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Katherine awakened slowly with a feeling of mild panic. She was aware of a dead weight on top of her pressing her down, imprisoning her. She struggled to come to full consciousness, then felt the growing panic lift as she realized that the weight she felt pressing her down was the sleeping form of a now familiar small, blonde woman. She gently pressed her lips against the blonde head lying on her shoulder, and sighed a deep sigh of contentment as her mind replayed their earlier lovemaking.

Katherine was surprised that she did not want to move away from the small form in her arms, to send her packing. Always before, whenever she slept with a woman, she never spent the night at their place nor did she invite them to hers. Finding physical release through a sexual encounter was one thing but making love, entering into a relationship, a commitment, was quite another. Katherine was certain that Laurel would never settle for a one-night stand. She had commitment with a capital C written all over her. In an odd way, that knowledge simultaneously frightened and calmed the taller woman.

Laurel moaned slightly and rolled away from Katherine, their legs disentangling as she turned. Katherine felt the coolness of the air hit her body and experienced a deep sense of loss. She turned on her side and reestablished the connection by spooning herself around the smaller woman, one arm over her side, her hand lying gently on Laurel's breast, her mouth against the back of her neck. Without waking, Laurel wiggled her bottom into Katherine's groin and placed a small hand over the larger one on her breast.

Katherine lay there contentedly. 'I could get used to this,' she thought.

'Damned straight,' said her alter ego.

'Straight? Never.' Katherine's mind replied.

Katherine was pulled from her reverie as she felt Laurel begin to move and stretch against her.

"Good morning, sleepyhead," Katherine whispered to the smaller woman.

Laurel sighed contentedly. "Good morning, yourself, K.G." she replied affectionately. She rolled over and moved breast to breast against Katherine, sliding her leg in between Katherine's legs as she did so. It was a natural and relaxed movement, so familiar that anyone looking at them would have thought they had been lovers for a long time rather than for just one lust-filled night. Katherine put an arm around Laurel's waist and drew her even closer.

Laurel placed her head on Katherine's shoulder and began to move her tongue in the indentation she found there. Katherine stiffened involuntarily. Her body knew before she did exactly what Laurel had in mind and Katherine wasn't ready to go there. Katherine consciously forced her body to relax, hoping the smaller woman wouldn't sense her rejection.

"Sorry," Katherine said, disentangling herself from Laurel. "I have to...uh...use the facilities," she continued tightly as she moved away from Laurel and slipped from the bed.

Laurel lay on the bed and watched the taller woman stride to the bathroom. 'What just happened here?' she thought.

She heard the toilet flush and the sound of the shower running. 'Maybe it was just my imagination.' Laurel thought. She started to rise and join K.G. in the shower, but her instincts stopped her, and she stayed in the bed waiting for Katherine to complete her morning ritual.

Katherine returned to the bedroom and stood by the bed drying her hair with a large bath towel.

"Why don't you shower and meet me in the kitchen," Katherine said as she leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Laurel's lips, hoping against hope that her kiss would remove any curiosity lingering in the small blonde's mind because of her cold response to Laurel’s earlier overture.

Laurel resisted the urge to reach out and touch the breasts hanging so dangerously close to her. She wanted nothing more than to make passionate love to the woman above her, to feel and taste K.G. as intimately as the taller woman had felt and tasted her the night before. Instead, she restrained herself and followed Katherine's lead.

"That's a good idea," Laurel whispered against Katherine's mouth. "I'll see you there in a few."

Katherine watched Laurel pad into the bathroom and felt a strong desire stirring once again in her loins. She remained standing until she heard the shower start and fought back the urge to tear into the bathroom and ravish Laurel in the shower. She wondered what the younger woman would think if she just barged in and took her then and there with none of the gentle passion of the night before.

'Uh, uh,' her alter ego cautioned. 'Don't screw this one up, Katherine.'

Katherine shook the thoughts out of her head. 'I know, A.E.,' her mind replied. 'I know.'


Katherine went into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. She set the table then took some croissants and scones from the freezer and popped them in the oven. She removed some lemon curd and some raspberry preserves from the refrigerator and set them on the table. She poured two small glasses of orange juice and placed one in front of each setting. She was removing the croissants and scones from the oven when she sensed Laurel entering the room. She turned and cast an amused glance at the small blonde who was once again dressed in Katherine's oversized robe.

"Hi beautiful," Katherine smiled as she set the scones and croissants on the table. "I'm afraid I don't have a lot of groceries. If you don't mind, we'll just start with a continental breakfast, and I'll take you out for a real breakfast in a little while."

Laurel sat down at the table and smiled back at Katherine. "Continental's fine, but the day's half over. How about something a little more substantial than breakfast later?"

'At least she does want to see me later,' Katherine thought.

'Duh!' said Katherine's alter ego.

"Great, it's a date," Katherine replied as she sat down next to Laurel.

The two women ate in silence, each sneaking a sly glance when they thought the other wasn't looking.

Laurel lay her hand on the table. Katherine hesitated a moment, then reached over and took the small hand in her own. She turned the hand palm up and kissed it as she had that first night at Cherries.

"I could get used to this," she said, surprising herself that this time she had uttered the words out loud.

"So could I," responded Laurel softly, looking deeply into Katherine's eyes.

Laurel removed her hand from Katherine's and reached up to brush it affectionately against Katherine's cheek. Katherine willed herself to stay relaxed and enjoy Laurel's touch. Laurel smiled inwardly when she realized that this time K.G. had not flinched when she touched her.

