same emotions and feelings but Bean couldn't help herself. She smiled down at the smaller woman and took in her casual but exquisite attire. Bean smirked and hesitated when leaning in for a quick kiss on the cheek. Bean had wanted to kiss her on the lips but chickened out. She convinced herself that Piper feared the gesture and wasn't ready for such a display of affection.


When Piper opened the door, her stomach flipped and flopped all over the place. Bean stood there in a sexy men's leather biker jacket that fitted her upper body just perfectly. Her hair was a little messy because she had just taken her helmet off and that made her so extremely attractive. Her heartbeat increased and her hands instantaneously became clammy. She looked down and noticed the baby blue coloured jeans and a pair of black leather boots.


“Hey. How are you? I hope I'm not late.”

“I'm really good and no you're just on time.”

“Here, this is for you.”

Piper smirked and tilted her head to the side wondering what was in the beautifully wrapped gift box. If she ever received anything on any of the first dates she had, it was usually flowers but that hardly ever happened, even with Robert. She had to remind herself that this wasn't a date but everything in her felt like it was, especially with how things were starting off. Piper made some headway and opened up her gift to find a black motorcycle helmet, the cute half ones that wouldn't cover her entire face.

“Extremely charming Bean.”

“Well, I really couldn't bring you flowers now could I?”

“I suppose not. Thank you.”

“I love to ride and I figured that if we were going to be friends that you should have your very own helmet.”

“You're right.”

Piper unconsciously stepped into Bean's private space and intuitively snuggled her smaller frame into Bean's. She didn't have to wait very long for those amazing arms to squeeze her in return. Piper could feel the warmth coming off of Bean in waves but what immediately got her attention was the fact that Bean's body was trembling. Piper closed her eyes and inhaled Bean's smell, trying not to make it obvious that she longed to be held for the entire night. Before things got awkward, Piper reluctantly stepped out of her new favourite spot in the world and smiled at her handsome friend.

“Are you ready?”

“Almost, I just have to grab my jacket.”

“Ok. I'll meet you at the bike.”

Piper watched Bean turn around and walk down the walkway towards a gorgeous black and chrome low rider. She had always loved motorcycles and for the most part grabbed a ride whenever she got the chance. Bean's powerful bike looked sexy and so comfortable. She couldn't wait to get on it so she grabbed her leather jacket, locked the front door and half jogged to the ferocious looking monster.

The ride to the restaurant had been exhilarating and exactly what the doctor had ordered. She found comfort and relaxation while riding on the up-seat of Bean's bike. Once they were seated at their table, Piper couldn't help but look at the stunning woman sitting across from her. Her mouth watered because of how attractive Bean was. A fair amount of men had pursued her but never someone as good looking as Bean. She smiled and watched the excitement return in Bean's exotic dark grey eyes.

“Did you enjoy the ride?”

“Absolutely. I hope you take me again.”

“Of course. I'd like that.”

“I did.”

“I take it I'll always have to take the bike when picking you up now?”

“You might.”

The duo laughed and observed the nervousness between them. Piper looked into the eyes of her table guest and frowned slightly at how much time they had lost. She thought about how dishonest they had been towards each other and wanted to clear the air. She wasn't exactly sure Bean was up for the discussion but knew in her heart that they needed to talk about it if anything was going to happen between them.

“What's the frown for?”

“I was just thinking about how things got messy between us.”

“I've been thinking about that myself.”

“And what do you think?”

Piper examined Bean taking a much needed moment of silence while sliding back against the bars of her chair.

“I never meant to hurt anyone. When you accidently texted me, I was just being my playful self. You know that cocky kind of fresh behaviour I have going. I didn't know if you were a man or a woman but if you must know, something told me you were a woman. I then basically just sort of got hooked into you and for the most part never said anything because at first I didn't think it mattered. I realized those boundaries were crossed and by the time it came to meeting, I felt nervous about all of it because I had an inclination you thought I was a man.”

“Then why the charade?”

“I don't correct anyone about my gender. I never have and to be honest, I thought it didn't matter. Now, where I'm wrong in all of this is that when a woman is potentially interested in me, my gender needs to be clarified. When we talked, I guess I forgot about that. I was drawn to you and a part of me wanted you to just like me for me.”

