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Underground Brig, SC

Brennan woke to cold water being thrown in her face and shuddered. Trying to move she found she was restrained to the bed. What was more disconcerting was she was just covered in a hospital gown and a sheet. She was hurting and knew she had been drugged.

Guard (yelling): Finally, you're awake.

Brennan (croaking): What the hell is going on? Where am I?

Guard (tapping his baton in his fist): The brig. Don't worry you're lawyer friend has already been called. You got some connections it seems.

Brennan (tugging on the restraints and feeling a pulling sensation in her ribs): Get these off of me.

Guard (shaking his head): Can't do that. You're considered dangerous. I wouldn't move around too much anyway. You're pretty messed up. Fell down a flight of stairs while trying to escape (chuckling.) I'll call for a nurse to come in and see about giving you a shower and something to eat. (Turning around and beginning to leave) of course, I could do that for you. The shower I mean (winking and leaving. The door slammed shut, the lock clicked, and Brennan sat alone. Confused and angry wondering what the hell was going on she laid back and tried to put what happened together.)

Beaufort, SC

Tessa (picking up what she presumed to be Brennan's shirt): It's got blood on it.

Jasmine (angrily): Dammit. What the fuck happened in here?

Tessa (seeing something shiny on the floor under the bed): Here look at this (handing her what appeared to be a coin of some sort.)

Jasmine (taking the coin and looking at it): First voyage coin. Can't make out all the letters. Usually these are given out to sailors or personnel stationed on a vessel going out for a tour the first time. Might be something I'll have Alex look at it. Come on let's keep looking.

Underground Brig, SC

Alex (yelling loudly): And I don't give a dam what your visitation rules are. I'm her lawyer.

Guard (rolling his eyes): Listen rules are rules. I can't let you in for another hour.

Alex (gabbing the front of his shirt): I don't give a flying fuck about your rules. You are interrupting a major investigation. Now you either let me in or I'll let myself in and use your body for a doorstop.

Captain McGregor (walking up to the desk): Such a temper on you. You didn't get it from your mother that's for dam sure.

Alex (turning around): Aunt Danni. Nice to see you but what are you doing here?

Guard (saluting the Captain): Maam I had no idea this was your niece.

Captain (rolling her eyes): Let her in Corporal and the next time she's here I don't want to hear any ruckus. Come on Alex let's go check on our prisoner.

Alex (walking alongside her): You mean Sergeant Ramus but she's and you're…

Captain McGregor (laughing): Alex please. There's a reason behind everything. Trust me on this. I'm looking into a few things and I believe the Sergeant has some information. That's why it's so important to get to her before J.A.G. or anyone else does.

The guard saluted the Captain and opened the door. Alex stumbled when she saw her strong friend laying on the cot looking like hell.

Alex (moving beside her): Brennan. Hey (brushing back her hair.) Oh, baby. What did they do to you?

Brennan (hoarsely): Said I resisted arrest, also said I fell down a flight of stairs.

Danni (yelling): Get a dam medic in here and call a Dr. Now. And get these dam restraints off her. With the condition she's in, she isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

Beaufort, SC

Jasmine (grabbing Brennan's footlocker):Let's get out of here.

Tessa (nodding and looking around):

Good idea. Something doesn't add up. And why are you taking that with you?

Jasmine (thinking): Alex told me that if something were to happen to Brennan to grab her footlocker. Get it the hell out of here. There's some stuff in it that's important. I don't know all the details but I know Brennan and I know my wife. There's always a reason for whatever they have going on.

Tessa held the door open for her friend and walked to their car. Her mind spinning with questions as to what was going on.

Underground Brig, SC

Alex (rinsing Brennan's hair): Brennan what the hell is going on? You have to tell me.

Brennan (weakly; the hot shower along with the medical attention had worn her out): Alex just make sure you get what I told you. There's a lot going on right now but I need to rest.

Danni (knocking): Alex your cell phone's ringing. You want me to answer it.

Alex (nodding): Sure. Just take a message for me. I'll get back to whoever it is later.

Jasmine (pushing Tessa to the floor of the car): Stay down. I don't like this especially if you said you had seen this car yesterday. (Jasmine drove by her house looking at the two suspicious vehicles parked there. Yep something was rotten in Denmark and she needed to call her wife.)

Danni (helping Alex get Brennan to back on the cot): I'll keep an eye on her. Call your wife back. She's called twice.

Alex (kissing Brennan‘s forehead): Keep an eye on her. She doesn't look to good.

Danni (understanding): I'm going to have her out in two days tops. I don't care what I have to pull but she will not spend another moment in the brig.

Alex (nodding and grabbing her phone went back into the bathroom and dialed Jasmine's cell): Come on. Come on pick up baby.

Jasmine (clearly irritated): Thank God. Listen we have a problem.

Alex (wondering): What did you two do?

Jasmine (protesting): I didn't do anything. Well at least as far as I know but hey…

Alex (trying not laugh): I've head that before. Need I remind you of some of your let's say more colorful incidents.

Jasmine (gulping): Ok good point. Seriously. I'm hiding out and the Turnkey Bar and Grill. Seems as we have some unwanted guests in front of our house.

Alex (swearing): Shit. They're either looking for me or…

Jasmine (agreeing and watching the little strawberry blonde picking at her food): Tessa. Tessa says it's the same car she saw yesterday when those men broke into the house.

Alex (slamming her fist into the wall): Dammit. Ok. Get Tessa out of the bar. Out of public period. Keep her under cover as much as possible. There's a lot of things going on right now that aren't adding up. Get over to your cousin's house and stay there until I come and get you or you hear otherwise.

Jasmine (softly): I wish I were there right now with you.

Alex (softly): Me too babe. Me too. And keep Tessa out of sight.

