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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge

Part 22

As the years passed, the Princess grew, and from her very early years of life, it was apparent that she was bigger, taller and stronger than her peers, very much to the Conqueror's satisfaction.

It seemed that the young royal tot was quick to learn everyone's place in the grander scheme of things, including her own. Young Athena looked upon the Queen as her equal, but she was wise enough to recognize that the Conqueror wasn't, but rather placed above her, very much the paramount of the world surrounding her.

From the very beginning, she would enjoy throwing the toys given to her by the Queen to the ground only to see the servants and nurses hurrying to bend down and pick them up for her. She took pleasure in watching their obedience before her and their addressing her by her honorific, 'Your Grace.'

The Princess would demand certain clothes, foods or any other object for that matter to be brought to her, and she enjoyed watching all at her attendance scurrying around her like flies to meet with her orders and satisfy her every whim and demand, much to the Queen's dismay.

The Queen considered it rude and reprehensible behavior, but the Conqueror dismissed her wife's concerns, stating time and again, "She is to rule them all one day. Best if she practiced her power over them at this early stage and best if they learnt to obey her and make it their second nature to submit to her will."

When young Athena sought after affection, warmth, comfort and tender spoiling, she knew to approach the Queen specifically to satisfy those needs.

And if it was a story she was after, then the Queen was by far the best storyteller to go to. It was always a story about a giant majestic lion that was wise and strong and a young girl with a golden hair. The lion befriended the young girl and protected her. The lion would always save the golden girl, even from three wolves at once. However, one time it was the golden girl who saved the lion from some mysterious illness. No matter what they faced, the girl from the Queen's story would always offer love, friendship and comfort to the lion, and the lion loved the girl in return. The Queen called it ‘The Adventures of the Lion and the Golden Girl' and the young Princess couldn't hear enough of it.

The Conqueror provided little Athena with different things, altogether. She learned early on not to exhibit weakness or defiance in the Conqueror's presence. It wasn't that she had ever gotten any harsh reaction from the Conqueror in that regard; she simply sensed that the Conqueror wouldn't tolerate it, and she was sentient and keen to the way her mother acted in the Conqueror's presence.

As soon as the child was able to walk, the Conqueror often took her young daughter to strategy meetings with her advisors and military personal. She would flaunt her blessed, gifted and talented offspring arrogantly before her more distinguished guests, and as soon as her grip was strong enough, the Conqueror placed in it a small practicing sword she had had made for her.

"Isn't she a bit young for swordplay, my Lord?" the Queen asked her Lord once.

"Not at all, Madame. I was her age when first I held a sword in my hand," the Conqueror replied with a tone of voice that the Queen knew better than to argue with.

A vast hall near the armory was assigned for the sole purpose of practice, and the Conqueror made the time to tutor her young daughter in the art of sparring herself, and with other weapons other than a sword, as well. The Conqueror was beyond pleased and even relieved when she witnessed her child exhibiting uncanny, raw and natural talent in the area of martial arts.

The Conqueror allowed the Queen to observe their drillings from time to time, and the Queen quickly learned to fight off her maternal instincts whenever her daughter sustained a bruise during those sessions. She did adore, however, watching her Lord strictly yet patiently instruct their daughter and become inflated with smugness and conceit whenever their daughter succeeded and excelled in her trainings.

It was the Queen who taught young Athena to read and write. She had other tutors for Latin, arithmetic, philosophy and geography.

The Conqueror discouraged her young daughter from associating and mingling with the palace staff's children and forbade her from playing or idly consorting with them. To the young child, that was the hardest demand the Conqueror had ever expected her to comply with.

"She is just a child, my gracious Lord," the Queen would appeal to the Conqueror at the behest of their daughter. "She needs the company of other children her age," she reasoned.

"What my daughter needs is what I deem she needs, Madame," the Conqueror replied.

The Queen lowered her head. "Of course, my Lord," she said in resignation, "I simply worry that she might be isolated."

The Conqueror considered her wife's expressed concern. "Very well. I shall summon some of the children of the Realm's nobility to keep her company," she said. "Would that satisfy you, my Lady?"

"It would, my charitable Lord. Of course we could always provide our firstborn with sisters and brothers of her own,” the Queen smiled softly.

But the Conqueror didn't respond and the Queen didn't press on the matter any further, thinking it was too soon perhaps.

