Tempting Trouble

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Chapter 21

"Ok, great stuff. Just bloody great. The taxi has sodded off, sonow what we gonna do?"Ravengrumbled,sliding non too gracefully into one of the Diner's plastic covered booths once more and settling herself in. She was trying her best not to let her frustration get the better of her and so far she was losing miserably. If she wasn't careful she was sure she was going to lose her temper and ream someone a new asshole sooner rather than later if they even dared to glance in her direction for too long.

Nicky propped her elbows up on the table and ignored the peculiar looks the two of them were receiving from the other customers in the Diner. Bugger this! What's their problem? Never seen a popular socialite with the town outcast? Scowling at the general nosy population in the Diner and sighing tiredly, the blonde cheerleader scrunched up her face and shrugged her slim shoulders. Sod them, as if I give a damn what anyone thinks.

"Lets take stock then."Raven suggested, tapping her fingers on the table top while avidly watching Nicky's cute little nose crinkle up as the other girl continued to pull a funny face.

The dark haired girl grinned and shoved her hands in her tight pockets, hoping that it would help her resist the urge to yank the head cheerleader over the table and screw her senseless, mindless of who was watching. Yeah, that might be interesting. Sure thing Brad won't be too chuffed, that's fer damned sure! Hee hee. Tell someone who cares. If he was satisfying her properly then she wouldn't have leaped on me the other day like she did, now would she?

"Take stock?"Nicky straightened up in her seat, running a habitual hand through her ruffled and slightly damp strawberry blonde hair. "Hmmm, ok then."Flopping back in her seat, the young blonde chewed on her bottom lip as she wondered what they should do next. "Riiiight, well obviously we just need to go and order another taxi cab Rae..."

"Well sure thing."Raven interrupted Nicky, holding one hand up."BUT....I don't have a cell phone....."

"I do though!"Nicky stated excitedly, her green eyes flashing with triumph and mirth. "It's in my bag! I'll just...."

Raven shook her head slowly in response to Nicky's relieved out burst, confusing the blonde girl. Nicky's brow wrinkled in consternation.

"What's up? We can use my phone Rae. Yeah, we'll just phone another cab with my cell phone and....hey, why'd you keep shaking your head like that?"Nicky frowned at Raven and had to stop herself from sticking her tongue out at the other girl again. Remember what she told you Nik, don't stick your tongue out unless you plan on using it.

Nicky took another supposedly calmingdeep breath and avoided the deep blue eyes that were staring at her intently as though waiting for something to occur to her. Yeah, then again, who said I wasn't planning on using my tongue like it's supposed to be used? Nicky grinned slightly and tracked her merry gaze back up to Raven's sparking eyes. Why do I feel as though she knows everything I'm thinking? Nicky shivered and licked her bottom lip, trying to ignore the fact that she knew that Raven was watching with what seemed to be.....complete concentration and fascination.

"Don't you remember the taxi sodding off?"Raven asked in a detracted manner, shifting in her seat as she attempted to get more comfortable...a state of being that seemed impossible to attain around this troublesome little cheerleader.


"Well, what was in the frigging cab Nicky?"Raven muttered darkly, shaking her head in disbelief. Something must be distracting the usually sharp Miss.Mayfair.

Nicky paused and the smile on her face faded away. "Erm..in the taxi?"

"Yeah, besides the puking Phil and sulky Stacy, what else was in the taxi that we no longer have with us?"Raven patiently waited for the blonde girl to click on.

Nicky scratched her arm absent mindedly and stared at Raven puzzled. Taxi? Erm.... a sudden look of comprehension over took her pretty face. "Oh great bloody sagging bollocks!"Nicky hissed, earning the two of them amused glances from near by students. "My bag! My phone!"

Raven nodded her head sagely. Ahhh, a genius at work here, watch and learn people, watch and learn."So, we can't phone another taxi then from here."

"Hold on Rae!"Nicky said, another idea forming in her head. "Why don't we just use a pay phone? There's one right over there."Nicky pointed to the bright yellow phone that hung precariously on the wall at the opposite end of the Diner. "We'll just call a cab from there and catch up with Stacy at her house."

"Why, is that where you're stopping tonight?"Raven asked, interested to know why Nicky's face had sudden darkened with a deep frown. Troubles at home maybe...hmmm, interesting.

"Errr, yeah, supposed to be anyway."Nicky pulled at her ear lobe uncomfortably as she avoided Raven's gaze. Really don't wanna talk about this right now, Nicky thought vulnerably as she started to play around with the salt and pepper shakers that sat idly on the table top.

"Ok then.....lets do that Nicky.To the phone Batgirl! "Raven sprung up out of the booth and held her hand out to pull the other girl up. Nicky took Raven's hand and held on, enjoying the warmth that emanated from the strong fingers of the tall girl.

Raven caught her breath as Nicky's perfect small fingers locked with hers. Suddenly soft blue eyes sought out green, but the dark haired girl was disappointed to discover that Nicky apparently hadn't even noticed that just holding her hand was making the dark girl as horny as hell. Oh bugger this. Raven dropped Nicky's fingers, quickly letting go of the blonde girl's hand as soon as the cheerleader was on her feet.

Raven grumbled to herself and strolled casually over to the phone, picking up the receiver while pretending that she hadn't a care in the world. Pushing her hands in her Jean pockets, the dark haired girl came back empty handed. Slightly embarrassed at not having any money left to contribute, Raven passed the phone over to Nicky.

"Sorry....Phil used the last of my dosh getting that junk food."

Nicky smiled gently as she regarded Rae's head ducking down slightly to hide her blushing face. Oh how adorable is she? An urge just to reach out and stroke Raven's smooth glossy hair struck through the blonde girl and Nicky had to clench the receiver in her hands to prevent her from doing just that. Christ! What IS it about her? WHY the HELL can't I keep my mitts off her????? "That's Ok Rae."Nicky said softly, earning herself a small smile from the tall girl. BEHAVE yourself Nicole Mayfair!

Nicky patted her hands over her skirt, then over her jacket, her fingers frantically running over the pockets. Oh bollocks and a half pint! Frown solidly in place, Nicky's gaze returned to Raven's. Raven's eyes widened slightly as Nicky came back empty handed.

"No money either, huh?"

"Holy flamin' sugar with cherries on top! My purse is in my bag...."

"Which is in the back of the cab with Phil and Stace, huh?"Raven stared into Nicky's worried jade orbs and chuckled slightly at their predicament.

"Hey!"Nicky groused, swatting Rae on the arm."What's so damned funny? Now we've got no way to catch a cab to Stacy's house!"

Raven continued to chuckle softly and Nicky continued to secretly enjoy the feeling that crept over her as those deep husky chuckles sent shivers of awareness straight to her fluttery stomach. Patting a delicate hand over her abdomen as though to steady it, Nicky craned her neck and stared up at Raven searching for the answers to their problem.

"So we'll just have to walk instead Nik!"Raven stated confidently, taking the receiver out of Nicky's hand and placing it back in it's obnoxious yellow cradle.


"Yeah, you know walk."Raven grabbed the small blonde by her arm and gently manoeuvred her towards the exit of the Diner, as two of her long fingers imitated the grand feat of walking."It's what our legs were designed to do...amongst other things."Raven chuckled once more and waggled her eyebrows as Nicky sent her a suspicious look for that last remark. The tall girl simply shrugged her shoulders and tried to stop from bursting into laughter like a manic three legged coconut on acid. Nicky was definitely fun to tease.

"Hmmm, ok then."Nicky was loathing the fact that she had to wriggle out of the tall girl's grip, but she knew that if the other girl's hands stayed on her for one more moment, then she was going to go crazy with lust. Can't we just be friends? I really, REALLY want that. I like her......Nicky let her gaze trail over Raven's sharp features with easy familiarity wishing to high hell and back that she could just want Raven in a platonic sense.

