Tempting Trouble

By Snap


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Chapter 22

The early light of dawn beamed down and peeked surreptitiously through the faded blue curtains that hung over the drafty window inhabiting Raven's tiny room. Outside gaily twittering birds sung their joy for life, their song one of contentment and careless bantering as a lone figure stirred on the small rickety bed that nestled to one side of the room.

Raven sighed, her sleep ridden form curled up peacefully on one side, her hand stroking the cooling empty spot beside her. Sensing, even in her sleep, that something was different, the dark haired girl tossed and turned, feeling out of place and cold as the crisp morning air skittered along her exposed skin. Shivering slightly and pulling the blanket over her body, Raven turned over onto her other side, a single hand reaching out in hope for the blonde cheerleader.

" What the..?" Raven's tired head shot up off the pillow which she had been resting on, her eyes blinking rapidly in confusion. " Nicky?" Had the small blonde girl left in the middle of the night, ashamed of what she had done? Raven frantically scanned the room, searching for some form of note or 'Dear John' letter informing her of the cheerleader's departure from her home and ultimately her life.

Sitting up with her face a picture of worry, Raven let the thin blanket puddle around her bare waist. " Nicky?" Leaping out of bed without even bothering to stop and cover her naked form, the dark haired girl practically sprinted out of her room, her face full of hesitant foreboding. " Nicky!"

Ducking her head through the first doorway, into the cramped bathroom, Raven sighed in disappointment as Nicky was not to be found. " Shit! Holy fucking sonuva bitch!" Running her hands impatiently through her sleep mussed hair, Raven clenched her jaw and bit on her lip. Walking dejectedly towards the little kitchen down the squashed messy corridor of the trailer, Raven sighed heavily again in defeat. "This is just so fucking typical."

" Tutt, tutt Raven Vlade!" Raven lifted her head up and swivelled her body around at the sound of Nicky's soft voice, only to groan in pain as she banged her head on a open cupboard door.

" Ahhh! Fuckit!" Raven scowled, rubbing her poor abused forehead and grumbling for all that she was worth. Realising that Nicky stood there in front of her, wearing nothing but that baggy t-shirt from last night the dark haired girl smirked wickedly enjoying the sight. Raven winced a little as the pain from whacking her head set in, but the dark haired girl still managed to instantly smiled as Nicky's eyes met hers. She gazed fondly at her little cheerleader while trying to quell the sudden rush of desire that flooded through her body again.

" You watch that language, you hear me Missy?" Nicky waved the spatula she had been industriously using in the kitchenette in Raven's direction as an act of intimidation. " What's with the potty mouth, huh Rae?"

" Potty mouth?" Raven continued to rub the back of her head, the smile that brightened up her whole face remained fixed in place. Raven stared bemused at the small cheerleader noticing that Nicky's clear green eyes sparkled in a way that she had never quite witnessed before. Someone's in a good mood. Feeling a gentle fluttering in her stomach and a sensation of tightening around her heart, Raven gulped loudly. And she's not the only one.

" Have you hurt your head?" Nicky wondered, watching the tall girl repeatedly rub her head with her hand. Placing her chosen weapon of assault down on the counter top, Nicky padded over to Raven and quickly reached up, swatting Raven's unmoving hands out of the way.

" Hey! Watch it!" Raven groaned, her voice taking on a sulky tone. She didn't like to be babied over, not by no one. Raven opened her mouth, about to complain, but one look from Nicky's authoritative face told her to shut her trap before she put her foot in it. Wooeeeee. Little Miss. Spitfire on the loose. Back off before you get burnt Rae! You know who's the Master. Raven's eyes widened in shock. Did I just say that!? NO WAY!

" Hmm, come over here Rae." Nicky directed the grumbling girl to a seat and pushed a hand on her shoulder until Raven was reluctantly sitting down. Letting her fingers wander through Raven's luscious black hair, Nicky poked and prodded gently, running her fingers over the other girl's skull.

" So, what's the diagnosis Doc?" Raven muttered, flinching when the cheerleader's fingers grazed a particularly sensitive spot. " Ouch! That bloody hurts you know!"

Nicky just smirked down at Raven's scowling countenance, rubbing the same spot that made the so called tough girl wince like a big baby.

" Yeeee-ouch! You're evil Nicky Mayfair! " Raven growled, backing away while trying to shake Nicky's wicked little fingers off her aching head.

" Oh stop being a big baby Raven, you little wuss." Nicky snickered softly, finding Raven's pouting quite adorable. There the tall girl sat in her birthday suit with her arms crossed over her chest. She looks like a petulant 5 year old, Nicky thought fondly as she caressed the skin on Raven's face. And she's absolutely adorable.

" Well....." Raven grumbled, batting long dark lashes at the blonde girl, big blue eyes regarded her with suspicion, " .....it DID hurt. And there was no need for you to keep jabbing at it to prove that fact!"

