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Princess of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge

Part 7


It was two nights before the wedding and the Queen was about to visit Princess Terreis' chamber to tell her a bedtime story and kiss her goodnight, when Lady Cyrene requested an audience with her.

The Queen dismissed her ladies in waiting and offered the Conqueror's mother a seat. The elderly woman pulled the chair to stand closer to the Queen then heavily seated herself.

"What are you doing, my dear child?" she asked softly and looked imploringly at her daughter-in-law.

"I don't know what you mean," the Queen made an attempt at denial but her downcast gaze told Cyrene that the Queen understood her meaning all too well.

Cyrene rested a gentle hand atop the Queen's knee. "There's no avoiding the surreptitious whisperings throughout the palace. Tis all they ever talk about in the kitchen… And it's not confined to the palace only. They talk about it in the markets, too. 'The Queen sleeps in her own bed,' they say."


The Queen cleared her throat, still not meeting Cyrene 's eyes. "One must learn to ignore malicious rumors."


"Oh, my dear child… these sorts of rumors cannot and must not be ignored. There is talk that you won't share the Conqueror's bed due to a disagreement regarding the marriage of Princess Athena to the Nordic Princess."


With the promise she had made to her Lord in mind, the Queen replied: "I will not discuss this matter."


"Whether you confirm or deny it makes no difference at all."


But the Queen remained silent, holding back tears as best she could.

"Sweet Gabrielle," Cyrene whispered even softer than before, "You know I love you as my own daughter, and I understand your need to protect your child with every fiber of your being, believe me."


The Queen turned her head away from Cyrene as if refusing to listen, as if Cyrene 's gentleness was too much for her to bear, as if it might weaken her resolve.


Cyrene continued, "You won't prevent Athena's marriage by destroying your own."


The Queen maintained her reluctance to speak.

Cyrene stood up and delivered her final words to the Queen. "You must reconcile yourself to the Conqueror and put a cease to the upheaval."

After Cyrene had left, the Queen made her way to Princess Terreis' chambers only to find that her daughter wasn't there.

"Where is her Grace?" she asked one of the Princess' nurses.

"Thetis came and fetched her Grace for the Lord Conqueror a short while ago, Majesty," the nurse replied.

The very mention of Thetis' name disturbed the Queen and it was all she could do not to frown.

In order to conceal the severe lack of communication between herself and her Lord, the Queen feigned an expression as if she'd just remembered something, and muttered absentmindedly-like, "Of course."

She exited Princess Terreis' chambers and walked over to the Imperial chambers. She stood at the closed doors and rested her ear to them. All she could hear were muffled voices and her daughter's rolling laughter. She looked sideways, making sure no one was watching her, and peeped through the keyhole. She saw the Conqueror, Terreis and Thetis all sitting on the Persian carpet by the fire, playing with little figurines of animals carved from wood, and it soured her heart. She hoped and prayed that her Lord would cancel the wedding and that everything would revert back to the way it was. To say that she missed her Lord would be an understatement. In some ways things being as they were between them were worse than when she had decided to stay with the Amazons, for seeing her Lord every day only demonstrated to her just how far apart they really were.


The day of the wedding finally arrived and with it disappeared any hope that the Lord Conqueror would call it off.

Princess Sieglinde stood in her chamber surrounded by her ladies in waiting who were hovering and fussing over her, preparing her for the greatest event of her young life. They dressed her in the white dress, which the Queen had given her the day before, encrusted with pearls at the bustle, on the long wide sleeves and on the hem. One of the Greek ladies in waiting cut a lock of Princess Sieglinde's hair signifying her Mistress' virginity and dedicated it to the Goddess Aphrodite as an offering to guide her Mistress from childhood and into adulthood. One of her Nordic ladies in waiting then gathered Princess Sieglinde's long hair after brushing it fastidiously, braided it and twirled it atop her Mistress's head before placing a white Nordic traditional cap ornamented with several thin chains and medallions of gold. It was customary in the Nordic Lands for women of age and of standing to cover their hair, and so Princess Sieglinde and her Nordic ladies in waiting wore traditional caps at all times except for bed.

When she was all dressed and ready, the Queen was announced and Princess Sieglinde along with her ladies in waiting all curtsied before the Queen.

"You look so lovely, your Grace," the Queen gasped as she examined the young lass from head to toe, pleased that the dress she had ordered fit the Nordic Princess perfectly and complimented her figure.