Exiting the Diner once more, the two girls remained somewhat quiet and subdued, each sneaking furtive glances at the other as they walked past the Diner and out onto the shady lighted street. Nicky continued to bite the inside of her lip, feeling the slight trickle of drizzle moisten her clothes and skin once more.

"Rae?"Nicky whispered, clearing her throat and swatting at her hair once more as it flopped into her eyes.

"Yeah?"Raven muttered. She was keeping an eye on those losers on bikes that she had seen before. She didn't like the way they were regarding her and Nicky and she had the distinct feeling that the two of them were the current topic of discussion, especially when an extra bawdy round of laughter was directed in their way. "Tossers."Raven scowled and stopped walking, coming to stand beneath a street lamp.

"Where are we going Rae?"Nicky whispered. Her voice seemed to have deserted her. There the two of them stood, rain steadily soaking their skin as acool breeze fluttered their clothing.

Raven felt her eye brow raise as she pondered this question."Ain't we going to Stacy's?"

"Huh?"Nicky said, confusion evident in her voice."We can't go to Stacy's...she lives too far away, out of town. That's why we needed a cab to get to her house."Raven sighed and ran a hand through her glossy black locks, wiping away the excess moisture. Nicky locked her hands behind her back and clenched her jaw as she watched Raven's movements. "Well how about we go to Phil's? Can we walk to his house from here?"

Raven stared at Nicky inquisitively. She knew for a fact that Nicky's house wasn't that far away from where they were presently standing. "I take it that going to your house it out of the question?"

Nicky sighed, shook her head dejectedly and wrapped her arms around herself, shivering slightly. There's no way I wanna go back there...to that house when daddy's being a complete plonker. And the shit would really hit the fan if I took Rae there to stay overnight. Raven noticed the shivering gesture and frowned with concern. "Hold on Nik."Raven shrugged out of her leather jacket and draped it around the smaller girl's shoulders. Nicky sighed once more and snuggled into the warmth of the jacket, inhaling that scent that could only be Raven's.

"Hey,"Nicky snapped her eyes open and started to take the jacket back off. "I don't want you to get a cold just because of me...."Nicky's movements were halted as Raven's larger hands enveloped Nicky's cold little fingers.

"Leave it."She said gruffly, embarrassed that Nicky was making such a big deal out of it."I have a really warm body temperature...I rarely get cold."The tall girl dropped Nicky's hands and shoved them in her back pockets instead.

"Well...if you're sure?"Nicky searched Raven's eyes to see for the truth and all she found there were determined blue eyes that refused to be disobeyed. Wooooo, Ms. Domineering.....I like it! Get your chains out and tie me up baby! Hee hee. Fine.......I'll do as she says...this time."Ok. Thanks Rae."Nicky sipped the warm heavy material back on over her shoulders. But I still haven't forgiven her for that back seat comment she made before outside of the taxi! Huffing slightly as she recalled Raven's name calling, the cheerleader wrapped the warm leather tighter around herself. "So, can we walk to Phil's?"

Raven frowned and looked up at the dark skies that seemed to be weeping over something and had no intention of stopping anytime soon. Only the twinkling of the brightest stars managed to penetrate through the mass of grey clouds that loomed overhead like a clinging shroud of Natures misery. Shaking her head once more and tucking her damp clinging t-shirt into her jeans more firmly, Raven looked back down at the none so patiently waiting Nicky.

"'Fraid not Nik."Raven muttered huskily, watching the cute blonde's movements from beneath her heavy eyelashes. She sure does look adorable in that jacket... practically swamps her though. "Same problem as with Stacy's house. Too far away to walk to."Raven glanced back up at the rain."At least it is in this weather."

"Bugger."Nicky shivered slightly and shuffled her feet."Well......how about your house Rae?"

Raven stiffened her shoulders and a shocked blue gaze trailed down to gentle green eyes. Huh? "What?"

Nicky could see that the other girl was shocked at her suggestion. "Yeah, why not go to yours? I know for a fact that the trailer park is only 15 mins away Raven."Nicky reached out and placed a small hand on Raven's firm forearm. The cheerleader could feel the dark haired girl tense up and thought that perhaps mentioning this wasn't such a good idea. "I...er...Rae, it doesn't matter, we'll just....."

Raven puffed a huge lung full of air out of her mouth, exhaling deeply as she tried to get herself to relax. C'mon Rae, she only wants a dry place to spend the night. Don't you think you owe her that at least, especially since it was your fault she missed her ride? PLUS there's the fact that You-Know-Who isn't at the trailer right now, he's in the local jail cell right now probably cursing yer ass to hell and back. Raven grinned slightly at that thought. Uncle Charles deserved all he got. Shrugging slightly out of the smaller girl's comforting and all too much desired touch.

"Right, lets do that then."Raven stated, blinking her eyes to clear her sight. She motioned for Nicky to follow her. Raven's gaze caught the little blonde's and Nicky felt that now familiar feeling of drowning as she got lost in those soulful eyes. Raven cleared her throat again, feeling her temperature rise a little more as she shuddered and felt her heart thump loudly in her chest."Just don't expect too much...Ok? That way you won't be disappointed."

"Ok, I won't."Nicky whispered softly, following Raven's silent footsteps and wondering what exactly it was that Raven was referring to; the trailer or something else altogether?


"Great. Just bloody great."Stacy sighed in frustration as she rung the large ornate bell on the Mayfair's front door, tapping her Prada clad foot impatiently as she held Nicky's bag in her hand. She'd been back around by the Diner in search for the other two girls after dropping Phil back off home to his lunatic of a mother, but all to no avail. The red haired girl had even rang her own Mom up just in case the two of the arguing nit-wits had made their way to her house. But nope. Raven and Nicky were no where to be found.

Stacy straightened her stance as Joan Mayfair opened the door. Stacy liked the quiet woman. She usually had nothing but good things to say to a person and she never criticised.....unlike Mr. Mayfair. The red head hated to admit it, but that man could be one hell of an ass hole. Shit, I wouldn't be surprised if Nicky was actually the window washer man's kid instead of that grumpy bastards.

"Hey there Mrs. Mayfair."Stacy greeted the woman with a warm hug that was eagerly returned.

"Hello Stacy dear."Joan frowned as the hope that her daughter had returned home for the night fled. Looking behind the small red head once more, Joan bit her bottom lip, a trait her daughter had picked up from her and gently tugged Nicky's best friend into the hall way out of the cold of the night. "I take it she's not with you?"

Stacy sighed again and shook her head. That answered one question."So she's not come back here either then, huh?"

"What? No, she's not here."Joan took her daughters back pack and placed it in a side cupboard. Straightening up, the gentle woman turned back to face the girl, an expression of worry on her attractive face."Where is she Stacy? I thought that the two of you would just stop at yours tonight, what with..."

"Yeah, yeah. That was the plan Mrs.Mayfair."Stacy smiled slightly at the woman's obvious concern for her daughter. It was clear that Nicky was an important part of this woman's life. "But then we ran into a couple of friends that needed help home and well....we kinda got separated. Nicky's bag was in the same cab as me, so I thought I'd just see if she came back here and drop her bag off at the same time."

"Oh. Well. Thank you Stacy dear for returning her bag."Joan led the obviously vexed young cheerleader to the front door."You will tell her to give me a ring when you find her, won't you?"

"Sure thing Mrs.Mayfair. I promise I'll get her to phone ya. No problem. See ya around, Ok Mrs. Mayfair?"Stacy strode out of the house and waved behind her as she got back into the cab.

"Ok then. Goodbye Stacy dear!"Joan waved and then softly placed both arms around her own waist for comfort. Nicky, where are you sweetheart? With that, Joan sighed and turned back into the house to make Daniel his requested cup of coffee before he started grousing again.

"Nicky girl, when I find you, I'm gonna whup your ass."Stacy huffed, climbing back into the cab and telling the driver to drop her back off at home."And then you've got ALOT of explainin' to do."


