Tempting Trouble
                                       By Snap

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Chapter 23

Nicky sighed, pulling her back pack more securely over her shoulder, her two inch heels clattering down the flawless white marble stairs that presided outside of her grand front door. Making her way in the early morning sunshine, the blonde cheerleader trotted towards the red convertible where her friend Stacy was currently posing behind the wheel like a true valley girl, fluffing her hair and adjusting her hoop earrings.

" Hi Nik!" Stacy greeted eagerly, turning away from the mirror to face her best friend, a guileful smile etching away at her pixie like face. " I see you got your bag back, huh?"

Nicky smiled back at her best friend and casually hopped into her friend's car. " Yeah. Mom mentioned that you'd dropped by with it. Thanks."

Stacy stared intently at her friend, her eyes narrowing astutely. " Hmmm. Ok then." Stacy regarded Nicky's innocent expression with a touch of doubt clouding her mind. Hmmm, I sense a story here Nik. Nicky simply kept her easy smile in place, ignoring Stacy's curious gaze.

" Sooo...what did you do last night?" Stacy said indifferently, deciding to go for a laid-back approach of inquisition.

" Humm, not much." Nicky quickly blurted, hoping her friend wouldn't sense her deception. Liar, liar! Bum's on fire! Your hair sticks up like a telephone wire!

Ok, so she answered that WAY too quickly! Stacy's nose twitched inquisitively. Switching the engine back on and pulling out of the driveway, the red head gnawed impatiently on her lower lip, waiting for Nicky to tell her more...or even elaborate slightly. C'mon Nicky! Tell me what was up with last night?! Humph! Really, it's like getting blood from a stone. Impossible.

" So," Stacy muttered as casually as her inquisitive voice would allow. " Where did you actually end up staying last night?"

Nicky blinked twice and turned away from the passing scenery she had been gazing at. Dammit, I knew Stacy would pick up on something! Nicky sighed and tried to maintain a calm facade.

" Hmm, oh... we still talking about last night? Well....err....." Oh yeah Nik, great start! Nicky watched the red headed girl's eyebrows twitch again with suspicion. Bloody hell, can't I keep any secrets from her?

Taking a deep breath the blonde girl blurted out in a frantic rush; " Me and Rae had no where to go so we just decided to go to her trailer because it was raining and... and when I say raining I mean raining really bad so obviously we didn't want to get any wetter than we already were...NOT that we were wet ...no..not wet at all...erm....I mean.....oh forget I said that...so yeah, we stayed at her trailer....in the trailer park.....last night. In the trailer. Hmm, yeah. " Shit, shit, shit! Nice one Nicky! Idiot!

Stacy glanced at Nicky, taking distinct note of her friend's nervousness. Now what on earth could be causing that? Some investigating needs to be done I think. Glancing out of the corner of her eye at her almost hyperventilating friend, Stacy nodded to herself. Definitely something fishy going on here. Time to discover what's got Miss.Mayfair so jittery. But not right now, jeez she looks like she's about to pass out. I'll back off for now.

" Hey, chill Nik, I wouldn't have liked to spend the night alone with tall, dark and moody either, especially in a dirty trailer." Stacy glanced over at her dearest friend and patted her knee reassuringly.

Nicky gritted her teeth and plastered a fake smile on her tense face, guilt practically radiating off her in waves. Tell her! Tell her Nicky! Go on you wimp! Tell her that spending each and every night alone with Raven Vlade would be the best thing that ever happened to you! Bloody wuss!

" I...err....Stacy?" Nicky whispered, her glistening jade eyes showing her vulnerability right to her soul. Nicky placed her hand over Stacy's, needing the human contact of someone who loved her right now.

" Yeah?" Stacy replied, turning to look at her friend as she stopped at the red traffic light, pulling her much needed hand away from Nicky to change gears.

Tell her! Tell her! Tell her! " I......" Nicky gulped, her gaze dropping from Stacy's probing stare. Nicky sighed, hanging her head in defeat before lifting her gaze back to Stacy's doe eyes." I...needed to tell you...."

" Yessssssss?" Stacy pushed, leaning forward slightly to hear Nicky's quiet voice better.

" I need to tell you.....tell you....." Nicky felt the panic rise inside of her once more. I can't do this! I just can't! " Thanks again for dropping my bag off!"

Stacy stared inquisitively at the beaming fake grin she received from Nicky. Jesus that smile could have come straight from a beauty pageant! Urggh! Fake much Nik? Stacy frowned at her best friend, an uneasy feeling settling in her stomach. I don't believe you. What's wrong, why aren't you telling me Nik? Stacy sighed and opened her mouth to voice her concerns, but was interrupted by the blaring horns of the cars behind her.

" Shit! Green light!" Stacy bellowed, pressing her foot on the accelerator. The red head heard Nicky's sigh...of relief, remorse, frustration? Yeah, well don't rest too comfortably Nik, cos I'm gonna find out what bee has got under your bonnet. With a renewed determination, Stacy drove onwards towards Thursville High, knowing that she'd find out Nicky's little secret sooner or later.




" What do I do? What do I say? " Phil's mud brown eyes flashed nervously as he walked skittishly beside Raven's tall graceful figure. " I mean....what if she says no? What will I do? Help Rae! C'mon, I'm dying here." Phil hopped from foot to foot, his eyes searching the hallways for his hopefully soon to be date.

Raven stepped out of the way of a group of young boys, wincing as their pre-pubescent voices screeched and yelled at one another. Grabbing Phil by the shoulder, she unceremoniously yanked the edgy boy over to her locker.

" For a start off Phil, calm down." Raven opened her locker and grabbed a couple of books she was supposed to have read over the weekend. With a slight smirk on her face, the dark haired girl slammed the door of her locker shut again, making poor fidgety Phil flinch. " You look like you're gonna give birth to several claw scratching kittens any moment now."

Phil puffed out his cheeks and leant his head against the cool metal behind him. " I bloomin' feel like I'm gonna give birth to kittens, never mind look like it!"

Phil's agitated gaze scanned a group of girls, wondering exactly where Penny was. Hmmm, not in that group of girls anyways. Phil scrunched his face up and let his mind wander for a moment. Come to think of it, I don't think I've ever seen her in a group of any sort. Scratching his chin thoughtfully, Phil wondered why that was. " So...you gonna help me out or what?"

Raven pushed herself into movement, shifting her butt from against the lockers. Raising a mocking eyebrow, Raven scoffed at the thought of her helping anyone.....especially in a romantic capacity. " Now do I look like the type of girl that knows what to say? I'm not exactly Miss.Charming when it comes to the fairer sex now am I?"

Phil stumbled along side Raven's graceful moves, frowning dejectedly at his tall friend. " Yeah. Well, now that you mention it....."

" Huh?!" Raven huffed, stopping and turning to face her friend. " You weren't supposed to readily agree doofus!" Raven pouted, her pride slightly offended. " This was where you were supposed to say ' No Raven, that's not true. Why even Wordsworth or Shakespeare would envy your fluent gift of the gab'....But nooooo, as usual I'm...."

Phil groaned and Raven grinned at the boy's pained reaction. Hehehehehe. Nag, nag, nag. That'll teach him to come to me for romantic advice! Where there's a will there's a way!

" Oh lay offa me Rae!" Phil grumbled, pushing his glasses back up his nose. " It's just not fair. You don't have to be smooth or sophisticated or anything!"

" Oh gee! Thanks a bunch you prick!" Rae huffed again, scowling at Phil with mock anger, shoving him slightly with her shoulder. " So I haven't got any sophistication either now, huh?"

" I didn't mean that! Oh! Rae....you know I never meant it that way. Dammit! " Phil rubbed his fists in his eyes with frustration." Women!"

" Ohhhh! Now you're condemning my whole gender?" Rae tried to fight the shit assed smirk that was edging it's way onto her smug face. Strut, strut, strut. Hehehehehe. Oh Rae, bad, bad, bad.

Phil shoved his hands in his pockets and glared sulkily at Raven's grinning face.

" You're evil. Pure evil Raven Vlade." Phil muttered. " All I meant to say was that you've got that sexy silent broody thing going on." Phil ran his eyes over the beautiful planes of Raven's face, into her crystal eyes. " No wonder Nicky fell for you."

" Shhhh!" Rae whispered harshly, her eyes checking around to see if anyone was listening to them. " Any louder Phil? The people in the back didn't quite hear you!"

" Sorry." Phil murmured apologetically. Seems like Rae don't want no one to know about her and Nicky. Trouble in paradise already? Hmmm, Houston, we may have a problem!

Raven looked at Phil's gloomy face and felt a brief flush of guilt. " Nah, it's Ok Phil. Just don't say that around here." Raven rubbed her forehead with one hand and stared uncomfortably at Phil." Nicky hasn't fallen for me Phil...it was.....it was just..." Raven sighed, finding it hard to actually say the words, which to her were blatantly untrue.".....it was just physical."

Phil frowned and stared in disbelief at the tall girl. Hmmm. Perhaps we shouldn't go here yet. Rae doesn't look that comfortable talking about this. Give her time Phil, she'll tell you all about it when and if she wants to.

" Oh. I didn't realise that Rae." Placing a consoling hand on the Raven's back, Phil wasn't surprised when the tall girl shifted away from his touch. " So Nicky and Brad are...?"

" Yes. They're still Thursville High's little golden couple." Raven couldn't disguise the bitterness that ran through her voice as she muttered those words. Shaking her head and shoving her hands deep in the pockets of her leather pants, Raven resolutely tried to put the blonde girl out of her head...at least for the time being.

" Back to you Phil." Raven said trying to appear slightly more cheerful. Cheerful? Helpful? Sheesh, since when did I become one on the friggin' Grady Bunch? Raven grumbled internally. " Got a plan of action yet?"

" Not yet." Phil worriedly said, pulling at the navy pullover his mother had recently made for him. " That's why I was hoping that you'd help me out Rae. You're more...experienced than I am."

Raven gave the gawky boy a thoughtful look. " Hmmmm. What lesson we got first Phil?" Raven raised her eyebrow again and Phil had to catch himself from immediately trying to imitate her actions.

" Erm." Phil's face scrunched up again as he heard the school bell ring." Hmmm. Mathematics I think."

" Great stuff!" Raven beamed, striding confidently towards the staircase that lead towards the maths department. " Should give us plenty of time to come up with a plan of action before first break, don't ya think?"

Phil glanced at Raven's assured demeanour and felt hope rise in his chest once more. If anyone could scheme up a successful plan of attack, it was Raven! " Yeah." Phil said, his voice strengthening. Taking a leaf out Raven's book, his shoulders straightened and a slight swagger entered his walk. " Yeah, should give us plenty of time to come up with a plan."




" Are you avoiding me?!" Brad Maitland shouted heatedly, walking in front of Nicky and placing his hand on the cheerleader's chest, pushing her backwards, preventing her for going any further. Nicky frowned and tried as tactfully as possible to shy away from the footballer's touch. " Why are you avoiding me?!"

Panicked eyes searched Nicky's pretty face. Nicky frowned tiredly again, the corners of her eyes crinkling in an unconsciously adorable manner. Sighing loudly and re-adjusting her school bag, Nicky stared at her 'steady' boyfriend and willed herself not to think bad thoughts.

C'mon, Nik! He's stuck by you and waited patiently for you to accept him fully for years now. Nicky paused and re-evaluated that thought, remembering certain times when Brad would get out of control and practically paw her to death. Then again Nik, you can't blame him, look at you when Rae's cute little butt is around you grab at her like...Whoa! Nope. Don't go there. Not now...not when Brad's here.

Nicky gulped, blinking and guiltily braking eye contact with Brad's worried gaze.

" I..I, errr."

" Nicky, please, have I done something wrong?" Brad searched Nicky's face, trying to capture her evasive eyes. Taking hold of her small hands instead, Brad pulled her over to the side of the busy corridor out of the flowing mill of students.

The agitated footballer needed to know the truth. He'd been shitting himself all night long. Had Maria told his girl that he had cheated on her..repeatedly? She better not have! Brad's jaw clenched at the thought of the conniving skinny bitch he'd recently been getting 'favours' from. Last night after a particular nice blow job, Maria had decided to inform Brad that she was going to be the future Mrs.Maitland, not Nicky. Yeah, and Hell can get frosty and freeze my bloody balls off first!

