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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell


by S. K. Allen

Christmas Shopping

Jamie woke up to a slight tickling in her ear. Out of years of pranks from her brother, she thought it would be safer to check her hand for moistness. Nothing. she slowly opened her eyes to find brilliant blues staring at her with a look of amusement.

Jamie jumped back. "Shhhhhhhit... Now that I did NOT expect." Angel chuckled slightly and sat down on the bed.

"At least you didn’t scream," Angel said. "You up for a little shopping?"

"Are you kidding? It’s the day after thanksgiving... The mall is gonna be a madhouse!"

"You have anything better to do?" Angel asked with a raised brow. "If I stay here, all I will do is eat and puke. If I go to the mall, I get to shop, eat and puke. You wanna hold my hair here, or there?"

"You got a point. I’ll go shower and change," Jamie said as she slid out of bed.

"Cool.. I’ll wait for you downstairs with mom," Angel said as she stood and stretched.

"She coming too?" Jamie asked curiously

"Traditional girls day out since I was born," the taller woman answered as she walked toward the door.

"You sure I won’t intrude?"

"No way... Thought you knew me better than that, J," Angel said, walking out of the room. Do I know you at all? Yes I do, sometimes better than I think. But do you know me? Oh yeah, you figured me out a long time ago, the younger woman thought as she chose what to wear.


Angel wrapped an arm around her mother and walked with her to Laura Ashley’s. "Gotta get something good for new year’s, Mom. Knock Lil off her feet and into her senses."

Jamie smirked. "Why would she have to knock her into her senses? I think that she knows exactly what she is doing."

"What do you mean dear?" Liz asked, raising a questioning brow that was a mirror of her daughter’s.

"She is toying with you, isn’t she. Like she gives a little, then a little more, until you can’t take it anymore... Like I remember this one time, I had a crush on this..." she trailed off. Whoa, Jamie, you may be friends but you still don’t know how she’d react. "On the other hand, maybe that’s not such a good example."

"I know exactly what you mean, a little touch here, a slight whisper there, such a tease." Liz took the hint. She glanced at her daughter who was blushing slightly as she walked away to look at some clothing. "My daughter was always good at that," she said in a low voice. Jamie laughed softly.

"I have decided that I really like you," Jamie said to her.

"Good, I have a feeling we are gonna be a big part of each other’s lives," Liz said squeezing Jamie’s hand then following her daughter to the other end of the store. "Find anything?"

"Nah, let’s split... This is depressing me," Angel said.

"Why?" Jamie asked as they headed towards the entrance.

"This is stuff I will never get to wear for a long time," Angel said as they headed along the crowded hall.

"Lets eat... Tony Roma’s?" Liz suggested.

"Okay... I think I still remember how to get there," Angel said leading the way through the crowd.

As they passed a magic shop, Jamie walked towards it. "Oh, I have to stop here first." Angel and Liz followed, looking around the room. At the counter, a dark haired guy was impressing the sales people with card tricks. His blond friend wore shades and stood away from the light. Jamie walked up to the dark headed guy and her eyes widened. "David?"

Angel watched her with raised brows. "Looks like she’s found a friend," she said to her mother. Liz nodded.

"Angel, this is David Blaine. Magician of the new school... He’s awesome," Jamie said. David’s friend laughed

Angel moved closer and looked at the blond. Ha... thought I recognized you. "Don’t worry, I won’t say a word... You were great in Titanic by the way." The tall dark woman winked at Leonardo and walked back to her friend. David was demonstrating his quarter trick where he bit a quarter in half, then he holding the other half in his hand he spit the other half out of his mouth. The quarter suddenly became whole again.

After the small magic show, Angel and Jamie walked away, Liz in tow. "Well that was interesting," Liz said.

"Yeah, he’s is the best there is." Jamie beamed.

"The guy is creepy at best...C’mon, I’m starving," Angel said, leading the way to Tony Roma’s.

