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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge


Part 2

The next day, three candle marks after the sun had reached its highest point in the sky, the Conqueror found herself in a meeting with delegates from Chin regarding treaties that would enable free and safe trading with the Realm. The Conqueror found it tedious and she was thoroughly bored, for it went on for longer than expected. Her mind started to disturbingly wander from the subjects discussed around the table to the slave she had had the previous night, and how delicious and soft her body had felt against hers and how beautiful her face had been, and how exciting it had been to witness her buttocks glistening in the dim light when she had finished with her.

The meeting was finally over and not a moment too soon. The sun had already set and the Conqueror sent for the slave to be brought to her.

The guards that escorted the slave to the Conqueror's suite left her standing at the threshold. She saw the Conqueror, donned in an oriental silk and satin robe, sitting at her massive desk reading some parchments resting on the desk before her .

The slave instinctively undressed, tentatively walked towards the Conqueror and knelt at her feet, but the Conqueror kept her waiting for a long time, and disregarded the slave's barely visible wriggles on her knees . After a solid candle-mark had passed, the Conqueror rose to her feet .

" Lay down on my desk," the Conqueror ordered and opened her robe, partly exposing a strong lengthy body.

As the slave climbed onto the desk and rested her back against its cold surface, the Conqueror caught the slave's gaze transfixed on her phallus. The Conqueror's hands began to move quickly over the slave's splayed body, dexterously kneading her flesh, as she invaded the slave's womanhood. She then raised her arm and delivered a harsh slap to the girl's breast while fiercely driving herself in and out of her. The slave's body jerked but she never uttered a sound.

Another powerful slap reddened the slave's other breast and she bit down her lower lip to keep a yelp from escaping her mouth.

The Conqueror, never neglecting her commanding thrusts, grabbed the slave's petite wrists and lifted them above the slave's head, anchoring them on the edge of the desk and making the slave's curvaceous body taut and immobile. The girl's neck seduced the Conqueror to take a bite, and she did, leaving a bruise on the tender skin.

The pace of the Conqueror's grindings quickened, letting the slave know her Master's release was fast approaching, and when her pleasure overtook her, the Conqueror buried her face into the slave's neck and let out a groan carried by a scorching breath.

It didn't take the Conqueror long to recover. She disentangled herself from the girl and fastened back her robe.

"You may walk around freely within the palace walls when time allows and only before sunset," the Conqueror said without looking at the girl.

"Thank you, my Lord ," the slave replied with her head down.

"When you do, you must always let the steward of my household know of your whereabouts, for I will not be made to wait for you. "

"Of course, my Lord."

"Under no circumstance will you leave these grounds."

"I won't, my Lord."

"You are dismissed."



In the following three moons, a form of routine was established. When not servicing the Conqueror, the slave explored the sizable palace and its complex structure and the vast grounds surrounding it. There were corridors upon corridors, bridges upon bridges and chambers and huge halls, in which the slave often found herself lost before finding her way again. The palace was built at the highest point close to sea, and the port of Corinth could be seen from the Conqueror's vast balcony, less than a quarter of a day's ride from Athens.

The slave was elated when she discovered the royal library that housed an extensive collection of scrolls, and made it her habit to frequent it to broaden her mind, and escape the hardship of her plight. It was then she was truly thankful that her father hadn't been one to believe that teaching a daughter to read was a waste of time and effort.

But her favorite spot was in the Royal gardens at the lily pond with the peacocks and the swans and the sight that was spread from the bridge above it and the colors of the water lilies close to dusk.

She learned that the Conqueror's paid servants, who maintained her household, lived with their families in the servants' quarters within the palace walls. She took it upon herself to occupy their children so that they wouldn't disrupt their parents' duties. When the weather permitted it she strolled and played with them in the magnificent Royal gardens, and when it rained they remained indoors and listened to the elaborate stories the fertile imagination of a slave composed.

At first their parents hadn't been thrilled by the notion of a body slave minding their precious innocent children, knowing what her purpose in the palace had been; but once they saw how patient, kind and gentle she was with them, they were willing to disregard their reservations and judge her by merits alone.

One day in the kitchen the slave offered to help the assistant cook chopping fresh vegetables and such, but the cook, a heavy grey-haired woman, shook her head in protest and kept the slave from reaching the set of knives.

" The type of services she provides requires her hands to be smooth and soft," she told her assistant, " not rough and callous by any real labor."

The young slave's first reaction to the cook's words was surprise, but suddenly she became aware of the collar around her neck. By then she understood that it was the collar that identified her place in the scheme of things. Perhaps it was the years of servitude that prevented the young slave from taking offense by the cook's words, but they also made her realize that the Conqueror never demanded to be touched by her hands.

Most people in the palace left her alone and refrained from having anything to do with her. While some gave her the occasional repulsed look or unkind word, she took it all in her stride.

