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Shirley Roberts

Chapter 2

Still tired and unable to open her eyes to the brightness of the new day, awareness came to Cynthia slowly. Sitting on the edge of her bed she could feel the sun streaming through the window warming her body as she held her hands over her face. Spreading her fingers slightly she cracked open her eyes with a groan, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the sun was just too bright today. After a minute she bravely spread her fingers wider and opened her eyes, pushed herself off the bed and stood in the center of the room. The first thing she remembered was the fun time she had chatting with Toni the previous night then realized she still had on the clothes she had been wearing the day before. She smiled as she bent to pickup her ski jacket and pants from the floor as the conversation with Toni came back to her. Still in that half awake state her eyes focused on the clock sitting on her night stand. 9:17 AM.

"Oh God, I'm late!"

Knowing she would never make her 9 AM class, she decided to talk with the professor after class. After a quick shower, she dressed then threw her portable cell into her purse. Grabbing her backpack she headed into the kitchen to find the message pad to write a quick note.

Abby, My car is at the dealership.

I will need a ride this afternoon to

pick it up. Please meet me at Bixby

Hall at 3.



Retrieving a pop-tart from the cabinet she placed her purse inside her backpack then slung it over her shoulders and into position before sprinting for the door. By the time she reached the sidewalk she had finished breakfast. Noticing that the early morning sun had melted the ice left by the storm, she turned to the right and began to jog toward the university.

At the first stoplight she crossed to the Forest Park side of Lindell and set out again at a good pace. I'll swing by Professor Lawson's to apologize for missing class and pick up his assignments. I'm so glad practice isn't until 5:30 today. A question ran through her mind as a large mail truck passed her as she continued to jog toward Professor Lawson's classroom. Hmm, I wonder why I teased and joked with Toni the way I did last night. I usually save that stuff for my brother. Probably due to my relief of being rescued after being stranded. I hope she does come Saturday. The rest of the jog to campus passed quickly as she thought about the conversation in Toni's truck.


Cynthia's class was just letting out as she arrived. Seeing her roommate Jen, she quickly walked toward her. In a rush to talk to Professor Lawson she hurriedly asked, "Jen, I overslept, can I go through your notes later."

"Sure Cyn, but are you OK? You never oversleep!"

"It's a long story, I'll tell you later, I need to talk with professor Lawson."

Waving goodbye, "Long Story? Well you better tell me everything. I'll catch
you later."

"See ya, Jen", Cynthia said as she approached Professor Lawson.

Sarcastically the little man leveled his beady eyes on Cynthia, "Miss Pennington! I'm so glad you could grace me with your presence this morning. Too much partying last night perhaps?"

"Professor, you know me better than that I hope. I was returning from a visit to my brother in Columbia when my car broke down last night in the icy weather. Luckily a truck driver was able to help me get a tow and a ride home. I really have no excuse for oversleeping aside from being too tired to set the alarm last night when I finally arrived home," she explained. "Jen Madison is going to let me borrow her notes from today, so if I could get your assignment sheet, I'll be able to make up for missing your lecture."

"Very well Miss Pennington. I know this is your first absence in my class, but do not plan to make a habit of it." Picking up a pile of papers, he asked, "Do you have the paper that was due today? I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and grade it with the others. If it seems rushed, I may rethink this offer. Do we understand each other?"

"Yes sir.", she said as she grabbed the essay from her backpack and handed the paper to the pompous little man.

"Here is the assignment. Now remember Miss Pennington, this is due Wednesday. 9 AM this time. Are we clear?"

Turning away to head to her next class, "Yes sir, I'll be here," Whew! That little toad! I hope he gets a paper cut from every essay he grades today.

Out in the hall she leaned against the wall and took two deep breaths to calm down then headed over to the science labs on the west side of the campus for her Molecular Biology lecture. Parking herself on a bench outside her lecture hall, Cynthia checked her watch and saw she had about 20 minutes before her next class. Digging her purse out of the backpack, she retrieved her cell phone and scrolled through the cell's list of numbers until she found the entry for the Lexus Dealership.

"Lexus, West County. How may I direct your call please?"

"Repair shop please."

"Please hold."

"Service and Repair, this is Charlie, how can I help you?"

"Hi, this is Cynthia Pennington. I had my Lexus SC 430 towed there last night. I was wondering when I would be able to pick it up?"

