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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge

Part 21

The next day, the Conqueror carried her wife, who held their daughter in her arms, back to the Imperial chambers. A chamber close to the Imperial chambers had been prepared and fully equipped for the little heir to the throne.

Karpa, the old steward hired the services of wet nurses, servants and a governess to attend the princess. It proved difficult for Gabrielle to abdicate her motherly responsibility to her child. She felt the severance of their bond like a deep cut into her own flesh. The loss staggered her. This was the first time and she rued it would not be the last.

"You are Queen," the Conqueror reminded her.

"I understand, my Lord," the Queen replied.

"And the child was born to rule."

"I understand that as well. Would my Lord please grant me just a few more nights with our child in our bed?"

The Conqueror paused to consider her wife's plea then decided, "There's precious little I can deny you, my Lady."

"Thank you, my gracious Lord," the Queen whispered and her eyes never left her infant daughter. No matter how long a time she looked at her, it seemed that the Queen's need to observe, study and marvel at their novel creation knew no satiation.

The Conqueror joined her wife in bed and took the infant into her arms.

"I can see you are still in pain, Madame," the Conqueror pointed out when she saw a brief wrinkle of agony crossing her wife's features.

"It will pass, my Lord," the Queen dismissed, but the Conqueror wouldn't let it alone. She sent for one of the nurses to attend to the child, and when she was left alone with her Queen, she pulled up her wife's nightgown, removed her undergarments and examined her wife's nether region.

She then took the salve the healer had given her and gently applied it to the scathed area with her fingertips.

"It's been a while," the Queen suggested longingly, when she felt her Lord's touch against her most intimate organ.

"All the more reason for us to restore your health as quickly as possible, my little vixen," the Conqueror replied with a wily and aroused look in her eyes.

The Queen opened her nightstand's drawer and took out her collar and fastened it back around her right thigh. "Just as my water broke, I removed it."

"You did well not to allow your subjects to discover it," the Conqueror was pleased. She began to nuzzle and nibble the Queen's creamy inner thighs and occasionally laid tender kisses on the apex of the Queen's womanhood. The Queen's unique scent of arousal hit her nostrils, and generated desire in the Conqueror.

The Queen moaned and arched her back in a seductive, alluring invitation and began to knead her luscious breasts, until small trickles of white liquid oozed out of her nipples.

"Not until you recover, Majesty," the Conqueror's tongue slithered over the Queen's belly till it reached its destination. The Conqueror closed her lips around her wife's pebbled nipple and commenced a gently suckling, "Hmmm… you are simply tasty everywhere, my Queen," she groaned in delight.

The Queen laughed. She reveled in the sensations of her nipple being engulfed by the warm cavern of her Lord's mouth. Her breast being gently sucked and the warm motherly liquid being forced to stream out of her, tickling the tip.

"If you keep this up, my Lord, you shall doom your daughter to starvation," the Queen jested and moaned equally.

"Let her latch her greedy little mouth around someone else's nipples and suckle someone else's breasts. These are mine." The Conqueror, who was in an exceptionally good humor, cupped her wife's breasts possessively to accentuate her point.

The Queen couldn't harness her laughter, but the Conqueror's lips did. Gabrielle wrapped her arms around her Lord's neck and lost herself as she drank her Lord's deep smoldering kisses.

"When you are well enough, we shall celebrate," the Conqueror determined when her lips departed from her Queen's.

"I shall very much like that, my Lord," the Queen replied.

The Conqueror rose from their bed.

"Must you leave me so soon, my Lion?"

"I have an Empire to manage, but I shall return to you as soon as I can, my precious Lady."

When the Conqueror rested her hand over the door, she stopped and reached inside an inner pocket and retrieved a small ornamented wooden box. She returned to their bed and served it to her Queen. "A token of my profound gratitude," she offered.

The Queen opened the box. Inside, she saw a marvelous broach, made of red gold incrusted with breathtaking rubies, cut and carved to perfection.

"Thank you. It is exquisite. My Lord has excellent taste and a good eye for pretty things," she said and placed a quick kiss on her Lord's lips.

"Don't I?!" the Conqueror winked her eye and kissed her wife in return, "Be sure to keep off your feet," the Conqueror reminded her as she turned and left.


"The Lord Conqueror and her Majesty the Queen," the voice of the ceremony master announced.

All eyes in the Great Hall turned to the entrance. It had been a moon since the Queen had given birth and all were curios to catch a glimpse at the heir to the throne and their next Ruler.

The Conqueror, holding the small infant in her arms, and the Queen strode together. On their way to their thrones, their subjects either bowed or curtsied, and waited patiently for the Royal couple to take their seat.

