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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge

Part 29

The Queen's foresight and assessment was accurate, for not seven days had gone by before Princess Athena approached her.

"Her Grace, Princess Athena," announced one of the Queen's ladies in waiting, while the Queen was sitting in her chambers and mending one of the Conqueror's shirts. Of course there were servants for these types of things, but the Queen saw it as an intimate labor of love and so she was only too happy to mend the Conqueror's shirts when time permitted.

The Queen carefully laid down her Lord's cotton white shirt on top of a nearby ornately carved table so as not to crease the fabric, then her needle and her thimble.

The Princess strode into the Queen's chambers as the Queen's ladies in waiting curtsied before her, muttering "Your Grace."

"Your Majesty," Princess Athena bowed before her mother.

"Your Grace," the Queen tipped her head.

"There is a… delicate matter…I seek your wise advice… it is of a… private nature," the young golden-haired Princess stuttered.

The Queen looked closely at her daughter. The resemblance between Athena and her Lord was so striking that she couldn't help but wonder whether her Lord had ever been hesitant in her youth.

The Queen signaled her ladies to leave her presence and once alone, the Queen tapped the chair next to hers, beckoning her daughter to sit down next to her.

"What is troubling you, Athena?" the Queen asked softly once her daughter was seated.

Athena opened her mouth several times then reconsidered before she voiced her thoughts. "Lately I've been having these… urges… like a pressure… a sort of need, really… in my…" Athena dropped her gaze.

"You have matured, my dear child. Carnal desire has awakened in you and it is perfectly natural," the Queen smiled kindly and placed a gentle hand over her daughter's knee. "Has anyone in particular evoked these needs in you?" she prodded.

"Some lasses more than others," Athena answered vaguely.

The wise Queen elected not to press on the matter. The young should keep some things secret from their parents. She certainly had.

"There will be lasses who will evoke nothing more than carnal desire in you, and some who will also evoke other feelings in you. Wisdom is to differentiate between the two, for at times it will prove to be quite confusing. Do you understand?"

The Queen wished more than anything to tell her daughter all about the wonders and joys of true love, but she didn't. She knew the Princess was born to rule the Empire and become a successor to her Lord one day. Every aspect of her life was bound to that duty, even matters of the heart, and that was the Lord Conqueror's domain.

"I think I do, mother," the young Princess replied pondering.

"As for your private needs, my Lord is better and more appropriate to handle the matter than I," the Queen concluded.

Princess Athena seemed deep in thought and her foot began to rapidly tap against the ground.

The Queen smiled knowingly. "Would you prefer it if I spoke to my Lord on your behalf regarding the matter?" she asked.

The Princess was instantly relieved. "Thank you, mother, I would."

The Queen stood up and so did the Princess, who had grown taller than her mother.

"Look at you," The Queen's eyes weld up with unshed tears as she clasped her precious daughter's hands in hers, "…all grown up."

Princess Athena held her mother in her arms. "I love you, mother," she whispered.

"I love you too, Athena," the Queen replied and sniffled.


That very night, when the Conqueror and the Queen were alone in their bedchamber readying themselves for bed, the Queen put on her nightgown and said to her Lord, "Athena has requested that I would address a certain delicate matter with you on her behalf, my Lord."

"What is it?" asked the Conqueror, who was sitting at her desk in nothing more than her breeches, and with her nose buried in a scroll.

"It would appear that she is experiencing the awakening of sexual lust." The Queen was a tad annoyed that her Lord wasn't paying her, her full undivided attention hence her blunt choice of words.

However, at the mentioning of sexual desire in reference to the Princess, the Conqueror quickly discarded the scroll and turned to look at her wife. She let out a deep sigh. "Where did time disappear?" she muttered heavily, when she realized that her daughter truly had matured.

“We're still young, my Lord.” The Queen approached her Lord's desk, wrapped her loving arms around her neck and pressed her Lord's head against her warm bosom.

The Conqueror took comfort listening to her Queen's steady heartbeats.

"What do you intend to do, my Lord?" the Queen asked.

"I'll instruct her, as is my responsibility, my Lady," the Conqueror replied.

"May I ask how, my Lord?" the Queen inquired.

"Are you sure you want to know, my Lady?" the Conqueror answered with a question of her own.

"I do, my Lord," the Queen decided not without difficulty. She released her arms from around her beloved Lord and seated herself atop her Lords knees.

"You do realize she in not like anyone else, my Love," the Conqueror was gentle for she knew her words were about to cause her wife grief.

