Disclaimers:  They may resemble certain ladies we all know and love but they’re mine.  As is the story.

Rating: R for language, violence and sexual situations (some of it non-consensual)

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of my creativity or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

I want to thank my partner and everyone who encouraged me and has given me feedback.

They say for everyone there is someone.  Someone who will complete them; make them whole; fill the empty void in their life.  The story of soul mates is as old as time itself.  They say in the beginning all humans had two heads and eight limbs and they shared the same heart and soul.  The Gods saw this arrangement wasn’t working so Zeus took his lightning bolts and split them in half creating what we are today; one head; four limbs but only half a heart and soul.  The legend goes that we spend our lives looking for that other half to complete us and make us whole.  Sometimes we find them and sometimes we don’t. 

This is a story of finding that one such person and looking beyond years of pain and betrayal and opening your heart.


Lost and Found

Xena's Girl

Tessa stopped her car alongside the road looking out over the breakwater and the crashing waves.  Freedom, a word she spoke with elation.  For two years she had tried to live up to her parents expectations, even after being forced into a marriage that would expand her father’s business.  Her marriage to her ex-husband was filled with money; power; prestige but lacked love and passion.  She tried to work things out to an amicable understanding between them but, he, her husband, changed suddenly after a weekend trip somewhere and as he grew meaner and more demanding they had grown distant.  She had enough and gave up one morning and left.  Changing her last name to her grandmother’s maiden name and packing her clothes; laptop; CD’s DVD’s; withdrawing money from her account under her best friend’s name got in her car and drove south.  Hopefully to find the something missing in her life and to start over again. With the wind blowing in her face; the radio up she finally understood what happiness was.  She wished she could find someone like her friend Alex had found and married.

Alex Connor and Jasmine O Malley Connor had a wonderful marriage and were devoted to each other and their life together.  They had been together over ten years.  Sure they had their fights and arguments but what couple didn’t. 

Tessa didn’t know if her unhappiness with being with someone was due to her not being sure if she was gay or straight but it didn’t matter, she knew one day that she would find what she was looking for.  Someone to love her and care for her; not care about her clothes or the friends she kept.

Richard had never liked Alex and Jasmine and it had led to many angry outbursts.  And she had stood her ground telling him at least her friends saw her for who she was, not who someone wanted her to be; not a trophy wife either. 
Getting back in the car she drove up to their house and pulled in the driveway.  Jasmine came running down the steps dressed in her usual jeans, t-shirt and work boot combination with a smile a mile wide.
Jasmine (pulling Tessa into a bear hug): Baby girl how are you?  About time you left that ass and came to.  God we missed you. 

Tessa (hugging her friend back; Jasmine stood six inches taller than her own 5 foot frame but was as gentle as a lamb unless you pissed her off): Missed you too.  Where’s Alex?

Jasmine (setting her down and running her fingers through her dark brown unruly curly locks): Oh, the ball and chain (teasing) let’s see she’s got a court case this afternoon and then later on she is going to see about getting some property taken care of, (leaning into the car to grab some of Tessa’s bags.)

Tessa (laughing): Don’t call her that (picking up some of the bags) besides if she heard you say that she would take away all those games and stuff.  And I know you wouldn’t like that (winking.)

Jasmine (mock horror): No please no, anything but that.  (She loved her video games and if they were taken away she would have a massive stroke but she knew Alex would never do that.  She would more than likely end up on the couch.)
Tessa (following up behind her with the bags; laughing): Alright but you make me some of that famous apple cobbler of yours.

Jasmine (setting the bags down outside the guest room): Deal.  Listen Tessa I don’t mean to pry but you can stay here ya know.  I mean come on who helped me and Alex get together and helped me study in college.  We got the room and we don’t need you paying rent on a property that you helped us contract.  Besides we got the room and…

Tessa (fighting tears): Jasmine I know and I appreciate it.  But I don’t want to burden you guys.  Let me think about it.  I need to get my head together and I know you two will be right there if I need anything (the tears fell freely now.  She let go of so much pain and loneliness.)

Jasmine (hugging her as the tears fell down her friends face; she hated Tessa’s family for putting her through what they did; Tessa was such a sweet person and them forcing her to marry that ass was so dam wrong; didn’t anyone realize it was the 21st century): It’s ok.  Things will be fine and you always have me and Alex and the two misfit cousins of mine (referring to her cousin Clara and her partner Adrienne.  Tightening her hold on the smaller sobbing body she wanted to rip someone apart and make them pay for hurting such a tender and gentle woman.)  Here, come on let me make you some tea and then we’ll talk about things ok.  I got to make dinner too.  I’ll make your favorite, barbeque chicken.

Tessa (nodding and wiping her face): Yeah thanks.

Jasmine nodded and walked toward the kitchen wondering where in the hell her partner was she wasn’t that good with sensitive chat stuff and knew Alex would be the better person for Tessa to talk to.

Beaufort, SC

The warm late summer sun reflected off of a tan lanky body holding a gun in her hand and aiming at some targets.  She stood well over six foot tall with light brown hair and grey eyes. 

Lance Corporal (walking across the field with several papers in his hand): Sergeant Ramus this is for you.  It’s from the top.

Brennan (standing to her full 6 “2” height and looking at the paper): Sure thanks.  You’re dismissed (looking over the papers she frowned; then snarled.  This was bull shit.  Her homophobic ass of a Lieutenant was ordering her to undergo a psyche evaluation due to the last incident she was involved in.  Crumpling the paper in her fist she secured her side arm and stomped off the field.)

Hilton Head, SC

Alex pulled in her drive smiling, she had just gotten a hell of a deal on two drug smugglers; and another on a child pornographer.  She was happy, it was Friday and Tessa was finally here.  She took her briefcase and duffle bag locked her Chevy Suburban and walked into the house.  It was quiet unusually quiet.  Usually there were the sounds of death and destruction blaring from the PS2 and TV when her wife played those God awful video games and then she thought with Tessa being here there would be more noise.

Alex (calling out): Hello.  I’m home and where is everyone (walking out on the back deck she saw Tessa sitting in a chair with her eyes closed and Jasmine cooking.  Her wife motioned for her to be quiet and looking closer saw Tessa was sleeping.)
Jasmine (raising the rack that the chicken was on gently took her wife by the arm and led her into the house; pressing her up against the wall and kissing her passionately): Hi baby.  How was court?

Alex (wrapping her arms around her partner’s solid frame): Good.  How was the clinic (nuzzling the side of her neck?)
Jasmine (moaning as teeth grazed her skin): I just don’t understand how people can be so cruel to animals and do the things they do.  Did they get that bastard?
Alex (turning them around and pushed her wife harder into the wall): Yes.  What time did Tessa get here?
Jasmine (rubbing her hands up and down her partner’s body): Around 2.  She’s hurting pretty bad Alex.  I’m glad you’re home so you can talk with her.  I swear, I’ll tear the next person, who hurts her apart.