"Ahhh yes, let me check the work order... Here we go. Its in a bay now and should be ready by 1 PM today."

"Great, I'll be out before 4 PM to get it. Thank you for your help."

"Thank you for choosing Lexus West County, we'll see you by 4. Take care."

"You too, bye."

She still had a few minutes before class so she decided to go over some notes from her previous Bio class. Just as she found her place in her notebook, her phone started ringing.


"Cynthia! Where the hell have you been?" Her brother shouted over the phone.

"Danny? What's wrong?"

"Wrong? You were supposed to call last night when you got home! You haven't answered the messages on the machine at your place and Mom and Dad have been on the phone with me worried out of their gourds!"

"Oh Jesus, I so forgot! It's a long story Danny and I have class in a few minutes. Basically I had some car trouble. I didn't get home till almost two in the morning and overslept a bit. I'm fine, I'll be picking the car up later today, and I will call you tonight to let you know the full story."

"Okay, but you better call Mom and Dad tonight as well. I'll let them know you are okay and that I talked to you, but they will want to hear from you."

"I'll call them Danny, after I tell you the story tonight. You can help me choose what to tell them."

"Well as long as you don't get picked up by strangers, you could probably tell them anything."

Chuckling, "Danny, I did get picked up by a stranger. But not picked up in the sense you mean. I'll give you the scoop tonight."

"Sis, you got me interested now. Can't wait for the full story. Have fun in class."

"Oh sure. You know me, Molecular Biology is a joke a minute. No serious studying here. I have practice at 5:30, I'll call you after I get back home."

"Well have a good practice, I want to see perfection when I come down Saturday. Love you"

"You got it bro! Bye!"

Cynthia ended the call and put the cell phone back in her purse. I'm glad he's coming to the game Saturday. Maybe him and Toni will hit it off! The rest of her day at school went well. Abby enjoyed hearing her story about Toni while they drove out to pick up her car and promised not to repeat it to their other roommates so Cynthia could tell them the story herself.

After paying the repair bill, she was given the invoice for the tow. Making out a check she drove to a nearby post office to mail it to Toni's brother with the bottom half of the invoice. Folding the upper half of the invoice with the dealership invoice she put them in the glove box. She stopped at a Subway sandwich shop and got a sandwich to eat while on her way to practice.

Arriving at home after practice, she filled Jen and Mary in on the 'Toni Incident', then went to her room to call her brother to tell him the complete story.

"So Danny, what should I tell Mom and Dad?"

"To be honest Cyn, I think you should tell them everything. Sure, they will give you the 'lucky to be alive' speech, and question why you didn't have your portable cell phone with you, but you just don't have the right mentality to start telling fibs to Mom and Dad. It will only get you in trouble down the road."

"I guess you're right. I'll call them in a few minutes. So, are you still coming down Saturday for the game?"

"Wouldn't miss it Cyn. I'll see you then!"

"Bye Danny."

Cynthia got into bed, stretched out and relaxed. Taking a deep breath, then another, she calmed herself before the storm of her parents. She dialed the number, resigned to her fate. At least talking about Toni won't make this a total drag. After the two hour conversation with her parents, she was more than ready for sleep.


Toni woke late Monday morning after getting home late the night before. Since this was her day off she could afford the luxury of a little extra sleep and a long leisurely shower. Looking forward to her morning at the gym she slipped on a sports bra and sweats after her shower and went into the kitchen to fix a quick breakfast of cereal and orange juice. Sitting at the counter slurping down the last of the milk in the bowel she noticed the red blinking light on her answering machine. Groaning aloud she thought, I hope that isn't work. Well only one way to find out. Pressing the 'Play Message' button, she heard her mothers voice.

"Toni, I'm working a tad late today so dinner will be at 7:30. See you then."

She didn't get to eat at her parents home often these days, but was always glad when she could. I'm really looking forward to dinner on Saturday though. Hmmmm, where did that come from? Take it easy Toni, you know she's straight. You don't want to go there. She quickly finished breakfast, and cleaned up the dishes. I must be excited about driving that Lexus. That must be it.

She grabbed her equipment bag, and headed for the gym. She liked to work out early since she was on a program building her strength and mass. On work days it allowed her muscles the opportunity to relax well before she had to work and since she didn't have to work today, she could push herself a little harder. Arriving at the gym, she immediately got on the treadmill for her cardio routine. I'll be glad when it's warmer so I can get back to road running. After a good 45 minutes on the treadmill, she moved to the weights. Today was a 'legs day' and she pushed them hard. It was easier to add mass to her legs without starting to get that freaky muscular look.