Raven clenched her jaw and avoided looking the small blonde in the eye as they approached the shoddy looking tin can that was supposedly Raven's 'home'. Thank God it's so dark. Raven scowled menacingly at the trailer, rubbing her fingers across her forehead in weary annoyance. "Not exactly a palace, huh?"Raven's voice took on a defensive note, just waiting for the mockery that was sure to come. Reaching out and yanking open the front door, Raven cringed as the rusty bugger nearly fell off. "Fuck it!"

Nicky jumped back slightly at Raven's gruff tone and wiped her eyelashes with the back of her hand, rain water streaming from her fingers. Christ, what do I say? Seeing the proud and tense expression on Rae's noble face was enough to make the blonde girl realise that Raven wasn't going to be taking no sympathy or shit from anyone.

"So what if it's not a palace Rae?"Nicky said softly, taking initiative she walked past Rae, stepping up into the cramped musty interior of the trailer. "It's dry in here and warmer than it is outside...so c'mon Rae. Lets make the best of it, huh?"

Raven continued to hold the creaking door open with one hand, rainwater cascading down her face. Her crystalline blue eyes tracked over the smaller girl with something akin to gratitude, although she refused to actually voice it. Nicky chose that time to swivel around and was caught in the other girl's gaze once more and started to feel her legs give way. How does she do this to me?

Nicky's shoulders shook slightly, with the cold or from Raven's penetrating gaze, Nicky wasn't sure. Either way, she couldn't deny the fact that the sight of the muscles in Raven's broad shoulders straining against the dripping wet, almost transparent material was making her stomach do backflips and other things that she didn't think was possible for her misbehaving little body to do. Maybe being alone with her isn't such a good idea Nicky......

"I...er....Rae?"Nicky stuttered, breaking her ridiculously needy gaze away from the other girl's gorgeous body."Is there a light in here? I mean, I can hardly see and...."Nicky stumbled forward into the interior of the mobile home and tripped over a can of beer. "Shit."

Raven sprung into action, snapping out of the funk that had taken over her and stepped into the cramped room behind Nicky. "I, hmmmmm, should be a light around here somewhere."Raven's fingers wandered over the side of the wall, knocking over various empty packets of junk food and alcoholic beverages. "Ah ha!"

Spying a switch beside Nicky's head the dark haired girl quickly stretched her long form out and reached for the elusive light switch. Nicky sucked her breath in as she felt Raven's strong arm brush against her breast for a slight second. Hmmm, bloody hell. I think I'm going to faint here. Swoon...swoon!

Raven flicked the switch and scowled at the light bulb over head as it flickered with a brief spark and then died out.

"Ahhh frigging hell!"Raven dropped her hands to her side in defeat and stared down at Nicky who was hunched up in a little shivering ball looking like a drowned kitten. Seeing the smaller girl shiver from the cold made Raven frown and grunt in displeasure. "Hold on Nik, I'm just gonna look around fer sum candles or summat, Ok?"

Nicky simply nodded and tried not to concentrate solely on the feeling of Raven's muscled arm moving against the side of her still tingling breast. Accident or not, the little blonde had really enjoyed that unexpected pleasure trip.

"Right, here we go."Raven opened a draw and pulled out three barely burnt candles. Passing one to Nicky, Raven motioned for the small blonde to light it on the gas cooker."Just click that button there and it'll knock the hob on."

Nicky's shaking hand reached out and pressed the button Raven pointed to and listening to the 'click-click' sound that came from the cooker. When a small circle of flame surrounded one of the metal hobs, Nicky placed the burnt wick to the fire and lit the candle. "Here you go Rae."

"Thanks."Raven grabbed an almost clean dish from beside the sink and settled the candle on the inside, propping the make-shift light back on the side board. "There, at least we can see a little bit now, huh?"

"Yeah."Nicky twirled a strand of wet blonde hair with her fingers, trying to stop herself from shivering."You don't suppose that I could borrow something to change into?"Nicky dropped the wet leather jacket she'd borrowed from Raven onto a chair and pulled at the soaked cotton that clung to her body like a second skin, outlining her sleek build and soft breasts.

Raven smirked at the small blonde and took a looooooong good look. Hmmm, nice. Slapping herself mentally over the back of the head for being a bloody lecherous little sod, Raven nodded briefly and stalked off into a small side room, squeezing through the doorway and disappearing into it's murky depths. Breathe before you pass out Rae! Bloody fool, she's only a girl fer Gods sake!

Nicky smiled after the other girls' departure, taking the opportunity to have a quick nosy around the small mobile home. Inquisitive emerald eyes squinted in disappointment as Nicky surveyed the small room. No photos, no nik-naks, nothing personal to even acknowledge the fact that this was Raven's home.

Sighing as she tripped over another hidden beer can, Nicky rubbed the back of her stiff neck before grabbing a plastic bag and started to half heartedly pick up the jumbled rubbish that littered the room she was standing in. This is probably part of the reason as to why she didn't want you here Nik. Nicky bit her lip and nodded, her eyes scanning around the mobile home once more.

Raven scouted diligently through her small closet, frantically searching for something, anything that would fit the little cheerleader. Ahhh, bugger this! Pulling out a pair of sweat pants, Raven tossed them aside in disgust. She'd drown in them.

Plunging her hand back into the draw and scrunching her face up in concentration, the dark haired girl managed to yank out a pair of navy blue shorts. They're a bit on the small side, for me that is, but they should do for Nicky....probably reach down to her knees though. Raven smirked at the image of the cute blonde drowning in her clothes and snickered, running a tired hand through her shaggy hair. Standing up once more and ducking her head so she didn't knock it on the low ceilings, Raven stalked slowly to the doorway and watched the small blonde potter around picking up scraps of litter and other junk her Uncle Chas had left scatter around the place.

"Here ya goNicky."Raven scuttled over tot he doorway and threw the pair of shorts towards the patiently waiting cheerleader. Nicky caught the flying material mid-air with one agile hand and shouted her thanks to the tall girl. Walking back into her 'room' Raven called behind her. "You need a shirt to go along with that Nik?"

"Yeah!"Nicky grinned as she dropped the bag she was industriously filling with rubbish into a dark corner. Pulling the baggy shorts up around her waist, Nicky wriggled around in them experimentally."Well, hmmm."Swiftly yanking her sodden skimpy skirt off, the cheerleader threw it onto the small table that sat in the corner of the room. Pulling the draw string of the shorts as tight as she could around herself, the little blonde bit her lip and giggled as she let go with her hands and watched the shorts puddle down to her ankles in an undignified heap. Well that's that.

Attracted by the sudden sound of merry giggling, Raven walked out of her room, a clean t-shirt in one hand and a fresh towel in the other. "What the...?"Raven stopped dead still as she took in the sight before her. She didn't know whether to laugh at the adorableness of it all or to just moan in frustration as she observed the firm, tanned thighs that were now exposed to her appreciative eyes as Nicky continued to chuckle at the baggy shorts. Clearing her suddenly dry throat, Raven blushed and ducked her head down. "I...err...here."

Nicky looked up and spotted the steadily blushing Raven. "What's up Rae? Never seen a cheerleader with her pants caught down?"Nicky giggled mischievously and waddled over to the dark haired girl, grabbing hold of the clean shirt that was frantically pushed her way by a frantic looking Raven. "Thanks, think I'll just have to stick with this."

Nicky waved the shirt in front of the other girl's face and then simply reached up without a second thought and peeled the soaking blouse that she had been wearing off over her shoulders, exposing her midriff and silk clad cleavage to a stunned, gasping Raven.

Raven felt her mouth drop open, sure she was back in the middle of one of her wet dreams as she watched the slight play of muscles move under that gloriously perfect skin of the little cheerleaders flat stomach, the gentle candle light casting shadows across Nicky's beautiful body . Christ, I'm gonna die, I'm drooling, pass me the drool bucket before I drown....Christ she's hot, talking about hot, it's hot in this room right now.....or is it just me? No, it's gotta be her..she's so damned HOT! Raven shook her head and attempted to manually close her gaping mouth with one shaking hand.