Alex (nodding): You and I both but she’s here and she’s safe and I’m not letting her out of our sight for the next couple of months.  I know she doesn’t want to stay here but I’d feel better if she did.  Hey did Brennan call?  (Jasmine shook her head) shit I forgot she was supposed to stop here for supper and I was suppose to look at her paperwork to see if we can get that mess cleaned off her record.  She should have never been in jail in the first place. 

Jasmine (shaking her head and nipping her wife’s neck): No but I’ll call her on the cell phone and tell her to come over. 

Alex (kissing her lips softly): We’ll continue this later love.  I’m going to shower then I’ll come down and help you with dinner.  Ok (a nod and a smile.)  Oh and if Tessa gets up before I come down send her up will ya?
Jasmine (hugging her wife tightly): Go take your shower I got everything under control (watching her partner walk up the stairs.  Her wife was beautiful just shy of 5 “6” with green blue eyes and long curly blond hair and  a gorgeous body.  Their passions for each other hadn’t dwindled one bit over the years.)

Beaufort, NC

Lieutenant Marcs (folding his hands in his lap): It’s like this Sergeant Ramus.  You’re a risk.  A big risk.  I know you’ve been through hell but you’re a Marine and a fine one at that, if it wasn’t for your indiscretions and risk taking and your attitude.  Now I want you to see this psychologist starting Monday.  You report to me once a week but until further notice you are on mandatory leave (raising his hand) and it won’t count against you.  You still have your personal leave.  But first I want you to be evaluated then we’ll go from there.

Sergeant Ramus (trying not to snarl): So what the hell am I supposed to do sir?  I can’t sit around base all day and do nothing.

Marcs (handing her a piece of paper): As long as it doesn‘t involve a military vehicle or firearms you can do what you need too.  You’re dismissed Ramus.

Rowan (turning and leaving):  Have a nice weekend sir (shutting the door.)

Hilton Head, SC

Jasmine was finishing up with dinner and Tessa was going through her bags looking for a CD that Alex liked to listen to.  She straightened up and ran into something solid and warm and knew it wasn’t Alex or Jasmine for one, the figure was taller and two the figure had a deeper voice judging from the grunt.
Tessa (looking up and almost passing out; the woman’s eyes were like ice at least the one she could see that wasn’t scarred over like the other one but the scar only added to the mystery, shoulder length reddish brown hair and a tall muscular shape completed the package): Uh hi…
Brennan (handing her a paper bag with two bottles of wine): Hold that.  When did they let the pygmies out of the zoo?
Jasmine (heading Brennan off  before another smart retort came out of her mouth): Brennan glad you made it this is…
Brennan (smirking): A pygmy right?  Dam thing ran into me…
Tessa (indignantly): Well if you had made more noise then I would have noticed you were there.  And I am not a pygmy.  You are on the other hand an Amazon.  An overgrown Amazon with an attitude problem.
Brennan (folding her arms across her chest): Watch it pygmy before I stuff ya in the nearest hamper.
Tessa (smiling): Try it and I’ll knock you into next Tuesday.
Jasmine watched the exchange with growing concern.  She knew better than to push either woman but could see they weren’t offending each other rather playfully bantering.
Brennan (rolling her eyes): As if you could reach.

Tessa (pursing her lips): Keep it up and you’ll see what I can reach and cause you a lot of pain (and she took the bag and stomped off into the kitchen.)
Jasmine (taking a deep breath): You could have been nicer.
Brennan  (rolling her eyes): I was nice (lighting up a cigarette) well I thought.  She’s kind of cute.  Let me guess that’s Alex’s friend that’s getting out of a bad marriage.  Don’t people know it’s the 21st century. 
Jasmine (scratching the back of her head): Yeah you think she’s cute huh?  Don’t go there Brennan she’s been hurt pretty bad just like you and she needs time.
Brennan (growling): I was just giving her a compliment.  It’s not like I want to fuck her (although looking into the light blue eyes and the soft smile made her stomach do flips.)  Come on I need a beer and where’s Alex (feeling strong arms wrap around her waist and she tensed.)
Alex (softly; she knew Brennan was still in a lot of pain even though the incident had happened over a year ago): Easy there tiger.  Just giving you a hug.  Dam you look like shit.  What’s wrong?  And why are you smoking?
Jasmine (noticing the circles under her eyes; the stiffness to her body): Well she ran into a pygmy and…
Alex (laughing): You called Tessa a pygmy you’re lucky you’re still standing.  She packs a mean one so don’t cross her.  Now out with it why do you look like shit.
Brennan (shaking her head): Got put on mandatory leave till I get a psych eval.  Assholes think I’m a risk.  I’ll show them risk.  Nothing I can’t handle though.  That’s why I’m smoking and I can.  So what did you cook for dinner?
Alex listened as Brennan ranted and thought of the people she was going to need to call to straighten this one out.  Her Aunt was a psychologist over at the base and she owed her a few favors.  They walked into the kitchen to see Tessa making salad and sipping some wine.
Alex (politely): Tessa this is Brennan.  I told you about her on the phone a few times.

Tessa (looking up and admiring the tall figure; there was something about her that drew her attention; the gentle strength, the tall muscular body; warmth in those light eyes; or just the exuding sensuality she didn’t know what it was but dam then she mentally slapped her self; what would a woman like her want to do with someone like Tessa): Hi sorry about earlier.  I still say you’re an Amazon.

Brennan (nodding): And you’re still a pygmy.  And I’m not an Amazon, I’m a Marine (turning around and putting out her cigarette.)  Jazz what do you need help with?  Probably something the pygmy can’t reach (grinning wickedly.)
Alex (handing her plates, napkins and silverware): Go set the table.  And be nice.

Jasmine (laughing): That’ll be the day…
Brennan (taking the items): Watch it.  I know a secret about you and a fantasy with a certain New Zealand actress or was it the Texan actress or both (thinking.)
Alex (turning to her partner): Something you want to share (teasing?)
Jasmine (holding up her hands): Come on sweetie you know there’s no one but you.

Brennan winked and went into the dining room leaving Jasmine to explain to her wife, Brennan’s comments.  Tessa watched this with amusement.  She had never seen such love shared between people before and she wondered if she would ever find that.  Probably not.  Who would want someone like her after the life she had, had.  The forced marriage was bad enough but the emotional baggage she carried would make anyone think twice about being with her.
Brennan set the table thinking of a certain strawberry blonde wondering if she could have feelings for her.  Probably not she was an ex-con; a Marine with too many scars to carry.  No one would want someone like that.