"I wish I was as beautiful as your Majesty," Princess Sieglinde replied, gazing adoringly at the Queen, who wore a mauve silk dress with gold and silver embroidery and the polished crown on her head.

"You must be so excited," the Queen commented.

"Frightened, Majesty. I don't wish to cause embarrassment," the Princess almost whispered and downcast her gaze.

The Queen chuckled. "That is exactly how I felt before my Lord married me. I was a foreigner myself only in a different way," she explained, "A foreigner to the Realm's nobility and lacking any social stature. But I am confident that you'll do well, your Grace, so you needn't worry." The Queen wanted to say more to Princess Sieglinde, but she wasn't sure how much of it Princess Sieglinde could understand. She wasn't sure she understood what little she had already said to her. Princess Sieglinde was by no means easy to read. At times she seemed to the Queen like one of the many frozen lakes in the Nordic Lands she had read about: cool, pale, firm, almost flat on the surface so that one could hardly see the depths hidden just beneath.


"Thank you, Majesty."


The Queen closed the gap between herself and her soon to be daughter-in-law, and took both her hands in hers. "With all my heart I wish you true happiness, love and contentment in your marriage." The Queen's voice quivered as she spoke. Her blessing was genuine but she feared it wouldn't come true.

"Thank you, Majesty. I am so grateful to you and the Lord Conqueror. Your blessing is very important to me," Princess Sieglinde said, and though she maintained reticence of expression and mannerism, her sincerity could be noticed by the slight hint of it in her voice.


"Your Grace," the Queen muttered.

Princess Sieglinde and her ladies in waiting all curtsied as the Queen and her entourage turned and vacated the chamber.

The Queen, accompanied by her ladies, went to Princess Athena's chambers, next. When the doors opened before her, she was greeted by the sight of her eldest in the arms of Cynna.

"Majesty," Princess Athena bowed before the Queen and Cynna curtsied, as well.

"Excuse us," the Queen asked of Cynna.

"Of course, my Queen," the Amazon replied and left. It sounded odd, almost distasteful to the Queen's ear to hear Cynna address her as 'My Queen,' for Cynna looked nothing like an Amazon anymore but like a noblewoman of the Realm, with her dress and her jewelry that Princess Athena had been generous enough to give her as gifts. There was something troubling about the entire thing, the Queen thought.

Cynna left and closed the door behind her.

The Queen wore a despondent expression on her features as her eyes ran over Princess Athena dressed in white as her Lord had worn to their wedding many years ago.

"Athena," the Queen whispered and tried to muster up a smile despite her morose eyes.

Athena wrapped her strong arms around the Queen. "Be of good cheer, mother," she said as she released the Queen from her embrace, "for today is my wedding day . "


The Queen was too overwhelmed to speak.

"Leave us," Athena ordered the servants around them.

When they were alone, the Queen looked intently into Athena's eyes, no longer capable of stopping her quiet tears.

"Don't cry mother. All will be well, you'll see," Athena tried to comfort her. "I've heard that you've been sleeping in your own bedchamber. I cannot allow you to ruin your marriage over mine. I no longer mind it. I will marry the Norsewoman and try and fix my heart to sway her way."


"Even if it is true, it cannot be done. We cannot make our heart love someone anymore than we can force it to stop from loving another," the Queen said and wiped her tears away.

Athena thought she heard a touch of bitterness in her mother's voice.

"It is almost time," Athena pointed out as she placed a gentle hand against the Queen's lower back.

"Beloved, I exhort you to be kind to Princess Sieglinde, for none of this is her fault," the Queen requested. As much as she loved her daughter, in her heart the Queen could not deny that Athena took much after her Lord, including her capacity for vindictiveness and cruelty.

"I will try and do my best to be civil towards her," Athena promised. "Now, will you not bless me, mother?"

The Queen's blessing had become quite a myth over the years. Many of the Realm's soldiers and commanders had developed and nurtured the belief that it had been due to the Queen's blessing to the Conqueror before waging war that their forces had suffered less casualties in battle. Some even had gone as far as believing that their Mistress had been touched by the Gods or the Fates, for what other explanation could there be for a body slave winning the Great Lord Conqueror's heart and becoming wife and Queen to the Sovereign.


"I wish the very best of everything for you… that you'll rejoice in what you have and that your heart will know real peace that comes with wisdom."