The two women finished their breakfast in silence quietly enjoying each other’s presence. They rose together and began clearing the table.

"I'll do that," Katherine said.

"Let me help. After all, you cooked," Laurel joked.

"No, you just relax, you had a long night last night," Katherine replied.

"So did you." Laurel smiled and winked playfully. "Would you mind if I went upstairs and came back a little later? I really do need to get a change of clothes and make a few calls before dinner."

Katherine didn't want Laurel to leave, didn't want to break their growing connection, but responded agreeably. "That's a good idea. I have a few things to do myself. Pick you up in a couple of hours?"

"That would be great," Laurel replied. She walked over and kissed the taller woman on the cheek.

Katherine pulled Laurel into a strong hug, luxuriating in the feeling of the small body pressed against hers.

"I'll miss you," Katherine said.

"Me, too, you," the smaller woman replied as she headed out the door still wearing Katherine's robe. 'Hope I don't meet anyone in the elevator,' she thought.

Katherine finished straightening the kitchen then went into the living room and sat down at her desk wondering what the muses would send from her fingers to the legal pad in front of her. As she put pen to paper, she heard the soft sounds of a piano overhead and envisioned Laurel pouring her heart into the beautiful music wearing nothing but Katherine's much too large robe.


Lydia sat at her computer and read the words on the screen. She wasn't happy with the way the love scene played out and knew it would require a major rewrite. 'Too late for that, now,' she thought, then reconsidered. 'To hell with it. I'm going to take my time and write this right.'

The studio was getting impatient, but Lydia wanted the scene to play perfectly. It was six a.m. She had been writing since four. Maintaining the essence of a piece while adapting from book to script form was sometimes almost impossible. Yet, she hated scenes written for pure titillation; she wanted to convey the intensity of the emotions her characters felt for each other, to make it all seem real, not some contrived gimmick for the box office.

'Alternative fiction requires, no ... deserves ..., to be treated with the same dignity and respect as any other form of fiction,' she thought. 'I will not turn in a piece of crap just to meet the studio's arbitrary deadline. They may not treat it seriously, but I sure as hell will!' She turned back to her laptop.

Lydia was so engrossed in her work that she didn't hear Regina enter the room. The taller woman walked quietly over to where Lydia sat and put her hands on her shoulders.

"Good morning, darling," Gina said, moving her hands down Lydia's shoulders, across the front of her robe and onto her breasts, then resting her chin on Lydia's head. "How's it coming?" Her hands began to caress Lydia's breasts.

Lydia leaned her head back against Regina's stomach. "Don't start, Gina," she sighed. "I have a deadline to meet."

"Whatever you say, love," Regina replied, moving her hands off the top of the robe covering the smaller woman's breasts. She waited just a second, then slipped one hand between the robe and Lydia's skin, grabbing a nipple and pinching it gently. With her other hand she lifted Lydia's hair off the nape of her neck and bent down to suckle at the junction where the younger woman's neck met her shoulder. Never losing contact, Regina moved her mouth up the line of Lydia's neck and nibbled on her earlobe, waiting for the reaction she was sure would come.

Lydia gasped audibly and turned her head, inviting Regina's kiss. Their lips joined and Gina pushed her tongue into Lydia's waiting mouth. Regina felt the smaller woman struggle to rise from what was now becoming an awkward position. She stepped back and broke the kiss. "Sorry, love," Regina teased as she began to walk away. "I momentarily forgot about your deadline."

Lydia's jaw dropped as she watched her lover leave the room.

"Payback's a bitch, Gina," she yelled. She turned back to her laptop and smiled as she heard Regina's laughter from the bedroom.

Lydia worked for another hour, then rose from her desk and headed for the bedroom. When she reached it, she stood in the doorway watching the naked woman lying on the bed. Gina was on her back on top of the covers, one leg crooked to the side, one arm slung carelessly above her head. Her short, dark hair lay in careless disarray and her olive skin seemed to glisten in the morning light. Her full lips were slightly parted, and she breathed the heavy breath of sleep. Lydia stood there drinking in her lover's beauty. Even in sleep she found the taller woman achingly desirable.

Lydia slipped off her robe and moved quietly to the bed, stretching out beside Gina, careful not to awaken her. She lay on her side, head propped in her hand, and watched the rise and fall of Gina's breasts.

'Payback time,' Lydia thought as she reached her other hand over and tangled her fingers in the dark curly hair between Gina's legs. She began to slowly rub her fingers between the taller woman's legs spreading her lips as she did so, touching her clitoris then gliding slowly to her opening. She felt a hint of wetness begin and circled her finger in it before moving it back towards the dark-haired woman's downy mound.

Still asleep, Gina began to move against Lydia’s hand, quiet moans escaping from her lips. Lydia leaned in and took a breast in her mouth, gently biting the hardened nipple she found there.

Gina eyes flew open and she reached down and grabbed Lydia's hand, forcing her teasing fingers inside her. "Payback's wonderful," she growled as she stretched her arm to guide her own fingers inside Lydia, her thumb on the smaller woman's clitoris, and one finger hitting gently just in front of her anus.

The smaller woman was overwhelmed by desire; she knew she had lost the game but she also knew that neither she nor Gina would stop until the other was absolutely and totally satisfied.

'On the other hand, maybe payback isn't such a bitch after all,' Lydia thought smugly as she felt the first waves of orgasm roll over her and heard her lover's voice calling her name.


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