"I...err...bathroom, gotta...be right back!"Raven, with a dark swath of black hair covering her flaming face, the blushing girl left the room as quickly as she stumbling feet would allow.

Chuckling impishly once more, Nicky struggled into the plain dry t-shirt and sat herself nimbly down on one of the seats that were attached to the small table in the corner. This place actually doesn't seem that bad.....now that the floor is a little more visible. Sure, it ain't exactly the Ritz, but hey, beggars can't be choosers now can they? Nicky propped her feet up on the table, feeling relaxed in the soft glow of candle light as began to flick through an old magazine, waiting patiently for the dark haired girl to reappear.

Raven leant back against the cool wood of the closed door and breathed deeply.

"Shit, fuck, bugger in frigging hell!"Her heart pumping, her palms sweating, Raven banged her head against the flimsy door and trailed her right hand down her quaking stomach. Sneaking her fingers beneath the wet material, Raven rubbed the smooth skin there under her damp shirt, sucking her breath in and moaning slightly as her other twitchy hand cupped her throbbing sex through her tight denim jeans. "Shit, I can't go on with this."

Staring up at the mouldy ceiling and dimly swinging light bulb, Raven groaned as she pressed her hand firmly against the insistent pulsing inside her pants, causing her to grind her hips slightly. Thoughts of the small blonde shot riotously through her tormented mind, the dark haired girl almost crying out loud with maddening frustration.

Control. Raven, fucking control yourself. You are NOT a rutting animal in heat. CONTROL YOURSELF! Raven listened absently to the rain as it beat down on the tin roof as she struggled to pull her hand away from her heated groin and groaned pitifully. Easier said than done! Hummph! Been trying to behave myself around that little cheerleader ever since I first met her and it ain't worked yet! Urrgh! Women!

"Raven!"Raven gulped as she heard the cheerleader yell her name. "You coming out any time soon?"

"I'm coming, I'm coming!"Raven croaked through the door, grinning ruefully at herself in the chipped mirror facing her. Coming...I wish! Straightening her shirt back down and dragging her hand away from her crotch, Raven hastily looked around and picked up a towel a she proceeded to rub her hair dry. Stick to casualness Rae, it's gotta work. Be calm, be confident...most of all....BEHAVE!

Nicky looked up the instant the tall dark girl sashayed back into the room, an air of desperation swathed around the troubled girl like a thick veil of seductive darkness.

"So little Miss. Piss-Head, you still feeling the effects of the booze or not?"Nicky muttered as she stretched slightly, making herself comfortable as Raven moseyed on over to the table and sat on the edge of it. Raven raised a single black eyebrow and smirked down at the cocky little blonde who looked good enough to eat in that baggy t-shirt. Hmm, yup. Half naked is definitely a good look on you Miss. Mayfair, if I do say so myself.

"Hmm, like a little thing such as alcohol could ever effect me from performing properly Nicky."Raven snickered wickedly as Nicky blushed at the word 'performance' and continued to rhythmically rub the slowly drying hair on her head.

"Oh. Nice. I'll keep that in mind."Nicky quickly ducked her head back into the magazine she had been glancing through, needing to re-group. She was determined not to watch those corded, supple muscles play along the length of Raven's tanned arms and shoulders as the other girl continued to dried her hair. "You know what Rae?"Nicky fingered the edge of the magazine playfully, wanting to provoke the other girl further for some unknown reason.

"What?"Raven asked dryly, her blue eyes peeking covertly at the other girls thighs. Hmmmm, all you'd have to do Rae is reach out and.....Drool Alert! Drool Alert! Here we go again. Snapping her attention back to those curious green eyes, Raven straightened her posture and dropped the towel on the dowdy covered seat beside those very same thighs she was currently drooling over.

"You are one hell of a......"Nicky gazed up at Raven mischievously, reminding the dark girl of a little pixie ready for action.

Watch out Rae, the little minx is up to something. Phew, Raven shifted her position on the table slightly, turning her body inevitably towards the blonde cheerleader and sucked her bottom lip into her mouth in frustration almost drawing blood, talk about being ready for action! "I'm one hell of a...what Nicky? Hmm, c'mon. Hit me with it babe."

Nicky rolled her tongue over her teeth and let her gaze trail down Raven's sculpted body, allowing her eyes to linger seductively on the clearly defined nipples that stood out straining against that tight white tank shirt Raven was wearing. Nicky gulped and froze, unable to move.

You're HOT is what you are Miss. Vlade. Clearing her throat and dragging her gaze back to Raven's eyes, Nicky ignored her suddenly dry mouth and visions of what had happened in the shower room as she tried to return the other girls confident smirk.

Sheesh, I can still remember how firm and soft her.....Whoa! Nicky felt a deep jolt in the pit of her stomach kick her hard into reality of how turned on just staring at Rae was getting her. Bloody woman, she shouldn't be so damned sexy! Refusing to pout any longer over the dark haired girl, Nicky sat up and crossed her legs primly. Lets try for respectability Nik, you can manage that one can't you? Mommy taught you well. Nicky's eyes fled back to Raven's nipples once more. Yeah! Sure you can manage respectability. As if!

"You Miss.Vlade, "Nicky stated pointing an accusatory finger at Raven's mid section, enjoying the feeling of taut flesh beneath her fingers flinch slightly at her touch, no matter how brief and fleeting the actual contact was. "Are a absolute and irrefutable contradiction of terms."

Raven looked at Nicky with disbelief, both brows sky rocketing beneath her dark bangs. "I'M a contradiction?"

"Yes. You."Nicky sat there and folded her arms, backing her statement up with an authoritative nod and crooked grin. Who can argue with that statement? Hehehehehe.

Raven had to stop herself from gasping and floundering like a fish on land. Where did that come from? "Ex-cuse me, but did I just hear this right?"

"Yeah you heard it right, unless of course you're suffering from some previously unknown hearing deficiency that I'm unaware of."Nicky stared at Raven with a look of superior triumph on her face. Ha! There you go Miss. Dark and Brooding! Think I've forgotten about what you said outside the taxi cab? Nope. Never. Nicky Mayfair never forgets and I'm going to get you back for it if it's the last thing I do. Sighing happily at the exasperated expression on Raven's angular face, Nicky rolled her shoulders and smirked happily. If I can give Maria what-for, I sure as hell can learn Raven to toe the line as well!

"Hmm, feeling quite pleased with yourself, huh?"Raven growled, looking at the blonde girl darkly. "Care to explain why I am the contradiction and not you?"

"Because you always try to be so tough, distant, cool and you're like soooooo definitely not."Nicky stated simply and slowly, as though she were talking to a two year old child. "You walk around with your 'Oh I'm such a bad ass' attitude when really you're a big cuddly teddy bear."

Raven frowned and her sapphire eyes became hooded. "Oh really? Well this teddy bear bites back Nicky, so you ought to be careful who you toy with babe."Raven muttered lowly, dragging and pinning stray black locks behind her ears so she could regard Nicky more clearly. "And, well I'm afraid I disagree with your pathetic analysis lil cheerleader."

Raven leaned forward, holding her breath and willing her heart beat to calm down as she glared right into Nicky's sparkling green eyes. Oh, you know just how cute you are, don't you Nik? With her eyes darkening Raven curled her lip slightly at Nicky, sudden images of Nicky walking arm in arm with Brad around the school campus etching through her mind. Flashes of betrayal and hurt swamped their way through Raven's fragile heart. "YOU'RE the one that changes her attitude and personality depending on who is around at the time."

"That's SO not true!"Nicky squawked, out-raged that Raven thought that of her.

"I've never pretended to be something I'm not!"Nicky pushed herself forward off the seat and practically bared her perfect white teeth at Raven, annoyed and disappointed that the beautiful dark haired girl hadn't looked more deeply beneath the cheerleader facade to see the real Nicky Mayfair. Then again, maybe she knows you better than anyone Nik. Nicky shook her head angrily, refusing to believe that. Gods, she's so infuriating!

