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Note: I use the occasional bad word... that's just the soldier in me. But I tried to make this story the best I could. I have a lot of help and inspiration. Thank you so much for reading it.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

By S.K. Allen


Is this Love?

As the dark haired woman stepped out of the shower, she sensed him. She knew he was near. Her tall, lean form was quickly covered in a plain white terry cloth bathrobe. She walked onto her bedroom and saw the headlights of his car draw near through the window. He had been away most of the week on leave, and now he was back. She felt a smile form on her lips. She walked onto the living room, and just as he reached for the door, she opened it.

His dark eyes looked into her pale blues, he smiled and quickly drew her into his arms. He kissed her passionately as he closed the door. He smelled her fresh scent and knew that only the bathrobe separated him from her naked body.

The woman let herself be carried into her bedroom and placed on her bed. Without a word, or eye contact, he pulled at the belt of her bathrobe and eased it open. He ran his hand along the slight curve of her hips, up to her waist, then over her right breast and back. The woman suddenly felt uninterested but said nothing to dissuade him from continuing. He usually did so much for her by just being there, but now there was nothing there. She put that feeling aside for the moment, thinking it was maybe that he was coming on so strong. Maybe she would forget about it as they continued. She felt him kiss along her neck and his hands exploring her body. He loomed over her taking in the sight of her, the scent of her. ‘She is so beautiful, and she is all mine.’ He thought as he bent down to take a nipple into his mouth.."

He parted her legs and touched her center, which made her shiver involuntarily. He took this as a sign of her readiness. However, she was far from ready. He started to unbuckle his belt as she watched him with a raised brow. ‘Moron,’ she thought as she got even more uninterested. When he was fully unclothed, he pulled her close with a deep kiss

He entered her, and with a groan of discomfort, she shifted herself to where she could endure the assault more comfortably. The woman usually enjoyed her sessions with him, but now it was just all for him. She tried to look into his eyes, and for a split second, they had connected. ‘Oh Hell no, Not tonight buddy. I don’t know what your problem is, but you’re not using me tonight.’ She had missed him while he was gone, but not enough to let herself be used that night, So she pushed him away. "Wha'?" The man asked as she pushed.

"Go home. I have to wake up early tomorrow. It's graduation and I need my sleep." she stated bluntly as she rolled out of bed and grabbed her bathrobe

"What? You sound like you have some other guy coming or something." he said as he quickly pulled on his pants. He was unsatisfied and ready to explode. A bit irritated. he stumbled after her.

"That's not my style." she said as she walked into the living room and towards the front door. "See you on Friday, I have CQ tomorrow."

"All right..." He kissed her softly and pulled on his shirt. "Friday." Then he walked out the front door

The tall dark haired woman walked back into the bathroom and took another shower. Afterwards, she put on her blue silk pajamas and slid into her bed. She refused to cry. She didn’t know what his problem was. She couldn’t understand why he wouldn’t look her in the eye anymore." He hadn't even said a word to her before hand, which could only mean he was hiding something.

As she thought about it, she drifted off to fitful sleep


The man climbed into his car and angrily slammed the door behind him.. "Teasing me like that is not good!" he growled as he sped off down the road. "You aren't gonna push me away too." he vowed to himself that history would not repeat itself again .

It all started when he was too young to understand why. His mother left him and his father. For that man. A nigger. A low down, no good, no account nigger his father would say to him.

He was only five years old when it happened. His father would tell him it was all his fault. If he weren’t the way he was she wouldn't have left. He wasn't about to make the same mistake twice. She’d belong to him forever. No matter what.


During the party, a petite blond of about 5' 5" walked into a bedroom,

Easing herself down onto the waterbed. This would be the last time, for a long time that she would lay on this bed

She wished that there wasn't a party going on outside of that room. She'd rather have her red-haired fireball all to herself holding her tightly. The bedroom door opened and she looked up and smiled. There was an even more petite woman standing there. Her fiery red tresses framed her face beautifully. "Hey beautiful," the red head whispered. "Light up?" she added holding up a joint

"Why nurse Petty... don’t you have to work tomorrow?" she sat up with a smirk and ran fingers through her long strawberry blond tresses

"I won't be high by then... besides, this is my gift to you. The Army will make sure you don’t get anymore, so enjoy your last." the shorter woman said she made her way to the waterbed

The red-head sat by the blond and handed her the joint. As she took out a lighter she said, "I like the way you do me when you're high... you're so much fun."

