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Part 8

Lydia and Regina sat in the VIP lounge at JFK International waiting to board their American Airlines flight to Paris.

"I'll miss New York," Lydia said.

"I know, darling, but it won't be long until we're back here," Regina replied. "Besides, I thought you were getting restless to get out of the States."

"I was. I am. I'm looking forward to Paris and Rome. I've just enjoyed it here. These last six months have been the longest we've been together in one place since we met. It's seemed more like we had a home instead of a temporary stopover."

"I didn't realize it mattered so much. For me, wherever you are is home," Regina said.

"Oh, Gina, it's the same for me. I don't know, I think I get a little 'nesty' once in a while. It must be hormones or something. Forget it, darling. I'm just being silly," Lydia smiled and turned back to the book she was reading.

'Perhaps when this tour is over, we can do something about that nesting instinct,' Regina thought.

An attendant walked up to the two women. "Ms. Croft. Ms. Bramante. Your flight is ready to board," he said.

"Thank you," Lydia replied as the two women rose and headed out to the plane.


"Welcome aboard American Airlines Flight 121, Ms. Bramante, Ms. Croft," the flight attendant said handing back their tickets. "We hope you have a pleasant flight."

Lydia couldn't help notice how the attendant's eyes swept over Regina as she spoke. 'Hands off, lady,' she thought with amusement. 'This one's mine.'

Lydia smiled at the attendant. "I'm sure we will," she replied, emphasizing the 'we.' She was used to people finding Gina attractive. Her olive complexion and dark captivating eyes oozed sexuality. She moved her long, lean body with the strength and confidence of a panther in heat. Just thinking about her aroused Lydia. 'Behave yourself,' she said to her libido. 'It's going to be a long flight.'

When they reached their seats in first class, Lydia took off her jacket and stowed it in the overhead compartment. She moved to the window seat while Regina stowed the rest of their carryons then sat down beside her.

Takeoff was uneventful and soon they were out over the ocean. Lydia unbuckled her seat belt and reclined her seat slightly. She opened the book she had been reading and settled in for the flight. Regina worked on some sheet music before her on the dropdown tray, her dark head bent in rapt concentration.

Lydia looked up as the flight attendant stopped next to them. "Hi, I'm Tracey. Can I get you something to drink," she asked pleasantly looking straight at Regina who ignored her presence.

"A gin and tonic with a twist of lime," Lydia replied. "Gina?"

When Regina didn't respond, Lydia poked her on the arm. "Gina, would you like something to drink?"

Regina looked up. She hadn't been ignoring the flight attendant; she just hadn't noticed her presence. "Oh, uh, a Chablis would be nice," she muttered distractedly and turned back to her work. The attendant smiled and left to get their drinks.

'Jesus, she's hot,' the flight attendant thought as she glanced back at Regina. 'Wouldn't I love to be wrapped in those arms and legs.'

"Gina," Lydia said indulgently. "Don't be rude. Try to limit the grunts, it's going to be a long trip. A smile and a thank you once in a while would be nice. The poor girl is just doing her job."

Tracey returned with the drinks and smiled as she handed Regina her wine. "Anything else I can get you," she purred at Regina.

Regina looked directly at her and smiled back. "No, nothing, thank you, Tracey. Perhaps, later," she said throatily. Regina patted the attendant on the arm and laughed inwardly as she felt her shiver under her touch. She held the attendant's gaze until she felt Lydia kick her leg. She looked quickly away and reached down to rub her ankle as the flight attendant moved on down the aisle.

Regina glanced at Lydia with amusement. "You told me to make nice, darling."

"I told you to be nice. I didn't tell you to make anything, especially not the flight attendant," Lydia responded pretending to pout.

Regina laughed and handed Lydia the napkin that had been wrapped around the bottom of her drink. On it Lydia saw a name, phone number, and the name of a hotel in Paris. 'In your dreams,' she thought. "Well, I can't blame a gal for trying," she said good-naturedly to Regina.

The two women finished their drinks in silence. "I think I'll take a nap," Regina said. She got up and pulled a blanket and pillow out of the overhead. "Would you like yours, too?" She asked Lydia.

"You might as well pull it down while you're up. I'll probably doze in little while." Lydia responded.

