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Princess of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge

Part 3


The Conqueror felt something tugging at the sleeve of her shirt. She tried to steady her sword-arms to better satisfy her lust for blood, thinking the fabric must have caught on something, but the shakes grew stronger and more persistent in hindering her will. Through the pounding in her ears, a voice calling out to her perforated the clamor and reached her.

The Lord Conqueror lurched upwards, her sword-arm reaching forward and her eyes opening wide into darkness so thick she couldn't even see her arm in front of her. Her entire body was sodden, not by blood but by cold sweat.

“My Lord!” the voice called out to her again.

She quickly realized it was her wife and Queen's voice calling to her out of the darkness.

“It is just a dream, my Lion, nothing more. A silly nightmare,” the Queen whispered and rose from the bed to fetch some light.

Seated on the bed, the Conqueror drew in a deep breath and gained back a grip on her surroundings, beholding a single flame illuminating her Queen who carried it.

“Gabrielle,” the Conqueror whispered out to her wife with cracked voice and outstretched both her arms to her.

“I'm right here, my beloved Lord,” the Queen placed the burning candle next to her side of the bed and hurried to recapture her place at the Conqueror's side. "Tell me what you dreamt about," she requested though she thought she had an idea.

The Conqueror recounted her dream in great detail. The Queen was correct in suspecting it would have something to do with her losing her life but nothing prepared her for what the Conqueror told her it had instigated.

“It breaks my heart to see you torturing yourself so,” the Queen said, inwardly wondering what part of the dream had troubled the Conqueror more, her death during childbirth or the events that followed it. “No harm shall befall me,” she assured and hoped she could put her Lord's mind at ease, though she assumed that with little success.

The Conqueror trenched herself in the Queen's bosom and as the Queen gently rocked her and stroked the dark mane, the Conqueror wept like a scared little child in the arms of his mother.

The following night, the Conqueror and the Queen retired early to bed and while the Queen was fast asleep the Conqueror remained awake in the dark, dreading falling asleep and having the nightmare from the previous night come back to haunt her.

Close to midnight the Queen awoken to a popping sound like a cork being screwed out of a bottle and the sensation of a warm current flow of fluids streaming out of her.

Before the Conqueror had the chance to ask, the Queen simply stated, "My water just broke, my Lord."

The Conqueror leaped out of bed and on her way to the door nearly forgot to grab her robe and cover herself. Immense tension settled in her body and she felt as though millstones were tied to her legs, they felt so heavy. She opened the door to their hut and met with a drowsy lady in waiting who had been posted outside, slouching on a small stool near the entrance.

The lady in waiting jumped to her feet. Before she managed a customary curtsy the Conqueror declared, "It is time."

The lady in waiting ran to fetch the healers, the midwife and the Shamaness to the hut, while the Conqueror returned to her wife's bed.

"How are you feeling, sweetheart?" she asked gently, kneeling next to her wife's side of the bed and taking her hand in hers.

"Very well, my Love," the Queen replied and arrested the pain of contractions from appearing on her features with no small amount of effort.

"Is there anything I can do for you? Name anything at all and I'll do it."

"Nothing, my Lord."

"I know we've discussed it already, but…"

The Queen placed a quick forefinger against the Conqueror's lips and straightened up to a half sitting position. "It would be best if you weren't here with me, for your engrossing presence might distract me from all the pushing and breathing that I need to do," she jested and smiled. The wise Queen knew that appealing to her Lord's pride and vanity was the best venue to convince her.

"It's not because of the dream that I've had that you…" the Conqueror began to say, her lips moving beneath the Queen's finger.

"Of course not, my Lion. You must perish the thought. In your heart you know that I trust you, which is why it would give me great comfort if you waited right outside the door," she paused then added, "and besides, nothing will happen to me."

The Queen's hand squeezed the Conqueror, indicating to the latter that her beloved was having another contraction.

“They'll be here soon,” the Conqueror calmed her wife and tenderly stroked her hair. “It grieves me to see you in so much pain.”

From the other side of the door, the Conqueror heard footfalls approaching.

“It won't be long now,” the Queen said and looked intently into the Conqueror's eyes as if asking her to be brave.

The Conqueror stood up then leaned down and planted a kiss against the Queen's forehead between a couple strands of hair.

“I love you with all my heart, my Lord,” she whispered, hoping her words didn't sound like last words to her Lord.

“Don't leave me,” the Conqueror said almost commandingly just before the knock on the door.

"I won't," the Queen promised.

“Enter,” the Conqueror exclaimed.

