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Author's Note

This was an attempt at a 'stream of consciousness' piece.  I really am pleased with the end results.  

This was written after watching Adventures in the Sin Trade I.  I tried to see into Xena's soul during this episode, therefore, I have written this story in the first person and present tense (not what I usually do). In fact, the whole thing is a bit different that my usual <G>. I hope you enjoy it.


Adventures in the Sin Trade


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Madness And Discovery

Copyright October 3, 1998

Is it madness if you acknowledge it as madness? Does it matter?

I am driven.

I can think only of Gabrielle. Memories of her smile and her eyes beckon me to balance along a fragile strand of sanity.

I have been riding, searching for her.

I cannot live without her.

My focus refuses to be cast upon my tears; I vaguely hear the cries of my heart. I know that when I find her that all of my agony will dissolve under her sweet charms.

I have heard of a great massacre not far from here. Hades is sure to make an appearance. I must speak with him. I must find her.

I am lost.

The sun is reflecting dully off the cold lake; I barely take the time to notice the frigid wind that is like my soul. I say farewell to my warhorse, my comrade in battle. I briefly wonder if she knows that I have no plans of returning.

I must find my bard, so I begin a journey that takes me back to the darkest time of my past. I must find her.

As I ride north, my mind recalls the strange ritual I must perform in order to reach her. I had done it once with the help of an ambitious shamaness. I do not want to remember Alti. I have worked so hard to forget my past. It keeps attacking me, though. I don't want to go back to that time before I met Gabrielle, but I must. It is the only way I can find her.

I am desperate.

The smell of the deer that I have slaughtered is like those I have killed. Scenes of carnage and bloodshed assault me. I think of Gabrielle, though, and I remember my purpose.

I return to my work and curse the Fates that have separated us. I need her love and her body.

I am lonely.

I am cold.

Her voice is calling to me.

I hear you, I shout.

My eyes are wild and my hair is unruly.

I will come, I promise. I will find you, I swear.

I refuse to accept this loss. My will is fueled by my madness. My soul burns with a raging fire of denial that only her sweet touch can quench.

I need her.

She is my light.

The funeral pyre is burning hot.

I am almost there.

I will find my love on the Other Side. I will join her among the dead. It does not matter that my body is alive. My heart and soul went with her.

I am dead.

I am dark madness.

I need her light.

The sacrificial blood is hot in the back of my throat. I fight the urge to spit out the dark taste. My throat convulses in refusal, but I must find her.

I am driven.

I wail and scream.

I am angry.

I am forlorn.

I am alone.

I am surely mad. I will not be separated from her. I do not know how to live without her. How did I ever live without her?

My mind is gone.

My body is weak.

I have been traveling without sleep. I will sleep forever at her side when we are reunited.

I chant and dance; I invoke the spirits of the Amazon dead to help me to enter their realm.

Life is meaningless without her.

It is dark and cold.

I open my eyes and look up at the young Amazon who is prodding me. She thanks me for giving her a proper burial.

I have succeeded in my journey.

I wonder if the Amazon knows that my selfish desire to complete my soul drove my actions.

I mentally smirk when the young Amazon follows me - like my love once did. The young woman's questions come at me faster than I can consider answers. I shake my head and offer to tell her a story. It is a legacy I must have received from my bard.

My steps are quick; my heart beats fast. I know that Gabrielle is not far.

I must join her.

I have plunged into a dark madness that only she can dispel. She is the sun that caresses my face and my body as it is revealed under her hands.

I need her warmth.

I see Cyane and I remember how I betrayed her. Behind her I see the Amazons of her tribe that are denied entrance through the Gate of Eternity. Once more my past flashes through my mind. I silently scream for relief. Only my Gabrielle can chase away the nightmares.

Her touch is soft.

Her words are love.

I look to the volcano that Cyane tells me is the Gate. The Amazon Queen hates me; she despises an eternity walking the Land of the Dead. I know how she feels - I, too, am walking that path.

But Gabrielle is so close. I can feel her; she calls to me. I forget the weary souls that are trapped here; I can only think of my precious bard.

She calls to me.

Her voice is a siren's song.

I stumble, for my legs can barely keep up with my heart.

I look over my shoulder one last time before contemplating the journey ahead of me. My past and my future are revealed.

I think of Gabrielle.

I close my eyes and recall the soft green of her eyes and the fiery cast of her hair. I remember the purity of her soul. When I open my eyes once more, I gasp.

I am in awe of what I discover.

I was blinded by her radiance; I was mad in my grief. I never realized that she left me the greatest gift I could ever wish for besides her love. A seed of her light has blossomed in my breast; she has nurtured it the past few years. It is now bright with its own source; it is strong with a righteous purpose.

I apologize to my love; I tell her that I knew what I had to do. She would want it. It will be a gift to her. I look over my shoulder and turn to face my past with a power that I had never known before.

Light dispels the dark; evil cowers in the face of love.

Gabrielle is my light, she is my love.

I love her.

I am my own light; I accept who I was and who I can be.

I will the hero for her. I will release the souls that Alti has trapped. It will be my atonement to Cyane for my betrayal.

I will do it in Gabrielle's name.

I open my eyes after my spiritual journey and sit up with a start. My purpose and objective are clear; my mind is free of grief and madness.

I am sane.

I am ready.

I take a deep breath and rise to my feet. The Amazons that surround me look so young; they are losing a battle to their enemies.

They fear Alti.

I know Alti. She will no longer practice her dark power.

I have purpose.

I am courage.

I am Xena - a warlord to some and a crusader to others.

I am the light that was born of love. I am only one that my sweet Gabrielle has touched.

I am humbled by her power.

I thank the Fates that brought her into my life.

I am strengthened by her blessed love.

My sword is a comfortable weight upon my back. I clutch my saddlebags and scan the desolate stretch of land before us.

I am ready.

After I have defeated the evil shamaness, I will resume my quest for my love. I realize now that I can live without her. That does not mean, however, that I must. I may not need her light anymore, but my body still craves her touch.

She is my destiny. I have known it since my death. I will prove it by defying hers.

But I will face one challenge at a time.

I nod my head towards the far ridge. I signal the Amazons that have joined me in this battle.

I eagerly rush forward.

I will face one challenge at a time.

I pause when I sense Alti's men waiting over the ridge. I can feel the Amazons tense with the need to fight.

I am calm.

I will face the darkness.

I am light.

I give a battlecry.

My blood surges.

I picture Gabrielle and feel my power grow. Before I lose myself in this battle, however, I whisper a silent promise to my bard:

Wait for me, my love. I am coming.


The End

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