One morning, as she was taking her breakfast, the Conqueror's chambermaid, whom she had seen in the palace from time to time, entered the kitchen.

“Good morning,” the slave politely offered to the woman who reminded her of her sister.

“ Good morning to you, too, ” the chambermaid reciprocated and went to examine the content of the kettles over one of the burning stoves. “ You must be the Conqueror's new body slave,” she said with her back turned to the slave.

The slave dropped her head down.

“ My name is Satrina and I was the Conqueror's body slave too, so you needn't be shy with me, ” she said and joined the slave at the table. “ The Conqueror grew tired of me after less than a moon. Let me see… That was three winters ago. I was the last body slave the Conqueror ever acquired. I'm still a slave, but the Conqueror was gracious enough to grant me the privilege of my current position as chambermaid rather than have me resold.”

From then on, the two were friendly. Whenever they met, they would talk about their days, about their childhoods, but never about the Conqueror and never about their service to the Conqueror. It made the slave feel a little less isolated.

During these moons, the Conqueror summoned her slave for service once or twice, sometimes even three times a day, and it seemed as if her hunger for the slave had been growing as days passed by.

The Conqueror devoured the slave's body. She took her in every imaginable position… from behind, from the side, facing her, sitting down with the slave sitting on the Conqueror's knees impaled by the harnessed shaft, and sometimes she pushed her shaft into the slave's mouth. She took her in all places conceivable… in the Conqueror's private chambers, against the walls, on the floor, over furniture, in her bath, in her stables on fresh harvested hay, not minding whether the stable boy was there or not, in halls where the Conqueror held her meetings, in her gardens, in the woods on the south end of the palace either against trees, or on the hard ground, on military drilling fields, in her armory, wherever her fancy would take her. The Conqueror sent for her slave at all hours of the night, and the slave, still hazed with slumber, was led to meet with her Lord's desires.

No words were ever exchanged between them other than what was absolutely necessary for service purposes. The slave never expected anything else. She was a body slave. She was under no misconception. Her sole duty was clear and undeniable, to obey her Master's carnal desires, nothing more. Any childish hopes and aspirations had long disappeared, so much so that the slave couldn't even recall them or who she had been and how she had felt before she had been sold into slavery.

She learned to predict her Lord's preferences quite quickly and to address them even before an order had been issued. The slave particularly noticed the extensive attention her Lord paid to her rear twin globes and the orifice at the valley between them. The first time her Lord had penetrated it with her massive tool, pushing into the tight tunnel to fit her measure, the slave bled and couldn't walk straight or sit down easily for a fortnight. She could hardly contain it. However, with the ever-growing use of it, the easier it became to accommodate her Lord's length.


One evening after three moons had passed, Karpa, the steward of the Conqueror's household, gave the Conqueror an oral report regarding the state of her household.

Karpa was a chubby and somewhat pallid old man with snowy sparse hair and reddish cheeks. He was old school, to be sure. Straight as an arrow he was, and practiced his profession methodically and with an outstanding efficiency and precision. He honored the Conqueror, neither out of fear nor out of reverence for her office necessarily, but out of genuine respect for her conduct of governance.

"You may hire two more hands, if needed. Is that all?" the Conqueror asked him when he was finished.

" Well, I assume your Majesty has already heard about Gabrielle's heroic deed today, " he said and wheezed.

" Who?"

" Gabrielle, your Majesty " he repeated.

When he saw that the Conqueror's features remained sealed and didn't give any indication that she realized about whom had he spoken of, the old steward did his very best to conceal his shock at the fact that the Conqueror never took the trouble to learn the name of the lass that serviced her so intimately. Respectfully, he cleared his throat and replied: "Your Majesty's personal servant."

The Conqueror remained stoic. " What has she done? "

"Well, early this morning while she was strolling in the royal gardens, she saw nobleman Perous' young boy fall down a high fence he was trying to climb. He broke his leg and there was blood everywhere. She picked him up and rushed him inside where she set the bone and stopped the bleeding. She asked us to bring her certain herbs from which she concocted some smelly salve which reduce the swelling."

"Why didn't the healer treat the boy?"

"It had taken the healer six candle marks to get here. He had been otherwise engaged. We were so very fortunate she was there, your Majesty, or the child's life would have been lost. She seemed to know what she was doing,” he said, not without the proper amount of enthusiasm.

The Conqueror seemed unmoved.

" Why is nobleman Perous staying in the palace?" The Conqueror finally said.

"He asks for an audience with your Majesty."

"Tell him I will see him tomorrow morning. Now, have her sent to my chambers .

When the slave appeared in the Conqueror's suite, she was ordered to bend over a chair, but the Conqueror's voice that night sounded slightly less determined than usual.


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