" Nicky.....please babe." Brad put on his best puppy dog eyes, appealing to Nicky's soft side." Every time I call you're either out or too tired to wanna talk with me. I call by to pick you up and you're never there....What's going on?" You better not have told her Maria you skinny bitch!

" I..um..." Nicky felt her hand grow uncomfortably hot in Brad's strong grip. Retracting her fingers from his, the cheerleader tried to smile for her boyfriend. When had it become so hard even to just smile in his presence?

Looking at Brad's endearing grin and hopeful eyes filled Nicky with absolute guilt. I'm sorry Brad. I can't tell you what's 'wrong' either. " Nothing's wrong." Believe me, please believe me Brad, I'm not strong enough to fight everyone off right now!

Nicky almost hoped he would continue to demand what was wrong...then she could just blurt everything out, run to Raven's arms and tell everyone else to sod off and mind their own business.

" Nothing's wrong?" Brad repeated, a sanguine look appearing on his tanned face. Yes! She doesn't know about me and Maria! Oh yeah, you're goooood Brad. Gotta keep the ladies happy. "Really? I haven't done anything...to annoy you or anything?"

Nicky sent her boyfriend a puzzled look. " Annoy? Why...I, hmm, no, I don't reckon so." Looking down at her watch Nicky impatiently looked around her. There was only 15 minutes of break left and she wanted to find her dark haired friend.......needed to see her. " Look Brad, I'm sorry for the recent neglect. I've just been busy and..."

" Yeah, yeah. Whatever." Brad waved off Nicky's apology, brushing aside anything else she had to say. Yeah. Great. I'm in the clear. Straightening his jacket, Brad sent Nicky a smug smile. " That's just fabulous babe."

Chucking Nicky under the chin like a 5 year old, the blonde footballer puffed his chest out, assured of his indestructibility once more." You ready for the Dance tonight? I'm gonna show you the time of your life. I'm picking you up at 6:30, so you better be ready by then. I know what you girls are like... always taking forever to get yourselves all pretty for us guys."

Nicky almost gagged listening to Brad's arrogant words. Oh puh-lease! Get over yourself already. Dammit! The Dance. Nicky closed her eyes and simply nodded at Brad's statement, trying to remain calm. What if Raven expects me to go with her? I want to go with her...but....but.....I've already promised Brad! Me and Brad...we're a couple! We're an item! Shaking her head at the mess she'd gotten herself into, Nicky groaned helplessly, a wave of fatigue enveloping her. I can't be bothered with all this hassle. I just want to find Raven and crawl into her arms, close my eyes and let the rest of the world disappear.

Nicky sighed heavily and opened her eyes. To her utter horror she glanced back at Brad and was surprised to see him creeping closer...for a kiss! Nicky panicked and shirked backwards away from Brad, unfortunately Brad saw this as an invitation to have a bit of action against the wall rather than the retreat it was.

Grinning enthusiastically Brad swooped down and placed slobbery thick lips over Nicky's protesting mouth, swallowing angrily muttered curses.

Brad practically hummed with delight. Finally taking his mouth away from Nicky to breathe, the star athlete gave Nicky a toothy grin. " Hmmm, nice Nicky. Real nice. Now come and give brilliant Brad what he deserves." The blonde footballer leant in again, puckering up for another kiss.

Nicky silently fumed and placed her hands on Brad's shoulders to push him away.

" Brad, I don't..." Nicky's words froze on her lips as she looked over Brad's shoulder to see two sets of eyes stare at her; one mud brown with something akin to disappointment swimming in their depths, the other a blazing blue, frightening her with their intense coldness.

"Raven...?" Nicky gasped, appalled. Oh shit! Of all the frigging piss poor luck! Nicky pushed Brad with all her might, trying to shift his heavy bulk off her.

" What?" Brad said in confusion. Standing back from Nicky, the footballer turned his head and saw the tall beauty and her weird friend gawp at them. " You want an autograph or summat Vlade?" Brad sneered. Here she is again! Bloody freakish amazon.

Nicky watched as Raven completely ignored Brad's gibing attitude, instead those chilling blue eyes that had looked at her only last night with such loving caring warmth, now froze her heart. " Rae..." Nicky mouthed, shaking her head, trying to appeal to the frighteningly quiet girl with her eyes.

To her total dismay, Phil grabbed hold of Raven's hand and led the dark haired girl away out of Nicky's pleading sight. Oh Gods....Rae. Nicky felt her eyes fill up with unexpected tears. Oh Raven. Please...please believe in me. I didn't want to be kissing Brad! He was the one that...Oh!

Pushing her way past the protesting footballer, Nicky ran straight for the girl's bathroom, trying not to shed a single tear until she was had locked the stall door behind her. Then and only then did the blonde cheerleader give into her hearts anguish, pouring out all her fears, tracks of tears leaving a visible wake of her pain and confusion.




" Rae." Phil whispered sympathetically, laying a calming hand on Raven's tense shoulder. " I can't believe that Nicky would..."

" Forget it." Raven snapped, shaking off Phil's caring touch. Turning to look at him with shielded eyes, Raven tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and tried her damned best to act casual." I mean, it's not as if I wasn't aware that she's still with him." Raven's teeth ground together at that thought. " Just forget about them, it doesn't matter."

" Doesn't matter? But Rae I thought..."

" You thought nuthin'. Just leave it Phil." Raven bit back harshly. Bottle it up Rae, go on, you've done such a good job in the past doing that, why stop now?

Feeling her head spin and her temper boil until she was almost bursting, the dark haired girl reflexively curled her fists, wishing she could smash Brad's fucking smug smile right off his face. URGGH! BASTARDS!

In a sudden flash, Raven punched the door they were standing beside, the knuckles of Raven's fist shooting straight through the frail surface, the collision resulting in an explosion of shattered glass sailing through the air.

" RAE!" Phil gasped, his eyes widening in fear. Hearing people gather their way, Phil took Raven by her bleeding hand and tugged her away. " C'mon Rae. Let's go!" Shit! " You're going to have to do sumthin' about that temper of yours Rae!"

Raven refused to move, standing her ground and feeling as though every spindly little splinter of glass had just pierced her heart. I told you not to care about her! And what do you go and do you stupid fuck-up! Just cos she let you screw her senseless doesn't mean she actually wants you, you dumb ass!

" What the HELL is going on here?!" Phil jumped at the gruff sound of Coach Redburn's voice.

The squat teacher bumbled her way over to the duo who both looked shell shocked, taking in the damage done to the poor innocent door. " Raven Vlade." Redburn muttered cautiously, side stepping around the glass. " I should have known it would be you. And...young Rogers isn't it? What have you got to do with this?" Redburn pointed at the vandalised doorway.

Phil felt the eyes of other students glare accusingly at him and shivered in response, trying to repress the urge to scream his innocence.

" He didn't do nuthin'!" Raven growled protectively, interrupting the scrawny boy's thoughts, coming to stand in front of Phil. Raven held her fist up to Redburn and smiled grimly." C'mon Coach, look at my fucking hand for Christ's sake. Phil didn't do nuthin'. It wus me."

" Raven, that much is apparently clear." Redburn faced Phil and gave him a disapproving frown.

Why an athlete with great potential hung around a pathetic dweeb like Philip Rogers, she'd never know. Shit, with young Raven's good looks and talent, she could be anything she wants. Now I've just gotta try and keep her outta trouble and reap in the reward of her talent.

 " Rogers...and the rest of you buggers, sod off to class. Go on! Move it, move it!" Redburn barked irritably at the nosy impudent students who were muttering amongst themselves.

The other kids scattered like bowling pins, retreating from the scene with glee on their faces. There was now another delectable piece of gossip to spread around school by lunch time. Oh the joys of school life. 

Phil looked to Raven for her opinion, not letting the brash women's coach get to him.

" Rae?"

" Just go Phil." Raven said dejectedly. I'm really getting fuckin' fed up of my shit bad luck. Then again, it wasn't luck that made you ram your hand through a door, now was it Rae? No, that was pure intellect, huh Einstein? Dickhead. She watched as Phil turned to walk away, his shoulders slumped. Damn, don't want him feeling bad about himself as well.

" Hey!" Raven called, trying her very best to put on a brave face and smile.

Phil's head perked up, a glint of hope in his loyal eyes. " Yeah?"

" Remember our plan, Ok? Lunch time, find Penny and just go with it Ok?" Raven said gently, resting both hands in her back pockets, totally ignoring the pain in her right hand and the speculative looks she was receiving again from her coach. " How could she resist."

" Sure thing Rae." Phil nodded, his hair flopping all over the place in a somewhat contradicting orderly mess. " You'll be Ok won't you?"

" Sure...sure I will Philly Boy." Raven replied, waving him away with her hand.

" 'Kay." Phil said, reluctantly turning his back on Raven and walking to his next class, trying to figure his next move with Penny.

Raven turned and slowly faced the grim looking teacher. " So what now Coach?" Raven smirked cockily in an attempt to boost her morale. " Another couple hundred laps around the track?"

Redburn shook her head, unable to begin to even try and understand this complex young woman. " 'Fraid not Vlade." Redburn said, taking the young girl by the arm she guided her into the school. " Any damage to school property is considered a criminal offence. I'm afraid I'm gonna have to report you stright to Greener now. Sorry kid, there's nothing I can do about it. However there is a school Meet next week and you my dear girl are going to be taking part, so as of now consider the first two hours immediately after school your training time. You got me? Right, now c'mon, time to face the music."

" Figures." Raven grumbled, following Redburn's stocky figure. " Here we go again."




Nicky heard the repeat taping at the toilet door but refused to open it.

" Nik...Nicky. C'mon sweetie, tell me what's wrong?" Nicky's red headed friend said anxiously, continuing to persistently knock her delicate knuckles against the slime green stall door. " What's going on? Let me in Nik...we'll talk about it..."

" I DON'T want to talk about it!" Nicky sniffled through the door, reluctant to let her friend in. I just wanna be alone.

" You can trust me Nicky! I'm your best friend...just tell me what's up?" Stacy paced back and forth in front of the stubbornly closed door.

" Stacy, I just don't wanna talk about it!" Nicky mewled, her voice rising slightly as she hiccuped and sniffled into her handkerchief. Hearing the doors to the girl's bathroom open Nicky quietened her crying down, not wanting it to get around school that she was blubbering like a big baby.

Stacy waited for the small group of giggling girls to enter the room before barking impatiently at them. " OUT! NOW!"

The three girls took one look at Stacy's stormy face and quickly scooted out of the room before the red headed dragon bit their heads off. Stacy let out a deep breath, her head leaning against the stall that Nicky occupied. Really, sometimes it's damned hard being a best friend!

" Please Nicky...talk to me." Stacy murmured quietly. Hearing Nicky cry like this was breaking her heart. She'd been looking for her best friend all break time, finally she caught up with Brad who gruffly pointed her in the direction of the bathroom.

Brad, he's getting to be a pain in the arse. Hmmm, Stacy frowned in suspicion. Maybe Nicky's noticed the way Brad and Maria seem to be getting along....rather too well? Maria's been dropping sly hints here there and everywhere. Ohh poor Nicky! " Nicky! Please tell me!"

Nicky sighed, her shoulder quivering with emotional exhaustion. Raven...Raven. I can't get you out of my head! Ugghhh! Clenching her jaw, Nicky wiped her nose and eyes. I need a hug. Slowly opening the stall door Nicky jumped back as Stacy practically pounced on her, grabbing her by the shoulders and raking her eyes up and down the head cheerleader looking for signs of injury or distress.

" Nicky! Sweetie!" Stacy wrapped her arms around her best friend who eagerly returned the embrace, needing the support. Stacy held the blonde girl as she started to sob once more. Stroking Nicky's soft hair, the red head whispered calming words in her friend's ear. " Tell me what's wrong?"

Nicky remained silent, much to the other girl's consternation. " Is it because of Brad?!" Stacy guessed, anger edging her voice. " Cos if it is I'll kick his preppy little ass so hard he won't be able to sit down for several long strenuous months!"

Nicky chuckled slightly, imagining her petite friend attempting to give Brad the beating of his life." Stacy...." Nicky grinned gently, pulling back from her friend to gaze at the feisty spirited girl. " Always looking out for me, huh?" Just like another certain dark haired girl always does.

Stacy grinned slightly, telling herself that she didn't care that Nicky's tears had marked and perhaps even ..shock, horror...stained her brand new top.

