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(Part 2)

Xena watched longingly as Gabrielle completed the ministrations on her thigh. 

“There, now we don't have to worry,” the young blonde said with conviction as she stood up. “I'm just going to wrap that and you'll be fine.”

But the warrior was far from fine at the moment. With Gabrielle's mouth so close to Xena's moist center, it had taken all of her discipline and self-control to keep from moaning in near ecstasy. 

Something had to be done about this situation, and soon.

As Gabrielle finished skillfully bandaging Xena's wound, the tall warrior thought she felt, just for a moment, a hand lingering on her skin.  And when she looked up, she thought she saw a bit of embarrassment in the bard's eyes.

“That had to be my imagination,” thought the warrior.  “Why would Gabrielle feel uncomfortable about this, admittedly, intimate moment?  Unless of course it was an intimate moment for her too!”

Xena had been watching the blonde for some time now during their travels, looking for any signs that her feelings might be shared.  Up until now, she had been convinced that her passions were totally unrequited. Oh, she knew the bard loved her, as a friend – even a best friend. But there's quite a distance between “friend” and “lover.”  Or is there?

As Xena pondered that question, Gabrielle quickly got up and began preparing the fish for their meal.  “She'll make some woman a wonderful wife someday,” the warrior grinned to herself.


“Thanks for this, by the way,” Xena said while pointing to her leg.

“Oh, sure, glad to help, no problem, anytime, you know me,” Gabrielle stammered as she hurriedly looked down at her plate.

“Okay, that was weird,” thought the warrior. “Now she sounds all nervous.  I know I have great legs, but she's acting pretty strange – even for her.”

“Gabrielle” . . . . “Xena,” they said almost simultaneously.

“Go ahead,” said the bard.

“No, you first.”

As they both tried to get out of it, they heard a loud peal of thunder. “That sounded pretty close Gabrielle, we should find some cover. I think I saw a small cave a little ways back.”

They quickly packed up their things and headed towards shelter.



“That is definitely a small cave. I don't think you could even call that a cave – maybe when it grows up. Will we both even fit in there?,” Gabrielle anxiously asked Xena as she looked inside.

“Oh, it's not so bad.  It might be a bit close, but it's only for a little while.”  “Gods, please let it rain all night,” Xena beseeched the heavens.

“You know how I feel about tight spaces,” the bard said softly.

“There's a tight space I'd like to be feeling right now,” Xena thought to herself hungrily.


to be continued in Part 3

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