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Part 5 - Polonaise

Lonnie watched Lark as she lay down on the bed beside her. 'God, you're beautiful,' she thought as she waited for the touch she knew was soon to come. She stared up at the taller woman, her eyes smoldering with desire. She could hear the escalation of Lark's breathing and the echo of her own ragged breaths. She felt the contractions begin between her legs and the rush of blood engorging her sex.

Lark propped herself up on one elbow and looked deeply into Lonnie's eyes. There was no mistaking the invitation and the hunger she saw there. She placed her lips against Lonnie's temple and trailed small kisses down her cheek. She covered Lonnie's mouth with her own and quivered as they breathed each other in. She laid the back of her hand against the side of Lonnie's face and stroked it gently, then turned and let her fingers trace a line across the small blonde's jaw to her soft lips.

Lonnie reached up and took Lark by the wrist, never breaking their gaze. One by one she sucked Lark's fingers into her mouth letting her tongue roll around the length of each finger before moving on to the next. "Please touch me," she whispered.

"Soon," Lark replied softly as she took the lobe of Lonnie's ear into her mouth and nibbled it lovingly. She blew gently into Lonnie's ear and ran her tongue around its opening. The smaller woman's breathing deepened in ragged gasps, each gasp sending lightning bolts down Lark's spine and into her throbbing center.

Lark feathered her long fingers along Lonnie's neck, across her shoulder and down her arm until she reached her waist. She reached her hand under Lonnie's waist and drew her closer, reveling in the touch of the smaller woman's skin against her own. Lark teased Lonnie's lips with her mouth and tongue, rimming her lips, then her teeth, and then withdrawing only to start again. Instead of deepening the kiss, she moved her mouth across Lonnie's jaw and down her neck nibbling gently.

She used her tongue to draw circles on Lonnie's breasts, first one and then the other, leaving them wet with her saliva. She blew softly on the wetness. The contrast of Lark's strong tongue and soft breath made Lonnie shudder with pleasure. Lark took each breast in turn into her mouth, filling it with them, suckling until she felt Lonnie's nipples harden in response

and small bumps of pleasure pebble her areola.

Lark moved her lips down the smaller woman's body, covering every inch with wet kisses, circling it with her tongue. She felt the small blonde arch as her body begged for more. Lark's long fingers stroked Lonnie's legs, moving up her thighs almost to her Venus mound, feathering inside and outside, then stopping, teasingly, only to begin again. She smelled the musky scent of Lonnie's need and felt her own center become liquid in response.

Lark reached behind Lonnie with both hands and lifted her by the cheeks, pulling her closer as she opened the lips below the smaller woman's pubis with her tongue. She curled her tongue and made hard strokes against Lonnie's clitoris, first one side, then the other, in widening concentric circles, moaning as she felt Lonnie harden under her tongue.

Lark flattened her tongue and ran it up and down against the length of the smaller woman's shaft, then sucked the swollen bud into her mouth and used the tip of her tongue to open the hood. She heard Lonnie groan and felt Lonnie's hips begin to move faster and faster as she tried to press harder against Lark's mouth. The small blonde was almost at her peak, and the larger woman knew it. Lark flattened her tongue and laved Lonnie's center, then thrust her tongue in and out of the smaller woman until she heard her scream out for release.

"Oh God, please," Lonnie begged.

"Tell me what you want, baby," Lark husked. "Tell me."

"Jesus, Lark, I need you...in me...please," Lonnie begged, her breath coming in rapid gasps. "Now! Now!"

Lark moved her mouth away and thrust first one finger, then two, then three into Lonnie's wetness. She curved her fingers until she could feel the spot she knew would be there. With her other arm she held Lonnie from underneath, pulling up with one arm while pumping rapidly with the other, her thumb against Lonnie's clitoris. She knew before Lonnie screamed

that she was ready.

"It's o.k., baby. Come for me. Now, baby, now." Lark moaned. "I've got you."

Lark felt the contractions, then the warm wetness gush against her hand. Wave after wave of internal muscle spasm gripped her fingers and held them like a vise inside of Lonnie. The feeling was so intense that Lark could not hold back, and she felt her own exploding orgasm, her vaginal spasms keeping pace with those of her lover with spontaneous synchronicity.