" Stop sulking," Nicky murmured softly, as she continued to run her hands through Raven's hair, luxuriating in the soft silky texture that ran through her hands as easily as the finest grains of sand. I do believe I'm addicted. Nicky sighed, enjoying the pleasurable contact with the other girl. " You've got one hell of a bump back there toughstuff, but I think you'll survive."

" Really?" Raven murmured cautiously in a child like voice, smiling and listening with satisfaction to Nicky's sound judgement. Raven sighed and leant into Nicky's touch, closing her eyes slowly. Nicky's nimble little hands were causing some rather interesting stirrings further south of her body, all of them immensely enjoyable.

" Hmmm. "

" Hmmm, indeed." Nicky repeated, wanting nothing more than to cuddle with the beautiful girl sitting in front of her. Unable to resist the innocent enjoyment that fluttered over Raven's face, the cheerleader cupped the back of Raven's head and drew it up for a kiss. Nicky sighed as the dark haired girl tilted her head to the side, her eyelids peeking open as she waited for Nicky's lips to touch her own.

Nicky leant down and ever so gently placed her soft parted lips on Raven's, running an inquisitively tender tongue just inside of Raven's mouth. " Hmmmmmmmmmmmm." Nicky murmured, pulling back, her eyes opening as an easy smile graced her face.

Raven sighed, her heart beating fast in response to Nicky's tender caress. Peeking her eyes open once more, the dark haired girl openly observed the happy radiance that came off the cheerleader in waves of pure heat. Phew. Raven sighed in relief. Here I was thinking that she'd ran off in the middle of the night when really she was here all along....doing.....doing what precisely? Raven rose one eye brow and looked at Nicky with bemusement, her nose twitching at the peculiar burning smell that was coming from the direction of the kitchen.

" Erm...Nik?" Raven said, reaching up and grabbing Nicky's wandering fingers with her own.

" Yes?" Nicky mumbled, her lips deciding to taste the silky soft expanse of Raven's throat as her hands fought to escape from Raven's.

" Ermmmmm....Nik?" Raven cleared her throat while trying to remember the reason as to why she was attempting to stop the gorgeous cheerleader from snacking on her body. " What were you doing while I was still asleep?"

" What..huh?" Nicky groused, reluctantly letting go of Raven's earlobe that she had captured between her pearly teeth. " What was I doing?" Nicky leant back and looked curiously at Raven, pouting slightly. " Well...I woke up and...we were....erm...tangled together...and... Hmmm. What I mean is. I wanted to do something special for you." Nicky blushed and her head ducked down shyly. Raven sighed and drew the smaller girl to her, her strong arms wrapping themselves securely around Nicky's trim waist.

" Ohh Baby. You didn't have to do that. What we had last night....I mean...Nik, are you Ok with last night then?" Raven pulled the other girl closer to her, tucking Nicky's blonde head under her chin and hugging the cheerleader for all she was worth.

" Erm...yeah? " Nicky stuttered, unsure of what to say to the girl who had made more than her dreams come true last night. Jesus, I never knew it could be like that, Nicky clung to Raven, her mind banishing any thoughts of her disapproving family, of her socially dictated friends....and Brad. " I just wanted to do something nice for you. So I got up and started making you breakfast."

" Oh.....Nicky...thanks. But you didn't have to do that for me." Raven tilted Nicky's head up and stroked the cheerleaders soft cheek, the back of her hand running lovingly over the smooth unblemished skin. What I wouldn't give to love you for all eternity Nik. Raven's nose crinkled slightly as the smell from the kitchen grew stronger. " But can you smell something a little...out of the ordinary?"

Nicky frowned and bit her lip, her mind jumping to conclusions as while looking at Raven strangely. Is she trying to tell me I smell? Resisting the urge to break from the tall girl's loving embrace so she could have a quick de-oderant check, the cheerleader instead opted for a slightly less subtle approach.

" Are you saying a stink?" Nicky said incredulously, wrinkling her nose up at Raven in a totally cute manner that made the dark haired girl grin down affectionately at her. Raven's smile suddenly ceased as Nicky broke away from Raven's warm embrace and stood looking up at the other girl, hands on hips with a dangerous look in her eyes.

" Because if you are, let me tell you Miss. Vlade, you don't smell to fresh yourself right now! I'll have you know that I wasn't the only one doing some sweating last night! And I'm certainly not the only one who....what?! Why're you shaking that head of yours at me. Hey! Don't laugh! Stop laughing at me Rae or I'll....I'll.....!"

" You'll do what?" Raven chuckled, ducking a small hand that swatted irritably at her.

Nicky pouted and drew away from Raven, stomping her foot and resting her hands more securely on her hips. Raven chuckled deeply, her broad shoulders shaking with laughter. Oh Nicky Baby, you are just too precious.

