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Shirley Roberts

Chapter 1

Cynthia had turned the CD player off 45 minutes earlier when the rain turned to sleet so she could concentrate better on the road. When the conditions got worse she reduced her speed as she headed toward the 40/64 interchange, knowing she would still have a good 30 miles to go to get home. At least I'll be in the home stretch, she thought looking through the rear view mirror not really expecting to see anyone else out at 11 PM on a Sunday night, especially in this weather. She wouldn't be out in it either if she didn't have an early class in the morning. Glancing at the clock on the dashboard of her Lexus she thought how nice it had been spending Sunday with her older brother Danny. I better call him so he doesn't worry. Grateful, especially tonight for the hands-free cell, she pushed the speed dial button. Two rings later her brother picked up, "Hello?"

"Danny, its Cyn. I just wanted to let you know I'm still on the road. I got caught in this weather, but I'm almost at the 40/64 interchange so I'll probably be home around midnight."

"Okay Cyn, but I still want you to call me when you get home. After all, you are my baby sister and I do worry about you."

Cynthia could just imagine the smirk on his face, "Listen up Doc! I'm not just your baby sister, I'm your only sister! Now do me a favor and call the folks and tell them not to worry. I'll give you a quick call when I get home but I need to get some sleep before class so I'm not about to volunteer for the 'driving in bad weather' lecture from them tonight. Let them know I'll call them after practice tomorrow."

Cynthia could hear her brother laughing, "Okay sis, okay. Don't get your panties in a bunch. I'll take care of the folks, you just be careful out there."

"Will do, and thanks again for dinner tonight. It's always fun to share some time with my favorite brother! Although I wish you would stop talking about my panties!"

"Ha!…Sis…only broth…ta… care..."

"Danny! You're breaking up. I'll call you when I get home, Bye!"

The sleet was coming down heavier as she reached the interchange exit. Cutting back on her speed and slowly took the exit ramp onto 40/64. The Lexus navigated the ramp without a problem and as she eased onto the new highway she noticed a layer of salt had been spread and the going was slightly better allowing her to increase her speed. She was encouraged by the thought she might make it home before midnight. Through the darkness and blowing snow, the headlights of another car suddenly reflected in Cynthia's rear view mirror. As the car came up behind her at a good speed, she was leery when it didn't attempt to pass her, worried it might be some drunk driver out in the bad weather. She was starting to fidget in her seat when the car swung out to pass, when it pulled alongside the Lexus she saw a man gesturing to her, honking as he went by.

She waved back even though she had no idea what he was trying to convey. Cynthia slowed down as the other car maintained its' speed along side, the driver gesturing again before passing and going on its' way.

Dreading the thought of pulling over, the only thing she could think of was that a tail light was out. Concerned someone could plow into her before they could see her, she reluctantly decided to pull over and give it a quick check to be sure.

As she pulled over she realized it was a fairly dark and lonely stretch of road, but the other car had continued on, so she wasn't too worried. Coming to a stop on the shoulder, she shut the motor off and was about to exit the vehicle when she noticed her headlights were barely lighting up the patch of ground in front of the car. Groaning, she slid the key back in and anxiously tried to restart the car but it wouldn't turn over. After a couple tries, all she got was a click.

"Shit!, the battery is dead." She calmed down knowing she had her cell phone, not too happy at the prospects of being stranded out on the highway in this weather. Talking out loud to herself, "Call road service"

Getting no response from the cellular system Cynthia groaned , "Double shit! Why tonight!"

She turned everything off, flipped on the hazards, and popped the hood then climbed out of the car into the biting cold and blowing snow. She was thankful to be wearing her ski jacket as she lifted the hood and peered at the motor of the car. Frustrated, without a clue what to look for, she slammed the hood down. Tugging her jacket tight around her body to keep the cold out she walked to the rear of the car triggering the trunk release. She noticed the hazard lights were not blinking and barely visible as she pulled out the emergency road light and kit her dad made sure was in the car. Thank you dad, thank you! She hurriedly placed the road sign on the ground so the blinking bright red light could easily be seen by any approaching vehicle then she reached into the trunk and pulled out a blanket and a sign before closing it.