When the spasms stopped, Lark laid her head on Lonnie's stomach. They lay like that for a few minutes until she felt the smaller woman reach down and touch her on the head.

"Please come up here," Lonnie requested in a small voice. "Let me feel you against me."

Lark moved up and lay atop the smaller woman, her head on her shoulder. She felt Lonnie kissing the top of her head and delighted in the tickling sensation it evoked. After few moments, Lark rolled off Lonnie and lay on her back next to her. "This can't be comfortable for you," she said, pulling the smaller woman on top of her. "There, that's better."

Lonnie sighed in agreement, and smiled inwardly as Lark caressed her back gently, drawing small circles on her spine with her fingers. The two women lay there quietly breathing into each other, sated, until they fell into an exhausted sleep wrapped in each other's arms.


Lark awoke with a start, all of her senses instantly alert. She lay there holding Lonnie in her arms and listening to the silence of the night. There it was again - an almost silent shuffling at the balcony door, then a quiet scratching sound on the glass, and then the door sliding open. She extracted herself from Lonnie and slid from the bed, reaching for her Glock on the bedside stand. She threw a shirt over her head and tiptoed silently to stand behind the bedroom door. She held her breath as the door opened slowly.

Two hands grasping a gun came partway through the door followed by a large body. The dark form began to tiptoe across the room toward the bed where Lonnie lay sleeping.

Lark slammed her gun into the back of the intruder's head and saw him go down on one knee, the gun flying from his hand and sliding under the bed. She hit him again and he fell on his face. She put her knee in his back then grabbed the hair of his head with one hand and pulled his head back, laying the cold steel of her Glock against the back of his head.

He heard the hammer cock, then the sound of a very angry voice.

"One move you son of a bitch, and I'll blow your fucking brains out," Lark hissed.

Lonnie sat bolt upright in the bed clutching a sheet against her chest. She could hear thrashing on the floor at the end of the bed as she reached for the light on the bed stand. Just as the light came on, she heard Lark's angry words. Lonnie looked with confusion toward the sound and saw Lark straddling a large man, her gun cocked at this head.

"Don't, Lark," she called. "You've got him. Don't kill him."

Lonnie could see the anger in Lark's eyes and knew she was on the edge of pulling the trigger.

"Lark, don't, please," she begged. "Let the law take care of this. It's not worth it."

Lark looked up at her lover and saw the pleading in her eyes. She took a deep breath and then exhaled, willing her muscles to be calm. "Lonnie, bring me the cuffs off the dresser," she said. Lonnie pulled the sheet closer around her and did as Lark requested. She heard the click of the hammer as Lark released it without firing and Lonnie mentally breathed a sigh of relief.

Lark let go of the intruder's hair, grabbed the cuffs, and cuffed his hands behind his back. She got up and grabbed a belt from the chair, then knelt and wrapped it around the man's ankles.

"Get some clothes on," Lark ordered Lonnie. Lonnie grabbed her clothes and headed for the bathroom to dress.

Lark slipped on her jeans, and then returned to the intruder's side. She placed the muzzle of her gun against his temple. "Start talking! Who sent you?" she asked.

"Puta lesbiana," the man spat.

"Listen, asshole, you can talk or you can die, your choice," Lark growled, cocking the pistol. "Charla o dado."

"Dado!" The intruder hissed.

Lark released the hammer slowly. "You're lucky I don't want to mess this place up," she growled, wondering angrily if the man had simply called her bluff or was really ready to die. She stood slowly and headed out to the living room only to meet Max and Lonnie coming toward the bedroom.

"Call for backup, and get this son of a bitch out of here," Lark said to Max as she moved to Lonnie's side.

She put her arm around Lonnie's waist and led her to the living room. She could feel the smaller woman trembling against her. "Are you all right?" Lark asked.

Lonnie nodded. "Would you really have killed him?" she asked in return.

Lark hesitated, and then gave the only answer she could. "I wanted to, but no, it wouldn't have been a righteous shoot."