Jasmine (squeezing the phone): Love you babe.

Alex (leaning against the wall): Love you too. (She clicked the phone shut and went back to check on Brennan.)

Danni (looking up): She's out. I'm going to make a few phone calls. Get a guard that I know and trust posted here tonight. I'll be right back.

Alex (leaning her head against the wall): Why do I have a feeling that somehow all of this is tied together?

Seabrook, SC

Jasmine (pulling into her cousin's garage and hurriedly shut the door): Come on Tessa. No one can see us from here.

Tessa (nervously): I feel bad for getting everyone involved in this.

Jasmine (grabbing her by the shoulders): Now you stop that. Stop that right now. This isn't your fault. It's your father's and your ex-husbands and who knows who else's. Besides we're family right. You'd do the same for Alex and I, right.

Tessa (proudly): In a heartbeat. So what's the plan?

Jasmine (smiling and popping the trunk to her car): Well it's like this. We hide out here for a bit see what happens. (Throwing a blanket over the footlocker in the trunk) meanwhile we try to get Brennan out of the brig, keep everyone out of trouble and figure out what's going on.

Adrienne (running out of the house in just her robe): Jasmine, Tessa thank God. You look a little shaken up baby girl.

Tessa (leaning against the garage): I just don't understand why they're after me or who they are.

Jasmine (squeezing her shoulder): Because people like him are sick fucks. He wants you back as his trophy.

Adrienne (looking at Jasmine then Tessa): He's the lowest form of coward.

Clara (walking out; tying back her hair): No worries though your safe here. Come on I'll put the coffee on. I have a feeling it's going to be along night.

Undisclosed Location SC

Danni (lighting a cigarette): I don't care how you do it. I don't care what you do. I want her out of there in less than twenty-four hours or else we'll lose the only chance we have at solving this mess.

Thad Latham (Retired General; and head of an investigation of spies within the military that were working with not only the terrorists but also outside sources): Danni, please. I'm trying here. She's got a somewhat scratched record (seeing her about to protest) I know. I'm yelling and pulling strings as fast as I can. Did you call a few of your own in?

Danni (nodding): I did but I have a feeling it might not last long. Especially if someone finds out, I'm not a real Captain. Or those guards aren't real military personnel. We don't have much time Thad.

Thad (pinching the bridge of his nose): All right? Give me a few more hours. I'll call you when I have everything in place. (Turning his back and looking out the window) I suppose you have someplace to hide her until we can round up the suspects.

Danni (heading for the door): I do but you know I can't tell you.

Thad (shaking his head): Her friend might somehow be involved in this too. This is the worse I've seen in years.

Danni (understanding): I know. I'll be in touch.

Thad (softly): I hope you know what you're doing. I have a feeling this could get messy. (He picked up the phone and began the process of calling several high-ranking officials, which he compared to having your teeth pulled.)

Underground Brig, SC

Brennan (sipping some tea): So you're leaving to go check on Jasmine and Tessa. Alex get away from here. Things are going to get ugly. And I don't want you, Jasmine, Tessa, or anyone else getting hurt.

Alex (pleading with her): Brennan just tell me what's going on. Please you know that we can get you out of here (stiffening as she heard the outer doors opening.) What is it with all the dam traffic in here lately?

Guard (walking in): Excuse me maam but visiting hours are over. You have to leave.

Alex (standing and protesting): I'm her lawyer. And I don't want her left alone.

Guard (shifting his stance): I'll keep an eye on her. You can come back in the morning.

Alex (growling): Anything happens to her tonight I'll come in tomorrow and clean house. I'll bust you down in rank so fast and so hard, you won't know what hit you. You got me.

The guard nodded and backed up as she left the small cell. With one last look she walked down the corridor cringing as she heard the cell door slam shut and lock.

Seabrook, SC

Tessa (pacing): So what are we going to do? She's innocent but she's locked up alone in a cell and hurt.

Jasmine (reaching out for her): We'll find a way.

Adrienne (looking at the computer screen): I think I found something. Look here (pointing.) It says that our president and several top military officials received funding from an anonymous source for several campaigns. The largest amount going to the President's Election Fund; several smaller amounts going to the military officials. Also states that several military members who were stationed in the Middle East were transferred back to the states suddenly.

Clara (leaning over the desk): That's good. But you know you shouldn't be fooling around on the computer using my work portfolio (teasing.)

Adrienne (rolling her eyes playfully): You always said I was better on the computer. Besides baby I always like what you do to me afterward (grinning wickedly.)

Jasmine (laughing): What the part were you can't walk or the part you can't talk?

Adrienne (licking lips): Either it doesn't matter.

Clara (leaning down and nipping her ear): Later love.

Adrienne (nipping her bottom lip): Ooh promises, promises. Ok here take a look at this. From several unnamed sources, money was sent to the president and several high-ranking officials not only at the Pentagon but also the Department of Defense; Homeland Security and Congress.

Alex (walking in the door): Print that article and write the address down for me.

Jasmine (grabbing her wife's briefcase and kissing her softly): How's Brennan?

Alex (taking a deep breath): Banged up but she'll be ok. It's the guards I'm more worried about.

Tessa (concern): Why? What's going on?

Alex (running her fingers through her hair): Brennan's been arrested on bullshit charges. Seems as a Lieutenant was killed and because he was one of Brennan's high ranking, officers and they had some problems she was pinpointed for murder. The guards swear she resisted arrest and fell down the stairs. I know her better than that. (Sitting down and taking a deep breath) I've called in some of my friends to post guard duty but if someone finds out who they really are then there could be more problems.

Tessa (confused): Why? And what's so important about her footlocker.

Alex (jumping up): Hold that thought. Where did you pt her footlocker?

Jasmine (sipping her coffee then handing her cup to Alex): Still in the trunk, why?