The women partially reclined their seats and covered themselves with their blankets. Regina turned off her overhead light and turned slightly on her side facing Lydia.

Tracey returned, took their glasses, and then moved up the aisle to attend to the other passengers.

Lydia picked up her book and began to read. In a few minutes Lydia heard Regina's deep, even breathing next to her. She smiled, certain that her lover was asleep. Lydia had only read a few pages when she felt a hand move under her blanket and grasp her breast. She glanced at her lover but her eyes were still closed. She laid her hand over Regina's, gently removed it from her breast, and moved it back under Regina's blanket. She returned to her reading and felt the hand once again slide under her blanket, this time reaching inside her blouse to tweak her nipple.

"Gina, are you awake?" She whispered. Hearing no response, she sighed and returned to her reading. The hand on her breast became more insistent and she glanced down again, this time seeing Regina quickly close her eyes.

'O.K.,' Lydia thought. 'Two can play this game.' She sat perfectly still pretending to read and to ignore the hand on her breast. Finally, the hand moved from her breast but just as quickly began to unbutton her blouse.

"Gina, cut it out," she hissed.

Regina didn't give any evidence that she had heard her. Lydia’s breath caught in her throat as she felt Regina's hand against her skin. Gina moved her hand slowly down Lydia's body to the waistband of her pants. She slipped her hand inside and moved it down just enough to cup Lydia yet not quite touching her center.

Lydia's arms were outside her blanket, and Regina could see the book trembling in her hands. She opened her eyes and looked directly into Lydia's. Regina opened her mouth slightly and let her tongue circle her lips, and watched Lydia’s reaction with amusement.

Lydia gasped. She imagined that Regina's tongue was on her, and the thought left her breathless. Lydia was awakened from her reverie by an unwelcome voice.

"Would you ladies like anything else?" Tracey asked.

Regina didn't move but closed her eyes and deepened her breathing.

Lydia sat perfectly still. "Nothing, thank you," she croaked. She felt Regina's fingers enter her slowly, surreptitiously, and had the sensation of Tracey seeing exactly what was happening.

"Are you all right?" Tracey asked Lydia. "You look a little flushed."

"Yes, just a small cramp," Lydia said shifting her body and raising her leg to slightly elevate her blanket. The move was just enough to give Gina deeper access, and Lydia gasped as she felt Gina push deeper inside and lay her thumb alongside her clitoris.

"Your friend is a deep sleeper," Tracey said.

"Yes, she is," Lydia replied wishing Tracey would melt into the carpet.

Gina stifled a laugh by pretending to snore while at the same time moving her fingers in a butterfly motion inside Lydia. She felt the smaller woman contract around her fingers and heard her exhale loudly.

"I think I'll take a nap myself," Lydia said dismissively to Tracey and reached up to turn off her overhead light. "Good night."

"Good night," Tracey replied as she moved away from the couple and up the aisle.

Lydia pulled her blanket up around her chin, and felt Gina inside her tapping on that small button of ecstasy. She took a deep breath and shoved her fist into her mouth as she felt the blast of an orgasm wave over her. She looked down at Gina with glazed eyes. "I'll get you for that," she whispered breathlessly.

"Welcome to the mile high club, darling," Gina whispered back with a devilish smirk.


Katherine awoke slowly and felt the softness of a breast beneath her cheek. She could see from the mantel clock that it was 3 a.m. She gently extracted herself from Laurel and stood looking down at the small blonde nestled on the couch. 'You are so beautiful,' she thought. 'I am so lucky.' She bent her knees and leaned down to put her arms under the sleeping woman. She lifted Laurel gently and felt her lean her head on her shoulder and put her arms around her neck.

"What are you doing?" Laurel mumbled, half-awake and half-asleep.

"Putting you to bed," Katherine replied.

"Stay with me," Laurel whispered.

Katherine carried Laurel to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. She undid Laurel's pants and began to slide them down over her hips, her fingers brushing her bare skin as she did so. She felt Laurel shudder under her touch.

"Laurel, help me out here a little," Katherine said.

Katherine felt the smaller woman shift and kick off the pants. Laurel lifted her arms over her head, and Katherine pulled off her sweater. When she had Laurel fully undressed, she stood at the side of the bed, removed her own clothing, and then lay down beside Laurel.