" I'll have you know Ms.Vlade that I smell of rose petals and nothing but rose petals! FRESH ones at that so...there! Hummph!"

" Nicky!" Raven shook her head and stared wonderingly at the other girl. Sheesh, once she gets her mind stuck on something she never lets it go! Like a bloomin' bulldog with a bone. I hope she never wants to let me go. Raising a single eyebrow, the dark haired girl simply rested her hip against the wall, casually observing Nicky's little temper tantrum.            " Nicky?"

" What?" Nicky mumbled, glaring with evil intent in Raven's direction, the urge to go and leap in the shower almost making her temper explode further. Raven just continued to shake her head. Obviously she ain't gonna catch on anytime soon.

" The bloody kitchen'll be on fire if you don't go and see to that breakfast you were cooking me." Raven sighed pushed herself away from the wall and gently directed the smaller girl towards the kitchen.

" Breakfast? Smell?" Nicky lifted her nose and sniffed delicately at the smokey scent that now filled the room, her eyes widening with shock. " Oh bugger in hell! The breakfast! It's burning!"

Raven burst into laughter as she watched Nicky's cute little butt hurriedly get in gear and rush hurriedly to the kitchen to rescue her poor neglected food. " Dammit Rae! You could have told me sooner!" Nicky's voice shouted back through to Raven.

" Huh?!" Raven muttered, shaking her head while trying to control her grin. The tall girl stalked her way over toward the smaller girl, standing behind her, she snaked her arms snugly around the blonde girl's slim waist, resting her chin on Nicky's sturdy shoulder. " If I remember rightly Nik, I was trying to inform of the fact that your breakfast was quickly turning into charcoal, but some mischievous little cheerleader kept distracting me by torturing me with her tongue on my poor innocent neck."

Nicky muttered some decidedly crude words under her breath about tall, dark amazons and pulled the burnt pan off the hob, flapping a dish cloth over the smoke trail that sizzled upwards around the two of them. " Urggh! That's no excuse Rae!" Giving up and dropping the cloth on the counter top, Nicky turned around in Raven's arms and regarded the beautiful girl that was standing there so casually buck naked before her. Hmm, delish! Yum, yum. A speculative glint sparkled in the cheerleader's eyes. " You do realise that you'll have to be punished for that little fiasco Raven."

Raven gave Nicky a quirky smile and raised a single brow in defiance. " Oh yeah? And pray tell just what are you going to do with me little cheerleader?" Nicky stood up on her tip toes and tilted her forehead until it rested against Raven's, their noses almost touching as they came eye to eye, blue meeting green with mirth and something else altogether that mesmerised the pair of them.

Nicky slowly brought her arms up around Raven's neck, wriggling her fingers back through the other girl's hair. " Welllllll, I could always spank you Rae."

Raven snickered wickedly and gave Nicky a cocky grin. " Yeah, but I might just actually enjoy that babe."

" Really....?" Nicky giggled, rubbing the tip of her nose tenderly with Raven's as she felt the dark haired girl manoeuvre around her, backing her up against the counter with one smooth move. " Or maybe I should just let you make it up to me in some other way?"

" Oh? Got something in mind already?" Raven inquired rakishly, waggling her eyebrows and dragging her hands down along Nicky's hips, tugging the smaller girl closer. " I like the sound of this. Carry on Nik, don't let me stop you by any means."

Nicky giggled softly, her eyes staring merrily into Raven's sparkling dreamy blue gaze, a sense of giddiness enveloping her in a haze of happiness. This feels good. This feels soooooo right.

After having woken up this morning beside Raven, Nicky hadn't been sure what the other girl's reaction would be, after the two of them had 'slept' together.... in both senses. The cheerleader had woken up to find herself lovingly protected by Raven's firm but gentle embrace, those long arms wrapped possessively around her. At first she had panicked, wondering whether she should just get up and leave. After all, Raven had never promised anything more than what she had given and Nicky herself still had a boyfriend to think about. Not that you were thinking about him last night, right Nicky girl?

" I won't let you stop me...not like you could anyways, since I'm a rough tough cheerleader and all." Nicky murmured quietly, trying to stifle a chuckle at Raven's cute expression of disbelief. " Yup, yup, yup. I could wrestle you and pin you in 10 seconds flat if I wanted to."

" Yeah riiiiight Nik." Raven huffed, pressing her hips firmly into Nicky's until she felt her thighs rub up against the blonde girl's, their naked skin sliding smoothly until Raven had the cheerleader pinned totally against the counter top. " Looks like it's me that's got you pinned oh mighty rough tough Cheerleader. Ha! Now who's the Master?"

Nicky wriggled her hips slightly, aiding Raven's thigh to slip easily between her parted thighs.  " You the Master? Not likely! " Nicky wrapped her fingers around Raven's neck and brought the dark haired girl's mouth down to hers, instantly plunging her tongue inside of Raven's gasping mouth, asserting control of the kiss. Raven groaned and gathered the other girl to her, feeling her body turn to mush as Nicky's athletic little body pressed knowingly into hers.