Dinner was pleasant filled with laughter and lively conversation.  Alex explained some stupid antics of the defense’s counsel during the trial and their desperate attempts to get the charges reduced.  Afterward Alex and Brennan cleaned up while Jasmine and Tessa talked out on the patio.

Tessa (softly): How did you meet Brennan?
Jasmine (groaning): Baby girl it’s not a pleasant story.  It was actually Alex who met her first I went with her after a bit to see if I could help her out. 
Tessa (nodding): She seems like she’s in a lot of pain.  What happened?  And how did she get that scar on her face?

Jasmine (closing her eyes remembering the first time she had met Brennan): You know Alex will work with JAG right as part of the District Attorney’s office (Tessa nodded?)  Alex had called me up saying she was going to be late.  She had a client that she needed to see at the military brig.  When she came home later that night she looked upset and scared.  I asked her what happened, if her client threatened her or something.  She told me no.  She told me about this woman who had been beaten and raped by her girlfriend and some of her friends.  But not before Brennan put two of them in intensive care.  Brennan was charged with attempted murder which was bullshit since she was defending herself.  Alex got the charges dropped somehow but Brennan would still spend time in the brig.  They said she was a risk.  She shouldn’t have gone there in the first place.  But Brennan’s ex-girlfriend had money and could by any verdict she wanted.  Her father is also a retired general.  The girlfriend got probation and community service.  Alex did everything she could to help her and even while Brennan was in jail she went up there every weekend.  Brought her books or things she needed.  Brennan spent three years there paying for something she didn’t do. 
Tessa (closing her eyes): They beat her pretty bad didn’t they.

Jasmine (trying to shield her friend from the worst of it): Yeah they did but Brennan was always a survivor and the day she walked out of  the brig we met her there.  She stayed with us for a bit getting back on her feet; she fixed our house up;  did odd jobs things like that and still stayed in the military.  She’s a good person who was given the wrong end of the shaft all because money bought the way.  And the military’s idea of justice is pretty snafued.
Tessa (shaking her head): What happened to those people?  And how come she’s still in the Marines.  I thought well…
Jasmine: They moved up towards Boston I think her ex-girlfriend was from there.  And the Marines are the only place Brennan ever felt like she belonged.  Alex made a deal with Brennan’s commanding officer stating that if Brennan was dismissed then she would further investigate everything about the case meaning it would give the Commanding Officers and on down the line a bad name.  Seems as though something else happened with Brennan when she was in Iraq.  Alex can’t tell me because of the confidentiality of the case.  Alex regrets not doing that now because they’ve made life a living hell for Brennan.  She’s got more smarts than most of them but hasn’t been promoted; gets sent in to do the dirty work that sort of thing. 
Brennan (putting the leftovers in the refridge): Anything else.

Alex (sipping her wine): No.  You just relax tonight.  I‘ll call Lieutenant Marcs Monday and see what‘s going on.. 

Brennan (leaning against the counter): I don‘t want to go for no dam psych eval. 
Alex (agreeing): Yeah but you know how we have to go through the proper channels.  You staying tonight.
Brennan (shaking her head): No.  I’ve got some stuff do.  My first weekend off and I plan on catching up on a few things. 
Alex (making her a cup of tea): You stop by anytime this weekend.  We’ll be home.
Brennan (sipping the tea): Tessa staying on with you (Alex nodded.)  She’s been through a lot hasn’t she  I just can’t understand how anyone can do that to someone.  This is the 21st century not the 1800’s.  She couldn’t pick a better place to stay though (grinning.)
Alex (playfully punching her in the shoulder): Let’s go see what those two are getting into.
Tessa (playing with her wine glass): I didn’t tell anyone anything.  I just said I was leaving and to leave me the hell alone and then I slammed the phone down and here I am.

Jasmine (looking up as her wife walked out on the porch): Good for you. 

Alex (sitting next to her): Yep I’m proud of you. 
Brennan (leaning against the rail):  How long were you married?
Tessa (sighing): Two years.  Thinking I could please my family and fit in.
Brennan (softly): You have to please yourself.  Not everyone else.  Cause in the end the only one you can count on is yourself.  I’m sorry you had to go through that shit.  Even the military isn’t that backwards.

Jasmine (looking at her): Well I wonder sometimes.   (Seeing the pensive look on Brennan’s face) well..

Alex (rubbing Tessa’s back): The military makes their own rules and such. 
Brennan (fidgeting): I’m going to head over to my apartment.  I’ll give you ladies a call tomorrow.  See what’s going on.  Thanks for dinner.
Alex (grabbing her arm gently): You want to take any leftovers?  (Brennan shook her head) all right then you’re to be here Sunday afternoon.   You’re grilling steaks and whatever else I can think of (smiling.)
Brennan (sighing): Alex come on.  I’ve got things to do and well…

Jasmine (rolling her eyes): Like what.  Sit around and watch reruns of the Kiwi and Texan. 

Brennan (lunging for her but Jasmine darted behind Tessa): Not supposed to use civilians as shields but (leaning down and tossing Tessa over one shoulder and grabbing Jasmine with her free hand and pushing her towards the back of the deck towards the pool) water’s a little cool this time of year.
Tessa (looking at Alex for help): Hey Amazon put me down.

Jasmine (holding onto Brennan’s arm): Come on I was just teasing (she was actually glad to see her friend playing like this.) 

Tessa (pounding lightly on Brennan’s back): Put me down then go after her.

Brennan (smirking and putting Tessa down): Stay here pygmy (running after Jasmine.)
Alex (putting her arm around her shoulder): They’re like two kids. 

Tessa (laughing at their antics): You mean this goes on all the time.
Alex (laughing as Jasmine fell and pleaded with Brennan to go easy on her): This is nothing.  You remember  Clara and Adrienne.  Just wait to Sunday.  It’s a constant three ring circus around here with them all together.

Tessa (yawning): I’m going to go up and get ready for bed.  I’m pretty wiped out.  Thank you (kissing Alex on the cheek) I’ll see you in the morning.

Jasmine (yelling): Hold it I want a hug goodnight too.

Alex (teasing): You need a kick in the ass not a hug.

Jasmine (hugging Tessa tightly): You’re going to get it sweetie I swear…
Alex (sticking out her tongue): Promises, promises..
Jasmine (kissing the top of Tessa’s head): See you in the morning baby girl.

Brennan (reaching out to squeeze Tessa’s hand and getting hugged in return; it felt good; she felt warmth that she never felt before): Night Tessa.   I’ll see you Sunday.
Tessa (nodding): Just thought you needed one too.  We all have bad days. 

