Finding My Way

Part V

Written by: thing for Gabrielle          




                Terrais was so angry she didn’t think she could stand to look at Varia, let alone stay with her, but she knew she needed to retrieve her belongings.  She only hoped that Varia had not yet returned to her hut.  As Terrais came closer, she could see the shadow in the window was Varia.  She appeared to be sitting at the table.  Terrais opened the hut door, deciding it was safer to leave it open.  She quietly entered, not  knowing what to say.

                Varia looked up to see Terrais entering her hut.  Varia was so upset over the whole ordeal, she didn’t care if Ares killed her here and now.  She hated that she had probably  lost her best friend.  Why couldn’t she get anything right?  She continued to make huge mistakes and disappoint people.  She started to speak, then thought it best to let Terrais do the talking.

                Terrais looked at Varia, realizing she truly looked upset.  Some of her anger began to dissipate.  She didn’t have the energy for another confrontation, at least not this evening, “I need to get my stuff.  I’m going to Elle’s old hut.  I hear she decided to leave the tribe and marry some farmer.  Tiel said it would be fine to use it for as long as I'm here.”  Terrais collected her belongings.

                Varia desperately wanted to mend things, “Terrais, I’m sorry about earlier.  I never meant to hurt you.”  Varia had tears streaking her cheeks.

                Terrais took a deep breath before she responded, “Varia, I’m not sure what is going on, but I know that I hurt because this has hurt our relationship.”  Terrais sat in a chair opposite Varia, “I thought I had made myself clear, maybe I didn’t.”  Terrais ran her hands through her hair, trying to calm her nerves.  “You know I love you, but not like this.  Maybe if I had, it would have made my life easier.” 

                Gabrielle, meanwhile, was considering what Terrais had said.  She was right.  All her life she had done what others wanted her to do, especially if it was for the greater good.  Her last act of selflessness had cost her the life of her soulmate.  If only she would have fought a little harder for Xena and dumped those ashes, she wouldn’t have lost her.  But that was the past.  She couldn’t correct that mistake, but she could fix this before it was too late.  She wanted Terrais, and damn it, she wasn’t going to let this go.  Gabrielle stood, with one sole purpose in mind; finding Terrais and letting her know how she felt and what she wanted.  Gabrielle left her hut and went directly to the Queen’s hut, figuring that Terrais had gone there to retrieve her belongings.

                As Gabrielle approached the hut, she could see the door propped open.  Inside, she could hear Terrais speaking calmly, but firmly.  Varia was quiet throughout the exchange.  Gabrielle felt a little guilty for eavesdropping, but she couldn’t move.

                Terrais, finishing the conversation, picked up her belongings and stood to leave, “I want you to be clear on something.  I have strong feelings for Gabrielle.  Strong enough that I think I’m falling in love with her.  I feel that we’re meant to be together.  I don’t know why, I can’t explain it.  I can't ignore it.  That’s just the way it is.  Unless she tells me not to, I’m going to wait for her.  She’s worth that much to me.”

                Varia could see how strong Terrais was in her convictions.  But as her friend, she was concerned, “I understand what you’re saying, but I don’t want to see you get hurt.  I’m okay with the fact that you don’t want me.  I’ll live with that, but Gabrielle was Xena’s soulmate.  She needs to recover from that loss before she can commit to you, if she ever can.”  Varia stood and tried to approach Terrais.

                Gabrielle couldn’t help but hear what Varia was saying.  Part of it was true, she didn’t know if she was ready, but she wanted to try.  Gabrielle decided she needed to make sure Varia knew where she was coming from.  Gabrielle stepped through the door to the Queen’s hut, “Varia, you need to know, from me, that what Terrais said is true.  I don’t know what this connection is, but I do have strong feelings for Terrais.  I don’t know where this will go, but I want to find out.  We have a path to follow, and I want to go side by side with Terrais.”  Gabrielle stepped forward to stand by Terrais.  She reached out and they clasped hands.  “I can’t promise anything other than I plan to fight for her, if that’s what it takes.”  Gabrielle smiled at Terrais and then made direct eye contact with Varia.  She didn’t want to leave any room for misunderstanding.

                Varia knew that this discussion was over.  Seeing the two together made her realize she couldn’t win this.  She had a fleeting thought of Ares, and immediately tried to put it out of her head.  She would deal with him later.

                Varia, I care for you.  We’ll talk more later.  Don’t think that I want to have nothing to do with you.  I’m not that way and you know that.  I just need a little space.  I will always be your friend, as long as you want me to be.”  Terrais reached out and touched Varia’s arm and then turned to leave.