" Ummph!" Raven panted smiling through the sound as she let the smaller girl draw her head down further to tangle their tongues and lips together. " Hmmmm." Nicky whipped her tongue along Raven's bottom lip, bringing it into her hot mouth and sucking on it for a brief second before disengaging their bruised lips.

" Hmm, you taste good Rae." Nicky murmured, snuggling her head into Raven's shoulder and kissing the throbbing pulse point she found there, flickering steadily beneath Raven's smooth tanned skin. Nicky heard the other girl chuckle and quietly smiled, enjoying the movement of Raven's naked breasts rising and falling with every deep chuckle she let loose.

" Ohhh Nicky. You have no idea baby and I mean no idea how good I taste.... yet." Raven grinned fiendishly down at the smaller girl and greeted Nicky's puzzled green eyes with another bout of hearty laughter. Gods, you're fun to play with little one.

" No idea how good you taste? What ...the hell are you going on about Rae?" Nicky angled her head to the side and watched the interesting expression of knowledge, raw desire and experience creep across Raven's beautiful features. A dawning thought of what part of Raven she might be tasting suddenly sprang into Nicky's mind, making the little cheerleader gasp.     " Oh.....YOU!" Nicky tried to hide her smile as she scowled at Raven and back handed her in the stomach.

Raven let go of the little spitfire and continued to chuckle, rubbing her stomach and trying her best to look offended. " Not my fault you're slow on the up take today Nik. Seems like the blood meant for your brain is aimed somewhere else this morning, angel." Raven winked at the other girl and smirked knowingly, licking her lips before quickly turning on her tail, scampering away from the cheerleaders temperamental grasp. " I better put some clothes on huh? I'll be right back."

" Hmm, shame." Nicky called, trailing after Raven and goggling at the tall girl's naked butt. Whoooooeeee! Now there is a sight to behold! Oh my, I do believe I've got the vapours! Hee, hee. " I think you look kinda.....nice like that."

Raven turned around and waited for Nicky to catch up. " Nice huh?" Raven raised an eyebrow and let her gaze track down up and down and all over the other girl. " You look quite...edible yourself." Raven licked her lips again, exaggerating a little, making the cheerleader blush bright red.

" You Raven, are a very, very bad girl." Nicky whispered, poking her finger in the taut muscled naked abdomen that was presented to her.

" And you KNOW you love it Nicky." Raven growled lowly, unable to resist stalking closer to Nicky who was herself leaning forward closer to the other girl. Nicky felt her heart jump into her throat with excitement, her body trembling with a fresh flush of desire as Raven's eyes darkened, flicking over her body hungrily.

" So what if I do?" Nicky murmured, staring back at the tall girl. Raven advanced forward and lifted one hand, trailing it down Nicky's naked arm. " I l-like...like a lot of things you know..." Nicky stuttered, wetting her lips and closing her heavy lidded eyes as Raven's hand caressed her, stroking down her side, cupping her waist and pulling the blonde girl to her snugly.

" I know you like lots of things. I can't wait to learn every single one of your 'likes' Nicky. " Raven grinned at the inane subject of their less than cerebrial conversation.

" And I think I've got a few things for you that you might...like."

Nicky nodded silently, tilting her head back, letting her hair float around her shoulders as Raven's hands grasped her hips with familiarity. " Umm hmmmm." Nicky muttered, parting her legs as Raven insinuated one of her strong thighs between them, letting the cheerleader ride it gently. " I just bet you do. Why don't you show me."

Raven cocked her head to the side and regarded the saucy little cheerleader with amusement and desire. " Oh don't you worry." Raven muttered softly, lowering her head slowly, her fingertips rubbing against the cotton that Nicky wore, sensually stroking her hands in small circles until they were placed snugly on Nicky's gently rounded hips. " I plan on showing you absolutely everything." Raven rubbed her nose softly against Nicky's. " And maybe we can learn some new things together?"

Nicky nodded with a slight smile, groaning as Raven's lips dipped low and connected with her throat, the dark haired girl's tongue whisking out to run along the smooth length of the smaller girl's neck.

" Hmmmm, " Nicky whispered, a note of satisfaction reflected in her voice, shivers of excitement quivering through her highly strung body. " Now I could certainly get used to learning lessons like this Ms.Vlade."

" Yeah?" Raven murmured, her lips dotting gentle kisses along Nicky's jaw line, following the graceful angles of the blonde girl's face. "Well consider yourself my new student."

Nicky sighed, her body swaying gently, grinding to the motion of Raven's thrusting hips.         " Jesus Rae, do you have any idea what you do to me? I..." Nicky halted her words as the front door to the mobile home burst open, the rusty hinges whining loudly in protest at being slammed against the wall.