The door opened and the healers, the midwife and the Shamaness entered. The Conqueror discouraged them from bowing before her, before looking one last time at her Queen, who managed to muster a smile, and leaving.

Outside the hut, the Conqueror paced back and forth in front of the closed door. She was glad that she had no audience. In the chilly night's air her ears were pricked up. She listened to the Queen's overwrought cries and tried to find dissimilarities between them and the ones she had heard in her dream. She had to remind herself over and over again that it was nighttime, unlike in her dream, thinking if there were enough dissimilarities the outcome ought to be different as well. She looked around at the sleeping village, which was dimly lit by very few torches. From a distance she heard an owl hooting above the constant chippers of the nocturnal insects. She envied the night its peacefulness. She looked up to gaze at the moon and stars and wondered whether this would be the night when her world ended.

It didn't take very long this time and soon enough the crying of a newborn ushered in the beginning of a new life and a second in line for the Lord Conqueror's succession. The door was opened after a few long nerve-wracking moments had gone by and the Chief Imperial healer came out.

"The Queen has delivered of a healthy daughter to your Majesty," he immediately said and bowed. Judging by the expression of great relief on his face, the Conqueror knew that her Queen was alive and well.

Nevertheless, just to make sure she asked him, "And the Queen?"

"Her Majesty is doing wonderfully well and is currently being made presentable for your Majesty," he replied, implying that the Conqueror would have to wait just awhile longer before seeing her wife.

But the Conqueror wouldn't wait. Her Queen, she thought, could never be un-presentable to her. She strode into the hut, shoving the elderly man wearing black aside as she did.

The Shamaness was just about to finish attending to the Queen while the midwife held the infant in her arms.

"Majesty," all in attendance bowed.

The Conqueror didn't linger but kept on walking, passing the midwife by as though she and the newborn were air and proceeded straight to her wife first.

"My Lady," the Conqueror whispered and seated herself atop the bed next to where her wife was laying.

"My Lord," the Queen whispered back as tears of joy slid down her pale features.

"How are you feeling?" the Conqueror asked and touched gentle fingers to the Queen's forehead and temple.

The Queen thought she saw the weight of the world being lifted from her Lord. "Exhausted, sore and deliriously happy, my Lord," she chuckled and beckoned the midwife to bring the child to her.

The midwife rushed to the Queen and placed the infant in her mother's cradling arms.

The Conqueror felt as though she could begin to breathe lightly and easily again, something she hadn't done in nine moons, so it seemed to her. It was finally over and no calamity had befallen her family. She rose to her feet and faced the healers, the midwife and the Shamaness.

"I wish to thank you all for attending to her Majesty with the greatest of care and for the excellent performance of your duties and trades."

"Thank you, Majesty," they all said in unison. There wasn't a greater honor than to receive thanks and praises from the Lord Conqueror.

"With your permission, Majesty, I wish to bring her Majesty some broth and a strong, sweet cup of tea," said the Shamaness.

The Conqueror nodded her consent and they all left the Royals' hut bowing and muttering "Majesties."

When alone, the Conqueror asked her Queen yet again, "Are you absolutely sure you are well?"

"Completely," the Queen answered as they both looked at their new daughter.

"This one is the living likeness of her mother," the Conqueror said as she carefully observed the newest addition to her family and her heart doubled its size to accommodate the great love that was born at that moment for her second daughter.

The infant briefly opened her eyes and revealed her mother's shade of deep sparkling forest green.

"She even has your nose and your chin and best yet, your golden hair as well," the Conqueror went on to say with extreme pride. "Honestly, have you ever seen a more beautiful child?"

"Athena was just as beautiful," the Queen replied and lightly stroke the infant's cheek with a single finger.

"Of course," the Conqueror was quick to respond.

"She needs to be told about her new sister," the Queen said.

"I would send someone to inform her if I knew which bed she was spending her night in," the Conqueror snickered, still reveling in her daughter's beauty.

"Have you thought of a name, yet?" the Queen asked as she unlaced her gown and pulled out her enlarged breast to nurse the infant.

The Conqueror was riveted and mesmerized by the sight before her, as if she was beholding something awe-striking and extraordinary. On her face she wore the same expression she always got whenever watching the Queen preening herself. "I wish to name her after you, Gabrielle," she answered, almost distracted.

"With your permission, I should very much like to also name her after the late Princess Terreis and honor her memory."