Raven licked her lips, watching the flush of anger travel it's way across Nicky's soft cheeks, leaving a trail of red behind. Raven took a deep breath and clenched her hands around the edge of the table, desperately attempting to quell the urge to capture the other girls parted lips with her own.

Nicky just looked all too edible, her chest puffing out with indignation, the swell of her breasts visible through the light t-shirt that draped over her lithe little body. Raven could feel anger vibrate through the other girl's quivering form, could feel the heat of frustration roll off Nicky in waves. She knew that she shouldn't be antagonising the other girl like this, but to be honest Raven was enjoying the fluttery excitement that came hand in hand with annoying Nicky, causing arousal to puddle in her stomach . It was clear to see that the little cheerleader was passionate of nature and boy did Raven want to exploit and experience that passion at first hand.

"Oh no?"Raven breathed huskily, sneering slightly at the little blonde, adding fuel to the fire. The harsh wind outside rocked the mobile home and torrents of rain continued to cascade down the small windows that adorned the room. "Is that the truth lil Nik?"Raven felt something coil deep inside herself, pressing her forward as though ready to leap at the other girl given the right opportunity. Raven, stop teasing the Cheerleader, you know it's not nice. Raven's hooded eyes continued to bore into Nicky's. Yeah and since when have I ever been 'nice'?

"Of course it's the truth!"Nicky declared firmly, bouncing up in retaliation on her knees and placing herself squarely between Raven's parted thighs. "Dammit Rae! You know me better than that! I'm not like Maria and some of those other fickle girls who...."Nicky paused as Raven raised both black eyebrows at her in disbelief.

"Urrgh! Woman! You're impossible!"Nicky slammed both of her hands down on the table top either side of Raven and tried to control her erratically thudding heartbeat, that echoed inside her chest like the distant sounds of thunder that surrounded them.

"I am who I am and..."

"Is that why in public you're the perfect couple with Brad Maitland but when you're with me, that's a different story altogether!"Raven growled angrily, almost hissing the boy's name with absolute hatred. Raven felt the jealousy inside her body curl and boil, gushing through her veins hotly, bringing on a tidal wave of possessiveness.

Raven's beautiful face was illuminated by the sudden flash of lightning that lit the skies, like a powerful force about to be unleashed, Raven growled deep in her throat and narrowed her eyes at Nicky's flushed face. You belong to me. The words were there but Raven refused to voice them, not now.....perhaps not ever.

She could almost smell the frustration and arousal that surrounded the smaller girl. Raven watched with anticipation as Nicky's jade eyes glowed back at her like hot embers and stared back at her unblinkingly, just watching and waiting....for something. Licking her red lips once more, Raven breathed in deeply and absorbed Nicky's unique scent, bringing her head within inches of the little blonde's.

"Well...I....."Nicky's gaze was still focused on Raven's hypnotising blue eyes, anger burning through her body like a bitter medicine. "Me and Brad, as a couple, it's expected....my parents, the town, everyone expects it...and..well..but....hmm, what I mean is...."Nicky stuttered, her inconclusive thoughts jumbled as she felt the heat of Raven's thighs tighten around her quivering body, practically melting her skin. She could feel muscles tense right through the damp denim the other girl still wore like a second skin."What's it to do with you anyways?!"Nicky whispered heatedly, trying to clear her head and break away for the blue fire and hot flesh that held her captive.

"..... Everything."Raven's low and throaty voice rumbled. Nicky's thoughts were still clouded with confusion and she didn't realise what Raven intended until it was too late. Raven struggled vainly to control her heavy breathing as she suddenly clasped hold of Nicky around her slim waist and roughly brought the cheerleader tight in against her throbbing centre, her thighs closing tightly around the smaller girl, trapping her in place.

"Rae..."Nicky's voice was muffled and the little blonde squeaked as Raven's hot demanding lips descended on hers in a heated assault of teenage lust. Nicky groaned involuntary and ineffectively pushed at Raven's shoulders. The stronger girl held onto her more firmly, her large hands trailing over Nicky's supple body, grabbing the smaller girl's backside frenziedly until Nicky was pressed up intimately into Raven's parted legs.

"Ummph!"Nicky moaned, beating her small fists against Raven's broad shoulders. The cheerleader tried not to give in to Raven's talented ministrations, even though she felt as if her spine had miraculously melted. The only thing that holding her liquidised body up was Raven's strong arms, that were wrapped around her possessively.

Raven felt the cheerleader instantly try to fight her touch, but all the while Nicky attempted to push her away with her clenched fists, she could also feel those gently curved hips of Nicky's begin rock into her subtly as she continued to melt her mouth against the blonde cheerleaders, melding the two of them together.

Nicky unconsciously tilted her hips closer, pressing her breasts to Raven's ample cleavage, seeking out the burning heat that Raven's body emitted until she was pressed up hard against where the tall girl needed her the most. Moaning and taking advantage of this fact, Raven swept her tongue over the smaller girls plush bottom lip and nibbled slightly, sending jolts of electricity through both of the young girls until they were gasping with pure want for one another. There was no way to deny it now, their desire for each other was laid bare before them, swirling in the midst of their hazy eyes.

Nicky panted, moaning, not wanting to give in to these feelings she had been valiantly fighting, but was helpless to resist from bringing her own impatient tongue out to wet her neglected top lip, matching the dark haired girl's gentle, enthusiastic rhythm. Nicky tilted her head back in ecstasy and Raven sighed when she realised the blonde's tongue had touched hers briefly. Both pulse rates sped up rapidly, their bodies pressing and straining towards one another in a heated clash of repressed desire.

"Ohh...Jesus."Raven breathed, keeping Nicky firmly in place, her strong fingers rubbing the silky skin of Nicky's barely clad backside that was hidden by mere inches of skimpy cloth. Nicky whimpered into Raven's mouth as the dark haired girl's tongue flicked along her bottom lip once more before swiftly slipping between the cheerleaders parted lips and plundering all the sweetness she found there. Oh dear Lord, I've found Heaven and it ain't no place in the clouds that's fer damned sure.

"Ohmmmph."Nicky moaned, her balled fists unclenching as her fingers separated and dropped helplessly, clutching instead to Raven's shirt, pulling the other girl insistently closer.

Tilting her head to the side, Nicky's heart felt like it was bursting out of her chest. She couldn't get close enough to this annoying, irritating, bratty, no good....Raven's tongue twirled against her own and sucked gently on Nicky's own tongue making the cheerleaders legs go weak......gorgeous, irresistible, intoxicating, sexy girl! Nicky felt her thighs tremble and the pit of her stomach ached with need.

"MMMmmmmmmmm!"Nicky mewled, surprising both girls with the intensity of the sound, which even drowned out the rumbling thunder in the background. The head cheerleader of Thursville High ran her stealthy fingers through Raven's long black locks, cupping the back of the tall girl's head and snaking her eager little tongue into Raven's mouth.

Raven closed her eyes tightly, enjoying the feeling of Nicky's little tongue eagerly probe her mouth. The dark haired girl moaned and willed herself not to ever wake up from this dream. One large hand dipped down and slipped teasingly up inside of the t-shirt that ended at Nicky's firmly tanned thighs. Ripping her mouth away from a disappointed Nicky, Raven pulled her head back slightly, but continued to trail her long fingers up and down the other girl's trembling thighs. Adventurous digits ran up the inside of one leg, touching the soft skin with the back of her hand tenderly, and then down the outside, the palm of her hand cupping and massaging the delicate flesh.

"Do you want this Nicky?"Raven breathed huskily, not recognising her own lust riddled voice as she gathered the other girl closer to her. Raven slipped her fingers around underneath the cheerleader's shirt, her touch leaving a hot trail of tingling in their wake. Raven squeezed the blonde girl's ass gently, wriggling her own hips forward until they were rubbing against Nicky's, relishing the feel of Thursville's little golden girl writhing against her so wantonly. Always knew you were a little spitfire Nik.....now just let me show you how much fire you have inside of you.