Alex looked at her wife then shook her head.  Dam did this spell trouble and not in a bad way.  Between Tessa and Brennan they were the most stubborn people she had ever met and talk about opposites ho boy.

Brennan (clapping Jasmine on the shoulder): See you Sunday.  Alex thank you.  Maybe you can put your wife on an even shorter leash (teasing.)

Alex (kissing Brennan on the cheek): If I could I would believe me.  Be careful driving.

Tessa (walking in the house shortly after Brennan had left): See you both in the morning.

Jasmine (pulling her wife into her arms): Did you see what I think I saw (nuzzling Alex’s neck?)
Alex (nodding): Sparks.  I don’t think they noticed it.  Dam what a pair they would make (chuckling.)

Jasmine (shaking her head): No way.  Them together. 
Alex (softly): We can’t stop them if it does.  And they would be good together.

Interstate 170

Brennan switched her CD and turned the radio up.  She was thinking of a certain strawberry blonde and how good it had felt to be hugged by the petite woman.  Whoa hold it.  She was a no touching type of person.  You did not engage in physical contact unless you were fighting them off.  Stopping at the light she smiled remembering Tessa’s light blue eyes and the way her face lit up when she smiled.  Uh oh.  Dam bad train of thought.  Think about something else.  But even as she slept later that night she couldn’t think of anyone but Tessa.  And for some reason it felt familiar; it felt good.

Hilton Head, SC

Tessa lay in her bed; her mind running rampant at the thought of holding the taller woman against her; how solid and warm she felt and soft.  Not like when her ex-husband held her (which was rarely) he was boney and rough and didn’t cuddle her like she liked sometimes.  With Brennan it felt like coming home and it felt good; felt right, something she never felt with anyone before and she felt safe.

Beaufort, SC

Sunday morning dawned bright and early.  Brennan spent her Saturday cleaning and  catching up on her laundry.  She was going to run over to the PX grab some stuff then head over to Alex and Jasmine’s house for a barbeque later on in the afternoon.
As she got out of her car and headed towards the entrance to the PX she heard her name being called and stopped.  Looking around she noticed it was her Lieutenant with one of his staff members.  Both were talking and laughing about something.

Marks (calling to her): Brennan nice to see you.

Brennan (nodding): Sir.

Marcs (gesturing to the man beside him): You remember Snider don’t you Sergeant (Brennan nodded again.)  Snider if you would excuse us I’d like to talk to Brennan for a moment (taking her by the arm and leading her to a picnic table under some trees.  He looked around thankfully not to many people were around.)  Brennan your eval is tomorrow at 0800 so I suggest you stop by my office to pick up your file at say 0730.

Brennan (wanting to leave; she never felt comfortable around the man): I’ll be there (moving to leave.)
Marcs (halting her): Hold it.  Now I’ve been doing some thinking (eyeing her tall lanky body lavisciously) maybe we could put this unpleasantness behind us and come to an agreement of sorts.

Brennan (untrusting): No thank you sir.  I’ll be by the office at 0730 tomorrow morning.
Marcs (laughing and grabbing her arm; twisting it behind her back): I don’t think you get it.  You and I will come to an understanding one way or another (cupping her breast in his palm and kneading it roughly.)  You know what I want and I know what you want.  Surely one afternoon of accommodating my needs (squeezing her breast harder) and we can even talk about your promotion.

Brennan (growling): I don’t think so sir.

Marcs (losing his temper): You don’t think so (laughing.)  Why is there someone in your pathetic life?  Who the hell in their right mind would want a beat up Marine dyke such as yourself?  Look at you.  Your scars; your body; your ugly.  I’m doing you a favor (pushing himself against her.)
Brennan (retaliating and pushing him): I said no sir and I mean it (clenching her fists.)
Marcs (laughing): Oooh you going to hit me.  It would be assault on an officer and you would be thrown in the brig.  Who would believe you anyway?  Think about what I said (smacking her on the ass and leaving.)
She leaned against the wall; her stomach clenching and unclenching; ice water running through her veins wondering just what the hell she was going to do.  She knew what she wasn’t going to do.  No one would ever touch her that way again.  No one she vowed and went inside to get what she came for and leave.
Little did she know someone had witnessed the incident and vowed to help the tall Marine.  And she had just the idea how. 

Hilton Head, SC

Tessa (running down the stairs and jumping into Clara’s arms): My God it’s so good to see you.
Clara (laughing): Been a while baby girl.  How you doing?
Tessa (hugging Adrienne): Fine, good.  Better than I’ve been in a long time.  I’ve just got to get my head together.

Adrienne (smiling and kissing the top of her head): You look so good.  Listen I’ve got a few nice people that work for me and…

Tessa (shaking her head): Thanks but I just want to get my head together, finish my degree and move on. 
Alex (yelling at Jasmine): You get your ass over here right now or so help me (chasing after her.)
Jasmine (holding the pie with both hands and handing it off to Tessa): But honey you know it’s my favorite (running out the front door.)
Alex (laughing): Just wait to you come back in.  Thank you Tessa (smiling at the amused expression on her friend’s face.)  Figures she’d give it to you.  Hi cousin (hugging Adrienne tightly and smiling at Clara.)
Clara (shaking her head): I see how it is.  You hug her first and ignore me.
Adrienne (teasing): Well she didn’t have to put up with me as long as she has you.
Jasmine (sneaking in): I’m going to call Brennan see where that jar head is.

But Brennan wasn’t answering her phone or doing much of anything.  She had come back from the PX feeling miserable.  She just wanted to be left alone and not be bothered.  She grabbed her gloves and went to the back deck to use the punching bag. 

Alex (looking at the clock): She should be here.  I told her to get down here as soon as she could.  Jasmine…
Jasmine (walking in with a barbeque brush): Yes.
Alex (kissing her on the cheek): I’m going over to Brennan’s.  I’m taking Tessa with me.  You behave and try to get dinner together.

Jasmine (concern): Are you sure?  I mean Clara or Adrienne could…
Alex (shaking her head): No.  Besides if I need you I can call you.

Jasmine (kissing her softly): Ok.  Promise as soon as you get there you call me and tell me what’s going on.

Alex (grabbing her keys and her jacket): I will.  Tessa come on we’re going for a ride.

Boston, MA

Inside David Johnson’s home Richard Karns is yelling obscenities and cursing his wife Tessa for leaving him.  What infuriates him more is that she is the one seeking divorce sighting irreconcilable differences.

Richard (yelling): She’s gone.  There’s no sign of her or her things.
David (Tessa’s father; looking at the divorce decree on his desk): But this was left at the house, right.