The Conqueror rose to her feet and lifted the infant up in the air, "I present to you my heir and future Sovereign of the Realm, Princess Xena Athena," she declared.

"Your Grace," they bowed and curtsied before the small golden-haired child.

The Conqueror gently placed the infant in the Queen's protective embrace, which remained seated on her throne. "Nobleman and Ladies of the Realm," the Conqueror engrossed her subjects' attention, "Princess Lao-Ling," she stated then gestured languidly with her arm at the direction of mother and child, "My family!"

All nobility in attendance clapped their hands in their honor.

The Queen sent a sideway glance towards her Lord and saw her Lord's chest expand and swell with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

In the Great Hall stood long tables that seemed to stretch forever, and on top of them stood large urns filled with wine, ale and mead. As if on cue, servants entered the Great Hall carrying large trays loaded with roasted lamb, vegetables and fruits of the sea.

"Enjoy the banquet and drink to your hearts' content," exclaimed the Conqueror as she seated herself on her throne.

There was a sense of relief and peace in the Great Hall that day. With the Conqueror declaring her heir and division in the Realm pacified, things seemed to be back on the right course.

Princess Lao-Ling approached the thrones. She curtsied before the Royal family and both the Queen and the Conqueror bowed their heads in respect.

"Congratulations, your Majesties," she offered with a broad smile as the sparkle in her eyes showed her true heart.

"Thank you, dear Princess," responded the Conqueror, "Your healer was a blessing."

The Queen beckoned a nurse to take the child off her hands. She then turned to the princess of the house of Lao, "Sister," she sighed, rose to her feet and embraced the oriental princess. "Words cannot express my deep gratitude for your generosity."

"It was the least I could offer you, sister, and I feel privileged to be in the position to offer you any assistance I can provide. Now please allow me to gaze upon the Imperial jewel," the princess smiled and the nurse holding the infant presented the small bundle and gently removed the blanket shielding her small features.

"She is definitely your daughter, Majesties," Princess Lao-Ling smiled.

"Thank you, princess, and your generosity will not be forgotten. If ever you need any assistance which is within my power to give, you need only ask and you shall receive it," the Conqueror said.

Lady Lila, accompanied by her husband and two children, approached the thrones as well to offer her formal congratulations, and she took the opportunity to thank the Conqueror again for bestowing upon her the great honor and privilege of being governess to Macedonia.

The Conqueror's brother Toris, was next to approach the thrones.

"May her Grace bring you great pleasure and comfort, Majesties," he blessed them with his eyes fixated on his feet.

"Raise your head, brother," the Conqueror said without a vestige of order in her voice. "We are forever in your debt, and it would please us both if you'd be a devoted uncle to our daughter," she said and gazed at her Queen.

"I will, your Majesty," replied the older brother, and he realized that it was the Conqueror's pleasure that he wouldn't have any claim as the child's father but rather an uncle to the princess.

As the banquet progressed, the Queen sauntered around the Great Hall, exchanging pleasantries with her subjects. From a distance, she spotted Captain Cornelius and she noticed him eyeing Lady Satrina, who was sitting by him at the table. From her vantage the Queen observed how he poured wine into the lady's goblet, never letting it dry out, and kept her plate constantly filled with fish, which the lady had a special fondness for. The Queen smiled inwardly.

When the Queen returned back to her seat next to her Lord's, she asked for the nurse to hand over her daughter. She could barely stand being away from the Lion's cub. In spite of how others in the Realm might perceive her, in the Queen's mind the child was simply her daughter, her own flesh and blood. One of the Queen's greatest sorrows when she had first been sold into slavery was the fear that she would not experience motherhood. True, she had taken under consideration that being a body slave, ever constantly at the mercy of whoever owned her, she might give birth, as these were just the facts of life. But as she had soon learnt, the children that were the progeny of slaves were ripped from their mothers' arms soon after birth and were sold into slavery as well.

And here she was now, Queen of the Realm, fiercely protected by her Lord, who was the most powerful individual in the world, and their child was of her Lord's blood. Nothing and no one could ever touch them. Nothing could ever harm them, and nothing could ever keep them apart.

"You seem deep within your thoughts, sister." The Queen heard Princess Lao-Ling voice pulling her back into the Great Hall.

"All happy thoughts, I assure you, sister," replied the Queen.

"Perhaps you might wish to talk privately, with the Lord Conqueror's permission?" the Princess asked and looked at the Conqueror, who downed her second goblet of wine, seeking her approval.

"Are the two of you conspiring against me, Ladies?" The Conqueror was in high spirits, but it wasn't the wine. It was then the Queen realized she had never seen, in all their years together, the Conquer inebriated with intoxicants. It didn't surprise her, though. The Conqueror was the epitome of control, not just of others but also of herself. She preferred and favored her mind sharp at all times, rather than addled and dull.