                Gabrielle and Terrais walked out of the hut and down the path toward the hut Terrais intended to stay in.  Both were silent, knowing nothing else needed to be said.  At least not at the moment.  Soon they were at the hut.  Terrais entered, lit a few candles and turned to face Gabrielle.  What she saw there took her by surprise.  Gabrielle looked upon her with eyes that did not even attempt to hide how much she wanted her. 

                The two came together in the middle of the dimly lit hut, embracing and smashing their lips together.  No more words needed to be said, the only thing the two needed was to hold each other and allow their bodies to meld into one.  The two stood kissing for some time, breathing heavily, enjoying  each other's touch.  The kisses became more intense as Terrais ran her tongue over Gabrielle’s lips, seeking entrance.  Terrais ran her hands down Gabrielle’s back, embracing her bottom with both hands and squeezing lightly.  At the touch, Gabrielle moaned into Terrais’ mouth. 

                As things became more heated, Terrais knew standing much longer would not be an option, “Gabrielle, could we sit over there on the pallet?" 

                “Okay.”  Gabrielle broke the embrace and sat down first.  Terrais followed, not knowing exactly what to do.  She thought for a moment, then decided she needed to stop thinking and just feel.  She leaned Gabrielle back until she was laying on top of her, making full body contact.  “Oh, gods, you feel wonderful.”  Gabrielle breathed heavily.

                “So do you, I had no idea.”  Terrais ran her tongue lightly down the length of Gabrielle’s jaw, relishing the feel of her skin.  At the same time, Gabrielle ran her fingers through Terrais’ hair, in light, then heavier strokes.

                Terrais’ body was responding even quicker than it had before.  She could feel her heart beating rapidly, pounding inside her chest.  The feel of Gabrielle’s skin and the pressure against her body was driving her quickly to distraction.  Terrais was somewhat frustrated, not knowing what to do next.

                Gabrielle too, didn't know exactly where to go, but certainly, she wasn’t ready to stop.  She could feel the heat from Terrais’ body and enjoyed the little moans from Terrais as she touched her.  Finally, Gabrielle moved her hands toward Terrais’ hips, pulling Terrais into her.  Terrais let out a long moan as she felt her body being pulled into Gabrielle’s.  Terrais had been continually playing with Gabrielle’s hair as they kissed, but she wanted so much to touch her other places.  She slowly started moving her right hand to lightly touch the soft skin around her collar bones and then the swell of her breast.  Terrais broke the kiss so that she could look into Gabrielle’s eyes.  Gabrielle had her eyes closed, enjoying the touch.  She continued to pull Terrais into her, enjoying the pressure of the movement where their hips met. 

                Terrais was breathing heavily, wondering if Gabrielle felt as good as she did.  Between the velvety soft skin of Gabrielle’s chest to the slowly moving rhythm, Terrais thought that she was in heaven.  Terrais, taking a leap, at least for her, cupped Gabrielle’s breast, lightly squeezing through her top.  Gabrielle arched into her embrace and moaned her approval. 

                “Oh, Terrais.”  Gabrielle moved to kiss Terrais’ neck as they continued to move against each other.

                Terrais knew that her body was experiencing things it never had.  The rhythm of their hips moving together was distracting her from anything else.   The tingling she felt went from her toes all the way up her spine.  She wanted to ride this wave as long as she could, enjoying the sensations. 

                The two continued to move together, the pace becoming faster.  Gabrielle reveled in Terrais’ touch.  Terrais continued to knead and squeeze Gabrielle’s breast through her top.  Gabrielle wanted more.  “Hold on a second.  Let me do something.”  Gabrielle reached behind her neck and untied her top, making a looser fit.  Terrais kissed the skin along Gabrielle’s neck, and then lower, to the swell of her right breast.  Terrais softly moved the straps out of her way.  She didn’t lower the top completely.  Gabrielle, however, wanted to feel her bare breast against Terrais’ palm.  Gabrielle moved the top until it was just below her breasts.  Terrais raised up slightly so she could look at her.  Then Terrais couldn’t fight the urge to reach down and run her tongue along a pink nipple that now was visible.

                “Oh, by the gods. . .”  Gabrielle grabbed Terrais’ head and pulled her into her breast.  At the same time, Terrais moved her mound up against Gabrielle feeling an electric shock run through her.  She also had a newfound wetness developing between her legs.  She was so swollen.

                Terrais continued to lavish Gabrielle's breast with her tongue and move her hips against her.  She didn’t know what was happening, but she felt a sudden rush of blood through her body, “Oh . . . oh, Gabrielle.”  Terrais shook with the release of her orgasm and continued to move against Gabrielle, not exactly sure what was happening. 

