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May 24, 2017

An Indian Odyssey (Revised) by HistoryBeckons [Original/Alt/Incompete]

The Orion Spur, Book 2: The Enemy Inside by Harpy & HkdonXetG [Original/Alt/Complete]

After leaving The Kalenth Hegemony for freedom on Trengos, Kikola Karthen and Tehvay Veilan settle into their new lives. New jobs, new family, and new friends affect the women in different ways.

No longer having status and power, Kikola's world has become much smaller. She struggles to find acceptance in a world where her kind is seen as the enemy.

For Tehvay, it opens up a world much larger than she has ever known. Enjoying the approval she receives in speaking out against slavery, she finds an acceptance that Kikola does not.

Their differing levels of acceptance, and Tehvay's memories of past abuse, put a strain on their relationship. It is further strained by political turmoil in The Kalenth Hegemony that brings chaos and tragedy to their very doorstep.

The Orion Spur Book1: Family Business

May 14, 2017

A new bard joins us today. Welcome Jayleigh!

'Till Death do us Part by Jayleigh [POSTFin/Alt/Complete]

May 1, 2017

Announcement from Lois Kay
After about a century of procrastination, I finally dissected, fixed and rebuilt the first novel I wrote; The Reef. It's available as an eBook and, if not already, soon as paperback on Amazon.
I am not pulling the original story from the Academy. The updated version is the same but different. I hope it provides a good read. Eventually, the entire Sam & Jody series will be in (e)book format.
To all the readers who have supported me over the years: Thank you! Love,
Lois Kay


Announcement from Sapphire Books

New Release from Sapphire Books Publishing

Razor's Edge - American Yakuza III

by award winning author - Isabella

Paperback 14.95
ebook Price: $ 8.99 - all eBook formats

Available at Amazon U.S. Amazon U.K. Sapphire Books Publishing

Lesbian drama, intrigue, and suspense make this story a must read – Read the first 4 chapters here


Luce Potter lives by a code of honor. Push her and she shoves back, harder. There's only one problem: Luce has just found out that revenge is a knife that cuts both ways. Now that her lover Brooke has survived the attack on her life, Luce has only one thing on her mind, and his name is Frank. Unfortunately, someone walks into her life that she didn't see coming.

Brooke Erickson has survived an attack so brutal it's left a permanent scar on her soul. All she wants to do now is go home and finish recuperating with her lover, Luce Potter, by her side. An unexpected event puts Brooke at the head of the Yakuza family. Can she command the respect necessary to lead it through the crisis?

Luce and Brooke's worlds are upending. Can each do what's necessary to survive and return to a new normal?


Isabella, the author of Razor's Edge, is one very prolific and clever writer. This lady knows how to plot a riveting story, full of action, nasty characters, crime and violence. But at the same time, she knows how to make her key players, in this case, Luce and her lover, Brooke, touch our hearts with their love and sensitivity so that good prevails in the midst of all the mayhem. Razor's Edge will intrigue readers who aren't used to seeing women wear the pants in both personal relationships and in corporate affairs. These are the women with roles and personalities society associates with men. These women are competent, intelligent and tough. They don't buckle or fall apart when the going gets rough. Instead the rougher it gets, the tougher they get… – 5 Stars - Reviewed By Viga Boland

Move over Goodfellas, The Godfather, Once Upon a Time in America, Casino, and The Departed, and make room for Luce Potter and Brooke Erickson in Razor's Edge (American Yakuza III) by Isabella. Razor's Edge is a fast paced romance/intrigue read that pulled me in right from page one… 5 Stars - Reviewed By Sefina Hawke


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