Richard nodding): Yeah. 
David (thinking): Well there’s only so many places she could go.  She doesn’t have to many friends.  I’ll send out a few of my associates and see if they find her.  In the meantime make yourself at home we have to discuss that little mishap.

Richard (grabbing a shot glass and some whiskey): I burned everything like you said and there were no witnesses either.

David (smiling): Good.  Go get some rest.  I’ll find her and when I do she’ll be sorry.  She needs to learn her place in life.

Richard (slamming the whiskey down): Should have never let her go to school.  Waste of time and money in my opinion.
David (nodding and picking up the phone): That’s in the past.  I’ll go over the divorce decree and see if there are any loopholes. I’ll call you when I find something out.  Richard turned and walked out the door.  David picked up the phone) hello, yes.  My daughter is nowhere to be found.  Well check Maryland; North and South Carolina and Florida.  Yes I know it’s a large search area but find her.  You’ll get your reward bring her home by any means possible but don’t hurt her too badly.

Beaufort, SC

Alex pulled up to the apartment complex and parked the car.  She noticed that Tessa was staring off into space and put her hand on her arm gently.

Alex (softly): You ok.
Tessa (nodding): Yeah fine.  I just hope she’s all right. 

Alex (opening up the door): She’s fine.  Just probably got doing something and forgot.
Brennan never heard the door open over the stereo or her cries of anger and rage. She knew only four people had the key to her apartment and they wouldn’t give them out.
Tessa (turning off the stereo; she liked Nine Inch Nails a lot but it was a little to loud for her): Hey where are you Brennan?
Alex (looking at the bags of groceries on the floor; Brennan had put away the stuff that would spoil but not the staples): Brennan (walking out to the back deck) hey there you are.  What’s wrong (noticing the gloves and the reddened face?) What happened?
Brennan (leaning against the bag): Nothing. I’m fine. 
Tessa (walking out): No you’re not.  You were supposed to be at Alex and Jasmine’s house about an hour ago.  So we’re here to pick you up.
Brennan (grunting): You had to bring the pygmy (teasing Tessa.)

Tessa (reaching out to swat at her): I am not a pygmy (Alex’s jaw was on the floor; no one else beside her and Jasmine could torture the tall Marine) you overgrown Amazon (and found herself picked up in strong arms and held off the floor.)
Brennan (looking into light blue eyes): You’re an annoying pygmy.

Tessa (growling and giving right back): And you’re a pain in the ass Amazon.
Alex watched with amusement.  Seems as both of her friends had met their match.  She listened to them banter back and forth and shook her head and went inside to call Jasmine and tell her what had happened.
Brennan (adjusting her stance): You surrender.
Tessa (shaking her head): No and I aint scared of you.
Brennan (tightening her hold): You should be (not meaning it.)
Tessa (leaning forward unafraid): Nope.  Just because you’re bigger and stronger doesn’t mean anything.

Brennan (smirking): Oh yeah (turning around and walking towards the railing.)  How’s this for meaning something (threatening to dangle her over the side but deep down inside she knew she would never allow anyone to hurt the petite woman.)
Tessa (panicking thinking back to when her father had done something similar and had dropped her; she started struggling): Let me go stop (getting hysterical.)
Brennan (tightening her hold and pulling her back): Hey shhh.  It’s ok I’ve got you.  I would never hurt you.  Calm down (placing a kiss on top of hr hair.)  Someone hurt you didn’t they (a nod.)  Well I won’t let that happen anymore.
Tessa (looking up into ice grey eyes; noticing warmth there): And no will ever hurt you again either (seeing Brennan’s incredulous look) oh come on.  You keep to yourself.  Your too quiet and someone as good looking as you doesn’t have someone in their lives.

Brennan (setting her down gently): Tess you must be blind.  I’m not good looking.

Tessa (defiantly): Yeah why?
Brennan (unwrapping her hands): Look at me.
Tessa (rolling her eyes): Look at you.  Yeah I’m looking.  I don’t see anything wrong with you except that cocky attitude of yours (and walked into the house.)
Brennan (looking up at the sky): Someone’s having a laugh at my expense that’s for sure.  (But on the inside her heart felt lighter and where Tessa’s body had touched hers she felt warm.)
Alex (looking up as Tessa came in the kitchen): You straighten things out.
Tessa (nodding and looking at the simple but efficient kitchen; noticing there was no sense of hominess here either): She’s a loner isn’t she.

Alex (nodding and putting the last of the groceries away): Yeah she is.  There’s a lot about her that well you’ll have to talk to her about.  Maybe you would find you two have a lot in common and could help each other.
Brennan (walking in): I don’t need help. 
Tessa (looking in the bathroom at the large pile of dirty clothes): No huh?  You need a maid.  You do know of washers and dryers don’t you.
Brennan (winking at Alex): Yeah but they’re awfully small.  Maybe I should hire a pygmy.
Tessa (walking back to her and punching her playfully in the stomach): And maybe someone should tell you that pygmy’s are often underestimated.
Alex (stifling her laughter): I’m going to head back to the house.  Get yourselves together and get over there. 

Tessa (nodding and sorting the dirty clothes for Brennan): Sure.  Just let me fix this Amazon’s dirty laundry for her and we’ll be on our way.
Brennan (rolling her eyes): Leave that.  Nothing I can’t do tomorrow.
Tessa (shaking her head): You have about a month’s worth of laundry here.  Don’t you run out of clean clothes.
Brennan (getting a can of coffee out): That’s why I can’t find my boxers (teasing.)
Tessa (grabbing the laundry bag): Boxers huh?  Well yeah I can see that something about the tough image, right (teasing?)  Ok where do I take these.

Brennan (turning the coffee maker on): Out to my truck.  I have to do laundry at Alex and Jasmine’s house until they fix the one here.

Tessa (taking a deep breath): You’re frustrating you know that?
Brennan (pulling out two coffee cups): Yep.  But you also said I was good looking.
Tessa (rolling her eyes playfully): Yeah I did but you’re a big pain in the ass.  So no points for charm.
Brennan (smirking wickedly): Keep it up.  That laundry hamper is the perfect size to stuff you in.
Tessa (moving to stand toe to toe with her): Keep it up and I’ll knock you on your knees.
Brennan (leaning over at the waist): Try it little one.
Tessa (pushing Brennan playfully; she felt good; lighthearted and it felt right; that is until Brennan picked her up again and to no surprise put her in the laundry hamper and put the lid back on.)

Brennan (laughing at situation): There that should keep you quiet (going back to get her cup of coffee.  She had never felt this light hearted or this comfortable with anyone before ever.)
Tessa (jumping up and jumping on Brennan’s back): That’s it you’re going to get it.

