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Last Updated:  5/2/2022

All You Need Is Love

At What Cost

Bardly Pursuits

The Biggest Step

A Bucket of Eels

For Gabrielle

Forbid The Flesh

In this comedy set after 'A Tale Of Two Muses,' Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in another town where another Greek goddess isn't depicted the way Gabrielle would prefer.


Gabrielle's Return

Getting It Right

The God Hope

The Golden Chalice

Irritating Can be Good

Just Because

Letters to Ephiny

Love's Sweet Face

Madness & Discovery

The Magic of Mushrooms

One Thread in Time

Passion Improvised

Plug & Plunge

The Silen Savior

A Warrior's Heart

What the Future Holds

When Evil Meets Itself

The Way Series   ebook version available

1. The Way Of Love

A post-Illusia tale that has the warrior and bard struggling through some of the still unsettled issues between them.

2. The Way Of The Wolf

Xena and Gabrielle meet up with a Celtic warrior, Wolf, who was a healer in Xena’s army. She must help them defeat Dahak who turns out to be her father.

3. The Way Of The Amazon

The Celtic warrior, Wolf is recovering from her wounds in the Amazon village after battling Dahak and finds love.

4. The Way Of The Bard

A delightful story that has Xena and her bard trying to help a town under a mischievous curse...and then falling victims to the curse themselves.

5. The Way Of The Child

Set five years later, the Amazons are dreading the conversation they need to have with their wandering queen about a certain duty she's expected to perform. Only to soon learn their queen and her warrior have beaten them to the punch as it were.

6. The Way Of The Mother

This story finds the Amazon village beset by children and the difficulty it poses for the bard and warrior in raising their offspring.

7. The Way Of The Family

This story finds the warrior and bard visiting Amphipolis with their kids and an Amazon entourage. It is a time for Xena to reacquaint herself with the feeling of being part of a family again but the happiness is short-lived as the warrior soon senses the winds of war blowing near.

8. The Way Of War

The Amazons are facing the threat of war or at least being in the middle of the one between Athens and Sparta. Xena must assure the Amazons that her loyalty is to her family and the nation.

9. The Way Of Honor

A word of warning for this story: it is darker than the others in this series as it deals with breast cancer and assisted suicide.

10. The Way Of The Regent

A couple of days in the life of Ephiny, Regent and Second-in-Command to Gabrielle. Highlights the stress and endless duties brought on by the war between the Spartans and Greeks, which is slowly encroaching on Amazon land.

11. The Way Of Intrigue

As the Greeks move closer to Amazon lands, an expatriate discovers that they might just have more than Spartans in their line of sight.

12. The Way Of Treachery

A renegade betrays the Amazon Nation and Gabrielle must lead her warriors into battle against the Greeks.

13. The Way Of Destiny

In the aftermath of the battle against the Greeks, Xena must deal with some changes brought about through Divine intervention.

14. The Way Of The Queen

After so many years on the road, would Gabrielle be ready for a countrywide war and leading the Amazons nestled within it? Would her relationships help to keep her sanity?

15. The Way Of Alliances

Alliances are made to benefit all of the parties involved. Amazons create and maintain them to build strength. Individuals also do the same. Some are suspicious to third parties. Some have a lifetime purpose.

16. The Way Of The Elders

Elders have wisdom, experience, advice and humor. For the Amazons, they are powerful members. They are the living, speaking history of the Nation.

17. The Way Of Generations

Every decade, the Amazons renew their numbers. Festivals celebrate their accomplishments. This is another Festival of Life, when Amazons meet men to get pregnant and add to their population. Some are chosen and some just sneak off.

18. The Way Of The End

Some things just come to an end.

Two gods, two titans and one immortal warrior that lives to protect the Chosen's descendants. She served her alliance for two thousand years, but finally got a reunion with her deepest love.