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September 19th, 2014

The Voyage Home Part 1 and Part 2 by Psyche_B [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]
The adventures of the Star Traveler Andromeda that started in Among the Stars, Beyond the Farthest Planet, and So Far From Home, continues in the final chapter The Voyage Home.

Announcement from Q. Kelly
Hey! I've been hard at work on episode two of "In Need of Resolution," and here it is! At least on Smashwords, Nook and Kindle.
For Episode Two
Kindle US:
Kindle UK:
Kindle Germany:
- Q. Kelly

September 12th, 2014

The Academy would like to welcome a new bard today. Hello HistoryBeckons!

An Indian Odyssey by HistoryBeckons [Origial/Alt/Incomplete]
25 year old Dr. Sanaa Sharma was content to go along with her life following her parents' wishes for her until she met heiress and philanthropist Andrea Wittington. Little did she known that agreeing to chaperone the foreigner around India would change her life in more ways than one and open her eyes to the possibility of a fairytale love that she had never believed existed. But when outside influences put hurdles in her path, will she choose to fight the tempest or will she settle for whatever the easiest path offers…

Added Together Part 3a and Together Part 3b - The Conclusion by Icebard [Origial/Uber/Alt/Complete]
A love story set in southwest England. Vibeke Kaestner lives alone and has no close friends or relationships. She lives a quiet life that is pleasant in some ways but also rather empty. But when she meets the charmingly eccentric Ember Leaves, everything changes for both of them. The connection between them becomes a magical source of happiness and awareness that imbues even the simplest moments with joy and fulfilment.

September 10th, 2014

Together - Part 2b by Icebard [Origial/Uber/Alt/Incomplete]

Revised version of Xena & Gabrielle: A Turn of Fate: Part 6 by Ahkiken [Classic/Alt/Incomplete]
A decision made by Xena on the bard's birthday sets the stage for untold events to unfold. Looking forward to settling down with Xena, Gabrielle's happiness is shelved when an old friend from the Warrior Princess past insist on their help to stop an evil daemon. Torn doing right by her soul mate, or sacrificing everything for the Greater Good, Xena is faced with tremendous obstacles. Not only has a wedge formed between her and Gabrielle, but unseen occurrences portend to tear the lovers asunder, as an even powerful enemy patiently awaits to play their hand. Not just threatening Xena's and Gabrielle's world, but another world that's equally important. The Realm of the Conqueror.

Revised version of The Co