"That’s right, you get to eat twice as much now," Jamie said following her.

"Oh no, dear. Don’t do that," Liz said following them both. "It will just add excess weight."


"How could you say he is creepy?" Jamie asked as they sat at their table.

"You have to admit, Anjulee, that the young man is formidable at what he does," her mother agreed.

"He makes my hair stand on end. It’s just eerie how he does it," Angel said lifting a Carolina honey wing into her mouth.

"I think magic is great though... He does it so well, it makes it real," Jamie said.

"My goodness, when he bit down on that quarter I could feel my jaw hurting," Angel’s mother said.

"No natural human should be able to levitate like that," Angel said. "He gave me the willies," Angel said, finishing her food and running her fingers through her dark hair. Changing the conversation, she looked over at Jamie. "Hey, were you really gonna get your hair cut?"

"Are you gonna get bangs?" Jamie answered.

"I could use a trim as well... Shall we?" Liz said waving for the waitress. They left cash on the table and stood to leave. The trio went out to the car to put their things away. They walked back inside towards "Super Cuts."

"What will you have?" the stylist asked Jamie.

"Cut it all off. Give me a total new look. Make me look my age for a change," the blonde answered.

"And how old is that, J?" Angel asked. She had never bothered to ask before, because it never really mattered.

"Twenty four..."

"Gee, I woulda guessed eighteen," Angel said. "The hair definitely has to go."

"How about you?" the stylist asked Angel.

"Oh, she’s is going for the total Warrior Princess look," Jamie answered.

"Banged and layered it is." the stylist said with a grin. "Hey, Liz... the usual?"

"Yes, dear. I need to look fabulous for the holidays," The older woman answered as the three sat in the chairs and began the process.


Liz’s already short dark hair was trimmed and reddened a bit. Jamie’s long, blond hair was colored a strawberry blond and cut short. The hair framed her face beautifully. Angel smiled softly. "That looks great! Both of you look wonderful," she said, watching them.

Jamie turned to face Angel, whose longer hair took more time. They cut bangs for her and then layered the ends, framing her face. They left the length at her mid-back but highlighted parts of her hair with a dark auburn. Jamie took a breath and turned to look at Liz, who smiled back at her.

"So, what do you think?" Angel asked with a raised brow.

"Ah... wow!" Jamie said. "Bangs are good... very good for you." Liz nodded in agreement.

"Thanks... Lets get out of here, the smell is making me wanna hurl," Angel said stepping off of the chair. When they finally got out of there, Angel admitted tiredly "I have to get to bed before Marcus and I go out tonight." Looking down at her watch, she yawned. "We have been here for six hours."

"Yikes! Really? I have never had so much fun shopping, ever," Jamie said. "Thanks for inviting me guys."

"J, chill.. You are practically family," Angel said.

"That’s right dear. You are the daughter I never had," Liz said wrapping an arm around Jamie.

"HEY! I resemble that remark," Angel said, laughing as she walked out to the parking lot.


Later that evening, Marcus knocked at the door. Angel was not ready. In fact, she did not want to go anywhere at all. Jamie answered the door and smiled at the dark man. "Hey, Marcus..."

"Hey, Jamie, your hair looks nice like that.. You look much older now. Your girl around?" Marcus said, walking inside.

"Thanks... she’s asleep... She got really tired," Jamie answered.

"She is? Oh that’s right, girl’s day shopping... You have fun?" He asked, seating himself on the loveseat.

"Yeah... I had more fun than I have ever had with my own mother," she answered.. "Want me to go get her?"

"Nah, I’ll get her," he said, standing. He made his way to the stairs where Liz was heading down. "Woo.. Liz, Liz, Liz... If I didn’t love your daughter so much .. m m m."

Liz blushed slightly. "Oh hush," she said as she walked all the way downstairs. "Jamie, you ready to go?"

"Yeah! Where we going?" Jamie asked, making her way towards Liz and the door.