Alex (getting up): Because if I know Brennan then there's something in there that might be the key to this whole mess. I'm going to take a look I suggest everyone get some sleep it's going to be a long couple of days.

Tessa sat down watching everyone move around and doing whatever. She prayed Brennan would be ok and that she would get to see the tall woman soon. She had a lot of questions for her, mainly why she made her feel so much and how Brennan was involved in all of this.

Underground Brig, SC

Brennan (growling): Touch me and you'll die.

Dave (laughing and taunting her): I aint doing nothing but trying to make you take a shower (clipping the manacles shut.)

Brennan (trying to remain calm, she hated being restrained by any means): Isn't a female guard supposed to give me a shower.

Guard (shoving her out the door and down the hall): Yeah but you're a big dyke so it doesn't matter. Get going.

Brennan bit her lip as she walked down the dark narrow halls; the pain in her body and the pounding in her head causing her to wince with each step. When they got to the end of the hall, she was escorted into a small room with tiles and no windows.

Another two guards dressed in rain gear came in carrying a large metal bucket. The largest of all three smiled evilly at her and then her clothes were pulled off roughly.

Taller Guard (known to his friends as Mike) (licking his lips): Now we can do this one of two ways. The first is you just stand still and keep your hands to yourself or and the second will be much harder as we'll hold you down and wash you ourselves.

Brennan (softly): Just get it over with.

Tim (smirking): Good girl. Hey, George turn the hose on.

George (laughing): You got it (turning the valve for the large fire hose on full blast.)

Mike (aiming the hose for Brennan's midsection): Hold still (laughing as the impact hit Brennan in the stomach and knocked her into the wall.)

George (grabbing the metal bucket): Here why don't we give you a hand (reaching for her arm?)

Brennan (shaking her head): Leave me the fuck alone.

Mike (grabbing the back of her hair): Did you hear that? She just swore at me while I'm trying to give her a bath. (Pulling off his belt) you're fighting us every step of the way. Watch the door boys; I'm going to teach this dyke a lesson (swinging the belt at Brennan's naked defenseless form.)

Brennan closed her eyes bracing herself for the beating concentrating her thoughts on Nakia and Tessa.

Seabrook, SC

Alex (taking her glasses off and setting them on the low table next to the couch): Dam…

Jasmine (looking at the pictures): This just got worst didn't it (putting them down and reaching for her wife?)

Alex (sighing and sitting on her wife's lap): We've got to get Brennan out of the Brig then get her out of here. Tessa too. The private backer thing stinks and I think it has something to do with Tessa's father. They mention a source from Boston.

Jasmine (tensing up): That frigging bastard. She's involved too.

Alex (rubbing her wife's arm): That's why we have to get them out of here and now. Neither of them are safe.

Jasmine (kissing her cheek): We will. Come on let's get some sleep. Tomorrow will be here soon enough and with everything, we've got to do.

Alex (standing and pulling her wife up): I have to make a few calls. Then I'll be in bed.

Jasmine (looking at the clock on the wall then at her wife): Hon it's past two a.m. (Alex arched her eyebrow and waved her wife off.) Ok, but you get your bum to bed and soon.

Tessa (meeting Jasmine in the hallway): Did you find anything?

Jasmine (nodding): We did but we've got to put some pieces together first. Tessa what can you tell me about your Dad?

Tessa (wide eyed): He's a lawyer and…

Jasmine (guiding Tessa into the living room): No other stuff. Like has he ever traveled to the Middle East, Korea, Cuba or places like that?

Tessa (thinking): Yeah he usually goes to the Middle East on business for his clients once or twice a month. He's been in Korea though only a few times. And he's been to Cuba only a couple of times.

Jasmine (getting a piece of paper): Here write that down. I think we're on to something.

Boston, MA

David Johnson (slamming the phone): Dammit. She just disappeared. How can one person be so hard to find? She isn't that smart. Lyle get your ass in here. I've got something for you to do.

Lyle (walking in smoking a cigarette; he stood close to seven feet tall; broad and solid muscle): What you want Mr. Johnson.

David (handing him a photograph of his daughter): Go down south. Check out South Carolina, talk to the locals and the tourist. Flash some money, do something. But find out where her whereabouts are. I have to pull back some of my men as it seems they've been spotted.

Lyle (looking at the picture): Sure thing Mr. Johnson.

David (smiling): I'll have your flight and car rental information when you come back and your packed. Send Richard in if you see him. (Watching the behemoth of the man walk out) Tessa when you get home you're going to pay for this.

Underground Brig, SC

Brennan groaned and rolled to her side. She was in a white room and her wrists were manacled to the bed. She had nothing on but the sheet covering her. Her body ached worse then it did before and her backside felt like it was on fire.

Female Guard (walking in): Dammit. Alex is going to kill me. Shit, what did they do to you?

Brennan (clenching her fists; she had, had enough of being pushed around and hurt): Get Alex (her throat felt like it had been rubbed raw with sandpaper.)

Shelia (shaking her head; she had been told Brennan was pretty messed up but she wasn't prepared for this): Brennan listen my name is Shelia and I'm going to help you. I'm going to get you out of here. Ok. Just hang on. (Stepping out of the prison cell she picked up her walkie-talkie mike) unit 17 to hawk I have a female prisoner that needs to be transported to the hospital a.s.a.p

Hawk (calling back): Ten four. Pick up e.t.a. ten minutes.

Shelia (looking around): Copy. Unit 17 to unit 14 prisoner is secured for transport, bring the gurney. (Walking back in the cell) ok Sergeant Ramus we're taking you to the hospital. Let's get you up and on that gurney. (Smiling as her partner and lover of ten years walked in with the gurney in tow.)

