Sinagua Skies, part 10

The reserved young woman sat there, stunned, as her mate’s family spoke at such a speed she had little chance to understand anything. Parren held her hand and answered her family’s questions and told about her journey.

Giving up on trying to follow the conversation she looked around the unusual home. The house was nothing but a series of sandstone boxes built into the side of a cliff. The rooms facing the cliff had small windows carved into them for air and light. The room they sat in now, the cooking area had a ladder leading to the outside through the ceiling. She hoped there were more than one exit because the idea of being trapped inside with only one escape route made her uneasy.

The room was dim in the afternoon shade but admitted the room was cool even in the heat of midday. The temperature felt so pleasant that her eyes began fluttering as sleep lured her into the land of dreams.

She woke later and found herself in a small room, alone except for her mate whom she was using as a pillow. They were upon a soft woven mat that rested upon a bed of sweet scented grass. She shifted until she could look at Parren’s face and saw her asleep, her face so alluringly youthful at rest. Her mate’s lips were parted softly but seemed to be moving slightly, as though speaking in her dreams. A glance at her eyelids confirmed she was indeed dreaming.

Hyenta smiled indulgently and leaned up on one elbow to look down into her face.

“Where are you as you sleep my mate?” she whispered. “I hope you one day take me with you as you journey.” She bent forward and placed a soft kiss on the full lips beneath hers. A sigh escaped from Parren’s mouth and Hyenta felt herself sinking into the warmth of her mate’s strong form. Her eyes closed as she deepened the kiss slightly. As the kiss broke she realized something was different.

She and Parren were standing. They stood outdoors, but the view before them was so far from her own experiences she couldn’t comprehend what she saw.

Before them were tall structures that reflected light off their dark surfaces. Her gaze traveled upward to see if the giant boxes indeed touched the sky. As she looked up she spotted a metal bird with unmoving wings glide upon the winds.

For a moment all was silent then suddenly a great din assaulted her ears as millions of sounds and voices overwhelmed her. She slapped her hands over her ears and sobbed. Hands gripped her shoulders and shook her.

“Hyenta! You are safe, open your eyes, my mate,” she begged.

With a whimper she rushed into Parren’s strong arms to seek safety there. Once her body stopped trembling she looked up. “Did you see as I did? The frightening place with giant shining boxes?”

“Yes, I did. I was walking in this place alone then suddenly you appeared. I didn’t know that you had joined me at first,” she commented.

“You were dreaming and I expressed a wish to share yours someday,” Hyenta confessed. “I didn’t know you were a dream-caster or I wouldn’t have been so eager to peek into your dreams.”

The Emissary chuckled, “Yes, I can see the fickle Gods granting you that request. I’m sure you won’t ask it of them again.”

“Not if all of your dreams are that frightening. “Your dream felt so real. I would have sworn upon my family it was truly as I saw it. I could smell the foul air and feel the breeze upon my skin.”

“I think the place was indeed real, but my question is why did the Gods take us to that place? Was it a warning? Not knowing why leaves me nervous,” Parren whispered.

·        * * * *

They spent a short time snuggling then reluctantly got up. The women of the household were cooking a special meal to celebrate both her return and marriage. By the sounds and smells coming from the front room it was nearly ready. They refreshed themselves with the small crock of water in their room and strolled towards the cooking hearth.

The men were no where to be seen but she was accustomed to that. They would be on the roof, chatting, and trying to stay out of the wives’ way. The younger children would be there as well. She watched the women scurry up and down the ladder, taking bowls of food to the roof where the meal would be served.

Her mother, Sopan, turned and hugged her, asking if she slept well. The older woman didn’t know if her daughter’s new spouse would be comfortable with such a display but hugged her as well.  

“Come, join the men above and relax. We will be eating soon,” she announced.

Parren nodded to her father and her sisters’ husbands as they reached the terraced roof. She didn’t know any of them well and with her training and other duties she saw little of them.

“Good to see the two of you awake,” grinned Topa’s husband. He tended to be crude and she hoped he wouldn’t embarrass Hyenta too much.  “Greetings, Wife of Parren,” he said, taking in her beautiful form.

Hyenta now knew the customs and didn’t invite the leering man to use her given name. He looked disappointed and returned to his conversation with Clana’s husband.

“Ignore him. I think it won’t be long before he finds his weapons outside our dwelling’s door. Topa looks quite piqued with him,” she ventured. Hyenta bit back a laugh and sat next to her mate and took her hand. Comna smiled, pleased at his new daughter-in-law. She was both beautiful and polite.