She climbed in back and put the SEND HELP sign in the rear window then returned to the drivers seat and leaned it back into a reclining position. Cynthia knew as the night crept toward morning it was only going to get colder as she unfolded the blanket and covered herself praying that someone would see her very soon.

"Well, this just sucks!"


Toni was still ticked off. She realized she was only 23 but she had been on the job for almost five years and she still got the crappy routes. Driving an empty auto carrier on a slick highway wasn't fun. Of course, unloading in Mexico, Missouri on a Sunday night in the cold and frozen rain also was not on the top of her list of fun things to do either.

The closer she got to the interchange the better she felt, hoping she would be done and home before one AM if her luck held. Thinking back to last night, so much for luck, another night tramping around the local scene and another late night… alone. It had been a couple months since her last 'two week wonder' girlfriend. Toni hoped to find someone she might be able to build a relationship with, but it just wasn't happening. With this thought in her mind as she navigated the slippery highway, "maybe its just not the right time", she said out loud to distract herself from the monotonous sound of the windshield wipers.

"Hmmmm, anger about the job to musings about my love life in under a minute, that's gotta be a new record!" she shouted gleefully to no one.

Wondering if talking to herself was the first step towards impending doom, she slowly moved into the lane to get onto 40/64. Just as she maneuvered her truck onto the interstate, she noticed a bright red flashing light a bit up the road. Keeping her speed down under 20 as she approached, she saw it was one of those powerful emergency lights on the ground behind a dark vehicle. Slowing further she noticed the hazards were barely visible and not flashing.

"Oops, a dead one", she said to herself.

Crawling by the car at under 10 MPH, she saw the SEND HELP sign in the rear window and quickly decided to lend a hand. Passing the car she eased the empty rig carefully onto the shoulder. Putting her phone in the right front pocket of her warm jumpsuit uniform she reached over to the passenger seat and grabbed her hunting cap and pulled it down hard on her head, flipping the ear flaps down as she turned on her hazards. Reaching behind the passenger seat for her safety triangles, she grabbed all three, then geared up for the cold. Opening the door, she climbed down to the ground and turned toward the car.

Please let it be the woman of me dreams, she chuckled to herself. "Yeah Right!"

As she approached the car she saw it was a black Lexus SC 430. Probably some mid-life crisis executive with money to burn. Oh Joy! Just my luck. She could see someone inside so she gave a friendly wave and headed past the vehicle to set up the safety triangles at about 100 foot intervals. After setting out the last triangle, she turned and went back to the car and stood beside the driver's door. Peering through the slightly tinted window she politely tapped.


The sound of a truck going by slowly made Cynthia sit up with a start. She watched as the truck slowly pulled over onto the shoulder and came to a stop. The trucks hazards came on and a few minutes later she could see the driver's door open and a figure drop down to the ground. She quickly made sure all the doors were locked. As the figure got closer she could tell it was a man of medium build and he was holding some reflective metal triangles. He had a winter hat with earflaps pulled down and was wearing one of those brown jumpsuits truckers always seemed to wear. Giving Cynthia a friendly wave the figure walked past the car and placed the triangles on the ground before returning to stand alongside her window. When the figure tapped on the glass Cynthia hoped she was close to rescue but was wary as she pushed the button to open the window a crack, relieved to find enough power left so she didn't have to open the door.

"If you pop the hood, I'll take a look and maybe I can give it a quick fix," the snowy figure said with a surprisingly feminine voice. Moving toward the front of the vehicle he didn't wait for a reply.

Cynthia popped the hood and after about 30 seconds the snowy figure shut the hood and came back around to her window.

"Well, you are officially missing an alternator belt so there's nothing I can do for your car. I do have a phone if you want to call your road service."

Cynthia thought for a second, a worried look on her face. "Thank you for stopping and offering your help sir, but all of the phone numbers are programmed into the cars cellular system and there just isn't enough power to access them."

Toni smiled to herself thinking about the young female voice she heard, then realizing the woman had called her 'sir', "my name's Toni, short for Antonia actually, but I gave a black eye to the guy who last called me that back in third grade. Why don't you grab your stuff, and we'll head up to my rig where its warm. We can either call the state troopers or I can get a tow truck here for you. I'm sure its only going to get colder, so what do you say?" With her most friendly smile, " I promise not to bite."

