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Chapter 20

 The twinkling stars continued to sparkle merrily over-head in the dark night sky as the now slightly weary drunken duo beneath them swayed their way towards a cluster of bright lights that shone in the nearby distance. Raven and Phil could vaguely hear echoes of lively music straining it's way in their direction and so like men lost in swarming fog, they followed the joyous sounds of life. 

 The tall girl squinted her eyes and she could just about make out the familiar outline of the Diner from this distance. We must have trailed half way around the bloody town to have arrived here. Raven's stomach growled fiercely and let her know of her recent neglect in this area. Food....beer....yum! Raven motioned with her dark head to her swaying friend that this was the direction in which they were heading. As they drew closer to the busy establishment, the sound of teenagers shouting and mingling with one another became clearer.

" Give it to me Baby. Uh huh, uh huh!" Phil screeched, his youthful face showing obvious delight as he sang enthusiastically along to the song that was currently being played on the duke-box. Raven raised a dark brow as Phil wiggled his scrawny ass to and fro in time with the music. The silent girl watched on with a smirk on her beautiful face, snickering slightly as Phil continued to sashay about the parking lot like a hedgehog with a tickly feather stuck up its arse.

 " Bloody hell Phil, quit it, 'kay?" Raven mumbled, running a strong tanned hand through her jet-black locks. She tried to hide her grin and blatantly refused to believe that she of all people was embarrassed by her friend's little dance routine. He was certainly attracting attention....unwanted attention at that.

Raven froze automatically as she watched several tall, well-muscled goons regard them with interest. Each member wore a red bandana on different sections of their grossly tattooed and heavily pierced bodies. Sheesh, talk about stereotyping, Raven thought, dying to let a cocky grin spread over her stoic features. Raven down right refused to be intimidated by a bunch of wanna be hard-knocks. She didn't like bullies. In fact she fucking hated them. They'd regret it if they even dared to start with her right now, especially with the mood she was presently in. Yeah, I'll kick their asses!

" C'mon Phil, lets shift our butts into gear and get outta here."

 " Hmmm, what?" Phil stared at his friend, wishing to concentrate on the music and the music only. Who would ever have guessed that young Mr. Rogers was a closet dance freak? Raven grinned at her merrily drunk friend and gave the boy a push in the right direction with a strong hand. Raven was sure to ignore the bunch of creeps that seemed intent on glaring at the two of them as they steadily made their way across a shadowy parking lot. Raven almost sighed in relief as Phil pushed his way through the door of the crowded Diner, the lines of worry slowly evaporating from her angular face.

" Food! Oh yeah! I could eat a frigging scabby horse right now Rae!" Phil exclaimed in excitement. Really, some people are so very easily pleased, Raven mused. The gangly youth practically skipped over to the serving counter and proceeded to order a huge amount of food. Raven followed Phil at a more sedate rate, her footsteps landing softly on the linoleum covered floor with ease and confidence.

 Stacy looked up from her table in the corner and glimpsed the dark girl, easily spying her statuesque form through the bustling crowd. Her doe eyes widened in amusement as she over heard Phil Rogers slur an order of monstrous amounts of junk food. " Heh. Well Nik, will you look who it is over there?"

Nicky slowly turned her head in the direction that her friend motioned towards, her mouth full of food, which she was eagerly devouring. Who needed dinner manners when you were frigging starving? The cheerleader stopped mid-chew as her green eyes came to rest on the slightly swaying figure of Raven Vlade. And gods does she look fine, Nicky mentally complimented the dark haired girl. The cheerleader's eyes went directly to Raven's firm ass. Wooo does that look good. So firm and begging to be grabbed.... Swallowing her mouthful of food quickly the little blonde nervously ran a shaking hand through her silky strawberry locks. Nicky's sudden agitation did not go unnoticed by her ever observant, and naturally nosy friend.

" Hey Nicky. Is everything Ok between you and Lurch over there?" Stacy asked, watching Nicky's face with interest. She really did not know what to make of the two of them. Whenever Rae and Nicky were near one another, they were either all overly friendly or at each other's throats. Stacy wasn't quite sure which disturbed her more.

" What?" Nicky mumbled, flushing as she felt a flood of heat travel across her body, sending tingles of wet warmth to her crotch. Raven looked so very beautiful, even from this far away Nicky could see the startling blue flames that were Raven's eyes turn and stare back at her. She felt the heat of those eyes burn into her and the young cheerleader murmured Raven's name unconsciously. Nicky licked her lips and was helpless to prevent a small smile of welcome crossing her pretty face.

" You gonna invite them over..... or sumthing?" Stacy inquired. She wasn't sure she exactly liked the idea of being seen voluntary sitting and socialising with those two outsiders, but hey, Nicky liked them, she knew that Nicky got along with them. So..... she'd give it a go. It's not like they're gonna suddenly sprout ten heads and poke your eyeballs out with a sharp stick, now is it Stace? Hmmm, then again, with the stormy look that was creeping over the beautiful dark haired girl's face, she wasn't so sure of her last statements validation. Stacy shook her head turning away from the intimidating tall girl, her red hair fluttering around like lashings of fire as she quelled the urge to scream, ' I'm too young to die!!!'

