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Notice -  this part contains a rough sex scene, which contains light bondage and a few whiplashes - nothing more than that - it is consensual. 

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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge


Part 9

Just before dawn, the slave waited with her chest at the palace gates, which she hadn't exited for over six winters, ever since she had been brought to the palace the day the Conqueror had purchased her.

The sky was covered with heavy clouds and strong chilling winds blew wildly over the trees. It was about the rain.

The Conqueror, wearing an Imperial battle helmet, gantlets over her forearms, and her golden armor, was fast approaching the gates riding atop her mare, along with one of her generals. When she reached the massive iron gates, the Conqueror dismounted her mare and the slave curtsied before her.

The Conqueror ordered the general to bring to her two of his best swordsmen. After he left, the Conqueror handed her slave a large cape.

“ Do you see the wagon over there?” the Conqueror asked and pointed over to a roofed ordinary-looking wagon, which was parked on the other side of the gates.

“ I do, my Lord,” the slave answered.

“You will remain inside this wagon at all times unless you need to relieve yourself, or I order you otherwise. Should you need to get off the wagon, you will put this cape over you. I will not have my men enticed by your bodily assets.” The Conqueror last sentence came out harsher than she had originally intended.

“Yes, my Lord.”

“You don't know how men are when their blood is burning with the heat of battle," the Conqueror felt compelled to explain, "and with death all around them, they might not think rationally… the collar around your neck might not be a deterrent this time.

“ I understand, my Lord. ”

The general returned to the Conqueror with two soldiers, who immediately bowed before their Sovereign.

" What are your names, soldiers?" the Conqueror asked.

" Milos, your Majesty," the dark-haired robust man answered.

" Neros, your Majesty," answered the other.

"You are hereby assigned to guard her for the duration of this campaign. The wagon, in which she'll travel, will be behind our forces at all times," the Conqueror commanded and looked at her slave.

"I am to guard a slave?! " Milos asked with a streak of contempt as if he had been ordered to clean up after a dog.

The Conqueror's reaction was decisive, swift and immediate. She raised her arm and landed her hand between the soldier's shoulder and neck. He fell to his knees with the immense force of her strike.

"How dare you question my orders?" Her voice roared, as she unsheathed her sword and placed its blade where her hand had strike.

At that point his general intervened. "Majesty, forgive him. He is young and stupid, but I assure your Majesty he is the best with a sword. "

" My deepest apologies, my Liege ," Milos implored.

The Conqueror grabbed him by his neck and forced him to stand back up. "Heed me, if she so much as breaks a nail, if she should accidentally trip and fall, I will feed you your heart and make you beg me for a quick death, am I being clear?"

"By your will, my Liege ."

" The two of you will guard her with your lives. You will follow her like her own shadow. You will each take his turn, one will take the night shift, and the other will take the day shift. When one is guarding her, the other will be with me. You will facilitate communication between us if need be. You will keep her presence here unknown and should your comrades ask about your whereabouts, you will make up a believable lie."

"By your will, my Liege ," they exclaimed in unison.

"Let us move out then," and with that, the Conqueror mounted her mare and galloped towards the great valley at the foot of her palace.

The slave climbed up the wagon and then she felt it moving. Half a candle mark later, it came to a halt. She peeked out through a crack between the wooden boards sealing the wagon and saw tens of thousands of warriors in perfect order. It was like watching an ocean of people. The slave had never seen so many people gathered in one place before. And there were horsemen and archers and chariots and catapults as far as the eye could see.

Then the slave saw a rider riding before the legions. Even from a great distance, the slave recognized her Lord. She couldn't hear what her Lord was saying to her subordinates, but she heard them cry her honorific in one roaring voice and the clamoring of their weapons against their shields and the war drums and the horns and the stomping of military boots on the ground, making the earth beneath the wagon tremble.

It filled the slave's heart with awe and dread. The Conqueror's soldiers and officers worshiped her as if they were members of a sect. It seemed as though they would follow her to the underworld and drown themselves in the river Styx if she so commanded.

After the rally of the troops, the wagon started moving again. The slave looked around the wagon and saw furs to keep her warm, preserved meat, fresh water, fruit and vegetables, loafs of bread, cheese, butter and confections. The back of the wagon was covered with a dark thick veil. The slave moved it slightly and saw Milos riding behind the wagon.