                “Yes, Terrais, please don’t stop.”  Gabrielle was now moving her hips with purpose, pushing her soaked mound against Terrais.  Quickly, with the excitement of knowing Terrais had gone over the edge, she followed immediately behind her, “Yes, gods, yes!”  She gripped Terrais tightly and let her own release be known.

                Slowly the two stopped moving, Terrais still placing light kisses along Gabrielle’s chest.  Finally, Terrais looked up with a half-silly grin on her face and smiled at Gabrielle.  “You are so beautiful.”

                Gabrielle blushed and smiled at Terrais. “Thank you, but you are truly the beautiful one.”  Gabrielle lightly kissed Terrais’ chin and hugged her to her body.  “How do you feel?”

                “I’m not sure.  I mean, I feel wonderful, but this is . . . .  I just . . . I never have experienced that before.”  Now it was Terrais’ turn to be shy and embarrassed.

                Gabrielle thought about what Terrais had said.  Was she telling her this was the first time she had ever orgasm?  Gabrielle knew she hadn’t been with anyone, but she had assumed that Terrais had experimented with her own body, “Are you saying that this was the first orgasm that you’ve ever experienced?”

                “Don’t be so shocked!”  Terrais, now, was truly embarrassed.  “But, yes it was.  And if I'd known it felt like that, I would have tried to do it long before now!”

                Gabrielle chuckled, then hugged Terrais again, “The other day must have been difficult to understand.”  Gabrielle thought back to the perplexed looks Terrais had on her face when she had sought release to quell the bloodlust.

                “Yeah, I was a little surprised.  But then I imagined you, you know, pleasuring yourself, and thought, ‘Well, okay, as long as she feels good.’”  Terrais moved beside Gabrielle on the bed.  Terrais placed her head on Gabrielle’s shoulder and relaxed into her body.

                Gabrielle wasn’t used to doing the holding.  Usually, if something was wrong, Xena would hold her.  It just seemed natural that Xena, being so much taller, would be the one holding her.  This felt nice though.  It felt right to hold Terrais and quietly listen to her breathe.  Shortly after Terrais lay her head down, the two drifted into a comfortable sleep.



                Varia paced in her hut, trying to predict what would happen between her and Ares.  She just wanted it over.  She knew she needed to walk a fine line with him, but how fine, she wasn’t sure, “Ares?  Ares, could you please come here?” 

                Ares appeared in front of Varia.  He stood with his arms crossed, his face expressionless, I see you weren’t successful.”  He stood glaring at her.

                “No, I wasn’t.  I can’t make Terrais feel something that isn’t there.  I’m sorry, I failed you.”  Varia bowed her head, hoping that the sign of submission would make him go easy on her.

                “Well, I think I’ve changed my focus anyway.  I have something else I need for you to do.  This will be much easier.”  Ares turned and sat on the end of the table, “I want you to take Terrais for a walk tomorrow, on the pretense of apologizing for your behavior.  Take her toward my temple, just outside your lands.  As soon as you get to the border, I’ll come and chat with you both.  You don’t have to lie to her or trick her, other than to withhold from her that I will be there.  Also, make sure that one of your trusted little Amazons tells Gabrielle, sometime after you’ve left, that Terrais has gone toward Ares' temple.   That will probably be enough to get her to follow.”  Ares had, indeed, decided to change his focus.  He now wanted them both.  If successful, he would have two of the strongest warriors in existence.  He especially loved the fact that they were both women.

                “What do you plan to do?”  Varia didn’t like the calmness Ares exhibited.  Something was going on.  She had expected him to have knocked her clear across the village by now.

                “Well, that’s for me to know.  You just do as I ask and you will make me a very pleased God of War,  Ares smiled sweetly.

                Varia waited, her mind reeling at what Ares plan might be.  Her part sounded simple enough.  She guessed he wanted to get them to join his cause.  She knew Gabrielle and Terrais would never voluntarily do that.  Varia resigned herself to the fact that she must follow Ares wishes, “Alright.  I’ll get Terrais to the border.  I’ll have Cyane make sure Gabrielle knows where Terrais is going.”

                “Good, good.  Until tomorrow then.”  Ares disappeared as quickly as he had come.



                Morning came too soon for Gabrielle.  She realized her breasts were still exposed.  She stretched a languid stretch, reveling in just how good she actually felt.  She then felt guilt wash over her, wondering if she should feel this good so soon after her soulmate had died.  She dismissed the thought, deciding to try to live in the moment. 

                Terrais felt Gabrielle stretch and opened her eyes to find them level with a beautiful full breast.  She smiled, quickly deciding that said breast desperately needed her attention.  She reached out slowly and ran the tip of her tongue up the side of the soft flesh.

                “Whoa.”  Gabrielle moved, the soft tongue tickling her skin.  “That’s one way to get my attention.”