“I'm not innocent either Bean.”

“I know. I was pretty upset with you for not telling me that you already had a boyfriend.”

“I totally understand. I was pretty upset with myself but at first, it didn't matter because you were great to talk to. Things sort of shifted when we decided to meet.”


The two talked over dinner, dessert and finally a night cap. Piper couldn't take her eyes off of the person in front of her and when Bean got up to use the bathroom, the waitress came over to ask if they wanted anything else.

“Would your partner like anything else?”

Piper declined but thanked her. As the woman walked away, Piper recognised that the waitress had obviously picked up on the fact that Bean was a woman and not a man. It shocked her because it was the first time anyone had paid real attention to the woman who was most often mistaken for a man. The sock continued when she realized the waitress had assumed that they were a couple and that gave Piper butterflies in the pit of her stomach. Piper didn't often come across anyone so comfortable with lesbians which only added to her confusion because once again her father had been wrong about people. She grew up in a house where homosexuality was a disgusting sin and she feared the idea of loving a woman or whomever she connected with if her father didn't approve. It seemed silly now that she thought about it but she was still following her dad's expectations.

After Bean returned from the restroom, she paid the bill and asked Piper if she minded taking the longer route home. Of course Piper didn't mind and was pleased at the offer. She didn't want the night to be over but had to work in the morning. She wasn't looking forward to being apart from Bean either. There was something absolutely mesmerizing, beautiful and so comfortable about being with the strong confident CFO.

When Bean expectedly parked her roaring machine in the driveway, Piper immediately felt a deep sensation of loss. She didn't want Bean to leave but wasn't sure how to convey that. She was also still very confused about her feelings especially since the sparks continued to fire around in her soul. She was conflicted and the idea of following her dad's expectations made her feel that much more alone in the world.

“I had a lovely evening Bean, thank you.”

“It's me who thanks you. Do you think we could do this again?”

“I was hoping we would.”

“As friends?”


“What about your boyfriend?”

“That's a long story but know that he isn't in the picture anymore.”

“Fair enough.”

Piper looked into those amazing eyes and held Bean's gaze. Her stomach continued to produce this unbelievably crazy amount of nausea but she refused to look away. She hoped with all of her might that Bean saw the interest and excitement in her eyes but she wasn't sure, especially seeing Bean's guarded emotions.

“For what it's worth Blake, you make me feel things I've never felt before and that scare me to death!”

“Oh no, you're using my first name. This must be serious.”

“It is you goof.”

“If it's any consolation, you make me feel like I'm living in a fairy tale and that shocks me.”

“Well at least now, we can be scared together.”

“I never said I was scared Piper.”

“Whatever you say tough guy.”

Bean bashfully looked away and smirked when she turned to look into those amazing emerald green eyes.

“That's right. I have a reputation to uphold you know.”

“I understand completely. Good night Blake.”

“Good night my fortune teller.”


Four Weeks Later

“Piper, where the hell are you? Do you realize you haven't returned any of my calls? I'll keep calling until you pick up and if I find out you are still seeing that jerk from the Art Show, I won't be happy. We belong together! Don't make me do anything reckless. Call me.”

Piper slammed the receiver back down into its cradle. After four weeks, Robert still called her every single day not exactly threating her but pretty close. She wasn't sure what to do and didn't know if she should tell Bean about it. It seemed futile at first but the more the phone calls came, the more forceful Robert's tone became and deep down she feared what he would do next. More importantly however, she was upset with herself for not sharing what was happening with Bean. She was keeping this from her and she knew it was wrong but she didn't want Bean to worry. When she seriously thought about it, she knew she was protecting Bean from whatever backlash she would get from Robert.

v Hey babe. How are you?

Piper couldn't help the smile that was plastered on her face. She literally had no idea how she could easily go from one negative emotion to a positive one. In a fraction of a heartbeat, her world was turned upside down. She re-read her text message and realized Bean had called her Babe for the first time. She wished in that moment that she could have heard Bean's voice when saying it but settled for the text.

Their friendship had grown to a level where now they cuddled on the couch when watching movies, always touched each other in some way or another and kissed but only on the cheeks. Piper couldn't deny her attraction or feelings anymore. Being friends was no longer acceptable so a few nights ago they had talked about differentiating their relationship. They were a couple now. It wasn't a secret by any means but they kept a low profile until they both were ready to tell Brandon, Piper's father. It didn't seem like the thing to do just yet because both Piper and Bean had reasons not to tell the Jackson Inc. CEO of the relationship.