" 'Course I look out for you, you're my best friend and...." Stacy stopped mid sentence, her eyes zeroing in on the HUGE hickey that had just been uncovered as Nicky tucked her hair behind her ear. " Jesus, Mary and bloody Joseph!" Stacy squealed, her doe eyes bugging out looking like a little cartoon grub that had just been thoroughly stood on by a big fat rhino with an affliction for eating donuts. Grabbing hold of Nicky's jaw, the red head tilted her friend's head to the side. " Where the FUCK did you get that?!?!"

Nicky pulled her head back out of Stacy's firm grip, confused and defensive at the same time. " What do you mean?" Nicky asked, panicking ever so slightly at the disbelief on Stacy's face. " What're you talking about?"

" I'm talking about that baboon assed size of a hickey that's on your neck!" Stacy squawked, pointing in the direction of said hickey.

" Hickey?!" Nicky shouted, her hand immediately reaching up to feel. You can't feel the bugger Nik you doofus! Look in the mirror. " The mirror!" The head cheerleader repeated out loud, her brain running ten thousand miles a minute.

 Oh no. Oh Rae...you didn't? Skuttling over to the large mirror placed over the white sinks and hand towel dispensers, the blonde girl pulled her hair to the side and gasped out loud. You bloody well DID leave one Rae! " Ohhhh no!" Nicky moaned pitifully. " This is all I need, if Brad sees this..."

" What!?" Stacy gasped in shock." Brad wasn't the one responsible for that giant hickey? Oh....oh gosh...gotta sit down...sensory over load. Stacy stumbled over to a single chair placed beside the green painted walls and collapsed on it.

Looking up at her astonished friend, the red head's brain started whirring around, guessing at possible culprits. Nate? Nah, can't have been Nate, he was with Carl and Donny last night, so it rules the other boys out as well.....Maybe it's some bloke that she hasn't told me about?

" Nicky?" Stacy called to her friend. " Are you cheating on Brad?" Well duh Stace! She's got that love bite the size of Africa there to prove it..... unless she just decided to grab a vacuum cleaner and attach that to the side of her throat.....but that's something only geeks would do to try and convince everyone that someone was actually dumb enough or blind enough to kiss them....Yuk...who'd wanna kiss a geek? Whoa, side tracked. Where was I? Oh yeah.....

" Nicky?"

" What!?" Nicky snapped, a dark frown clouding her pretty features. Looking at her concerned friend, Nicky lightened her tone. What am I gonna say????? Rae! I'm going to get you for this! Banning the dark haired girl from her thoughts for the time being, Nicky turned away from the mirror and the image of the livid purple hickey that was situated on her neck, turning around to face her curious friend.

" Who're you ....seeing? If it wasn't Brad...who was it Nicky?" Stacy stood up and gazed at her friend in a new light. I would never had thought little Nicky was capable of two timing.

" It's not like that Stace." Nicky whispered, ducking her head down in shame. Shame? Why shame Nik? Gulping audibly, the blonde girl avoided Stacy's intelligent doe eyes, not wanting to give anything away. I can't tell my best friend that I had a hot, heavy making out session with another GIRL last night! For Gods sake.....she wouldn't understand!

" I thought you stayed at Raven's last night?" Stacy crept forward, seeing the fear of the hunted in Nicky's eyes.

Shit! Nicky thought. I know that look....Stacy knows she's on to something!

" Yeah..b-but..."

" You stayed at RAVEN's last night...and now...." Stacy looked pointedly half in horror, half in elation at the hickey to end all hickey's that was on Nicky's smooth neck. " And now the morning after...you've got THAT!"

Nicky stepped backwards, holding her hands up in defence. Oh sugar. She knows!

" Oh my GOD Nicky!" Stacy screeched, her eyes bugging out again like a cow with it's udders stuck on barbed wire. " Is it true!?"

" Stacy...it...it's not what you think!" Nicky said, panicking and holding her hands up in defence.

" Oh my bloody bastardy God! You...you...I can't believe you...."

" No! I didn't! It's NOT TRUE!"

" It is true!" Stacy beamed, " You got off with some bloke from the trailer park didn't you?!"

Nicky stopped retreating, paralysed from motion. " What?" The cheerleader whispered, her shoulders slumping.

" You little hoe!" Stacy giggled, reaching over to hug her friend. Ha! Brad's gonna be getting some of his own medicine! " You crept off with some bit of rough didn't you? Oh Nik!" Stacy squealed excitedly. " What was he like? Ohh, a rough tough dirty down town boy. Hmmm. Yummy. Maybe next time I'll be coming along with you to try out the talent from the trailer park. Especially if they can do that to your neck with one kiss! Whooeee!"

Nicky was still unable to move. " Huh?" Stace thinks I went off with some local poor boy? Oh bloody hell. How'd you get out of this one Nicky? " I ..erm..."

" It's Ok Nik." Stacy giggled again, grabbing her hand bag and pulling out various essential cosmetics. " I've got just the thing to cover up that love bite, don't you worry, I know just how to hide it away for now and I'll lay it on heavy for tonight's Dance when I come round to yours to get ready. Ok? Ok!"

Hide away....yeah, I'm getting good at that. Nicky silently followed her friend, keeping still as the red head preceded to cover up the love bite. I'm definitely getting good at hiding who I really am...aren't I Raven baby? With a solemn sigh, Nicky watched as the rest of Raven's love bite was hidden from view.



Phil grabbed his tray of food and sat himself down, all alone on a corner table, well away from the crowded tables in the centre of the room that were now filled with all the prominent popular social figures of the school. Amongst them was of course Nicky Mayfair, who had been staring curiously in Phil's direction for the past 5 minutes.

Bet you're wondering where she is huh Nik? Phil purposefully looked down and avoided Nicky's worried green eyes. He didn't know whether to be angry with Nicky or not. Surely she's not playing Rae for a fool is she? I never thought she was that type of person. Lost in thought, the gawky boy failed to see a shy figure approach him.

" H-hi Philip." Penny murmured softly, her gaze gently roaming over the surprised boy. " May I sit here?"

Phil's head shot upwards and Penny was greeted with a marvellous welcoming smile that warmed her right to her little toes.

" Hey there! Sure thing. I was just wondering where you were actually!" Phil blurted in his excitement. Penny smiled demurely and placed her full tray down opposite Phil's. She was about to sit down when Phil remembered his 'plan'. Romantic..act romantic!

" Whoa!" Phil bellowed, making Penny jump three foot into the air.

 Phil quickly sprung from his chair and ran to Penny's side of the table, pulling her chair out for her to sit down. Grinning charmingly at the pleasantly surprised and blushing girl, Phil almost strutted back to his seat, enjoying the look of pleasure on Penny's cute chubby freckled face.

" There ya go." Phil said in a winsome voice, sitting back in his own seat. What was it Rae said? Treat her like a lady, like she means everything to me and I'll be onto a winner for sure? Ok, I can do that!

Penny watched in bemusement as Phil seemed to puff his chest out and continued to grin inanely at her. Has Raven finally knocked him on his head too many times?

" Is there something funny Philip?" Penny asked, thoroughly puzzled by Phil's peculiar behaviour.

" Funny? Why...er...no. Nothing at all." Phil answered, pulling at his ear lobe nervously, while attempting to let his smile die down just a tad bit. Calm it Philly.

" Oh. Ok then." Penny said with a simple smile. " So, what have you been up to?"

" Up to?" Phil stared in confusion at the girl.

" Yeah...up to." Penny cast a tentative glance around her cautiously, then leant ever so slowly forward.

Phil tried to take his eyes off of Penny's cleavage that was partically revealed from beneath her modest pink top as she leant towards him. This is where I'm meant to behave and avert my eyes right? Phil grinned to himself. Nah! Seems I'm getting as bad as Rae fer staring at the pretty girls.

" I mean with Raven." Penny continued." I heard all the gossip go around about her this morning." Penny picked up her fork, not wanting her food to think she was neglecting it." W-word's out that she smashed a window with her fist. Is it true?!"

Penny's innocently naive gaze made Phil want to sigh, don a gorilla suit on and peddle the chubby girl up the aisle. Whoa! Married! Not yet. Gotta get her on a few dates first. Mama would be so proud! Phil grinned goofily at the small girl who was busy shovelling mashed potato in her mouth. Ahhh, a girl with an appetite. I LIKE IT! Practically rubbing his hands together, the scrawny boy sat up in his seat." It's true."

Penny stopped swallowing and even put her fork down in surprise." Really?" Concern clouded the small brunette's face." Why's she do that? There's a load of rumours going around, but I didn't believe any of them." Penny wriggled in her chair, glancing around the cafeteria again at the excitedly snickering students. My, oh my! What's the bet that they're slandering poor Raven even now? " Is she Ok? I mean has she hurt herself? Lordy, I hope not!"

Phil frowned. Although he loved his best friend dearly, he hadn't intended to be talking about the dark haired girl, especially when he was trying to whip up a romantic conversation. Sighing, Phil reluctantly answered Penny's distressed questions.

" Rae'll be Ok Penny, you know what she's like, she's a fighter." Phil smiled slightly. Yeah, she's that all right." To be honest, I don't blame her for pulverising that door."

" What!" Penny gasped, one small hand resting on her chest in shock." I didn't think you condoned violence Philip Rogers."

" No!" Phil said hurriedly, fluttering his hands around. " It's not that I like violence. I mean sure it can be cool...but...Hmmmm. What I mean is that it was either that door or Brad Maitland who ended up getting smashed to pieces."

" Brad? Oh no. What happened now?" Penny bit her lip, trying to stop herself from sobbing. Come on now Penny, don't go blubbering like a little kid.

Phil sighed in frustration. Do I tell her? Seeing the worry in Penny's expression, Phil decided to take the leap. I've got to trust her. She seems to care about Rae just as much as I do and she sure as hell won't be telling anyone else..will she? Torn with indecision, Phil readjusted his spectacles and wet his dry lips.

" Come closer." Phil muttered out the side of his mouth while leaning towards the freckled girl in front of him.

" C-closer?" Penny felt her face flush at the thought of being any physically close to Philip Rogers.

" Yeah." Phil motioned with his hand for Penny to shift even nearer.

" What is it? What's the big secret?" Penny asked, actually pushing her plate of food to the side in preference of hearing what Phil had to say.

" Well....you know Rae and Nicky are close, right?" Phil almost stopped himself. Gods, I feel like a gossip monger. But surely Rae wouldn't mind? Penny is after all on our side, she's one of us.

" Yes, of course I know they're close. Poor Nicky was demented the other day when she couldn't find Rae." Penny's nose twitched, sensing she was about to hear something big.

" Well....how close do you think they are?" Phil asked.

" Um..." Penny's freckled face scrunched up in thought. Where is this leading to? We've established that Nicky and Raven are close to one another. " As close as you and me?" She guessed.

" Closer." Phil whispered giddily.

Penny frowned in puzzlement, but obeyed Phil's command shifting her nervous body closer to his. " This close enough?" She questioned, leaning forward until their foreheads almost clashed against one another.

" No! I wasn't talking about..." Phil sighed. " Never mind." I kinda like being this close to Penny. She has real pretty eyes. Sure they're not at vibrant as Nicky's or as starkly beautiful as Raven's...but they're nice. " What I meant is that they are closer than us Penny. Really close."

" So what? I know they're real good friends...."

Phil slapped his head in exasperation. " No!" The scrawny boy whispered heatedly, puffing his cheeks out in a comical fashion. " They're more than just friends Penny." Phil watched the dawning of realisation colour Penny's healthy pink cheeks. " If you get what I mean."

" Y-y-you mean that...Nicky Mayfair...and Raven Vlade...!?" Penny squeaked, her mind imagining the impossible. " But...but, Nicky and Brad are like a long established couple. Nicky's with Brad..."

" But it also seems she likes our Rae in that way as well." Phil leant back a bit, rolling his shoulders and working out kinks that had been uncomfortably tightening his muscles.

" Oh my Gawd!" Penny squeaked again, her sherry coloured eyes rolling in a panicky manner. " Oh my good Lord Jesus. But that's a sin against nature itself Philip!"

Phil's shocked gaze rapidly shot back up to Penny's face. " Please tell me I didn't make a mistake telling you Penny." Phil pleaded, reaching over and taking Penny's shaking hands. " I trust you...Rae trusts you. You won't...tell anyone will you?"

Penny was shaking so much she hardly noticed the fact that Phil was clinging onto her hand. Raven and Nicky? Together...in that way? The thought of the two of them together made the chubby girl slightly uncomfortable.