" Shit!" Raven cursed, ripping her lips from Nicky's skin while pushing the smaller girl behind her protectively. A sneer escaped her lips as she watched her uncle Chas stumble blearily into the musky interior. Nicky clutched at Raven's strong arm, hoping to gain strength from her tall lover.

Chas rubbed his eyes and scratched the balding spot at the back of his head as he regarded the two girls in front of him.

" Well lookee what we has 'ere then." Chas snickered, his thick tongue licking his lips as his gaze tracked down his niece's nude body. " Hell Raven gal, you's got you a better body than even yer mother 'ad." Grunting in satisfaction, the middle aged man shifted his stare to the small blonde that his niece was trying to cover. Hmmm, what's going on here then? Chas wondered as he took in the close, intimate proximity of the two girls. " You been 'aving yerself some fun then, huh girlies?" Chas cackled, stepping closer for a better look at the retreating blonde.

" Don't even think about it!" Raven hissed, pushing Nicky further behind her.

" What?!" Chas sneered, " You don't want ya uncle Chas to join in on the fun?"

Raven glared at the dirty man and slowly turned her head to face Nicky's frightened green eyes. " Go into my room Nik and get dressed, Ok? I'll be join you in a second."

Nicky stared up defiantly at Raven. There's no way I'm leaving her alone with that creep!

" Nicky....I mean it. Go. Now." The steel in Raven's voice scared Nicky slightly. Glad that anger's not aimed at me. A shiver of fear ran through the cheerleader's body. Better do as she says...this time.

" Ok." Nicky muttered quietly, her distrustful gaze never wavering from the lewd face of Raven's uncle.

Raven waited until she had heard the fragile door to her room close before facing her uncle.    " I thought you were in jail?"

Chas stared blatantly at Raven's body while manoeuvring himself over to his favourite chair which for some reason was actually devoid of any rubbish or waste.

" Yea, well you wus wrong, weren't ya?" Chas chuckled to himself, remembering his little conversation he'd had with the weird bloke in the cell beside him. There's nothing I'd like better to get this little bitch back for the trouble she's caused me. " They let me out cos it wus a mistake to lock me up in the first place."

" Mistake my ass!" Raven snarled. Keep your cool Rae, don't let him see that his presence bothers you. " Anyways, like I even care either way. Me and Nicky are outta here."

" Really?" Chas muttered, regarding his niece slyly. " Nice bit of ass you've got yourself with that little rich chick. Ain't she Danny Mayfair's kid? Wonder what she's doing with a little shit low life like you Raven? What you got that she wants?"

" Nuthin'!" Raven growled, backing towards the door. She didn't like the way Chas was looking at her body. Then again Rae, you are buck naked, what do you expect from a sleazy perverted arsehole like him?

" Oh really?" Chas snickered, finding a stray can of beer that hadn't been chucked out with the rubbish from underneath his chair. Taking a quick whiff of the bitter liquid to ensure it's drinkability, the scruffy man took a swig and slapped his lips together in satisfaction. Drawing his eyes along Raven's breasts Chas took another sip and cackled loudly once more. " I thinks that lil rich gal knows exactly wot you've got ta offer Ravie."

Raven clenched her jaw and ignored the implications. He wouldn't tell everyone about me and Nicky would he? Raven gazed with hatred at her uncle. Yes, he would....but then again, who's gonna believe a violent, abusive drunk? Reassuring herself with that thought, Raven turned on her heel and headed for her bedroom.

" Is that all you've got to say Ravie? Huh?" Chas yelled. He wanted to argue with the little dyke for Gods sake, especially if she was naked while they were doing the shouting." Git yer arse back 'ere an' talk to me girl!"

Raven ignored her uncle's rambling and opened the door to her room, closing it firmly behind her after she'd entered the cramped room. Nicky had already hurriedly scrambled into her clothes, which were now dry from last night's fiasco.

" Raven?" Nicky walked up to the other girl and hugged her. " Lets go....lets get away from here. You can come home with me...you can...."

" No, no, no." Raven muttered darkly. " That just won't work Nik. Can you imagine your parents faces if you brought me back home with you?"

Nicky stared into Raven's knowing eyes and ducked her head down guiltily. She knew what Raven said was the truth....her family wouldn't willingly let 'riff-raff' like Rae stay with her.      " Well...." Nicky swollowed, trying to dislodge the lump in her throat. " Well, what are you gonna do then Rae? You can't stay here with that monster out there. I won't let you."

" I'll tell you what's going to happen, I'm going to walk you back home and then I'm going to stay at Phil's for now. He won't mind me staying there, it's what I've been doing lately anyways." Raven picked up her discarded jeans and pulled them up her hips, fastening the buttons along the way.