? Hiya handsome. I'm great, you?

v I'm good. What are you doing?

? I'm doing exactly what you should be doing.

v And what's that beautiful?

? Getting ready for Dad's dinner party.

v LOL, right of course. You mean I have to stop day dreaming about you?

? Uh huh. Charmer.

v Are you free for dinner tomorrow night?

? Only if you pick me up on that gorgeous bike of yours.

v Phew. Thank God I have a bike.

? Exactly.

v Good. Pick you up around 7?

? Perfect. See you in a little while.

v You bet. J I miss you btw.

? Me too Bean, me too.

Piper eventually made it to her parent's estate. As she walked into the beautiful mansion, she tried to calm her nerves and hastily went through her breathing exercises trying to get her pulse under control before meeting her father. It seemed impossible and the harder she tried, the more her body did what it respectfully wanted. She was going to see Bean and the excitement was blissfully exhilarating for her. Bean had become such an important part of her life.

“Hi Mom, how are you?”

“Hello sweetheart. I'm well, how are you?”

“Good. Where is Dad?”

“He's in the office with Blake. They are talking business so I doubt they'll be out before dinner.”


“What's that smirk for honey?”

Piper slightly turned away from her mother trying to disguise her now darker shade of blush but her mother was too quick for her.


“Does that stunning man have anything to do with your reaction?”

“Who, Blake?”

“Who else Piper?”

Piper's blush instantly turned into a frown while watching her mother's expression turn into an inquisitive look. Barbra's daughter had no idea how to tell her mother that she was now dating Blake but more importantly that Blake wasn't a man like everyone believed. That part of Bean's life still seemed confusing for her because she still occasionally thought that Bean purposefully didn't confirm her identity. Not that anyone really needed to do so but in Piper's eyes, she wondered if Bean had a responsibility in telling people. It was new to her to be with someone as confident as Bean, especially when she believed she didn't have to tell those around her that she was in fact a woman.

“Can we talk about this later?”

“Of course sweetheart. Dinner is ready and your father and his new CFO are finished talking.”

“Thanks Mom.”

The entire room full of guest was asked to be seated at the dining table and to her surprise, Bean was asked to sit beside her. Piper smiled and often glanced at her secret girlfriend, enough so that her mother suspected that something was happening between the two. She couldn't help but grin as she saw the genuine attraction and excitement in both of their faces.

Piper was talking to Daniel, her father`s right hand man, when in mid-sentence her words froze on the tip of her tongue. Bean slid her hand gently on her upper thigh. Instinctively her entire body responded to Bean`s seductive touch.

“How is…?”

“How is what?”

“Sorry Daniel, how is business?”

“Wonderful. Just waiting for another promotion.”

“Very funny. You're already dad's number one.”

Piper momentarily paused and subsequently sent her free hand to join Bean's. Their fingers magically intertwined together and both women felt the warmth crawl into each other's souls as their connection increased that much more. Piper continued to talk but had a glow in her eyes from Bean's touch. She totally missed Daniel's dancing eyes.

“Oh, I heard this funny joke in the office this morning.”

Every guest sitting at the dinner table looked at Brandon, waiting for the joke to come out. Piper was engrossed in the sensations Bean was giving her. Bean lightly dragged her blunt fingernails against Piper's skin.

“Oh I've got it. What did one lesbian say to another?”

The whole room except for a few people patiently waited for the answer. Everyone knew Brandon was an arrogant pompous ass and that this would simply be just another one of his disrespectful jokes.

“Your face or mine?”

Most of the guest laughed but Piper noticed the tension spread into Bean's touch. Piper knew there was nothing wrong with Bean's sense of humour but in this instance, both women knew it was because of Brandon's ignorance.

“Isn't that just disgusting? Those gays choose that kind of lifestyle you know. What do you think Blake?”