" They trust you Penny, don't break that trust." Phil was almost begging. Oh shit! Rae's gonna kick my butt! So much for being romantic! Instead I've just 'outed' my two best friends! Shit, shit, shit!

Penny shook her head, unable to comprehend." Why...why would two girls wanna..do that to each other Philip? Why would they want to be together with each other like that?" Penny was visibly distressed, her eyes seeking out Nicky, shivering slightly when they connected with the oblivious blonde cheerleader.

Phil sighed and took his hand away from Penny's loose grip. Running a wretched hand through his tangled hair, Phil looked the small brunette in the eye, took a deep gulp and let everything out. It's make or brake Philly. " They wanna be together...well....for the same reason I'd want to be with you Penny."

Penny's head snapped up. Phil had rendered her speechless. Did he just say what I think he did? " Pardon?"

Phil sucked in a deep breath and pleaded Penny with his eyes to understand, both about his feelings and Raven's situation. " I said Raven and Nicky want to be together that same way I want you and me to be together."

Penny still hadn't moved. Jeez, she looks in shock. Perhaps I should wave a hand in front of her face to see if I get any sign of life in that shell. " Listen, all cards on the table Penny. I wanna go out with you. I want you to come to the Dance with me tonight. I mean, I know it's a bit late to ask you. You've probably got another date, but I just wanted to ask you just in case you'd consider going out with me."

Penny stayed perfectly still, unable to move. Am I dreaming? Wow, even my dreams don't usually end up this good! Sans the rae and Ncky being gay part of course. 

" Answer me please Penny!" Phil squawked, unable to stand the suspense any longer. I'm gonna pee ma pants if she doesn't give me an answer soon. Ohhh! Bladder control, what I wouldn't give for better bladder control. Phil cocked his scruffy head to the side. What a thing to be thinking about at a time like this...I've finally lost all ma marbles. It's Rae's fault, she's the one with a screw loose, it must be contagious...

" Yes." Penny said, her gaze never leaving Phil's dark eyes.

And I've certainly contracted that screw-loose disease. Wait till I get a hold of Rae. Be romantic my arse.....

" I said yes Phil." Penny repeated.

Romantic didn't get me no where in fact I would have done better if...hold on! What did she just say? " What did you just say?" Phil almost bellowed, much to the annoyance of the students sitting nearest them who now possessed burst ear drums.

" I said yes Phil." Penny repeated, smiling at the goofy, dreamy look on Phil's dazed face. " I'd love to go to the Dance this evening with you."

" Really?" Phil said, jumping up out of his chair to bounce around the table until he was at Penny's side. " As in really, really?"

" As in really, really." Penny gushed, another blush flowering her already pink face.

" That's great!" Phil beamed, wrapping his arms around Penny for a quick hug." I can't believe you said yes!" Phil backed away from Penny's embrace for a second, a serious expression taking over the jubilant smile. " About Rae and Nicky though..."

Penny reached over and placed a finger over Phil's lips. " Listen Phil. That's just the way I've been brought up. To think only that men and women were natural to be together...any thing else is well...condemned. My Ma and Pa said that...."

" I know, I know. But Rae and Nicky really love each other Pen, whether they've admitted it to each other or not." Phil defended his best friends as he sat back on the chair beside Penny. " You can't help who you love Penny."

A thoughtful expression sailed across the chubby girl's face. That's true Penny, look how long you've mooned after Philip here.

" I know Philip." Penny muttered, embarrassed at her original reaction. After all, remember it was Raven who helped you out of the goodness of her heart the other day against that bully Maria. Supporting her choice in love is the least you can do to repay her kindness towards you. " I'll try, I really will. I do like both Nicky and Rae. I just...I'm not used to the idea of..."

" Yeah, well you'll learn to accept it." Phil said confidently, covering one of the freckled girl's hand with his own. " That is if you're willing to?"

Penny stared at the boyish face staring back at her with such hope. How could I ever let you down Philip? A small smile greeted Phil's eyes, much to his relief. " Yes, I am willing to try."

Phil sighed, enjoying the glimmer of excitement running through his slender frame. I'm going to the Dance! And I've actually got a date! Smiling proudly at Penny, the gawky boy held tight onto her hand. This could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Thank you Rae! Thank you!




" And then to go along with my dress, I bought this gorgeous little hand held bag with gold trimming....hey! Carl! You listening to me?" Stacy fumed. She'd been animatedly telling her beloved all about her gorgeous red dress that she'd bought for the Dance, but it seemed by the bored look on his handsome face that the footballer was not very interested in what his girl was going to be wearing.

" What?" Carl wearily said, his head resting on his hand. He hated lunch time here in Thursville High. He and the rest of the guys were expected to show face and sit around the girls' popular area, hold hands with them and pretend to be actually interested in what they were saying rather than just ogle at their tits.

" Were you listening to me?" Stacy asked, her eyes stabbing into her boyfriend like twin daggers of steel.

" Huh? Yeah." Carl said, waving a dismissing hand. " Course I wus." Yeah right. Me and Brad and the other fella's should be out there in the sun practising or...or doing something else. Anything but listen to what the girl's will be wearing. Jeez, between Stacy, Maria, May and Donna, I'm frigging fed up of knowing what accessory goes with what. Carl grinned to himself, his eyes travelling down Stacy's trim little body. In fact only thing I'm interested about girls and clothes is how good the former look out of the latter. Umm hummm.

" Well..good!" Stacy huffed primly. " As I was saying Carl honey, my red dress will.."

Ahh, Jesus! Carl groaned internally, running a hand over his face in exhaustion. Why can't Stacy be more like Nicky? The captain of the football team looked over at the peculiarly quiet blonde.

Usually Nicky was animated in all conversations, listening and sharing her own opinions with her friends. Scratching his chin, Carl's gaze wandered over to Brad who was talking with Nate and Donny, not noticing his chick's silent stance. Wonder what's goin' on there?

Feeling a hand run up his thigh under the table Carl was greeted with Stacy's sly grin quickly forgetting about anything else that was on his mind. Oh well, that's their problem, not mine. Wrapping beefy fingers around Stacy's hand, Carl smiled eagerly at his girlfriend waiting for more attention from his red headed chick.

Nicky gazed over at Phil and Penny, a small wistful smile creeping around her soft pink lips causing little laughter lines to curve around the corners of her mouth. With her blonde head resting on one hand, Nicky continued to watch the spectacle in front of her, ignoring the popular kids that surrounded her.

" Wonder if he's finally asked Penny to the Dance?" Nicky murmured quietly to herself, flicking absently at a grain of salt that rested on the table top.

" What was that babe?" Brad grunted, turning to face Nicky's dreamy countenance. Wow. She's gorgeous, the footballer thought, watching the sun light streak through his girlfriend's silky hair. Like an angel.

Nicky's gaze remained fixed on Phil and Penny who were now hugging, stubbornly ignoring Brad's question. Another grin escaped as the cheerleader watched the scrawny boy get all animated and excited. Yep. That's Philly all right, as excitable as a duck with a fire cracker up its ass.

" OI! Nicky! Babe...you listening to me?!" Brad said peevishly, causing May, Nate and Donna to raise their eyebrows. Jesus, she better stop ignoring me. She's making me look bad for fuck sake! Visciously grabbing hold of Nicky's slender bicep, Brad whirled the small girl around, demanding her immediate attention.

" Yeowuch!" Nicky mewled, her normally gentle green eyes connecting sharply on Brad's face. Taking hold of Brad's stubbornly stern grip, the blonde girl nipped slightly at his tough skin, hoping he'd loosen up his death grip." Get the hell off me Brad!" Nicky muttered darkly, her gaze chilling him to the bone. Nicky Mayfair was NOT amused.

" Well bloody talk to me then!" Brad grunted, his brow wrinkling. " You keep ignoring me babe."

" Yeah and like that's any excuse to hurt her like that you goon!" Stacy said scornfully in Brad's direction, sending him a lethal filthy look for hurting her friend. Creepy sod.

" Shut your trap Stace, it's none of your damned business." Brad said brusquely, retrieving his hand from Nicky's arm and placing it in his pocket to stop himself from slapping Nicky's bitchy friend across her snide face. Bloody bitch. " Hey Carl, stick something in your whore's mouth and maybe that'll shut her up."

Donny, Carl, Maria and Brad all snickered. Nicky rubbed the top of her arm, fuming at Brad's behaviour.

" Grow up Brad and leave my friend alone." Nicky said calmly, trying not to let the situation get out of control. Oh Rae....come save me. I don't wanna be here. Nicky looked up around the cafeteria but her heroine was nowhere to be found. Sighing heavily, the blonde girl shifted away as subtly as possible away from her boyfriend, the urge to just tell him to sod off for good tempting her unbearably.

" It's Ok Nicky." Stacy fumed, stamping the heel of her shoe down on Carl's foot. HARD. Carl whimpered in pain and grabbed under the table at his poor injured limb.

" We're all used to Brad and all the shit that comes out of his mouth." Stacy grinned coldly at the blonde footballer, raising her nose up in the air and wrinkling it delicately as though she smelt some rather offence odour. Yeah, serves you right if Nicky's cheating on you, you lump of retarded scum! " He must get it from all that tongue tangling ass licking he does with Principal Greener and Coach Snieder."

It was Nate's, Stacy's and May's turn to snicker at the blushing bully who was glaring angrily at the red head.

Ohhh, nice one Stace. Nicky winked over at her best friend who smiled gently at her in return.

" Oh, so now it's your turn to be the big loud mouth tough girl, huh Stacy?" The skinny dark haired girl who had been sitting sullenly at the end of the table sneered.

Nicky glanced down at Maria who's posture, if studied for it's hair bristling, shoulder scrunching, fist clenching demeanour indicated a rather pissed off individual.

" Butt out Maria." Nicky said clearly, backing up her best friend. " Brad was being a dick head...weren't you Brad?" Nicky's troublesome gaze froze the angrily muttering footballer.

Shit. Brad ran a hand through his perfectly neat hair. You're gonna lose her if you don't toe the line Brad me old buddy. Brad rubbed at his reddened cheeks, gazing uncomfortably at his buddies. Christ, I can live without their respect, but I ain't gonna live without the chance to well and truly screw Nicky senseless.

" Yeah, whatever." Brad reluctantly affirmed, shifting with embarrassment in his seat and studiously ignoring his buddies cruel snickers.

" What was that?" Stacy said clearly, enjoying seeing the egotistical asshole squirm in his chair." We didn't all quite catch that."

Brad glanced nervously at Nicky who was waiting for his reply. Fuck! " I said yeah, I was being a dickhead! All right?! Now shut it."

Donny and Nate snickered as Maria's jaw dropped open in shock. Nicky's making a fool out of him and he's just taking it!

" What a load of shit!" Maria hissed, standing up and looking over at Brad with complete disgust. " Don't you have any balls for fuck sake Brad?!"

" Obviously not." The red head muttered as she received a small smile from her best friend who was trying her darnest to distance herself from the fuming teenage boy that sat beside her.

" Piss off Maria!" Brad growled, rolling his shoulders and straightening the collar of his jacket. " It's none of your bloody business, we didn't ask you to butt your nose in."

Nicky sat back quietly, watching the range of emotions pass over the faces of some of her closest friends. Stacy was beaming, truly enjoying Brad and Maria's put-down while Carl continued to shovel food down his mouth at an alarming rate, oblivious to the tension surrounding him. Simple minds...

Nate, Donna, May and Donny all sat sniggering, whispering quietly amongst themselves while casting Brad amused glances every now and then. Brad.... Nicky sighed, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Brad was well pissed off. Risking a side glance at her boyfriend, Nicky bit her lip and just as quickly turned her gaze away from him.

Uh-oh, methinks we pushed the bully too far. Wincing slightly in pain as she moved her arm, Nicky frowned, her temper flaring slightly as her sympathy for Brad waned. Then again, it serves the jerk right for hurting me!

Taking a deep breath, the blonde cheerleader looked over towards the ultra slim girl that sat down the table form her. Another big friggin' uh-oh. Maria looks like she's about to pop a vein. True to form, the slender brunette was not ready to simply let things lie the way they were.

Who the fuck do they all think they are? There's no way they're better than me! Darkening eyes narrowed maliciously, aimed specifically on the silent blonde girl at the head of the table. Especially not that little rich bitch over there!

