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August 9, 2017

Pagliacci by Rysler [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena leaves for the north, and Gabrielle doesn't follow. Based on the events of 6x7, The Rheingold.

Episode 7: Edge of Darkness by Paully Adams aka abbaspice1 [Star Wars/Alt/Complete]
A few months after the Rebels' victory, a new Republic is born. However, this new realm still has strong ties to the past, especially for Leia, Luke, Han and the rest of the republic. Old and new friends come to help the trio as they deal with an old enemy who have found a way to come back. And Leia, will have to make choices that will affect them all AU.

Episode 8: Dark Force Ascension by Paully Adams aka abbaspice1
[Star Wars/Alt/Complete]
The continuation of the Saga that started in paullya's version of the story. Luke continues his training, Han is fulfilling his duties with the Republic and Leia tries to focus on her Senate duties, as a young man strong in the Force crosses paths with her. The Emperor is not done with any of them as he continues to plot to find new apprentices.


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