                “I couldn’t help it.  It’s begging for my attention.”  Terrais moved so she could have a better angle to reach the tip of Gabrielle’s breast.  Terrais peeked up as she flicked her tongue at the nipple now standing at attention.

                “Oh, my.  Aren’t you waking up in an ornery mood.  Gabrielle closed her eyes and took slow, deep breaths, enjoying the sensations coursing through her body.

                Terrais left of the happy nipple and moved up Gabrielle’s body to plant a light kiss to her lips, “Yes, I guess I did.  I can’t believe we slept this late.  It must be almost midday.”  It was Terrais’ turn, now, to stretch  her stiff muscles.

                A light knock was heard at the door.  Terrais groaned at the interruption and Gabrielle lifted her top to cover her exposed breasts, “Yes?”  Terrais called out.

                Varia slowly opened the door, wondering what she would find.  Lying on the bed were both women, lying close, looking quite happy.  Varia, again, cringed at the thought of what she was about to do.  She was certain it couldn’t be good, “Good morning.”  Varia stood in the entry.

                Terrais wasn’t ready to deal with Varia, yet.  She could feel Gabrielle tense underneath the blanket, “Hi.  What’s going on?”

                “First,  wanted to apologize to you both for my behavior.  I was wrong and I wanted to make sure you both knew how I felt.  Gabrielle, I’m sorry for getting in your way.  It’s obvious that the two of you like each other.  I just didn’t realized how much or in what manner.”  Varia took a deep breath.  “I wanted to know if I could borrow Terrais for a little while.  I promise you both I won’t try anything inappropriate.” 

                Terrais sat up and ran her fingers through her hair.  She felt torn.  They had been friends since young childhood.  But she wasn’t ready to be away from Gabrielle, either.  But they had issues to solve, Varia and herself, and maybe if they spoke, she could figure out what had gotten into her.  Still she didn’t want to give Gabrielle any reason for doubt.

                Gabrielle spoke up before Terrais could respond, “I think it would be good for you and Terrais to talk.  You've been friends for a long time.  I would hate to see that end.”  Gabrielle turned and smiled warmly at Terrais.

                Gabrielle had made Terrais’ decision for her.  She appreciated how much Gabrielle respected her friendship with Varia.  Gabrielle truly was a good person, not wanting to get even for Varia’s actions, “Okay, sure.  Let me get up and I’ll be out in a few moments.”

                “Great.  I’ll be waiting.”  With that, Varia turned and exited the hut.

                “Thank you.”  Terrais kissed Gabrielle’s forehead.

                “What for?”  Gabrielle sat and started retying her top.  Terrais helped her secure it in place, fingertips lingering at Gabrielle’s shoulders.

                “For understanding how important Varia is to me.  Our friendship has seen us through a lot over the years.  I know something is troubling her, and I don’t think it has anything to do with me.”  Terrais went to a chair to put her boots on.

                “I agree and you can take care of yourself.  Just hurry back.  I wouldn’t mind taking you down to the creek and having a picnic, later.”  Gabrielle went to stand between Terrais’ legs, placing her arms on Terrais’ shoulders.

                “That sounds wonderful.”  Terrais rested her head on Gabrielle’s bare midriff.

                The two lingered like this for a few moments, enjoying the closeness.  Gabrielle couldn’t shake an uneasy feeling, but she had no basis for it.  She needed to let Terrais solve this conflict herself.

                A little later, Terrais exited the hut and found Varia talking with a few other Amazons.  Terrais approached her, smiling, trying to  convey that she was willing to salvage their friendship, “Hey there, Queenie.  Are you ready for that walk?” 

                The young Amazons smiled at how Terrais addressed their Queen.  They knew it was not out of disrespect, but rather an intimate friendship.  Varia, on the other hand, did not smile, dreading the thought of leading Terrais to Ares.  She knew, instinctively, that it couldn’t be good, but felt she no choice,  Yeah, I’m ready.”  Varia turned from the young Amazons and walked down the path leading out of the village.

                Terrais and Varia talked about battles that had been fought, Terrais’ travels with Eve, and her newfound freedom in admitting who she was.  Varia discussed other women she had come to know, and admitted she didn’t think she was ready to settle down.  Time passed quickly, Terrais becoming more comfortable with her decision to give Varia another chance.  As they walked, she grew thirty from the heat of the day.  Terrais noticed Varia was carrying a water skin, “Hey, I’m parched.  Do you mind if I have a drink from you skin?”

                Varia had been waiting for Terrais to request a drink.  The heat had been getting to her also, but she knew she couldn't drink from the drug-laced waterskin, “Sure.”  Varia handed Terrais the waterskin.