" Brad...you're not for real are you?" Maria pouted as she slumped in her chair. Smoothing her hair down while trying to control her raging temper, Maria ran her eyes over Brad's athletic body, before switching with venom back to Brad's steady girlfriend. " I mean, you don't wanna let a piece of cheap ass control you, now do you babe?"

Nicky's shocked verdant eyes widened, her mouth opening, unsure whether to laugh or be outraged. " What the???" Nicky stuttered, her head whipping up to meet Maria's hateful glare.

Sheesh, get off my case already you skanky twiglette! Hummph! The blonde girl sat up tall in her seat, looking every bit elegant and composed

. Stacy grinned, watching her friend's reaction. Ohheeeeee! Nicky! Here's goes the fireworks! Now this is what I live for...a real bitch fight! Go on, give her what for Nik!

" Hmmm, what was that?" Nicky said out loud, her brow crinkling as she looked around questioningly at the confounded popular group. Shrugging graceful shoulders, Nicky's gaze met everyone's apart from the brooding bitch down the other end of the table. " I could have sworn I heard something a moment ago...hmmm, like a pile of shit hitting the floor."

Carl and Brad both belted out loud laughter, much to Maria's consternation.

" Pile of shit!? Yeah, you'd know all about that Nicky Mayfair since you look like one right now!" Maria snarled, her perfectly manicured hands slamming against the table top. I'm gonna fight for Brad Nicky and I ain't gonna lose!

Stacy glanced around her. Other students were beginning to pay attention now, their excited giggles and curious looks growing with each moment that passed. Go Nicky! Stacy clasped her hands together, almost ready to start a cheer up right then and there.

" Oh really?" Nicky muttered, raising a single golden eyebrow, a snide laugh escaping her lips.

I've had enough of everyone's crap today! First Brad decided to go and suck my face off causing Rae to go off in a mood, smashes a door and disappears. Then Stacy cross examines me over this fricking camel sized hickey on my neck, curtsey of Rae once again and now this skinny little dip stick is bitching at me! Arrgggh! Enough is enough!

Sliding her hand down, Nicky grabbed hold of the fork that Carl hand been using only moments before, snatching it from his loose grip. Quickly scooping up a generous amount of soggy mashed potato from her plate which just happened to be smeared in liberal amounts of lumpy gravy. The head cheerleader faced her adversary and smiled at the other girl, eyebrows both raised with a don't-fuck-with-me look on her pretty face as she held her weapon at the ready.

" Yes really.....and as for...." Maria continued, a puzzled, unheeding look on her face as she studied her opposition. Why the hell is she stealing Carl's fork and scooping up food? " As for ...."

The answer came as Nicky flung her arm back and let the glob of soggy goo fly through the air like a mini spud missile, landing with a satisfying slapping squelch in the centre of the brunette's heavily made up face .


Maria's screech of horror reached every ear in the room, causing pain and discomfort to all who were unfortunate to have been situated within the confines of the now deadly silent food hall.

Nicky grinned triumphantly, releasing a happy sigh as the mashed potato dribbled slowly, but determinedly down Maria's face, smearing make-up along the way.

Plonking the fork down and standing with her hands on her hips, Nicky grinned from ear to ear, dimples showing at the corner of the blonde girl's mouth until she looked like a cute little sprite about to do a merry little jig. " Oh I take it all back." Nicky muttered to herself, hardly containing her urge to strut around the silent room in victory. " Life is reeeaaal good right now!" Only wish Rae had been here to see this!

" YOU FUCKING SHITBAG!" Maria screamed in abject fury, her hands trying in futile to wipe the gunk off her face, but only managing to make a bad situation look worse than it already was. Splodges of mascara seeped down her face, lipstick smeared and blusher totally disappeared under all that mash.

Spying her plate of meatloaf in front of her, the pissed off brunette picked the whole plate up and instantly flung it in Nicky's direction, only to have the mis-directed brown coloured mess hit Brad squarely on his chest instead of hitting it's intended target.

" Bitch!" Brad bellowed, glaring in disbelief at Maria. The irate footballer quickly stood up and lobbed his own plate as well as Nate's back at Maria. Needless to say, all hell broke loose as these plates missed their targets too, hitting two innocent, temperamental bystanders instead.

Oh what have I done? Nicky giggled to herself, one small hand over her mouth as she watched half the room duck under the tables, as the other half prepared for battle stations.

" FOOD FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!" Someone yelled at the top of their voice. Whoops and hollers of boisterous students filled the room, squeals of fright from panicky fashion conscious girls, shouts of laughter and excitement from rowdy boys. Stacy and Nicky took one look at each other before diving for cover under their table.

" Hate to leave you guys, but I've got a hair style to protect. Outta my way!" Stacy muttered, dodging her boyfriend's arm as he aimed a bowl of jello into the midst of the fratching crowd.

" Shit!"

" Fuck!"

" Bloody hell!"

" Watch out!"

" Hey!"

" Ouch, that hurt!"

Nicky tucked her tanned legs underneath her, squeezing into a tight ball. Smaller target's are harder to hit right? Nicky flinched as tables were over turned and chaos ruled the cafeteria. Yeah, right! Worried green eyes sought those of her friend.

" Oh shit Stace!" Nicky gasped, reaching over to hold her friends hand for comfort. " I only wanted to teach Maria a lesson...now World War III has broke loose out there! I'm gonna be in soooo much deep shit."

Stacy squeezed her friend's hand reassuringly, hardly able to contain her own laughter as she pictured the look on Maria's face as the soggy mashed potato went SPLAT in her smug conniving face.

" Oh Nik! This is great! You're gonna go down in school history fer this! Whooee!" Stacy yelled with glee, practically jumping up and down as she watched her Carl whollop some geek in the face with some unidentifiable food stuff. " Don't worry Nicky....no one'll blame you for this. No one will grass you up to the teachers..."


Stacy stopped talking and looked into Nicky's widening eyes.

" Uh-oh." Nicky mumbled, biting her lip with apprehension. " You sure about that Stace?"

" NICOLE MAYFAIR! Get your ass out here now!" The loud obnoxious voice screeched with authority and disgust.

Silence reigned again in the cafeteria as students slowly became aware that the adult world had intruded in on their fun once more. The voice of authority had to be obeyed...especially when it came from one very pissed off Ms.Keeny.

" That's Keeny, isn't it?" Nicky groaned, peeking from beneath the table of her refuge.

Stacy ducked her red head out from beneath the table and glanced up at the formidable form standing sternly in front of her, a smiling Maria standing beside the flimsy teacher's side. Quickly disappearing under the table again, Stacy's brow wrinkled as she looked pitifully towards her poor friend.

" Looks like Maria's squealed on you sweetie." Stacy sighed, patting her friend consolingly on her back. " What a bitch! You ought to deck her one pal."

" Get the hell out from under there Nicole!" Ms.Keeny snarled at the head cheerleader, tapping her foot impatiently. " I've been informed that you were the one to start all of this.....mess."

The art teacher glanced around at the destruction of the food hall, then down at the two girls who were now appearing from underneath the table...warily. And you SHOULD be wary, Keeny thought to herself, eyeing the perfect little cheerleader with disdain. It's because of you that I missed out on a fantastic fuck with Raven Vlade. Urggh! Even now the thought of Raven choosing the perfect Nicky Mayfair over herself drove the art teacher mad with envy. Little closet dyke! Time to get what you deserve Miss. Cheerleader.

Nicky stood up and surveyed the damage in the room. Oh.......fuck a duck. It was like a bomb site...a food bomb site, but a bomb site never the less.

" I..err...." Nicky stuttered, adamantly refusing to look at Maria's smug satisfied face, lest she jump at the girl and whup her scrawny ass to Timbuktu and back. 

" Less talk, more action. " Keeny growled, shoving the blonde girl non too gently towards the entrance doors. " Like marching yourself straight to Principal Greener's office! Right now!"

Nicky sighed, her cheeks billowing out as she walked out of the room surrounded by the stares of the other slightly awed students. The only compensation being the round of applause that followed her departure along with the occasional " Go Nicky!". Oh well, Nicky thought optimistically as she was forcefully frog marched to see Greener, things can only get better from here.....right? Right!




Raven stared morosely at the stuffed stag's head that was staring gruesomely back at her from it's position on the wall. Greener had been bitching at her for over half an hour now and it was starting to get ever so slightly boring, never mind repetitive.

" Are you listening to me? Raven Vlade!? Pay attention when I'm speaking to you girl!" Greener barked, his bulbous black eyes gleaming hatefully at his student.

" Does it look like I'm listening?" Raven mumbled, idly twiddling her thumbs.

" What was that? You answering back girl?"

" Just saying that I was listening...."

" No, you weren't listening to a damn word I said were you? Ignorant little..." Greener snarled.

Raven glared at the sad little man in front of her, trying to resist the temptation to make his head another ornament to keep the helpless stag company. " If I wasn't listening to your snivelling then I wouldn't have been able to answer your question in the first place, now would I?"

Greener glared blankly at the insolent girl in front of him. " Trouble. You're nothing but trouble Raven Vlade. Hell on wheels is what you are! Worse than your mother ever was, at least she just screwed around, but you..."

" Shut the fuck up about my mother!" Raven growled, the threat evident in her low tone.

" How dare you talk to me like that!" Greener slammed his chunky fists down on his desk ready to teach Raven a lesson when the intercom on his desk buzzed loudly causing him to jump. Looking over at the strangely stoic girl, Greener reached across his desk and pressed the button. " What is it Shirlee?"

A nasal voice replied quickly." It's Ms.Keeny to see you. She said there's been some trouble in the food hall and she's got the culprit with her."

Raven's eyes flickered slightly at the mention of the art teacher. She'd been studiously avoiding art class specifically to stay away from the promiscuous woman.

" Send her right in Shirlee." Greener let go of the intercom and sat back in his large swivelling chair. " Just what we need, another trouble maker." Looking over at the still silent tall girl, the head of the school pointed a finger at her. " I'm not finished with you. Go sit in the corner over there....I'll get back to you when I've finished with this next young reprobate."

Raven shrugged her impressive shoulders and pulled her long body gracefully out of the chair she had been sitting in, strolling almost casually over to the corner where she slumped down in the provided seat. " Yeah, yeah...whatever."

Raven crossed her legs and sat back in the chair, preparing herself for the little show that was about to unfold. Hearing a knock at the door, Greener ordered whoever it was to come in.

The large office door opened and in strode a thoroughly miffed art teacher, followed by the student in question.

" Nicky Mayfair?" Greener said, shock radiating off his face. Oh poop! She's the trouble-maker? But her father funds half of the functions for this school. Double poop! Straightening his tie, Principal Greener tried not to panic.

Nicky?! Raven's head shot up just as Nicky walked through the door astounded at the sight of the young cheerleader. Oh bloomin' hell! Nicky? Raven pushed herself up in her chair, her previous annoyance with the girl disappearing at the sight of the blonde girl's rebellious head tossing back in defiance. Yeah! You go girl! Raven mentally shouted to her friend.

Nicky forced herself not to shift uncomfortably from foot to foot as Greener scrutinized her. Oh well, here goes! " Yes Sir. Ms.Keeny believes that I needed reporting Sir."

" I err......" Greener cursed silently. Dammit! I can't punish the Mayfair girl! If I do there goes my bonus...those cases of beer Daniel Mayfair usually gives out as 'appreciation'. Then again, I've got to been seen reprimanding the girl after she caused...caused what exactly? " What precisely did you do again young lady?"

" Do Sir?" Nicky widened her eyes innocently, tilting her head to the side in an angelic manner.

" I'll tell you what the little tramp..err, ruffian did Principal Greener!" Keeny huffed, affronted that Greener didn't seem to be as dismayed as she'd hoped. " It's because of her that the whole of the cafeteria now looks like a war zone."

Raven heard that comment and chuckled lowly. Hearing and recognising that sensual sound, Nicky's head immediately zoned in and located Raven sitting smugly in the corner in her crisp white shirt and black leather pants. Ohhhh.....haven't seen those pants before. Letting her eyes have a good long look at what was offered, Nicky licked her lips attempting not to drool.

Raven noticed Nicky's distracted trance like daze for what it was, her own gaze eagerly eating up the image of Nicky in her little pleated skirt and cream blouse. Sooo, seems like the little cheerleader is still up for it.

" You Raven Vlade will remain quiet unless spoken to, do you hear me?!" Greener snapped at the confident young woman who stared carelessly back at him with those nonchalant blue eyes.