 " Huh?! Invite them over?" Nicky had a blank expression on her face. Unable to hide her surprise at her popular friend's suggestion, Nicky simply gaped stupidly at the presently even-tempered Stacy, who in turn rolled her eyes and swatted her friend on the arm.

" Well, yeah! Duh!" Stacy muttered, twirling a bright red straw around in her banana milkshake. She wasn't quite sure that she actually liked this concoction that she was drinking. Looking down briefly at the pallid yellow liquid that gazed back morosefully at her, Stacy frowned and took a tentative sip. Hmmm, better had drink it though. I went through enough hassle getting them to make me a shake with semi skimmed milk in the first place! Hummph!

 Stacy turned her sharp eyes over towards a spotty and somewhat obese girl by the name of Alice. She was currently frying burgers and looked as though she was going to drown in her own greedy drool as she gazed at the forbidden fatty food that was the bane and misery of her life. Honestly, Stacy thought with a touch of disgust as she smoothed her cream blouse over her flat and perfectly toned stomach. It is blatantly obvious that some people just don't care about their figures.

" I....ah....yeah, sure. If you don't mind me inviting them over that is?" Nicky replied, tucking a stray strand of soft blonde hair behind her ear. Her heart pounded in a ridiculously rapid fashion, her palms sweating slightly as she re-directed her attention towards her new friends.

 She'd though of hardly anything else but Rae since their last.... meeting. The dark girl's broody image haunted her dreams at night and her conscious thoughts during the day. And that was BEFORE their little 'get together'. She just could not put the impassioned teenage groping session that they had shared together out of her frantic mind. I'm becoming obsessed, I really am. Nicky bit her glossed lip before calling out to the troublesome but undeniably cute duo. " Hey Phil.....Raven!" Nicky stood up out of her chair and waved a small hand at them. " Over here!"

Raven frowned as she watched the cute blonde motion to join her and Stacy. Raven had been aware of Nicky's presence the moment she had stepped into the Diner. Her heart had started beating faster than a war drum and her head just spun around in a daze....and all because of a little blonde cheerleader that drove her wild.

 Confusion and frustration clouded the dark haired girl's gaze. Why the hell is Nicky calling to me? What the fuck is going on in her beautiful blonde head? Doesn't she recall that it was HER that ran away from me after our kissing sesh, not the other way around?

" Sheesh.... women..... go figure."

 " Oh! Look Rae! There's Nicky and Stacy! And they actually want us to sit with them! Yay! C'mon pal!" A thoroughly grumbling Raven was dragged over towards a rather nervously shifting Nicky. Wonder what she's nervous for? Probably thinks I'm gonna jump her bones again. Raven growled angrily at the image of Nicky running away from her, almost dropping the tray of food that she was carrying in Phil's exuberance to reach the pretty cheerleaders.

" Well, here they come. " Nicky said, trying to steady her small shaking hands.

 " Ello there you two! How ya doin'?" Phil greeted cheerfully, plonking himself down next to Nicky and giving her a quick heartfelt hug.

" Hi." Stacy replied, smiling briefly at the gangly youth that was embracing her best friend. She looked over his lanky form and sighed. If only some people would try to do something with their appearance. Really, did no one now a-days care about looking good? Sighing, Stacy turned her head to the side and stared at Raven who was cautiously sitting down next to her. Now here's a girl that doesn't even have to try to look great.

 Stacy took in the tight blue denim Raven wore along with a tight white t-shirt, the cool, casual black leather jacket accentuating the width of her shoulders perfectly. Shame about the fashion code she seems to live by though. She really would look good in designer clothes rather than those biker rags she persists on wearing daily. " Hi Raven."

Raven grunted in Stacy's direction, her befuddled gaze though automatically searched out blazing green eyes, which immediately sought out and connected with her own. " Hello Nicky." She growled deeply, her voice unconsciously becoming slightly husky as she continued to gaze admiringly at the young blonde.

 Nicky gulped and took a deep breath, hoping to calm her jangled nerves as the sound of dark girl's low drawled voice sent shivers of awareness skittering down her spine. After another bout of strong shivers, the head cheerleader was just about ready to admit defeat. Nope it wasn't working, her hands were shaking and her legs were trembling and all because the beautiful goddess that sat opposite her.

 Shit, I bet she thinks I'm a psycho or something. Nicky tried to smile at Raven, but she just couldn't make her lips respond to her command.....instead her tongue decided to slip out and run along those same dry lips as the cheerleader lost herself in a pool of glorious blue crystal. " Hi." Nicky managed to squeak out, blushing at her inability to compose a simple sentence.

" Sooooo, here we all are then, huh?" Stacy darted her suspicious eyes back and forth between the other two girls. What the HELL was going on with them two? Raven was being grumpier than a blood-sucking flea on cabbage and Nicky...... the red head just sighed and scratched the side of her face in bemusement. She just did not know what was going on with that girl.

