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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge

Part 23

When their ship reached Crete 's shores, it anchored. The Queen was lowered to a small boat and the Conqueror joined her. Four men commenced vigorous rowing and in a short while they reached dry land.

The second in command of the Royal Guard along with Lady Satrina, the Queen's lady in waiting, bowed before the Conqueror and the Queen. "Your Majesties," they greeted them.

"Any word from Nobleman Paterikis?" the Conqueror addressed her question to the Royal Guard' second in command.

"No, Majesty. He hasn't greeted us and he hasn't dispatched his guards, either," he answered.

"Well, he is not foolish enough to raise arms against the Imperial Guard."

When the Conqueror, the Queen and their entourage arrived at Nobleman Paterikis' manor the Nobleman and his wife, Lady Octavia, greeted them. The Conqueror was shown to Nobleman Paterikis' study, while the Queen and her lady in waiting were shown to Lady Octavia's chambers.

Once in Nobleman Paterikis' study, the Conqueror clasped her hands together behind her back and turned to Nobleman Paterikis. "What is the meaning of your brazen insubordination, Nobleman? Am I to be expected to come here and remove you by force myself!?" the Conqueror frowned.

"I deeply apologize, your Majesty, for the inexcusable delay. As your Majesty can see, I am already packed and ready to leave for my next station which your gracious Majesty has assigned for me," he said and pointed his finger to the large crates in various corners of his study.

"I am sure that you had these packed as soon as you saw the Imperial Guards' boots touch Crete ' soil," she stated.

"I beg your forgiveness, Majesty, I meant no dis–"

But the Conqueror didn't allow him to finish his statement. "How much longer?" she asked with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

"Two days at the most," he quickly replied.

The Conqueror narrowed her eyes. "I do not take kindly to any sordid games, and if you think that I'm inclined to partake in such games, you are grossly mistaken. You will leave Crete tomorrow at first light."

"By your will, Majesty," he said.

"Make all the necessary arrangements by then."

"Of course, Majesty."

"Consider this my first and only warning to you."

"Yes, your Majesty."

"And another thing, you will hold a meeting today with her Majesty the Queen along with your secretary, administrator and steward and you will render a full and extensive report as to Crete 's current state."

"It will be done, forthwith. In the meantime, your Majesty is welcome to visit the winery and help herself to the vast selection of wine," he said.

"That is very good of you, Nobleman Paterikis."

Meanwhile, in Lady Octavia's chambers sat the Queen along with Lady Satrina as they sipped tea.

"I am sorry for taking you away from the Lord Conqueror, but I find politics extremely dreary," said Lady Octavia, a woman slightly older than thirty years of age, who dressed in excellent taste.

"Some find it extremely invigorating," replied the Queen, "but I am sure it is not for everyone's taste."

"I heard her Grace the Princess was admitted to the Roman Military Academy . That is quite impressive."

"Indeed." The Queen's response was a mixture of longing and pride.

"It is an excellent institution. My boy attends it."

"So you must be very proud as well," offered the Queen.

"And then some. I am a lucky woman, but not as lucky as your Majesty," Lady Octavia went on with her chatters.

The Queen raised an eyebrow. "How do you mean, Lady Octavia?"

"Well, you are the wife of the Lord Conqueror. Let me tell you, Majesty," it seemed there was no stopping her tongue, "When your Majesty and the Lord Conqueror got married, hearts of women all over the Realm and beyond were broken. Mine included. The Lord Conqueror must have told you about our short yet sweet dalliance about fifteen years ago, when I was but a young bride."

Lady Satrina lowered her head and the Queen, who was not surprised to learn that said dalliance had taken place before she had entered her Lord's service, deliberately cleared her throat to indicate to her audience she had no desire to hear any further on the subject.

"Forgive me, Majesty, but I didn't mean any disrespect. I meant it as a complement to your Majesty. Your Majesty is the envy of many women, for having secured such a supreme match, company included," she chuckled inappropriately.

The Queen turned her gaze to Lady Satrina and noticed that the lady's eyes were still fixated upon her clasped hands in her lap.