As soon as Cynthia saw the warm smile, she knew it really was a woman. The hat and coveralls really did a job hiding that fact, but the softer voice and the pretty smile convinced her.

"Thank you, I really appreciate you helping me out here. Its pretty darn cold and you're the first person that's past by since I pulled over. To be truthful, I might even jump into the pits of hell just to warm my toes at this point. My name is Cynthia, give me a second," she said with a chuckle, "and you can rescue me. I can't believe I am joking with this woman. I don't even know her.

She closed the small gap in the window and quickly folded the blanket and put it on the passenger seat. Checking that all the light switches were off she grabbed her keys and purse and got out of the vehicle.

As Cynthia got out of the car, Toni saw she was almost as tall as she was with shoulder length brown hair. Wow! Where have you been all my life! She had slightly angular features with high cheekbones and was definitely a sight to behold. Calm down there missy! She had on a Ski jacket with matching pants, and a pair of those fancy high top athletic shoes that cost way too much money. "Its a bit slick out here so be careful walking in those shoes. Here, let me lead you around to the passenger side and help you up into something almost as warm as those pits of hell you just mentioned."

Toni led Cynthia over to the passenger side of the rig, turning slightly to offer her hand. "The shoulder is not very wide here, give me your hand so you don't fall."

Cynthia grasped the hand and was surprised at the gentle strength in the grip. Looking at Toni she noticed Toni was at least a couple inches taller than she was. I wonder if she ever played basketball? As Toni led her down the side of the truck, she walked carefully trying to stay on the shoulder without bumping the truck.

When they reached the passenger door Toni said, "I'll climb up and open the door, then come back down and help you." Cynthia nodded her understanding as Toni climbed up, opened the door, and then climbed back down. "Ever been in a big rig before?"


"Okay," looking at the steps and pointing, "the first two steps are here and here, the third step is into the cab. This hand rail will help keep your balance, and you can grab the arm rest on the door with your other hand when you get up there. Start with your left foot and I'll make sure you don't fall."

"Thanks." Cynthia replied as she put her foot on the first step. As she settled into the seat, she noticed Toni's head pop up on her right side.

Toni waited until her passenger was settled, "all squared away? Good." Climbing down she asked, "You all right?" Cynthia nodded and Toni shut the door and hopped down from the last step. Well, what do ya know, she's beautiful, she can follow directions, and she has a sense of humor. Too bad my gaydar says she's straight! ARUGH! Toni walked around to the drivers side, then climbed up and into her rig.


After Toni was comfortable in the drivers seat, she turned toward Cynthia while pulling the cell phone out of her pocket. "I have an idea if you don't mind."

Nervously Cynthia asked, "what's that?"

"My brother is a mechanic and runs his own shop and he has a tow truck. I'll ask him to come and tow your car to wherever you want. As bad as the ice is, you'll be waiting hours for road service tonight. This way you might get home earlier tonight. Besides, he'll be a tad cheaper than a Road Service at this hour."

Breathing a sigh of relief Cynthia replied, "my thanks, that's a great idea! I have class early in the morning, and the quicker I get home the better."

"Good, let me give Ron a call real quick ." Tapping a button on her cell Toni waited for her brother to answer, smiling all the while at the young woman sitting next to her.

"Ronnie?... How's Cheryl?... Good... look I'm sorry to call you this late but I need a favor... I'm out here on east bound 64 about a mile from the 70 interchange rescuing a damsel in distress." She quickly grinned at Cynthia while continuing, "anyway, she lost her alternator belt, and needs a tow. The roads are icy so it would be hours before she could get any help... What do you think, can you come out? Good, it's a Lexus SC 430, and I'm parked in front with my safety gear behind her. She has a portable emergency flasher blinking too. Thirty minutes? That's great! We'll be staying warm in my cab." Snickering a bit, ha! No worry there bro, now kiss Cheryl and get cracking! See you soon."

"Damsel in distress, huh?" Cynthia asked and then continued after a slight giggle, "so where is your shiny armor?" Hmmm, I'm teasing her just like I tease Danny. Very weird.

