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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge


Part 6

The d ismal Imperial Court Hall was bustling with people from all walks of life. All came to watch the best entertainment in the Realm. The Realm's noblemen, its citizens, the envoy from Britannia, rich and poor alike, clustered in the one place in which they were considered equal.

When the Conqueror entered the capacious palatial Court Hall and strode towards her bench, she was l ionized by her subjects and the members of the visiting envoy, all deferentially bowed before her . The commotion in the courtroom ceased and all spectators respectfully stood and waited for their Sovereign and Supreme Justice to sit first. Donned in her long black robe, she seated herself and with her sat the curious audience.

In front of the Conqueror's bench and to the right was the defendant with council, a gaunt, ashen man, sans any grain of grace. To the Conqueror's left was the prosecution.

"In the matter of the Realm versus Prasutagus Captain in Britannia's army - This court is now in session! " the Conqueror declared.

The Conqueror rapped her gavel and demanded silence. All humming murmurs discontinued.


" For the prosecution? "


The thick-bearded, insipidly looking prosecutor stood up and replied: " Linus, Your Honor. "


The Conqueror addressed the accused' counselor, " And for the defense? "


The counselor stood square shouldered and clasped his hands behind his back. " Hector, your Honor. "


" Let us proceed then , " concluded the Conqueror and turned to the prosecutor. " Call your first witness. "


The prosecutor beckoned the healer that had treated and examined the deceased to take the stand. The healer stood, collected his disarrayed parchments and toddled to his place at the witness stand. His testimony comprised a dreary litany of dry technical information, which divulged the assertion that the deceased had sustained a severe blunt force trauma to her head, which had cause her death and that he had found the presence of freshly discharged seed of a man inside her womanhood, along with fresh bruises to her thighs, suggesting she had been recently taken forcefully.

Once the healer's direct examination was concluded, the prosecutor turned to the opposite party. " Your witness, counselor ," he called.


" Your Honor, I have no questions for this witness at this time. I reserve my right to cross examine him ."


" So ordered. The witness will be subject to recall. Prosecutor, call your next witness ."


The next one to take the stand was the Conqueror's slave, whose affidavit had been given to the defense by the prosecution during pre-trial disclosure. Like the healer before her, she was sworn in by the court clerk.

" State your name for the record ," requested the prosecutor.

"Gabrielle of Potidaea, sir."


" Please tell the court what happened two evenings ago in your chamber. "

The slave told the court that Navara had come to her chamber to borrow scented bath oils and that soon after they had entered the chamber, she had heard the door being closed and locked behind them. She testified that she had seen a man, the accused, putting the key to her chamber door in his pocket and that afterwards he had reached for her first but suddenly had changed his mind, released her and had proceeded to rape Navara. She testified that she had smelled an inebriant on his breath and that when he had thrown Navara onto the pallet, her head had hit the wall. She testified that she had cried for help through the locked door and tried to push him off her, but had been knocked off by him.

Throughout her testimony the slave's voice was steady and even. When she was finished, the prosecutor turned to opposing counselor stating simply " Your witness . "

The counselor stood up and approached the witness stand.

" What is your station? " he asked.

" I'm a slave, sir, " she said with the smallest of voices, which was swallowed easily by the vast space of the Court Hall.

" You'll do well to speak up, girl, " the Conqueror commanded.

"My apologies, my Lord. I'm a slave," she repeated louder than before.

" Who is your owner? " asked the counselor.

" The Lord Conqueror ," she answered.

" And what type of services do you provide? " he inquired.

The slave hesitated for a short moment then answered, " I am to do my Lord's biddings.”

" What is the nature of said 'biddings'? " he insisted.

" I am the Conqueror's body slave ," she was finally compelled to admit. It was one thing to have the collar around her neck announce her identity. It was a different thing altogether to declare it verbally in open court for all to hear.

"Now, you've testified that the accused was drunk, correct?"


"I have testified that I had smelled spirits upon his breath," she clarified.

" I see. You also testified that he violated the victim but he didn't violate you, correct? "

" Correct, sir.”

"Well, that simply doesn't make any sense, you are younger and by far more beautiful than the victim, why would he spare you and force himself upon her?" he asked, trying his best to undermine and discredit the slave's testimony.

"I object, your Honor, counselor's question calls for speculation," darted the prosecutor from his seat


" I will allow it. I want to hear the answer, " the Conqueror ruled, and then instructed her slave, " Answer the question ."

"When he saw the insignia on my collar, he realized who my Master was and left me be," she answered.

"So it is your testimony then, that an intoxicated man had the presence of mind to spare you and rape someone else instead?" His tone of voice sounded almost mocking.


