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(Part 3)

As the downpour started, Xena entered the narrow cave opening and, reaching her hand out for Gabrielle, told the bard, “It's this or sitting out in the rain, your choice.”

Ever since she was a child, Gabrielle had hated the feeling of being closed in.  It had always frightened her in ways she didn't understand.  And if there was one thing Gabrielle couldn't stand, it was being afraid.  

Well, this time there was no choice but to suck it up because she didn't want to get drenched when there was perfectly good, albeit maddeningly tiny, cover available.  So she took Xena's hand and gingerly crawled into the mini-cave.

Xena gently pulled the bard in beside her.  The space was so cramped their bodies were touching as they lay down.

“This is an indentation, not a cave,” said Gabrielle, trying to sound light-hearted and failing miserably.

“Would it help if . . . if I held you?,” Xena sputtered.  “Gods, what am I saying?”

“You know, I think it would,” the bard whispered, as she placed her head on Xena's chest and felt the warrior wrap her strong arms around Gabrielle's waist.

“Comfortable?,” Xena asked, her voice cracking slightly.

“Very.  I feel safe . . . in your . . . arms,” Gabrielle hesitantly replied.

“Oh . . . good,” Xena closed her eyes and sighed.

The touch of Gabrielle's warm, soft skin, along with her intoxicating scent, had Xena itching to run her hands all over that perfect young body.  Instead, she stayed perfectly still.

When the thunder started to reach ear-splitting levels, Xena felt Gabrielle suddenly clutching at the warrior's breastplate.  “My Gods, she's going to kill me,” Xena whimpered to herself.

“Xena, aren't caves supposed to be dry?”

“Yes Gabrielle; yes they are.”

“You are aware that this one's leaking?”

As large drops of water fell directly onto Gabrielle's breasts, Xena was very aware of the leakage.

“Can you scrunch over a bit?” asked the bard as she squeezed herself even closer to the warrior.

She was now well out of the leak but practically lying on top of Xena.

“I'm afraid this isn't going to be very comfortable, is it?” Gabrielle said softly.

As Xena looked up into the beautiful blonde's face, she saw a very different question in the bard's green eyes.  It was enough encouragement for the enamored warrior to push herself up till she was within inches of Gabrielle's mouth. 

“On the contrary, I think this could be incredibly comfortable if we let it,” Xena uttered, as their lips met tenderly.


to be continued in Part 4

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