The Conqueror planted a kiss atop the Queen's head, then touched her forefinger to the suckling infant's petite hand and enjoyed the small soft fingers closing around it. "The Ruler of the World is utterly in love with you, Princess Gabrielle Terreis," the Conqueror whispered and the smile that spread on her lips and the perfect warmth and tenderness in her eyes overwhelmed the Queen, who thought she had never seen such sentiments about her Lord before.

It seemed as though the Conqueror couldn't keep her eyes off her little Princess. She anxiously waited for her to finish nursing so that she could finally get the chance to pick her up, hold her in her arms and shower her tiny face with countless kisses.

"You look tired, my love," she said to her Queen as the latter covered back her breast. "Here, let me take the little one off your hands," she volunteered quite eagerly and took the infant into her arms.

To say that the Queen was stunned was an understatement.

"I say, have you ever seen such perfection before?" the Conqueror said as she brought her lips to the infant's cheek.

The Queen halfheartedly shook her head in the negative.

"Well, I have… only once…" the Conqueror told her wife, "You, sweetheart."

A knock on the door drew their attention to it. The Shamaness, carrying a tray with steaming broth and tea, and Princess Athena entered after hearing the Conqueror's voice inviting them to do so.

"Majesties," Princess Athena and the Shamaness bowed before the Royal couple.

"Your Grace," the Conqueror greeted her eldest back with a raised eyebrow.

"You look surprised, Majesty," Princess Athena pointed out as she stretched back up to her full stature.

"I am. I am surprised that the Shamaness knew where to find you at this late hour," the Conqueror jauntily replied.

While the Shamaness placed the tray in front of the Queen, Princess Athena said to her parents, "Congratulations, Majesties."

"Thank you, your Grace," the Queen replied, then turned to the Shamaness as she was about to leave and give the Royals their privacy. "With my Lord's permission," she began to say and presently searched for the Conqueror's approval, "It is my desire to give my daughter, Princess Gabrielle Terreis, my right of cast."

The Queen knew perfectly well that naming her successor in her capacity as Queen of the Amazons was entirely her decision to make. The Conqueror rarely ever intervened in inner matters of governors' appointments of officials in the provinces under their rule. However, she was also aware that her newborn daughter was also the Lord Conqueror's progeny. As such, the child's duties, appellations and destiny were solely in the Lord Conqueror's discretion, for they were matters of state.

The Conqueror did not hesitate. "My permission is gladly granted, my Lady," she stated.

The Shamaness was moved profoundly by both the Queen's gifts of honor. She first addressed the Conqueror and bowed in gratitude, "Thank you, your Majesty," and only then addressed the Queen. "Thank you, my Queen, for naming the Princess after Terreis and for giving her your right of cast. It is a tremendous honor. I will assemble the council for your announcement as soon as you're ready and able, my Queen."

"Thank you," the Queen said, "for everything."

"You are most welcome," the Shamaness smiled in kindness and just before she left for the night she cast her glance at the Conqueror who stood next to the Queen's bed, completely enthralled by the newborn in her arms. It made for an odd sight, the old Shamaness thought before closing the door behind her, like watching a bird flying backwards.

"Athena, come and have a look at your new sister," she said and tilted her arms just slightly to better Athena's view.

Athena stepped closer and gazed at the slumbering infant. "She's adorable, I guess. Aren't all infants?!" she asked.

"You understand nothing," the Conqueror retorted, "She is beyond adorable. She is perfection and sublime beauty."

Athena simply shrugged and approached the Queen's bed. She wrapped her strong arms around the Queen. "I am so happy for you, mother," she whispered, protectively and lovingly engulfing her mother's smaller frame.

"Thank you, my beloved Athena," the Queen embraced her eldest as tightly as she could.

"Are you feeling well, mother? Is there anything I can do for you?" she asked.

"Nothing at all," the Queen replied.

"I shall leave you alone, then," the Princess told both her parents and on her way out she stopped next to her sibling and said to her, "Welcome to life, little sister, and welcome to the most powerful family on earth. I can promise you one thing, you will not get bored," she chuckled as the Conqueror shook her head disapprovingly.

"So we're calling her Princess Terreis, yes?!" Athena asked before vacating her parents' hut.

The Conqueror joined her wife in bed, still cradling the little Princess in her arms like the most precious thing in the entire world. "Your daughter has some more growing up to do," she remarked and reclined against the pillows, carefully laying the fragile infant against her chest and covered them both for warmth.

"Perhaps you are being a bit too hard on her, my Lord," the Queen suggested and rested her weary head against the Conqueror's shoulders and cuddled against her.