Though the Conqueror maintained rigorous discipline, she showered her daughter with gifts and affection. She would lift up the small child in her strong arms and throw her up in the air and catch her back in her arms, eliciting a rolling, contagious sweet laughter out of the child's mouth. The Conqueror would often take Athena riding with her. She would seat her daughter in the saddle in front of her and would secure her tightly in her arms as she rode, and Athena would clap her hands and throw her little arms in the air as the Conqueror would drive the animal faster, making the wind blow widely in their manes. It seemed like the young Princess didn't know fear.

The Queen found it charming and adorable that the tiny fair-haired child appeared to have found her way into the Conqueror's heart.

The Conqueror kept the promise she had made to her Queen and took her to inspect the hospice, which had been built in Macedonia as a birthday present from the Conqueror to her Queen, one that offered free healing services to the Realm's destitute subjects.

The hospice exceeded the Queen's expectations, and soon enough she pleaded with her Lord that others just like the one in Macedonia be built in each of the Realm's provinces.

"It is quite a costly enterprise, my Lady," the Conqueror said when she contemplated her Queen's request.

"It would demonstrate my Lord's great ability for compassion towards her loyal subjects," the Queen contended.

"Hmmm…" the Conqueror didn't sound convinced.

The Queen chose a different argument, which she suspected would be better accepted by her Lord. "My Lord, better health for your people will further strengthen and secure the Realm. Better health means fewer and better contained outbreaks of plagues, lower mortality rate, more able bodies to fight in your name, and fewer grievances…"

But the Conqueror didn't let her finish, "Clever you, my Lady," she muttered amused, "So be it."

And thus, in a few short years hospices modeled after the one in Macedonia were built in each and every province in the Realm.

A few moons shy of the young Princess' fourth summer, the Conqueror had informed the Queen that their daughter would soon be attending the military academy in Rome . The Queen was devastated upon hearing the grim news. She never anticipated that her beloved daughter would be ripped from her arms at such an early stage in her life. She hoped she would have a few more years with her, and she regretted all the pampering she had not yet done.

“ Rome is far away, my Lord. Aren't there any military academies in Greece?” the Queen inquired, hoping against hope to reverse her Lord's decision or at the very least influence her Lord into making modifications to it, though she already knew deep in her heart that the Conqueror never changed her mind.

“There are two academies in Greece , but the one in Rome is the best and the most prestigious. It has the best instructors and the most diverse and richest curriculum. All the Realm's nobility are trying to have their children be accepted there. It would benefit our child the most. You do wish that our daughter would have the best education we can provide her with, don't you?” the Conqueror asked, but when she detected a hint of grief in her wife's eyes, she went on to say, “I give you my word that we shall visit with her as often as you wish, my Lady . I shall acquire a villa closest to the military academy so that we can visit her as many times as you desire.”

The Queen rose to stand on her toes and placed a kiss filled with gratitude against her Lord's jaw.

“You're welcome, my Lady,” the Conqueror smiled and shook her head at the Queen's soft heart, which she knew only too well, that it was precisely that quality that endeared her wife to her so.

A night before Athena's admission into the Roman Military Academy, which of course was only too delighted to receive such an esteemed student into their midst, the Queen spent the entire night shedding tears in the new villa the Conqueror had purchased in Rome.

In bed, the Conqueror took pity on her wife, and embraced the trembling body tightly against hers and soothed the weeping Queen throughout the night.

The next morning at first light the Conqueror and the Queen took the Princess and made their short journey to the Academy. They were received with a welcome befitting their station. Parents who had come to escort their children were very impressed when they learned that the Princess was attending the same institution as their own flesh and blood.

“Barely four years old, her Grace is the youngest ever to be admitted to the Academy,” the headmaster informed the Royal couple. “Your Majesties must be very proud .”

“Indeed we are, headmaster,” the Conqueror said.

The headmaster crouched next to the Princess, “Welcome to the Academy, your Grace,” he said.

“I'm honored to be here, headmaster,” the Princess replied politely.

“Athena, go ahead and join your classmates,” the Conqueror looked down at her daughter.

“Be safe and be on your best behavior, sweetheart,” the Queen tried to hide the tremor in her voice and released her grip from her daughter's shoulders.