                Terrais took a few large drinks from the skin and handed it back to Varia, waiting for her to take a drink, “Here, you must be thirsty, too.”

                “No, not yet.  I’ll wait.  I don’t want to drain it ”  Varia recapped it, thinking that surely the amount  Terrais had would be sufficient.

                The two walked a few more minutes before Varia noticed a change in Terrais' balance, “Hey, are you alright?”

                “I’m not sure.  My brain seems a little fuzzy.”  She looked to Varia, realizing that she saw two of her, “Varia, something is wrong.”  Terrais reached out to grab hold of Varia, but Varia stepped away, allowing Terrais to fall to her knees.  Terrais continued to shake her head, trying to think clearly.  Suddenly, Ares appeared, smiling his condescending smile and walking towards her.

                “You did well, Varia.”  Ares knelt down to look at Terrais, “I told you before, I would eventually have the both of you.  There is something about you that . . . intrigues me, and I plan to find out exactly what that is.”

                Terrais blinked a few times, trying to understand the words Ares was saying, but just couldn’t quite grasp their meaning.  She finally decided should would just let him speak.  Terrais closed her eyes and slumped to the ground.

                Varia knew beyond a doubt that she shouldn’t have done this, “Now what?”  She paced around the limp body of her best friend.

                “You’ll see soon enough, my dear.”  Ares put his hands out, touching Terrais and then Varia.  The three vanished into thin air.  Within a few seconds, they appeared within the walls of Ares temple.  He slowly bent down and picked up Terrais’ limp body and took her to a flat platform with leather bindings.  He laid her flat, speading her arms and legs wide, securing her in the bindings.

                Varia watched, pacing back and forth.  She quietly wondered how she could get her friend out of this.  Ares approached her, running his fingers over her cheek, “Now it’s time for me to reward you.”

                Ares lashed out and struck Varia with such force that her body flew across the room.  She landed, not understanding what was happening, “Ares, what’s going on?”

                “I told you.”  Ares slowly walked toward her, “I’m going to reward you for your work.  I’m sure Terrais would agree with this, since you were her best friend and you betrayed her over and over again.”  Ares kicked Varia in the face, knocking her against the wall.

                Varia knew she couldn’t win a fight against Ares.  And quite frankly, she didn’t care what happened.  She only wished that she could have helped Terrais, instead of hurting her.  Ares approached again and continued to batter and beat Varia.  Soon she was unconscious, thanked any gods who were listening.


Gabrielle walked through the village finally feeling good about herself.  The evening had turned out better than she had hoped.  Gabrielle briefly wondered if she could settle here, building a life with Terrais.  Gabrielle looked up into the bright sun and then caught a glimpse of Cyane walking toward her.  She liked Cyane and was happy to call her a friend, especially after the battles that they had been through together, including Helicon, “Hey there.”  Gabrielle gave a warm smile and stopped to wait for Cyane.

                “Hi, Gabrielle.”  Cyane didn't understand why she was to give this message, but Varia had instructed her to do so.  Since Cyane had such a crush on Varia, anything Varia asked her to do, she would find a way to do, “Varia wanted me to give you a message.”

                Gabrielle stopped smiling, her defense mechanism kicking in.  She stood stiffly waiting for Cyane to speak.  She could tell Cyane wasn’t concerned about the message, but since it had only been a candle mark since Varia and Terrais had left, she found it odd that Varia would have Cyane deliver a message.

                Varia wanted me to let you know that she and Terrais were going to stop by Ares’ temple.  She wanted to know if you would join them.  She said something about getting rid of it.” 

                “When did she give you this message?”  Gabrielle found it hard to believe that Varia would want to get rid of Ares’ temple.

                “She talked to me earlier this morning.  Probably right after breakfast.”  Cyane looked up to the sun, guessing it had been about 3 candle marks since she had last talked to Varia.

                Gabrielle didn’t speak another word, but instead, tore off running toward , Ares’ temple.  She had everything she thought she would need.  She had her sais and the chakram. 

                It took Gabrielle about twenty minutes to reach the temple.  Inside, It was far too quiet.  She couldn’t believe that Terrais would be anywhere near here without protest.  She looked for signs of a struggle, but found none.  She quietly opened the doors of the temple and stepped inside.  Before her, to the left, she could see Terrais’ still body, strapped to a flat platform.  She could tell she was still alive, but it frightened her to see her in this condition.  When Terrais had gone, she was dressed in her leather pants and long sleeve shirt.  Now, Terrais was lying flat, the shirt open down the front, exposing her tan skin.  The pants were no where to be seen.  Instead, a blanket of some sort, more or less, covered her lower half.  To the right, Gabrielle could hear whimpering.  She saw  Varia, curled into a ball, badly beaten.  Gabrielle wanted to feel sympathy, but  knew instinctively that Varia had set this up.