"I...I...."Nicky's glazed eyes were glued to Raven's hypnotic sapphire gaze.

"I...Oh...hmmmmmm....."Nicky whimpered again, dizzy as she pressed herself up into Raven's expert touch, wanting those long fingers to wander back to the front of her body and just carrying on up to the juncture of her legs and...... Nicky, just say no. Detangle yourself from Raven and you can pretend that none of this happened. You've done it before so do it again. NOW! Before it's too late. It's a mistake, just like in the shower room...a... mistake. "Mistake."Nicky panted out desperately, her face a mask of tortured craving as Raven's breasts pressed eagerly into hers, the dark haired girl's hard nipples brushing against her own in a deliciously scandalous fashion.

"Mistake huh?"Raven purred, her intense gaze deadly as she regarded the blonde girl with hunger. She hadn't come this far just to have the girl of her dreams back out at the last moment. Bringing her mouth to the curve of Nicky's ear, she lightly ran the tip of her tongue over the shell like flesh,"Does this feel like a mistake to you?"Taking the hand that had been idly playing softly along the other girl's thigh and buttocks, Raven grabbed hold of the shirt the other girl was wearing and pushed it up hastily till it pooled around Nicky's waist.

Nicky gasped in shock as the cool night air sent goosebumps skittering over her exposed skin. Bringing her own hand to cover Raven's determined fingers, Nicky squirmed as the dark girl's hand dived downwards and cupped the cheerleaders hot sex in her hand. Nicky's body shook, her lips quivering as the two of them gazed into each others ravenous eyes.

Keeping eye contact, Raven linked her fingers with Nicky's smaller hand that clung to her in desperation and smoothly ran their linked fingers together up and down the damp cotton panties that flashed a stark white against the healthy tan of Nicky's thighs and stomach. Raven inhaled deeply, leaning closer while trying desperately to remain calm so she could properly relish the feeling of all of Nicky's heat so near, just a strip of flimsy material away.....

Nicky shivered and let her head drop backwards, arching her neck as her hair fluttered dimly in the candle light. Raven's voice was thick with want, murmuring words that she couldn't hear for the blood rushing heavily through her veins. The cheerleader tilted her hips up, her own fingers pressing Raven's hand more firmly into her sex. She was helpless to resist the dark girl's magnetism and she shamelessly continued to thrust herself up against Raven's hand, pressing her own down on top of it harder. "Raven...p-please?"

Raven breathed heavily, her chest heaving and her eyes dilating as she watched Nicky curl around her hand, trying to trap her there between her hot legs so that she could ride her fingers through the now soaking white material. Gulping, Raven's shoulders shook with the want and desire she had for this little cheerleader. "Oh God, Nicky..."Raven groaned, placing her other large hand on the blonde's curved hip, holding her in place as Nicky began to rub herself harder against Raven's steady hand that continued to glide up and down the popular girl's sex.

"I...I....need you Rae."Nicky groaned miserably, aching for release. She'd never felt anything like this before in her life, not with Brad, not with anyone....no one but Raven. She couldn't even name what it was she wanted, but whatever it was, she needed it NOW! Clenching her jaw as she knelt up as far as was physically possible, the blonde cheerleader raised her head and assaulted Raven's lips with her own until both girls were quivering with relentless want.

"Christ!"Raven gasped, shaking Nicky's clinging digits off her and ripping her own hand away from Nicky's crotch and waist. Raven hurriedly stood up off the table and quickly grabbed Nicky's cute ass again, lifting the smaller girl up until she was anchored against her. Nicky swiftly wrapped her legs around Raven's trim waist, hooking her ankles together to keep herself locked in place as she ran frantic hands through Raven's hair, pulling the other girl ever closer to her own impatiently writhing body.

Passion seethed red hot through Raven as she felt Nicky's hot wet centre grind against her muscled abdomen, the cheerleader rubbing herself impatiently up and down the soft muscles she found there. No going back.... she's mine now. Raven growled and flipped Nicky over easily onto her back so that the young blonde was spread wide open on the table beneath her.

Raven gazed down at the beauty on the table beneath her and felt her pulse leap. The soft candle light glowed soothingly along the curving planes of Nicky's young body, leaving the cheerleader looking like a fallen angel with her halo of blonde hair fluttering around the pair of them a sheet of fine gold. Raven continued to stare at the unearthly being who's thighs she was lying between and roughly gathering the baggy material that pooled at Nicky's flat stomach in her hands. Raven swooped down to kiss Nicky and simply hoisted the shirt up and over Nicky's breasts, her hands instantly eating up the newly uncovered bare skin that tempted her with it's golden radiance and soft, smooth texture.

"Nicky."Raven rasped, her voice deserting her as she broke away from Nicky's wet lips and stared in awe at the beauty before her. Nicky silently watched Raven's reaction to her body with mixed emotions, the dark girl's fingers stroking the smooth skin of the under side of her breast. Her breath catching in her throat, Nicky wordlessly lifted her arms to help Raven rid her of the shirt in a final admission of want. Large tanned hands glided the crumpled shirt effortlessly over Nicky's head, tossing it without a care across the room.

With her legs still wrapped firmly around the tall dark girl, Nicky clenched her thighs together, causing the other girl to moan lowly. Raven shifted, bracing herself on her strong arms as she slid down further onto Nicky, settling and nestling her heavier frame carefully on top of the smaller girl.

"Hmmm."Nicky murmured, her eyelids becoming heavy as she felt the taller girl move against her. Raven continued to softly stroke her side with one hand, those long talented fingers trailing down along her waist, past the curve of her hip, coming to rest on the outside of her tingling thigh that clung tightly to Raven's strong torso. I can't believe this is happening......

"So beautiful."Raven whispered, bringing her head back down again and capturing Nicky's plush lips with her own, running her tongue over the blondes bottom lip and plundering into her hot mouth once more. Nicky grabbed hold of Raven's wet shirt and mewled, wriggling her hips against Raven eagerly. She needed to feel Raven against her, naked, wet and so damned hot.

Pulling harder onto the shirt that clung to Raven's skin and tugging urgently at the thin material, both Raven and Nicky gasping into each others mouths as they heard a ripping sound. Feeling the damp material of Raven's tank top part between her anxious fingers, Nicky quickly stripped Raven of the savaged material leaving the dark haired girl's upper body naked. The cheerleader let her hands roam wildly over Raven's broad shoulders and down her back, her sharp little nails digging into tender skin, causing the dark haired girl to suck her breath in.

Raven growled deeply into Nicky's mouth, her tongue busy duelling and snaking around the cheerleader's in a chasm of relentless need. Two can play at that game, Raven thought wickedly. Almost grinning, Raven broke away from Nicky's tempting mouth and the little cheerleader sighed in disappointment.

Placing loving kisses along Nicky's delicate jaw line down to her ear lobe, Raven blew softly in Nicky's ear. Seeing the young blonde shiver in response caused the dark haired girl to grin softly. "Doesn't seem so wrong now, does it Princess?"Raven growled lowly, kissing her way down Nicky's neck and flicking her tongue along the throbbing pulse point that fluttered in the smaller girl's throat.

Nicky refused to speak, hardly able to breath as Raven's hands glided up the dip of her waist to clasp hold of the silken creamy bra that covered her breasts. Nicky sighed and arched her neck, exposing more skin to Raven's touch. Raven placed her lips over the soft skin covering the cheerleader's throat and caressed Nicky's flesh gently almost reverently.

Two can play that game, Raven thought again wickedly, still tingling from where Nicky's finger nails had dug into her shoulders, leaving half moon marks embedded in her tanned skin. Placing her hands over the barely covered flesh of Nicky's heaving chest, Raven suddenly sucked hard with her lips, grazing Nicky's delicate skin with her teeth and lavishing her tender throat with long hard licks from her tongue. Nicky squealed at the sudden change of pace and bit her lips, her hips sharply jutting up off the table and her nails clawing into Raven's back even harder. Raven grunted and thrust her hips downwards, grinding herself into Nicky's hot centre, her hands caressing the softness that greeted her.