She really felt the last set on the leg press sled and was more than ready for the showers. Toni relaxed into the spray of hot water, enjoying the soothing feeling as the water ran over her overworked muscles. Ahhhh! Just gotta love the simple pleasures in life. I wonder if Cynthia made her early morning class? Toni, Toni. You need to get her out of your mind. She's straight. She can only be a friend. Friend, friend, friend! I need to tell her. I need to think of her as a potential friend. I wonder how she'll react? Well, I guess I'll find out Saturday. A grin reached her mischievious blue eyes. Hmmmm, after I drive her car. Chuckling to herself, she headed out of the gym.

When she got to her parent's place that evening, her brother Roger opened the door. "Hey sis!"

Giving Roger a quick hug, "Hiya Rog! Dad keeping you busy at work?"

"You know it. The plant's in full swing. We're all getting overtime."

As they entered the family room, she noticed everyone was there. She gave her brothers Doug and Ronnie a quick hug then with a playful smirk and a wink to Ronnie, she gave Cheryl a quick peck on the cheek and a hug all the while watching Ronnie roll his eyes.

Walking over to her father, she gave him a kiss and a hug. "Good to see you daddy, how are things?"

"Going great pumpkin, just great. Chrysler is really keeping us busy. How about you?"

She smiled at her father, "It's going good for me. While you guys make all those trucks, I get to deliver em'." Still thinking about the trip in last night and her encounter with Cynthia, "The weather was kinda crappy last night, but I have an interesting story about that I'll share over dinner."

"Okay sweetie, go say hi to your mother, we should be eating in a few minutes."

Toni kissed him again and walked into the kitchen. "Hi mom, need any help?"

The petite woman at the stove turned and smiled at her only daughter, "Hi honey, you can take the rolls out of the oven." Motioning toward a basket on the counter, "I have a basket ready for them."

"Sure thing mom that I can do"

"Honey take them in and tell everyone that dinner is ready. I just need to finish the mashed potatoes."

Toni stepped over to her mother and gave her a quick hug, "Will do."

Toni placed the basket on the dinning room table, swung into the family room and announced that dinner was ready. Doug and Roger grinned at each other and almost ran to the dinning room. Ronnie linked arms with Cheryl and headed in while Toni went over to her father. "Come on Dad, Let's eat."

"Ahhh, my favorite words!", he said with a wink.

The food was quickly passed around the table once everyone was seated. Before long the din of rattling plates, knives, and forks was replaced by conversation. Toni's father, Doug, and Roger talked about all the work at the Chrysler plant. Even with the economy a bit down, the Dodge Ram was still selling well. Toni's mother mentioned a sale at the bookstore making things a bit hectic and Ron mentioned how Sunday's ice storm had brought in some business today.

"In fact, Toni called me last night to ask me to lend a hand with a rescue. She made me tow the car, while she got to drive the poor girl home." Winking at Toni, "If I'm not mistaken I think they have a date on Saturday."

All the heads around the table turned towards Toni, as she glared at her brother. Exasperated, she exclaimed "It's not a date!" All eyebrows raised around the table. Toni sighed giving her brother that, you had to open your big mouth look, then launched into a full accounting of the tale.

Finishing her story, she concluded with, "So, to thank me, she has invited me to their game on Saturday, and then dinner."

Enjoying his sisters' reaction Ronnie continues to tease, "See! I told you it was a date!".

Toni made an exaggerated deep sigh, looked up and shook her head. "Why me?"

"Ron, you can stop teasing your sister. You're still young enough to bend over my knee," Toni's mother threatened with a stern look to her eldest child.

Ron, trying to appear innocent, "Okay, okay Mom, I'll be good."

The rest of the dinner passed quickly. After everyone rose from the table, Toni's mother said, "Ladies, lets clean the dishes and chat. Bud, take the boys and go watch some TV."

"Yes, dear," Toni's father said with a smile. "Come on boys, there's probably something fun to watch."

Bud herded the boys into living room while Toni, her mother, and Cheryl started clearing off the table and taking the dishes to the kitchen. The three women made quick work of the dishes, then gathered at the kitchen table. Toni's mother looked at Toni and out right asked, "So, do you like this Cynthia?"