“Don't worry, mother, I will,” Athena said.

The Queen wished to kiss her daughter goodbye one last time, but she opted against it so as not to cause any embarrassment either to her Lord, or to the Princess.

“Mind your tutors,” the Conqueror instructed her daughter.

“I will, your Majesty,” Athena promised.

“I expect you to excel in your studies.”

I will. Goodbye, your Majesty,” Athena waved her hand at the Conqueror.

“Make me proud,” the Conqueror called out after her, as she saw the young Princess turn on her heels, run into the Academy and disappear behind its large wooden doors.

“You needn't worry, your Majesty,” the headmaster assured the Queen, “We'll take good care of her Grace. Only students and faculty are allowed on Academy grounds, and the Lord Conqueror has increased security substantially.”

“Thank you, headmaster,” the Queen said.

“I will personally keep your Majesties well informed regarding her Grace's progress and well-being as frequently as possible,” he tried to comfort the obviously distraught Queen and put her mind at ease.

"It would be greatly appreciated, headmaster. Thank you," the Queen said, yet she was already missing her pride and joy.

As the Royal couple, accompanied by their entourage, made their way back to port, the Conqueror wrapped her arm around her Queen's shoulders to console her, and didn't begrudge the Queen her overt sentimentality.

When they boarded the fastest ship in the Imperial armada, the Conqueror took over command of the vessel. When the steering wheel was in the Conqueror's hands, the Queen, who stood by her side, turned to her and asked, "Back to Corinth , my Lord?"

"Not yet, my Lady. Our first stop is Crete , the isle which I had given you to govern before we were married," the Conqueror said and kept her gaze forward, fixated on the vast blue horizon. With their beloved daughter in the Roman Academy , the Conqueror wished to provide her Queen with a distraction, with an employment to keep her occupied, which she hoped would lessen or at least ease to some extent the Queen's longing for her young child.

"That sounds very refreshing, my Lord," the Queen tried to sound convincing, but she sounded less than exuberant, nevertheless.

"It might do you some good. Crete is currently governed by Nobleman Paterikis. I have allowed him to govern Crete thus far, due to our nuptials and the birth of our daughter, which has kept you, my Lady, quite engaged."

The gentle rocking of the ship against the waves, and the salty breeze soothed the Queen, "Indeed, my Lord."

The Conqueror noticed her Queen's body gradually calming, which was the desired result of the voyage.

"I have ordered Nobleman Paterikis to relinquish his current position and I have granted him a lucrative province to govern instead of Crete , which is ample compensation, I assure you. Nevertheless, in spite of my specific orders he still remains in Crete ."

"Does he know we are on route to Crete , my Lord?" asked the Queen.

"He ought to. I had dispatched one tenth of my fleet to Crete before we left for Rome ," the Conqueror replied as she steered the vessel starboard, and ordered her men to adjust the ship's sails to the wind.

"Always prepared…" the Queen smiled.

"Always, my Lady," her Lord confirmed.

"Has he given any reason as to his delay?"

"He gave some unconvincing excuses, which I refused to accept."

"May I ask, my Lord, why not allow him to govern Crete in my name?" asked the Queen.

"He has grown too attached to the position and he might feel entitled and therefore unyielding. Nobleman Paterikis will not relinquish it," the Conqueror explained. "You may appoint an administrator of your own choosing, who would know his place and accept your authority. Furthermore, it is my desire that the proceeds of your province after taxes to the Realm, would be saved in your very own exchequer. It is important to me that you shall have some fortune of your own."

"My Lord's generosity and wisdom are endless," the Queen stated with gratitude. It wasn't the prospect of riches that moved the Queen. It was her Lord's evident concern and even care, she dared to hope, that did. If she had what she desired most of all her Lord, she would be contented to live as a beggar.

The winds were with them and the sea was benevolent and calm. The Queen remained on deck, close to the Conqueror as they sailed. She secretly derived great pleasure in watching her Lord commanding the ship's crew. That pleasure soon transformed into sexual hunger. The Queen looked at her Lord and saw her magnificent, strong and lengthy body becoming wired with tension and vigilance; her cerulean eyes becoming darker and holding a lascivious look in them.

The Queen wondered whether her Lord's sexual awakening was the result of sailing on the open sea or was it a reaction to her own arousal.

