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July 16, 2017

Announcement from Jessie Gutierrez aka MaryG in the Academy of Bards
Hey everyone! Hope you are all well. Just wanted to let you all know I have a new book out on Amazon called Believe in Me. (It's not a sequel to Spanish Eyes. I hope to have that out for the new year.) It's an all new original story that features a transgender person as one of the main characters. It's a period piece that takes place in 1945 just after the end of World War II.

Thanks for all the support you've given to Spanish Eyes and I hope you all enjoy this one as well.

Announcement from Brisk Press
Brisk Press is pleased to announce a new book by Susan X Meagher - just in time for summer reading.


Piper Campbell has spent the last fifteen years of her life raising her younger sister. Charlie is now an adult—and on the brink of stardom. Piper has done her very best to keep Charlie's feet firmly planted on the ground, but she worries the temptation to become a diva will be too strong to resist.

Haley Dillon could give Charlie an earful. When she was a young woman, she got involved with a break-out star and was quickly swept up into the maelstrom of her celebrity. Vowing to keep her distance from anyone connected to the spotlight, she finds herself once again enmeshed when Charlie's world sucks her into its orbit.

Piper swears she can keep her head even as she's recruited into Charlie's retinue, but Haley has been burned too many times to believe the vow of a woman who hasn't yet experienced the seductive, entrancing power of Fame .

Available at as well as Amazon and Bella Books.

July 10, 2017

Black Rose & The Baroness by Norsebard [Uber-Original/Alt/Complete]
The ordered life of young Lady Christiane is thrown into turmoil by the unexpected death of her father, Gottfried Baron Goldenloew of Swan Manor. When the Baron's last will is rejected by the Crown, Lady Christiane is forced to enter an arranged marriage with a nobleman from another part of the country to keep her home in the family's possession. Matters grow even worse for the new Baroness when the peace is threatened by the infamous bandit queen Black Rose whose gang of traveling ruffians has found a safe haven in the woodlands just a few kilometers south of Swan Manor...

July 2, 2017

Added Part 10 (Chapter 19 - 22) of The Same Difference by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Announcement from Lois Kay
I am happy to announce that the new and improved version of Murrook Farm, the 2nd book in the Sam & Jody series, will be available through Amazon. It has been cleaned up and renovated. The 'old' version will not be pulled from The Academy.



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