Bean let go of Piper's hand right away and looked around the table wondering if her anger was as transparent as she thought it was. Piper knew Bean would say something but she wondered how far Bean would take it. It wasn't often anyone tried to put her father in his place but she had no doubt that Bean wouldn't hesitate, especially when it came to this issue. Bean just believed that everyone had the right to live their lives however they wanted. It was conflicting because on the other side, Bean never told Mr. Jackson that she was a woman. Piper understood that Bean hadn't corrected him for his sheer ignorance but now things were swiftly changing.

“I'm afraid you won't like my opinion on the subject Sir.”

“Well come on Blake, tell us what you think about those sinners.”

“That's just it Mr. Jackson. They aren't sinners. Shouldn't we all be allowed to love whom we love?”

“Not if you're both the same sex.”

“I disagree.”

Piper watched as her girlfriend and father stared into each other's eyes, neither of them ready to back down from their differentiation opinions. The tension now grew to fill the entire dining room and Piper looked very uncomfortable. Eventually Mr. Jackson backed off and smirked before opening his mouth again.

“That is exactly why I hired you Blake. You have a mind of your own and aren't afraid to stand up for what you believe, even if it's not true.”

Bean was going to retort Brandon's statement but quickly stopped when Piper placed her hand onto Bean's knee. Piper supported Bean but she knew how her father was and she didn't want either of them to get into it in front of the dinner party guests. Bean unfortunately didn't stay long after the dessert course was served. She leaned into Piper and whispered her goodbye. Piper understood Bean's predicament and wanted to follow but didn't dare leave her father's dinner party just yet.

When she felt it was safe to do so, she left the party but didn't hesitate to call Bean. They talked while she drove home and Bean explained to her how she was feeling. Bean told her that ultimately she would have to tell Brandon, especially if they continued with their relationship. Piper briefly wondered if she ever needed to tell her father, given that he honestly believed that Blake was a man.


A Month after That

? Hey you, I have to work a little late tonight. Can I meet you at the restaurant?

v No problem babe. Do you want me to push the reservation?

? Make it for 8:30?

v Alright. Is everything ok?

? Everything is fine. I have a few new artists coming in. I want to include their work in next week's show.

v I don't have the bike tonight.

? I have my car. I'll drive myself home tonight.

v Ok L

? I miss you Blake. Let's stay in this weekend, what do you think?

v That sounds perfect.

? Good.

v I miss you too babe. See you tonight.

? Bye.

Later that night, Piper walked into the steakhouse about 10 minutes late but immediately made her way to her dinner date. She leaned into her girlfriend, closed her eyes and Bean's smell kick started her libido like it always did. She softly kissed Bean's cheek and sat down across the table profusely apologizing for being late.

“Don't worry about it. I knew you were working late.”

“Thank you for being so wonderful Blake.”

“Charmers allow their girlfriends to be late babe.”

“Ha, they do eh?”

“Of course. We know who the bosses are.”

“I see. Well, I'm glad you know who wears the pants in this relationship.”


The couple laughed but didn't realize they had an audience watching them. Piper's ex-boyfriend kept a watchful eye on the duo as they talked and the closer they got to each other during dinner, the more Robert's rage boiled. Piper hardly noticed anyone else in the restaurant because she was captivated by the woman sitting across from her. Her life seemed to finally be falling into place and now she longed for an intimate connection with Bean. She knew in her heart that when it would happen that their love for each other would most likely be unbreakable. She couldn't imagine living her life without Bean and as she stared into the handsome face of her girlfriend, nothing prepared her for the unexpected blow she received across her face.




Bean happily stared into the eyes of the woman she now undeniably was in love with. Her relationship with Piper had effortlessly grown into something she had never experienced before. Piper had never been a conquest to Bean. The fact that they had now known each other for over eight months and their relationship still hadn't reached that rushed intimacy level, made Bean feel good about wanting to move their relationship forward.

Bean longed to undress the woman in front of her. She yearned to touch, feel and kiss every single inch of Piper's body. It was the connection she had always hoped for and wished that when they took that next step, all of her dreams would come true. As Bean looked into Piper's eyes and observed her emotions of love, happiness and excitement cycle one after the other. Bean felt on top of the world.

The CFO of Jackson Inc. realized that they were staring at each other but didn't blink until she saw a hand quickly slam against Piper's right cheek. Bean watched in horror as the powerful blow whipped Piper's face to the side with incredible force. The slap was so loud it echoed deep within Bean's core. It took Bean a fraction of a second to get up off her chair and stand in front of Piper's attacker.