"Raven!"Nicky whimpered, her legs clasping around Raven frantically. Raven didn't answer the cheerleaders pleas. Instead she simply grabbed hold of the bra that encased Nicky's breasts and tore it easily in two, the sheer lacy material no match for Raven's ferocity and determination. "Rae....!"

Raven removed her mouth from Nicky's throat and smothered anything else that the cheerleader was about to say as she brought her lips down harshly on the cheerleaders. Raven panted hotly into Nicky's open mouth and placed her palms over Nicky's naked flesh, groaning as she felt the other girl's nipples harden underneath her hands. Sliding down one hand down Nicky's perspiring stomach, over her hip bone, down along the outside of one smooth thigh, Raven crept her fingers upwards towards the juncture of Nicky's spread legs.

Nicky groaned and trailed her hands down Raven's strong back, following the noble planes of Raven's sleek body with impassioned awe. Raven's touch was like a fire brand that burnt her right to her soul and all she could think of was having the dark girl brand her to her very core.

Nicky's hips began to buck wildly as she realised where Raven's hand was creeping up to, those long tanned fingers skimming over the inside of her thigh, making gentle circles and moving steadily upwards. Christ! Oh God, oh God, oh God. "Oh GOD!"Nicky gasped, breaking the kiss with Raven as her back arched up off the table the moment Raven's fingers touched her barely covered throbbing sex.

Raven grinned in satisfaction. She was no innocent to be sure, she'd had plenty of girls before and a few men that had taken her fancy, but no one had responded to her like this before, making her feel like....like she had all the power in the world at her fingertips.

"No... I'm not God."Raven whispered heatedly as she stared, mesmerised at the beautiful girl lying beneath her. "I'm much better."Raven smirked and reached down, flicking her tongue over Nicky's parted lips, savouring the feeling of the cheerleader's breath fanning over her face. "I want you Nicky..."Raven leant back and gazed down at Nicky, stroking one hand down the smaller girl's soft cheek, cupping her face gently. "I want you like I've never wanted anyone else in my whole life Nik."

Nicky's eyes misted over as she lost herself in Raven's crystal gaze, taken a-back by the emotions that ran through those clear blue orbs. "Then take me."Nicky whispered, her voice breaking with need.

Raven swooped down and kissed Nicky with all the passion she had inside of her. The blonde girl responded as though her life depended on it, impatiently wiggling against Raven's hand. Raven, noticing the cheerleader's frantic movements, slid her hand inside Nicky's panties impatiently pushing the material aside and immediately felt the wetness and heat of the other girl's arousal. "Bloody hell."Raven grunted, feeling a spiralling sensation in the pit of her stomach as she discovered just how much Nicky did want her.

Nicky groaned and shamelessly, arched her back up further, encouraging Raven to touch her more firmly. Nicky quickly unhooked her ankles from around Raven's waist, eagerly slipping a thigh of her own between the dark haired girl's parted legs. Pressing her thigh firmly against Raven's pulsing centre, Nicky smiled and groaned as she tangled one hand in Raven's jet black hair. Nicky grabbed Raven's taut butt with her other impatient hand, pulling the taller girl closer to her until they were moving in a frantic rhythm against one another.

Raven ran her fingers over Nicky's sex hungrily, letting the moisture that lay there coat her fingertips as she slid them expertly between Nicky's swollen lips, parting them and letting her nails run the along the length, up and down, flicking slightly over the blonde girl's clit for a brief moment. Raven gritted her teeth, tearing her mouth away from Nicky's and trailed her tongue back down the cheerleaders throat, sucking at the mark she had left there just moments before.

"Raven..."Nicky panted, shoving her hand non too gently down the back of Raven's soaked jeans and much to her surprise and delight found no constraining underwear there, just firm pliant flesh for her greedy fingers to devour. Grabbing hold of the dark haired girl's backside, Nicky licked her lips, wetting them and continued to thrust urgently into Raven's touch, gasping as she felt herself become wetter, her muscles twinging and her clit throbbing almost painfully when Raven's talented fingers teasingly brushed over her tortured sex again and again. "Don't tease!"Nicky hissed, her cheeks flushed and eyes shooting emerald sparks.

Raven simply grunted, not pausing for a second. Her mouth kissed it's way down Nicky's throat, along the collar bones until she reached the cheerleader's firm breasts where she captured one of Nicky's pert nipples in between her lips, sucking it gently into her mouth.

Nicky almost screamed, a rush of arousal sweeping through her body like an electric shock. Raven's tongue swept across the tip of the hard little nub she had captured between her lips and continued to rake her hands over Nicky's sex, just letting her hand wander aimlessly across the wetness she found there.

The dark girl sensed the cheerleader's desperate need to be loved completely, her fingers never ceasing to glide effortlessly through Nicky's wet folds. Raven kissed Nicky's right nipple once more before letting go and switching over to the other breast, her heart pounding as lips gratefully worshipped Nicky's beautiful body.

Nicky's heavy breathing fanned the top of her head, the cheerleader's fingers unclasping themselves from her dishevelled dark hair, making their own way down to the side of Raven's firm breast, cupping it without fear or hesitation. Raven's teeth lightly grazed Nicky's nipple, rolling it in her mouth as Nicky's fingers matched her movements, pinching her nipple with nimble little fingers, driving Raven to distraction and spurring her on at the same time.

"For God's sake Rae!"Nicky gasped, practically sobbing, the sensations running through her body almost unbearable. "I can't take this much longer!"Raven remained quiet, never moving from her vigil by Nicky's sensitive breasts, loving them whole heartedly with her tongue, her lips, her mouth. Raven's tongue swirled in constant motion, lavishing little licks and stronger sucks on Nicky's sensitive skin, while she writhed her fingers along Nicky's wet centre and dipped a couple teasingly into the cheerleader before retreating to stalk back up to the smaller girl's pulsing clit.

Nicky bit on her lip, dying to scream as Raven's fingers rubbed that little nub of nerves that stood out, straining to be touched. Raven circled expertly around it like a hunter on the prowl, only occasionally flicking the tight little clit, causing Nicky to mewl louder and arch her back harder, leaving her teetering on the edge of ecstasy.

Raven felt the smaller girl quiver beneath her and she tremble with want. Feeling Nicky's little talons dig into her backside, Raven thrusted her own centre down on Nicky's firm thigh. Rubbing her sex against Nicky shamelessly, Raven grunted in satisfaction as her own sensitive clit found contact and friction.

With shaking fingers, Raven grabbed hold of Nicky firmly, clasping her hips with one hand, the other working frantically between Nicky's spread thighs. Nicky felt herself sob loudly, her voice calling out Raven's name desperately. All that she'd ever wanted, all that she'd ever needed was right here, holding her and making love with her. Winding her fingers back into the other girl's long wild locks, the blonde cheerleader pulled Raven's head back up to hers melding their lips together immediately, sealing their bodies together in every way possible.

Raven groaned, her body moving frenziedly against Nicky's, her centre rocking and grinding into the other girl until she felt herself almost diving off the edge of control. No, not yet Rae! Raven panted hard, trying desperately not to explode as Nicky continued to ravish her mouth. Fed up with teasing, Raven quickly spread Nicky's thighs further apart, her fingers seeking and finding the cheerleader's engorged clit easily. Nicky grasped the other girl to her, thrusting into her touch, urgently needing to feel a more harder, constant stroke from Raven's strong fingers.

Raven rubbed the palm of her hand over the whole of Nicky's sex, breathing heavily as she worked her fingers downwards. The dark haired girl sighed, feeling her own sex pulse as she slid a couple of fingers down to Nicky's opening to wet them, before bringing them back up to glide hurriedly over the cheerleader's throbbing clit.