                Ares came around the corner of the alter, smiling as if  he had won first prize.  He now had Terrais, a new interest, as well as Gabrielle, the one woman he had wanted to conquer.   Terrais would be a fine warrior.  If he could have them both, they would be unstoppable.  He saw victory right before his eyes, “Gabrielle, I’m so glad you could join my little party.”  Ares swept his arms around and looked throughout his temple.

                Gabrielle wanted to run to Terrais, to make sure she wasn’t hurt, but she knew any quick action would bring Ares directly into her path.  She tried to take in all of her surroundings, and noted that Varia was trying to crawl to the door of the temple.

                Ares saw Gabrielle watching Varia, “Yes, my dear.  You are correct in your thinking.  She betrayed you and your little ‘girlfriend.’  What a queen she has turned out to be.  I mean, this is the fourth or fifth time she’s bested you isn’t it?”  Ares couldn’t help but smear Gabrielle’s pride, even as he wanted to move on to other things, “But, Gabrielle, that is not why I brought you here.  I have other, more enjoyable, plans.”  Ares sat down on his throne and hung a leg over one arm. 

                Gabrielle stood ready, not sure what Ares had planned,  but trying to anticipate his next move.

“Ares, what have you done to Terrais?”  She knew she had to stay focused, but seeing Terrais tied up like a sacrifice was playing with her mind.

                “Oh, nothing. . . yet.”  Ares looked at his fingernails as if he were bored.  “Gabrielle, I have a couple of trials for you.  If you succeed, then you may have her back.  If you don’t succeed, then I get her.”

                Gabrielle was fuming.  Here he sat, playing with yet another person whom she had feelings for.  For six years she had put up with Ares tormenting Xena, and now he was harassing her and her new found love.  Love . . . she had said it to herself.  She was quickly falling for this woman, and she vowed to protect her, “Ares, I don’t know what you’re up to.  What games do I have to play?”

                “Well, its quite simple.  First, you will need to battle these six men.  See, they each have the same goal in mind.  They want a piece of that young, virginal woman over there.  I have told them, that if they beat you, each one can have a go at her.”  He sneered, and then continued, “To make it fair, only two at a time will attack you, but  know this, you must kill them.  If you only disable them, I will wake them up and they will continue to attack.  You will fight until they beat you or all six are dead.  Oh, and by the way, they have been instructed not to kill you.  I want you to have to watch them take that lovely creature and . . . quite frankly, fuck her until she won’t be anything for you.”  Ares stood and walked over to Terrais, running his fingers through her light brown hair, “But, if you succeed and kill all these men, then I will give you your . . . woman.”

                Gabrielle couldn’t believe her ears.  Killing all of these men, even though they meant nothing to her, went against everything she believed in.  She was used to disabling people, not outright killing them.  Now, she would have to kill them or they would hurt Terrais.  She couldn’t allow that to happen.  Gabrielle reached down and took hold of her sais, preparing herself to fight.

                “Ah, good, I see you’re up for the challenge.  Here, let me take my seat.  Oh, but wait, I want Terrais to watch her girl in action.”  Ares waived his hand over Terrais’ face.  She slowly opened her eyes, trying to see on where she was.  She felt things weren’t right.  She sensed her state of undress, and felt the confining straps.  She could also sense Gabrielle’s presence.  She tried to raise her head to look around, then Ares placed his hand on her forehead, “Here, let me help you.”  Ares raised the table at about a 20 degree angle so that Terrais wouldn’t have to strain to see Gabrielle. 

                Gabrielle could see the concern on Terrais’ face, but needed to block it out for the moment.  First, she had to pass this ‘test’ for Ares.  Then she would move to the next step.  “Okay, Ares, I don’t have all day.  Let’s get this show on the road.”  Gabrielle twirled her sais while moving to the center of the room.  From her left, a door opened and two very large, menacing-looking men came through the door.  Gabrielle took a deep breath and decided to let them come toward her.  After glancing at Terrais splayed on the table, they smiled feral smiles and then went towards Gabrielle.

                The first two men went down quickly.  Gabrielle, knew she had to conserve her energy to fight the next set of men.  She couldn’t toy with the first two, not knowing what to expect from the next set.  After she'd dispatched the first two, she caught a glimpse of Varia's exit.  Gabrielle's fleeting thought was that she would certainly deal with her later.  Gabrielle could feel the surge.  She knew, now, what was happening and wondered if this was part of Ares’ plan.  She looked to him and could see he very well knew that she was beginning to feel the battle lust.  He wanted to push her as far as she could go.

