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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge

Part 18

Near dusk the Conqueror returned to camp with Perous' lifeless body dragging on the ground behind her. She dismounted her mare and handed the reigns to her groom. The guards at her tent's entrance stood at attention as she entered it.

Inside her tent the Conqueror saw a barely ripe golden-haired lass waiting there, on her knees stripped of any clothes.

"What is your name girl?" the Conqueror asked as her eyes moved over what was presented before her. The feeling of aching pressure in her loins had been present soon after her encounter with Perous. When her starved eyes rested on the golden patch of hair between the lass' thighs, it occurred to her that due to the Queen's condition she hasn't been inside a woman for a while now. True, she and the Queen had engaged in several, quite satisfying sex acts but penetration hasn't been a part of them, and the ach in her loins intensified.

"Domitia, your Majesty," the small voice brought the Conqueror to the present.

"And what are you doing here, Domitia?" the Conqueror asked, playing-with-her-food-like, for the lass who had chosen to greet her in her birth-suit left no doubt as per her intentions.

"I'm here to service you, your Majesty," the lass replied.

"Service me?" the Conqueror smiled almost sinisterly and scoffed. This wasn't a novelty. Death and power had always been potent aphrodisiacs, these used to draw young women in flocks to her in the past. The Conqueror walked to the basin filled with fresh water and washed her face and hands.

"Surely my Lord needs to expel battle lust. I'm here to receive it." Domitia rose to her feet and moved closer to the Conqueror pushing forward her recently sprung breasts.

The Conqueror poured herself a cup of water to quench her thirst and packed a small bag with some personal items she needed with her for the ride back to Corinth .

"I need my Queen," the Conqueror growled and moved aside, clearing a path for the temptress to leave the way she came.

"I'll do anything you want," the lass offered.

"You have no idea what my wants are," her Sovereign strictly informed her.

The lass moved to stand between the Conqueror and the tent's entrance.

"Please Majesty," she pleaded and ran her palms over her own pricked barely developed breasts.

"You are standing between my wife and me. I'm hard pressed to think of a more dangerous spot on earth you could have placed yourself in," the Conqueror said and tossed a blanket to the lass. "Cover yourself and get out of my way, little girl."

But Domitia refused to budge.

"If you will not move now, you'll be run over by my boots."

Domitia finally gave way.

The Conqueror got out of her tent and turned to one of her guards.

"Lord Conqueror," he exclaimed.

"How did she pass by you and got in here?" the Conqueror asked and signaled with a slight tilt of her head at the direction of her tent.

"She said your Majesty had ordered her to enter and wait inside," he answered.

"And how long has she been waiting inside?"

"No longer than half a candle-mark before your Majesty entered. She said she had been wandering lost for a while and that she had been waiting in Captain Cornelius's tent for three solid candle-marks by mistake even, before he had returned and she had realized her error."

"In the future, no women are allowed in my tent no matter what they claim I ordered, is that clear?"

"By your will, Lord Conqueror," he exclaimed.

"Once she is fully clothed, you will escort her safely outside camp perimeter," the Conqueror ordered then turned to the second guard. "Have the groom fetch me a fresh horse, the fastest one he's got, and tell Captain Cornelius to report to me."

"By your will, Lord Conqueror," they called out in unison.

A few short moments later, the groom brought the Conqueror a well-rested stallion. As she mounted it, Captain Cornelius approached her.

"Captain," the Conqueror greeted him.

"Lord Conqueror," he bowed, "Congratulation on your victory."

"You and the men did exceedingly well, and handled this delicate matter to my satisfaction and with accordance to my expectations."

"I'll be sure to tell your soldiers, my Liege ."

"It is my understanding that a young woman entered your tent by mistake."

"I assure your Majesty I haven't laid a finger on her and sent her straight away to your Majesty's tent as ordered."

"I haven't issued any such order. I have never seen that lass before just now."

"My apologies, the girl claimed you ordered her to service you, my Liege ."