At that point the door opened and the Conqueror entered the chambers with decisive strides, as was her manner.

All three Ladies rose to their feet and curtsied before her.

“My Queen,” the Conqueror bowed before her wife, then straighten upwards. “Ladies,” she then acknowledged the presence of the two other women in the chamber.

"Your Majesty," greeted Lady Octavia, sounding cheerful as a smitten lass, which the Queen thought was quite unbecoming.

"Dear Lady Octavia, you look ravishing as always," the Conqueror reciprocated, charmingly.

Before Gabrielle entered her life, the women whom the Conqueror had taken to her bed in order to feed her assorted appetites could be divided into four major categories: body slaves she had bought and kept in her pen, whores she had rented in brothels or on battlefields, commoners who had coincidently caught her eye every now and then, and noblewomen or women of stature whom she had taken the trouble to seduce.

The women belonging to the fourth category had been the only type of women that had required the Conqueror's flairs and attributes of wooing, hunting and charm.

"Thank you, your Majesty,” the Lady nearly blushed and waved her light brown hair backwards, with a flirtatious motion of her head.

The Conqueror extended her arm to her Queen. The Queen took it as the invitation it was and slid her delicate hand into the Conqueror's rough one.

“Your presence is required in the study, your Majesty,” the Conqueror informed her. “Nobleman Paterikis is waiting there to give you the lay of the land, so to speak.”

“Thank you, my Lord,” the Queen said when she felt the Conqueror's fingers gently docking beneath her chin and tilting her head just slightly. Not long after their eyes met, the Conqueror touched her lips to the Queen's. It was a brief yet solid kiss and it was as if the Conqueror was making a point to Lady Octavia.

The Conqueror and the Queen vacated Lady Octavia's chambers. They walked through the corridors with their arms entwined and two of the Imperial guards kept a few paces behind them, to allow the Royal couple their privacy.

"Lady Octavia seemed very excited to see you, my Lord." the Queen threw a knowing sideways glance at the Conqueror.

"You noticed that, too." The Conqueror seemed annoyingly pleased to the Queen.

"One could notice it from Mount Olympus , my Lord," the Queen replied.

"Could it be that my Gabrielle is as possessive as the Lord of the Realm!?" the Conqueror teased.

The Queen smiled. "My Lord's public display of affection effectively neutralized both the Lady Octavia and I."

"I suspected it might," the Conqueror answered smugly when they reached Nobleman Paterikis' study.

The Conqueror opened the door for the Queen. "I will see you, later, your Majesty," she said.

"Won't my Lord join me?"

"It is your province now, Majesty. I'm off to sample some fine wine," the Conqueror smirked and left the Queen in the company of Nobleman Paterikis and his administrators.

It took the better part of the day for the Queen to be informed and advised as to her province's state, yet she was quick to learn and demonstrated ingenuity in her way of thinking.

When the meeting was nearing its end, the Queen delegated equal amounts of duties between the secretary, administrator and steward who formally served under Nobleman Paterikis.

"And now, if you please, I wish to have a few words in private with the Queen," Nobleman Paterikis addressed his former servants and the guards.

They all complied with his request and left the study.

"I am sure you'll govern this great province of Crete , which I hold dear in my heart, wisely and supremely, your Majesty," he said.

"That is very kind of you to say and I'm confident that the province which my Lord has given you to rule would benefit greatly by your expertise, Nobleman Paterikis. Crete and the Realm thank you for your great service here." she returned in kind.

He nodded his head in gratitude.

"Would there be anything else, Nobleman?" the Queen asked and rose to her feet.

"My wife Lady Octavia," he began to say and moved closer to the Queen.

"What about her?" the Queen asked.

"She has been burning for the Conqueror for years, did you know?"

His reply caught the Queen off guard.

"You must think nothing of it,” She dismissed however, inwardly she felt sorry for him. “I am sure Lady Octavia is very devoted to you, nobleman."