Brennan (holding her legs): Gee seems as though I’m at a bit of a disadvantage here what ever shall I do (wicked grin crossing her face) oh I know (walking quickly into her room and flipping her on the bed then pinning her to it.)  There now I got you.

Tessa (tensing; she didn’t like being held down; didn’t like being restrained): Dammit let me up.

Brennan (not understanding; teasing): Nope.  I got you, you’re going to stay there.

Tessa (panicking): Please let me up.  No more I promise.
Brennan (understanding; seeing Tessa panicking): Hey easy (letting up) it’s ok. 
Tessa (taking a deep breath): Shit…
Brennan (sitting down on the bed): I’m sorry I was just…
Tessa (realizing who she was talking to): It’s ok.  It’s not you.  It’s just something from someone before.  I’m ok.
Brennan (softly): If you want to talk about it I’ve got broad shoulders.

Tessa (smiling): That you do.  Thanks.
For a moment their eyes locked and something unspoken passed between them.  A warm tingling sensation went through both of their bodies where there legs touched.  Tessa blushed and smiled and Brennan turned her head wondering what in the bloody hell just happened to her.

Brennan (clearing her throat): There’s some coffee before we go. 

Tessa (getting up; she too was wondering what in the hell happened just then): Yeah  we better get moving before Alex sends a search party out for us.  I’ll help you with the laundry.

Brennan (standing and following her into the kitchen): Thanks but I’ve got it.  Here (pouring the coffee for her.)  Half and half is in the fridge and sugar is right behind you.  I’ll run these down to my truck and then come back up and get ready to go.

Tessa watched the tall Marine pick up the heavy bag like it was nothing and felt a temporary sense of loss when Brennan left the room.  She was feeling things with Brennan that she had never felt before and part of it scared her, part of it excited her and part of it made her wonder what the hell was going on with her.
Brennan leaned against her truck taking a deep breath.  She was wondering just what in the hell was going on with her.  Tessa made her feel things she thought she had buried a long time ago.  Even with Cindy or Nakia she never felt totally relaxed and at ease as she did with Tessa and she had only known Tessa for two days.  She had known Cindy for three years and Nakia since basic training.  Running her fingers through her hair she walked back into the apartment complex.

Hilton Head, SC

Alex (yelling):Put those water guns away or take them outside and Jasmine you know better (laughing at her wife and cousin’s antics.)
Jasmine (sidling up to her): But baby I’m outnumbered two to one.

Clara (smirking and coming out from her hiding spot): Well if Brennan would get here you would be outnumbered three to one. 

Adrienne (putting her water gun down): Yeah speaking of which where are those two?  (Thinking) oh I wonder…
Alex (reaching out and clamping a hand over her mouth): Don’t go there.  Don’t even think about it.  They’ve been hurt too much.  It’s going to take them some time and if it does happen well I couldn’t think of anyone better for either of them.
Tessa (walking in): And you need driving lessons Amazon.

Brennan (yelling): You can’t even reach the pedals (snickering.)
Jasmine (smacking Brennan on the arm): Knock it off and what took you two so long.
Tessa (grabbing a water gun and aiming for Brennan): She stuffed me in a hamper.
Alex (laughing): Take it outside the five of you.  And Tessa I wouldn’t.

Jasmine (moving away quickly): I’m not getting caught between you two.

Adrienne and Clara made a beeline for the back door with Jasmine on hot on their tales and Alex watching a playful Brennan teasing Tessa.  It was rare for Brennan to be like that except with her and Jasmine and Adrienne and Clara.  And for Tessa to be so open and so carefree and happy that was rare too.
Tessa (squirting Brennan): Come on jar head.  Stay still.
Brennan (sticking out her tongue at her): No uh huh.  Not only are you pygmies short you can’t aim to hit the broad side of a barn (racing out the back.)
Tessa (yelling): When I get a hold of you, your ass is mine.

Alex (laughing and going back in the kitchen, under her breath): I think you two already have each other.

The rest of the afternoon was spent playing and teasing and enjoying each other’s company.  Dinner was great once everyone got to sit.  It seemed Tessa and Adrienne had squirted the whole backyard including the picnic table.

Brennan (looking at her watch; it was nearly 2230): I hate to break this up but I’ve got an early appointment tomorrow. 

Alex (clapping her on the back): I’ll make a few calls tomorrow morning.  See what’s going on.
Tessa (swatting Brennan’s backside): You coming by tomorrow.  I’ll have your laundry finished.

Brennan (taking her hand and kissing the back of it): No need.  I’ll be by Tuesday afternoon.  I’ve got that appointment tomorrow morning and then I’ve got some stuff to get done.  Thank you for a wonderful day.

Tessa (leaning up and kissing the tall Marine on the cheek): Thank you.  It’s been a long time since I’ve laughed as much or enjoyed myself as much as I have.

Alex looked at Jasmine, Clara and Adrienne in shock.  No one said a word.  But they all knew someone was falling for someone and it wouldn’t be long.

Brennan drove back to the apartment complex with  thoughts of the day’s activities.  It was true.  She hadn’t laughed that hard in a long time.  And the little pygmy was a ball of energy keeping her on her toes.  Her cheek tingled where Tessa had kissed her and she smiled. 

Alex (knocking on Tessa’s door): Hey kiddo.  (Seeing her curled up and crying.)  What’s wrong?  I thought you had fun today (pulling her in her arms.  Noticing her wife in the door way she motioned her away nodding to let her know that she would take care of this.)
Tessa (sniffling): I did.  But when she left she just well it’s like…
Alex (slowing her down; understanding): Hey.  I’ve got news for you.  She cares for you.  She has never allowed anyone with the exception of me and my family as close as she has you.  She’s dealing with a lot right now.  She’ll be by Tuesday and I’m sure she’ll do something to make up for not coming tomorrow (she better or I’ll kick her ass she said to herself silently.) 
Tessa (reaching out and grabbing a tissue): I’m sorry it’s just lately.

Alex (brushing back her hair): I know.  But with Brennan you just have to be patient.  She’ll be here. 
Tessa (nodding and kissing her friend on the cheek): Thank you so much for everything Alex.  I don’t know what I would do with out you and Jasmine or your crazy cousins.
Alex (smiling): Anytime baby girl.  Now get some rest.

Beaufort, SC

Brennan walked down the corridor to her Lieutenant’s office hoping he wasn’t there or he would just ignore her.  She just had to pick up her file and get over to the Psych department and deal with this bullshit psych eval.
Opening the door she inwardly groaned seeing him in the inner office on the phone.  Looking on the desk for her folder she grabbed it and turned to leave wishing that he wouldn’t see her. 
Lieutenant Marcs (smiling and walking out): Sergeant Ramus, good morning.
Brennan (nodding): Morning sir.