"I'm in disguise, besides my horse wouldn't fit in the cab with us." Toni said with a huge smile. "Ronnie should be here soon, he lives in St. Charles and its only about three minutes from his house to the garage. Should only be about thirty minutes, if he can tear himself away from Cheryl."

"His Wife?"

"Yea, married six months. Knowing those two, they'll be newlyweds for at least a decade. So where do you go to school?"

"I'm a pre-med junior at Wash. U. I'm also on the basketball team there. I thought that might interest you, since you're taller than I am!"

"Actually I played all 4 years at Valley Park High School."

"Were you any good?"

"Certainly," Toni said with a smile. "I got a few scholarship offers, but I just wanted to work and play. School never really kept me entertained the way sports did, and I couldn't put up with another four years of school."

"Play? You still play somewhere?"

With a sly smile. "Well I mean play in the sense of having fun. I am still a workout fiend, plus I am still able to indulge my athletic interests on occasion."

Cynthia noticed Toni smirking a bit with her last comment and wondered if she played in some league. "Umm, I have to ask and I hope you don't mind, but... why drive a truck?"

"To be honest, it's what I wanted to do. I love driving anything with wheels, and these babies may not be fast, but they are challenging. Plus the schedule really works for me. I've been doing this since I got out of high school. Now I have a question for you, what's driving that little dream of a car like?" Toni asked with a dreamy look in her eyes.

Chuckling softly Cynthia answered, "it's great. The hardtop is removable in the warmer months, the sound system kicks, and it can move when I want it too."

"I just bet that little beauty will move."

"Oh it does, and since you are my knight in a brown jumpsuit, I may have to reward you sometime and let you take it for a spin."

Looking at Cynthia's smiling sweet face, Toni wondered if the poor innocent girl knew she was flirting, much less flirting with a lesbian. Down girl! You'll get yourself in trouble if you start thinking the wrong way. "I'd really like that." After chatting a bit more, Toni noticed a flash in the driver side mirror and could see her brother's tow truck pull up behind the Lexus.

"Ronnie just got here, give me your key's and I'll get him squared away and pick up my safety stuff. Oh! Where did you want it towed?"

"The Lexus dealership out on Manchester Rd," Cynthia said as she started searching her purse for the keys, quickly locating and handing them to the tall dark woman.

"Gottcha, I know the place, wait just a sec." She grabbed a small clipboard with a note pad, and quickly wrote out a note. She handed the pad and pen to Cynthia, "put your name and number on there so the dealership can contact you tomorrow after it's fixed."

Cynthia quickly added her name and number to the bottom of the note and was handing it back to Toni just as a tapping sound came from the door on Toni's side. Tucking the note in the upper pocket of her coveralls she smiled at Cynthia and opened the door of the truck, "okay, I'll be back in a couple minutes, so stay warm."

"Should I transfer over to the tow truck now?"

Pausing a moment Toni asked, "do you live near the Wash U. Campus?"

"Yes. On Lindell."

"Tell you what, we'll let Ronnie tow the car for you, and I'll drop you off at your place. That way both you and Ronnie get home forty five minutes earlier."

"That would be just great"

"You got it, back in a few ," Toni said as she hurriedly opened the door and hopped to the ground closing the door quickly behind her to keep the warm air in.


Toni turned to see her brother smiling at her, "thanks a lot Ronnie." Then with a wink, "and tell Cheryl I said thanks too."

Faking a punch to her brother's shoulder, "let's go," and started to walk toward the Lexus.

"So, did you make any progress while I was on my way over here, Lady Killer?"

Grabbing her chest with both her hands, "Ronnie, you wound me. The poor thing is almost the definition of innocence"

"That never stopped you in high school", he teased.

"Yea we both tore through the female population didn't we? It was almost a race."

"If it had been a real contest, you would definitely have won. I learned that a long time ago."

"Says you! Anyway, Cynthia would like you to drop it at that Lexus place out on Manchester." Retrieving the note from her breast pocket, "here's her name and address. I'm going to give her a ride home since she's down on Lindell. It'll get you both home quicker and I don't have to be up early in the morning. Besides, bro, I know Cheryl would like to see you sooner than later," Toni said with a know-it-all smirk on her face.