"Thank you, Majesty," Athena leaned down and kissed her mother's forehead. Athena wasn't sure whether she believed in the power of her mother's blessing or not, for on the one hand she had faith in the Queen's many extraordinary abilities, but on the other hand, the Conqueror had taught her to rule her own destiny, yet Athena knew with certainty that she'd rather have it than not.

When the Queen reached the entrance, she turned to face her daughter again. "Athena, I pray you not to invite Cynna to the wedding. It'll be unseemly and in poor taste and will provoke my Lord's wrath."


"She will remain in her chamber, mother," Athena assured.


Downstairs, at the entrance to the Great Hall, the Queen met the Conqueror dressed in her regalia with the Realm's colors, her crown on her head, a gilded ceremonial sword against her right thigh with a ruby encrusted in its pommel, and a gilded dagger with a similar design on her left. The sight of one another in regal, festive attire stole their breaths away.

"My Lord," the Queen curtsied before the Conqueror.

"My Lady," the Conqueror bowed in return.

The governess, holding Princess Terreis' hand, approached the Royals. Upon seeing Princess Terreis in her own ceremonial bodice and with a diadem on her head, the Conqueror's heart overflowed with great love.

"Majesties," the Princess curtsied.

"Your Grace," both parents greeted back with wide smiles.

Princess Terreis hurried to the Conqueror, reached up and took the Conqueror's hand in hers. The Conqueror knelt down on one knee. "When we enter the Great Hall you must walk to your mother's side along with Princess Sieglinde, little one," she whispered in the child's ear.

"But I want to go with you, my Sire," Terreis whispered back.

"Come now, sweetheart… Don't you want to make Princess Sieglinde happy? Her family is far, far away and won't be attending the wedding…" the Conqueror explained.

"Then I shall be her sister, Sire," Terreis answered, still whispering.

Her youngest, the Conqueror thought, truly had her mother's heart in every sense. "I'm very pleased," the Conqueror kissed her daughter's cheek and rose back up to her full stature as little Terreis went to stand to her mother's right.

Princess Sieglinde walked down the corridor with her ladies in waiting behind her straightening the trail of her white dress. She greeted the Conqueror and the Queen and they greeted her back when Princess Athena approached them from the other end of the corridor.

"You look so beautiful, your Grace," Princess Terreis said to Princess Sieglinde as her eyes appreciated her white dress with wonder and excitement.

"So are you, your Grace," Princess Sieglinde replied and lowered herself down to face the little Princess, mindful not to dirty her dress.

"I will be your sister," Princess Terreis said and closed her little arms around the Nordic Princess.

Something deep inside Princess Sieglinde moved. A child's honest and unreserved willingness to embrace and befriend her pierced her heart with a ray of sunshine and brought light and warmth into her life in the Corinthian palace.

"And I will be yours," Princess Sieglinde replied with a faint smile.

The Conqueror signaled the ceremony master posted at the doors to the Great Hall. He opened the doors and with his deep, potent voice he announced the arrival of the Royals.

Princess Athena and Princess Sieglinde walked together side by side in the middle. The Conqueror was to Athena's left while the Queen and Princess Terreis were to Princess Sieglinde's right. All in attendance bowed and curtsied in silence as the Royals passed them by.

The silence in the Great Hall was deafening, more deafening than the Queen could remember from when she and her Lord had gotten married. It was as if each and every one of their noble and distinguished guests knew about the contention that had been surrounding and dividing the Royals and the palace's household.

"I hope for your sake that your little friend is not here," the Conqueror whispered to Princess Athena as they made their way alongside one another to stand before the High Priest of the Realm.

"She is in her chamber, Majesty," Princess Athena whispered back.

The elderly High Priest, who was the one that had wedded the Conqueror and the Queen, presided over the ceremony with his frail and much aged voice.

Princess Athena vowed to honor and to cherish Princess Sieglinde and Princess Sieglinde vowed to honor and to obey Princess Athena.

From her inside pocket, the Conqueror produced a wedding band, which Athena had never bothered to even pick out herself for her future wife. Princess Athena took the ring and felt its heavy weight, far greater than any rock on Mount Olympus , and slowly put it around Princess Sieglinde's finger, mindful not to let her fingers touch those of her wife.

The High Priest pronounced them bonded in wedlock.

It was silent again after the High Priest uttered his last word and all in the Great Hall waited anxiously to see whether Princess Athena would kiss her bride or not, so much so that Princess Athena could feel the pressure of expectations weighing heavily on her. So as not to cause an embarrassment, she touched her lips to Princess Sieglinde's forehead.