"Never, my gracious Lord," the Queen smiled.

"Not at all, your Majesty," the Princess chuckled.

"Well, go on then," the Conqueror waved her hand at them.

The Queen and the Chinese sovereign walked together to sit at a secluded spot. They sat at one of the singular tables in one of the Great Hall's corners.

The Queen looked down and gazed upon her slumbering daughter, wondering how she could sleep with all the commotion around her.

"I know you well enough, sister, not to inquire about your private affairs regarding your Lord," the Princess began.

The Queen didn't look up to meet Princess Lao-Ling's eyes. She placed her forefinger into the infant's hand, and tiny Athena quickly gripped it.

"My Lord has been kind and extremely attentive towards me, especially after I gave birth to our daughter," the Queen said.

"It is no wonder, sweet sister, anyone with eyes in their heads can see how proud the Conqueror is of you and the little princess," the Chinese monarch said.

"Indeed, sister," theQueen replied.

"You have given the Lord Conqueror the heir she desired."

"And I am very happy with my new role in life as a mother."

"You have fulfilled your destiny and you are forever bonded with your Lord," Princess Lao-Ling told the Queen.

"Is it true?"

"Every word of it," the Princess reassured the Queen and watched as the Queen's forest green eyes welled up with tears.

"Thank you, beloved sister." The Queen finally managed and took hold of her overwhelming emotions. "Now, enough about me. Please tell me about yourself… has anyone conquered your heart yet?"

The Princess burst into laughter at the Queen's interesting choice of words. "Dear sister, I can only wish for myself to feel such monumental love the way you feel towards your Lord."

Both Royal women stood up. The Princess escorted mother and child back to the thrones, to the right side of the Conqueror.

"Thank you again, Lord Conqueror for your magnificent hospitality."

"My deepest gratitude, Princess, for the devotion and kindness you have shown my Queen, and the great honor you have shown me," the Conqueror slightly bowed her head in gratitude.

Near midnight, after their guests gradually left the Great Hall, the Conqueror and the Queen, still holding their precious daughter, sauntered towards the Imperial Chambers.

As the Queen was about to enter their chambers, the Conqueror beckoned one of the nurses who walked a few paces behind them to approach.

"Take the child to her nursery," she ordered.

The nurse took the infant, whom the Queen reluctantly handed over to her.

The Queen issued no objection in front of the servant and saved her reservation until she and her Lord were alone in their bedchamber.

And once in their bedchamber, the Queen turned to her Lord and pleaded, "My Lord, can't our daughter sleep with us tonight?"

"It won't do to spoil her, and I forbid it. She must sleep in her own bed, in her own chamber," the Conqueror was firm but not harsh. Then her chiseled face softened a little. "Besides," she continued, "I need you tonight, Gabrielle." The Conqueror emphasized the word 'I'.

The Queen melted upon hearing her Lord's last sentence, and at once she felt famished and she hungered for her Lord's subjugating touch. It only took one small statement of fact from her Lord to bring desire down upon her - desire, with her motherly duties seemed to be lying somewhat dormant as of late.

"I am ever willingly yours, my Lord," the Queen whispered.

On their bed, the Queen spread her legs and gave access. She felt her right leg being lifted and placed over her Lord's shoulder, and her Lord's large, hard sex grinding against hers. The Conqueror suspended her weight on her arms, with her fists on each side of Gabrielle's head.

The Queen watched her Lord's arms stretch, her biceps bulging and flexing with the strain of her slow fluid movements against her.

The Conqueror was slow and patient with her wife that night.

"You will come with me…" the Conqueror commanded under her ragged breath, "Now!"

As a long overdue release overtook her, the Queen believed it was by her Lord's sheer reigning voice that she had been brought so powerfully and shatteringly over the edge.

The Conqueror got off her Queen, stood up and turned to walk towards the pitcher of water standing on the nearby table.

It had been pleasurable, but something was amiss. It was a different play that the Queen sought after that night. With one hand she reached and grasped her Lord's large, callused hand, and with the other, she opened her Lord's nightstand drawer and took out her Lord's harness, the phallus attached to the leather stripes.

"Please, my Lord… I won't break…" the Queen meekly spoke as her Lord turned to stand facing her in all her naked glory.

The Queen extended her tongue and licked the thick confection of their mixed nectars of spent desire off the Conqueror's strong thighs, standing in front of her like twin pillars.

She felt her Lord's dictatorial fingers barrowing into her scalp and her tight fist around a few strands of her golden hair then, her head being firmly and steadily guided to her Lord's throbbing, cocked and erect knob of flesh.