"Now if I tell you, it wouldn’t be a surprise now would it?" Liz said opening the door for her then closing the door behind them.

Marcus walked up the stairs quietly, remembering that she would hear him coming. The woman has the hearing of a bat, he thought as he opened the door to her bedroom.

Angel didn’t move and her eyes didn’t open, but he could tell she was awake. Then a low voice came from that direction. "Well, are you just gonna stand there or are you gonna come on over here?"

With a smirk, Marcus walked towards the bed. He leaned down and kissed her softly. "Hey babe, how are you feeling.?"

"Like someone just poured hot oil down my throat." Angel moved over in her bed. "Join me?"

"You ain’t got to ask me twice," he said and laid next to her. She wrapped her arms around him and threw a bare leg over his covered legs.

"You remember when we used to just lay together in my bed when we were younger and sing to each other?"

"Yeah... I loved that," Marcus said, brushing a stray strand of hair from her face. He sang softly to her and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.


Angel awoke, tangled with the warm cotton and denim clad body next to her. Slowly, she detangled herself, stretched and took a deep breath. Whoa, big mistake, Angel, the tall woman thought as she felt her stomach bubble over. She slid out of bed, trying not to wake the sleeping man, which she realized she couldn’t have done. He was in a deep sleep.

She raced to the bathroom praying that this would end soon. She didn’t know how much more morning sickness she could take. No matter how much she felt that something bad was going to happen, she knew that this baby wasn’t it. She was looking forward to holding it and caring for it.

Once recovered, she stood to wash her mouth and face but then decided she should step in the shower instead. As she started to strip, there came a knock on the door. "Yeah?" she said softly, her throat still sore from her recent meeting with the head.

The door opened slightly and Marcus popped his head in. "You okay?"

"Oh, just peachy," she said, finishing what she was doing then looking at herself in the bathroom mirror. Her abdomen still had the muscle definition, but not as much as she had. She had stopped exercising ever since she allowed the thought of the child to remain in her head.

Marcus looked at her body and stood paralyzed. "You should have been a super model," he said, making her smile. With those words, he had dispelled any self-consciousness that may have been surfacing. She stepped into the shower, closed the curtain behind her, and turned the water on.

Suddenly, an alabaster hand reached out from the curtain and a finger crooked and motioned Marcus closer. With a grin, he moved closer, pulling his shirt off. Angel wrapped her arms around him and kissed him softly. After helping him with his pants and underwear, she pulled him in with her for a blending of color lines.


Jamie and Liz walked in soon after. They were giggling but neither was inebriated. They had spent a fun night club hopping. Jamie thought the older woman had more life than a person her age. Jamie, Liz and Lillian had danced the night away.

"I can’t believe my arms!!" Jamie said, chuckling to herself.

"How many did you collect?" Liz said, rolling up one of Jamie’s sleeves.

"I don’t know...one, two...," Jamie said, starting to count the phone numbers she had gathered as they went from club to club. "Wow, there’s twelve of them here!" Jamie laughed when she was done.

"And that’s just your arm. Didn’t one of them sign your abs?" Liz said dropping on to the couch.

"Aww hell Liz.. I had a great time," Jamie answered. Elizabeth noted the familiar drawl her daughter usually spoke with.

"I’m glad you did...Texas rubbing off on you?" Jamie smiled and blushed at Liz’s question.

"I guess... If you will excuse me, I am exhausted and think I’ll shower and get to bed," Jamie said and headed for the stairs. She headed for the bathroom and barely got the door open when she heard low moans coming from within. She shut the door quickly, her mind not willing to acknowledge the sudden urge to throw something, and concentrated on her need to use the facilities. She went to the railing and shouted down the stairs. "Hey, Liz?"

A dark head appeared at the bottom of the stairs, then the older woman ascended to meet the younger woman. "Yes, dear?"