The blond smiled and returned the joint to her. "No thanks, I have to take another piss test and I am not getting bumped off the service for this." She reached for her beer and took a deep swallow, trying to numb the hurt that the red head had just inflicted. ‘Did she just call me a dead fish?’ the blonde thought as she drank. Putting it out of her mind she leaned forward for a kiss

Soon, their clothes were completely removed. They made love to each other for hours on end. As the party died down, many had joined them in the room to do their own thing. They didn’t care, no one would remember the next day anyway. It was the perils of a one bed room apartment.

It was about 4:30 in the morning when the blond felt clear headed enough to go home. She looked around the room at the scattered bodies, then at the red head sleeping in the crook of her arm. She kissed her eyelids gently, and slid out of the bed, nearly stepping on someone's head.

She yanked her clothes out from under some people and dressed on her way out of the apartment. She sat on the hood of her 1986 blue Corolla and pulled on her sneakers, then climbed into her car. As she drove home, she felt a bit uncertain about her love for the shorter woman. Something was missing, but she didn't know what, or why. She sighed and continued driving


The graduation ceremony was executed beautifully. The pass and review

showed the discipline the new Privates had gained since they had first started, only eight weeks before. There were proud parents all around the barracks now, and Staff Sergeant Major couldn't help but feel proud of the Privates either. It had been a long, hard cycle for the soldiers and they’d need all the confidence for their next task.

Major walked inside the building, taking off her drill sergeant’s hat and heading towards the CQ office. She sat behind the desk with a sigh, it was her turn to pull the all nighter this time. She turned to face the window, watching the other drill sergeants being introduced to various parents.

"Uh, Ssg. Major?" She heard the masculine voice from behind her. She turned to face a tall, handsome private of about 19 years of age. Beside him was a beautiful woman that stood about a foot and a half shorter. They both had the same facial features only his more masculine. Their skin was the color of cinnamon, and they both had a shapely African-American nose. The soldier looked dapper in his newly accuired Class "A" uniform and shined shoes. His mother was no slacker, with a nice taylored suit . Her hair was aranged in the most intricate fashio of waves that framed her face nicely.

"Hey Bond, what's up?" she said with a smile as she stood for the inevitable greeting of family.

"I wanted you to meet my mom and everything. Mom, this is Ssg. Major,. My drill sarge." He gestured toward the standing staff sergeant with a sweap of his arm.

"Goodness I don’t knwo weather to salute or what... Shouldn’t you salute Christian?" Mrs Bond asked of her son.

"No Mamma, You don’t salute indoors." Private Bond answered respectfully.

Major smiled at the comment and extended a hand. "And you don’t salute mere sergeants wither. Hello... Nice to finally meet you."

Taking her offered hand, Mrs. Bond said, "Ebony Bond, I'm so glad to finally meet you. I wanted to thank you for all you did for us when I was sick back home."

"I did nothing really, he had a right to go... I know how hard it is to lose family and he wouldn’t have been able to live with himself had he stayed and something really terrible had happened to you," Majyr answered the woman. Mrs. Bond had raised Pvt. Bond alone, since her husband had passed. The second week of training, The company had been informed that she’d a heart attack and was to have a triple bypass. Bond was flown back home, and he stayed until he was assured that she would be all right.

Mrs. Bond healed fast, and within 6 weeks, Pvt. Bond was back in training, The delay caused him to be unable to graduate with his peers the first cycle so this was his second cycle in Ft. Leonard Wood. Today was the day, and his mother couldn't be prouder.

When they turned to leave, the tall, lean drill Ssergeant sat back down in her chair, then called out to the soldier. "Hey Bond... Glad to have you in the ranks..." then she added with a smirk. "Battle on Private." Bond smiled and headed out.


"Bye Mom. I'll miss you," Jamie said as she hugged her mother tightly.