Modestly, the docile Queen placed her hand over her right thigh, where the leather collar had been fastened around like a garter; the leather collar, which over the years had symbolized for them some aspects, the idiosyncrasy of their relationship, such as it was. It was the Queen's subtle way of indicating to her Lord her desire to service.

A cursory, devilish half smile on the Conqueror's lips informed the Queen that her mute message was received, loud and clear.

The Conqueror beckoned the secondary commander to grab hold of the steering wheel. She then placed a gentle hand under the Queen's elbow, prompting her to join her in a private area near the ship's stern, away from prying eyes.

"Nothing would please me more than to take you downstairs and ravage your body…" the Conqueror whispered and traced the Queen's lips with her fingertip.

"But I am Queen, and what would my Lord's men think if my Lord were to take me down below and make me scream…" the Queen finished her Lord's sentence.

"If they see me abandoning my post and leading you downstairs, they will know the reason," the Conqueror said. She knew it to be true, for her men had seen her doing it in the past and the noises that had emanated from her cabin had left little room for error.

The Queen encompassed her Lord's caressing hand with her petite hands, parted her lips and led her Lord's finger into the warm cavern of her mouth. She then slowly and sensually sucked her Lord's forefinger and moved her tongue along its length, never breaking eye contact with the Conqueror.

The Queen saw the Conqueror's eyes narrow and her breath come out quick and shallow.

The heat radiating from the Conqueror's body surpassed that of the shining sun, and she placed her other hand over the railing. The sight of her Queen's head moving forwards and backwards over her finger, with her golden hair shimmering in the sun, was almost the Conqueror's undoing.

"You are a wicked, wicked wife," the Conqueror scolded the Queen. Her voice was amused yet husky with want she was clearly straining to master. She stepped forward and closed the short gap between the Queen's body and her own, till the massive bulge of her crotch pressed blatantly against the Queen's stomach.

The Queen suppressed a moan. She removed one hand away from the Conqueror's and hastily reached for the Conqueror's leather trousers. She unbuttoned the dark garment and drew out her Lord's hefty and intruding cock.

Never neglecting her vigorous sucking on her Lord's finger, the Queen brought her palm to the Conqueror's mouth.

The Conqueror understood the gesture. She licked her Queen's palm and delivered as much of her saliva as she could possibly gather for moisture.

The Queen didn't delay any further. She returned her wet palm and closed it tightly around her Lord's pushy member. She began to slide her gripping hand along the length of the tool that ruled her, delivering long steady strokes, pressing the base of the shaft hard against her Lord's raw and aching need.

"Keep sucking me."

With her finger still deep in the Queen's mouth and throat, along with the urgent beats of her shaft to her sex, the sensation of the moist tender flesh surrounding her finger made the Conqueror feel as though her shaft was made flesh - a meaty extension of her sex and that it was her own flesh that was sucked so keenly by the Queen's sweet hot mouth.

"The things you do to me…make me want to come so hard."

The Conqueror's voice was rusty with lust and drove the Queen wild with scathing desire. She was soaking wet between her thighs and the familiar throbs of her clit were insufferable. She felt her sex canal strongly contracting and painfully sucking on emptiness, it nearly caused her to cry tears.

"Suck me harder," the Conqueror urged her.

The Queen increased the suction as was demanded.

"I will come inside your little mouth. I will irrigate your beautiful deep throat." the Conqueror prepared her, "and I order you to come with me."

With eyes shut tightly and reticent shivers through their gratified bodies, the Conqueror and the Queen suffered their rapture in silence, not wishing to be overheard by the men on board.

The Conqueror extracted her finger out of the Queen's mouth, tucked her member back inside her leather trousers, which were now soiled by the stains of her lust.

"Are you satisfied, my naughty little wife?!"

The Queen's lips curled upwards into an amused and wily smile, "For now, my Lord, " she replied, "and I wish to remind you, that it was you, my Lord that taught me once that all warfare is based on trickery ."

The Conqueror mirrored her wife's smile. "Serves me right to teach battle strategies to a clever woman, once our business in Crete is concluded, we shall make another stop on our journey before returning to Corinth ."

The Queen felt the beginning of exuberance forming in the pit of her stomach. "Where, my Lord?" she asked.

"It's a surprise," the Conqueror replied and returned back to take command.



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