"Can I use your bathroom? The other is kind of occupied...," Jamie said barely keeping the grim expression off her face. "I really have to go..."

"Oh sure...Puke fest in there?" Liz asked leading the way to her room.

"Hardly," Jamie replied, following her.


They both felt the door close and stopped. Angel reached for the faucet and turned off the now cool water and they disengaged form each other, highly unsatisfied. "Shit," Angel mumbled. Being caught in your mother’s house is never good on your libido.

Marcus chuckled slightly and she joined him. Unable to help it, she leaned closer and kissed him before they made their way out of the tub. She heard Jamie ask for the bathroom and cringed as she heard a bit of shortness in her words. "Well, Jamie heard more than she needed to hear," Angel said under her breath. Marcus smirked and continued to pull on his clothing. She smiled back, but she felt regret churning inside her. Why are you so upset, it’s not like she is your girlfriend or anything, she thought to herself. She pulled on her nightgown.

"Maybe we should go somewhere tonight and finish what we started," came the soft whisper as the tall dark man wrapped his arms around her. "Spend some quality time together... Just you, me, and Junior," he said, running his hand over her abdomen.

Smiling and covering his hands with hers, she turned her head and kissed his cheek. "Alright...Let me get dressed," she said, opening the door and heading out.

The door to Jamie’s room was open and she peeked in as she walked by. The younger woman was looking at herself in the mirror, apparently trying to read numbers that were written on the back of her arm. "You know that is destruction of government property." The statement came out sharper than intended.

The smaller woman jumped and spun to meet the taller woman’s eyes. "It’s only defacement... I was waiting for the shower to free up so that I could white wash." If Angel noticed the slight hint of jealousy that came out with the statement, she didn’t say anything.

"Uh.. you might want to wait a bit...What’s all of this?" Angel asked curiously. Leaving her drill sergeant voice behind, she took in the blonde’s muscular upper arms that were filled with graffiti. What a body... Geez, Angel, took you long enough to admit you liked to look at her, Angel thought to herself, not holding back a wistful smile.

"What?" Jamie said as she picked up her towels and sleep wear from where she had it on the bed.

"Oh.. nothing. Just thinking... I’m gonna be gone today. Will you be alright?" Angel asked, sobering up.

"Oh yeah. Your mom and I will probably be completely zonked anyway," Jamie answered, watching Marcus walk past the door and down the stairs.

"Oh, gee I wonder why?" Angel grinned. "Well goodnight"

Jamie smiled in return. "Have a nice day." They headed in opposite directions, Jamie to the bathroom to shower and Angel to her room to change. Both thinking of the other.


New Home

All during the next week, Angel and Jamie made their new on base housing, suitable for them to live in. A one story house with three bedrooms, a small living room and an even smaller kitchen. And only one bathroom.

Neither of the two had much as to say about the cramped quarters, courtesy of Uncle Sam. At least the Army did provide some decent furniture. Angel brought the television she had left at her mother’s house, all of her clothes and her stereo system. Jamie never thought about all that she had left behind in her parent’s house.

As they brought in the last boxes into the house, Jamie felt a muscle pull in her thigh and bit her lip to keep from vocalizing the gripping pain she felt. She set down her last box in the floor of her room and fell into bed. She covered her face with the pillow and screamed into it. Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap! she thought as she tried to sit up again. Angel chose that moment to pass by the room.

Out of force of habit, blue eyes searched for the younger woman. "J, are you okay?" Angel asked in concern as she came into the room. She saw the blond struggling to get up.

"I think I pulled a leg muscle," Jamie answered.

"Oh, I have the perfect thing for that. Be right back," Angel said heading out of the room. Jamie sat back in the bed, trying to relax a bit. Soon Angel was back with a bottle of oil and a towel draped over her shoulder. "Show me," Angel said simply

"Um.. What are you gonna do?" Jamie asked, a bit apprehensive.

"What does it look like?" the older woman answered with a question.