Laurel turned and nestled her body against Katherine's. She moved her thigh in between Katherine's legs and pressed herself against Katherine's thigh. Katherine placed her arms around Laurel, her hands lying lightly atop her buttocks. She kissed the top of Laurel's head.

"Go to sleep, Laurel," she whispered.

Laurel sighed. "I think I'm falling in love with you, you know."

"I know. I think I'm falling in love with you, too," Katherine replied. 'And it scares me to death,' she thought.

Katherine willed her breathing into a quiet, steady beat. Soon she felt Laurel's body relax against her and heard the soft, deep breathing of her sleep. It wasn't long before Katherine joined her there.


Katherine awoke in a tangle of arms and legs. She laid her cheek against the hair of the small blonde in her arms and sighed contentedly. Her arm was numb from the weight of Laurel's head, but she didn't want to move. 'This must be the closest thing to heaven,' she thought smiling to herself. She felt Laurel move in her arms and began to stroke her skin softly.

Laurel snuggled closer and began to nibble at the v between Katherine's breasts moving slowly across her chest until she was able to take a breast in her mouth. The sensation shot straight to Katherine's center, and she felt her body responding.

"Hmm. You taste good," Laurel whispered as she began to move against Katherine's thigh.

Katherine felt Laurel's wetness against her thigh and raised her leg to apply more pressure. They automatically synchronized their movements, slowly straining against each other until they felt the warm heat of mutual orgasm wash over them.

"I think I like waking up like this," Katherine said.

"Think? Think?" Laurel teased reaching down to touch Katherine. Katherine grabbed Laurel's arms and playfully flipped her over on her back.

"Oh no you don't," she warned Laurel. She laid herself against the smaller woman and nuzzled her neck. "I'm not done yet. You don't know the sleeping tiger you've awakened."

Laurel smiled into Katherine's shoulder. "Why don't you introduce me," she giggled.

Katherine rolled off Laurel and stood up.

"Hey, come back here," Laurel said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"I'm not going far. You just stay put," Katherine replied.

Laurel could hear the sound of water filling the tub. She smiled. 'O.K., tiger,' she thought. 'I'm ready for you.'

Katherine returned to the bedroom and held out her hand to Laurel. "Come with me," she commanded. Laurel stood obediently and followed Katherine into the bathroom enjoying the view of the tall, bare woman walking in front of her.

"Hop in when you're ready," Katherine said. "I need to run downstairs a minute. I'll be right back."

Laurel had just finished brushing her teeth and slid into the tub as Katherine returned. Laurel could hear the noise of clicking and a sound she didn't recognize coming from the bedroom. Katherine was fully dressed when she entered the bathroom and carried something behind her back.

"What have you got there?" Laurel asked.

"You'll see. Just lie back and relax." Laurel did as she was told. Katherine knelt down next to the tub and dipped a sponge into the warm water. She held the sponge up over Laurel and squeezed the water out over her, watching the beads of water roll down between her breasts. She opened a body gel and began to wash Laurel, massaging her muscles as she moved her hands over her body. Laurel let herself go limp and enjoy the sensation of Katherine's ministrations. When Katherine was finished, she asked Laurel to stand and began drying her with a large, warmed bath towel. She wrapped the towel around Laurel and, taking her hand, helped her step out of the tub and led her to the bedroom.

Set up at the end of the bed, Laurel saw a massage table. Katherine led her to it and, after removing the towel, helped her onto her back on the table.

"Close your eyes," Katherine said quietly. Laurel closed her eyes and waited. She heard Katherine start the CD player, and the sound of pan flutes playing by the ocean filled the air.

Katherine moved behind Laurel and placed her hands on each side of her head. She stood there letting her energy and Laurel's flow together until she felt the movement of Laurel's dura pulse. The feeling to Laurel was unbelievably relaxing and hypnotic. Laurel's entire being seemed charged with electricity as the energy flowed through Katherine's hands into her body, down her spine, into her feet.

Laurel's body continued to tingle as Katherine removed her hands and poured warm oil into them. She began to stroke the back of Laurel's neck from her shoulders to her head in slow, rhythmic motion. She dripped hot oil on Laurel's forehead and massaged it into her face and cheeks, then moved her hands in long, firm strokes down the sides of Laurel's neck and onto her shoulders.