 First she found out that Nik was still a virgin, that in itself was shock enough, especially since Brad had more or less announced to the world that he and Nicky had been doing the nasty for quite some time. THEN, this Raven chick comes into town and it was like.... like the body snatchers had come and taken the old Nicky away. This new Nicky was more confident, sure enough, but she also seemed more....insecure at the same time. And Stacy just did NOT want to even go into the many reasons as to why here beautiful blonde friend could possibly be feeling this way.

" Yeah, here we all are." Raven repeated uncomfortably, her eyes never leaving Nicky's beautiful face. Is it just me, or does she get more gorgeous each and every time we meet? Casting her eyes towards a busily scoffing Phil, Raven rolled her shoulders and sat back in the booth in an attempt to appear cool and casual.

 " Hey Nicky, do ya wanna get yer mouth around this?" Phil held a salad stuffed burger towards the cheerleader's distracted face. Nicky smiled in a friendly fashion at Phil's peculiar and loud behaviour, shaking her head. Noooooooo, it's not a damn burger you want to get your mouth around, now is it Nicky girl? Nicky had to physically force her gaze away from Raven's abundant cleavage that was so amply displayed by that tight white t-shirt, feeling guilty that such thoughts continued to plague her dirty mind.

" Pass it over here then," Raven said as she grabbed for the burger. She was bloody starving to say the least. Taking a healthy bite of the food with her strong white teeth, Raven covertly sneaked glances at Nicky who still seemed somewhat uncomfortable in her presence. And so she bloody well should.

 Raven gave an indignant snort and swallowed the much-needed burger to help quench her hunger. Hmmm, but it's not really food that I'm desperately hungry for, Raven thought, trying her best not to moan as the seam of her jeans rubbed against her throbbing clit. The annoying little bugger between her legs always seemed to come alive whenever she though of the blonde cheerleader....naked, straddling her thighs and thrsiting down onto her with abandon. Ohhh God! Groaning slightly and shifting in her seat, Raven avoided the blonde's inquisitive and knowing gaze. Christ, if she aims those pretty green eyes at me one more time, I'm gonna explode!

" Hey Rae, what's wrong?" Stacy asked, worried that the dark haired girl beside her was groaning...perhaps in pain? She certainly looked uncomfortable the way she was wriggling in her seat like that. " Was the burger bad or sumthin'?"

 Raven quickly halted the impromptu wrestling match between her twitchy clit and the rough seam of her snug jeans. " Hmmm?" Raven mumbled, tapping her antsy fingertips on the tabletop in a ludicrously unsteady rhythm. " What? The burger?" Raven heard Phil snicker knowingly across the table from her. Stretching her long leg out, the dark haired girl smiled innocently as she kicked the annoying little git in the shin.

Phil yelped and scowled at Raven who just grinned smugly back at him. Ha! That'll teach him to mock me when I'm feeling horny! " No....the burger was fine." Raven smiled reassuringly at Stacy. Raven watched Nicky intently as an amused smile took over the little blonde's cute, cherubic face. Gods, but she's beautiful. " Absolutely delicious actually."

 Nicky felt the breath catch in her throat as those bedroom blue eyes pinned her to her seat. Someone's talking about more than food here. Better be careful Nicky girl.... fire can burn if you get too close.

" Hmmm, well. So long as you're Ok Lurch." Stacy said, grinning inanely at the tall dark girl's attractive features.

 " What's with the Lurch thing?" Raven asked, letting a small smile creep over her curious face. Hmmm, this was more or less the first time that Stacy had been somewhat hospitable towards her. Perhaps Nicky had told the red headed cheerleader about...'them'. Or may-be not.

Nicky was smiling at the two of them in an encouraging manner. Surely the popular girl wouldn't be this calm if she'd informed Stacy about the two of us getting it on together? Raven recalled the way the young blonde had panicked and fled the locker room earlier on, leaving her feeling like a first class arsehole in the process.

 " It's cos yer like, 7 feet tall or sumthin," Phil managed to splutter around the edges of his next burger. Jeez, drinking alcohol sure does make you hungry! The lanky lad shoved a handful of fries into his mouth and sighed in contentment. Ahhhh, the simple things in life were the most enjoyable. Feeling at peace with the world, Phil sent each of the beautiful three girls sitting at the table a goofy grin.

Stacy smirked. That guy was definitely on something. He was swaying in his seat like a boat on stormy waters. Phil's blurry gaze met hers and the red head nodded knowingly. She'd hate to wake up with the headache that Phil was very likely to receive.

 " What have you two been up to then?" Nicky questioned. She was trying to prevent her eyes from zooming in on Raven like a scavenging vulture, but for some reason they just seemed to be pulled in by some sort of magnetism that the tall girl exuded. Hmmmmm, yeah. You sure wouldn't mind being stuck to her, huh Nicky girl?

Sighing, the little blonde dragged her hands beneath the table to hide them. Just having the other girl so close, sitting 3 feet away was making her body tremble. Raven's perfect full lips were moving, but she didn't hear the words that came spilling out of those softly luscious lips. The cheerleader was too busy memorising the contours of Raven's unique facial structure to hear what she was saying.