Nicky watched with reluctant appreciation as the sleek muscles on Raven's shoulders and biceps clenched and relaxed, causing a fluttery sensation in the cheerleader's stomach. Crossing her legs and squeezing her thighs together to try and dissipate the desire that was awakening inside of her again, the little cheerleader sighed, contemplating what had just happened and how they were going to deal with it. After all school was only a couple of hours away and the Dance was not going to be a pleasant experience .....especially when she had to be escorted by Brad Maitland and not by the girl who had just made love with her.

" But..."

" No buts, ifs or maybes Nicky." Raven pulled a clean shirt over her head and grabbed the smaller girl by the hand. " We're gone from here babe. Just ignore him on the way out."

" Ok." Nicky huffed, curling her fingers securely around Raven's." Everything's going to be Ok isn't it Rae?" Nicky questioned, hesitation laced in her soft voice as Raven opened the door.

" Sure it will." Raven murmured, linking her fingers tighter with Nicky's soft little hand, never wanting to let her go. " Sure it will. I promise."




" Where the hell have you been?!" Phil exclaimed, his excitable voice screeching slightly.        " Whoa." The skinny boy gulped, his head spinning slightly. Alcohol...evil! He wasn't really surprised to see Raven climb through his window at 6am in the morning, in fact he had grown quite used to the stoic girl showing up whenever she felt like it.

Raven sighed heavily and plonked herself down carelessly on Phil's bed. " You really don't wanna know."

" Yes I bloody well do!" Phil yelped, sitting up in his bed, his Spiderman pj's in clear view for all and sundry to see. " Last thing I know is that the two of us were drinking booze like a fish drinks water...then...erm....my Mom mentioned something about a girl dropping me off here....who was that?" Phil asked, his face screwing up in concentration trying to remember who had dropped him off home....to the terrifying arms of his mother. Hell hath no fury like a mother annoyed. Gulping and trying to rid himself of the frightening vision of his mom in a bad temper, Phil picked up his glasses and perched them precariously on his nose.

" That was Stacy who dropped you off."

" Stacy?!" Phil gawped, bouncing up and down in his bed like an eight year old on a candy overdose. " As in popular Miss.Cheerleader extraordinaire with bright red hair and a terrifyingly big gob Stacy? As in Nicky Mayfair's best friend? As in..."

Raven gagged Phil with a single large hand and watched with curiosity as Phil's eyes bugged out and his lean face turned red. Hmmm, wonder if those eyes of his will pop out if I keep on gagging him. Hehehehehe. " Yes, that's the Stacy I was referring to. She took you home in a taxi cab last night."

Phil shook Raven's hand off and stared almost in disbelief at his best friend. " Oh my good golly gosh!" Phil sat up tall and straightened his pyjamas. He was a man of substance now. He was associated with the best of Thursville High, the creme de la creme of popular society. Almost giddy at the thought, the gawky boy beamed proudly at Raven's sombre countenance.

" Hey!" Phil said, slapping Raven slightly on her arm. " What's up with you? I thought you would be pleased after last night? I mean, to start off with that uncle of yours got banged up in the slammer and then you got to spend some quality time with your hot little cheerleader."

Raven blushed at Phil's words and bit her lip, her shoulders tensing as Phil arched an eyebrow in a pitiful attempt to look as cool as the dark girl when she performed  the same action.

" Rae...."

"Yes Phil?"

" What happened?"

" What do you mean what happened?"

" I mean what happened ....something's missing here...why ain't you happy?"

" I am happy." Raven grumbled, crossing her arms defensively over her chest.

" Hmmm, yeah, sure you are Ms.Grinch." Phil tapped his chin thoughtfully. " C'mon, tell me Rae. What happened? Did you and Nicky fall out again?"

Raven growled and stubbornly fought the images of Nicky's naked body pressed up intimately against hers. Dammit! It's no good. I can't forget what happened...I don't want to. I'd give anything to be making love with her again, right now. Raven had held the blonde cheerleader's hand all the way back to her luxurious house, their fingers intertwined, each of them gazing longingly out the corner of their eyes at one another.

When the time had come for them to part, neither knew what to say or do. Raven wasn't sure who was more nervous, her or the fidgeting little cheerleader, so the dark haired girl went with her heart and leant in, softly placing a parting kiss of goodbye on the other girl's lips. Raven closed her eyes, remembering the sweet taste of Nicky's lips pressed to hers, shivers of awareness making her nipples harden at the memory.

" Erm...Rae?" Phil nudged his friend who had closed her eyes and was moaning softly. Clearing his throat Phil tried again to get Raven's attention. " Hey! Romeo! Snap out of it! What's floating your boat pal?"

Raven cautiously opened her eyes, her gaze avoiding Phil's. " Who said I'm not happy?"

Phil nearly choked on the glass of water he was sipping at. " Jesus. You've gotta be kidding me?" Phil replaced the glass on his bedside cabinet and faced his troubled friend. " I've told you once before if that's you looking bloomin' happy I'd hate to see the expression on your face when you're really pissed off."