The sensation of taking her Lord's stiff erection into her yearning warm mouth, to taste and smell her Lord's carnal lust so condensed and purified, nearly made the Queen shiver with another climax. It made her taste buds come alert and her mouth water. Her entire senses were overloaded, and a fresh flux of fluids was seeping out of her and it formed a puddle on the sheets beneath her.

With her mouth so perfectly stuffed with her Lord, she began sucking and licking the hard yet tender flesh and marveled at its texture against her busy tongue. If she were to die right then, she thought, it would have been after experiencing the greatest pleasure this mortal existence had to offer.

She looked up and saw her Lord's face high above her, looking down and fixated on her, sitting on the bed and poised between her strapping legs. The expression of pure, unadulterated pleasure was too great for words. Her eyes were dark, stormy and heavily hooded and her lips pursed. The Conqueror was the picture of focus on the sensations her Queen invoked in her.

The Queen felt her head being pressed harder against her Lord's sex and her Lord's loins being thrust harder against her face. She spread her palms over her Lord's taut backside and reveled in the feeling of strong muscles breathing and constricting under the soft skin. She failed to notice her nails digging into and scratching the seemingly unbreakable flesh.

The Queen understood right away and pushed her upper lip into her Lord's pulsating hardness and opened her mouth widely to absorb her Lord's raging stream of release, easily hitting the back of her throat.

When the final grunt came out of her Lord, Gabrielle backed away and gingerly licked her lips, not wishing to lose a single drop of her Lord's abundance.

The Queen buckled the harness around her Lord's pelvis and turned, now standing on her knees over the Imperial bed. She grabbed hold of the bed's headboard and braced herself.

"My hot deep cleft is crying for you. My insides are crying for you, my Lord. Please fill me as only you can," she moaned and immediately felt her Lord's weight pressing down against the bed behind her, her Lord's probing fingers against her centre appeared to the Queen as though examining her readiness and wholesomeness, making sure she could withstand and contain the impending encroachment of her Lord's full measure.

The Conqueror hadn't penetrated her like this in moons, due to the Queen's pregnancy and difficult childbirth. The gentle, unselfish gesture touched Gabrielle.

With the Queen's head drooped between her shoulders as preparation, the Conqueror held her neck with one hand, and soon after, the thick long shaft slowly slid inside her, then withdrew just as slowly. The Conqueror reined in her imperious desire.

The Queen craved to be taken roughly to her very core. She desired a rattling deliverance. She danced against her Lord, spurring and stimulating her to increase her pace.

"I feel your need thumping at my wet opening, my Lord…" the Queen sighed loudly, "It is so big and hard, my Lord…"

The Conqueror tightened her grip around the Queen's neck in instinct, and ushered her phallus back into the Queen's crevice. Firmly, the dark Lord rammed inside, pushing until her member was buried in the Queen's womanhood.

The Queen wanted to roam her hands over the strong body that was fucking her from behind, but she couldn't let go of the headboard. The Conqueror's pounding was too powerful, and Gabrielle needed something to hold on to, to keep steady.

Their special bond was renewed and cemented by each of the Conqueror's owning stabs into the Queen's gushing slit.

"How I've missed you inside me, my Lord," the Queen moaned.

Her fists around the headboard whitened as she took her Lord's forceful jostles, skewering her flesh into submission. Her sex throbbed mercilessly with abandoned wantonness and sweet, delicious pain.

"It's been long… Too long since last I've plowed you like this, hasn't it?" the Conqueror savored every word like she could taste them.

Their bedchamber was encumbered with the odor of their bodily fluids and the sounds of two bodies slamming fiercely and rapidly against one another.

The Conqueror warned her Queen just before the roar began, and pinched her swollen nub. With her rotating pummeling, the dark Lord held tight to Gabrielle's hips as thrusting spasms wracked their bodies and they came in hot spurts.

The Queen could still feel the Conqueror's organ inside her even though the Conqueror had already pulled out of the tight canal.

The Conqueror's mouth crashed onto Gabrielle's, her tongue pushing roughly through to stroke inside her Queen's mouth. Calloused hands raked almost brutally over Gabrielle's bare body, and scraped against sensitive leaky nipples, while Gabrielle writhed beneath her.

"Thank you, my gracious Lord. I needed it," the Queen, still heaving, whispered when the urgent explosion ended.

"We both needed it," the Conqueror responded, and she felt Gabrielle's petite hands searching for something between their entwined sweaty bodies.

The Conqueror chuckled.

"You like falling asleep with me still inside you, don't you, my insatiable little minx?" the Conqueror asked, not in criticism but rather in fondness and gathered the smaller woman into her arms, until the Queen's back connected with her chest.

The Queen nodded her head in approval, whilst her Lord's arm pillowed her head.

The Conqueror led her rigid, still saturated length and inserted it back inside her tranquil Queen.



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