A red flash ruddied the Nordic Princess' features, for it was the first time she was touched by Princess Athena and the kiss, however brief and modest, made her heart pound painfully in her chest and up her throat that she could hardly breathe.

The Conqueror nearly sighed in relief when the ceremony was over.

There were no cheers of joy but quiet strain. It was as if all waited to see how the Conqueror acted so to know what manner of behavior was required of them.

"Music," the Conqueror ordered. The silence was too difficult to bear.

The musicians and singers filled the void in the Great Hall where merriment should have been. Before taking her seat on the Throne, the Conqueror pulled Princess Athena aside and handed her a decorative silver box.

"What's this?" Athena asked as she rested her eyes on the box.

"This is the jewelry I've had made for your wife," the Conqueror's voice was overwrought with asperity. "It was your obligation to gift your bride with jewelry, but since you've neglected it like everything else, I took it upon myself to have them made for you to give to her."


Princess Athena decided not to allow the cultivation of sentiments like awkwardness or pangs of conscience, despite the Conqueror's formidable efforts. She looked at the Conqueror with almost insolent indifference and said nothing. As she was about to turn and walk to her seat, the Conqueror grasped her elbow and hissed at her, "I deducted their cost from your allowance."


Athena's expression did not change.


"Best I don't see these on your Amazon friend," the Conqueror concluded and strode to her Throne.

As the Royals sat at their thrones, with a table set and loaded with the very best of every food and drink, their noble and distinguished subjects approached one by one to offer their gifts and congratulations to the young couple, who were sitting next to each other to the Conqueror's left. Princess Athena felt grateful for those countless distractions, for it provided her with a great excuse to avoid exchanging words with either her new bride on her left or the Conqueror to her right. However, said distractions and commotion surrounding them could not have lasted forever and not before long the Conqueror leaned to her left and whispered to Princess Athena to dance with her wife.

Despite the whisper, Princess Athena didn't mistake it for anything but the order that it was. Slowly, she rose to her feet and took her wife's hand in hers without giving her a glance.

The Queen stalked Princess Sieglinde as the newlyweds made their way to the center of the Great Hall. She saw the familiar vacant expression and the colorless cheeks. The Nordic Princess seemed a bit out of sorts, overwhelmed and alone, so much so that the Queen couldn't but empathize with her.

As she danced, Princess Athena spared every effort she could, barely moving her limbs, nearly dragging her feet and keeping physical contact with her bride to the absolute minimum.

Thetis approached the Conqueror.

"Majesty," she whispered, letting her Master know that the information she had to convey was private.

The Conqueror tore the meat off the pheasant leg she was holding, then laid it back down onto her plate and wiped her mouth while still masticating the succulent meat in her mouth. She beckoned Thetis and the redhead leaned forward over the Conqueror's right shoulder and whispered something in her ear.

"Thank you, Thetis. You did well," the Conqueror praised the attendant for her discreet conduct.

With disapproving eyes, the Queen shot the Conqueror a questioning look.

"Send the messenger on his way and tell no one what you've just told me," the Conqueror ordered Thetis and the latter curtsied and went on to carry out her orders.

"King Olof is dead," the Conqueror whispered to the Queen then sternly added, "I'll be the one to tell Athena."


The Queen felt deep sorrow for the poor Nordic Princess, but what equally saddened her was the fact that though her Lord was sitting next to her, emotionally they were leagues apart.


The dance ended and before Princess Athena had a chance to return to her seat, the Conqueror pulled her aside.

"Your wife's father is dead," the Conqueror spoke quietly. She saw no change upon Athena's face and she didn't expect to find any. "I leave to you to deliver her the bad news but I urge you to spare it from her on her wedding day."


Princess Athena nodded wordlessly.


Soon after dusk, when the wedding was finally over, the Conqueror retired to the Imperial chambers to attend to a few pressing matters that demanded her attention. Upon entering her chambers, she saw Thetis arranging a few scrolls atop her desk in perfect array.

“Majesty,” Thetis curtsied.

“Is it all there?” the Conqueror asked.

“Everything you ordered, Majesty,” Thetis replied.

The Conqueror moved to sit behind her desk and began reading the documents. She failed to hear the young redhead bidding her goodnight. However, before Thetis made it to the exit, the Conqueror laid down the scroll.

“Stay here,” the Sovereign said. It was somewhere between a request and a command.

Thetis removed her hand from the metal door-handles and immediately turned to face her Master again.