When Bean met the eyes of Piper's ex-boyfriend, she cringed and held her anger in check. This wasn't the place to lose her temper but everything in her wanted to defend her partner's honor.

“Are you alright babe?”

“I'm fine Blake.”

Bean tore her eyes away from Piper to look at Robert but kept a protective hold on the woman in her life.

“It's about time you leave.”

“I'll be damned if you touch my girlfriend again.”

At this point, Piper was enraged and managed to yell out to Robert.

“Ex-girlfriend Robert!”

“Look, this is the last time I tell you. You need to leave. I could have you charged for assault so if I was you, I'd take off. Unless of course, you want me to take you out back.”

“Bring it on asshole.”

Piper unquestionably reached her girlfriend's side and as predicted, Bean immediately put her arms around the artist. The manager of the restaurant had made his way to the table and was already talking to Robert when Bean took a chance and glanced in his direction again.

“Mr. Beaner is a regular customer here Sir. I've already called the police so I suggest you come with us and leave these people alone.”

“This isn't over Piper. You belong to me remember. I won't have you whoring around town with strange men.”

Robert took off the minute he heard the sirens. Bean helped Piper sit back down onto her seat and they waited for the police to question them about the situation. The police eventually took a few statements and soon thereafter left the restaurant.

“What the hell was all that about Piper?”

“Blake, the man is insane.”

“It would appear so. What's going on? How did he know we were here?”

“I have no idea babe. I think there is something wrong with him.”

“What do you mean? Has something like this happened before?”

“No. Well, not exactly.”

“Not exactly?”

“Please handsome, I'm hurting and I want to go home. Can we please talk about this tomorrow?”

Piper watched the unhappiness creep into her girlfriend's eyes and wondered if she should now tell her about Robert. It wasn't something she no longer could keep from Bean but for now, hopefully Bean would allow her the space she needed. Bean agreed to talk tomorrow but drove the woman home herself. She wasn't about to let Piper out of her sight.

After dropping her off and listening to Piper lock her front door, Bean walked back to her Land Rover and spent the rest of the night keeping an eye on her girlfriend's house. She probably should of just asked to sleep in the guest room but she knew Piper needed some alone time so she opted to stakeout her girlfriend's house instead. Bean was ready for Robert to come to the house but to her disappointment, the jerk never showed up.



? Good morning sweetheart. How are you?

v Morning babe. I'm wrecked but doing fine. How are you?

? What do you mean wrecked? Is there something I should know?

v LOL, of course not Piper. I spent the night in my Rover.

? What? Why?

v I'm sorry babe but I just didn't want to leave you alone with that maniac running around town.

? Robert will not hurt me.

v You could have fooled me, especially after that nice beautiful purple bruise he gave you last night.

Piper increased her stride to get to the bay windows to search for Bean's black Land Rover. Her girlfriend's gallant protectiveness made her entire body melt. No one in her life had ever cautiously made her a priority and now that Bean was around, it seemed that she was her main concern. Piper didn't exactly enjoy the fact that Bean was outside staking out her home but felt that much more secure regardless. Ultimately, the thing that scared her the most was the fact that Robert had physically harmed her and the situation seemed to be growing more serious by the day.

? Alright smartass, I may need to re-think that last statement.

v I knew you would see it my way. What are we going to do about this?

? Let's talk about it when we see each other. Am I still seeing you tonight?

v I hope so Piper. I'll get the grill ready.

? Ok. Go home, get some sleep and I'll see you around 3.

v I'll be home all day. Come whenever.

? I have a piece to finish first. See you soon.

v Ok babe.

? Xx

Piper found herself in her studio but couldn't keep her mind off of Bean. She was in the mood to paint but something so profound kept her thoughts glued to the woman she was falling deeply in love with. Their relationship had progressed at such a perfect and graceful pace that now their foundation seemed to be solidified. Eventually she got into her work but didn't spend the amount of time painting as she had wanted to. She showered and made her way to Bean's house, fully expecting her to be lounging around, listening to her favourite record and reading.