"Yes she would, and NO you still can't stand in for me some time. Now go get your things so I can get home to Cheryl!"

"Okay, okay", Toni said with a laugh.

Walking back down the shoulder past Cynthia's car, Toni grabbed each of her safety triangles then turned and went back to the car. Ronnie was just extending the lift bar on the truck, so she picked up the portable emergency beacon, and switched it off. Grabbing the keys Cynthia had given her, she unlocked the trunk and put the beacon inside.

"Here ya go Ron," handing the keys to her brother. "Oh, and leave your invoice inside the car, I'm sure with that car, she'll be good for it."

"You're probably right. Good thing it doesn't have power or I might be tempted to drive it around the block a couple times after I drop it off the cherry picker."

"Yeah right. Maybe I'll be able to tell you what its like, she offered to let me drive it sometime."

"OOOOOH! That sounds almost like a date, Sis!"

With an exaggerated sigh, "not for me Ron, she's so straight you could draw a line with her."

After a short bark of laughter Ron said, "Oh my, she must be a looker. Poor Toni!"

"Knock it off Ronnie," she said with a grin. "Anyway, thanks again. Will I see you at the show in a couple weeks?"

"You know it kiddo. Take care driving the little miss home now."

Ron had finished lifting the car and was ready to leave, "bye, drive safe Ronnie....oh, and kiss Cheryl for me!"

"You Wish! See ya!".

Toni walked back to her rig. She could hear Ronnie pulling out onto the road behind her as she climbed up and entered the cab.


Cynthia felt the cold rush of air when the driver door opened, and saw the flashing lights of the tow truck moving down the highway behind Toni as she hoped up into the cab. The cab was warm and Toni grabbed the hunter's cap from her head and tossed it up on the dash. Cynthia saw she had raven black hair that was simply tied up into a loose and sloppy bun. Toni turned off the interior lights but not before Cynthia saw sharp black eyes checking the mirrors on both sides as Toni's right hand drifted over to the gear shift.

"All set, here we go," Toni said as she shifted into first and started forward, easing slowly back onto the highway.

Cynthia watched Toni as she shifted through several gears and realized that a bit a strength was needed to not only shift gears, but to handle the large steering wheel. I wonder if I could do that? Maybe she would let me sometime since I know she would like to drive my car. Maybe I can offer her a trade of some sort! Cyn, I'm sure she's much too busy to satisfy your every whim. Surprised at hearing her mothers tone in her own head, she decided she would offer up the trade, just to spite her inner voice.

"Umm, Toni?"


"Well earlier I was kind of kidding about how I should reward you by letting you drive my car sometime and just now I had a thought. How about I let you drive my car, and you show me how to drive a truck like this? I don't think I would ever have the opportunity to do something like that and it just struck me as a fun idea."

"If you really think that's an even trade, I'm game. But I have to tell you I am pretty sure I'd be getting the better end of the bargain.," Toni said with a hint of a smile in her voice.

"We have a deal then. When would be a good time? The more I think about it, the more fun it sounds."

"Well I get one day during the week, but it slides around. Actually I have tomorrow off, but Saturday is my steady day off. Unfortunately I don't own the rig so I can't really use it on off days. I guess I could take you on one of my runs sometime. That way we can find a nice big empty parking lot for you to play in."

"That sounds good to me. Tell you what. I have a game this Saturday. If you come to the game, I'll let you drive me around a bit afterwards. Besides I think I also owe you at least a dinner for your rescue tonight. We can talk about driving a truck over some pasta." With a pleading tone, "so what do you say, is it a date?"

Woah there Toni! Turn off your jets, it's just an innocent remark! "Umm sure, I actually don't have anything planned for Saturday, Where's the game?"

Cynthia dug around in her purse until she found what she was looking for then put it on the driver's side dashboard. "Here's a schedule, and the directions to the complex are on the back. The game starts at three PM. I really hope to see you there."

"I'll be there, you can count on it. After all, I never pass up a chance at a free meal!"