“Should I go and fetch Princess Terreis for you, Majesty?”


“Her Grace is already asleep. Best not to wake her,” the Conqueror replied, rubbing her chin.

“Anything else I can do for you, Majesty?” Thetis asked.

The Conqueror let out a deep sigh that sounded more like a groan. What could she say? That she felt lonely? That she had the need to converse with her wife and Queen especially on an eventful day such as this but things being as they were, anyone would do no matter how poor a substitute?

“It was a beautiful wedding, was it not?” the Conqueror asked.

“It was magnificent, Majesty, and it was a testament of your Majesty's legendary bounteousness,” Thetis said, still standing by the door, not entirely sure what was on the Conqueror's mind.

The Conqueror stood up, moved from around the long desk and as she walked towards her armchair she gesture with her arm for Thetis to join her.

Thetis's legs trembled a little. She was revering, if not nervous, to sit in the armchair next to the Conqueror where she realized the Queen must have sat countless times, and so she seated herself on the edge of it.

“And Princess Sieglinde looked very fetching, don't you think?”


“Very fetching, indeed, Majesty,” Thetis agreed.

“The Queen chose the dress for her, did you know?”


“No, I did not, Majesty. Her Majesty has an excellent taste.”


The Conqueror chuckled. “That she has,” the Conqueror nodded her head slowly as she looked at the burning fire.

A few moments passed between them in silence, in which Thetis was trying still to understand the Conqueror's strange mood.

“Was it a happy wedding, do you think?” the Conqueror was the one, of course, to break the quiet.

Thetis wasn't sure which answer her Master was seeking after. “It was very formal as such occasion requires, I think.”


The Conqueror appreciated Thetis' reply. It was honest enough without sounding critical. “It should have been more joyous," she said and after a few moments she let out a tad more gravely, "I wish it were… more joyous.”

Thetis kept her lips sealed. She marveled at how rare an event that very moment was, getting a glimpse of the private thoughts of the Great Destroyer of Nations, Ruler of the World.

“It reminded me of my own wedding,” the Conqueror smirked with a touch of sadness. “Of course you weren't even born yet,” she said and rested her gaze on the redheaded servant.

“My uncle told me about it, Majesty,” Thetis smiled as she recalled her uncle's tale in her mind.

“I will tell you a little secret not even the Queen knows,” the Conqueror said like a mischievous youth.

“Pray, do tell, Majesty,” Thetis urged her Master on as she moved further to the edge of her seat.

“I was a little nervous myself that day… getting married and all…” she said with half a smile stretching the right angle of her lips upwards.

“And her Majesty never suspected?” Thetis said, surprised and amused.

The Conqueror shook her head. “I was too busy being the Lord Conqueror for her,” she admitted with a roguish glint in her eyes.

Thetis burst into laughter.

At that moment in the corridor leading to her chambers, the Queen was passing the Imperial chambers' doors, when her ears caught Thetis' laughter emanating from inside. The sound of it crawled under her skin and irked her. She retired alone to her own chambers but sleep would not come to her.

Princess Terreis, who had miraculously managed to fall asleep despite the wedding noises in the Great Hall, was carried by one of her nurses to her own bed.

Princess Athena and her Nordic bride walked together in grim silence to their marital bed that waited for them like the gallows waiting for the condemned. Once inside Princess Sieglinde's chambers, the awkwardness tightened its grip around them. Princess Sieglinde sat at the edge of the bed and waited for Princess Athena to address her.

There was no place on earth Princess Athena wanted less to be in than where she stood at that moment. She took out the jewelry box that the Conqueror had given her at the wedding to give to her bride from her inside pocket and tossed it casually near where Princess Sieglinde was sitting, muttering: "For you."


"Thank you, Min Herre," Princess Sieglinde responded before opening the box and seeing what was inside.

Princess Athena didn't bother to ask what the meaning of the words that her wife spoke to her in her native tongue. She assumed they meant 'Your Grace' but couldn't care less.

Princess Sieglinde tentatively opened the box and saw an exquisite necklace with sapphires and diamonds set in silver gold along with a pair of earrings, a bracelet and diadem with the same design. The magnificent jewelry stole her breath away, but even more than that she was impressed with Princess Athena's generosity towards her, not knowing, of course, that Princess Athena had had nothing to do with it. She took out the jewels in her hand and marveled at them in the firelight.