But it was as if he had heard none of her words. "As soon as the Imperial Guard landed on shore she adorned herself like a peacock, putting on her best dress and her best undergarments, and painted her face like she was on a war path."

"I'm sure it is not so, nobleman. You misinterpret her actions."

However, the Queen might as well have been talking to a wall.

"Are you aware of the fact that not a moon passed after we were married that the Conqueror took my wife to her bed, Majesty?"

The Queen couldn't believe Nobleman Paterikis had the audacity to speak the way he did.

"You are forgetting your place, nobleman, and getting dangerously too familiar with me," the Queen warned him.

"It is only fair that I should help myself to the Conqueror's wife after all she has taken from me."

And before the Queen realized what was happening, Nobleman Paterikis had already closed the gap between them and pushed the rim of her dress upwards. The shock she felt at his crazed actions delayed the Queen's response, but when she regained control of her faculties she tried to push his hands off her.

"Come, Come now, we all know what you are… Don't be a prude. We never let your shiny crown fool us," he became crass and his hands more frisky.

The Queen slapped him hard across his face with a force she didn't know she possessed. It was his turn to be stunned, but he composed himself quickly and fueled by anger, he became more violent.

As the Queen tried to make a run for it, he grabbed her by her waist.

"Let me show you what a proper man can do," he growled and quickly blocked the Queen's mouth with his hand, preventing her from screaming her distress and raising an alarm.

As soon as the Conqueror reached the corridor that led to Nobleman Paterikis' study, her eyes fell on the two guards posted outside the door. She thought it strange that the Queen's guards were standing outside Nobleman Paterikis' study. In an instinct, her strides towards them became wider and hastier with each step she took.

"Where is the Queen?" She asked, masking her concern.

"Still inside, your Majesty," the highest ranking of the two answered her.

"You left the Queen unguarded!?" the Conqueror was livid.

The berated guards were too frightened to issue any reply.

The Conqueror opened the door into the study. The two guardsmen followed her inside, nearly bumping into her. The sight that greeted the Conqueror's eyes, her Queen gagged and her nobleman fumbling like an oafish adolescent, instigated her dark beast's ascension from its murky dwellings at the pit of her soul.

Nobleman Paterikis immediately recoiled away from the Queen, as if he was handling a burning ember. Feelings of rage and scorn gave way to frizzing fear.

"Hand me your spear, soldier," the Conqueror snarled and stretched out her arm backwards to where the guard was standing, yet she never broke eye contact with her mark.

He did as he was ordered, and relinquished his weapon.

"Now take the Queen outside to the garden, as far away from here as possible. I don't want her to hear what's about to happen here. Have Milos and Neros guard her in your stead."

Nobleman Paterikis' visibly swallowed, but his mouth was completely dry.

On her way out of the study, the Queen stopped and stood briefly next to her Lord. She was at a loss for words, and she wasn't sure of what to say or if there was even a point.

When the two guardsmen passed her by, the Conqueror hissed at them between clenched teeth, "I will deal with the two of you later."

The Conqueror enjoyed her kills, to be sure. She relished the spray of blood washing her skin like a warm bath, and she took pleasure in penetrating the tender human flesh of her foes with her well-honed sword. Nevertheless, the supreme master killer remained efficient in her primary trade, and usually would not inflict more wounds than were necessary to harvest a life.

Queen Gabrielle needn't hear the horrifying screams and shrieks coming from Nobleman Paterikis' study. She knew, perhaps better than anyone else in the Realm, the extent that her Lord's cruelty and callousness could reach.

In future moons there would be rumors that spread throughout the Realm as to Nobleman Paterikis' unfortunate end. Some claimed that the Conqueror had sodomized him with a spear. Others insisted that she had fed his genitals to him. The ones most commonly believed were those that suggested both. However, two things never happened again since that day in Crete : the first, no one else ever tried anything remotely similar with the Queen; the second, the Queen was always guarded when away from the Corinthian palace and not in the Conqueror's presence.

A few candle-marks later, just before the sun dove into the sea, the Conqueror stepped out into the garden to join her Queen and the guards. Her dark smooth hair was damp, evidence of her recent bath, and she wore different attire than the one she had worn before.