As they crossed over the Boone Bridge and into St. Louis county, Toni noticed that the highway was in better shape. The salt trucks probably started out here. Grabbing a couple more gears she got up to a decent rate of speed. "The roads are better here, hopefully I'll have you home in thirty minutes." Reflecting a moment, "you know, its nice having someone in the cab to talk with. Too much time alone up here and I start having arguments with myself."

"Well we can't have that! I'd hate to see you break out into fisticuffs with yourself."

Unable to hold back a sharp bark of laughter Toni said, "well, I guess we should introduce ourselves fully since we both want to drive each others vehicles. I'm Toni Branson, and I was born and raised here in St. Louis."

"Cynthia Pennington, I was born in California, but moved to Seattle before high school."

Toni found that although a bit shy and reserved, Cynthia had a sharp wit to go along with a nice personality. She learned Cynthia had an older brother named Danny who was learning to be a vet at Mizzou, and her father was involved in the computer industry. Toni told Cynthia she was the second of four kids, the rest all brothers. Then she mentioned that her dad Bud, and her two younger brothers worked at the Chrysler Plant, while her mom worked at a small used bookstore in Kirkwood.

Cynthia then talked about her other three roommates at the house, and about a few of her teammates. She also talked about her course load at school. Thourougly enjoying the conversation, she noticed that they were coming up on McCausland. "There's my exit, do you know how to get to Lindell?"

"Sure, I know the way."

As McCausland turned into Skinker Blvd., Cynthia let out a huge yawn, then quickly apologized.

"Don't worry, I know you are up well past your bedtime. You're almost home so you can get some sleep.

"Mmm, thanks Toni. I really enjoyed getting to know you but I have to admit that bed is sounding awfully good right now."

"Here comes Lindell now." Toni quickly surveyed the road hoping the late hour and no traffic would allow the space she needed if she had to make a turn. "Let me know when to slow down for your place."

"I will."

Toni was slightly surprised that they passed the first few apartment buildings and got onto the section of road where there were a lot of really nice homes. Maybe there are some more apartments up towards Kingshighway. Going through the second stoplight, she was surprised when Cynthia said, "start slowing down now." Pointing, "its the third house after that one."

Toni pulled up across the street from a large contemporary house and was amazed to see the garage was almost as big as her parent's house. The home itself was just plain huge! WOW, nice place. "Ummm, nice dorm building you have there."

"Yea! I guess those A's I got paid off!" She said with a chuckle. "Actually daddy bought it when I made the decision to come here for school. He thought I'd be able to study harder if I wasn't cramped into a dorm room."

"Well, no cramping there."

"True. Its quaint, but its home. Listen, thanks again Toni, I'm really glad you decided to help tonight. I might still be in that car shivering if it wasn't for you."

"No problem. Glad I could help. And I'm looking forward to Saturday and the game. Oh, make sure now you get your car fixed so I can drive it," she said in a teasing manner with a smile.

"Okay Toni, It will be my pleasure to watch you drive it. But for now, its bedtime! See you Saturday!"

"Bye, take care stepping down. That last step is more of a hop."

"Will do," Cynthia said as she opened the door. The light from the cab was enough to show her where to place her right foot when she climbed down to the ground. Reaching up to shut the door she waved at Toni who waved back. She walked in front of the cab so she could be sure Toni saw her. Looking back at the cab of the track she saw Toni wave her across. With no traffic she easily jogged across Lindell and up the driveway toward her house in no time at all.

Cynthia was surprised when Toni didn't pull right away. When she got to the door, she unlocked and opened it. Turning, she waved to Toni then stepped inside. After closing the door she heard Toni put the truck into gear and pull away. Now that was sweet, she made sure I got in the house safely. Quickly she headed up the stairs to her room. Opening the door she stepped in just as the clock on her night stand read 1:47 AM . With a big yawn, she peeled off her ski jacket and pants and fell into bed, asleep before her head hit the pillow.


Toni watched Cynthia wave and step into the house. Once she was sure that Cynthia was in safely, she pulled away from the curb and headed up to Kingshighway so she could get back on the road. Another forty five minutes and she could curl up in bed. I bet Cynthia is curling up about right now. Come on Toni, get your mind off that! Stepping through the gears, Toni quietly argued with herself the rest of the way home.


Continued in Chapter 2

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