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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge

Part 16

Soon after the Royal couple's return to the palace, the Conqueror sent for her brother and his wife to be brought before her. Two days afterwards, Toris and his wife arrived at the palace.

After supper had been served, the Conqueror ordered the servants that waited on them to leave, and the Conqueror, the Queen, Toris and his wife were left alone in the Dining Hall.

It was then that the Conqueror expressed her desire to her brother that he should donate his seed for the purpose of impregnating her wife. She left the specifics of the manner in which it would be done to be explained by the Queen.

Being that Toris' wife was barren, and the fact that they were childless, they both eagerly agreed and welcomed the prospect of becoming so closely related to the Conqueror's heir. They were invited to stay in the palace by the grateful Queen.

The following day, the Queen informed Perous that she would advocate his matter on his behalf to the Conqueror. When he left her presence, he was only too glad that the Queen seemed to be a tad soft in the head and could be so easily manipulated.

When the optimal time for the Queen's conception arrived, the Conqueror's brother was escorted to the Imperial chambers. Once there, he was handed a cup in which to deposit his donation and was lead to a private chamber within the Imperial suite for the execution of the task.

When he was done, he handed over the filled cup to the Conqueror, who heartedly thanked him before he left.

The Conqueror entered the candle lit Imperial bedchamber, where her wife had been waiting for her, and seated herself upon the bed next to the Queen.

The Queen gave her Lord a long slender iron cone shaped device, which she had had the blacksmith mold for her after she gave him specific instructions and exact measures. Then she directed her Lord on how to pour the substance into the cone's wide end.

The Conqueror positioned herself on her knees at her wife's feet and held the filled cone in her hand. Next, she leaned down and brought her face to the Queen's core and stimulated the nodule with wet worshiping licks.

The Queen placed her legs over her Lord's shoulders and lifted her hips in the air.

At the peak of her Queen's arousal, the Conqueror placed the narrow end of the cone at her wife's opening and carefully inserted it into her wife's womanhood. When it couldn't be advanced inside any further, the Conqueror placed her mouth over the wide end of the cone and gently blew her breath into it, pushing the substance to seep out from the cone and into her Queen's depth.

"And now, my adored Lord," the Queen, who was overwhelmed by her emotions, said to her Lord, "let me conceive… and we shall have a child."

Upon hearing the words being uttered so passionately by her Queen, the Conqueror felt a sharp piercing pain stabbing her heart that behooved her to regulate her breathing. She removed her robe and moved to lie on top of her wife, supporting her weight on her elbows.

As they stared deeply into each other's eyes, Gabrielle felt her Lord's fingers tenderly pampering her face like butterflies fluttering their wings against her skin, and she thought she had never seen her Lord wear a softer expression on her features.

When the Conqueror entered her and with her length shoving the substance that would grow new life further into the Queen's womb, their lips locked and their tongues pressed and swiveled around each other.

The Conqueror sensed a small hand gliding down her back and finally resting at the apex of her backside, pushing down against her hips, which leisurely rotated in and out of the Queen and stirred her shaft deep inside the throbbing saturated channel.

"My precious Gabrielle," the Conqueror spoke tenderly into her wife's mouth then wistfully seized the smaller woman's lips once again, as if she couldn't stay away from them for more than a fraction of a moment.

Their coupling that night was unhurried, deliberate and gentle yet laden with visceral hunger . The Conqueror's laggard ministrations took the Queen higher and higher but left her on a plateau, teetering at the edge.

The Queen's slighter body writhed uncontrollably as she felt the sexual pressure amassing and spilling out of her. As she anchored her arms around her Lord's neck and panted in time with her Lord's impassioned thrusts, she feared her body wouldn't be able to withstand the awesomeness of the impending and inevitable release.

Their climax surged through their entangled bodies, making them cling desperately to one another whilst the Conqueror was buried deepest yet inside her wife.

When it was over, the Conqueror rested her head over Gabrielle's voluptuous breasts, and Gabrielle, enjoying the feeling of her Lord inside her still, delved her fingers into her hair.

There was no need for words between them that night.


A moon and a half passed, and Perous was received in the Queen's chambers to inquire after any progress or news regarding his matter.

"Sir, I have diligently appealed your matter with my Lord and constantly…"

"It's been almost two moons…" he interrupted her speech.

But Satrina, the Queen's lady in waiting, who stood next to her mistress, reminded him, "You are in her Majesty's presence."

The Queen resumed, "My Lord is still considering the matter and would render a decision in due time. You may leave now."

"Thank you, Majesty," he bowed and left her chambers.


The Conqueror and the Queen were dining together in the dining hall.

"Perous came to see me again today, my Lord," the Queen said as one of her ladies in waiting poured her a second cup of tea.

"This is his fifth visit to you, my Lady," the Conqueror pointed out.

"Indeed, my Lord," the Queen confirmed. "He is getting restless and impatient and I suspect he would soon realize that he isn't about to regain my Lord's graces."

