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After the Glitter

by Sam Ruskin

Only a few pink and gold sparkles remained aloft, and those, only for the brief moments it took them to float to the ground. The sun was fully risen and Eve slept soundly, tucked safely into the bard's bedroll. What had once been a cozy campfire was now little more than promising embers. Just beyond the clearing, a small brook could be heard as it babbled along. Small animals went about their daily routines as an extended family of winged creatures met the day with song. A slight breeze carried the scent of the nearby lake, gathering the fragrance of jasmine along its way.

Gabrielle, realizing the warrior still held her securely in her strong arms, smiled. Gently placing her hands atop the forearms that were snugly wrapped about the bard's waist, the Amazon Queen turned ever-so-slightly. Warm, moss green eyes captured the sky blue orbs of a certain Warrior Princess.

"I believe," the small blonde grinned, "you said something about removing my doubt."

The tall hero raised a brow but couldn't stop the smile that spread across her tanned face. "Did I?"

"Mmmhmmm." Gabrielle returned a smile of her own that would stop a racing chariot in a Roman Coliseum.

Pressing the bard away just enough to fully turn her around, Xena brought them face to face. "I did, huh?"

Gliding small hands up strong arms, past tense neck muscles and into dark locks, the bard lifted a brow of her own. "Yes, Xena. You did. So, tell me oh great Warrior Princess. Is this anything like what you had in mind?"

Xena started to answer. She really did. But the love of her life has raised up onto her naked toes and caught the warrior's mouth with her own. The small bard had timed the capture perfectly, as Xena had just opened her mouth to speak. Spreading small, but strong hands, into dark locks, Gabrielle pressed her soulmate's mouth against her own. Sliding her hungry tongue alongside Xena's, the bard couldn't silence the sensual moan that escaped from her own hot lips.

"Mmmm. Oh, gods. Mmmmm." Xena's large hands found Gabrielle's tight ass and lifted the bard, moving them against a nearby tree. The warrior turned, pressing her own back into the ragged bark, as she pulled the smaller woman's body tightly against her own.

Caressing tanned cheeks and a strong jawline, Gabrielle's hands were on the move. Wrapping her powerful thighs about leathered hips, the bard found the tree kept her from circling and locking her legs as she had hoped. "Damn," she muttered.

Squeezing the rear end she had previously only dreamed of holding, Xena smiled. "Here, love. How's this?"

Feeling gentle hands press the soles of her feet into the backs of slightly bent, muscled thighs, Gabrielle let out a half moan, half grunt. The small movement had also pulled the bard's legs farther apart, pressing her so close to the warrior she could feel the damp heat.

"Gods, Xena." Gabrielle pulled Xena's tongue fully into her mouth and sucked passionately, unaware on a conscious level that her hips were keeping the same rhythm elsewhere.

It was at this highly inopportune moment that a certain little girl decided she was hungry. And, as anyone who has ever been around a hungry infant can tell you, she was not the least bit shy about making herself heard.

The warrior and bard groaned and whimpered in unison. Then they chuckled. The humor of their situation was not totally lost on them. Still, as glazed blue met smoky green, lips and tongues reached out for one another, in near frenzy. Strong hands pulsed the well-toned ass into thrusting hips.

"WAAAAAHHHHHH! WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" A wet, hungry bundle broke through the heavy breathing, demanding to be heard. She was. Even rabbits and chipmunks scampered away at the shrieks.

"Gods," the warrior groaned. "It takes me five freakin' years to get you into my arms and now I have to go let someone else suck on my breasts."

"Hey!" The bard warned. "Don't even THINK about it!" Gabrielle had scooped Eve up and was changing the tiny kill-joy. Xena straightened her leathers and moved next to the two people she most adored.

Taking the still noisy infant in her arms, the tall warrior-mom walked to the same tree and sat down, leaning into it's strength. Xena dropped her leathers off her chest and pulled the shift aside, revealing a milk-swollen breast. Gabrielle swallowed, unable to look away. The unhidden desire in her soulmate's eyes caused the dark hero to press her thighs together, tightly. The slight movement was not missed by the Queen of the Amazons, who smiled into the Warrior's embarrassed eyes.

"Is it my fault this is where she takes her meals?" Xena asked with a lifted brow.

"Well," Gabrielle settled next to the two people she could not live without. "Just you be sure that no one else dines there. Damned sure." The passionate bard raised both her own brows for emphasis.

Xena laughed. Before Gabrielle could think of anything else to say the quiet was filled with strong sucking sounds and all crying ceased.

"Never thought I'd see anyone with an appetite as big as yours," Xena smirked.

Gabrielle rose up next to the nursing mother on her knees and leaned in close to Xena's face. "You haven't seen anything yet, my love."