Nearing dusk, the wagon stopped, and the slave put on the cape the Conqueror had given her and climbed down the wagon in order to relieve herself. The soldier that had been assigned to guard her followed her to the nearby bushes and kept a respectful distance, but never allowed her out of his sight.

When she returned, she entered the wagon, sat down and moved the veil aside to allow fresh air inside the wagon. She saw Milos eating his supper sitting on the ground near the wagon.

She noticed he ate the same food she was and he was well dressed and well equipped.

"I'm sorry that you're stuck here instead of your fellow men," the slave said.

" I'm sorry for my reprehensible behavior earlier. I didn't realize who you were because I've never seen you before. You are the Conqueror's… companion. I heard you are a gifted healer and in fact you've treated some of my friends who injured themselves during training," he said.

As they ate their supper, the slave pointed out the fact that the Conqueror's troops were well fed and dressed.

"I once heard the Conqueror tell my general that soldiers must be treated in the first instance with humanity and dignity, but kept under control by means of iron discipline and that this was a certain road to victory," he told her. " The Lord Conqueror also told him, that to be near the goal while the enemy is still far from it, to wait at ease while the enemy is toiling and struggling, to be well-fed while the enemy is famished – that is the art of husbanding one's strength."

"Our Lord is very wise," the slave said.

" You should see the Lord Conqueror in battle… The Lord Conqueror commands every aspect, everything on the battlefield, even the sun and the earth and the winds… and the Conqueror's authority rules everywhere, and the way the Conqueror wields a sword is mesmerizing and uncanny." It was as plain as daylight he admired his Sovereign, but then he became quiet, for he suddenly remembered he was talking to a body slave, and there was no chance she would ever get to witness her Master's military talents on a battlefield.

“You sound very proud to be under my Lord's command,” she laid down her plate and brushed away a few crumbs, which clung to her dress.

“The Conqueror is honorable and every warrior under her command, from the highest ranking officers to the last of the troops must obey the 'purity of weapon' code,” he said.

“The 'purity of weapon' code?”

“No looting, no harming unarmed civilians and no taking unwilling women or boys. The Conqueror will not brook any infraction of the code,” he explained and reached for his flask only to find it empty.

The slave handed him her flask, “Here, please take mine. I only have water.”

He chuckled, “No wine, no ale nor spirits of any kind are allowed on the battlefield. Orders of the Conqueror.”

The slave saw Milos suddenly jumping to his feet and a familiar voice ordering him, " At ease," and only then did she see the Conqueror accompanied by the other guard Neros.

" Milos, report to your field commander. Neros, take a walk but don't venture too far," the Conqueror ordered them.

As the slave was kneeling inside the wagon, the Conqueror climbed up and entered it.

The slave was surprised at first to see that her Lord had come to her rather than the other way around; however, the Conqueror's orders to the guards came to her then. She surmised that the Conqueror's tent would be amongst her soldiers and the Conqueror wouldn't want her slave brought to her there, letting her soldiers discover her slave amongst them.

The slave took her clothes off and, as the Conqueror was taking her pleasure, it began to rain outside.


As they neared the outer boarders of Persia , after they had been on route for a moon, the Conqueror's army grew more restless and primed for battle. During those passing days, the slave remained in the wagon, and was guarded by the Conqueror's soldiers. The Conqueror had come to her wagon most nights, but when they had reached Persia the nightly visits ceased.

As the guards alternated between shifts they were able to update the slave, who was thirsty for news, about the Conqueror's triumphs and advancement at the front. They also replenished her food supply.

Days had gone by and it became colder. The Conqueror, she had learned, was deep inside Persian territory and was engaged in battles in several fronts. The slave wished it would be over. The suspense was almost too much for her to bear.

After three more moons had elapsed, Neros came to the wagon for his shift with news.

"Tomorrow night," he said, "the Conqueror would wage the final and defining battle. When the Conqueror wins this battle, the road to Xarxes' King of Persia 's palace will be clear and her victory complete."