Mychelle (undoing the straps): Hey baby, heard you've got a package for me to deliver.

Shelia (nodding): Yeah and we've go to move. Don't know how long our credentials will hold under scrutiny.

Mychelle (looking at Brennan): Dam what did they do to her?

Shelia (looking at the beaten figure leaning against the wall): She was pretty messed up when they brought her in. I can just imagine here (wrapping her arm around Brennan's waist gingerly.) It's ok. Your safe now. We're going to get you out of here.

Mychelle (hearing a low transmission coming over the radio): Shit we've got about ten minutes to get her out of here before they come tearing in. Lay down Brennan, come on Shelia you owe me some of your cobbler tonight.

Shelia (grabbing one end of the gurney): Never mind the food; just concentrate on your job (laughing at the irony of it all.)

Mychelle (slamming the door shut and running behind the gurney): I am. Bt if I'm going through all this trouble to be down here with you instead of out and patrolling the beaches for drugs then the least I can do is think about something other than getting shot at.

Shelia (rounding the corner and pressing the elevator to the ground level): You have a point but if you don't get moving, I'm going to kick your ass.

Mychelle (rolling her eyes): You know how many favors is this that Alex owes you.

Shelia (pressing the button to keep the elevator door open): I told you I owe her. She got me out of a few jams.

Mychelle (placing her fingers against Brennan's pulse point on her throat): And how many jams have you gotten into because of her.

Shelia (unbuttoning the snap on her 9mm): We can argue about this later. Right now, we have to get her out of here.

Mychelle (locking eyes with her lover): See you at home.

Shelia (nodding and bracing herself as the elevator doors opened): See you at home baby. Go.

It was pandemonium from the moment the doors opened until they got to the parking garage and waiting ambulance. Guards running everywhere trying to keep Shelia and Chelle from getting Brennan out of the prison. Several bullets whizzed by their heads as they rushed the gurney to the waiting ambulance. As they reached the rear bumper of the ambulance Shelia fell from a gunshot wound to her leg.

Shelia (grimacing in pain): I‘m ok. Hurts like hell (bracing herself on the end of the bumper) go on get her in there.

Mychelle (yelling): Get up. Come on I'm not leaving without you.

Shelia (gasping): I‘ve got eight clips. I'll be right behind you. (Aiming her gun for the doors.) Get her out of here (aiming and firing at a guard who was rushing the ambulance. He fell clutching his throat) one down a few to go.

Mychelle (knowing her lover was right; glancing at her lover then at the figure laying on the gurney): Be careful.

Shelia (nodding and shooting at another guard): You too.

Mychelle (looking at the paramedic who was another agent): Let's go.

Paramedic (hooking up an I.V.): She's pretty bad off. I would feel better if we were actually going to the hospital.

Mychelle (glaring at him): Unless you want to end up in the hospital then I suggest you get us out of here, now.

Paramedic (nodding): All right. Let's go (pounding on the divider between the driver's seat and the back part of the ambulance.)

Mychelle looked back through the window noticing several of their tactical unit officers arriving on the scene. Smiling as she watched her partner yelling at one of them as they pointed to her leg.

Boston, MA

Richard (shutting his cell phone): They think they found her. And when I get my hands on her…

David (walking in his office): You'll what. Calm down. Everything is falling into place nicely.

Richard (yelling): She made a fool out of me. The little bitch is going to get what's coming to her.

David (gabbing his arm): Not like that. Besides, you need to lay low. I've seen two undercover agents outside the estate lately. I want you to go down there, get a hotel room, and wait for my call. Things are a little warm lately because of some dam leak but all will be taken care of.

Richard (closing his eyes): All right. Where do you want me to stay?

David (turning and reaching in his desk drawer): Here's your itinerary. (Looking at his watch) your flight leaves in four hours. I suggest you get ready. (Lighting a cigar) go on you have to get yourself together (dismissing him.)

Richard (nodding): I'll wait for your call (leaving his office.)

David (smirking): You do that. Because you've become a loose end. And you need to be dealt with. I'll have my daughter back but without you doing it. You're too much of a risk (picking up his phone he dialed a number) yes he's on his way. Let him get to the hotel room then take him out. Make sure you clean everything up. Your funds will be transferred tomorrow morning (putting the phone back on the receiver.)

Linda (walking in, she was Tessa's mother with bleach blond hair and brown eyes): I heard from Richard that you know where our daughter is.

David (nodding): Yes. She should be back here within a couple of day.

Linda (tapping her chin with a blood red nail): Good I'll make a few calls and set up a few appointments with some eligible men.

David (agreeing): Good idea. We don't want her grieving for her husband too long (sneering.) And I'm going to need another employer to replace Richard.

Linda (smiling): Whatever you have to do darling. Just get that little ungrateful bitch back here. I'm going shopping.

David (waving his hand in dismissal): Fine whatever. I have a meeting tonight so don't wait up (listening for the shutting of the door then lighting up another cigar.)

Seabrook, SC

Clara (putting the phone down): Ok. They got Brennan. Tessa you're going to meet up with Alex then you and Brennan are going to hide out for a few days until this is over.

Adrienne (putting her cigarette out): There's a car out front.

Jasmine (looking out the window): They're just sitting there (watching intently.) I don't like it.

Adrienne (turning off the TV): Neither do I.

Clara (turning off some of the lights): Tessa you and Jasmine get in your car and go one way. Clara and I will go another. Meet up with Alex and Brennan and we'll take care of things here.

Tessa (angrily): This is bullshit. I don't even know what this is about. I won't put you or anyone in danger…

Jasmine (grabbing her arm): No you don't. You're not going anywhere. Your ex-husband wants you back for some unknown reason. Your father sent these men. Now family doesn't run away just because there's some big ugly looking people outside. We're getting in my car and meeting up with Alex and Brennan.