"I left her as untouched as I found her. Now order the troops to prepare to move out and break camp tomorrow at first light. I'm heading back to Corinth now. I leave you in command."

"By your will, Lord Conqueror," he said yet he lingered still in the Conqueror's presence.

"Is there anything else?" the Conqueror inquired.

"There is, your Majesty. There is something that has been lying heavy on my conscience for quite some time now," he said and looked around to make sure that none of his subordinates were within hearing distance.

"What is it?"

"A few years ago, her Majesty the Queen treated an injury I sustained during sparring on the military drilling field. As a result of the treatment I received, I felt a sharp pain and if it weren't for the healer halting my actions, I would have struck her Majesty. I swear, when I raised my hand I didn't realize who she belonged to. I also said some things that were disrespectful and cruel to her Majesty the Queen. It was uncalled for. She conducted herself with rare dignity, which is more than I can say for myself, and granted me with the best of care, which was more than I deserved. The Queen's grace and humility has taught me a valuable lesson. I am a changed man, I am proud to say."

The Conqueror listened carefully to his words. When she heard about his abusive behavior towards her Queen, she had half a mind to cast a brutal beating to him, strip him of his rank and thus shame him publicly in front of his subordinates. But when she detected genuine remorse in his eyes and his voice, she reconsidered. Fact was, it was he who volunteered to disclose the incident, which was against his interest to do so, and if he hadn't told her, odds were she wouldn't have learned about it otherwise. The Queen, she imagined, suffered unkindness, to say the least, during her years of servitude, yet she never, not even after their marriage, raised any complaint or demanded any form of retribution against those who had treated her poorly.

"Captain Cornelius," she called and watched him nearly cringing, "You will raise this issue before the one against whom you've committed the offense. It is at her Majesty the Queen's discretion to either pardon or punish you."

"By your will, Lord Conqueror. May you have a safe journey home," he bowed respectfully and watched his Master as she turned to ride back to Corinth .


Close to midnight, the Conqueror slipped quietly into the Imperial spacious Roman style bath to wash off any remnants of blood and filth still smeared on her skin. The room-temperature water did nothing to cool her searing blood. If anything it was the other way around, the presence of her body causing the bathwater to warm up and tainting it brownish red.

When she was done bathing, the Conqueror entered the dimly lit Imperial bedchamber unclothed and barefoot. In the Imperial bed she found her naked pregnant Queen, whom she hasn't seen for a moon, sleeping soundly on her side.

The Conqueror's roaming eyes surveyed her wife's body, her swollen belly, her luscious breasts, which grew larger by the pregnancy, and the warm healthy glow about her white skin. The returning Lord unconsciously moved her tongue over her teeth and in her ears she could sense her blood pumping. The sight of her pregnant Queen, a symbol of femininity and fertility, and the collar around the Queen's smooth thigh was almost her undoing.

"My Lord," the Queen opened her eyes when the unmistakable feeling of her Lord's presence woke her.

But no answer came, as if the Conqueror couldn't trust her own voice.

It was then that the Queen noticed her Lord's dark bloodshot eyes, the voracious predatory look, her Lord's stance, the tautness of her muscles, her nearly salivating mouth, and the heat permeating the air around her Lord's body. It was evident that battle-lust hadn't been expelled yet.

The Queen's surprise was written all over her face. She couldn't reconcile between the circulating rumors regarding her Lord having carnal knowledge of a young lass in Cyra and the fact that here stood her Lord undeniably riddled with unspent battle-lust. Soon relief soothed the Queen. That in spite of persistent rumors to the contrary, the battle-lust hadn't been expelled and her Lord remained physically true to her.

"Come lay with me, my Lord," the Queen said and stretched her arms in an invitation.

"Best if we didn't share a bed tonight, Madam." The Conqueror's voice was strained, cold and raucous.

"I shall not be able to bear the distance, my Lord," the Queen bargained.

"You shall be able to bear my darkness even less," the Conqueror argued and took a step back away from their bed. "You look so very delicious and exquisite… so enticing… who will save you from me?"

