A Not So Typical Monday
by Texas Hottie

Disclaimers: This is a PWP, hence it's nothin' but sex, baby.

A few dedications: To G-string for the IM chat that inspired this. To Emyster for her encouragement. And to Spawn for her wonderful editing.

Copyright © February, 2004 by Texas Hottie. All Rights Reserved.

To say I don't care for Mondays is to say I don't like having a root canal. While I can avoid the root canal, I can't seem to avoid Mondays.

So here it was Monday again; another work week beginning. I'd already been up since 5 AM, gone to the gym, showered, taken the older boys to school and just finished dropping off the younger one at his preschool class.

With my coffee beside me and the computer screen in front of me I began the work week. So much fun entering all the numbers and figures from the weekend meetings of my boss. I looked up at the clock and it was only noon. Would this day ever be over?

Just as I was thinking that, in walked a vision. The vision started talking and I couldn't help but notice the fullness of her lips and her lovely white teeth. Oh my, the things that were going through my mind at that moment. Suddenly the vision stopped talking and I realized that she noticed that I had been staring at her. With a little smirk she watched as I shook my head to clear it so I could hear what she was saying.

"I'm sorry," I said. "I guess I was a little distracted there." The smile she gave me made my knees weak and I was glad that I was sitting down.

"My name is Chris," she said. "I'm the computer tech for your company. I'm here to take a look at your terminal and make sure it's at peak performance."

Wow! Things that sound dirty but aren't! Chris was taller than me at 5'8" and she had black wavy hair with red highlights that came to the collar of her work shirt. Her eyes were a deep brown and there was a twinkle in them when she looked at me.

"Yes, hi... I'm May," I stuttered. I'm sure my blush gave away my thoughts, but hey a girl can't help admiring such perfection. I'd only been divorced for six months and I was still new at this flirting and dating game. Having three boys didn't help my social life either.

"I'll just take a quick look at the equipment here and see what parts need my expert attention," Chris said. "No need for you to move out of the way, I'll just work around you." Just listening to her talk in that smooth, alto voice was making me wet. She‘d have to have a head cold the size of Texas to not smell my arousal. I was glad it was lunch time and my boss was gone for a long meeting.

I tried to focus on my work while Chris looked and poked and muttered around the computer tower. "I'm going to have to go underneath your desk to check out the cables and plugs," she said to me.

Good thing there was plenty of room under there for her to move around. Of course if she got stuck then I could tease and play with her to my heart's content. My annoying inner voice told me to stop but I wasn’t listening at the moment.

Chris got down on her hands and knees and crawled under my desk. I couldn't help but admire her backside encased in those tight black work pants. Oh no! I could feel more wetness leaking out just imagining my hands all over her naked ass, rubbing her firm cheeks and planting tiny kisses everywhere.

Hey! Was that a hand I felt on my leg??? I looked down but Chris was busy looking at the cable that ran from the tower to the printer. Okay, must have been my imagination. Focus girl, Focus. Then I felt it again. This time I was sure it was a hand on my leg. When I looked down at Chris, she had the sexiest smile on her face and a question in her eyes. I was a goner.

I nodded my head and she went back to touching me. She slipped my shoes off and began to massage my feet. Oh, I was in heaven! I was glad I had decided not to wear hose today. I could feel her exquisite fingers as they massaged first my toes and then the arches of my feet. Chris slid her hands up to my calves and gave them the same expert treatment. I couldn't help myself and I let out a big moan.

Chris stopped and looked up at me. Her smirk said it all and I could tell she was getting enjoyment just from watching me squirm in my seat. I bit down on my lower lip to keep from moaning out loud. Even though it was lunch time someone could still come in.

The higher her hands went up my legs the more wetness seeped out of me. It was definitely going to be hard to explain the big wet spot on my seat when this encounter was finished. But at that moment in time I could have cared less. A beautiful, sexy woman was about to take me to the promised land and nothing was going to stop me from going on this trip.

She slid my black mini-skirt up above my waist and motioned for me to lift my butt up. I did, and she slowly grabbed the sides of my black bikini underwear and slid them down my legs and off my feet. She put them up to her nose and while looking me straight in the eyes, took a long deep smell. The glazed look in her eyes matched the one in my own green eyes. She took my underwear and stuffed them in her pocket. "Souvenir," she said. I just nodded my head.

Her hands went back to my thighs and she gently pulled them apart until she had enough room to maneuver. Then she bent her head down and before I could say anything or stop her (not that there was a snow ball’s chance in hell I was going to do either) she kissed my aching center. It had been so long since anything but my own hand had been down there that I almost came right then. Chris began to lick me with long deep strokes, starting at the bottom and finishing at the top where she would then flick my clit which was standing at full attention.

I bit down harder on my lip and I knew I was drawing blood. The taste of my blood only excited me more. I wanted Chris to kiss me, to have my flavors mixed as one. My legs began to shake and Chris knew that my time was fast approaching, she gave one final swipe and then locked unto my clit and began a suction to rival a Hoover vacuum. At the same time she parted me with her left hand and suddenly I felt three fingers enter and fill me completely.

I jerked at the suddenness of it and let out a little scream. Damn to anybody who heard me. I was beyond caring at that point. Everything was focused on Chris and her amazing fingers and her tongue. In and out she kept thrusting her fingers, sucking my clit deeper into her mouth. "Oh god, so good, so good, so good!"

When I looked down, I saw Chris looking up at me and that was it. My legs stiffened, my ass came off the chair and the flood gates were opened. I put my hand in my mouth to stifle the scream that was coming. I couldn't help myself, it felt so DAMN good.

She removed her fingers, covered my whole pussy with her mouth and drank like a woman in the desert who needed my juices to survive. When I finally was done coming she gave a last lick and a kiss and came up out of my lap.

The look on my face I'm sure said it all, but I pulled her up anyway. I grabbed her head and pulled her to my lips. She shuddered as our mouths came together and my essence and blood commingled. I wanted to devour her right then and there but Chris pulled away and said, "the lunch hour is over. We’ll have to continue this another time." My heart soared at those words. There was going to be another time and then I would get to run my hands over her glorious body.

Right at that moment my boss came back from his lunch meeting and looked at us. I don't know what he was thinking, if anything, but he didn't say a word, just went into his office. Chris smiled at me and said, "I'll have to come back with the proper tools to fix the problem you have here, May." I thanked her and shook her hand. I leaned into her and whispered what tool she needed to bring next time in order to fix my problem. When I looked into her face she was blushing. Score one for me!

Chris left to go to another job. I tried to focus on finishing the rest of my day. I had the biggest smile on my face and I said to myself, "Boy, how I love Mondays."

The End

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