Clara (agreeing): She's right. No one threatens my family and gets away with it. Besides, with my connections we can have the police down here and straighten all this out. Now go on get.

Adrienne (smirking): We've got this covered.

Jasmine (shaking her head and guiding Tessa to the door): Just no dynamite. Ok, please. Alex will have a fit.

Adrienne (crossing her fingers behind her back): No dynamite. Check.

Jasmine (rolling her eyes): Just don't get caught.

Clara (smirking evilly): They'll never know what hit them.

Tessa (shaking her head; she was amazed at the closeness of them): Be careful.

Adrienne (rattling something in a can): Careful is my middle name.

Jasmine (grabbing her keys): I thought it was trouble.

Clara (shoving them out the door): Just get already (watching as Jasmine and Tessa walked to the garage quietly and looking around. All was quiet for now.)

Undisclosed Location, SC

Danni (pulling back the bandage on Brennan's shoulder): She'll be ok. I'll have to give her something to take for the pain and an antibiotic. She needs rest and hopefully she'll get it.

Alex (nodding): I think she will. She'll be with Tessa (brushing back a stray lock of hair.) When is this going to get cleared up (looking at her Aunt?)

Danni (shaking her head): As soon as I put the puzzle pieces together. We have three people dead, two in the hospital. And your friend here with the answers who isn't talking right now. I hate the idea of sending her out there with an untrained civilian but like you said, it's the only way. As soon as she's up and dressed let me know. I have to make some calls and see how thing's are progressing (leaving the room.)

Brennan (groaning): Alex…

Alex (sitting on a stool beside the bed): Easy. You've been in and out of consciousness for a bit.

Brennan (struggling to get up but Alex held her down gently): I've got to get out of here. I know who's behind this. I know what's going on.

Alex (caressing her face gently): Easy. We've got a lot to talk about. Mainly naming that envelope in your footlocker, (Brennan raised her eyebrow) no, I didn't open it. I did a content check of the locker itself.

Brennan (clasping her hand): In it, there's some pieces of the puzzle. Marcs is dead because he was fucking with the wrong people. And there's a connection in there from some prominent families in Boston Los Angeles Chicago and New York.

Alex (thinking): Boston and New York. Wait Tessa's from Boston (groaning) oh shit, fuck, dam…

Brennan (worrying): What? What's wrong? What happened?

Alex (jumping up): Stay there (running out the door.)

Brennan (sitting up and clutching her head in her hands fighting dizziness and nausea): Got to get out of here and get those dam pictures (pulling herself up and grabbing the rail on the bed.) I need clothes although running around in my boxers and t-shirt wouldn't be too bad.

Danni (walking in with two Federal Agents behind her): Alex said something about you having some information for me. I can get you out of here safely…

Brennan (growling and realizing it was a mistake as her head throbbed): I don't trust anyone. Last time I did, I got someone killed. Never again. Until I know for certain that, I'm safe and the people I care about are safe then forget it.

Federal Agent (pulling out her badge): My name is Agent Turner. From what I've understood, you and your friend might be in some trouble. Seems as if you two are connected to this mess…

Brennan (taking a deep breath): How?

Turner (pulling out a chair): Well it's like this (and began filling her in on some recent and past events that seemed a little fishy.)

Rural Road somewhere in SC

Jasmine (hanging up her phone): Dam…

Tessa (looking at her): What's wrong?

Jasmine (moving into another lane to go around a car): We have to find the nearest hotel and wait for Alex. Seems as a few things have come to light.

Tessa (wondering): IS she all right? And what about Brennan? Will she be there?

Jasmine (nodding): Yeah from what I gathered. We need to lay low though. There's a lot of shit hitting the fan. But it'll be ok (not wanting to scare her friend.)

Tessa (thinking): I could just go back to Boston. Or somewhere else.

Jasmine (determined): You're not going anywhere. Brennan asked about you (actually, she had yelled rather loudly but it was a mute point.)

Tessa (excitedly): Really. When are we…?

Jasmine (turning on the exit): Later on tonight sometime.

Tessa (thinking): Then what?

Jasmine (following the signs): You two are going to go up north for a bit and lay low. Here we have our pick the Day's Inn or the Red Roof Inn.

Tessa (not caring): Either one is fine with me.

Jasmine (smiling thinking of a time earlier in her life when she had first met Alex and how they had enjoyed a wonderful two nights at a Day's Inn): The Day's it is (pulling in the parking lot.)

Neither woman noticed the rental car two cars back pulling in on the other side of the lot.

Undisclosed Location SC

Alex (grabbing a bag): Easy. We're not in any hurry.

Brennan (leaning on the chair in front of her): I want out of here. And Tessa and Jasmine could be in danger.

Alex (wrapping her arm around Brennan's waist): I'm not worried. Between the two of them, they can handle a small militia (guiding her to her car.) They're fine. I talked to Jasmine a little while ago and she's got Tessa with her. They're going to meet us at a hotel and we'll lay low for a bit.

Brennan (trying to fight the dizziness that threatened to overcome her): You think her father's involved in all this, don't you?

Alex (nodding and unlocking her car): Something doesn't smell right, that's for sure. Come on gorgeous let's get you out of here (glancing at the guard.)

Brennan (leaning in the seat): Alex just keep an eye on Tessa no matter what (softly.)

Alex (prodding gently): You like her don't you (seeing Brennan tense) easy there. (Turning out of the garage and onto the street) it's ok. I think she likes you too.

Brennan (shaking her head): Never again Alex. I swore never again.

Alex (patting her hand gently): You can't live your life alone. Nakia wouldn't want that.

Brennan (reaching for a cigarette): I don't want her to get hurt because of me.