"Yea Mom. She was great to talk with. It's been awhile since I just chatted with someone like that. We kinda joked with each other and had a good time. I'm looking forward to watching her game Saturday."

"Did you tell her? I think she should know."

A worried look crossed Toni's face, "Not yet mom, guess I'll tell her Saturday. She's kind of an innocent. I hope she takes it well. I really would like to be friends with her."

Cheryl concerned about Toni's desire to have this woman for a friend asked, "Do you both really think she should be told so soon?"

"Cheryl, its better to get things like this in the open as soon as possible. If people have a problem with me being gay, I'd rather know before I spend time trying to build a doomed friendship."

"I guess I can see your point. I do hope she takes to the news well." Cheryl turned to Toni's mother and said, "Pearl, I think Ronnie and I are going to head back home. We both have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow and we wanted to get home fairly early."

As the three women stood, Pearl said "Okay dear. You and Ronnie take care on the way home." Pearl leaned over and kissed her daughter-in-law on the cheek.

Cheryl looked over at Toni and smiled, "No more late calls to Ronnie this week for you Toni, he won't admit it, but he's quite exhausted today."

Her black eyes twinkling, "Oh I'll just bet, I was lucky to be able to sleep in a little today. Trust me, I won't bother him. Now give me a hug and get out of here."

As the two younger women turned to go in the family room, Pearl touched her daughters arm, "Stay a moment, Toni." Cheryl went to fetch her husband as the older woman motioned her daughter back to the table, "You seem quite interested in this girl hon, if you know what I mean."

"Actually I do know what you mean. I can't say she's not attractive, because she is. She's also athletic and intelligent. But I am also sure she is straight. I know better than to go down that road. I just hope we can become friends. We really connected last night, and I hope she's able to deal with the fact that I am gay."

"Well dear, I know some of the reactions you've had in the past have been hurtful to you. I just hope this girl is able to deal with your orientation and be the friend you really need."

"Thanks Mom, I am thankful everyday I have support from you and Dad and the boys. I don't know what I'd do without my family."

"And I am thankful I have a daughter who is proud of who she is. Now give me a kiss and go watch the game with the boys."

Toni stood, then leaned over to kiss her mother. "I love you, Mom."

"Love you too, sweetie. Now get!"

Toni walked into the family room and sat down on the couch next to Doug. The rest of the evening was spent watching the St. Louis Blues defeat the Columbus Bluejackets 3-2. When the game was over, she said her good-byes to the rest of the family, and drove back to her apartment. I wonder if Cynthia likes other sports besides basketball?


Cynthia was glad she had scheduled her courses mostly on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She only had the one class this Tuesday morning, and then she would be able to complete some reading and Professor Lawson's assignment. After her class, she went to the Student Union to catch up on her studies. The team was leaving late Wednesday afternoon for a game on Thursday, and she dreaded bringing school work on road trips.

Hustling, she completed the assigned work then grabbed some lunch before going to the Athletic Complex to watch a video of their upcoming opponent, the University of Chicago. After practice, some of the teammates decided to head back to the Student Union to relax for a bit and Cynthia went along. While they were all picking at some salad, she recounted the 'Toni Incident' to her teammates and caught up on the gossip. Cynthia looked at her watch, stood up and bid farewell to her teammates then jogged the two miles back to the house. Abby, Jen, and Mary were in the kitchen fixing popcorn for the weekly video party.

"So what are we watching tonight?" Cynthia asked.

"Well, it was Abby's turn to rent, so I'm betting on something sappy," Mary teased.

"You're probably right," agreed Jen.

"Well you are both wrong!" Abby declared. "Now lets get in there and have some fun."

The girls gathered up some popcorn and sodas and trooped into the living room.

Abby held up two tapes and asked, "Right or Left?"

Cynthia and Jen quickly said in chorus, "Right!"

Mary, out voted before speaking, just nodded. Abby took the tape in her right hand and put it in the machine, then dimmed the lights. She joined Jen on one sofa, while Cynthia and Mary lounged on the other. The girls spent the rest of the evening chomping on popcorn and watching two classic musicals, 'Singing in the Rain' and 'An American in Paris'.


On Wednesday, just before Toni had to leave for work the phone rang. "Hello?"


"Ronnie, what's up?"