Jamie was at tha gate of her flight wich was now bording, at Baltimore Washington International Airport. other wise know as BWI.

"All right sweetheart, I'll miss you too," her mother answered giving her a kiss on the cheek.

Jamie ran fingers through her long strawberry blond hair then turned to hug her little brother, who already towered over her 5'5" frame. "Bye Sean. I'll write."

"Cool... be all that you can be J," he answered and hugged her back uncomfortably.

Then Jamie turned to her father and hugged him too. "Bye Daddy." It was always hard to say good-bye to him.

"I love you sweetheart... and I know you'll do your old man proud." He smiled his winning smile and patted her back. "Go now, the flight's waiting."

Jamie nodded and walked off toward the group of new Privates that were boarding their flight to St. Louis, Missouri. Pvt. Jackson, that's who I am from now on. She thought as she waited.

Jamie knew that she had opted for the Army Reserves for lack of anything better to do. Her mother had been rattling on about her wasting her time, and life away. She graduated high school and immediately went to a community college. She took frivolous classes and was still a mediocre student. She just didn’t care. After she received her associate degree, she just laid around doing nothing. Lots of parties, some pot, lots of women. .

Then her girlfriend started in on her. Shannon was her name, the only person she knew that was shorter than she was. Shannon was a fiery red head that overwhelmed her at every turn. Shannon was also a nurse at Children's Hospital and very dedicated. She came home every evening and told Jamie stories that intrigued her. So on her 24th birthday, she drove herself to a recruiter's office. She wanted something that she could use to get financial support for a real education. When she saw the options in the medical field for the Army, she chose 91C. Civilian translation, LPN.

"Hey..." Jamie heard from behind her, "It's gonna be cool, you'll see." A young girl about 18 years old, with short brown hair and an athletic build, was the source of the voice. She was only slightly taller than Jamie and had a friendly smile. Jamie supposed the girl was cute.

Jamie smiled back. "I hope so... I just feel like I am giving up so much." She turned her attention back to the gate and handed over the boarding pass the recruiter had given her. She slowly boarded the plane and looked for her seat. It turned out that the young girl from before was sitting beside her. "I'm so glad I have the window," Jamie said once they had settled. "By the way, I'm Jamie."

"Sarah... I hope we are in the same company so we can hang with at least one person we know," Sarah answered her. They continued talking throughout the flight. They talked about their concerns and families, and about the humiliation of the physical exam the day before.

They were fast friends by the time the plane landed. After they had gotten to the USO, they waited for the drill sergeants to come for them. They gathered their bags and sat around waiting.

When their escorts finally came the shock first hit.

"This ain't no summer vacation Privates this is hell. Carry your bags and get in formation. Lets go, lets go, lets go!" Sergeant Savage yelled at them.

Jamie cringed and moved to pick up her gym bag, glad it was the only bag she had brought. She saw a few other girls struggle with suitcases and other carry-ons. There were a few more rounds of yelling and then they boarded a bus for a two hour ride to Ft. Leonard Wood.

She sat next to Sarah. Sarah, though, went right to sleep as the bus pulled out. Jamie tried to see the city, or as much as she could see of it until her eyes closed as well.

It was only 9 p.m. but to Jamie it felt like midnight when they finally arrived at the reception center of Ft. Leonard Wood. The sergeants stood and started yelling again. "All right Privates listen and listen good. We are gonna evacuate this bus and it better be done in less than 15 seconds. We start with the front, you get down , run, pickup your bags and line up at the door, you got that?" There was no answer. "I said, did you get that?"

"Yes sergeant!" they responded in unison, then he started the count. Everyone scrambled, they had no time to think. Jamie jumped out of her seat when it was her turn, and ran out of the bus’ hefting her bag and heading for the line.

"That was too slow Privates, too slow." He filed the group into the building and lead them to a classroom where they were given more paperwork to fill out. Jamie was tired and couldn't wait until they showed her to a bed or something. After all that was done, they filed out and went into a formation on the blacktop behind the building. There they stood, all scared, and standing in four neat rows, looking like dominoes waiting to get tipped over. "All right Privates, you’re gonna sound off and sound off loud," came the voice of a new drill sergeant that had taken over the group. "Platoon, attention! Right face! forward maaarrch... ," he began singing his cadence.