"I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about it," Jamie said not sure she could take the woman’s hands on her.

"Don’t be silly. Come on. This will make it feel better faster. Show me," Angel said, warming her hands.

"Um.. It’s my right.. upper thigh area...," Jamie said.

"Okay, then strip... Let me attack that muscle," Angel said.

Jamie pulled off her jeans, wincing as she moved. She watched Angel rub her hands together. When she finally was ready, she watched as the woman spilled the oil on her upper thigh.

Angel ran her hands gently over the taut muscles looking for the knot. As the pressure increased, Angel lost herself in relieving the pain in the younger woman’s muscle, completely mistaking the look in her eyes for physical pain.

Jamie’s anguish showed through her every being. Feeling such an intimate touch, from the object of her affection, while knowing that she couldn’t have her, was even more overwhelming than the pain.

Tears pooling in the green eyes made Angel pull away from the younger woman. "Does it hurt you that bad? I guess a Motrin wouldn’t be a bad idea either, but the rub should help you," Angel said moving back towards the door.

"I’m okay.. This really helped me." I’m horney , but it helped.. God, you don’t know what you do to me, Jamie thought as she moved her leg demonstrating that she felt better.

"You okay alone?" Angel asked. "Marcus.. and I... we had planned.."

"Go...," Suddenly Jamie was irritated. "Have fun," she amended, smiling softly.

It didn’t soften the blow any. Angel felt the hostility anyway. She stepped out of the door and walked towards the couch where Marcus had been waiting. "Let’s go shopping. I’d like to have the basics before I’m too big to help you build it," Angel said pulling him towards the door. Why is that bothering me so much. I need to get out and away from her for a while. Face it, it matters what she thinks. She’s the thing that makes you whole. But I love Marcus too... I don’t know.. I think it’s the hormones. Sure Angel Blame it on the hormones. Angel still thought about it as they made their way to Babies R Us.


"Calm yourself, Jamie. Just calm down," Jamie said to herself after the older woman left the house. "She doesn’t understand. She doesn’t feel the same." Sitting on the bed, she felt like she needed to move. She slid out of bed and limped around the room, and took note of her injury. "It does feel a whole lot better...Oh god, I’m bored..." Jamie said sitting again.

With a sigh, she reached for the nearest bag to start unpacking when she came a cross a sheet of paper. It was the numbers that had been written all over her body a few weeks before. She smirked as she noted a number with the name Autumn in front of it Any time, anywhere it said.

Jamie smirked and made her way to the living room. "Lets call you on this Autumn," she said, reaching for the phone and dropping into the hard Army couch. She dialed the digits and waited for the answer.

"Hello?" came the answer.

"Autumn?" Jamie said, remembering the times before the Army, before Shannon, losing all sorts of self-consciousness, and taking on her seductive self.

"Yeah.. Who is this?" Autumn answered.

"I saw you the other night at the club, and I just couldn’t resist you. I was thinking about you and remembered I had your number," Jamie answered softly.

"Ah...So...What’s going on?" Autumn asked not wanting to ask who.

"Nothing, I was wondering if you wanted to come over for a drink or.. whatever... I just moved in into my new place and my roommate is off somewhere with her boyfriend..."

"Wait just a minute... What makes you think that I am that kind of girl?" Autumn purred softly. Jamie’s spine tingled, partly because she had been awakened by her friend’s touch.

"You said, anytime, anywhere... but I only asked for a drink and some company." Jamie answered with a grin.

"Alright... Where do you live?" Autumn caved in and Jamie smiled as she gave her the address. Two can play at this game Angel... er.. What game? Geez, J.

Jamie walked to her room and tossed her three bags into the closet. She made the bed. Come on, Jamie, you deserve this. Get a little release. I bet that after that, Angel won’t get to you as much. She looked around the kitchen for what there was to drink. There was a bottle of champagne that Angel and Jamie had reserved for when they had their new home squared away.