Raven chuckled slightly and shifted her position, lying down on her stomach and then propping herself up on her elbows. " To start off with my idiot of an uncle was released this morning. Apparently it had all been a big mistake."

" Huh?!" Phil squawked, disbelief smattered across his ruddy face. " No way man!"

"Yes way man."

" Christ....how can that possibly be? Officer Garrett arrested him for drunken disorder. How did he get off so lightly?"

" Who knows Philly Boy, who knows." Raven paused briefly before carrying on. " Me and Nicky did have a sort of a fight, you were there but you were drunk as a two headed skunk at the time."

Phil rolled his eyes. " I'm not surprised that I don't remember you two bickering. I feel sick as a parrot this mornin' you know. My Mom says if I ever drink again without her permission that she's gonna stop my pocket allowance and suspend my late night tv show time." Phil scowled at Raven who was snickering at his misfortune." Hey, how comes you didn't take the taxi with me and Stacy then, huh? Thought you'd be staying here again with me."

" Well...it was supposed to be that way. But me an' Nicky were too busy sniping at each other. The fuckin' taxi driver got fed up and drove off widout us." Raven rolled over onto her back, shoving Phil out of the way and relaxed against the warm pillows.

" So what happened with you and Nik then?" Phil muttered, hopping out of bed, his head disappearing inside of his wardrobe to find the day's clothes.

" Me and Nik?" Raven murmured, a small gentle smile curling on her face. Taking a deep breath, Raven decided to trust Phil. " We spent the night together."

" Really?" Phil answered, oblivious to the implications of what Raven was getting at.

" And did the two of you enjoy yourselves?"

Raven chuckled evilly and sighed, stretching her long body out on the bed.

" Immensely. It was the best night of my life infact."

" Good, good." Phil muttered, pulling out a pair of woollen socks from his draws. Phil's hand stopped in mid-air, his messy head of hair pausing as he considered Raven's words. Slowly, ever so slowly, Phil turned his head and met Raven's stare. " B-best night of your life?" Phil stuttered.

He gazed into Raven's sleepy blue eyes and saw the truth there within their crystal depths. Dropping the socks to the floor, Phil gawped at Raven's relaxed figure. " Y-y-you m-mean...you...and.....Nicky....you.....I mean the two of you....." Phil gulped loudly, picturing the two beautiful girls touching each other in such a an intimate manner. Blushing bright red, the scrawny boy practically fell over his own feet as he stumbled over to the bed and sat down.

" Yeah." Raven whispered, scared to voice out loud what had happened between her and the head cheerleader last night.

" You...and Nicky Mayfair did IT?!" Phil screeched, his voice elevating. No way! Oh my God! " You had sex with Nicky? But....what about Brad...what about...I thought that...ahhh shit. Rae, what are you going to do?" Phil reached over and took hold of Raven's hand, only to have the silent girl shake his hand off.

" I don't know Philly." Raven sat up on the bed and a worried expression covering her usually stoic features. " I really don't know. It just..happened. And it was the most wonderful experience of my life."

Phil sat, listening in captivation. " This is just too good to be true! You're gonna get your girl! Nicky'll leave Brad now and the two of you can be together! It's like a fairy tale come true!"

Raven watched Phil's excitement with reservation. A fairy tale? Only one problem with that Rae, remember fairy tales aren't real. Nicky never said that she wanted more than what you gave her last night, never once mentioned being with you again. Raven sighed and ran a hand through her thick hair. " Can I take a shower?" Raven asked, trying not to get her hopes up over Nicky.

" Sure." Phil said, trying to stop himself from hugging Raven in congratulation. Maybe if Rae can get her girl, I can too! The Dance is tomorrow and maybe, just maybe Penny will allow me to escort her! " Go ahead, take a shower Rae! Whoopee! Today's gonna be great. I can feel it in my water! Zipedee do dah, zipedee day, my oh my I'm gonna get date to-day!"

Raven smirked as she watched Phil prance around the room in a fit of happy hysteria. Wish I could be like that. Raven peeled off her clothes and turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature. Gazing down at her right hand, Raven guiltily brought her fingers up to her nose and inhaled delicately. I can still smell her scent.

Clenching her jaw, Raven ducked into the shower and washed away any scent that the night before had left behind, a feeling of melancholy enveloping the dark haired girl as any trace of making love with the pretty little cheerleader disappeared for good. A fairy tale come true. Raven shook her head and squeezed her eyes tight shut. Here's to hoping you're right Phil.




Nicky stood before her full length mirror, clean, freshly showered but feeling not at all revitalised. Her eyes tracked her body, searching for something different, some sort of change, but there was none to be found. Shaking her head and giving her reflection one last glance, the popular cheerleader grabbed her school bag and opened her bedroom door. Walking lightly door the grand staircase, Nicky headed towards the kitchen where the sound of voices were coming from.