The slave felt ambiguous about this news, for it filled her with both happiness that the campaign was nearing its end, but with anxiety and tension because it wasn't over yet. She wondered how warriors handled the suspense.

After two more days, just before sunset, the slave heard a raucous voice simply commanding, " Leave! ''

The slave's body tensed instantaneously and before she managed to assume a kneeling position the veil over the wagon was crudely pushed aside.

"Get out!"

The slave obeyed right away and jumped out of the wagon without delay. Next she felt a vise hold around her arm and she was hoisted upwards and placed above a horse.

As the mare galloped in full speed, the slave didn't turn her head back to look at her Lord. She could sense the heat emanating from her Lord's body and she could smell the stench of death on her.

The Conqueror led her mare to a nearby creek. She dismounted the animal and pulled the slave down from it.

The slave knelt at her Lord's feet.

"Raise your head and look at me," the Conqueror ordered.

The slave raised her head and looked at her Lord.

The Conqueror's face was red with the blood of her enemy she had spilled and so was her armor. Her long smooth raven-black hair was disheveled and a few strands were stuck to her face by blood and sweat.

"Do you know who stands before you, girl?" the Conqueror asked.

The slave understood entirely what the meaning of her Lord's words was, "I do, my Lord," she said.

“ Get in the water and clean yourself for me. ”

When the slave stepped into the freezing water, the Conqueror build up a fire and then entered the water as well and washed the blood off her body. Still in the water, the slave felt a strong arm wrapped around her, pinning her against hot flesh and the Conqueror's scorching breath caressing her neck.

“You're clean enough,” the slave heard the hoarse voice of her Lord.

The slave felt a hand tangle in her hair and yank her head back hard. “Did you miss me?” a whisper hissed in the slave's ear.

The slave froze. Both fright and exhilaration were feeding the adrenalin that was pulsing through her. She could still smell the metallic tang of the blood covering her Lord. She could feel the hot breath caressing her neck.

She bit back a whimper as long cruel fingers pinched her nipple painfully and sharp teeth sunk into the muscle at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. A warm tongue licked droplets of water off her flesh. Hard hips rammed against her bare buttocks while the muscled arm held her into place, the other still tangled in her hair pulling free to reach down and administer an agonizing pinch to her hard clitoris.

“Did you miss me?” Her Master asked again , lifting the slave's petite frame easily and throwing her onto a large flat rock at the water's edge. Landing on her back, the slave reflexively considered scuttling away, but her Lord's hand grabbed her ankle and jerked. The rough surface claimed a layer of the soft skin of her backside before the weight of her Lord crushed her against the hard surface. She held her breath as glowing azure eyes bore into hers.

“ I've missed you, my Lord,” the slave answered as she felt her Lord's tongue lapping between her breasts and down her flat soft belly.

The slave felt her neck being grasped by a vise-like hold, “Then show me how much. Knees to the ground,” she heard her Lord rasps as her head was crudely pushed into the Conqueror's loins.

The slave positioned herself between her Lord's legs. She took her Lord's phallus in her small hands, her sweet pink tongue glided out of her mouth and she began to twirl it with painful slowness around its tip.

The sight of her between her legs, her tongue so expertly, so enticingly licking her need, pleased her Lord and her breath was labored and her heated blood soared in her veins.

“Take it into your mouth,” the Conqueror bellowed.

The slave opened her mouth as widely as she could and took the shaft into her mouth, her full lips wrapped around it. She began sucking it; her head was moving up and down her Lord's length, her breasts were swaying with her primal rhythm.

From above her, her Lord weaved her fingers into her gold silky hair, encouraging her movements onward. She felt her Lord's crotch pushing forwards against her mouth and grinding herself into her. The slave admirably endured it.

The Conqueror then pushed her slave away from her and walked over to where her mare was grazing. The Conqueror took out a rope and her whip and returned to her slave.

The Conqueror tied each of her slave's arms and legs to a tree in a spread-eagle position.

“Did you touch that trimmed treasure between your legs when I was out risking my life on the battlefield?” the Conqueror asked, while plunging three fingers then four then her entire fist into her slave's glove of her womanhood. Vicious teeth nipped at the slave's breasts as the ramming fist rocked her body fiercely.