 It didn't matter whether she did or did not concentrate. Whenever anyone mentioned the dark haired girl's name, Nicky's body simply decided to wake up and so summersaults without her permission.... especially certain parts of her anatomy that REALLY shouldn't be reacting in such a drastic fashion..... particularly since they were only reacting to another GIRL! A girl who was a social outcast at that. But there was just something about the dark girl that drew her. Her proud insolence, her tender knowing smile, her confident bratiness. She loved it all. Urggh! Body! Down girl! Down!

Staring over at Raven's gorgeous physique Nicky couldn't help but snicker silently as her eyes drifted down the other girl's curvaceous chest and strong torso. Hmmm, yeah. What I wouldn't give to be going down right now. Nicky snapped her head up and licked her parted lips. Behave! Just behave Nicole! Bad girl. Bad! Mmmmm, but I know it would feel oh so gooooood.

 " Nicky?" Stacy murmured, trying to capture the attention of her strangely vacant looking friend.

" What?!" Nicky practically shrieked in the red heads direction, dazed at having been dragged out of her little lust-fest. Reality sucks big time.

 " Where the hell are you Nik? Frigging Loopy Land?" Stacy said, nudging her friend under the table with her foot.

" Erm*...." The blonde cheerleader blushed, hiding her gaze from everyone sitting at the table. " Sorry, just drifted off for a moment there." Hmmm, brilliant excuse there Nik. Real genius.

 Raven just smiled knowingly and stared at the top of the blonde head that was hiding from the rest of the occupants in the booth. " We've just been out havin' a good time, huh Philly?"

" Yeah!" Phil said excitedly around the straw his banana milkshake. " We drank a shit load of alcoholic stuff and then got into a fight and nearly got arrested by the cops..."

" What?!" Nicky and Stacy said simultaneously, eyes bugging out of their disbelieving faces.

" Yeah, the cops." Phil stated proudly, puffing out his scrawny little chest. Ohh yeah, I'm turnin' into a baaaaad little mother fucker....woo hoo!

 Nicky practically speared Raven with a sharp glance. " Raven! You never did?! I can't believe it!" Nicky scowled as Raven shrugged one broad shoulder casually.

" So what?"

 " You could have gotten in serious trouble Rae!" Nicky said, a tad bit more harshly than she had intended to.

Raven blinked once, twice and then shook her head. Was the little blonde actually berating her? Ha, like since when does SHE care?

 " It's my own business and mine only, so me and Phil can do what we like....right Philly?" Phil stopped sucking enthusiastically on his straw and stared, dazed at Raven. Had she asked him a question? Her lips were moving, but the pretty pink clouds with silver wings and googly eyes that were flying past her head were distracting him....

" Phil?" Raven shook her friends shoulder and jumped back slightly when the drunken boy slumped into an ungraceful heap on the table." Shit!" Raven reached over and shook Phil's limp body again. " Hey! Buddy! Wake up!" Slapping his face slightly, Raven attempted to wake her friend up. She needed back up, especially with the way the young blonde was looking at her. Then again, you're a big girl Rae, you can look out for yourself. Seeing the green fire flash in Nicky's beautiful eyes, Raven gulped slightly and straightened her shoulders for the barrage that she knew was about to come.

 "Just leave him Rae." Stacy suggested almost casually, getting up out of the booth and making her way over to Phil who was most definitely out cold amongst his French fries and ketchup, dragging the young boy's face out of the greasy food. Raven frowned as she glanced at the snoring boy. How'd he get that sozzled? We didn't really drink that much.....well maybe a little bit, but still..... Scratching the back of her neck as her face heated uncomfortably, the dark haired girl grumbled to herself, perplexed.

" You just can't keep on getting into scrapes Rae. Especially with the law." Nicky moved out of the red headed girls way, as Stacy attempted to position Phil so that he was sitting back against the seat properly. Phil didn't even bat an eyelid as he was prodded and poked until his unconscious body did as it was told and stayed where Stacy has determined it to be.

 " And why's that?" Raven said gruffly, leaning forward and shooting dangerous signals at the little green-eyed spitfire.

Nicky followed Raven's movements and felt her temper boil. Didn't she bloody realise that she was going to get in deep shit one of these days? Then what are you gonna do Nicky girl, without her here to be there for you when you need her? Nicky blinked back tears at the thought of Raven being locked up, hurt....or even worse. No! That's never gonna happen! I've gotta make her understand that she's being too reckless with her life. Sure, it wasn't anything too serious this time...but next time, who knows?

 " Raven baby," Nicky whispered heatedly, leaning forward herself, bringing her closer to the sapphires that glinted with determination and something else that made the blonde cheerleader squirm in her seat. " I don't want you getting hurt..... one of these days you're going to have to start acting responsible and face up to everything...."

Raven growled, ignoring the gact that her heart leapt with excitement at hearing the cheerleader call her 'baby'. Instead the tall girl narrowed her eyes at Nicky. " Hey!" Raven said softly, her voice calm but the danger flashing in her eyes gave evidence to the anger that coursed through her veins. " I face up to everything in my life Nicky. I'm not the one that runs away from things when I think I've made a mistake."