Moving to Laurel's side, Katherine began slow, gliding strokes starting at Laurel's neck then moving across her shoulders, and down her arms, gently stretching and pulling the muscles away from the bone. Taking Laurel's hand in her own, she massaged the top of her hand and stretched and lightly twisted each finger, letting them slide one by one through her hand. Katherine lifted Laurel's hand and used her thumbs to stretch the palm with strong, certain strokes, then moved to Laurel's other side and systematically repeated her movements there.

Laurel lay on the table barely breathing, luxuriating in the feeling of the warm oil and Katherine's hands. Katherine poured more warm oil on Laurel’s body and begin to rub it on her chest and breasts in full, circular strokes, lightly twisting her nipples between her fingers as she moved over them.

Katherine's hands moved down Laurel's chest and over her abdomen, then reached under each side of her waist and stroked upwards in gentle pulls. Laurel could feel the muscles of her stomach contract with each stroke. She ached for Katherine to touch her more intimately but knew she had to let the scene play out in Katherine's timing.

Katherine placed one hand on each side of Laurel's thigh, and Laurel could feel the heat of Katherine's hands teasingly close to her center yet not touching her there. Katherine worshiped Laurel's body with long, soft strokes, and, when she reached Laurel's knee, she separated her hands and stroked a long stroke upward to her hip with one hand while she moved the other hand in the opposite direction, down Laurel's leg and over her foot. Laurel found the sensation exquisite.

When Katherine finished with both legs, she moved to the end of the table and began to massage Laurel's feet, each in turn, moving from heel to toe, caressing each toe one after the other, then placing her hands around Laurel's foot in a gentle twisting motion.

Katherine stroked upward on Laurel's legs until she reached her pubic mound. She laid the back of one hand against Laurel while she poured warm oil into her palm and let it seep through her fingers onto Laurel's center. She turned her hand over and began to massage the warm oil onto Laurel's center, sliding her fingers on each side of her clitoris. Laurel laid there, the rhythm of her breathing escalating with each movement of Katherine's hand. Her center throbbed wildly, and she ached for Katherine to move inside.

As if hearing Laurel's thoughts, Katherine moved her fingers ever so slowly down to enter Laurel gently, her palm against Laurel's clitoris. Katherine began to move her hand in and out, fluttering her fingers inside Laurel each time she entered her.

Laurel felt engorged; the red-hot heat of her longing almost took her breath away. She could feel each movement of Katherine's fingers and hand with such intensity that it all seemed surreal. Suddenly, Laurel felt the waves of one orgasm after the other flow over her until she could stand it no more and thought she would faint if it didn't stop.

As if on cue, Katherine paused, leaving her hand inside Laurel but not moving as she felt the smaller woman's contractions begin to subside.

Green eyes opened and stared into blue. Laurel whispered, tears sliding down the sides of her face, "Jesus, where did you learn that?"

Katherine smiled and leaned over to gently place a kiss on Laurel's lips. "You are so beautiful," she said. "I want to spend the rest of my life finding ways to pleasure you."


'It must be love," chided Katherine's alter ego.

'It is, A.E. Now go away. I'm doing just fine without you.' Katherine responded silently.


The plane landed at Orly Airport and taxied into the terminal. Lydia and Gina stood to retrieve their belongings from the overhead rack then disembarked. Customs went faster than anticipated, and it was not long before they walked out into the terminal and saw a chauffeur standing there with a sign that read "Bramante."

Gina walked up to the chauffeur and spoke to him. "Parlez-vous anglais?"

"Oui, Madame," he replied.

"Mademoiselle," Gina corrected. "Can you arrange for our luggage to be delivered to our hotel?"

"Yes, of course. I will see to it," the chauffeur said. He led the two women to the waiting limo and held the door for them to enter.

"Hotel Castiglione, Rue du Faubourg St. Honore," Gina instructed.

"Isn't that the hotel Tracey is staying at?" Lydia asked.

"I believe so. Do you want to offer her a ride?" Gina said.

"Not on your life, sweetcakes," Lydia responded. "She can walk."

Gina laughed heartily. 'This is going to be an interesting trip,' she thought.


To be continued in Part 9

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