I don't know why I left.

But I left on my own

and it won't be long

till I get on back home

Dress it right and cover down

40 inches all around

and it wont be long

till I get on back home.

As she marched, Jamie thought; ‘this isn't so bad, is this all there is?’ But this was only the beginning.

He finally stopped marching them around and gave the instructions as to what would happen the next day. Jamie went into the barrack and took a bottom bunk. Too exhausted for anything, she just took a shower and went straight to bed, god only knew what he had in store for her tomorrow.


Sergeant. Major stretched in her chair, glad that dawn was approaching. Her CQ duty was almost over and she would have the next day off. She turned the television off in the office and began walking along the hall for her periodic checks. She shone her flashlight in each of the rooms, thinking it ridiculous to have to check the nearly empty barracks.

When her check was over, she walked outside for a breath of air.

Tiny bubbles

in my beer

makes me happy

full of cheer

In the distance, she could hear cadence being called. "Ah I like the sound of marching feet in the morning... specially during CQ," The tall staff sergeant smirked and said to herself as she looked at her watch., 4:30 a.m., half an hour to go.

Tiny bubbles

in my wine

makes me happy

all the time

"Hey, Sergeant Major," she heard a male voice and Major turned to see a very short black man walking towards her

"Morning, sarge," She said as he neared her. Sergeant Taylor had a face fit for his nasty personality. Like a Miniature Pincher or a really small Pitbull, small but deady. His features were always angry.

"I heard this is gonna be your last cycle?" he asked looking up at her, never cracking a smile.

"That's right... changing my MOS. Being an 11B is fun for a while but it's time to move on." Infantry is a lot of fun in fact, and I enjoy being a drill sergeant, but it’is time for something new, she thought as they both ducked inside the barracks. The cool morning air was starting to seep through the fabric of her fatigues. Even for the end of June, the mornings were still cool.

"Well... I hope this is your best cycle yet then," he said with a curt nod and he walked away down the hall.

Sergeant Major walked back into the office and gathered her keys and other things that she had with her overnight. She set them on the desk so she could grab them when it was time to go. She watched the same smaller sergeant dart past her door and called out. "Hey sarge... what platoon are you getting this time?" she asked sitting on the desk.

He stopped and came back to lean in office’s doorway. "Third platoon, I think you’re getting second, right?" he asked. She nodded. "Give 'em hell, sarge," he said and walked out to his truck. Major was glad that they weren't working with the same platoon.. Both of them together could terrorize a soldier.

A few other sergeants came in and by, 5 a.m., Major was free to leave. She walked out to her silver Mercedes ML320, which had been a gift from her mother as a bribe for her to separate and leave the Army. Major decided that she would stay in the Army, but she agreed to take a kinder, gentler Military Operational Specialty, or MOS, just for he motherr. She felt it was time for a change of scenery anyway. So by the time the next cycle was over, she would be a student at Physician Assistant School.

Sergeant Major drove slowly to her modest post housing. As soon as she walked inside the small home, she took off her hat and loosened the tight braid, letting the long raven locks pour over her shoulders. She headed towards the bathroom, and as she undressed, she glanced at her pale reflection in the mirror and the azure eyes that were now blood shot.

She took a long refreshing shower, afterwards, she wrapped herself in a towel. She started making herself some breakfast replacing her usual cup of coffee with camomile tea, so that she will be able to sleep. Then headed for the livingroom to check her messages.

"Anjulee this is your mother..." said the voice through the speaker.

Anjulee rolled her eyes at that. "I know your voice, mother..." she muttered into deaf ears. Her mother was.

"I can't wait till you’re back in Texas, darling. Call soon, you don't have to wait until you’re back in town to talk to your mother. Bye, dear." Anjulee shook her head and walked into the kitchen for her food as she listened for the next message.

"Hey, it's Lou... um, we need to talk Angel... I'll come by after shift tomorrow... Bye," she froze. That didn't sound too good. Angel pressed "1" to hear the message again, and again. She sat down after hearing the message for the last time. She wondered what was going on with him. He sounded preoccupied. Yet something in his tone made her angry. She didn’t know exactly what it was, but she knew she didn’t like it.’That fool thinks he can come back and apologize for his behavior the other night and I’ll overlook it? He’s got an other thing coming.’ She thought pacing the room.