There then came a knock on the door and she put the bottle of champagne down on the counter, along with two glasses, and made her way to the door as quickly as her leg would let her.

Two very beautiful women stood at the door. Both were taller than Jamie and slim, their hair was bleach blond, and both had large pouty lips. Twins... Ah, this could prove to be interesting... Jamie thought, then she realized that she was still wearing only her long shirt. "Welcome to my home. Watch the boxes, we just moved in." She turned and faced away from them, limping slightly, showing them to the living room.

"I remember you.. I wrote on your abs.. That was thanksgiving though," Autumn said walking to the couch and seating herself.

"I’m guessing you’re Autumn... Well.. I just came across the number today, and I figured I should give you a call... and I have got more company than I expected... Hi, I’m Jamie," The blond said extending a hand to Autumn’s sister.

"Summer...I wrote on your arm," the other said. "You don’t mind that she invited me along?"

"Not at all... Would you like something to drink? All I really have is champagne... and Sparkling Cider," Jamie said, limping to the kitchen.

"Cider?" Autumn asked, following her to the breakfast bar.

"Roommate’s preggers," Jamie said. "So what’ll you have?"

"Champagne is good," the twins said at the same time.

With a grin, Jamie poured the two glasses and reached for a third to pour for herself. "What happened to your leg?" Summer asked after a while.

"I wish I could say I was having fun when it happened. Pulled my leg muscle moving boxes."

"Ooh.. Ouch... you poor baby," Summer said, moving to her side. She ran a hand up Jamie’s back and to the nape of her neck.

"You should be resting," Autumn said, pulling her by the hand toward the bedrooms.

"Well, ladies. What kind of hostess would I be if I spend it in bed?" Jamie purred.

"A splendid one. Isn’t that what you called for?" Autumn said softly

Jamie remembered having a pang of regret just then, then a kiss behind each ear and hands all over her, and it was gone... It was an interesting night indeed.


Angel came home late that evening. She had spent most of her time in Marcus’ apartment. They listened to a few movies as they carried on as if they were a couple of teenagers. Then Angel stopped it from going any further than that. Her mind was distracted, thinking of the injured woman alone at home.

Marcus conceded and drove her back home, helping her carry the few things they decided on buying their child, a nice cherry wood crib and dressing table. They placed the items in the spare bedroom, which had already been supplied with a bed and a dresser.

Angel led him to the door and kissed him softly good night. Just as she turned to go check on her friend, she thought the better of it and headed for the kitchen instead. As she pulled out her usual pint of Jamocha ice-cream, she heard Jamie’s door open.

As the blond rounded a corner into the kitchen, she nearly collapsed into the tall figure watching her curiously. Jamie’s already flushed features went even redder. "Er... sorry... Is that Jamocha?" Jamie asked, taking a closer look at the carton in the taller woman’s hand.

"Yup..." Angel said placing a spoon full into her mouth. Suddenly the spoon and the carton disappeared form her hands. "Hey!"

"Sorry, girlie... No caffeine... I’ll just take this.. There is some vanilla in there, you know," Jamie said, reaching for three spoons, her hands moving so fast it appeared to only be one. This is where magic works for you J...

"Yeah, well, I don’t like vanilla," the taller woman responded, folding her arms across her chest.

"Tough cookies then." Putting away two of the spoons in the pocket of her bathrobe, she took a heaping spoonful with the other. "See ya."

"Looks like your leg is doing better...," Angel said softly watching her walk away.

"Yeah, it feels much better. Thanks for the massage," Jamie replied heading toward her room.

Angel shook her head and looked back into the fridge and reached for a container of orange juice. "To think I was worried about her...," she mumbled to her self. I wonder what she was hiding from me? she asked herself as she walked into her own room with her glass of OJ.


Waking up the next morning, Jamie sat up in bed, looking around at the two women that were fast asleep next to her. Oh yeah Jamie you still got it... Although this is the first time you aren’t too drunk to remember what you were doing.. or who...Now how do I wake them up and get them out of here before Angel finds out? she thought as she pondered a way to wake them gently and quietly.