Piper knocked on the door a few times but didn't hear anything coming from the other side of the door way. Her heart leaped into her throat as the unwanted images of Bean fighting for her life flashed before her eyes. The pain that struck her in the pit of her stomach violently jolted the bile that was threatening to erupt. She knew in that moment that Bean wasn't just another person in her life; Blake Beaner meant everything to her. Her world didn't make sense without Bean so she panicked; needing to make sure the gorgeous woman was safe.

She hurriedly tried the door knob and to her surprise the door came open, allowing all the smells that were Bean to waft into her nose. Piper closed her eyes and revelled in all that was Bean. She opened her eyes and smiled when she realized the CFO of her father's company was sleeping on the sofa. She gently closed and locked the door behind her and turned back around to find that the sleeping form had not moved a muscle.

The vinyl record that was spinning in the background painted the most gorgeous picture Piper could ever imagine. She couldn't help but stare at the stilled figure. Piper watched Bean's chest rise and fall, hypnotically brining her back to the simplest things in life. She walked closer to the sleeping form and knelt down just a few inches away. It was the most magical moment in her whole life. It felt right to be there and everything in her bones allowed her to silently thank the heavens for bringing such an incredible person into her life. Her heartbeat flew to inconceivable heights and the love she had for Bean tripled in those private personal moments.

Piper smiled and brushed a lock of dirty blond hair behind Bean's ear. The fireworks in her body exploded when she touched Bean's semi-smooth skin. When Bean's deep dark grey eyes fluttered open, Piper lost her breath. No matter how hard she tried, she always reacted like that when that soulful gaze penetrated her own soul. It always seemed surreal but she never questioned it. The love that poured out of Bean's eyes completely debilitated her, so much so that she wondered how she'd ever lived before she met Bean.

“Hi babe.”

“Hey you. I knocked. I didn't want to disturb you but you look so amazing when you're sleeping. I couldn't help myself but touch you. It looks pretty inviting in there.”

Bean didn't hesitate when pulling Piper into her embrace. Piper settled on Bean's carved bicep and allowed the taller woman's arms to preciously cradle her. It still took her by surprise when Bean touched her because it felt like it was the first time, every single time. She tingled all over and her heartbeat rushed the blood throughout her body searching to escape. Piper closed her eyes and allowed Bean's soft respirations to lull her to sleep.

When they woke up a few hours later, they talked about Robert. Piper had made her mind up about talking about Robert and the situation because it was important for Bean to know exactly what had happened and what he might be capable of doing, especially after last night's behaviour. By the time they were sitting down at the table on the outside patio, Bean had pretty much heard everything and wasn't happy about how eerie the situation felt.

“The guy sounds like a whack job.”

“At first I didn't think he was like that but after thinking about it, I remembered seeing some earlier signs. It's kind of spooky you know, being with someone and not really knowing them. More importantly, it's crazy that I didn't even see that behaviour until after we were broken up.”

“Why didn't you tell me, especially after all that we have been through?”

“I didn't want to tell you because I thought it would go away. I spent over five years with the man and thought he was just being himself. I mostly didn't tell you because if any of the thoughts I had about the situation came true. It would kill me. I felt I needed to protect you.”

Piper watched the adoration jump out from Bean's eyes. She wondered if anyone had ever wanted to protect her. Piper knew in that moment that she would spend the rest of her life trying to prove to Bean that she could also put on that armour and fight for her. It's something she automatically knew she would do. She couldn't help but smile at what she was thinking about.

“What are you smiling about over there?”

“I'm smiling because I'm happy Bean. Our relationship is healthy and normal and what I've always wanted. Does that make sense?”

“More than you know. It's really nice to have someone in my life who wants to give just as much as I do.”


The couple discussed what they should do about Robert but weren't able to come up with any kind of sound plan on the matter. The best thing was that last night's incident was already filed with the police and now they had a record of his behaviour. Apart from that, the women didn't know what to do except to watch their backs and report anything Robert did. In all seriousness, Piper knew it wasn't something the couple should take for granted.


Later That Night

v Hiya beautiful.

? Bean, what are you doing? I'm in the next room silly.

v I know. I didn't want to yell you know. Besides, I know you like texts.

? Oh I think I more than like them.

v Oh yeah?

? Yes.

v I had a really great time tonight.

? Me too.

v It's kind of lonely in here, are you interested in bunking with me?