Lieutenant Marcs (motioning to his office): Come in for a minute.

Brennan (hesitating): Sir I have an appointment in about an hour.  I really should get going.

Lieutenant Marcs (shaking his head): This will only take a moment of your time.  I think it’s something we need to discuss.

Brennan (sighing): Sir…
Lieutenant Marcs (pushing her into his office and shutting the door; taking a piece of paper off his desk he handed it over to her): This is your promotion and a decline of the psych eval.

Brennan (trying not to get angry): Sir what your proposing…
Lieutenant Marcs (calmly): Oh come now.  Surely one night would be less trouble then all of these headaches.  (Moving closer to her) just once that’s all it would take.  And I’m sure we can make other arrangements.  Like having a few things in your record (leaning towards her ear) removed.
Brennan (angrily): How dare you?  How dare you proposition me like some whore.  I won’t accept.  I may not have much but I have my dignity and my pride and even if you were the last man on earth I wouldn’t let you come near me.  I’m leaving for my appointment (turning and going towards the door to find her self pushed against it with her Lieutenant pressing against her lewdly.  She could easily take him down; easily get rid of him but if she did that then she would probably be in even more trouble.)
Lieutenant Marcs (putting his hands against the door): I won’t take no for an answer Sergeant.  (Leaning his face close to hers) I can even help you find out who killed your friend; who set you up in Iraq.
Brennan (fighting the emotions that had threatened to overwhelm her): What do you know?  And how do you know about Nakia (referring to her close friend that had died protecting her and an innocent child from a terrible explosion.  The explosion killed most of her unit and injured her pretty badly.  Nakia had died in her arms and she had changed that night, knowing that the only way any one would have known of their whereabouts where if they were working on the inside.) 

Lieutenant Marcs (reaching up to grab her breasts): I can tell you a lot of things your probably wondering about.  But it won’t come free (reaching for the buttons on her fatigues.)
Brennan (remembering Nakia’s promise): No.  I won’t do this to her memory or myself.  I’m sorry sir (and she shoved him off her.)  I don’t care what I have to go through.  I’m not like that and I won’t stoop to your level, sir (angrily.)
Lieutenant Marcs (sneering): Then you’ll pay for refusing my advances I can make your life here a living hell. 

Brennan (grabbing the door knob): My life is already a living hell.  Come near me again and you’ll regret it (and turned shutting the door and walking out, her head held high.)
Lieutenant Marcs (picking up the phone): Yes this is Lieutenant Marcs.  I have a concern regarding one of my Sergeants.  She accosted me in my office.  I would like this matter investigated further.  (Putting the phone back on the hook; he turned towards the closet) did you get all that Corporal.
Corporal Jones (nodding): Yes sir.  She’s a threat sir.  She knows more than she lets on.

Lieutenant Marcs (nodding): Yes she does.  I want her watched and followed.  One wrong move and I’ll have her ass in here. 

Jones (nodding): I’ll see to it personally.  If you’ll excuse me sir (and left his office.)

Jones walked out of the Lieutenant’s office and went to the men’s room immediately.  Pulling out his cell phone he dialed a number then left a message.
Jones (softly; looking around): He’s taken the bait.  And the package has left the office.  Within twenty four hours we should be hearing something (clicking his cell phone shut.  He pulled out the small tape recorder and smiled) within twenty four hours Lieutenant you should be disbarred (looking around to make sure no one had spotted him he left the men’s room and then the building.) 

Brennan entered the psychologist’s office and took a deep breath.  She didn’t want to be here.  She didn’t feel she needed to.  She moved to hand the folder to the secretary and something fell out.  Bending down she picked up a manila envelope addressed to her.  On the front it said confidential.

Secretary (asking for the folder): Your name.
Brennan (handing her the folder but keeping the envelop): Sergeant Brennan Ramus.

Secretary (handing her a clip board): Fill this out and have a seat.  Captain McGregor will be with you shortly. 

Brennan took the clipboard and went to take a seat; she tucked the envelope inside her pocket on her fatigues and filled out the form.

Hilton Head, SC

Tessa was working on Alex and Jasmine’s computer looking up places that were hiring.  She had one class to go to get her degree in Culinary Arts but wanted to start working and she would finish her class while working around a job.  She heard a car pull in the driveway and looked at the clock.  Jasmine and Alex wouldn’t be home from work for at least another hour.  She stood up and went to the window.  Looking out she noticed a red four door Saturn parked across the street and the driver was watching the house.  She tuned around and picked up the phone wondering if Jasmine or Alex had company coming that she didn’t know about.  As she reached for the phone she heard the knob on the front door turning.  Something wasn’t right.  She went to the back of the office and opened the closet door and sat down inside pulling the door most of the way shut.
Intruder (walking around): Take a good look around but don’t touch anything.  The boss said just to see if she might be here. 

Tessa listened wondering who they were looking for when they made it very obvious.

Another voice (chuckling): That Tessa’s got some nerve.  If she was my wife I’d teach her how to behave.  The little bitch should be taught about obedience and listening to her husband.

Another one (laughing): She aint to bad looking either.   I would just beat her ass for this shit then show her who’s boss (snickering) over and over.

Tessa’s temper flared.  No one would ever treat her like that, that was why she left.  She couldn’t stand the thought of someone doing that to her.  She waited listening as they talked about her and their wives.  They obviously had no respect for any of them.  Finally after what seemed like forever they figured out that she wasn’t here and they left.  She stayed in the closet for a long time after they left shaking.  She needed to get a hold of Alex or Jasmine but didn’t want to move.  After debating and waiting she got up and slowly walked out of the closet and grabbed the phone and went upstairs.  She dialed Alex’s office first and tried to keep from crying.

Beaufort, SC

Captain McGregor (writing down something on a piece of paper): I don’t see any reason for ongoing treatment.  I do see that you need to work out some of your problems.  I want you to come in once a week.  Just to talk.
Brennan (taking a deep breath): I’m fine.  Just under a lot of stress.
Danielle (taking her glasses off): Let me be frank Brennan and in my office my first name will be fine.  You’ve been through a hell of a lot shit.  You can’t keep that all bottled in.  Nothing you say to me will leave this office.  I feel no need to go further than these walls unless you’re going to hurt someone and I don’t see that as the case.  Now once a week and I’ll write you a prescription.  It’s for mild depression and it should help you sleep. 

Brennan (softly): All right.  Are you going to call my Lieutenant and tell him what you think.
Danielle (nodding): Yes I am.  I feel that you’re not a threat to yourself or anyone else.  You’re just a little reckless and restless.  I’ll see you sometime next week.