Xena swallowed. Loudly. Gabrielle's eyes twinkled into the blue ones she so adored. Soft fingertips brushed tanned cheeks as still softer lips brushed the warrior's jaw and ear.

"I love you, Xena. I think I have always loved you." Emerald eyes glanced down at the nursing child and smiled. Lifting her glance, the blonde beauty looked at her love as if in question. "Xena?"


"Would it bother you if I kissed you now? I mean...with Evie nursing and all?" Gabrielle was trying to hide both her embarrassment and her need, but the warrior could feel both. In more ways than one.

Dropping the other side of her shift to her waist, Xena carefully shifted Eve to the other breast where the sucking began anew. With her daughter settled, Xena took her free hand to touch Gabrielle's downcast face.

"C'mere you."

"But what if.." the bard's sentence was cut short by the warrior's probing tongue.

After long minutes of loving and exploring one another's mouths, they separated to allow air back into their lungs. Yet, the warrior's fingers remained tangled in the bard's short, thick hair. She had to breathe, Xena reasoned silently, but she didn't have to let go. And she didn't have to stop looking at the love of her life. Not now. Not ever again. Finally, she could gaze upon the small beauty to her heart's delight. That, she knew, would take forever.

"I love you, Gabrielle. I love you so much. I am so in love with you it has ached inside me."

Gabrielle smiled and tenderly brushed her soft lips across Xena's. "Remind me to thanks Artemis and Aphrodite for getting my tall warrior to talk to me," she teased.

"Don't you know why I never talked much to you before?"

"Huh?" Gabrielle looked up from the spot on Xena's neck she was tracing with her tongue. "Therthes a reathon?"

Xena giggled at the strange speech. "Having fun, Gabrielle?"

Green eyes danced in the sunlight. Feeling the warrior lean into the ministrations of her tongue, she grinned. "You mmmmean you're mmmmm not?" Then, with a gleam in her eye, she began to suck Xena's neck at the pulse point.

"Oh gods," Xena mumbled as she shifted slightly against the tree.

Gabrielle flicked the tip of her tongue across the pulse point several times before slowly dragging it down lower. Xena moaned and leaned back, lifting her breasts slightly higher. The bard smiled against the warm flesh as her tongue dipped further, stopping at the swell of Xena's unattended breast.

"She's done with this one. Right?"

"Oh goooods," was all the warrior could manage as she felt the bard's hot tongue begin to circle her aching breast.

Careful not to disturb the still feeding infant, Gabrielle straddled the resting warrior while continuing the slow, hot, wet circling. After what seemed to a squirming Warrior Princess a near eternity, the bard flicked her tongue across the rigid nipple.

"Mmmmm. So nice, Xena. May I?"

"Gods, yes, Gabrielle. Do it!"

Needing no further invitation, Gabrielle pulled the full breast as far into her steaming mouth as she could and began to suckle, passionately. Feeling Xena press herself deeper into her mouth send pulses into the bard's groin like nothing she had ever felt before. It almost frightened her. She felt herself press her body quickly and firmly against Xena's. The sensation stunned the small woman and she stilled all movement as tears rushed into her eyes.

Xena knew instantly what had happened. Praise the gods, Eve had finished nursing and gone to sleep at her mother's breast.

"Gabrielle? Baby, it's all right. Look at me."

Shy, bewildered eyes looked up from the still wet breast. Xena stroked her soulmate's face with the back of her hand. Nodding to indicate Eve's condition, she looked at the bedrolls. Gabrielle understood and stood, taking the tiny bundle into the strong arms.

Once Eve was safely and securely tucked back into Gabrielle's bedroll, Xena kissed the infant's forehead. Gently taking her love by the hand, Xena moved them back to the tree. This time the warrior dragged her own bedroll along and lay it on the ground beneath them. Resuming her former position, she tugged at the bard's hand, indicating she should do the same. Gabrielle smiled and straddled her warrior again. Only she was careful to place herself nearer Xena's knees than hips.

"Oh no, no, no, my sweet love. That will never do." Shaking her head gently, Xena slid strong hands to Gabrielle's rear end and took firm hold.

The bard looked into her soulmate's eyes and smiled. It was an almost timid smile but the love and desire was unmistakable. Xena closed her eyes, briefly, and drew a deep breath.

"Gabrielle? What you felt earlier...what WE felt earlier....you didn't like it?" This was what she had long feared. Part of it, anyway. The bard would not really want to love her this way. The pain and insecurity churned in her gut, but this was Gabrielle and she would damned well maintain control.

The bard could see something behind those crystal blues and the searching distracted her, momentarily.

Xena fought to keep the tremble out of her voice. "It's all right, Gabrielle. It doesn't change anything. I love you with all my heart and soul. We don't have to make love if you don't want to."

It had come out faster and breathier than the warrior had hoped but she was trying to say it without falling apart.