Sopan announced it was time to eat and everyone stood, eager to grab a platter and find his or her favorite dishes. Topa’s husband tried to take most of the kotta but Sopan slapped his hands. He wasn’t the only one who enjoyed the delicacy and must share.

Parren saw her mother wink in her direction then fetch a bowl that had been hidden from view. It was filled with more kotta, the Emissary’s favorite, and handed it to her. After all, the gathering was in her honor.

“What is it?” Hyenta asked.

“The stems of a large plant that grows in the mountains. It is chopped and pickled in berry wine that has been allowed to turn sour. Do you want to try a piece?” she offered, taking a chunk from the bowl and placing it at her mate’s lips.

Hyenta chewed it carefully then took the bowl from Parren’s hands. “Mine,” she teased.

“Hey!” Parren pouted until Hyenta emptied most of the bowl onto her mate’s platter, keeping only a little for her.

Parren grinned and thanked her.

“You are most welcomed,” Hyenta told her and drew her face lower for a kiss.

“Mmmm, you taste good. Who needs food?” she teased, pretending to put aside her plate. Hyenta slapped her playfully on the arm and blushed.

·        * * * *

“I am curious,” Hyenta said as she was drying off. They were in the communal bathhouse located on their level. This would be the first decent bath they have had since they left Acha. She had thought she’d be shy at first with being nude in from of her spouse but she was amazingly at ease while they bathed. It didn’t even disturb her knowing that all that hid them from view of others was loosely woven curtains around each bathing area.

Parren waited for her spouse to continue. “I was under the impression all the family slept in one room but we have a room to ourselves.’

“That is because our family consists of you and I. My parents share their space with unmarried children but once they wed they get their own room. Any children the married children have sleeps in their space and so on.”

“Alright, I understand it now. I am glad we have a room to ourselves though. Your people might be accustomed to sharing…intimacies when others are in same room but I don’t think I would be comfortable with that.”

With a chuckle she mentioned that if they chose to have children then they would be there if they wanted play in the blankets. Hyenta agreed but added that by then she would be more comfortable with the idea. Just then the sounds of a couple copulating in the next bathing room shattered the peacefulness of the evening. Hyenta blushed deeply and finished redressing.

She wanted to escape from the sounds but Parren grinned wickedly at her. She wrapped her arms around her and forced her to remain where she was. She pointed through the loose weaving where the couple was easily seen.

“Shhh, they know others are around them but they are so lost in one another that they don’t care. It is nothing to be bothered about. They are celebrating love and life just as Ganthren would want of her children. Look at them my mate. See how he strains, wishing as though he was a part of her? She clings to him, wishing it as well. She knows his seed could plant new life this very night. Don’t feel shame at their actions Hyenta; accept it as we all do. They celebrate their union and life,” Parren whispered into her ear.

“Parren? I understand now but if we don’t do some ‘celebrating’ of our own soon I will shatter. Let’s go home,” she demanded.

They quickly made their way back to Sopan’s house and returned to their small room. They turned to one another as soon as they passed the doorway and the smaller woman quickly pulled the curtain across it before reaching for her mate’s mouth. Their kiss never ended even as they lowered themselves to the soft mat under them. They kissed wildly, grinding lips together when their tongues weren’t vying for dominance over the other’s.

 Hyenta felt Parren’s large hand cover her breast and knead it. She tore her mouth away and gasped, surprise by the desire that it caused. She pushed her lush breast upwards, silently begging for more. Parren buried her face into her neck and pinch the nipple through the material of her mate’s shirt. When Hyenta arched it high once more she hastily pushed aside the shirt and covered the ripe tip with her mouth, suckling it eagerly.

“By the Gods! Yes,” Hyenta squealed, feeling bolts of pleasure shoot along her body. Both of them were breathing hard as Parren remained where she was, dragging out one pleasurable sound from her mate after another. Each gasp and moan aroused her more until she couldn’t stand her own clothing any longer and ripped off her loincloth.

“Tell me you want me,” she pleaded of her mate. She felt her control almost gone but if asked she would stop.

Hyenta grasped her nape and pulled her face down until she could kiss her once more. Parren crushed her mouth under her own as she shoved the shirt above her mate’s hips.  The Emissary quickly straddled Hyenta’s slim thigh, coating it with her slick readiness even as her own thigh pressed firmly against her mate. Stopping was no longer an option. Her body responded to the pleasure of the contact and began moving rapidly against her mate.

Hyenta was in the storm of desire and out of her control. She was like some feral beast, seeking something unknown but needed without question. She felt her body responding to every movement of her mate, wanting to seek the same pleasure Parren also sought. She was on fire and the flames could only be satisfied in the arms of this woman.

Suddenly she was there…there, and then shattering into the darkness.


To be continued...


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