“I haven't, my Lord,” the slave answered and shook her head frantically.

The Conqueror listened to the slave's words and the wet sounds her fist was making coming in and out of the drenched cavern.

The slave felt the massive fist drawing out of her and saw her Lord moving around to stand behind her. Next, she heard a whiplash cutting the air, followed by a lash on her back.

“ Did the two guardsmen dip into what's mine, while I was away bringing Persia down?” the Conqueror voice sounded like war cries.

“No, never, my Lord.” The slave reminded herself these were just the ranting of her Lord's battle-lust, nothing more. All she needed to do was brace herself and weather the storm.

“ Why not?” Her Master asked and delivered another lash to the slave's buttocks, watching the two white globes clamp.

“Because…” the slave cried. Her mind was racing. The Conqueror moved to stand before her and her hard savage gaze bore into her.

The whip unfurled and whistled through the air again. The stinging tip licked at the slave's breasts this time, panting them with red welts. She gritted her teeth together to hold back the scream that tore at her throat when the leather flicked lower to cut at the ravaged tissue between her spread legs. Eyes blazing, she strained against her bindings. But they held fast.

“ Because?!” the Conqueror shouted impatiently.

“Because no one can rule and sate me the way my Lord rules and sates me,” the slave replied, tormented. Tears began to well up as the beautiful green eyes slammed shut.

The Conqueror picked up her sword from the ground and cut the ropes tying the slave's ankles to the trees, setting them free. She then scooped the slave up as if she was weightless and positioned herself between her slave's legs.

They exchanged no more words between them as the Conqueror parted her slave's labia and entered her with her member. The Conqueror quickly secured both hands on her slave's buttocks, possessively kneading the flesh and marking the tender skin.

While her hands still secured to the trees, the slave lifted up her legs to each side of her Lord's waist. She crossed her legs behind her Lord's back, placed the sole of her feet against her Lord's clenching and unclenching muscle-packed buttocks to increase and deepen her Lord's penetration into her. She felt her moist swollen clitoris rub faster and faster against her Lord's muscled abdomen.

It was raw insatiable desire that drove their feverish actions, their need unbearable and their suffocating arousal soaring higher. Three moons were too long a time for them to be apart and deprived of this. Their release came crashing down on them. The Conqueror howled her tremendous pleasure and the slave suffered hers in silence as always.

It was midnight and the Conqueror decided they were to remain near the creek and return to camp at first light. She handed the slave her bedrolls and arranged her furs on the other side of the fire.

As the Conqueror added more wood to the flames, she noticed her slave was shivering from the night's chill. She removed her harness and laid herself down on her side, one elbow on the ground and her other hand lifting up the furs covering her body in an invitation, and said to her slave, “Come here.”

The slave got up and hesitantly walked over to where her Lord lay and laid herself next to her.

The Conqueror pulled the covers over both their bodies.

With her bare back against the Conqueror's warm stomach, the slave felt the Conqueror's large hand playing with her breast and making her nipple erect.

“I forced the Persian king's remaining forces to Namela, where the hills would be at their back. Their generals never believed two of my legions had been stealthily stationed there. When my main forces reached Namela, I launched a fierce attack and ordered my legions behind the hills to charge downhill,” the Conqueror told her slave, while her hand kept sluggishly moving from her slave's breast to her belly and lower. “ It is a military axiom not to advance uphill against the enemy, nor to oppose him when he comes downhill. The Persian generals ordered their warriors uphill to block my warriors coming downhill. They were slaughtered.” The Conqueror's wandering hand moved to caress the slave between her legs while she was narrating her exploits.

It seemed to the slave that her Lord was doing it absentmindedly, but it became difficult for her to maintain her concentration on what her Lord was telling her, with the new fire rapidly building inside of her.

“ When you surround an army, leave an outlet free. Do not press a desperate foe too hard. Such is the art of warfare. Victory was mine,” the Conqueror concluded her tale then informed her slave as she mounted her, “I need to go again.”

The slave spread her legs and gave access. She felt her right leg being lifted and placed over her Lord's proud shoulder, and her Lord's large, hard sex grinding against hers. She fixated her gaze on the flames as her Lord was making her come again.


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