Jamie leaned close to one of the women and nibbled in her ear. The woman stirred, her hazel eyes opening, and smiled softly. "Hey," Jamie whispered. "You gotta get outta here... My roommate finds out, and she will be forced to report me."

The woman stretched and nodded. Slowly she rolled out of the bed as Jamie focused her attention on waking the other. She stroked her hair gently then kissed her neck and along the shoulder. "Time to go, hon," Jamie said to the half-conscious woman looking up at her.

"Why?" the matching woman asked, opening her hazel eyes.

"My roomie, catches us like this, and she will report me.. She has to," Jamie answered quietly. At least as far as I understand it.

With a nod, the other woman was out of bed. Jamie watched as they dressed for a minute. Then stood. "I’ll go get you some coffee or something," she announced and headed out of the door. She looked around the kitchen, and realized they hadn’t bought any coffee because Angel couldn’t have any. She looked at the tea that was sitting in near the microwave, got a couple of mugs that she bought for herself and filled them with water. As she heated the water in the microwave, she looked for something they could eat with the tea.

When she walked back into the room, she handed the two smiling ladies a mug and a doughnut. "I’m sorry this is so quick... but you know..."

"Hey girlie, don’t sweat it.. We had a great time...," one of them said., Jamie didn’t quite know who.

"We sure did," said the other. "We must do it again real soon." She moved closer to Jamie and placed a kiss on her lips.

Jamie returned the kiss, but her body tensed. She heard a door slam. Angel’s morning sickness... I should have known she would be awake at any moment. "Shit, she is up," Jamie said turning and poking her head out of the room and checking for the all clear. Going by the sounds emanating from the bathroom a little further down the hall, she knew it was safe enough to sneak them out. "I’ll walk you to the door ladies," Jamie said graciously.

She led them out to the front door. Each of the women gave Jamie a kiss and headed out.

"Who was that?" A tired voice came from behind her. Jamie jumped and turned to face Angel as she dropped on to the couch.

"Nobody... Oh hey... This baby is kicking your ass?" Jamie asked softly placing her hands instinctively on the taller woman’s shoulder massaging her softly. Angel chuckled softly.

"You ain’t kidding... I keep telling myself it’s worth it... and it is. I love it anyway." Angel decided to stay out of whatever Jamie was trying to hide. She could tell she was by the way her eyes quickly found something other than her eyes to focus on. That was the one thing she learned about the young woman that was thoroughly and effectively erasing all the discomfort she had felt earlier. She looked you straight in the eyes when she spoke and she seemed to search your soul for the truth as you spoke.

"It is gonna be great.. Your mother is a great mother You have a good foundation to draw from," Jamie said softly.

Angel smiled and patted the hands on her shoulder’s, looking up into green eyes. They looked at each other for seemingly an eternity, but neither could look away. As if a magnet pulled them together, Jamie moved down and claimed the lips of the older woman.

Angel reciprocated then froze. Feeling the woman tense up, Jamie pulled away quickly. "Oh god, I’m so sorry...," Jamie said, backing away and into her room.

Stunned, Angel sat on the couch, her blue eyes wide. Her mind started to race. Oh god, she kissed me. This can’t be happening now, I was happy.

Angel, you weren’t happy enough. You know it.. you know it.

I know it...That did feel right, better than I have ever had.

But I ... Oh god.

Angel dropped her head into her hands. "Nothing happened, Angel. Nothing," she said to herself over and over again.


In her room Jamie paced back and forth. She rammed her fist repeatedly into a pillow, as her mind raced just as much as her partner in crime. I can’t believe I kissed her... How stupid am I.

She kissed you back Jamie... Why?

Why? God, she is such a six sided woman.

It just felt right. There has never been anything like it...ever.

to be continued in part 6...

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