 Nicky's face went pale as she regarded this intimidating side of Raven. Is she talking about....about the shower room thing? Gazing into clear crystal eyes, Nicky could feel the hurt and confusion that were hidden in their blue depths.

" Can you say the same thing?" Raven finished her sentence with a flourish, her eyes never leaving Nicky's pale face.

 Stacy frowned and switched her eyes back and forth from Raven to Nicky. What the hell are they talkin' about? " Hey! You two, enough with the starring contest!" Neither of the other two girls blinked, each of them absorbed in drowning in each others eyes and feeling heat emanate from deep inside their bodies. " Yo! You two! Dip-sticks! Snap outta it you idiots!"

Nicky reluctantly broke her gaze away from the dark haired girl. What the hell is wrong with you girl? I'll tell you what's wrong with you, you can't stand to be this close to her and not want to jump her bones, THAT'S what's going on! Nicky bit her bottom lip and chewed on it thoroughly.

 Raven watched the movement and her heart nearly beat out of her chest as she pictured herself sucking that plump little lip into her mouth, her eagerly licking tongue running along the soft flesh. Raven felt herself blush and shifted uncomfortably in her seat as she felt her nipples grow hard against the rough material of her t-shirt.

" For fuck sake, what the hell is going on with you two? Something you care to share with the rest of us?" Stacy stood next to the unconscious Phil, making a stand. She hated to be left in the dark and for some strange reason these two were purposefully stumbling around without torches.

 Nicky's spine stiffened with fear. She did NOT want anyone to be finding out about this...this...about this frigging obsession she had with the other girl. Damn. I hate my hormones. Why's they have to come to life now? With her of all people? Biting on her lips still, the little blonde ignored the dark haired goddess opposite her that was driving her lower extremities insane with want. She turned her head and simply shrugged casually as possible at her best friend.

" Just difference of opinion." Nicky said, mustering as much conviction in her voice as possible. She was dying to turn her gaze back to Rae...let her eyes run over the other's girl's breasts. Hmmmmmm. Oh God, I'm a pervert. Nearly sobbing, with both want and shame, the cheerleader simply was at a loss of what to do next. Spying her rucksack, she reached over and grabbed her cell phone, pulling it out of the pink confines that was her bag.

 Raven watched avidly with immense interest as Nicky refused to meet her gaze, her face clouded with a mixture of irritation and longing. Fine! Raven huffed silently, crossing her arms over her chest. She can be like that...it's not like I want her anyways. Raven snorted in disgust at herself as she felt a deep throbbing pulse wetly between her twitching legs. Yeahhhh, right. You don't want her Rae? Well why is it that your clit feels like it's been overdosing on Viagra constantly every time that blonde walks in the room? Huh? Raven winced as she felt her thighs twitch sharply. Dammit! Her startling blue gaze zoned in on Nicky's perfectly beautiful face. Damn her! 

 " Hi, can I order a cab please?" Nicky placed a hand over the end of the phone as she looked at Raven, a question on her eyes. " What's Phil's address?"

" Huh?"

 " What's Phil's address? We need to get him home to his Mom." Nicky repeated, trying her best to calm her temper. Raven just put her on edge...made her feel....alert, over sensitive and so damn horny that it was driving her crazy. Just look at those baby blue eyes. So goddamn beautiful. Sighing, Nicky raised an eyebrow, a poor imitation of the dark haired girl's trademark, but never the less, effective.

" Erm, 9 Burrowdale Road, I think." Raven scratched her head and an adorable look of concentration passed over her remarkable features.          " Yeah, I think that's the one. Why bother though, he's alright wid me!"

 " Because, " Stacy muttered, groaning as she attempted to life Phil's lanky form off the seat. " We've gotta get this guy home." Stacy looked over at Raven and frowned. " And it looks like you could do with going home and catching a few Z's as well Rae."

" No I don't!" Raven scowled grumpily, her bottom lip poking out petulantly. Nicky couldn't help but smile at this cute display of arrogant childishness. That's my Rae. A little bugger till the very end, but oh, so very adorable. Crystal blue eyes swung her way and the cheerleader was once again lost in their depths. Does she even realise what she does to me?

Letting her jade gaze travel over Raven's face, to her red lips, Nicky sighed again and tried to steady her trembling hands. Does she realise what I want her to do to me? Argggh. Flicking a whisp of silky blonde hair behind her ear and readjusting the cell phone, Nicky broke the eye connection and shifted out of the booth to help Stacy carry Phil.

" Can you be here in 5 mins? Yeah..just outside the Diner. Thanks." Nicky switched the phone off and put it back in her bag. " Actually, yes. You do look as though you need some rest Rae." Nicky said quietly. And it was true. Looking into those gorgeous eyes, Nicky knew that Raven was bone weary. Small dark smudges of exhaustion circled the other girl's remarkable eyes, making the intense azure fire glow even more brightly than usual.        " Raven, you look dead on your feet."