The Conqueror encompassed the Queen's body with her free arm and pressed her closer to her. "Perhaps," the Conqueror admitted, "But I must be."

"I know," the Queen sighed. "And I also know that she will not disappoint you. I am so very proud of her."

"I am too, my love."

Suspecting the Shamaness had mixed some herbs that induced sleep in her tea, Queen Gabrielle fell fast asleep, but the Conqueror was unable to shut her eyes just yet. She remained awake for a while longer and watched her wife and daughter sleep.


Not seven days had gone by since the birth of Princess Gabrielle Terreis and the Queen appeared before the Amazon council and publicly announced her daughter's name and gave her the right of cast for all to witness. With accordance to Amazon tradition, the Shamaness with the assistance of her apprentice conducted a ritual accepting the infant into the tribe.

The Queen's favors, the naming of the Princess after the dead Princess Terreis and the bestowing upon her the right of cast, were received with profound gratitude by the Amazons and taught them about the true and genuine commitment of the Queen towards them.

The days were getting shorter and colder and the Conqueror didn't wish to expose her wife and newborn child to the elements on the road. So after another seven days had passed, she decided it was high time they all returned to Corinth, which hosted a kinder winter than the Amazon lands, and embarked on the journey home before the arrival of snow.

Three moons after returning to Corinth , a grand and extravagant banquet was held in the palace. Anyone who was anyone in the Realm was invited to pay respect and tribute to the Conqueror's second in line to the Throne. Hundreds were gathered in the Great Hall in the presence of the Throne and thousands were amassed outside in the Imperial gardens for lack of space. Jesters, musicians, dancers and bards were commissioned to entertain the masses.

Not far from the menagerie, which the Conqueror opened for her guests' pleasure to visit and behold, a vast and specious arena stood surrounded by corridors and Corinthian pillars amidst a wild olive tree grove to host sporting events such as boxing, javelin, discus throwing, wrestling and running and equestrian events such as two and four-horse chariot races and riding. The athletes flexed their muscles and wrapped their leather himantes around their hands and wrists, preparing for the opportunity to make a name for themselves and draw the Lord Conqueror's attention and favor to them.

Lady Satrina, the household steward, had hired extra helping hands to prepare for what many believed to be the greatest celebration ever held in Corinth since the marriage between the Conqueror and the Queen. If ever there was a demonstration of unimaginable wealth, that banquet was it.

The Conqueror and the Queen sat at their Thrones standing atop a dais with a table fully set before them, on which a centre-piece was placed with peacocks' feathers and green branches to which were tied violets and other sweet-smelling flowers. The Conqueror was in full regalia of red and dark blue and with her crown on her head, as was the Queen who wore a green and grey velvet dress with emeralds and pearls titivating the rich fabric. Princess Athena was in full battle regalia and the newest addition to the Royal family wore a tiny regal dress and a tiny diadem on her petite head, both personally commissioned by the Lord Conqueror with the same colors, fabric and stones as those worn by the Queen.

And the feast was artistically arrayed upon silver platters on the stretches of crimson cloth-covered tables. It was lavish and sumptuous. New foods and spices had been imported and unusual recipes had been created, which made use of the finest foods and freshest ingredients. Civets of hares, quarters of stags which had spent a night in salt, stuffed chickens, legs of lambs, loins of veal and fish were served along with freshly baked breads and vegetables. Exotic fruits from all around the world also were served, but the amounts of various brands of wines, ales, spirits and mead were even more impressive.

The Lord Conqueror rose to her feet and all conversations and merriment ceased immediately. She raised her golden goblet, which was nearly overrun with the finest wine from the province of Gaul , high in the air and exclaimed so that all could hear her, “Subjects of the Realm, distinguished guests, raise your goblets to her Majesty, your Sovereign Queen.”

Every single one in attendance raised their goblets.

The Conqueror then turned to her right to where the Queen sat holding their child in her arms and went on to say, “To you, my beautiful wife and Queen.”

“To her Majesty, the Queen,” enthusiastic cries erupted from all corners of the Great Hall and echoed in between its walls and rafters.

The Queen raised her own goblet filled with sweet wine and with a smile in her glittering eyes, replied, “To you, my gracious and honorable Lord, and to our family.”

“To the Lord Conqueror,” all seemed pleased with yet another toast to pour down their gullets.

The Conqueror blew a kiss to her Queen as the masses cried, then she laid down her goblet and picked up the infant, who opened her green eyes for the auspicious occasion, in her arms and said, “I present to you, our daughter, Princess Gabrielle Terreis!”