"Suck it up and drive on Angel. Wait till he actually talks to you first before you think about killing him," she muttered to herself, trying to dismiss the feeling. She lost her appetite and covered her freshly made meal, then headed to the bedroom Angel slipped on her Physical Training uniform and went out for a run. she needed to rework up her appetite and clear her mind.

After 5 miles ,and half an hour later, she returned home to collapse into bed from exhaustion.


Jamie was up at 5 a.m., showered and dressed in her clean, pressed jeans and sneakers. Because they had gotten in so late, They had not yet been given their uniforms, or gear.They’d asked everyone to wear sneakers they planned to use during their time in basic training. The drill sergeants said that there were many people that had come to basic training with something other than running shoes, and people were often injured. So they were going to check and make sure everyone had the correct style of shoes. Jamie had a air of brand new Nike cross-trainers in gray and white. They were the perfect kind.

They called formation outside the barrack she now thought would be her home from that moment until the end of basic training. They were marched to a cafeteria, which she later found they called a mess hall, or chow hall, and were all assembled into a line. They weren't allowed to speak in the line and they had to stand at parade rest, which meant feet hip distance apart and hands clasped behind their backs. Jaime found it extremely humiliating. She felt like a prisoner in a high security prison. That was something she never imagined she would be. She understood that the military was built from dicipline, but did they have to tell you how to stand in a food line too?

When Jamie was finally at the head of the line, she signed her name and social security number and went on ahead in the line. Sarah was behind her in line and whispered to her, "I'm starting to think this is like prison." Jaime smiled, and as she looked back, a Corporal walked up to them and yelled that they weren't supposed to be talking in line.

Jaime fumed but kept her anger inside. She took her breakfast and walked to the next free table. She ate in silence, her forest green eyes shooting darts at the Corporal who had yelled at them.

Once she finished, she took her tray to the kitchen and walked out to join the rest of her group in the line. The rest of the day was spent getting their itinerary, getting and changing into their uniforms, getting the rest of their equipment, buying what they may need at the shoppette in the reception center, and getting their vaccines.

One of the vaccines hurt immensely. They warned everyone that when they received the penicillin vaccine in their rear, they shouldn't tense up or it would hurt. When they got to her, they jabbed the needle in so hard she had no choice but to tense up. She almost howled in pain, and She felt as if she wouldn’t be able to walk.

She struggled out of the room and waited for the next task. It was lunch. She sighed and joined the long line and was only able to eat her dinner. When that was done, there was the humiliation of number assignments as if they were criminals. They carried their now fully loaded and heavy duffel bags to a courtyard where they spray painted their social security numbers and their names on them.

Next they stood around a bed and watched as the sergeants taught them how to make the beds military style. The sergeants even bounced the quarters on the bed. They explained, that if their drill sergeants ever found a bed unacceptable they would destroy it and turn bunks over. Their demonstration left an impression on the new recruits.

After that, the rest of the afternoon was free. Jamie could hardly carry her duffel bag because of the pain on her back from the shot. She carried it anyway and placed it in her locker. She looked at the pictures she had put up on the locker and took them down. she’d just found out, that this would not be her home for the next eight weeks. All of the recruits would be transported the next day to Company quarters deeper into the base. She put the pictures away with her personal belongings, and hen reached for her calling card inside of her gym bag.

She went out and stood in line behind the dozens of other recruits praying to speak with their families of the hell they’d been living for the past 24 hours with their families. She sat on the ground with Sarah, who had just gotten off the phone with her family. Sarah kept her company while she waited, telling her all she had talked to them about.

"Oh my god, my mom was like .. You can leave, you don't have to stay there and take that," Sarah said. "Then I said, please mom, they had to do that to protect me, you know. Besodes, I lied to get into the Army why would I want to turn around and leave, now?"

"What did you lie about?" Jaime asked as she moved up on the line a bit.

"I have asthma," Sarah answered.

"No shit, girl. With all the damn exercise they’re gonna make you do, that is just not smart."