Raven felt Nicky's tongue invade her mouth, flicking over her teeth, her lips. Almost sobbing herself, the stronger girl's fingers continued to caress the smaller girl until she felt Nicky shake, the strong slim thighs on either side of her tremble and quake. Sweat trickled stealthily down her back as Raven pressed her thumb firmly over Nicky's bundle of nerves, rubbing over the very tip. She was immediately rewarded with a tiny gasp as the cheerleader's sharp little teeth bit down on her lip.

Nicky panted, her hips thrusting upwards begging Raven to enter her. Nicky gasped and rocked faster into Raven's grinding centre, their bodies moving fluidly against one another, each straining to melt into the other and become one being. "Please..."Nicky's husky voice rasped as she felt raven's long fingers dip momentarily into her, teasing her opening. "I need you Rae...I NEED YOU!"

Raven took one deep breath and while keeping her thumb moving constantly on Nicky's clit, she thrusted two fingers into Nicky's tight little opening. Nicky suddenly stilled all movements, yelping a little, her nails nearly drawing blood, feeling a slight discomfort as Raven entered her. Raven stilled her thrusting and leant her head back slightly, looking into Nicky's pink flushed face.

"Are...you...Ok?"Raven husked, emotion clouding her blue eyes as she stared down in realisation of what had just happened. She hadn't known...wasn't aware that Nicky hadn't been with anyone before. I'm her first...... Brad hasn't had her before...she's mine. All mine.

Raven brought one hand up and gently brushed silken gold hair away from Nicky's perspiring brow, lovingly tucking it behind the smaller girl's delicate ear. Gazing down at this little cheerleader, feeling her contract gently around my fingers, knowing that she wants me......I love her. Nicky...I love you. I love you. I love you. I LOVE YOU. Raven swallowed hard and crushed Nicky's quivering body to her.

Nicky gasped, Raven's movements causing her fingers to slide in deeper. Nicky felt her muscles relax slightly as she arched her back into the other girl's touch once more, the slight pain fading, gradually being replaced to that hunger that she felt before.

"Mmmmmm. Yeah...I'm....fine."She panted, enjoying Raven's breath hot against her neck. "Just keep....moving!"Raven's head shot back up and a small smile graced her face. That's me told, huh? Grinning wickedly, the dark haired girl thrust her fingers in deeper, curling them inside until they hit just the right spot. A keening sound escaped from the cheerleader's mouth, her hips surging upwards and Raven's heart thumped wildly as she ground herself harder down onto Nicky's thigh once more, feeling an intense wave of shuddering wrack through her body.

Nicky grabbed Raven's head and started ravaging the taller girl's red lips once more, needing to feel Raven, to taste her, to have her completely. The blonde cheerleader felt her body convulse, her inner walls clamp down on Raven's thrusting fingers, her nipples tingle and ache as they grated against the taller girl's smooth wet skin. Moaning and whimpering Raven's name with awe, Nicky thrusted herself upwards one more time, feeling Raven's fingers move heatedly within her as sweat trickled down her forehead before the world exploded and spasms took over the smaller girl's writhing body.

Raven grunted, breathing heavily, her lips remaining stubbornly attached to Nicky's as the little blonde called her name out and clutched at her with desperation. Almost crying out herself as she felt Nicky's body quiver and come all over her fingers, the dark haired girl urgently clung to the smaller girl, melting her body against the cheerleaders and groaned in relief as she felt tremors run through her straining body. Her hips dived downward as she rubbed her clit harder against Nicky's smooth thigh until finally she ripped her mouth away from Nicky's gasping mouth. The dark haired girl's head whipped back as she practically howled her pleasure, her voice reverberating through out the small interior of the trailer as the strong orgasm ripped violently through her needy body.

"Nicky!"Raven rasped hotly, her hands straining to concentrate on making love to the small blonde while her own writhing body helplessly stiffened and hurtled into a realm of ecstasy. Nicky's body shook, her nails digging into Raven as one last wave of pleasure swamped away the last pieces of her control.

"Raven!!!"Nicky clenched her thighs tight around Raven's sleek body, the dark girl's fingers still pounding and wriggling relentlessly inside of her; making the erotic sensation of Raven's touch, the dark haired girl's slick skin gliding with her own, the heated breath panting on the warm skin of her throat...all of it was beyond overwhelming.

Raven felt aftershocks ripple relentlessly inside of her, her heart thudding in her chest as she slowed the rocking movements of her hips and gently withdrew her soaking hand from Nicky's moist centre. Raven sighed happily and laid her weary head against Nicky's still trembling shoulder. Nicky brought her arms up and wrapped them around Raven's back, holding the taller girl to her, loath to give up the closeness that enveloped both of them as the chilly night air cooled their hot perspiring bodies.

Raven shivered, Nicky's soft gentle fingers circling her back, trailing along her spine, calming her down and lulling her in the quietness that had come over them. Reluctantly lifting her head up off Nicky's comfortable shoulder, Raven peeked open crystal blue eyes and gazed down into deep green, searching for a reaction as to what had just happened between the two of them.

"Nicky..."Raven's voice husked, almost too low to hear. "Are you...Ok?"Raven propped herself up on her strong forearms, balancing her unsteady body over the smaller girl. Nicky looked so beautiful just lying there looking all sleepy and satisfied. What do I do now? Raven's eyes ran over the cheerleaders body. Everything seemed fine, infact it seemed as though the little blonde was content to stay in her embrace...at least for the time being.

Nicky brought one hand up and curled it into Raven's hair. She loved the feel of those long silky black locks floating through her fingers like fine mist. "Raven I..."Nicky closed her eyes for a second and opened them again. Those blue orbs hovering above her looked so calm and vulnerable. Hugging Raven to, her Nicky let out a small smile overcome her face, her body still tingling even as tears clouded her eyes and threatened to spill over onto her cheeks. "I...I....."She didn't know why she was nearly crying. She wasn't sad, not at all, infact she'd never felt so...good in her whole life.

"No."Raven placed one finger over Nicky's quivering lips, not knowing what to feel, what to say to comfort this girl who she had just made love to. "It doesn't matter Nicky. We'll be Ok...everything will be Ok. I promise you."Placing one arm beneath Nicky's knees Raven pulled herself up and picked Nicky's small half smiling, half sobbing form. Cradling her precious burden safely in her arms, the proud dark haired girl carried the blonde cheerleader into her room and placed her on the small make shift bed, covering her trembling body with a thread bare blanket.

"I promise you, everything will be Ok Nik."Raven bit her lip and choked back the pain of having Nicky cry like this in front of her. What have I done? Raven shook her head in confusion. I thought she wanted this? Raven ran an unsteady hand through her snarled locks and turned to walk out the room. Now obviously wasn't the time to talk.

Nicky watched the tall girl's movements but still was unable to voice whatever she was feeling, the realisation of what she and Raven had just experienced was still too raw to fully comprehend. She did however realise that the other girl was about to leave her all alone and that was the last thing she wanted to happen. She wanted, no needed to feel Raven hold her close and never again let her go. Quickly making a decision, Nicky stretched out one small hand and grabbed hold of Raven's larger hand, linking her fingers around Raven's and refused to let go, her jade eyes staring longingly up at Raven, pleading for her to understand.

Raven looked down at their linked fingers and sighed. Squeezing their hands together more tightly, Raven gazed back wonderingly at Nicky, wanting nothing more to dedicate her life and love to this little cheerleader, but as usual, the words remained stubborn and refused to aid her in her moment of need.

So instead, Raven simply shirked her jeans off and laid down next to the girl she loved, spooning her larger body protectively around Nicky's small form. Raven held her close, snuggling right up next to her as the wind continued to howl outside and the rain ceaselessly battered the trailer without thought nor care.

Raven wrapped her arms tighter around Nicky, scared that the girl would disappear at any given second and she would wake to realise that it had all just been a dream, a wishful fantasy. Sighing restlessly, Raven listened intently to the sound of the cheerleader's soft breathing until she was sure that Nicky was safely asleep. Then and only then did the dark haired girl close her sleepy eyes and allow her tired body a little relief from the harsh realities of the waking world.

Continued in chapter 22

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