Alex (looking at her then back at the road): She's a big girl Brennan. She cares for you. I see it so does Jasmine.

Brennan (softly): There's something about her (knowing that for some unknown reason she felt like she had known Tessa forever.)

Alex (smiling): Yes there is (to herself and I think my friend you found that special someone and I couldn‘t be happier, for both of you.)

Days Inn NC

Richard leaned back on the bed and opened up his cell phone.

David (smiling): No problems.

Richard (removing his tie): None. It should only be a day or so until I bring her back to Boston.

David (opening a file): Good. Just stay there. Someone will be in contact with you shortly (hanging up his phone.)

Richard put the phone down grabbed the remote and laid back on the bed. Smiling evilly, he couldn't wait to see is ex-wife or the look on her face when he found her. He hoped she had her laptop on her it would make getting the information back so much easier.

Days Inn NC

Jasmine (looking up as Tessa came out of the bathroom): You've got a lot of stuff on this computer. I read that first chapter of your story and it sounds great.

Tessa (drying her hair): Thanks. What time are Alex and Brennan going to be here?

Jasmine (looking at her watch): Another hour or so. I talked to Adrienne they got rid of their unwanted company (smiling wickedly.) Clara's looking into a few things for us and told us to keep her informed.

Tessa (grabbing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts): I'm glad they're all right. Is Alex and Brennan bringing food I'm starving?

Jasmine (laughing): Not that I know of. But we'll figure out something. You just stay put there (teasing) pygmy.

Tessa (playfully): Dam Alex and I need to have a long talk. What was that actresses name that you keep mumbling fantasies in your sleep about (winking?)

Jasmine (throwing a pillow at her): You do and I'll tell a certain someone that you want her to kiss you (she was tackled and playful wrestling match ensued until Alex knocked on the door.)

Tessa (jumping up and opening the door as she heard Alex calling Jasmine by her middle name): Hey. Thank God your both all right (looking up as the light hit Brennan's face and she could see what someone had done to the poor woman.) By God. What did they do to you?

Alex (helping Brennan to the bed before she fell over): She looks a little better. She would look a whole hell of a lot better if she would rest (glancing at the tall woman.)

Brennan (hoarsely): I would rest if someone would stop their yelling and screaming (grunting as Tessa hugged her) easy there pygmy I'm a little sore (kissing the top of her head.)

Tessa (not understanding her emotions but not minding in the least): I was worried Amazon. Why couldn't I come to see you?

Alex (looking at Jasmine and winking): Because it would be too dangerous. Listen you two will be all right for the night won't you.

Brennan (wondering what the hell her friend was up to): Alex…

Jasmine (grabbing her keys and wallet): We're going to get some food and we'll be down the hall. Just don't answer the door unless I call you on the phone first.

Alex (following after her wife): Oh and Tessa her bandages need changing. They're in that bag there (shutting the door before Brennan got any ideas.)

Brennan (groaning): I'm ok. I actually want to take a shower. And I need a fucking cigarette.

Tessa (brushing back her hair): No you don't. You can wait. I'll tell them to pick you up some though. Here let me help you with this (reaching out to help Brennan with her shirt.)

Brennan (capturing small hands with her own): No, it's ok. You go rest or finish what you were doing (seeing the sad look on Tessa's face) hey I appreciate it but I'm ok.

Tessa (looking at the beautiful face in front of her, it didn't matter if she had a scar or not): No, you're not. I know you've got to be hurting and I want to help.

Brennan (sighing in defeat): Ok (dam no one had ever tried to take care of at least not without wanting something) but I'll warn ya. I'm not to pretty to look at (leaning back as Tessa began undoing the buttons on her shirt.)

Tessa (shaking her head): Compared to what.

Brennan (swallowing hard): You. (Biting her lip, she couldn't believe she said that. She never said it before and most certainly hadn't heard the words directed at her at least not in a quiet moment with anyone.)

Tessa (smiling and trying not to blush): It doesn't matter what the person looks like on the outside, it's the heart and soul that holds a persons true beauty. (Helping Brennan pull off the shirt, careful not to brush against any of the bandages.)

Brennan (gasping as her ribs protested the movement then looking up at tear filed blue eyes): It's ok. I've had worse.

Tessa (disbelieving what she saw): What the hell did they hit you with? (Reaching out and touching the fading bruises on Brennan's upper chest.) What did they do to you (tracing a large gash with her fingers, feeling the taller woman shudder?)

Brennan (matter of factly): Broken ribs, again. Few abrasions and scratches, dislocated shoulder. (Regretting her words almost immediately because of the pained look on Tessa's face.) Hey, I'm ok. I'm a Marine remember.

Tessa (fighting tears): It doesn't matter. You're a human being not an animal.

Brennan (standing slowly): Well some people don't always see that (moving to walk into the bathroom stopping as gentle hands touched her arm.)

Tessa (looking up): That's bullshit. They hit you with something (looking at the marks on her back_ they beat you didn't they (seeing Brennan tense she had her answer.) Let me help you. You might fall or hurt yourself worse.

Brennan (trying to lighten the situation): You going to catch me pygmy. I'm pretty heavy. Wouldn't want to squash you.

Tessa (understanding): Watch it Amazon you're pretty vulnerable right now.

Brennan (moving slowly): Really. Show me what you got pygmy (nearly falling over as Tessa reached out and pinched her nipple. She had to bite her lip to keep from groaning and nearly fell over as Tessa walked into the bathroom to start the shower. Shaking her head, she followed wondering if she was in hell.)

Tessa bit her lip not believing what she had done but she had liked it and wanted to do it again under much different circumstances. She had never felt desire like she felt now. No one had ever affected her like the tall Marine and now oh God she was going to help her shower. Seeing movement out of the corner of her eye she turned around to find a totally nude smirking Marine watching her.