                Terrais watched on, wondering why Gabrielle was killing these men.  Why wasn’t she just disabling them and coming to get her free.  Quickly, though, two more men came through a door, both carrying swords.  Another battle was about to take place.

                It took Gabrielle a little longer to get rid of the next two.  They were considerably better than the first two and both had come out armed.  Gabrielle felt winded, yet enjoyed how the blood coursed through her veins, relishing the battle.  She glanced over to Terrais and saw the confusion of emotions, “Ares, I have something to ask of you.”  Gabrielle made direct eye contact with Ares.

                “But Gabrielle, you’re doing so well.  Even so, you are now my favorite, so what would you like to ask?”  Ares stroked his beard.

                “May I speak with Terrais for a moment?”  Gabrielle started walking to where Terrais was placed on the platform.

                “Don’t try to break her free.  It will only serve to anger me and then all bets will be off.  Do you understand?”  Ares stood, but did not approach.

                “Yes, Ares.  Just give me a moment to speak with her.”  Gabrielle sat her sais down on the platform and bent to speak into Terrais’ ear, “It’ll be okay.  We’re almost done here and then I will get you free.”  Gabrielle stroked Terrais’ cheek as she spoke.

                “What’s going on?  Why am I tied down here?”  Terrais jerked at her restraints, but she could not break free.

                “Ares is playing one of his sick games.  I have to kill 6 men and then he will let me have you back.  He just wants to see me experience this battle lust as I had to the other day.  It’ll be okay, I’ll get through it.”  Gabrielle looked over the very enticing body of Terrais and wondered if she could actually get through it.

                “You know he isn’t going to just let us walk out of here.  I don’t care how many men you kill.”  Terrais was convinced there had to be more to it.

                “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Now, let me finish this.”  Gabrielle kissed Terrais softly on the lips and then returned to the center of the room, sais in hand, “Okay, Ares, lets get these last two out of the way.”

                “Very well, Gabrielle.”  Ares resumed his position of comfort and the last duo entered the room.  One was carrying a sword and the other seemed empty-handed.  The man with the sword quickly attacked Gabrielle.  He was good, the best so far.  The second man didn’t even try to attack he walked directly towards Terrais.

                “Ares, get him away from her.  He’s supposed to fight me.”  Gabrielle continued to hold the man with the sword off.

                “No, my dear.  He can do whatever he wants.  And I think he's intent on enjoying your girlfriend.”  Ares chuckled. 

                Terrais watched as the behemoth of a man walked toward her, unbuckling the belt of his trousers.  Now she clearly understood why Gabrielle was fighting with such fierceness.  She was about to be taken by this grotesque man and she couldn’t do anything to get away.

                Gabrielle knew she had to act quickly.  The man approached Terrais, with his male organ in his hand, ready to do what he knew Ares wanted.  Gabrielle reached out and put the pinch on the man with the sword, receiving a knick on the arm for getting too close to him.  She saw the man intent on raping Terrais rip off the blanket, exposing Terrais’ bare sex.  Gabrielle grabbed the chakram and screamed, “No, you are not touching her.  She’s mine.”  She then let loose the chakram, striking the man in the head, killing him before he could reach Terrais.  Gabrielle looked down at the man in front of her, breathless from the pinch.  She turned and walked away, leaving him to die.  She knew she had won, her only thought now was to get Terrais to safety.

                Clearly, Gabrielle had passed her first test.  Now, the real test of wills would surface, “Good show, there.”  Ares stood and clapped his hands as he walked towards Terrais.  "Gabrielle, you have not disappointed me.  You have passed the test.” 

                Gabrielle placed her sais in her boots and pulled a dagger from the inside of her left boot, “Yes, Ares, and now I’m taking Terrais away from this stench.”  Gabrielle reached out to cut the leather bindings around Terrais’ legs, but Ares effectively stopped her hand.

                “No, I said two tests.  You have passed the first one, but there still is one other.”  Ares took the knife from her hands and threw it across the room. 

                “Ares, stop fucking with me!”  Gabrielle was furious.  She now had the added pressure of  battle lust in full force.  She had to get Terrais to safety and then quell these dark desires.

                “Gabrielle, honey.  I’m not fucking with you.  I’m giving you Terrais.  I just don’t want you to let her go yet.  I want you to . . . take her.”  Ares pulled back the opened shirt, which had been covering Terrais’ breasts.

                Her breasts and her sex were now both exposed.  Gabrielle’s heart rate picked up.  It would be so easy to quell this need, this burning.  But, no, she didn’t want to take Terrais like this.  Yes, she wanted her, there was no question about that.  “Ares, I’m not doing this.”  Gabrielle started to turn away.

