NOTE: This is the sequel to After The Glitter, which is a sequel to In Her Dreams and Telling Secrets. It can be read alone but would probably be better if you read the others first.

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Together At Last

by Sam Ruskin

Xena savored the taste of her lover's tongue almost as much as she treasured her words. Yes. Shesaid yes. Gabrielle agreed to marry her. No. More than that. Despite all her past misdeeds, the tall warrior found herself in the arms of the most wonderful person in all the world. Pulling her bard closer still, Xena knew she would never be able to let her go again.

Gabrielle moaned softly as the full truth gently settled into her heart and mind. Xena loved her. Really loved her. The Amazon Queen smiled as she remembered the feel of Xena's passion and the sound of her warrior's voice when she asked if the little bard would marry her. Gabrielle chuckled in a near whisper wondering if Xena had any idea what the Amazons would do with this information.

"Yes, I do." Xena grinned against the flesh of Gabrielle's breast. Feeling the nipple go rigid against her, the warrior flicked it with her hot, swollen tongue.

Gabrielle tenderly pushed her lover away from the tree they were leaning against and onto the ground, causing Xena's mouth to lose its grip. It was a temporary condition in the brunette's mind. The blonde bard pressed her lover into the bedroll and snuggled her own hips firmly between Xena's. Then her hungry mouth found purchase at the warrior's right breast and licked and circled while she began a slow, sensual rhythm southward. The gentle sound of Eve's snoring was exactly what the queen wanted to hear at that moment. It meant the child of her heart was in a deep sleep and this was good news to the aroused amazon. Very good news.

Xena felt her greatest love moving against her and returned the favor. The mouth upon her breast made the warrior moan aloud as Gabrielle taught her things no lover before her was permitted to even attempt about pleasure, passion and desire. The warrior did something she never did with anyone in the past, she closed her crystal blue eyes and gave up control. Xena smiled at the feeling. She wondered if this wonderful woman knew she had tamed the great Warrior Princess. Did she know that none before her knew the feeling of the former destroyer of nations surrendering completely to them?

"Yes," grunted the bard as she felt her body flame with desire and need.

"Huh?" Xena was amazed at the timing of Gabrielle's word. Perhaps she was more "prophet" than she knew grinned the warrior silently.

"Xena, I said yes. Please don't stop. I loveyou. Please Xena. Please make love to me. Let me make love to you. Show me how to please you."

Allowing her strong hands to hold her lover's firm rear, Xena smiled into the kiss. Then she spoke. "My sweetest love, that would be like trying to teach Autolycus how to swipe nutbread."

Moving her kisses to her lover's earlobe, Gabrielle purred, "Xena that's silly. Autolycus is the king of thieves."

Taking the bard's face in her hands and moving it so she could gaze into the most incredible green eyes ever to grace the known world, Xena lifted one brow. "Precisely."

"But that's ...Oh. I please you? Good, because you..ungh." Suddenly the Amazon Queen found herself on her back with her lover astride her, grinning. "Mmmm. That was very smooth Xena. Now what will you do with me? Now that you have so completely conquered me, I mean?"

Dark hair tickled her cheeks as Xena leaned in so close Gabrielle could feel her lover's breath across her forehead. "Oh Gabrielle, you have it all wrong. It is you who have conquered me." Blue eyes twinkled into green ones and then moved to the rise of the most beautiful breasts Xena had ever seen. Slowly she moved in, placing feather soft kisses between her words. "I'm yours Gabrielle. Body," kiss. "Heart," kiss kiss kiss, "and soul."

"By the gods, Xena. That feels so good." The words gradually found her brain. "Body, heart and soul. Yes, that's how I feel too. I'm yours Xena. Oh, sweet Aphrodite. What are you doing now?" Feeling her lover's mouth on the move and Xena's center slide away from her own, Gabrielle groaned her disappointment.

"Something I have wanted to do almost from the moment I saw you in that clearing." Xena slid her hips down around Gabrielle's spread knees and licked the bard's navel.

"Oh gods," whispered the blonde as her hips lifted to press into Xena's breasts. "You've wanted to drive me mad all this time?"

The Warrior Princess smiled. "Sort of. I've wanted to make love to you. Really make love to you." Xena dragged the tip of her tongue to the edge of her love's curls. "If you want me to stop, you need to say so now, Gabrielle." The dark beauty punctuated this by pressing her hungry muscle into her lover's flesh and pulling it the full length before settling in to flick quickly across the swollen clit. "If you want me to stop, sweetheart, say so now." Xena was nearly drunk with desire as she allowed her tongue to rub and stroke her young lover.

"YES!" cried the Amazon Queen.

Jerking away, with tears rushing into her eyes, Xena swallowed hard. "Okay. It's ..."

Small, powerful hands tangled into the dark tresses at the back of Xena's head. Hungrily, Gabrielle quickly moved her legs farther apart and pushed her lover's mouth toward her center, even as she lifted to meet it.

Xena smiled amid the hot tears Gabrielle could not see. "That kind of yes'."

"Of course that kind of yes. That's incredible. I've never wanted anyone this much. That felt...Xena? You're crying." The blonde beauty tried to move to see her lover but Xena was having none of that. 

Finally, the warrior thought to herself, we're together at last. She began to lick, stroke and caressthe bard in more ways than the woman beneath her ever dreamed possible. Gabrielle lifted her thigh, pressing firmly into her lover's need and then pulsing it with every lick and tender suckle Xena performed. When the whole universe went white and silver, she heard two voices cry out, in the same instant.



Only candlemarks later, the screams of love, joy, ecstasy and complete joining sounded again as the Warrior Princess knew complete, uncontrolled pleasure for the very first time.

"By the gods, Gabrielle. You're a fast learner."

Grinning, the bard replied. "Not so fast, my love. I've wanted you since you first burst into that clearing and saved my ass."

Xena blinked. "Really?"

Gabrielle kissed the warrior deeply. "Yes, really. Finally you're mine, as I always prayed you would be."

Kissing the nose of her soulmate, Xena looked deeply into green pools that held her true destiny. "Together at last, Gabrielle. Together at last."

"And forever?" The bard held her breath.

"At least, my love. At the very least."

Both women looked to the tiny girl giggling in her sleep. Gabrielle let worry wrinkle her brow. "And what of Ares and his threat, Xena. What will we do about Ares?"

Xena kissed away the furrows on her lover's forehead. "Gabrielle, I don't think it matters what we do so long as we do it together. I think that is the power Ares cannot defeat. Total, unconditional love with nothing withheld. He can't defeat it, Gabrielle. He can't even touch it."

Snuggling into the arms of her soulmate, Gabrielle sighed. "I hope you're right, Xena. I do. Because I am never losing you again."

"Never," affirmed the Warrior Princess.

In a dark temple, the god of war gritted his pearly whites. "Great. This is just great."

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