Tessa (swallowing several times before she said anything): Um I've got everything ready you can adjust the water (averting her eyes.)

Brennan (deciding to move forward slowly; reaching out and cupping her chin in her hand): You have noting to be ashamed about. (Tightening her grip as Tessa tried to turn away) I won't push but if you want, I'm here.

Tessa (sighing): I never felt this. Not with anyone and I've never been with a woman and I don't think I can compare to all your past lovers and I'm scared (closing her eyes) I'm sorry I just need (and left the bathroom.)

Brennan (wondering is she should go out and talk to her; deciding against it hoping Tessa would sort out her feelings and understand that there was something between them.)

Tessa (laid on the bed thinking): I feel like I've known her forever. She affects me in so many ways like no one has ever before her. I don't know what to do. I know what I want but does she want that too.

Food Lion, Rural Road and Day's Inn SC

Alex (grabbing her wife by the ear): Knock it off. He was just looking at me (dragging her out the door.)

Jasmine (protesting and trying to break Alex's hold on her ear): Yeah he was looking at you all right? He was also saying shit about you.

Alex (shaking her head; she understood her wife's anger; but she knew it would do no good to let her go set the man straight so to speak): Love he can say whatever he wants because we both know it aint true. And you beating him up isn't going to help either. Now clam down before I take back those ice cream thingy's you like.

Jasmine (rolling her eyes playfully): Oh all right (unlocking their car) besides it wouldn't have been much of a challenge anyway (putting the groceries in the trunk.)

Alex (understanding): Right. Come on let's get this stuff back to the hotel. I have a few phone calls to make and some things to do before we get some sleep.

Jasmine (thinking): What do you make of Brennan and Tessa?

Alex (smiling): So you noticed too huh? (Pulling out of the parking lot) well there's something there but they're both afraid to act on it.

Jasmine (agreeing): They've both hurt so much. I just hope if Brennan does anything, well I just hope she treats Tessa right. Because if she hurts her I'll…

Alex (reaching over and taking her wife's hand in her own): I have no fear of that love. Brennan is a tough woman but in the years, I've known her I've never seen her be mean or hurt anyone she was dating. They always hurt her or treated her mean…

Jasmine (thinking): Yeah Cindy took the cake on that. I think what happened to Nakia really did a number on her. But it made her stronger more focused and determined.

Alex (turning into the parking lot of the hotel): You're right. Here let's get these inside to those two then get our stuff. I want to take a nice hot shower (getting out of the car and going to the trunk to retrieve Brennan and Tessa's groceries) maybe with you (winking and taking off towards the hotel room.)

Jasmine (mouth hanging open): Hot dam (grabbing bags as quick as possible and following hot on her wife's trail.)

Day's Inn Tessa and Brennan's room

Tessa (crying): I'm sorry. Oh God. Look at your eye.

Brennan (shaking her head; Tessa had punched her when she reached out and brushed back a lock of her hair; the problem was Tessa was dozing and she had startled her): It's ok. With all the stress you've been under, I shouldn't have done that (dabbing her eye with the ice pack.)

Tessa (reaching up to take the ice pack from Brennan): I've done a real good job with you. I practically rip open your wound; then I punch you; then I um well you know…

Brennan (trying to lighten the mood): You copped a feel.

Tessa (crying): I might as well throw you down and jump you for everything I've done.

Brennan (wide eyed; if she meant what she think she meant then she was all for it): Tessa calm down. No, harm no foul. Just relax (wiping her tears.)

Tessa (pushing her hand away): Don't I might hurt you again.

Brennan (trying to pull her into her arms): Tessa come on…

Tessa (pushing her away): No…

At this point Alex and Jasmine walked into their hotel room. Jasmine hearing Tessa and seeing where Brennan's hands were put two and two together (although what she came up with and what actually going on were two totally different things.)

Jasmine (rushing Brennan): That's pathetic. I thought you were beyond that.

Alex (dropping the bags and trying to grab her wife and failing): Jasmine (wincing as Jasmine tackled Brennan off the bed and onto the floor): Dammit…

Tessa (trying to get into between them): Jasmine no it's not what it looks like.

Jasmine (punching Brennan in the stomach): Of all the stupid selfish arrogant stunts you could pull this, one took the cake. She's too dam good for you. I should just throw your ass out (landing another punch.)

Tessa (leaning down and grabbing Jasmine's ear): Stop it. She wasn't hurting me (seeing Brennan's face and the look of pain.) You're hurting her. Stop, please.

Alex (yanking on her wife's arm): Calm down. Jesus Brennan just stay still ok (noticing blood seeping through Brennan's shirt.) Just relax. Come on Rocky go sit in a corner.

Jasmine (grumbling): I'm not done.

Tessa (jumping in her face): Yes you are.

Alex (kneeling next to Brennan): Dammit. You're a real mess (pulling open her shirt) take some breaths for me I think the stitches broke (looking) no but I want a better look at that. (Watching Brennan's face) hey how did you get that black eye?

Tessa (sheepishly): I um punched her…

Jasmine (lunging but felt small hands on her arm): What?

Alex (helping Brennan up): I think we jumped to conclusions (looking at her wife) or at least you did.

Tessa (nodding): Brennan hasn't hurt me. I don't think she could.

Jasmine (taking a deep breath): Then explain to me why when we came in here you were telling her no and pushing her away.

Tessa (shaking her head and helping Alex guide Brennan in the bathroom): Because I didn't want to hurt her anymore.

Alex (smirking): Here sit down let me look at you. (Pulling back the bandages) well at least you didn't rip open the sutures. (Running some water and pressing a wet cloth to the wound) I strongly suggest you take it easy and no more horsing around. (Winking at Tessa) and Tessa's going to make sure you do just that.