"Well I thought you might be interested. I just got the invoice and check from that lady friend of yours."

"I told you she was good for it."

"Not only was she good for it, she included a tip."

"Good for you Ronnie, I like to see my brother do well," she said with a laugh.

"Oh, I did well. The tip was for 100 bucks!"

"Wow, that's more than you charged for the tow!"

"That's not all." Ron said in a serious tone.

"Oh? What else?"

"She included a note, here let me read it," he paused, and then started to read. "Dear Ron, I want to thank you for answering your sisters call and towing my car. Not only was your sister an angel for helping me, but your willingness to help was also a blessing. Toni told me that you and Cheryl are newly married, so please use this money to treat Cheryl to an evening on the town. Think of it as a late wedding present. I hope to actually meet you someday so I can give you my thanks in person."

"Wow, that's so sweet. I kinda mentioned you and Cheryl in passing after I called you that night I'm surprised she even remembered. That was very thoughtful," Toni said with amazement.

"Yea, I can't wait to take Cheryl someplace nice. Please tell your friend thanks from me when you see her Saturday."

"I will Ronnie."

Ronnie chuckled, "And have fun driving that car. I want details."

Laughing, Toni said, "OK Ronnie. I'll take notes for you."

"Bye Sis."

"Bye Bro."

After she hung up, she got her keys and headed out the door to work. How sweet and thoughtful. And she thinks I'm an angel! Down girl. Friend, Friend, Friend! Work went by fairly quickly that evening for Toni, since most of her thoughts were of Cynthia and their potential friendship. I can't wait till Saturday!


For Cynthia, Wednesday was a busy day. She turned in her assignment to Professor Lawson, finished the rest of her classes, and turned in the one paper due at her Thursday class since she would be in Chicago. Before heading to the Athletic Complex she swung by the house to pack her game bag for the road trip and to leave a note for the girls telling them she would be back late Thursday.

The team took a chartered bus to the airport to catch a Southwest flight to Chicago Midway where another bus was waiting to take the team to the hotel. Cynthia's thoughts wandered to the game on Saturday night during the team meeting, wondering if the truck driver would show. She was still thinking about Toni as she and Christy went up to their shared room to watch the new 'Law and Order' and some CNN before lights out.


Thursday morning, Toni was sitting over breakfast reading the sports page when she saw the article on the Washington University Lady Bears. The team was 21-0 on the season, and the team was playing a contest tonight in Chicago. The most interesting part of the whole article to Toni was that Cynthia Pennington was quoted several times, and mentioned as the teams leading scorer. Wow, Go Cynthia! Good luck tonight.

Toni got off work late but was still determined to buy a paper before going home. Anxiously she checked the sports page and found the Wash U. Bears were still undefeated having beat the U of C 78-51, and also that this was the 400th victory of Coach Fahey's career. Checking the box score, she saw that Cynthia had scored 22 points. Good Girl! Way to go girlfriend! I mean friend. Friend! Friend! Friend! She left the paper on the counter for the morning and crawled into bed.


Cynthia and Christy both woke up Thursday to the hotels 'wake up' phone call. The team gathered for breakfast in the lobby and after breakfast they had a few hours of free time, so Cynthia, Christy, and a few others walked down to The Museum of Science and Industry to catch the Omnimax movie 'Everest'. They returned to the hotel for lunch and a meeting with the coaches before heading off to the University of Chicago campus.

The win made the trip to the airport in Chicago traffic almost bearable, almost. The flight back to St. Louis seemed short as the team excitedly chattered and reveled in their victory. On the way back to the Wash U. Campus from the airport, the bus passed an auto carrier and Cynthia wondered if it could be Toni. Her last thoughts before falling into bed exhausted were of large black eyes looking through the blowing snow into her car window.


The phone was ringing when Toni got back to the apartment after her workout Friday morning.

"Hello?", she asked.

"Sis, its Ronnie. Just wanted to let you know that thanks to your lady friend, Cheryl and I had a great time last night", Ronnie said excitedly.

"Oh? Where did you take her?"

"Tony's. It's a fabulous place. Very Romantic. Cheryl just loved it. I really want you to thank your friend for me."

"I will Ronnie. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I saw in the paper yesterday that she's the leading scorer on the team."

"Sounds like she could score with you", Ronnie teased.

"God! You're terrible! I think I'll have to kiss Cheryl on the lips next time I see her and steal her heart from you."