" Hey." Nicky said as brightly as she could. Walking over to Joan who was busy cooking over the stove, Nicky leant over and placed a warm kiss on her mother's cheek. " Mornin' Mom." Nicky said softly.

" Good morning Nicky sweetheart." Joan Mayfair greeted her daughter with easy enthusiasm, wrapping an arm around her daughters shoulders and hugging her briefly before letting her go. " Want anything to eat?"

Nicky blushed and looked away from her mother's inquiring gaze. Images of Raven's naked body pressing her into the counter-top assaulted her mind. Dammit Rae! Get out of my head! Placing a fake smile on her face to cover up her flaming face, Nicky cleared her throat and answered her mother. " No thanks Mom, I'm not hungry." Not for food anyways. Jesus Rae, I sure could do with a taste of you right now.

Sighing, Nicky rested her head on her hand and gazed into thin air. She could help but picture Raven's fabulous body...seeing the dark haired girl naked and having felt her hot skin against her own writhing together in the heat of passion, the cheerleader was helpless to prevent her mind from wandering back to the memories she had of the night before.

" Get your elbows off the damned table girl!" Daniel Mayfair glared murderously at his youngest daughter as he marched into the kitchen like an army sergeant, the daily paper tucked tightly under his arm. Daniel paused beside where his daughter was sitting, ignoring the pleading looks from both Monica and Joan." So, you've decided to come back after that stupid fiasco you caused last night."

Nicky rubbed her forehead in frustration, sighing as she sat up properly just as she had been taught to do from childhood. Placing her hands placidly in her lap, Nicky simply ignored her father's sneering tone and picked up a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and took a sip.

" Are you listening to me Nicole?" Daniel ground out, staring challengingly at Nicky.

" Oh Danny, leave her alone will you?" Joan pleaded, her hands wringing at the dish cloth that she was holding onto. " Please? Lets just have a nice peaceful breakfast together as a family, ok?"

Daniel snorted and turned on his heel, marching to his designated seat at the end of the table.

" Here, have some toast dear." Joan placed a plate of toast before her husband and winked slyly in Nicky's direction. Nicky glanced up and caught her mother's sign of reassurance. I love you Mom, Nicky mouthed to Joan.

The middle aged woman grinned and nodded, smiling in turn at all three of her children and even her eldest child's fiancÈ, who truth to be told, seemed to be having a hard time settling in with his future in-laws. Not that I blame the poor fellow, Joan thought as she noticed the fact that Rob's nervous disposition usually sprung up around Daniel more than anyone else.

" So did you enjoy stopping at Stacy's last night?" Monica asked her younger sister. Nicky looked up from her juice and regarded the expression of apology that was written all over Monica's pretty face. Nicky nodded and smiled in acceptance towards her sister.

" Yeah...I had a great time." Nicky said softly, her dreamy eyes gazing into thin air again as Raven's beautiful face appeared before her.

" So what did the two of you get up to?" Monica asked. She desperately wanted everything to be right between herself and her little sister once more. I'm going to have to learn to keep my mouth shut in the future. Sure I don't like that new girl Nicky seems to have adopted as her friend, but that doesn't mean I have to get on poor Nicky's back about it.....she has enough crap with Daddy getting at her all the time. Looking over at her prestigious lawyer of a father, Monica frowned and quickly averted her gaze just in case he caught her looking at him with disapproval.

" W-what did we get up to?" Nicky spluttered, caught off guard by the question. Jeez, if only you did know what I'd been up to last night, you'd keel over and die Monica! Trying to not giggle, Nicky concentrated on her glass of orange juice, attempting to steady her expression and the hot blush that was creeping across every inch of her body right at that precise moment. " We...well, you know, just hung out....and stuff."

" Oh. Great. Glad you had a good time Nicky." Monica said, sending a final friendly smile to her sister before concentrating back on her dearly beloved, Rob who nervously jumped up off his seat as a car horn blared outside. Nicky nodded and just grinned knowingly to herself and got up from her seat.

" That'll be Stacy...I'd better go." Nicky bent down and kissed her mother before grabbing her school back and resting it on her shoulder. " See you later everyone. Have a nice day."

" Bye Sweetheart." Joan waved her daughter off and watched the blonde girl curiously. The smile dropped from her face as she got one last glimpse of her youngest daughter. A worried frown soon replaced that smile that had graced her attractive face. Tucking a lose strand of slightly greying hair behind her ear, Joan sipped at her tea, trying not to let her hands shake.

Ok, so I know my baby girl spent the night at her best friend's house...and they've always been the best of friends, so close even from a young age.....but did I or did I not just see a massive love bite on the side of Nicky's neck? Joan closed her eyes, not even wanting to contemplate the possibilities going through her intelligent mind.


continued in Chapter 23.

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