"I've never needed saving from you, my Lord. I trust my Lord completely. I pray you, please do not deprive me the pleasure of your company… I have waited so long for you, my Lord."

The Conqueror approached the bed with small slow steps. She laid herself alongside her Queen and spread her bare heated body against the slighter form. The contact of skin against skin, flesh against flesh drew out a grunt from deep within her throat. She snaked her forearm beneath Gabrielle's neck and her free hand worked dexterously to knead the Queen's ample breasts. No matter how many times she had seen the Queen's naked body, she was every bit as enthralled by it as the first night she had seen it. Her hand then skittered down the Queen's calf until her steel grip latched around the Queen's delicate ankle. She motioned her wife to rest her leg over her own thigh, positioning it how she wanted her. Her proprietary hand glided back up the Queen's leg and coaxed a soft white thigh to give way.

“It might take me a while longer to come in this fashion," the Conqueror admitted as she pressed her engorged sex against the Queen's buttocks.

The Queen weaved her fingers into the Conqueror's damp dark hair and pulled her down for a passionate kiss, “Let it take all night and all tomorrow, for I shan't have enough of you before then, my Lord ."

The Conqueror's fingers delivered slow, reticent strokes to the Queen's throbbing spot between her parted thighs.

The Queen in response moved against the pleasuring fingers to further assuage her need. When she felt her Lord's hard erection rubbing intensely against her rear cheek, her insides were contracting, screaming to be filled and consumed by her Lord's possessing touch. She placed her hand over her Lord's hand, which was giving sexual attention to her centre, and guided two strong fingers to her pulsating wet slit.

"What are you doing?" the Conqueror broke their kiss.

"I have read that some Chinese healers actually recommend it, my Lord," the Queen replied with a sly look and led her Lord's eager fingers into the depth of her sex canal.

The Conqueror felt the Queen's womanhood close hard around her fingers, sucking them deeper into her and her protruding nodule pressing urgently against the heel of her hand. Feeling her darkness arising inside her, the Conqueror closed her eyes, not wishing to disclose her fantastic, owning savagery to her mate.

"Please, my Lord," the Conqueror heard Gabrielle's ardent supplication, and felt a soft palm caressing her rigid forehead, along with an errant strand of hair, "Keep them open."

Gabrielle longed to bear witness to the smoldering peerless darkness, the Lord Conqueror's darkness, which made her skin bristle, her heart shudder and her body consume itself with smothering ardor.

The Conqueror obliged her and opened her dark blue eyes, mustering every ounce of control she had to keep her battle-lust at bay. They kissed again, their tongues playing in each other's mouths, and when it became too fierce, when the Conqueror's slow thrusts became too deep or too forceful, the Queen would halt their intimate actions and whisper to her Lord: "Look at me, my Lord, and breathe deeply." When her Lord mastered herself, coupling resumed.

Candle-marks elapsed, and nearing dawn, the sun's rays of golden light crept through the curtains. The Conqueror was still pressed against the Queen, ubiquitously wreaking her desire, enduing her Queen with shuttering pleasure.

As the Queen rode her Lord's hand, she clenched and unclenched her buttocks to allow a harder more satisfying surface for her Lord's soaking sex.

Their release seemed endless in depth and length. The Conqueror crashed her lips against the Queen's, and kissed them voraciously as they rode the last waves.

When the last tremors and quivers subsided, their passionate kiss ended, and the Conqueror was about to extract herself from the Queen.

Gabrielle placed a stopping hand above her Lord's. "Not yet," she whispered indulgently, glowing from her own satiated state. "Stay inside me."

Dark tempestuous eyes bore profoundly into lighter moist ones and rendered tender placating words like "I've missed you," caressing like 'Have you any idea how precious you are to me?' All remained barred behind the Conqueror's pursed lips.

The Royal couple drifted off to sleep.

When they woke, it was already midday. Dressed in their robes, they welcomed the light breakfast brought to their chambers and served on the balcony.