"I do, my Lion," the Queen lowered her head and braced herself against what was about to come.

"Her destiny is to rule the Empire, to rule the world. Not a smudge of weakens should ever be apparent on her. For the survival of this great Realm and our subjects nothing is to thwart her path, neither a loving heart nor any perception of softness. She will take my place one day and ours is lust and power, my beloved, and she has yet to master hers."

The Conqueror harvested a single tear that slid down her wife's beautiful features.

"You intend to take her to a brothel." The Queen's reply sounded somewhere between a question and a statement. Her stomach was churning.

"I do so intend, my Lady," the Conqueror confirmed. "Some of the building blocks of the pathos around me were formed and created in brothels as much as on battlefields."

"Although I comprehend it, it is hard for me to accept it." The Queen's voice was smothered by deep sorrow that clogged her throat.

She climbed into bed and heard her Lord climb into bed as well. As they lay together in the dark, she felt her Lord's large hand being laid gently on her shoulder. The Queen didn't move. She kept still and didn't turn around to face her Lord.

"Do not be angry with me, my Love," the Conqueror requested, "for I cannot stand to suffer your chill."

The Queen became reconciled and turned to lie facing her Lord. "I'm not angry with you, my Lord, I only resent…"

"I know," the Conqueror understood, "I give you my word that I shall do my very best to educate her so that she conducts herself in an honorable fashion and that nothing she does will ever cause you shame, my Lady."

"It eases my mind tremendously, my Lion," the Queen said, while her fingers worked fastidiously to untie the silk laces of her Lord's breeches. "Now love me, my Lord," she asked.

The Conqueror raised a questioning eyebrow.

"I find it preferable to send my Lion into the chicken coop with a full belly rather than an empty one," the Queen teased, but kept a perfectly earnest expression about her countenance.

"I wouldn't…" the Conqueror began to say, but the Queen placed a single finger over her lips and shushed her down.

"I know, my Lord," she whispered ardently and guided the Conqueror's hands beneath her nightgown to her heated breasts.


The next evening the Conqueror collected Princess Athena from her chambers and both made their way to the Imperial stables. They rode side by side outside the palace gates and into the center of the city of Corinth .

"May I ask where are we going, Majesty?" asked the Princess and threw a curious glance at a leather bag, which hung over the Conqueror's left shoulder.

"To a place where your private needs will be satisfied," the Conqueror replied.

Young Athena nearly regretted ever approaching the Queen with this issue. She didn't know what to say and severe embarrassment washed over her.

The expression across her daughter's face didn't go unnoticed by the Conqueror. "There is nothing shameful about it. It is a natural basic need like hunger or thirst. It is like the need to sleep when you're tired, like the air needed to live. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Majesty."

A few moments later the Conqueror halted her horse and dismounted it. Athena followed the Conqueror's actions. They tied the animals outside and entered the renowned brothel, which was famous for the fine selection of women it stocked.

A thought crossed Athena's mind. She saw how confidently the Conqueror had navigated them through Corinth 's streets and to the brothel, which made Athena realize that the Conqueror was far from being a stranger to the establishment.

"Your Majesty," curtsied an elderly woman at the entrance, vulgarly dressed, and although her face was moderately wrinkled, it was evident that she was once of great beauty. She hid well her surprise at the sight of the Conqueror, which many years ago had been a frequent patron of her establishment, till one day around the 6 th anniversary of the Conqueror's reign her visits had abruptly and inexplicably stopped.

"Madam Atia," the Conqueror greeted.

"Your Grace," madam Atia curtsied before Princess Athena, who returned the greeting with a slight nod of her head.

Athena looked around the entrance hall, which was dimly lit and well maintained. There were a few settees covered in red velvet and oriental rugs covered the wooden floorboards. However, what fascinated young Athena the most were the lewd and lecherous murals portraying bare men and women engaging in various sexual positions.

"What can I do for you, Majesty?" the seasoned madam Atia asked.

"I wish to rent one of the women for a few candle-marks," the Conqueror replied.

And before the Conqueror finished uttering her request, madam Atia, who had always ran her enterprise diligently, clapped her hands and a dozen or so women pranced into the antechamber, and sprawled their meagerly clad figures atop the settees.

“Which one is to your liking, your Majesty?” the madam asked.

“The woman is not for me but for her Grace,” the Conqueror stated. “She needs a skilled woman to edify her about the ways of the world.”