 " Gee, thanks fer the compliment." Raven growled, not budging one inch from the seat.

" Urgggh, you know what I mean Rae! Stop being so goddamn difficult!" Nicky was trying her best not to snap at the girl. Raven could be a real pain in the arse if she got it into her head to be stubborn. " I just want to make sure that you're Ok."

 " Huh! Really?" Raven snorted, tossing her mane of jet-black locks over her shoulder disdainfully. " Didn't seem like that this afternoon!"

Nicky stopped trying to grab hold of Phil, who was slowly waking up and mumbling something about super-duper sized elephants that were waltzing across the Diner's dance floor. Making sure the skinny boy was somewhat stable; Nicky abruptly turned on Raven and glared at her.

 " You know I care about you Rae." Her voice was little more than a whisper as she bored her gaze into the dark haired girl. Raven sneered at the young blonde, hurt and confusion still too raw in her soul, hindering her from understanding what the blonde was saying.

" Sure....whatever. Doesn't bother me either way." Shrugging her broad shoulders with indifference, Raven sprang up effortlessly out of the booth and walked around towards her best friend, slinging an arm around him supportively.

 Nicky swallowed the lump in her throat at hearing those words and having Raven blithely brush by her. So it really didn't mean anything to her, those touches, those kisses, all that passion. That hurt. That really hurt. What do you expect though Nicky girl? YOU were the one that ran out on her, not the other way around. Seems like you better learn to keep your hands to yourself, huh Nik?

" C'mon Philly boy." Raven huffed as she dragged the boy along with her towards the doors of the Diner, Stacy and Nicky trailing behind the swaying drunken duo with dubious looks on their pretty faces.

" Think they're gonna fall on their asses?" Nicky whispered to her friend who was watching them with wary brown eyes.

" Hehe, serve 'em right if they did. Drunken buggers!" Stacy grinned evilly, but quickly let it drop off her face as two inquisitive blue eyes peered back at them from over a broad shoulder. " Hehe, what a goof Rae is."

" I heard that!" Raven growled, glaring at the smirking red head. " Not amused." She mumbled as she kicked the door open with her foot and dragged her lanky burden out into the night's fresh air.

Stacy just continued to grin and Nicky allowed a wistful smile to stay on her face. Raven, Ravie, Rae.....gods what you do to me woman. Nicky clenched her jaw and refused to give into the temptation to scope out Rae's butt again, even though walking behind her like this gave the blonde ample opportunity to just....take a peek. Tight denim cupped the dark haired girl's ass like a glove, making the cheerleader suppress a muffled groan of desire. Argggh! Calm...control.I can do this!!!!!! Argggh! I can do this, I really can. Just concentrate on anything but her ass Nik! Yeah, and that's really gonna happen anytime soon. God help me. Nicky sent her eyes rolling heaven wards, the only answer she received was a drop of rain water that splashed onto her rosy flushed cheek.

 " Great!" Nicky groaned, feeling spatterings of rain trickle from the sky.     " It's raining.."

Raven stopped and hefted Phil more securely on her shoulder. " Stop whining Nicky." She grumbled. She actually liked the rain. It was nature's way of attempting to wash away life's grime and make things clean once more. Nicky stopped walking as she approached Raven, Stacy coming to stand beside her. " What does it matter if it rains?" Raven asked her, her blue eyes searching Nicky's pretty face questioningly.

 Nicky glanced up into those curious blue eyes and nearly drowned in their heated depths. " I...ah...."

" Yeah, wot?" Raven raised a single dark brow curiously.

 " I just, er....." Nicky girl, you have a brain - so use it! " I just don't like getting wet."

Raven snickered and gazed at the blonde cheerleader speculatively. " You don't like getting wet? That's not what I remember." Raven whispered huskily, leaning in slightly so only Nicky could hear the teasing words she had to say.

 The head cheerleader swallowed heavily and fought the urge to be reeled in by Raven's hypnotising voice. A slow steady flush made it's way across her tanned skin and arousal tickled it's way down the young girls body, stopping between her legs and burning fiercely there until she had to shift herself around a little for hope of any comfort.

Raven watched Nicky's reaction curiously. The blonde girl's breathing pattern was picking up steadily and she could see the pulse in Nicky's throat underneath the smooth skin flicker quickly in reaction to her words. Raven grinned devilishly and leaned in closer, glad that Stacy was too busy attempting to keep her curly hair dry to notice the interesting display that was being put on by her best friend. Raven crept just that little bit closer, running her eyes up and down the little cheerleaders hot lean body. " In fact, I remember FEELING exactly otherwise Nicky."

 Nicky gasped and took a step back, instinctively knowing that if she remained anywhere near the brunette that she was just going to jump her bones and be damned with the consequences. Nicky was past caring right now, all she could feel was the drumming of her heart and her nipples tightened under Raven's heated blue gaze. Dear Lord in heaven above, if you love me, save me.... like right now! Silence again. Instead a dark haired demon continued to grin sexily at her, leaving the little blonde impossibly frustrated and horny as hell. Dammit, she's loving every moment of this!