"I like this Army shit... you're up." Sarah signaled and Jaime ran to get her chance at the phone.

The blond dialed quickly because she was impatient to talk to her mother and father. No answer. Jamie sighed and tried Shannon's apartment. How could she not be there, she thought. Tears welled up in her eyes as she hung up the phone. She limped her way back to the barracks and to her bed, where she laid down crying softly. This just isn't fair, she thought as she lay there. What the hell did I get my self into. I swear, that no matter what, they will never see me cry.


Angel awoke to the knock at her door. She grumbled and stretched, pulling her long raven tresses into a ponytail. "I'm coming," she said as she made her way through the living room. Opening the door, she remembered the message Lou had left her the night before. Sure enough, it was Lou at the door. The expression on her face quickly went from Angel to drill sergeant.

"Can I come in?" Lou was the vision of a Greek god. His olive skin, dark brown eyes, and full lips accentuated by a small goatee were enough to make any woman melt.". The rock hard cut of his arms and chest, were never softened by the clothing he wore. Lou usually did a lot for Angel, but there was nothing two nights earlier and there was definitely nothing today. She opened the door wider and let him in. He leaned close to kiss her but she stepped away from him.

After closing the door behind him she turned to face him, "You said you had to talk... so talk."

He took her hand and pulled her to the couch. "Relax will you? I wanted to ask you a question, but not until I told you a few things."

Angel looked at him, her scowl unchanged, but her heart was racing in anticipation. "Just talk."

"Do you remember that night I went to St. Louis?" he started. She nodded. "The bunch of us went to this bar, and I found this girl and we talked for a while... then one thing led to an other and..." Angel pulled her hand away, she didn't need to hear anymore. "We ended up in bed together..," she stood up and walked away from him. "C’mon Angel... I needed to tell you, because if I wasn't planning to get really serious I simply wouldn't have told you."

"And that's supposed to make me feel better?" She finally said with a low growl.

"Please .. listen, I wanna live my life with you..." Lou pleaded.

"Get out..." Angel said calmly as she stood and headed towards the door. She felt really good to be getting rid of the loser. "GET OUT!" she yelled this time.

"Angel, I'm sorry, please forgive me..."Lou tried to say more as he stood at the threshold,

"Oh Please, that’s the lamest thing I ‘ve heard in a long time. It’s over Lou, so go try your sick little game on someone else. I’m not biting." She retorted as she pushed him out of her house and slammed the door behind him.

"That asshole!" Angel said turning away from the door. She’d met him in basic training. She remembered him as a blubbering idiot, and an incompetent soldier, so she never paid attention to him. It wasn't until she returned to Ft. Leonard Wood, that she’d how handsome he was. He also had a quirky side that she’d found apealing in him. They had fun together, and in a barren place like Ft. Leonard Wood, you find fun where ever you can

Angel paced around the room for a while and decided to put him out of her mind. She showered and went out for a drive’ listening to her CD's.

That's not right

But it's okay

I'm gonna make it anyway

pack your bags

up and leave

Don't you come running back to me

She sang along with Whitney Houston, the song mirroring her feelings at that moment. She drove most of Ft. Leonard Wood, just playing the song over and over.

That's not right

But it's okay

I'm gonna make it any way

Close the door behind you

leave your key

Don't you come running back to me.


Lou watched Angel drive off. "I'm not gonna loose you too damn it," he said to himself as he drove off behind her for a few rounds. He pondered about how he would get her back. "You belong to me Angel, and you will be in my arms again. You aren't leaving me like all the rest."

His mind wandered back to that day. The day she left him. His mother had hugged him tightly and said, "Here now Lou, listen to me... You be a good boy. Mommy has to go and I can't take you with me." His mother's blue eyes shimmered with tears as she reached out and ruffled his dark hair.

"Where you going mommy?" he said, unable to understand.

"I'm going on a vacation with Jimmy, I don't know when I will be back, just be good for daddy okay?" His mother held him close again. He tangled his hands in her dark tresses, refusing to let her go. He cried, and somehow he knew he would never see her again.

"I swear I am getting you back if it’s the last thing I do."

to be continued in Part 2

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