Lonnie sighed, pleased with the answer, knowing that had it been anything else she would have had to rethink her blossoming relationship with the beautiful woman before her.

Lark heard a knock at the door and let Max answer it. She knew that it had been a close call and a matter of pure luck that she was awakened in time to stop the intruder from reaching his intended goal.

Several agents came through the door, and Max led them to the bedroom.

In a few minutes, the women watched as the handcuffed intruder was led out the door by the


After the men left, Max walked over to the couch with a grim look on his face. "I am so sorry, Lark," he said dejectedly. "I should have had the balcony covered."

"Jesus, Max, don't blame yourself," Lark said. "I should have thought of it myself. It never occurred to me that someone would use the roof to get down to the balcony. Forget it."

Max smiled a wry grin. "Just to be on the safe side, I think we need to get you two out of here."

"Yeah, you're right. Let's go to my place, and I'll make some other arrangements from there. Can you get a crew in to clean this place up and get the balcony door fixed?" Lark asked.

"I'm on it. It'll look like nothing ever happened when Dr. Williams gets back," Max replied.


When Max, Lark, and Lonnie reached Lark's apartment, they found Jake, Sam, and John waiting there.

Lark opened the door to her apartment. It had been left closed up a little too long with the air conditioner set too high and there was a damp, musty smell in the air. She hit the thermostat for the air conditioner as she entered and began to light some incense sitting in a holder on the coffee table. Max, Lonnie, and the other agents followed her into the apartment.

"Hey, guys," Lark said as they entered the apartment. "It's great to see you. Are you doing O.K.?"

Sam and John looked sheepishly at Lark. "Uh, listen, Lark, we're so sorry about the courthouse fiasco," John said.

"Look, I'm tired of all these apologies," Lark replied. "You guys suffered a knock-out punch that you didn't see coming. That happens. We're all still here. Now get over it, and let's go on from there."

The other agents breathed a collective sigh of relief. The five of them were a team, all for one and one for all.

"We're here, Lark," Sam said. "And we're not leaving. We've got you two covered. If they try again, they'll have to go through us. And this time it won't be so easy."


Lonnie picked up the phone and dialed the courthouse. "Judge Lawson's office."

"Margaret, this is Judge Lonigan. Is Judge Lawson available?"

"Judge Lonigan. Oh my gosh. Are you all right? We've all been so worried about you."

"I'm fine, Margaret. Is the Judge in?"

"Oh, sorry. Yes. Just a minute, I know he's anxious to talk to you."

Lonnie heard the silence as she was put on hold. Then Harold Lawson's voice came booming over the phone. "Hattie! How are you? What can I do for you?"

"I'm fine, Harold," Lonnie said. "But, uh, there's been another incident, and I'm going to have to stay out for a while longer. I just thought you should know so you can get my docket covered."

"Another incident? What happened?" Lawson asked.

"Look, Harold, you have to keep this to yourself, but there was another attempt on my life last night. I guess even though the Dansky charges were dismissed, this thing is not going to go away anytime soon."

"You stay out as long as you need to, Hattie. I'll keep you covered. Did they catch the person who was after you?"

"Yes, the FBI has him in custody. Hopefully, he'll give them some useful information."

"I hope so, too," Judge Lawson said. "Do you need a place to stay?"

"No, I'm staying with one of the agents right now until they find someplace else. I'll keep you as informed as I can. And, Harold ... "


"Thanks for everything."

"Ah, think nothing of it Hattie. As long as you're safe. Goodbye, then."

"Goodbye, Harold."

Judge Lawson sat looking at the phone. 'That damn woman has the life of a cat,' he thought. He picked up the phone and dialed. When he heard an answer, he said, "This is Lawson. I need to see the man now."

"Just a minute," the voice replied. There was a few seconds of silence, then the voice spoke again. "Platinums. Back door. Half hour."

"I'll be there," Judge Lawson said.

Judge Lawson removed his robes and hurried out his office door stopping just long enough to instruct his administrative assistant. "Margaret, I have to go out for a while. Take a message. Beep me if there's anything urgent."


(To be continued)

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