Slowly the words sunk in. Gabrielle scrunched her forehead. Her eyes moved from side to side as she tried to reassemble the words in her head. Once she got them into line, her mind retraced them quickly. Green eyes shot wide open. All breathing stopped.

"Xena! Did you just say you don't want to make love with me?"

Blue eyes flew open even wider than the green ones staring into them. "What!? Hades, no, Gabrielle! I said we don't have to if YOU don't want to. You seemed frightened by what happened a few minutes ago and I don't ever want to force you into anything you don't want. Gods. You thought I didn't want to make love with you. Mother of Zeus, woman. I have nearly always wanted to make love with you."

"You have?" Gabrielle scooted up the powerful thighs until she could press herself tightly against Xena. "You thought what happened a minute ago was because I didn't want to make love with you?"

"Well, yes. You seemed so frightened and...I don't know...repulsed." Xena fought back the hot tears.

Touching the face she loved beyond all others, Gabrielle brushed aside the tears almost before they fell.

"I was frightened, Sweetheart. Just not for the reason you think. And I was never...NEVER you hear...never repulsed by the thought of making love with you. It's just....well, it's kind of embarrassing." Gabrielle began covering Xena's face with feather-light kisses.

"Gabrielle. Honey. You can tell me anything. There's nothing to be embarrassed about between us. Mmmm." Xena felt the bard's tongue enter her mouth before she even got the last word out.

"K. When we were...when I was...um...kissing your breast and sucking you before?" The amorous bard found the still exposed breast again as if to demonstrate.

"Yes, oh gods. I mean, yes?" The warrior began to gently knead the firm ass beneath her fingers, while the bard pressed their bodies ever closer together.

"Well, I ...gods, Xena, whatever you're doing, it's making me nuts."

Xena had started expanding the kneading motion into a gentle rhythm of pulling the bard against her while meeting every beat with a soft thrust of her own. She knew even before her timid bard said anything that the pleasure was mutual by the muscle action pressing into her strong hands.

"Does that feel good, love?"

Rocking harder into the warrior, Gabrielle took an earlobe into her hot mouth. "Oh yeah. Very good. Xena?"

Sliding down just far enough to allow the bard's pumping hit home, Xena thrust harder. "Hmmmm?"

Licking circles around Xena's firm breast, Gabrielle discovered a slide and thrust action she particularly liked. "Xena!"

The warrior's hips were barely even taking time to meet the ground between pumps now. She could feel their mounds grinding and sliding against each other as she began to struggle for breath.

Gabrielle swiftly reached down and tugged her own shift out of the way, grateful she had not yet taken time to put on her breeches. The movement had borne the added benefit of unclothing her lover.

"Sweet Aphrodite, Gabrielle! Don't stop."

"Don't worry. Harder, Xena. ungh. Xena! Gods!"

"Yes, Gabrielle. Oh baby, yes. Mother of Zeus, I'm gonna lose control."

"Please, Xena. Please? Do it! Lose control. Love me, Xena. Gods, yes. Harder. Harder, love. Yes, like that. Ungh. Xena. Xena, I ....I...I love you, Xena!"

Clutching the bard's firm, sweating, muscled rear, Xena exploded. "Gaaabbrriiieeeellllle! I...love you. I love you. I love you."

At the same moment, Gabrielle felt herself burst into a flood of unimaginable pleasure as light seemed to explode in her brain. "Xeeeennnnnaaa! Xeeennna, I love you. OH gods, I'm so sorry, Perdicus. Xena. Xena, I love you. It's always been you. Always my love. Always."

Holding one another tightly, they waited for lungs to fill and heartbeats to slow a bit. When she felt she could breathe again, Xena spoke.

"Gabrielle? You knew you loved me when you married Perdicus, didn't you?"

The bard nodded silently. "I'm sorry, Xena. I didn't think you would ever want me. That's what scared me earlier. The sensation. The sheer pleasure. I never felt it with...well, only when I pretended I was with...I mean...damn."

"It's okay. I always pretended to be with you, too."

"You did?" The bard asked.

"I did. Gabrielle?"


Crystal blue looked deeply into emerald green. "Marry me?"

"Ask me again."

"When?" Xena questioned.

"Now, of course. You don't think I want to wait, do you?"

Xena snickered. "Wasn't sure."

Gabrielle playfully smacked the warrior's tummy. "Well? I'm waiting."

"So you are. Will you marry me, Gabrielle?"

"Oh yeah," was all the little blonde said before pressing the warrior to the ground and showing Xena that actions sometimes speak louder than words. Even to a bard.

Standing in the clouds, just above the trees, the goddesses smiled.

"Well, Dite. Think they know how to harness the full power of that love yet? The one they'll need to beat that jerk-off of a brother of our?"

Aphrodite smiled. "Oh yeah. They know, Artie babe, they know. They just don't know that they know. But they will. They will."

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