                Ares was angry that Gabrielle would not cooperate.  He reached out and grabbed ahold of her neck, forcing her to look at Terrais’ exposed body, “Gabrielle, this is not an option.  If you don’t pass this test by making her yours, you will force me to take matters into my own hands.”

                Gabrielle could tell Ares was not thinking clearly.  He was hell bent on this, and she wasn’t sure how she could persuade him otherwise.  She also wasn’t sure  what he meant by ‘taking matters into his own hands.’  She had to think of a way to get him past this, “Ares, why in the world are you so bent on this sex thing.  I mean, I know you had a thing for Xena, but even for you, this is a bit much.”  Gabrielle tried to get out of his grasp, but he held tight.

                “Well, you see.  You’ve been fucking with my sex life for way too long.  And there's something about this woman which intrigues me.  The two of you together make almost as good a team as you and Xena did.  Remember, I used to fantasize about the both of you.   I’m the God of War and I’m tired of fantasizing.  I want to be a part of this.  And I know, once you give into your battle lust, you’ll see clearly your destiny and follow me.  And because Terrais purports to love you, she will follow you.”  Ares let go of Gabrielle but did not step away.

                Terrais had been quiet the entire time, trying to decipher Ares' actions.  Now she knew.  He wanted warriors to follow him.  And by getting Gabrielle to do this, the relationship wouldn’t be what either of them wanted.  But, being practical, Terrais quickly realized she didn’t have much choice in the matter.  She couldn’t fight or defend herself.  If someone has to take her, she would have it be Gabrielle.  “Gabrielle, please, don’t let him do this.  I would rather it be you.”

                “Oh, so sweet.  Look at this, Gabrielle.  She told you she wants you.  So what are you waiting for?”  Ares moved to stand behind Gabrielle and slowly moved her towards Terrais.  “See, look at her.  She wants you Gabrielle.  You should take her, make her yours.”

                Gabrielle looked down upon Terrais’ almost nude body.  Her heart raced and she was breathing heavily.  It would be so easy to take this woman, make her hers.  Here she was, laid out before her.  Gabrielle looked to where Terrais’ legs part and noticed that most sensual area, where she so desperately wanted to be. 

                “Here, Gabrielle, let me help you.”  Ares waived his hand and part of the platform disappeared.  Now all Gabrielle had to do was step up between Terrais’ legs.   “There now, you can move in and have what you really want.”

                Terrais took deep breaths, watching Gabrielle closely.  She could tell by the look on Gabrielle's face that she was fighting within herself.  Terrais never wanted it to be this way.  She wanted it to be more romantic, mutual.  She definitely didn’t want to be tied down.  But, she wanted Gabrielle.  And watching her battle the men before her, had, quite frankly, excited her. 

                Gabrielle looked at Terrais, noticing a light sheen of sweat covering her body.  She wanted to run her hands over her body.  As Gabrielle made eye contact with Terrais, she saw something unexpected.  Terrais wanted her.  Maybe this was not the optimal situation, but Terrais was excited.  Relief could come from the only one she truly wanted.

                Ares stepped back, feeling conquest on the horizon.  He could see the want in both of their eyes.  He sat back on his throne, expecting quite a show  He watched Gabrielle lightly run her hands over the tops of Terrais’ bare thighs.  He knew Gabrielle couldn’t hold out much longer, not with the bloodlust running through her.


                Cyane had gone to Eve to tell her where Gabrielle had taken off to.  Cyane knew things weren’t right.  After explaining to Eve what she knew, Eve also went out of the village towards Ares’ temple.  As Eve ran along the path, Aphrodite appeared next to her, floating to keep up with her, “Eve, listen to me.”

                “Aphrodite, if you aren’t here to help, then you need to leave me alone.  I have to get to the temple before something disastrous happens.”  Eve continued to run.

                “I am here to help.  As if?  Listen, Ares, doesn’t know who he is messing with.  He thinks Terrais is just another Amazon.  I have to get into his temple to tell him.  But, he's make it so I can’t go in, unless a mortal asks me to enter.  I need for you to go in and then summon me.  I still won’t have any powers, but I will be able to speak with him.”  Aphrodite floated in front of Eve, hoping to get her to listen.

                “What do you think is going on?”  Eve bent over, trying to catch her breath.

                “I think Ares is about to make a huge mistake, at least concerning Terrais.”  Aphrodite grabbed Eve’s hand.  “Come on, let me get you there, then and you get me into the temple.  You’ll know what I’m talking about very soon.  Well, mostly.”

                Eve felt as if she had no choice.  She knew Aphrodite could get her there quickly.  Soon, Aphrodite poofed them to the door of Ares’ temple. 


Continued in Part 6

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