There was an instantaneous roar of disbelief from the gallery. The Conqueror slammed her gavel, exclaiming : " Quiet! I will have Quiet! " She peered down at the throng of babbling, churning spectators. " Quiet, I said, or I'll clear the court. "


Then came the slave's answer that stunned everyone, " Is there any amount of spirits that you, sir, can imbibe that would make you forget or disregard the ever so fundamental fact that I am the Conqueror's possession !?"

Her answer extorted a few chuckles out of the audience. It was obvious that the counselor didn't expect that particular answer. He returned back to his seat for a few moments, as if to regroup and gather his thoughts. Moreover, his pride was wounded for a mere slave out-smarted him and in public. He reckoned retaliation was in order.

“Please tell us, if you know, what usually happens to body slaves if they are used without their owners' permission?”


“ It is my understanding that they might be resold or worse, ” the slave repeated what she had heard from Navara.

“ How do you know?”

“ Navara, the victim, told me so when the accused was about to take me.”

“ 'Or worse'…what do you think ‘worse' means? ”

“ Severe punishment, maybe death…I can't be sure, sir.”


“Not a great incentive to tell us the truth regarding what really happened, then,” asserted the counselor.

“I object, your Honor,” jumped the prosecutor out of his sit.


"Sustained. The weight of a testimony is a matter for the court to consider, and in the future counselor will refrain from sharing his personal opinion regarding the witness with this court," ruled the Conqueror. “ Proceed! ”

" Isn't it true that you resent the Conqueror for the services she demands of you? And what better way to cause the Conqueror damage or embarrassment than sabotage the Realm's negotiations with Britannia by accusing one of its delegates with rape.”

The Conqueror could barely believe her ears. In spite of the fact that it had been the uncontrolled idiocy of one man that had birthed the question, her wrath could smite the entire Hall of Justice. Stock still, she fisted both her hands till her knuckles whitened, but other than that she maintained her stoic placidity.

" I would never do that, and I would never lie, " the slave argued.

" Really?! Do you expect us to believe that you don't suffer hideous acts in your current position? "

Not wishing to betray her Master's privacy or blemish her reputation, and not wanting to surrender their ill-conceived intimacy, such as it was, the slave searched with beseeching eyes after her Lord for help, to pray her Lord to put a stop to it, but to no avail.

“My Lord?” the slave whispered an ardent plea.

The Conqueror never gave her the benefit of a single glance. As always, she was entirely alone.

“ You will answer truthfully,” the Conqueror ordered. Her eyes were fixated on some scrolls that were sprawled before her; however, she pricked her ears and waited almost anxiously for her slave's answer.


A heavy silence descended upon the courtroom as if the audience held their collective breath.

Staring down at her hands, which had been peacefully clasped together in her lap, the slave reluctantly said, " I am rewarded with pleasure in my service to my Lord , " just barely swallowing the suffocating lump that was clogging her throat.

“ Remember, I can bring witnesses, the guards who escort you for service who can testify as to the branding mark they have seen on your body and the cries and the tears… ” he warned and pointed his finger to the court's entrance.

The slave raised her head, looked directly into the counselor's eyes and with utter conviction simply reiterated, “ I am rewarded with pleasure in my service to my Lord .”

There was such stillness in the courtroom it was as if the air itself was frozen.

After a few long moments had passed, the Conqueror raised her eyes from the scrolls and asked the counselor with a strained voice, “ Have you any more questions?”

“No, your Honor.”

“Redirect?” the Conqueror asked the prosecutor.

“ I have one last question to this witness, your Honor,” he got up.

“ Proceed.”

“ Thank you, your Honor ,” he bowed then approached the witness stand and addressed the young woman sitting there.

“ Counselor suggested that the chain of events as you've described was improbable, that you might be lying for example, when you've testified that you weren't violated, and of course if you lie about one thing you might be lying about other things as well. Could you please tell this honorable court what you told me when you were interrogated the morning after the event in question, what thought had crossed your mind when the accused had grabbed you by your sleeve?”

The slave cleared her throat and said, " I was thinking … ” she paused. “ I would rather throw myself out the window than allow another to interfere with my Lord's ownership over me. I'd rather forfeit my life than cause my Lord any disrespect or discomfort .”

The crowd in the courtroom seemed to hang on her every word as if she was introducing them into a new world, a hidden exotic culture they knew nothing about, granting them a rare peek into the clandestine domain of Master and slave.

“Thank you, Lady Gabrielle,” the prosecutor said and smiled at her.

“ You may step down, ” the Conqueror officiously said.


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