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October 8 , 2017

Captain Clayton, Pirate by Phineas Redux [Original/Alt/Complete]
(This is the 1st story in ‘ Captain Clayton ', series 01.) Joanna Clayton is Captain of her own pirate ship the ‘ Amazon '; accompanied by her heartmate, Sandy Parker, late The Honourable Mirabelle Flockington, as was; daughter, no less, of a British Viscount. Time, 171—and something; Place, the Caribbean Sea and fabled Spanish Main itself. Objectives, Gold; Plunder; Kidnapping; Generally having fun. The ladies try their hands at kidnapping.

Announcement from Geonn Cannon
Are you ready for Riley Parra? The series premiered August 20, and the weeks since have just been insane. People have been falling in love with it. Curve Magazine called it the "lesbian supernatural crime series you're going to be addicted to." Curve Magazine! It's Rizzoli & Isles without the teasing and bonus canon lesbians who get a happy ending. Plus supernatural shenanigans! What's not to love? The show stars Marem Hassler as Riley Parra, Liz Vassey as her love interest, Maeve Quinlan as Riley's boss, and Connor Trinneer as an angel who brings Riley into the war between Heaven and Hell.

The show is six episodes long, a combined total of about 67 minutes, and the entire thing is up right now on Tello! You can binge it from beginning to end! And now is when we really need the new subscribers/eyeballs to help justify a second season. We have big things in store for next time, including the addition of Marina Sirtis and Tony Amendola to the cast! But it's going to be fairly expensive, and Tello needs to know the fans are there.
Check it out! And thank you to everyone who followed the last link I provided! Tello's CEO specifically mentioned traffic from the Academy of Bards, so you definitely made yourselves noticed!


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