As the Conqueror seated herself back on her Throne, and with high spirit and a heart warmed by wine and love, she said in good humor, “It is my lot in life to be surrounded by beautiful women.”

When all the nobility raised their goblets and cheered in mirth, the Conqueror's ears intercepted a statement made by one of the noblemen, who probably didn't think he uttered it loud enough for anyone else other than the nobleman next to him to hear, remarking: “The Conqueror's blood produces female issue only.”

Those foolishly uttered words incurred the Conqueror's notorious wrath. She was angry not just by the content of the words but because it spoiled the festivities. “Nobleman Likos,” her voice roared and silence quickly descended throughout the crowd.

He immediately stood up on shaky legs, wondering how on earth the Conqueror had overheard a single statement under so many clamors. Nobleman Likos was the governor of the province of Thessaly . The Conqueror had appointed him to govern the province after its former governor and primary supplier of weaponry to the Realm, Nobleman Delos had requested to be appointed as governor to Britannia once he had heard of it richness of iron ores. For Nobleman Likos it was a promotion, since Thessaly was by far more lucrative than his former province and he ought to have been grateful to his Sovereign.

“Majesty,” he bowed and his voice betrayed him.

“How are your three sons?” she asked him.

“Well, your Majesty,” he replied and feared that the Conqueror would execute them just to punish him for his transgression that had slipped out of him by too much ale and for her envy, so he believed.

"Did you not bring them here to partake in their Sovereigns' celebration?"

"Of course I did, Majesty. They are sitting right over there," he answered and pointed them out to her, "Sitting with their commanders." With a nervous wave of his hand, he signaled the three young men to stand up as well and they did.

The Conqueror's gaze followed Nobleman Likos' finger and saw all three officers bow respectfully before her. "I see they serve as officers in the eighteenth legion."

"Indeed, Majesty."

“Then I propose a match between my daughter and your three sons… to entertain our guests.”

“Majesty… My apology… It won't be…”

But the wide-eyed glare that the Conqueror shot at him as if scolding him for daring to disobey her extinguished his protest. "Is my progeny too much against three of yours?" she asked him as all around them watched the exchange. Those who sat closely to Nobleman Likos understood what it all had been about. However, those who sat afar hadn't a clue, but knowing that the Lord Conqueror wasn't one to make a capricious decision, surmised their Ruler had a score to settle with him.

“With a staff?” his words sounded like the bargaining of a coward.

“Do you fear my daughter's blade would cut down your line?”

He didn't reply for he didn't have any words to offer. The Conqueror beckoned all three officers to come out from behind their table and stand before her and when they did she ordered them to unsheathe their swords. At first they were slightly hesitant to draw out their weapons in the presence of their Ruler but an order was issued and so it had to be obeyed.

"Your Grace," the Conqueror called out to Princess Athena.

"Majesty," Princess Athena replied, approaching the Conqueror and standing to her left. She beheld her would be opponents and recognized the eldest as one of her teachers in the Roman Military Academy she had attended not too long ago.

The Queen arrested her initial instinct to protect her firstling and remained seated, trusting in her Lord's judgment.

"Guard, hand me your spear," the Conqueror commanded one of the guards who stood behind her to the right of the Queen's throne.

When the weapon was handed to her, she turned it up-side-down so that the blade at its apex would be pressed against the ground and with a kick of her leg she broke its sharp iron-head and handed the now staff to her daughter.

“Kick their arses,” the Conqueror said then whispered so that only Athena could hear, "And teach their father a lesson about my blood."

“I shall even do it blindfolded, Majesty," the Princess answered.

As Princess Athena removed her armor and gantlets, tables were pushed aside and backward to give space for the combatants to spar. Some of the audience went so far as to stand upon chairs, stools and benches to gain better view of the impending match. Others even tried to place bets but none were willing to gamble against Princess Athena.

Princess Athena extended her chest, surveyed her surroundings and pushed back her shoulders.

To show good sportsmanship she addressed her opponents, "Are you fit and in good form?" She then snapped her fingers and a strap of cloth was given to her by one of the servants and she tied it over her eyes.

"We are, your Grace," the oldest replied. Of all three sons, being her teacher and privy to his former student's abilities, he was in a position to know far better than his brothers that Princess Athena shouldn't be underestimated. However, seeing her discarding her armor, holding a staff to their swords, and blindfolding herself, they didn't underestimated her either.

"Begin," the Conqueror ordered, turned her back to them and casually sauntered back to her throne, showing all how confident she was in the Princess.