" Oh really?" Nicky squeaked. She cleared her throat and once again attempted to make her brainwork. " I, hmmm...well that's.....very nice?" Oh. Well done. Bravo Nicky. You sure showed her, huh girl? Bugger it. Nicky ran a hand through her strawberry locks in utter frustration, wanting to knock the shit eating grin off Raven's beautiful face so badly that she was willing to chop her left breast off right at that moment to get the annoying dark haired girl back for tormenting her.

 " Nice?" Raven growled softly, her hot breath stirring the silky golden locks that curled around Nicky's delicate ear lobe. " Well that's one way of putting it I suppose." Raven grinned in a feral manner and licked her bottom lip with the tip of her tongue. The dark haired girl watched with immense satisfaction as the little blonde squirmed and shivered slightly with awareness. Ha! Now you know how I feel Miss. High-and-Mighty. Not so immune to me after all, huh?

" Raven." Nicky whispered, her face growing redder by the second as Raven continued to unabashedly torment her with her close proximity and the heat of her body pressed so close to her own.

 " Yessssss?" Raven asked, grinning slowly with much satisfaction, loving every minute of this pay back.

" Raven...... Car!" Nicky screeched, quickly jumping out of the way of the speeding taxi cab the hurdled towards them.

 " Car?!" Raven mumbled, then with widening blue eyes, the agile girl quickly leapt out of the way of the on coming vehicle, leading the drunken burden on her shoulder to safety. " Fuck a duck, I cannot believe that idiot!" Raven groused, her dark brows drawn together in concern as Nicky picked herself up out of the puddle she had tumbled into inadvertently.

" You Ok?" Raven asked darkly, her eyes scanning over the young blonde's body protectively, scanning for any injury.  She didn't even notice the mud splattered red head that was hopping around in complete vexation.

 " Of course we're not Ok!" Stacy squeaked in outrage. " I'm covered in bloody muck because of that silly stupid slap-head!" The snarling red head stalked off towards the near-by taxi cab that had pulled over to the side and sat there looking like a fat contented cat lazing in the gentle trickling of rain. " Oi! Mister, you've got some explaining to do you dickhead! What the feck do you think....."

Nicky shook her head, still dazed slightly from the image of the cab speeding towards them. Running one hand through rumpled, slightly damp golden locks, Nicky turned her verdant gaze towards the concerned looking Raven. " I'm fine Rae. You and Phil fine?"

 Raven grinned one of her perfectly adorable little grins, cute dimples showing in the corner of her cheeks as her red lips curled into an intoxicating smile. " This dude's out fer the count Nik." Raven shifted her uncomfortable burden as she spoke. " He ain't gonna be remembering much of tonight I'm afraid."

" Maybe that's a good thing." Nicky mumbled quietly as she recalled the fact that Raven and Phil could have very easily of been carted off by the cops this evening. The small blonde followed Raven's long easy strides with difficulty as they strode towards the cab where a very irate Stacy who was giving the reckless driver what for was waiting.

Raven refused to even look back at Nicky for that last remark. So she thinks I'm a bad influence for him, does she? Stiffening her sore shoulders, the tall girl ignored the pain that coursed through her heart at the thought of the head cheerleader thinking badly of her.

" Yeah, maybe yer right Nik." Raven said gruffly, clearing her throat as the words came out gravely and low. " Lets get Philly loaded up in the speedy-mobile, 'kay?" Raven didn't wait for an answer; she simply stretched her long legs further and broke away from the blonde quickly.

 Nicky kept her head lowered, listening with rapt attention to Raven's low voice as she repeatedly blinked her eyes and stared at the sodden ground as if to look for hidden answers. Buggery big mouth, you need to learn to keep it shut Nicky. Sighing, Nicky tilted her head back up and jogged after her friends.

" In you go..." Stacy said to a suddenly awakening Phil. The lanky boy blinked his eyes open and greeted the world in an upside down position.

 " Ohhh. I don't feel too good Rae." Phil groused, feeling the urge to lose his dinner all over Raven's broad back. " Yeeowch!!" Phil hissed as Raven unceremoniously launched him into the back of the cab. " Watch it Rae! I'm fragile goods here!"

" Yeah right. Do ya think I wus gonna be letting you throw up all over me Philly Boy? Not a chance." Raven muttered, straightening her leather jacket and standing back up.

 " Bloody cab driver." Stacy scowled at said common cigar smoking person who simply ignored her. " C'mon, move over Phil." Stacy jumped in beside the sickly boy. Leaning over Phil's lanky frame, the red haired girl opened a window and shoved his droopy head in that direction, hoping the fresh air would sober him up a bit and prevent the inevitable purging of alcohol that was bound to happen sooner or later. " Get in the frigging cab already Raven.... Nicky."

" You heard the lil' lady." The cab driver said impatiently, eager to get rid of the redheaded passenger before she made his life any more miserable with her whinging. " Get in the car or I'm off widout ya."