" Whatever." Raven muttered, turning her attention back to Nicky and raising an amused eyebrow. So we meet again, huh Nicky? A soft smile traced across the dark haired girl's face.

Feeling the heat of another hungry stare, Raven refused to even look in the art teacher's direction. Shit, just what I need, Ms.Keeny lusting after my arse while the girl of my dreams is in the room at the same time! Urgggh! God, Jesus, a flipping fancy fucked-up flying fairy or whatever the hell is up there, you are one cruel, sadistic bastard! Raven shook her head and grinned at the cheerleader. Tutt, tutt Rae...you know Nicky wouldn't appreciate that type of language.

" Ahhh. Raven Vlade." Keeny said, almost purring as she regarded her absolute 'favourite' student. " It's been a while since I've had the..pleasure of your presence."

Nicky cast a side glance at Keeny, surprised at the tone of voice used to address the dark haired girl. Huh? Kenny seemed to be practically glowing right now as she gazed at the leather clad girl who sat slumped indifferently in the corner. What's with that?

" Really?" Raven muttered, keeping eye contact with everyone to a minimum.

" Why do you say that Ms.Keeny?" Greener asked, looking for any reason to nag at the troublesome girl. " Has she been skipping classes?"

Keeny shivered as Raven's blue eyes shot towards her lethally. Ohhh, now that's what I like...what I've missed. " Welllll.....just a few Principal Greener." Keeny purred, her half lidded eyes never leaving Raven's beautifully angular face.

Raven shifted in her seat as three sets of eyes pinned her to the spot. Nicky looked really confused, Greener scheming gaze was calculating and Keeny....Keeny was just being the slutty strumpet she was, practically drooling at the thought of having Raven all to herself.

" Well she'll have to make up for it then won't she?!" Greener bellowed. Yes! Take that you smug little shit, Vlade! " Every night after school you'll stay behind and spend an extra hour making up for your absence, you understand?"

" Yes!" Keeny cried jubilantly.

" No!" Raven shouted irritably. No way I'm being stuck with that horrible horny humping bitch! " I CAN'T Sir! Coach Redburn says I have to train every day after school for the athletics competition that's coming up next week!"

Nicky, although puzzled by Raven's initial reaction, stepped into Greener's line of vision, trying to take some of the attention off the dark haired girl who looked like she was about to shit a brick...side-ways. " Sir, I thought we were here to..."

" Oh you shut up!" Keeny snarled at the popular girl with great dislike evident in her brown gaze. " This was between me and Raven and..."

" Ex-CUSE me?!" Nicky growled, her hackles rising as she noticed how possessive this bitchy art teacher was getting of Raven. MY RAVEN! " This has got sod all to do with you Ms.Keeny and your pathetic attempts to punish students for no other reason than you're a sick twisted saggy tit teacher who gets her perverted little kicks out of other people's misery!"

" Whoa." Raven grinned her teeth flashing and dimples showing in a disarmingly adorable manner. Raven was almost strutting with pride as her little cheerleader let loose on the big bad Keeny. There goes my little Rocky! " Way to use your tongue Nik." Raven chuckled, winking in Nicky's direction.

" You little bitch!" Keeny screeched, heading towards the younger woman with venomous intent.

Greener sprung up out of his chair, thanking God for the seventh time in the last 5 minutes that he'd never had the misfortune to marry and put up with women in this manner. " Hold it right there Ms.Keeny!" He barked. Yeah, she better had hold it, or there goes my free keg of beer!

Coming to stand in front of the feisty little cheerleader who was...was that growling? Looking back over his shoulder Greener's eyes widened slightly. Nicole Mayfair was indeed growling! Well I never.....

Shaking his balding head, Greener turned his attention back to his art teacher. Taking the older blonde woman by her arm, he led Keeny away from Nicky towards the door. I need to settle this...and not in front of the students.

" You come with me Ms. Keeny. I need to have a chat with you about your conduct towards the two bad behaved students." Well towards this RICH affluent student anyways. Opening the office door, Greener gave Keeny a harsh push, before looking back at the two girl's within the office. " You two behave until I'm back.....I won't be more than 10...perhaps 15 minutes. So stay here." Greener's gaze shifted to a steadily grinning Raven as he stood by the door. " And you! You especially DO NOT MOVE one muscle. You hear me? I'll see you two in a little while."

Nicky glanced over at the dark haired girl, dismissing Greener altogether as the door closed behind the short stocky man. Hmm, what to do now? Nicky smiled cautiously at Raven who was silently staring at her. The cheerleader opted to take a seat near Greener's desk wanting to put some space between herself and the brooding dark girl.

" So...." Nicky muttered vaguely, eyeing the stag head above Greener's desk with some interest. " How've you been...since we last met?"

Raven snorted, running an agitated hand through her hair. " Huh, do you mean since the last time WE lip-locked or since the last time I saw Brad shove his tongue down your throat?"

Nicky cleared her throat, her cheeks colouring at Raven's harsh words. Well, what do you expect Nik? The girl made love with you last night and the next morning you're back kissing your boyfriend. That's gotta hurt! Nicky looked beseechingly over towards Raven. But not as much as it hurts to have her angry at me! God, I feel like...like...urggh! Bloody teen angst!

" Got an answer for me Nik?" Raven said quietly, her low voice resonating clearly through the office like a cool breeze. Standing up Raven's brows furrowed, her jaw clenching tight shut as she strode towards Nicky who was still looking at her with those lonely, pleading green eyes. " Well?"

Nicky looked away, unable to meet the clear want and honesty displayed in the dark girl's crystal orbs. " What do you expect me to say?"

" Say what you're thinking...say what you feel Nicky!" Raven said roughly, coming closer to the smaller girl, anger and frustration starting to get the better of her.

" You KNOW I can't do that Raven!" Nicky cried, hastily looking up into Raven's cold features.

" Can't or won't?" Raven sat herself down in the chair beside the shivering blonde.

Jesus, why's she shaking? Calm down Raven, you've already caused enough distress today. Gazing down at the carpeted floor the taller girl grit her teeth trying to control her raging emotions. If only I didn't bloody care! Then I could just fuck her and leave it at that!

Raven's strong hands clutched at the arm rest of the chair, her blazing sapphire eyes pinned Nicky to her seat. " Do you have ANY idea how it felt to see you with him? DO YOU!?"

Nicky visibly flinched, caught off guard by Raven's aggression. She had seen this side of the dark haired girl before, but never had it been aimed specifically at her.

" Raven, please..."

" Don't 'Raven please' me Nik!" Raven shot up out of her chair once more in pure torment, unable to repress her emotions anymore. Here was the girl she loved, the object of her desire right here in front of her! Raven stood directly before the smaller girl, leaning over in anger she placed her hands firmly on the arm rests of the chair that Nicky was sitting in. " Have you got any idea what you're doing to me!?"

Nicky whimpered, shaking half in fear and something else indescribable that made her stomach flip over and her thighs tighten with expectation. " Rae....."

Raven pushed her face into Nicky's leaving the blonde cheerleader no room to escape. With teeth bared and startling blue eyes a-blazing Raven stared fiercely into Nicky's vulnerable jade orbs. " Do you think it's fun playing with me little girl?"

Nicky held her breath, wanting to edge back in her seat but unable to move, hypnotised by the powerful force before her, completely intoxicated by the feeling of Raven's hot breath on her face, Raven's warm passionate body so close....

" Do you think I'm just gonna let you use me like that Nik? HUH!?" Raven practically shouted, the hurt, betrayal and love all evident circling in her stormy eyes. " Well game's over Nicky...now it's time for me to get what I want.....and that just happens to be you..all of you babe."

Nicky gulped, her throat constricting with emotion as Raven's soft red lips descended harshly on hers, capturing her completely. Nicky moaned, her guard dropping instantly as she circled her arms around Raven's strong neck, her fingers tangling eagerly in the swath of midnight black hair that swung freely down Raven's broad back. What was the point of fighting what she so desperately wanted?

" Hmmmm!" Nicky panted, as the Raven darted her tongue along Nicky's lips, demanding entry. Nicky groaned loudly once more, before willingly parting her lips and inviting Raven into her warm wet mouth. The dark haired girl's tongue instantly gained control, swirling stealthily inside, running over the cheerleader's perfect white teeth and claiming possession of Nicky's agile little tongue, pushing and demanding more from the smaller girl.

Breaking the kiss and breathing heavily, Raven tilted her forehead against Nicky's, drinking in the scent of the smaller girl's fresh smelling hair. Shit, I've got it bad.

Raven growled, suddenly grinding her leather clad hips into Nicky's parted legs, pushing them further apart to make room for her. Unable to stop her body from reacting to the smaller girl's heat, she started to slowly rock against Nicky's centre, craving, lusting after the frenzied fire of wanting she found there.

" You like this, huh little Nik?" Raven said huskily, her nose rubbing tenderly against Nicky's, their breath mingling in short little hot pants, their heartbeats simultaneously picking up speed at an alarming rate.

Feeling the cheerleader part her thighs even wider Raven grinned irritably. " Oh yeah, you like this don't you baby?!" Thrusting her hips down hard, Raven felt the satisfaction of her flesh pressed hard up against the cheerleader's as well as hearing Nicky's audible whimper of desire.

" Raven....my Raven." Nicky murmured dreamily, reaching up to cup Raven's smooth cheek, trying to abate Raven's anger, only to have her hand snatched away and pinned down.

" Don't!" Raven growled, leaning in and slightly biting Nicky's tender bottom lip with strong white teeth. Letting go, the angry girl glared at the smaller girl. " This time it's my way! You wanted a good fuck? Well that's what you got last night...and what you're gonna get now, like it or not!"

With that Raven grabbed the protesting girl by her arms, pulling her up out of the chair, the dark haired girl swivelled the blonde girl around and pushed her backwards with one sharp little shove. Nicky gasped as the back of her knees connected with the cool wood of Principal Greener's desk.

" Raven!" Nicky gasped half in fear half in anticipation, reaching out to steady herself by clinging onto Raven's sturdy shoulders. " What are...you....doing? Arggh, huh?!" Nicky could feel her cheeks burning in embarrassment as her skirt was hiked up around the top of her thighs, her whole body running with tremors throughout it's lean length.

Raven advanced forward, pushing the head cheerleader back again until the smaller girl toppled over helplessly onto the large oak desk.

" This is where I want you." Raven murmured, standing firmly between Nicky's parted legs, placing her long fingers on Nicky's exposed thighs as she slid Nicky back towards her until they were nestled intimately against one another, hip to hip. " Just where I want you."

Nicky's eyes widened. I'm not here! This is not going to happen! Not here!? " Rae! Stop! We can't do it here! Greener will be back..."

" Ask me if I give a flying fuck!" Raven muttered, raising an eyebrow while grinning down mischievously at her little cheerleader who was ever so slightly panicking while looking absolutely adorable and sexier than hell to boot as she squirmed on Greener's polished desk. " You know you want this as much as I do Nicky...don't kid yourself that you don't."

Raven caressed the outside of Nicky's tanned thighs, enjoying the feeling of taut young muscles bunching under her touch. Reaching up under the skirt, Raven's fingers curled around the material of Nicky's panties, jerking her fingers harshly, she ripped away the flimsy material without a second thought. Smiling down at Nicky, Raven felt her heart flutter with anticipation as she recognised the desire reflected in two beautiful jade pools that stared back up at her. Raven opened her fingers and let the damp panties drop to the floor.

Nicky gulped. Raven was determined that much was clear. Why're you fighting this Nik? Nicky could feel the excitement build up inside of her, making her fidget on the desk top, her bare bottom causing her to slide easily on the polished surface. She's right, you want this just as much as she does. Nicky's stomach quivered, her breath coming in shortening pants as one of Raven's large gentle hands skimmed up along her thigh again, raking the skirt further up along with it. If not more!

" I want you." Nicky whispered softly in admittance, her voice catching in her throat. Raven stopped the movement of her hand to regard the beautiful girl before.

" I know." Raven said just as softly, her low voice resonating deeply in her throat, making the word erupt like a slightly menacing growl.

Drinking in the sight of Nicky stretched out open in front of her, Raven sighed, a small smile creeping on her angular face. Gods she's worth it. Worth anything. Raven positioned herself solidly between Nicky thighs, pleased when the small blonde freely wrapped her legs around her, the cheerleader's ankles crossing and linking behind the taller girl's leather clad butt.