"He will be dealt with," the Conqueror said and glanced over at the Queen's plate. "I see you're eating figs again. You've had them yesterday and the day before."

"My Lord is very perceptive. I seem to have developed a fondness for them. For some reason I desire them above anything else," the Queen smiled and bit her teeth into the luscious fruit.

“Leave us,” the Conqueror ordered the servants who waited on them and after the last of the servants had left and the doors to the dining hall had been closed, the Conqueror rose to her feet, walked over to the other side of the table and knelt next to the Queen.

"I think you are with child," she smiled and placed a gentle hand over the Queen's belly.

"I think my Lord is correct. I have yet to receive my moon cycle. I will visit with the Royal healer today." The Queen was overjoyed and rested her small hand over the Conqueror's, which was still covering her belly. Never in her life did she ever think that one day she would experience motherhood.

"I am very proud," the Conqueror said and looked into the Queen's sparkling green eyes.

"What does my Lord desire best, a boy or a girl?" the Queen asked.

"It is of no consequence to me. And you, my Lady?" the Conqueror kissed her Queen's neck.

"None what so ever, my Lord."

"You mustn't exhort or excite yourself."

"I won't, my Lord. I shall be vigilant and mindful in protecting the well-being of our child," she said then pondered.

"What is it?" the Conqueror inquired.

" I know my Lord is very… amorous," she began to say and for a moment she regretted bringing up the matter, but it was her duty, as she perceived it, that compelled her to go on, "and has desires that need addressing, and my Lord might find consolation elsewhere while I'm with child. My only wish is that my gracious Lord would maintain her affections and graces towards me." Her head drooped between her shoulders and she removed her hand from above the Conqueror's.

At first, no reply came from her Lord and the Queen wished she could take back what had been spoken.

"My Lady, don't you know?" the Conqueror said and the Queen was staggered by the softness of her Lord's voice, and by the words soon to follow. "There hasn't been anyone else but you since you've entered my world."

The Queen's reaction to her words made the Conqueror become aware for the first time of the repercussions brought on by years of silence she had imposed on them.

She collected the future mother of her child in her arms and placed a tender kiss on her head. "There are ways to give and receive pleasure which aren't hazardous to our child, so you needn't trouble your mind with such matters."

"Thank you, my gracious Lord," the Queen whispered gratefully next to her Lord's chest.


When the Queen entered the fourth moon of her pregnancy, word of rebels gathering in Cyra, led by Perous and his mercenaries, reached the palace.

"The Lord Conqueror and her Majesty the Queen," announced the ceremony master as the Conqueror and her Queen entered the Great Hall.

The Conqueror and the Queen were perched on their thrones in the Great Hall, where the Realm's nobility had been summoned.

"Noblemen, I will be leading my legions to Cyra tonight to quell the civil unrest and exterminate Perous and his followers who unlawfully rebel against us and I hope to substantiate that Perous is acting alone. In my absence, her Majesty the Queen will act as regent. I trust you will all provide her Majesty with your unreserved assistance and support."

The Conqueror and the Queen stepped down from their thrones and proceeded to leave the Great Hall while the Realm's nobility parted in the middle, creating a passage and bowing before them as the Imperial couple passed them by.

After leaving the Great Hall, they parted ways. The Conqueror went to the armory where her groom assisted her with her battle attire, whilst the Queen retired to her chambers.

"The Lord Conqueror," announced Satrina as the Conqueror entered the Queen's chambers. The Queen's ladies in waiting bowed before the Conqueror.

"Ladies," the Queen signaled them to leave her chambers.

Once alone, the Conqueror moved around the Queen and from behind her wrapped her arms around the Queen's waist and rested her hand above the Queen's swollen belly.

"You are showing," she whispered in her ear.

"I am, my Lord," the Queen said and rested the side of her head against the Conqueror's. "How long before you return, my Lord?" she asked.

"It is hard to determine, my Lady. Prous is a coward who chose to immerse himself and his followers amongst the good people of Cyra. I cannot just march my legions into Cyra and pulverize the entire province. Most of Cyra's sons and daughters are our loyal subjects. I will be forced to sift through the population to distinguish between them and the rebels."

The Queen curbed her disappointment. She knew her Lord needn't be burdened by anything other than the task at hand.

The Conqueror released her Queen and went around her to face her again.

"You do understand that I cannot take you with me this time. I cannot stash you on some wagon, not now that you are Queen and not in your delicate condition," she said in answer to a request that hadn't been spoken and cupped her wife's face in her hands.

"Of course, my Lord," the Queen nodded, then slightly turned her head to place a kiss on the Conqueror's palm still against her face. She was troubled and uneasy. "Perous is a desperate man with nothing to lose, my Lord."

"Do not worry. I had ample time to prepare, afforded to me by your stalling tactic."

"Promise me you would return to me alive and unscathed."

"You have my word, sweet Gabrielle," the Conqueror said and kissed her Queen passionately before tearing herself from her.



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