"Okay, I'll stop teasing. No stealing my wife! Have fun tomorrow."

"Thanks Ronnie, and I'll let her know about the fun you had at Tony's"

Toni met her mother for a late lunch before going to work Having three runs that were fairly close the night went well. She was able to finish up a little early and go home. Laying in bed she thought about Saturday and Cynthia. I really hope she can deal with my orientation. She's so fun to talk to. Turning over she punched her pillow a few times and went to sleep.


Friday was a good day for Cynthia. Although her class schedule was tough, there weren't too many assignments for the weekend. Aside from some reading she had to do, she was able to complete her work for Monday before the light practice at four PM. She stopped by the video store after practice and picked up a movie since her and Abby were staying in. Sticking with the musical theme she rented 'A Chorus Line'. She settled in to do some reading for class after the movie and watching the local news before turning out the light at 11:30. I hope she comes to the game. I hope Danny likes her. Dinner should be fun too. I hope she likes Italian. She signed deeply still thinking pleasant thoughts about Toni and went to sleep.


Saturday dawned early for Toni. The forecast was quite warm for February so after pulling on some sweats and lacing up her running shoes she decide to drive over to Jefferson Barracks park for her run. With a morning temperature in the mid 50's and little wind, it was the warmest day since the previous year. No treadmills for me today! She set a brisk pace and put in 10 sub 6 minute miles and an hour later she arrived back at her car for the short drive home.

Toni finished breakfast and read the paper then headed up to Kirkwood and the bookstore where her mother worked. Walking into the store, she saw her mother finishing up with a customer.

"Thanks for shopping at 'Turn The Page' and we hope to see you again soon," her mother said with a cheerful voice as the customer retreated to the door and left.

"Hi Mom!"

"Hi Sweetie. Glad you came by." Handing Toni a bag, "I have a couple of books for you."

Toni opened the bag and read the titles. "Oh! Let's see. Hmmmm, 'The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us', and 'Best Lesbian Erotica 2003'. "

"I just thought I'd get you something different for a change. You read too many of those mystery novels, and I thought these might be... ummmm... suitable for you."

Blushing, trying to think of something to say, "Well, thanks Mom. I don't think I know what to say."

"Well, I hope someday you'll settle down, until then these might help you keep occupied on some lonely night."


"Well dear, I worry about you. You're twenty three, you work most evenings... ", her mothers voice trailed off.

"I know Mom, I'll find someone someday."

"I know you will honey. Anyway I decided one book would be practical, and one would be a little naughty. I hope you like them."

"I'm sure I will. Hey, this one has pictures! Did you page through it?" She asked with a smirk.

"Antonia Elizabeth Branson! You take your books and go! My word... "

"Just a joke Mom", she assured her mother, "I'm just here to take you to lunch. Do you want to go to Duffy's?"

"That sounds good sweetie, let me get my purse."

The two women left the shop after putting up the 'Will Return' sign and locked the door on their way out. During the short walk to Duffy's, Toni's mother turned to her and said, "You know, I do have a question about one of the photo's in that book."

Toni wailed, "Mom!"

Just after noon, Toni had her mother safely back at the shop and out of her hair. She headed over to the gym for a quick workout before showering and getting dressed for the game while reminding herself, it's not a date. She's a friend. Getting in her car, she pulled out the schedule Cynthia had given her, and followed the directions to the Washington University Athletic Complex.


Cynthia woke early as well since the basketball team was having its annual 'Breakfast with the Chancellor'. The team and coaches met at the Athletic Complex, then walked over to the Student Center for the breakfast. Afterwards, Chancellor Wright gave a short speech congratulating the team on another fine season and a likely bid to the Division III NCAA Tournament. He praised Coach Fahey on the 400 win milestone for her career, and asked her to say a few words. After the speeches, the team moved to another room at the Student Center that was set up for the press. Cynthia was interviewed by two different reporters, she talked about how great it was to be a part of this team, and to be apart of Coach Fahey's milestone. She also discussed the game that afternoon with Emory University. Eventually the press left, and the team was able to walk back to the Athletic Complex. Since it was a special team day, the team had decided to lunch together. All of the players were fairly close to each other and the coaches, so the time passed quickly. It was early afternoon when they all arrived at the court for a shoot-around and walk through. At two PM, an hour before the game, the team retired to the locker room to change into their uniforms for the game.


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