The silence in the Great Hall grew thicker and more deafening. It enabled Princess Athena to hear the sounds of the three men's breaths, the knocks of their military boots against the floor and the sound of their blades cutting through air as they wielded it in their hands. She waited for them to strike first, but they didn't so she feinted an offence motion of her shoulder to draw their instinctive reaction to strike and they did.

Princess Athena toyed with them, forced them to move with accordance to the combat she mapped in her head. That match, many would later claim, had been better than any other boxing or javelin match later displayed in the arena.

When all three men were lying defeated, bloodied and crippled around her, and when she detected no further movement from them, Princess Athena removed the blindfold from around her eyes, and dropped the staff to the ground next to them.

Their subjects cheered for her as she strutted back to her place to the Conqueror's left. The Conqueror signaled two of her servants to clean up the mess and the blood off the floor and remove the men from the Great Hall and escort them to the infirmary. Nobleman Likos didn't lift a finger to help his boys to their feet.

"Music," the Conqueror exclaimed and the musician accompanied by a choir of singing women produced enchanting melodies.

Lady Cyrene and Lady Lila approached the Thrones to offer their congratulations to the Conqueror and the Queen and to marvel at the little Princess. The three women incessantly chattered about the little Princess, and quite unexpectedly the Conqueror, without giving any indications she was doing so, eavesdropped on the conversation with great interest.

After the conversation had ended, the Conqueror signaled the Princess' nurse to take the child off her mother's hands.

"My Lady," the Conqueror stood up and extended her arm to the Queen in an invitation.

"My Lord," the Queen replied, knowing full well that her Lord desired to dance with her.

When they finished dancing, the Conqueror took back Princess Terreis from the arms of the nurse. As soon as the little infant recognized the Conqueror's features, she smiled wildly and waved her hands and legs with absolute joy and excitement.

"I was just telling Lady Cyrene and Lady Lila that the two of you are completely besotted with one another, my Lord," the Queen smiled.

Her wife's comment wasn't something the Conqueror hadn't already known. "Did you, now," she muttered with half a smile across her lips, still beholding her beloved daughter.

The Queen hanged herself on the Conqueror's arm and they both exited the Great Hall. While their subjects bowed and curtsied before them, they made their way out and up to an open balcony facing the Imperial Gardens where the rest of their subjects were gathered in order to present their new offspring to them, as well.

The Royals waved to the riled up masses before returning back inside.

After the banquets and the games ended, near midnight the Queen and the Conqueror, with their infant daughter cradled comfortably in the Conqueror's arms sleeping peacefully, walked down the corridor leading to their chambers with the Princess' wet nurse not far behind them.

“The banquet was magnificent. Thank you, my Lord,” the Queen said and rested her head against the Conqueror's bicep.

“I'm glad you enjoyed it and you needn't thank me, my love,” the Conqueror replied and stroked the fair down adorning her daughter's head.

“Are you fit and in good form, my Lion?” the Queen smiled a seductive smile as she asked the Conqueror the same question that Princess Athena had asked Nobleman Likos' boys.

The Conqueror averted her gaze from her daughter to her wife and with a raised eyebrow asked her, “Am I to glean from it that you are?”

“I am, my Lord. Please let the wet-nurse put little Terreis in her crib and have her sleep there rather than sleep again in our bed tonight. It's been too long… I miss you, and I can wait no longer.” The Queen nuzzled the hard bicep.

“I yearn for you, too, my love,” the Conqueror whispered then turned around and called to the wet-nurse. She placed little Terreis in the arms of the full-figured lady, leaned down and kissed her daughter goodnight.

It was time to put her wife to bed as well, she thought as she felt the pounding awakening in her trousers and in her heart.

In the Imperial bedchamber, they undressed each other slowly as they often did to sweeten and prolong the anticipation. Once divested of clothes, the Conqueror lifted her Queen in her arms and gently laid her down on the bed. Their lips met in a tender kiss that quickly grew more passionate. The Conqueror's tongue delved again and again into the Queen's mouth lavishing it with barely controllable desire and receiving nothing less than the same.

When the writhing Queen felt the Conqueror's need slither against her creamy thighs she moved to turn beneath the Conqueror's body, bucking her hips to encourage her Lord, but the Conqueror stopped her.

“I want to see my beautiful wife in all her glory, tonight,” she said as she slowly inserted herself into the hot depth of the woman lying so trustingly and lovingly beneath her. “Let me know if I hurt you,” she went on to say and began to pleasure them both.


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