“Very good, your Majesty. My girls are all talented and qualified for the task. If her Grace could pick one she fancies…” suggested madam Atia and shifted her gaze to the young royal.

The Princess inspected the collection on display till she spotted someone she found pleasing, a petite dark-haired young woman.

“Excellent choice, your Grace. Agrippina will take good care of you,” madam Atia clapped her hands together in satisfaction.

“Before you leave to do your business, there are a few words I wish to say to you, your Grace,” said the Conqueror.

Madam Atia directed the Conqueror and the Princess to an unoccupied chamber for privacy.

"You are to take nothing more than what your body needs from her and move on without any further attachment. Do you understand me?”

"Yes, your Majesty," the Princess replied.

"Under no circumstances should you allow any sentiments or other such emotions to develop towards women you take to your bed. You must not allow others such power over you, is that clear?"

"It is, your Majesty," Athena answered, though she couldn't possibly fully understand the entire meaning of the Conqueror's last instruction. The Queen's words regarding possible confusion between lust and other feelings sprung to her mind at that moment, and she couldn't help but think about her parents. For the first time in her young life she wondered how the Conqueror and the Queen had met, what was the exact nature of their connection, what kind of sentiments, if any, existed between them, how could their bond, such as it was, best be characterized.

However, what she had observed pass between them over the years, including the summer respites they had all spent together in the Imperial villa in Rome when she had attended the Academy, had taught her better than to ask. Hearing the Conqueror tell her about not allowing women power over her through feelings made one thing perfectly clear – no one, not even her mother the Queen had a place in the Conqueror's heart. Theirs, Athena thought, was a marriage of convenience based on common interests. She had no doubt in her mind that the Queen must have come from a powerful, rich and noble family, making her a suitable match for the Conqueror for the purpose of producing an heir – such was the prevalent practice in high levels of station.

"Never take a woman against her free will - never. Always obtain a bedmate's consent. Give me your word."

“You have my word, your Majesty.”

"As you grow older and more experienced, you will learn what suits you best. Should your appetites develop into the darker protocol of things, you must obtain your bedmate's consent to each and every act you wish to commit upon her beforehand and withdraw from her as soon as she asks."

Athena's gaze strayed back to the leather bag on the Conqueror's shoulder and wondered about its content.

"What did I just say?" the Conqueror sounded a tad irked when she suspected her daughter's mind was elsewhere and wasn't paying sufficient attention to her.

"Don't do a thing, unless… I got it," replied the arrogant future ruler.

"Think you're being funny, do you!? This is no laughing matter!" the Conqueror's impatience grew into anger. Harsher words were warranted. "There are laws in my Realm. My laws! And being my heir doesn't mean that you are in any way above them. Should you deviate from them, even by a hair, you will be held accountable and suffer the consequences."

A thena lowered her head until it drooped between her shoulders. "My humble apologies, your Majesty, however, I do not understand why…"

But the vexed Sovereign didn't wait for her daughter to finish her sentence. “You needn't understand my laws, only obey them!”

For a few short moments Athena remained mute. She didn't fully comprehend the Conqueror's anger. Why was the issue of a bedmate's consent so cardinal and perhaps even personal to the Conqueror of all people? What was in this particular issue that made the Conqueror be so adamant about it?

The Conqueror's mind wandered back to the time when she and her Queen had discussed the matter of abolishing slavery, at the Queen's urgings. The Queen had tried to explain to her Lord, as carefully and as delicately as possible what it meant and how it felt to be someone's body slave.

The Conqueror shifted her attention back to young Athena. “It is difficult for the likes of you and me to fully grasp… to truly understand what it is like. You and I hold ultimate power and never have to fear being forced and subjected to… others wills and desires,” she explained as best she could. “Power is not just privileges, it's responsibilities as well - responsibilities towards those under your care, under your protection and under your rule.”

“I understand, your Majesty. I am grateful for your patience and wisdom. Your Majesty's law will be obeyed.”

The Conqueror removed the leather bag from her shoulder, opened it and took out a leather harness with a phallus covered by soft leather, which she had had her leather craftsman make for her earlier that day.

Athena regarded the peculiar looking object but quickly understood its function. It was then that she first understood what the bulge always present at the area of the Conqueror crotch was.

"Always remember who you are," the Conqueror said and almost ceremoniously gave the ruling tool to her daughter, as if it was a scepter. "Give this to the woman you have chosen. She will show you how to wear it and how to use it on her."