Gliding her other hand along the inside of Nicky's shaking leg all the way to the apex, Raven bent down as Nicky leant upwards, their lips meeting in a gentle fusion of mutual want.

" I've missed you." Raven whispered heatedly against Nicky's pliant mouth, flicking her tongue along Nicky's open lips. Hearing the blonde girl moan was like pure heaven to the dark haired girl and so she repeated her action just to hear that sound once more.

Nicky reached up and wrapped her arms around Raven's neck, pulling the taller girl's head impatiently closer to her. Nicky moaned into the taller girl's mouth, wriggling her hips against Raven's which were continuing to gently rock against her centre in a taunting rhythm that was making her insides flip around and drive her slowly crazy.

" Missed you too." Nicky murmured, gasping as Raven's hand grabbed her behind, cupping her backside posessively.

" Bet I'm better than Brad, huh?" Raven couldn't help but add, a streak of jealousy shooting through her almost as strong as the lust that was coursing through her veins like a hot drug.

Nicky pulled away from Raven." Brad?" Nicky's hand untangled itself from Raven's wild black locks, her fingertips stroking down the taller girl's finely chiselled features. " What Brad?"

Raven's blue eyes glinted, pleased with the answer. Oh yeah Nicky, you're mine! Claiming Nicky's slightly swollen pink lips with her own Raven growled again deep in her throat, her hands eagerly going to the buttons on Nicky's top, separating the fragile material with surprising dexterity. Practice makes perfect! Strut.

Nicky's hands went straight for Raven's fly buttons, curious to feel what the dark haired girl really felt like....down there. The cheerleader tugged slightly at the clinging material, managing to pull the black leather down past the dark haired girl's tightly muscled thighs.

" Huh?!" Raven muttered in surprise, halting her actions as she felt her pants being pulled down. Someone's a fast worker! Oh well, let her explore for a little while before it's time to get 'down' to business!

Raven placed a line of loving kisses along Nicky's jaw line, enjoying the taste of the little blonde's skin against her tongue. Raven's eyes suddenly shot open as inquiring little fingers nimbly sneaked inside of her pants, enthusiastically slipping between her wet folds, Nicky's delighted giggle making her pulse race even faster.

" No underwear Rae!" Nicky cried excitedly, her sparkling eyes lighting up with pure mischief. " You feel.....nice Rae. Real nice."

" I...er.....Nice?" Raven stuttered, her body shaking as those same fingers brushed by her throbbing clit, leaving behind an urgent pulsing." Whoa! Nice? Hummph. I can live with nice! Now slow down Nik! Or this'll be all over within a blink of an eye... if you don't stop soon!" Jesus fucking Christ! Nicky Mayfair is a sex goddess! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum...gotta get her fingers...out ...of .....there!

" Really?" Nicky murmured, curious green eyes taking in the contours of Raven's firm stomach, watching with a strange sense of power as the tall girl quivered, her flesh trembling all the way to where her own hand dipped beneath into.....Hmmm. " It's all wet Rae!" Nicky voiced her observation innocently enough, her hand dipping lower to the source of the apparent wetness.

Raven groaned piteously as another of Nicky's experimental rubs hit a particularly sensitive area. Clearing her throat the dark haired girl grabbed for the cheerleader's misbehaving hands. Nicky's disappointed gaze met her own in a desperate blue haze.

" Don't get me wrong....that ...feels...." Raven leaned her head closer against Nicky's until they were breathing in the same air. " That feels....fucking fantastic!"

Nicky grinned, as she rubbed her nose against Raven's in an affectionate Eskimo kiss.

" But Nik baby, I want to do this right." Raven reached across and placed her lips on Nicky's pouting mouth, barely moving them. She just wanted to savour the texture of the other girl before passion clouded her senses once more.

" Ok." Nicky sighed softly against Raven's parted mouth. Their tongues slowly reached out to touch one another, shyly at first but before long both teenagers were enraptured once again, mouths clashing, tongues dancing and hands freely groping without a care for the outside world.

Unable to resist temptation anymore, Raven hastily pulled off Nicky's unbuttoned blouse, throwing it to the side in typical reckless behaviour, not caring if Greener walked in on them right now. Shit, God Himself could stroll on in and I wouldn't give a soggy sugared shit! This here is MY heaven....with my earth angel.

Without breaking their passionate lip lock, Raven pulled the material of Nicky's bra down, exposing her pert breasts and hardened nipples. Oh yeah! Jackpot! Woo Hooooooooooooooooooo!

Nicky smiled during their kiss, breaking away to grin at the beautiful tall girl who was staring at her breasts with something akin to awe.

" Rae, they're just....boobs." Nicky said affectionately, running a hand through the other girl's hair, subsequently bringing Raven's head closer to her aroused nipples.

Nicky took a deep breath, trying to calm down her speeding heart that felt as though it was going to explode out of her chest. But not before another part of me explodes first, Nicky thought urgently, shifting her centre firmly against Raven's now naked stomach, loving the eager little thrusts that were returned for all her grinding.

Raven grinned adorably at Nicky, her gaze flickering briefly to Nicky's eyes before irresistibly shooting right back down to the gentle curves that the head cheerleader was displaying. Raven gulped heavily, her eyes mesmerised. " Yeah..but.. your boobs.... they're... hummmm...really...nice!"

" Nice?" Nicky pouted, sticking her chest a little further out. " Just nice?!"

Raven flushed, leaning down, she swiped her tongue over one pointed nub, practically purring in delight as she pulled it between her lips into the wet heat of her mouth. Nicky moaned, both hands going into Raven's hair, pulling slightly at the midnight locks.

" Ok...I can go with 'nice' as well then!" Nicky panted, tilting her head back, letting her blonde hair sail backwards like a swath of golden light spreading across the length of the desk as the two randy teenagers toppled back fully onto the desk, Raven's heavier body landing and connecting solidly on top of Nicky's.

Impatiently suckling at Nicky's breast, the dark haired girl slid her hand up along Nicky's trim waist, savouring the soft silky skin before cupping the blonde girl's other breast, rubbing her thumb over the neglected nipple.

 Nicky tossed her head back, arching her back, one hand cradling Raven's head, the other trailing down to clasp Raven's ass as she tightened her thighs reflexively around Raven's naked hips, grinding her wet centre into the stronger girl's taut stomach.

" Raven..." Nicky panted, her head spinning steadily out of control as she tried to explain what she wanted. " P-please? I need you." Like...BETWEEN MY LEGS! NOW! Urggh!

Raven growled deeply. I love it when she asks for it! Grrrrrrrr! Licking her way across to the neglected nipple, Raven swirled her tongue around the soft skin, enjoying the sensation of the delicate tissue pucker harder against her ardent mouth.

" Raven!" Nicky mewled as she fidgeted restlessly beneath Raven, her hips pushing firmer into Raven in a silent physical plea.

Raven lifted her head unable to keep a confident smirk off her face. Oh yeah, she wants me all right! Yeeeha!

" Don't be impatient." Raven rumbled, placing a loving kiss on each taut peak before kissing her way down Nicky's ribs, her hands cupping the side of Nicky's breasts. Raven dragged her fingers down the curve of the other girl's waist, stroking down to thrusting hips.

Raven's warm breath trailed along the squirming cheerleader's soft stomach, her tongue flickering and circling the blonde girl's navel until she heard her lover whimper again in need. This is what we're supposed to be doing Nik....this is where I belong, making love with you, to you.

" R-Rae?" Nicky bit her lip, her hands restlessly pushing Raven's head further down her twitching body. Gods, I'm burning! Too hot in this room......so....damned....HOT!

A sharp little scream pierced the sound of heavy breathing in the room, caused by Raven's athletic body rubbing harder against the helpless blonde's vulnerable centre. Oh Christ, I'm going to pass out! Nicky clenched her fingers tighter in Raven's hair causing the dark haired girl to groan slightly in pain.

" Ok, Ok! I get the hint! Watch it, I want some hair left on my head Nik!" Raven mumbled, her lips refusing to separate from the skin around Nicky's smooth abdomen. Taking both hands, the dark haired girl pushed herself back a little, preventing Nicky from grinding on her stomach.

" Hey! Get back here!" Nicky practically shouted impatiently. Raven gazed into stormy green eyes and grinned. Tiger by the tail! I've got a tiger by the tail! Hmm, real nice tail too. Strut, strut.

" Whatever you say." Raven said in amusement, her hands shoving the material of Nicky's skirt all the way up past her hips, settling on the other girl's damp quivering stomach.

Taking one shaking hand, Raven simply rested her palm over Nicky's centre, watching as her fingers spread out amongst the soft golden curls that glistened wetly with desire. The dark haired girl stilled her fingers and closed her eyes, savouring the feeling of having this gorgeous girl open and ready for her. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.....

Nicky took one hand away from Raven's head, propping herself up on an elbow so she could see what Raven was doing. Whoa! Holy shit! Nicky's hips shot up off the desk as she felt Raven's previously unmoving hand begin to....MOVE! Yay! Lights, camera...ACTION!

The dark haired girl could feel her heart rate increase, sweat beading at her brow as she gently ran two fingers along the outside of Nicky's hot sex, causing the blonde girl to practically writhe in torment above her.

" More...Rae..I want more." Nicky gasped heavily, raising her hips higher in expectation.

Raven delicately ran her fingers down along the length of Nicky's wet centre, stroking teasingly back up, adding a little more pressure near the top beside Nicky's throbbing clit.

" Ohh.....wow." Nicky gasped again, the hand in Raven's hair beginning to grip a little too hard again, urging the dark girl closer.

With her other hand gently circling up and down the inside of Nicky's quivering thigh, the dark haired girl slipped two trembling fingers deeper in between the blonde girl's legs, her breath catching in her throat as she discovered just how wet the smaller girl was.

" Jeez Nicky...wow...whoa..." Raven husked, her eyes closing trying to capture the moment in her memory, the feeling of Nicky's pulsing centre so damned hot against her hand.

Taking her fingers back out of Nicky's folds, Raven totally brought her hand out from between Nicky's legs. Never once breaking away from Nicky's curious gaze, the dark haired girl brought her soaking fingers to her lips, her nimble tongue deftly snaking out, licking up every drop of Nicky's essence from her hand.

Nicky's mouth dropped open, unable to believe what Raven was actually doing. She's....tasting...my...umm..my..errrr....?! Before she could fully get her mind around what Raven was doing, the taller girl swooped down again and captured Nicky's gaping mouth with her own, almost attacking the blonde girl's lips with a savage passion.

Nicky opened her mouth wider, her eyes squeezing shut as she felt Raven's tongue invade her mouth again, the dark haired girl's teeth nibbling passionately at her lips, relentless in their domination. Ohhh...I can taste myself on her! Nicky thought in disbelief. Holy crap.....I taste good! Nicky gave herself a mental high-five. Strutting time. I always knew personal hygiene would pay off one day!

All thoughts flew from her head though as Raven's possessive fingers started stroking her firmly between her legs again, up and down her slit, causing a trembling sensation to skitter all over the small blonde's steadily thrusting body.

Raven tore her mouth away from Nicky and smiled down at her. I love you. Inflamed green eyes stared adoringly back up at her. You don't know it but I love you Nicky Mayfair. Leaning back down and placing the gentlest of worshiping kisses on Nicky's perfect pink lips, the dark haired girl broke loose and slowly kissed her way back down Nicky's writhing body.

Raven knelt before the large oak desk, pausing to slip her hands beneath Nicky's parted thighs, placing the smaller girl's legs over her strong shoulders.

" Rae?" Nicky's voice held a note of excitement mingled with fear. Christ....I can't believe I'm letting her do this! Whoa! Yes I can! Nicky moaned out loud, feeling her whole body shake from the briefest touch of Raven's hand against her bare flesh.

Raven's fingers parted her slick folds and rubbed gently over Nicky's engorged clit, once, twice, savouring the mewls of sexual excitement that were pouring out of Nicky's mouth, making her own centre boil over with an incredible hunger that needed to be satisfied.

The dark haired girl continued to gently stroke Nicky's clit with her fingers, around the pulsing nub of nerves. Every time she flicked the tip of her finger up and down Nicky, circling and rubbing, the small blonde would squeeze her thighs tighter around Raven's face, trapping her in place. Hmm, a prison of my own making. Heh. I can live with that!