Brennan smiled and left her office feeling much better.  She had told her some of the problems she had been having but had not given any major details as to who or what it was all about.  She walked across the compound to her car.  Smiling she thought of Tessa and thought of maybe asking Alex about maybe taking her out to dinner or something like that.  She didn’t know what her feelings where as she never felt them before but they felt good felt right.

Hilton Head, SC

Alex (yelling): I don’t care how you do it.  You find out who invaded my home and frightened my best friend (glaring at one of the officer’s standing in her doorway.)
Officer Demitrias (understanding): Maam we’re doing all we can.  I’ll let you know as soon as I find something (turning around and speaking into his walkie talkie.)

Jasmine (wrapping her arms around her wife): Love calm down.  It’s ok.  No one was hurt and nothing was touched.

Alex (turning around and hugging her): I know baby.  But this is garbage.  These people are after Tessa and I don’t want to see her get hurt.

Jasmine (nodding and looking at Tessa giving a young Officer by the name of Michael’s her deposition): I know love.  I wonder why they want her back so bad.

Alex (thinking): I don’t know but I don’t like it.  Maybe I should take her up to the cabin up north.  No one knows about it but us and Clara and Adrienne. 
Jasmine (kissing her on the cheek): Brennan does too.

Beaufort, SC

Brennan (swearing under her breath): Dammit.  This guy is getting under my nerves.  (Watching her Lieutenant stumble towards her.)
Usually the Black Hole was a quiet little backwater bar not to far from the base.  On Monday nights they had rib, chicken and drink specials.  She finished her beer and made to leave.
Marcs (smiling): Brennan.

Brennan (grabbing her jacket): Sir.  I’m leaving.  I’ll see you later on in the week.

Marcs (grabbing her arm roughly): How about a kiss?  Just one.  I won’t even make you suck me.  You see (rubbing her upper arms) I just want to show you what a man can do.  Have you ever been with a man?  You don’t know what your missing until you tried it.

Brennan (shoving him off her): Get the fuck away from me.  We’re not on base.  You have no authority over me right now.  So I’m warning you…
Marcs (laughing): No I’m warning you.  You either do what I want or you’ll be sorry.
Brennan (yanking her arm back; she was trying to control her temper and not pummel the guy into the ground; she knew everyone was watching her): You have nothing I want so get the fuck away from me (turning around and leaving.)
Marcs (yelling): You want to know who sold you out.  Who sold out your precious Nakia.  I’ll tell you.

Brennan kept on walking knowing that no matter what he told her there would be a price.  She hated the man for bringing up her closest friend but she remembered her promise as Nakia lay dying in her arms.  Getting in her truck she head back to her apartment angry and confused at why he kept after her. 

She got home and noticed the manila envelope she had left on the counter and decided since it was addressed to her she might as well open it  tearing back the sealer tape several pictures fell out along with a note.
“Brennan since your reading this then things have gotten worse then I had  feared.  Lieutenant Marcs is a traitor to the core and to our country.  Enclosed are photos of him with known terrorists.  Marcs has a private backer somewhere.  So be careful.  Also if you must go to the authorities then find someone you trust first.  I wish you the best of luck with this.
Gunnery Sergeant Ryan”
Brennan fought bile and rage at the note.  Ryan had been a close friend of hers and Nakia’s.  He was family as well and she remembered him talking about his partner Tom Abernethy.   She said a silent prayer for him and looked at the photos.  This would nail Marcs to the wall.  But first things first.  She had to figure out who to take this too.  He was getting to demanding turning up wherever she was.  Threatening her and making her life more miserable than it already was.  She got up and went to her foot locker.  Digging into the bottom of it she hid the photos among other photos and clothes.  Tomorrow she would ask Alex for counsel on this matter.  Right now she wanted a hot shower and to get some sleep. 

Hilton Head, SC

Tessa took a deep breath and ducked into the nearest coffee shop.  Two men had been following her for a ways and she couldn’t lose them.  She thought that they might be the same men from earlier at Alex’s house.  But wasn’t sure since she hadn’t seen their faces.  Going to up to the large counter she ordered a hot coffee then called Alex and Jasmine and told them the problem.  Now all she had to do was wait. 

Beaufort, SC

Brennan rolled over at the sound of her door opening wondering if it was Alex coming to check on her.
A sharp searing pain racked her body then two pairs of strong hands grabbed her and shoved her to the floor.  Her boxers were yanked down and she struggled under the weight of the two men and then felt another pair of hands.  Her vision blurred and she felt a sharp kick to her ribs then someone sticking a needle in her then blackness engulfed her.

Hilton Head, SC

Alex (slamming the phone down): Something’s wrong?  Brennan isn’t answering her phone. 
Jasmine (looking at the wall clock): Well it’s eight o’clock in the morning.  She could still be sleeping (knowing Brennan hardly slept past seven no matter what day it was or what she had been doing unless she had been partying the night before.)
Alex (taking a deep breath): Jasmine something strange is going on.  And I have a sneaking suspicion that somehow something is wrong with Brennan.  Tessa’s scared and that’s why I want Brennan here.  I can send them both up to the cabin until I get to the bottom of this.  (The phone rang and she picked it up quickly hoping it was Brennan.)
Alex (sitting down): Why what’s happened to her?  Is she all right?  Where is she?
Tessa (walking in): What’s wrong?
Jasmine (pointing to the chair): Sit down.  I don’t know yet.  Something about Brennan probably but I hope not
Alex (yelling): What? What do you mean she’s been arrested?  What has she been accused of?  Oh God.  Sweet Mary and Joseph.  All right give me an hour (clicking the phone off and sinking into her chair.)

Jasmine (moving to kneel beside her wife): Honey what’s wrong?

Alex (fighting tears): Brennan’s been arrested?  She was brought in this morning.  They said she resisted arrest and fell down a flight of stairs and got hurt pretty bad.  She won’t let anyone near her. 
Jasmine (standing up and cursing): Son of a bitch we know that’s bullshit.  Brennan could take down a small squad and still come out fine.  Something’s up.  I’ll call Clare see what strings she can pull.
Tessa (softly): Who did they say…
Alex (unplugging her cell phone): Her Lieutenant.  Seems as thought they had an altercation at the bar last night.  (Thinking) something doesn’t add up.  Listen you two go to her apartment get her some things.  I’m going over to the holding cells.  See how she’s holding up.  Both of you be careful.
Jasmine (nodding; she knew her wife had shut out everything but the need to do her job): Come on Tessa.  If you can reach the petals you can drive (trying an attempt at humor.)
Tessa (knowing what Jasmine was doing for her): I can drive give me those.

Alex (yelling): Be careful both of you.

They left the house never seeing the two cars parked down the street watching them.

To be continued
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