"I will, your Majesty."

The Conqueror handed her daughter a small pouch with coins in it. "When you rent a woman, always pay her twice what she asks," she said then added, "And lastly, as I've told you, you might find pleasure in darker practices. Therefore bear in mind that outside service, you must always treat women, be they rented or otherwise, with respect."

"Always, your Majesty."

"I shall wait for you in the tavern across the square," the Conqueror said when the Princess turned to leave the chamber.

When she reached the door, the Conqueror called from behind her, "Athena!"

The Princess turned to face the Conqueror again.

"One day you will find a woman worthy of your station and you will marry her, but for now, enjoy yourself."

Athena thought she heard something softer in the Conqueror's voice.

"Thank you, your gracious Majesty."

Three candle-marks later, the Princess exited the brothel and went to meet with the Conqueror at the tavern. Her appearance in whole was tousled and, beneath her trousers, the well-endowed harness was fastened still around her pelvis.

"Had you enough?" the Conqueror asked.

"Yes, Majesty," her daughter replied.

"Let us ride home, then," she said and signaled the barmaid that she was ready to leave.

As expected, when the Conqueror entered the Imperial chambers she saw the Queen, very much awake despite the late hour of the night, sitting by the fire and waiting for her return.

"Well?!" the Queen inquired and hastened towards her Lord.

As the Conqueror disrobed she related a short version of the night's events to her wife. When she finished, she was reclining over the pillows with Gabrielle draped over her.

“You seem troubled, my Lord,” the Queen said

“She made a jest while I explained the issue of consent. She seemed arrogant and entitled. I was arrogant as well when I was her age, but I was more settled minded and staid than her.”

“She looks so much like you, my Lord, that sometimes it is difficult to ignore the simple fact that she isn't you.” The Queen interlaced her fingers over her Lord's chest and rested her chin on top of them. “She is different from you, my Lord. She hasn't led your life. She hasn't suffered your losses; she never had to raise and command an army of villagers and to bathe in enemy's blood to protect her homeland as you have, my Lord. These experiences shaped you, my Lord. Our daughter has led a shielded life of privilege.”

“You showed me a side of things I haven't considered, my wise Lady,” said the Conqueror with gratitude.

“I'm confident that we have instilled in her proper morals, my Lord,” the Queen said to ease her Lord's mind and she sincerely believed it to be true.

“When I preached to her not to take women against their will, I couldn't help but think about the body slaves I've used to own for my pleasure… you especially… A body slave cannot raise an objection to service a master. I felt like a hypocrite and rightly so.”

“My Lord,” the Queen spoke softly and gazed intently into her Lord's eyes, “You have never taken me against my will.”

“Haven't I!?” the Conqueror asked with bitter skepticism.

“The first time you took me… If you had asked me, my Lord, I would have consented. I wanted you as much as you wanted me,” the Queen reassured her Lord. “When I explained to you what it felt like to service a master I was referring to my previous owners, not to you. You, my Lord, I've desired and loved. Your touch I've always welcomed and craved.”

The Conqueror fondly played with her Queen's gilded silk hair, which encouraged the Queen to straddle her Lord's strong muscled thigh.

“Nevertheless, back in those days I didn't care whether you were willing or not. I was your master and my will was to be obeyed, and what about all the others before you?”

“You have since abolished slavery completely. You've decreed all body slaves freed from their owners.”

“Because you asked me to.”

“You've granted my wish despite the Realm's nobility's lurid protest and you enforced your law ever so zealously, my Lord,” the Queen maintained and began gliding her sodden womanhood against the warm firm flesh between her thighs. “Now tell me, my Lord, any of the women in the brothel tickle your fancy?”

The Conqueror chuckled and rolled over, pressing Gabrielle's back against the bed. Once on top of her she ground herself against her wife's thigh, pressing her own thigh against her wife's need. “Impossible,” the Conqueror nuzzled her wife's neck, “You are superior to all women and you have my love.”

Good. Now satisfy my desire, my Lord,” the Queen tangled her hand in the Conqueror's hair and pressed her down harder against her flesh.

“Your wish is my command, my Lady. I'm happy that I have the privilege of satisfying all my family's needs tonight. Of course one might think that being the great Conqueror of the Realm it should be the other way around…” the Conqueror feigned a frown for her wife's amusement.

“Your needs will be satisfied amply tonight, my Lord,” the Queen chuckled and lifted her hips up so that her sex pressed firmly against her Lord's thrusting thigh.



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