The Conqueror told the Queen about Perous' demise at Cyra. When they finished eating, still reclining on the balcony, the Conqueror took her Queen's feet and gently massaged them.

"Carrying a child agrees with you," the Conqueror smiled. "There's a wonderful glow about you."

The Queen enjoyed the Conqueror's skillful digits kneading her feet. "Thank you, my Lord."

"When I came back last night, you seemed surprised… not surprised to see me, though… you seemed puzzled about something else, what was it?"

"We needn't discuss it, my Lord," the Queen replied. "It is of no importance and I do not wish to upset you, my Lord."

"Nevertheless, I wish to know," the Conqueror insisted.

The Queen took a few moments in order to choose her words, "I was told my Lord had taken a young woman while in Cyra," she said eventually with a small voice.

The Conqueror stopped her ministrations to the Queen's small feet. Sensing she was about to become enraged, she took in a deep breath and resumed tenderly rubbing her wife's feet.

"Did you believe it?"

The Queen lowered her head and hesitated before rendering her response. "It is not my place to judge or carry any resentment or ill-feelings… At the time I wasn't sure. I know it was foolish of me to feel jealous, but I must confess, last night when I saw battle-lust about my Lord still, I was relieved and happy. Please forgive me, my Lord, for I couldn't help it."

Her answer earned her the Conqueror's hearty laughter. "Come here, my little vixen," the tremendously joyous Conqueror said fondly and offered her arm.

The Queen, absolutely loving her Lord's new term of endearment for her, stood up and before sitting on her Lord's lap, she asked, "Won't I be too heavy?"

"Not at all," the Conqueror said, and cradled the Queen in her arms. "Who was it that told you about the lass?" she asked and applied a pleasuring massage to the Queen's willing shoulders.

"Lady Messalina," Gabrielle answered.

"One of your ladies in waiting, isn't she?"

"Indeed, my Lord," the Queen replied and fed her Lord a perfectly ripe fig.

The Conqueror took the fig into her mouth, while licking and sucking Gabrielle's fingers. "Hmmm… tasty Queen…"

It was Gabrielle's turn to laugh.

To the Conqueror's ears, Gabrielle's laughter surpassed the beauty and richness of music. It lifted her soul.

"After confronting Perous, I returned to camp just before sunset. When I entered my tent I saw a young woman kneeling naked inside. Apparently she had been waiting for me there a short while before I entered. She offered to service me, no less. I dismissed her and ordered her to be escorted outside the camp perimeter."

"That's odd," said the Queen.

"What is?" the Conqueror asked and placed a kiss on Gabrielle's neck.

"Lady Messalina told me that the girl had been seen entering my Lord's tent before noon that day. By my Lord's account, the girl first entered your tent closer to dusk. How is it that Lady Messalina knew about the girl before she even set foot…"

The Conqueror's hands ceased their movement. "Recent events are all starting to make sense now."

"Someone tried to drive a wedge between us, my Lord," the Queen concurred.

"They neither took into consideration my capacity for fidelity and self control, nor your kind and amiable nature," the Conqueror said.

It occurred to the Queen that it hadn't been merely her kind nature that had hindered the plotting against them, but the great love and reverence she bore her Lord, yet she didn't voice an amendment.

"I believe the identity of the invisible hand behind all this will soon be revealed to us, my Lord," the Queen said.

"I think we need to summon Lady Messalina to appear before us, don't you?" asked the Conqueror.

"I do," relied the Queen.

"We need to handle it delicately so to not raise an alarm. I already have my suspicions, but I need to be sure. I suggest we summon all of the Realm's nobility?"

"That would be preferable, in my opinion, and my ladies-in-waiting are customarily in my presence when I sit on the throne, so all will be present. But first, my Lord might wish to feel our child moving inside me…" Gabrielle smiled, allowed her robe to fall loose, and guided the Conqueror's hand to her exposed belly. "Can you feel it?" she asked and gazed softly at her Lord's face in order to study her reaction.

With her large palm spread over the Queen's stomach, the Conqueror felt for the first time the existence of new life growing inside her wife.



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