"They are beautiful, Min Herre," she said and despite her heavy accent, her excitement could be detected. "Min Herre is most generous." While holding up the earrings she went on say with a tinge of amusement, "My ears are not…" she couldn't remember how to say 'pierced' and so she paraphrased, "I have no holes in my ears."


Princess Athena showed nothing but a lukewarm expression. It was as if nothing Princess Sieglinde did could do anything other than irritate her.

Upon receiving no response from Athena, Sieglinde returned the jewels back to the box, thinking she would ask one of her Greek ladies in waiting to assist her with the earrings and that she shouldn't have bothered Athena with it.

Athena turned her back to her bride and began disrobing of her regalia and then put on her night garments.

Sieglinde did the same with her back also turned to Athena.

Once in her night garments, Athena pulled the covers off the bed and gestured to her wife to climb in. She wasn't even curious enough to lay an examining look on her wife's bodily tokens in her rather revealing nightgown.

Sieglinde climbed into bed. Athena climbed into bed after her. They laid next to each other stiff and unmoving, both staring at the ceiling in silence. The difference between them was that Sieglinde waited in anticipation of Athena's touch, where as Athena could muster neither a drop of will, nor a speck of desire.

They lay like that with their lifeless extremities close to their bodies for a long time gazing aimlessly at the lights coming from the flames dancing randomly on the ceiling, which were the only thing that contrasted the stagnant stillness in the bedchamber. Sieglinde's hopes, however slim, faded away and gave their place to sad, poignant disappointment. On the other side of the bed, Athena's indifference turned into anger.

When she had enough, Princess Athena tersely darted out of bed and donned her robe over her shoulders. It almost surprised her to discover that her wife provoked no lust in her. Until that point in her young life, never had there been a time where she would lay next to a woman in bed without lust burning, however low, in her.

Princess Sieglinde's mute eyes tracked Athena's strides toward the door. She tightly clutched the hem of the covers, pulling them, just so, to cover and hide half her face.

Before exiting the bedchamber, Princess Athena rendered her final words to her wife for the night.

"Your father is dead."

Alone in her bedchamber, in her barren marital bed, Princess Sieglinde shed grieving tears for her dead father, who lived to see his kingdom conquered, and miserable tears for her wedding night, which was a disgrace. The merciless sting of her own failure to invoke what a young bride ought to in her mate gnawed at her and tormented her.

Meanwhile, the distraught Heir made her way to Cynna, who had confined herself to her assigned chamber for the duration of the wedding. Princess Athena stormed into the chamber without so much as knocking, startling Cynna, who jumped to her feet with her hand pressing against her heaving chest.

Princess Athena quickly covered the distance between them and gathered the Amazon into her arms.

"Your Grace," Cynna sighed into Athena's hard chest.

"Be my mistress," Athena pleaded as she started to rain passionate kisses all over Cynna's neck and down the valley between her breasts. "Be my mistress," she repeated hoarsely, "Prove the Conqueror wrong," she whispered a longtime clandestine wish under her breath, " For once let someone prove the Conqueror wrong."

Cynna wrapped her arms around Athena, raking her fingernails over her back, cupping the back of her head to press Athena's mouth more firmly against her.

"I will be your one and only mistress, my love," Cynna promised and with that consented all heartedly to what she had withheld for so long.

Princess Athena tore the dress off Cynna, exposing the unfamiliar sight to her eyes for the first time. She pushed the Amazon onto the bed and disrobed with extreme urgency.

Cynna's eyes uncontrollably drifted to focus on Athena's harness and the swinging phallus between her thighs. Never before had she seen such a device but was quick enough to realize its function.

As she prostrated herself on top of Cynna, Athena kept reminding herself to pace herself, for Cynna wasn't some slattern in a brothel. She sent her fingers to roam between Cynna's thighs and explore virginal flesh that swelled at her touch. Cynna's sharp intake of breath accompanied the Athena's strokes along with warm oily wetness.

"It might hurt being that it is your first time," Athena whispered before unleashing her tongue onto Cynna's rosy nipple.

Cynna couldn't imagine pain as waves of pleasure and need such as she'd never known before raged through her writhing body, making her heart palpitate inside the depth of her womanhood, rendering her unable to think or speak.

Athena looked into Cynna's eyes and watched the moderate stab between Cynna's thighs cleave through maidenhood and knock the air out of her lungs. She remained inside Cynna stiff and still, allowing the woman beneath her to get adjusted to the intrusion.

"Finally mine," Athena claimed with a growl.


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