When the Queen looked into her Lord's eyes, she could see the beast leering back at her.

The Conqueror turned her attention to the two guardsmen who had abandoned their post guarding the Queen earlier that day.

"Whose orders are you bound and obligated to obey?" the Conqueror asked them.

"Yours, your Majesty," they both replied in unison.

"Whose else?" the Conqueror asked impatiently.

"Her Majesty the Queen's," came their response.

"Did she order you to leave the study?"

"Her Majesty did not, Majesty."

"Then you shouldn't have left your post, should you!?"

"No, your Majesty."

"Do you know what a warrior's greatest enemy is?"

"Fear, your Majesty."

"Wrong, soldiers. Fear can make you alert, therefore, it can keep you alive. Complacency, soldiers. Complacency is a warrior's greatest enemy. Why do you think I have managed to rule this Realm for as long as I have?"

They knew better than to interrupt her speech.

"I have never allowed myself to become complacent, that's why!"

They hung their heads low in shame and dared not meet her glare as she berated them.

"For my pleasure, you will each enjoy my hospitality at the palace's dungeon in Corinth for a period no longer than a moon. I have half a mind to withhold paying your salaries, but I know both of you are married with children who depend on you to provide. I will not make them pay for your stupidity and gross negligence. Now get out of my sight."

"Thank you for your mercy, your Majesty," they said.

"Milos, Neros, you are dismissed for tonight."

And with that, the Conqueror and the Queen retired to the chambers that the late nobleman assigned to them upon their arrival.

Behind the closed doors, the Queen knew she was not entirely alone with her Lord. The Conqueror's darkness was there with them as well.

"Know that I don't blame you…You did nothing wrong…" the Conqueror said.

When her Lord's speech was quiet and dawdled, the Queen knew, it meant that she was making a great effort to reign herself.

"But my blood is still wired… it needs to get out…" the Conqueror continued, her body cocked and her fists clenched.

"I understand, my Lord. I am prepared."

And with that, the darkness was let loose.

"Some women found Paterikis quite handsome and charismatic," the Conqueror began to say and the Queen could hear the knocks made by the heavy leather boots against the floorboards, as her Lord walked in circles around her.

The Queen also noticed her Lord's use of the past tense in regards to the former governor of Crete .

She didn't look up to meet her Lord's darkened eyes.

"Did you wish to remain alone with him in the study?"

The Queen could feel the beast now breathing down her neck.

"No, my Lord," she answered.

The Queen stilled her body further when her Lord's rhythmic and repetitive footsteps were echoing around her.

"Then why didn't you order your guards to remain in the study?"

"I could never imagine he would dare do anything remotely similar to what he tried to do." The Queen could feel her heart beating in her throat.

"Are you sure you didn't fancy him?"

"I didn't fancy him, my Lord."

"You didn't want him, then, did you?"

"No, my Lord. I desire only you." The Queen had no doubt in her mind that so much her Lord knew.

"Swear it!"

The Queen felt like all the air in the room evaporated.

"I swear on my life, my Lord," she replied earnestly and with every bit of humility in her.

"You've never thought much of your life, Madame, and never placed too much value upon it."

The Queen raised her head for the first time since she had entered their chamber and looked directly into her Lord's glaring eyes. "I swear to you on my daughter's life, my Lord," she said and knelt before the Conqueror.

In her heart, the Queen knew that her Lord believed her without reservations. Questioning her loyalty and fidelity was nothing more than the ranting of the hideous creature that resided within her Lord, nothing but darkness still needing to lash out. There was only one way, the Queen knew, to put it back in its cage, and that was through raw physical pleasure, not just the Conqueror's but her own. And so, she untied the laces which were tight about her bustle and once untied she jiggled her shoulders and let her dress slide to her waist, exposing her beautifully sculpted back and shoulders to her Lord's eyes.

The Conqueror took out her whip, brandished it in her hand then flicked it upon the creamy flesh at her feet.



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