? Why did it take you so long to ask?

v LOL. I'm not always cocky you know.

? Uh huh. Be right there.

Piper turned off her smartphone and ventured to the guest bathroom before making her way to the Master Bedroom. Her heart raced and she wondered why she was sweating so much but in reality it was because this was exactly what she had always wanted. When she made her way into the bedroom, she knew Bean had also made her way to the bathroom.

The elegant and sophisticated room oozed of Bean. There was masculinity about it but it only made Piper feel that much more comfortable in her setting. The furniture in the bedroom was of a sleek mahogany colour. The lamps were softly lit and painted interesting shadows that only increased Piper's attraction to the mysterious but uniquely comfortable environment. When her eyes found the enormous bed nestled in the middle of the room, her pulse throbbed that much more.

Something caught her eye at the very last minute before making her way into the inviting bed. She hadn't seen that painting since the night of her own art show. Her assistant Lisa had given her the name of the mysterious buyer who had purchased her favourite painting but until now

hadn't put two and two together. She subconsciously held her breath and placed her hand to her chest, this time, not willing it to calm itself. Piper stood there overcome with passion, love and honour.

Piper closed her eyes to try and capture the exact feeling in her mind but was distracted by the magical hands that slithered around her waist. The motion was excruciatingly slow, kind of like Bean was memorizing every single inch of abdominal region. When Bean's hands reached each other, she slipped her fingers under Piper's tank top to feel the smooth skin. Piper abruptly took a short breath and leaned into the muscled form behind her.



“That's a mighty nice piece you have up there.”

“It is isn't it? You see this amazing artist painted it. It is breathtaking isn't it? Actually, kind of like the artist.”

“Really? She must be something else?”

“Oh she is. Very much.”

Piper and Bean hadn't properly kissed since finally agreeing to a dating relationship but she knew in that moment that this kiss would seal her feelings for the CFO. Bean turned her around and pulled her body right tight against hers. The moment was beautiful for Piper. For the first time in her life she felt like she was living the life of a fairy tale. Piper closed her eyes and waited for those inviting lips to kiss hers. She didn't have to wait long.

She thought she felt like she was floating but soon realized it was Bean who had brought her impossibly that much closer. Piper felt the chiselled frame cradle her which only fueled her desire that much more. Blake was attractive but this vulnerability and sensitivity that she showed just surpassed anything she had ever hoped for in a partner. In that moment of absolute clarity, she vowed to never forget her moment of truth. She would safely keep it deep in her

thoughts for the rest of her life.

“I've been waiting my whole life for that moment Piper Jackson.”

“Apparently so have I. You make me feel things I only read about in novels.”

“Didn't you know, I'm the king of sensuality?”

“Ha ha, you are something else.”

“Ditto. Are you ready for bed?”

“Uh huh.”

Piper couldn't believe how satisfying and wonderful one single kiss could be. More importantly she couldn't believe how Bean had balanced both male and female characteristic as well. She was comfortable in her own skin which confidently seeped out. Piper was grateful that Bean didn't push the subject of sleeping together because she was nervous about it. She had never been sexual with another woman before but in her mind, the only woman she wanted to be with was Bean. It was an adjustment and Piper respected Bean that much more for taking her time in sexually pursuing her.

Bean swiftly picked up the gorgeous blonde and carried her the short distance to the bed. Piper couldn't help but laugh and smile at Bean's charming behaviour. The best part was that Bean was always like that. Once they settled into bed, Bean opened up her arms and naturally Piper cuddled into her.

“I'm crazy about you Piper.”

“I know.”

Piper immediately felt a poking sensation in her side and laughed at the playful move that tickled her. She laughed out loud and couldn't help but fall that much more in love with the woman who had stolen her heart months ago. When Bean stopped, they both took a few deep breaths and smiled at each other. Piper kind of felt like she was a virgin and this was her first relationship and in a way it was. She couldn't wait to see what their future brought them but telling Bean she loved her wasn't an option just yet.

“I'm crazy about you to. More than I can explain.”

“You are so important to me. Thanks for taking a chance on us.”

“Thank you.”

“Night babe.”

“Sweet dreams Blake.”