Trailing her fingers away from the cheerleader's throbbing centre, Raven adeptly replaced her hand with her tongue, running it up the length of Nicky's sex, till it reached the still pulsing clit. Nicky gasped out loud, her hips bucking violently upwards, her hair tossed back in abandonment as she felt Raven's mouth start a steady licking rhythm. The dark haired girl's lips taking Nicky totally into her mouth, sucking gently, then more firmly as Nicky's body responded in a tempest of desire nd want, clasping tighter around Raven's talented tongue.

" Rae! I... I still NEED more!" Nicky cried in frustration, both hands now firmly back in riotous black hair, the blonde girl didn't care who heard her scream. Raven's tongue flicked faster over her, around her, pulling, sucking, licking, tormenting, torturing in it's agile evasiveness.

" RAVEN!" Nicky bucked upwards, Raven's hands reaching up to grab her ass and pull her even closer. Raven's hot breath panting downwards on Nicky's soaking wet centre, her tongue seeking out the heat that flowed so freely from Nicky's gorgeously thrashing body.

Hearing Nicky whimper irritably at the abandonment of her sensitive clit, the dark haired girl quickly slipped an agile hand back between her parted folds, two fingers continuing the intense delicious torture that drove the blonde insane.

Fingers moving, body thrusting, tongue and lips travelling persistently further downwards, Raven finally found her goal. Slowly whisking her tongue around the wet convulsing opening, Raven expertly teased the blonde cheerleader. With her fingers running and rubbing faster, Nicky's hips jerked hard against her face.

 Just as she felt Nicky arch her back in surrender, Raven plunged her tongue deep inside Nicky's open sex, stiffening it inside, thrusting it in as far and as hard as she could in and out of the screaming girl's centre, swirling it round and round like a dizzying carousal of desperate desire.

Nicky couldn't breath. She just couldn't breath. Her heart was going to explode. Her insides were already exploding, her legs shaking, her head spinning. The hot burning spasms shook Nicky's body so hard that Raven had to restrain the shuddering cheerleader, firmly holding her back down on the desk as she continued to flick her tongue inside the other to girl, licking out all the juices she found there.

" Rae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Nicky screamed, almost sobbing as the dark haired girl's tongue thrust harder inside of her, those long talented fingers never letting up, not even for a second, they just continued stroking her, rubbing her hot swollen skin until the blonde girl felt a volcano of pure intense heat rush through her.

Raven squeezed her own thighs together hard, the throbbing in her body unbearable as she felt Nicky contract around her thrusting tongue. Come on Nik Baby...cum for me! As if on cue, Nicky arched her back once more, all words and legible sounds unable to escape from her gasping mouth.

Nicky's whole body tensed and then shook with an incredible release. Nicky clutched desperately at Raven's head, grinding her convulsing centre harder into Raven's face, riding the taller girl's tongue with a passion that neither thought themselves capable of.

Raven's hands pinned Nicky down to the desk, holding her close as she came. Oh Jesus. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Feeling the initial spasms slow down, Raven swirled her tongue gently inside the blonde girl, causing Nicky to moan again.

" Rae." Nicky whimpered, her shivering damp body exhausted. Raven reluctantly withdrew her mouth from Nicky, licking up any residue along the way, kissing and caressing this beautiful girl who had given her exactly what she wanted.

Nicky couldn't move. She just lay on Greener's desk, her clothes utterly rumpled, her body paralysed with complete satisfaction. A huge smirk slowly crept over Nicky's pretty face, her green eyes staring at the ceiling with the stag head grinning back queerly at her.

Raven crawled her way back up Nicky's body, stroking gently at Nicky's hot damp skin along her way, memorising every inch of this incredible girl. Hearing the cheerleader sigh and watching her smile, Raven propped herself above the smirking cheerleader, her eyes flicking over the other girl's prettily flushed features.

" You ok?" Raven muttered softly. What's with the strange grin? Raven was tempted to wave a hand in front of Nicky's vacant eyes. Anyone home? " Hey...baby?"

" Jellyfish." Nicky mumbled, green eyes remaining glazed.

Raven raised a dark eyebrow in question. I think I've killed her. Bringing her face next to Nicky's, Raven nudged the smaller girl slightly, tenderly kissing the tip of the cheerleaders nose. " Huh?"

" Jellyfish." Nicky repeated goofily.

Hold on...I've just made love to this girl.... again.... Admittedly she came rather...hard. Glaring down into fuzzy moss green eyes Raven wasn't certain whether she should start strutting or be concerned. " Jellyfish?"

" Yup." Soft eyes rolled in her direction, Nicky's little fingers reaching up to cling around Raven's neck bringing the dark haired girl into a loving hug. " I'm a wobbly jobbily jellyfish."

Raven grinned affectionately, lowering her head to nuzzle and snuggle into Nicky's soft breasts. " You're a jellyfish?" Ok, never had this conversation before. Then again, I've never had a girl as wonderful as Nicky before. Snuggling deeper, Raven sighed in contentment. And I'm doing an awful lot of firsts with Nicky....like falling in love.

" Yeppers. I'm a certified jellyfish." Nicky said confidently, softy stroking Raven's wild hair.

Raven grinned." You're a certified loon is what you are Ms. Sexy Cheerleader."

" That's Ms.Rough-Tough-Cheerleader to you!" Nicky murmured, enjoying the soothing feeling of Raven's heart beating along side hers. Gosh, I could stay like this forever. " It's all your fault anyways."

" My fault? That you're a loon?" Raven felt a brow raise. " You seem to manage that one perfectly fine on your own honey."

" No silly." Nicky said sleepily, her eyes drifting closed. Who would have thought by the looks of it that Greener's desk would be so damn comfortable? " Your fault that I'm a jellyfish."

" Oh." Raven's brow wrinkled as she tried to subdue a yawn. " Oh? How so?"

" You made me cum." Nicky stated confidently.

" Ok...?"

" And now I feel....boneless...like I'm floating...on cloud #9...and it's all your fault."

Raven's chest puffed out slightly, a huge grin covering her face causing her dimples to really show. " I can live with that as well."

" Good." Nicky murmured, her voice sounding distant. " Cos I like being a jellyfish..."

" Good. Cos I plan on making you a jellyfish as often as possible." Raven answered, a smug smile on her face. " You know...." Raven's voice suddenly halted, her head vaulting up off Nicky's chest, causing the cheerleader to crack an eye open.

" What's wrong?" Nicky muttered, grumbling slightly.

" Shhhhhhhh!" Raven held one hand up. " Can't you hear that?"

" Hear what?" Nicky groused as Raven hopped off her chest.

" Greener's coming back...listen! The intercom!" Raven pointed accusingly at the little grey metallic contraption sitting idly on the other side of the desk.

Nicky's eyes grew huge as she listened intently. " Holy mackeroly!" That was indeed Greener's annoyingly grating voice, bitching to the secretary outside his office.

Both girls looked at each other in panic.

" SHIT!"

" Double shit with frumpy fig filled flies on top!"

Raven and Nicky practically flew off the desk, Nicky grabbing at her clothing and trying not to laugh as Raven hopped around the room, frantically trying to pull her leather pants back up.

" Fuck!" Raven swore angrily, tugging at the stubborn material that clung to her thighs, refusing to budge no matter how much the panicking girl pulled at them.

Almost hysterical blue eyes sought out the blonde cheerleader for help. Nicky scrambled around the desk, giggling along the way as she pulled her skirt back down to a decent length.

" Nice ass." Nicky said merrily, her jade eyes twinkling.

" I'm fucking stuck!" Raven growled, her eyes narrowing irritably. " Help me now Nicky or...!"

" Now, now Rae!" Nicky chuckled, hurriedly buttoning up her blouse. " Be nice!"

Raven growled again and snapped her teeth at the pointing finger, barely missing the annoying wagging digit. " Help...me...put...these...back...ON! NOW!!!"

Nicky giggled again and Raven lunged for her, tripping over her tangled legs and landing in a pathetic lump of leather and helplesss naked body parts on the floor.

" Nik!" Raven whined, baby blue eyes pleading up at her. Spying Nicky's panties on the floor, Raven grinned, scooping the material up she sneaked them into her pocket. Always nice to have a memento. Mwahahaha! 

" Ok, ok....whiny baby." Nicky grinned, helping the tall girl back onto her feet and grabbing hold of the now damp leather. " You pull on the count of three, ok? One, two...three!"

Both girl's tugged at the unwilling material, slowly dragging it back up to cover Raven's butt. Raven grumbled and snatched herself away from Nicky's tickling fingers, trying to button her fly back up.

" Spoil sport." Nicky said, sitting back down in the chair, idly swinging her legs over the side. Raven glared sulkily at the other girl, about to let loose some scathing comeback, but the door to Greener's office opened, interrupting her.

 In walked the hideous little toad, scratching at his head.

" Ahhh, I see you two are still here." Greener said as he walked authoritatively into the room, around his desk to his chair. The stocky man seated himself there, sitting like a king on a would be throne. " Behaved yourself I hope?"

Raven snickered and Nicky blushed right to the roots of her rumpled hair. Clearing her throat Nicky avoided Raven's gorgeous blue eyes that were no doubt brimming with mischief.

" Yes Sir, we were good." Nicky commented, trying to keep a straight face. Straight? Ha! Now there's a joke, huh Nik?

" Hmm...REALLY good." Raven muttered staring evily at Nicky's flaming face. Hehe! Serves you right for not helping me with my pants sooner Ms.Rough-Tough! Ner ner!

" I just bet you were." Greener said, his voice showing confusion as he stared, bemused at the two sniggering girls. He turned to address Nicky first. " Everything's sorted out Nicky so don't worry about Ms.Keeny. You may go. Just lets not have a repeated episode such as this lunch time, ok young lady?"

Nicky nodded primly, earning herself a snort of disbelief from Raven.

" And you!" Greener glared at the strangely untidy looking girl who in turn stared insolently back at him. " Coach Redburn says that you have to do extra training for the next three weeks plus pay costs for the damages made to school property. AND you're to make up any missed time from art class up in your lunch hour...you got me? Report to Ms.Keeny every lunch time for the next three weeks."

" Awww shit." Raven grumbled, running a hand through her snarled locks.

" Language!" Nicky whispered in Raven's direction. The dark haired girl simply rose her infamous dark eyebrow and sniffed in disdain.

" That's everything girls." Greener barked, shuffling the papers that were scattered on his desk. Scattered? Frowning, Greener shooed the sniggering girl's out of his office, glad to be seeing the back of them. " Now go on, get out of my sight!"

Raven and Nicky jumped up off their seats, eager to be gone. Raven stepped forward and opened the door for the cheerleader. Nicky waited for the door to close behind them before jumping up and hugging the dark girl. Raven wrapped her arms securely around Nicky's waist, picked her up and swung her around, cuddling into her at the same time.

" Phew! That was close." Nicky giggled, her gaze full of mirth.

" Yeah." Raven said, letting Nicky back down as a couple of students who were walking past near by. " So...."

" So?" Nicky murmured, wanting nothing more than to kiss her dark lover and hold her all over again. " I suppose we'd best get back to class huh?"

" Yeah...I guess." Raven gazed at her cheerleader and smiled gently. I love you. Sighing, she ducked her head, breaking their connected gaze. " I guess I'll see you tonight, huh?"

" Oh....yeah...I guess." Nicky shifted from foot to foot. Why does it have to get all awkward again! Hummph! Around them more students swarmed by, rushing to their next class as the bell rang annoyingly over head. " I'd better go." Nicky said reluctantly.

" Yeah. See you tonight." Raven muttered, avoiding Nicky's gaze lest she see the tears that were welling up. Wimp! Stop being such a frigging wimp Rae!

" Hmm...well...goodbye." Nicky backed away and slowly trotted off down the corridor, looking back every now and then to get a final glimpse of Raven's silent figure.

" Yeah..bye." Raven repeated to herself, sighing and kicking herself into gear, heading for her next class, her mind never straying far from the increasingly addictive blonde cheerleader.

Back in his office Greener was still staring in horror at his pride and joy, his grand oak desk that Shirlee the secretary was obliged to polished at least once a day. Greener's bristled jaw hung open in abject shock as he continued to stare.

" What the....?" Anger slowly boiled deep inside of the Principal of Thursville High, his eyes bulging as he gawped in disbelief at the usually smooth, perfect desk top. Not only was everything out of place; papers scattered, objects carelessly knocked over, but...there.... there, distinctly standing out in the centre of his perfectly polished desk was an imprint.....an imprint of two clearly defined buttocks.



Continued in chapter 24

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