 Raven and Nicky both made a move for the front seat at the same time, their hands connecting on the door handle to the scruffy cab door. Green and blue connected in a sparkling collision of want, anxiety and stubborn pride. Raven swallowed down the lump of need that threatened to steal away her last glimpses of sanity and instead clung to the fear of rejection. Sneering sarcastically at the pretty blonde, Raven brushed Nicky's soft hand off her own.

" Just get in the back little girl." Raven growled lowly, her voice echoing through the head cheerleader and sending shivers of awareness skittering along her spine to the very tips of her toes.

 Nicky frowned at the cold expression on Raven's beautiful face and scowled, pride popping its ugly head up once more. " Who do you think you are ordering me around Raven Vlade!" Nicky said heatedly, poking Raven in her chest with one perfectly manicured finger.

Raven blinked at Nicky's retaliation and ground her teeth together, her strong jaw clenching as she ignored the cab drivers warnings to leave them behind. " I can do what I want Nicole Mayfair and if I say get in the back, you'll get in the fricking back!"

 Stacy rolled her eyes at best friend and the dark haired girl. Really, what the fuck is going on with them? It's starting to get ridiculous now. you'd think they were a married couple or sumthin' " Just get in the bloody car the BOTH of you! Now!"

A small squeak of anger emitted from the frustrated blonde. Taking a step forward Nicky clenched her small fists and shook one at Raven's intimidating tall figure. " You can't tell me what to do you....you....you bloody idiot you!"

 Raven placed one hand over her heart and with her voice filled to the brim with sarcasm said," Oh, now that hurt. You got me real good Nicky." Curling her lip slightly at the infuriated and admittedly cute cheerleader, Raven also took a step forward, refusing to back down to this little spitfire. " You sure told me, huh?"

" Arggggh!" Nicky glared at Raven, wanting to slap the stupid girl over the back of her idiotic head. " Give me one good reason why I should go in the back and not you!?"

 " Will you two just get in the car! " Stacy said in exasperation, the freckles across her nose twitching in boredom.

" I'm warning you two girls, I'm going if you don't get yer butt's in here now...." The cab driver turned the keys and started the engine up, revving loudly. He wasn't going to wait around for two bickering bitches to argue his ear off all night long. No Siree, his shift would be ending in half an hour and if he hurried up, Mary-Lou might still be at the bar, in all her netted stocking glory! Hehehehe.

 Nicky waved a hand at the occupants in the car to shut them up. " Go ahead, tell me why I should do what you say?"

Raven stared at the small blonde, almost wishing that she could just show Nicky precisely what she was doing to her body right now. Putting her lust aside, a very hard thing for the dark haired girl to do, especially since the object of her secret desires was standing less than half a foot away, Raven quickly scanned her head for a good come-back. A small smile crept over her classically beautiful features, one that sent more of those exciting little tingles up and down Nicky's spine.

 " I reckon Miss. Mayfair that you should be sitting in there with Stacy and Phil and not me cos you're the one that's used to getting into the backseats of cars...." Raven scowled fiercely at the young blonde and sneered quietly "..... and spreading your legs wide open for anyone." Nicky gasped in horror at Raven's comment and flushed with anger. Leaning closer Raven continued to stare at those hypnotising green eyes that fairly sizzled with anger right now. " Don't we both know that for a fact thatit's not too hard to get you wet and spread wide open, right sweetheart?"

Raven's low heated words of derision simply added fuel to the anger that was building up in the little blonde like a bubbling volcano of frustration.

 " I can't believe you!" Nicky huffed, her eyes wide as she gaped at Raven, too stunned to be able to retaliate....yet. One thing was for sure, she was going to kick Raven's butt sooner or later. Or at least she'd go down trying! " I....."

" That's it. I'm gone!" yelled the impatient cab driver, speeding off, much to a screaming Stacy's annoyance.

 " Wait!"

 " Hold on!"

Raven and Nicky shouted at the same time, momentarily dropping their argument and chasing after the quickly disappearing yellow cab.

 " Fuck!"

" Bollocks!"

 Both girls stopped their futile attempts to catch the fleeing cab and held onto their sides, trying to get their breathing under control once more.

" Brilliant, just fucking brilliant." Raven turned and gazed speculatively at Nicky's still bent, heavily breathing form. " This is all your fault you know. Now what're we gonna do?"

 Nicky stood up straight and pouted at the dark haired girl. " Sod off, it is so NOT my fault!" Sticking her tongue out at the other girl, Nicky simply turned around and walked towards the Dinner again. " Have I mentioned how much I hate you lately?" The cheerleader called over her shoulder to Raven who in turn decided to grin slightly and shake her head. Would this night never end? Watching the small blondes hips sway slightly in the streetlight Raven's smile turned into an evil grin. And would her heart ever stop thumping so damned fast while in the presence of this little wildcat?

Nicky twirled around and stood with her hands on her hips. " You coming or not?!"

 Raven smirked and stalked towards the impatiently waiting blonde cheerleader. Perhaps I don't want this night to end. Not when I've got her by my side. With that, Raven gave a final sigh and walked beside the smaller girl, ignoring her impulse to hold the other girl's small hand in her own as the two of them walked into the light and warmth of the Diner once more. Soon Nicky....soon. 


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