Piper put her head down on her love's chest and could feel the hard pounding noises coming from Bean's heart. She questioned whether she should say anything or not but basked in the feeling because it mirrored her own. She thanked the Universe for allowing them in having a chance at being a couple and hoped her father would respect her decision. Lastly, before falling asleep, she prayed for the confidence in telling her father and the guidance in living the life she now knew she had to follow. Expectations or not, Piper deserved the life she was starting to build with Bean. She just hoped her father would see it her way.


The Next Morning

When Piper woke up the next morning, she could feel the excitement in between her legs. Nothing had happened but just being in Bean's presence always excited her. This however was on a whole new level and something inside her clicked. She was in a love with a woman and was afraid of what that actually meant. She wasn't afraid of Bean per-say but afraid of the feelings that arose from being with her. Until that moment, she hadn't level headedly thought about what would happen in the real world. The unknown of the situation freaked her out a bit but she was so drawn to Bean. It confused her that much more because she just wished she could be more relaxed and not care about what other's thought. Her closeted upbringing was now kicking in and she hoped alongside Bean that she could move forward and free herself from her expectations.

Soon Piper forced herself to let it go and be in the moment with Bean. She smiled at the beautiful rock hard body under her and again felt a big pang in her belly. It wasn't only her physical appearance that really got her going but the person Bean was. Piper couldn't help but kiss those amazing lips again. She didn't care that she would wake her soon to be lover because everything in her wanted that connection. Bean didn't hesitate from giving her that joy. Even in her sleep, Bean was drawn to the woman half on top of her.

Without even knowing what was happening, Bean had seductively taken Piper's tank top off. Bean drowned in Piper's beauty and couldn't take her eyes off the gorgeous body. She took her own top off without thought and instantaneously pulled Piper's body flat against hers. When their skin touched for the first time, the women sighed and melted into each other. As they kissed again, allowing each other the time in exploring each other's mouths, both were riveted in mid motion by the disturbance outside Bean's window.

When Piper looked at the window, she couldn't see anything and then the moment was gone for her. She wondered if it was a sign that they were going too fast and was somewhat thankful for the commotion. She looked back at Bean who was staring outside. She smiled knowing that Bean would probably get up to make sure everything was alright and before she knew what was happening, Bean was slowly turning her over onto her back. She kissed her soundly on the lips before putting her tank top back on and leaving the warm bed.


Bean was a little irritated by the fact that something had disturbed her moment with Piper but was intrigued at the same time given that her bedroom window was on the second floor of the house. Bean didn't hesitate to look out the window and by the time she got a good look outside, she had missed the man that was stealth-fully hidden in the bushes. Bean briefly wondered if Robert had been around her home but forgot about the idea knowing that Robert didn't know where she lived. Still, something felt strange to her but she put those feelings on the back burner

wanting to get back to her treasurable gift that was still waiting in bed.

Bean took another look into the bushes but couldn't see anything so she turned around and walked back to Piper who was still on her back. As she got closer, Piper motioned for her to get into bed which is exactly what she did. Of course the mood was gone but she couldn't help but find her sanctuary in the woman that was now beneath her. Her sex drive kicked into overdrive at the thought of being on top of Piper but the subtle fear that showed in Piper's eyes stopped her from going through with what her needs cried out for.


The Following Evening

“What can I do for you?”

“Well Brandon, I thought perhaps it was important that you see what kind of woman your daughter is.”

The man with the disgusting expression looked up to Piper's father while giving him a package. Brandon didn't waver to open the big envelope to see what was inside. He however quickly threw the photographs of Piper and Blake onto his desk. The man who had spied on the couple looked proud but slightly flinched at the anger that showed in Brandon's face.

“What in the hell is this?”

“What does it look like?

“You mean to tell me that Blake Beaner is a woman?”

“More importantly, your daughter is sleeping with this woman.”

“That's bullshit. My daughter isn't a gay!”

“Think what you want Sir, that's your daughter half naked with Blake, your CFO. I took the pictures myself.”

It didn't take long for Brandon's disgust to shine through his facial expressions. By the time the photographer knew what was happening, everything on Brandon's desk was violently thrown in every direction.

“You will continue to follow my daughter.”

“As you wish Brandon.”

“If that woman so much as touches my daughter again, I'll kill her.”

As the man left Brandon's side, he smirked and laughed. Finally, his plan was in motion.

The End


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