Brennan (groaning): Do I look like I need a babysitter.

Alex (patting her cheek gently): Yes because you are a stubborn pain in the ass.

Jasmine (apologetically): I'm sorry I beat on you. I saw Tessa and…

Brennan (grimacing as Alex applied some salve): I know. It's all right. (Nearly jumping out of her skin as Alex hit a very sensitive spot) good thing you're a lawyer.

Alex (retaping the bandage): Yeah, why?

Brennan (looking up at Tessa): Because your bedside manner sucks (teasing.)

Alex (putting the stuff back on the sink): Well if you could keep yourself out of trouble for more than two minutes at a time jarhead then I wouldn't be doing this.

Brennan (retorting): And if you kept your wife on a shorter leash, I wouldn't be into pain.

Jasmine (laughing): Well she does but she didn't think to bring it with her (moving out of the way of her wife's swat.) Missed (sticking her tongue out at Alex and leaving the bathroom.)

Tessa (laughing at her antics): So what did you bring us?

Alex (helping Brennan up): You go lay down. And stay out of trouble.

Brennan (walking stiffly): You going to tuck me in and read me a story.

Alex (pointing her finger): Just get your ass on that bed and don't move (seeing Brennan about to retort) not a word or I'll let Tessa in on a few little secrets of yours.

Tessa (playing along): Oh, do tell.

Brennan (leaning against the headboard): Watch it pygmy.

Alex (unpacking the groceries): There's a small refrigerator so I got some milk and some juice, crackers, cheese, some lunchmeat and bread. Couple bags of chips and some strawberries. When you leave to go up north, you can pick up a few other things. Brennan's got stuff in her bag for the bathroom. If she gives you any trouble just call me ok.

Brennan (looking for the remote): Yeah, yeah. Now leave.

Alex (leaning over her): I mean it Brennan rest. That's what you need. (Leaning down) and keep an eye on Tessa.

Brennan (softly): I will (smiling as Alex leaned down and kissed her cheek then hugged Tessa tightly.)

Jasmine (following her wife): You two behave and call us if you need anything, bye (shutting the door.)

Tessa (making some sandwiches): Here. It's not the best but…

Brennan (accepting the paper dish): Thanks. Actually, you don't want to know some of the stuff I've eaten.

Tessa (sitting on the bed next to her): I have a strong stomach. So tell me about yourself Brennan Ramus.

Brennan (softly): Not much to tell Tess. Although there seems to be a lot about you, I would like to know (taking a bite of her sandwich.)

Tessa (closing her eyes): Do you really mean that or…

Brennan (setting her plate down and taking one of Tessa's hands in her own): Tessa I don't know what it is with you but I feel something I never well its new. It's not something I know much about but I would like to get to know you better if you want (caressing her knuckles gently.)

Tessa (looking up Brennan's face and her eyes (even though the scar ran over it, it did nothing to mar her beauty or the expression of tenderness and compassion that wasn't so familiar in her life): I want to. (Picking up her sandwich) ok you know I'm from Boston and well I was an only child. Given every advantage possible in the place of affection; family time and such.

Brennan listened intently wondering how someone could do some of the things Tessa's parents did. She had no room to talk just wait till she got around to things.

Day's Inn Room 313

Richard had finished with his shower and stepped out of the bathroom wearing only his robe. He remembered leaving the lights on as well as the TV but everything was off now. Tensing and straining his eyes to see in the dark he never saw the figure come up behind him.

Figure (holding a gun to Richard's head): Hello. I heard you squealed like a little pig to someone.

Richard (struggling): No. I swear I didn't.

Figure (laughing) pushing Richard back in the bathroom, making sure the light was off first): A liar and a coward. Tell me where the dam disk is.

Richard (trying to get loose): Fuck you.

Figure (grabbing a towel): Either you tell me or you lose this first (aiming the gun at his crotch) then I'll think of other things to aim for.

Richard (his lip trembling at the thought of what his attacker was aiming at): I don't have it.

Figure (losing patience): Look, we can do this one of two ways. The hard and painful way or the easy and much less painful way. Your choice liar.

Richard (shaking): I don't have it.

Day's Inn Tessa and Brennan's Room

Brennan (sitting up after hearing what sounded like a gun go off and someone screaming): Tessa…

Tessa (looking up from her email): Yeah (wincing as she heard something too): What was that.

Brennan (getting up slowly): That was not good. Here hit the lights and turn off the tv.

Tessa (doing as what Brennan told her): Brennan listen you aren't…

Brennan (pressing two fingers to her lips): Shh. Just go in the bathroom and lock the door. If things get ugly your small enough to get out of here. Go to Jasmine and Alex's room. Don't run whatever you do, ok.

Day's Inn Alex and Jasmine's Room

Jasmine (holding her wife against her side): Shit.

Alex (calmly): That's a second shot. Someone's here.

Jasmine (looking for her shirt): I hope Brennan and Tessa are ok.

Alex (nodding and putting the chair underneath the doorknob): Brennan will take care of both of them. I'm just wondering what the fuck is going on (looking out the window and seeing two large black cars pull in the parking lot.) Shit. I can tell you this much I don't think they came for the convention.

Day's Inn Parking Lot

Figure (standing up): I don't care how you do it. Search every room just in case. She was last seen in this area. We need that disk.

The four other figures made their way slowly to the other side of the parking lot and began checking doors. The night manager had been extremely cooperative in giving them all the room keys.

Day's Inn Tessa and Brennan's Room

Brennan (watching out the window; the light from the streetlamps casting an eerie glow making her look sinister): Tessa (growling) get your ass in the bathroom. We just got company.

Tessa (worrying): Brennan they have guns. And you're unarmed.

Brennan (shaking her head): No, I'm not. I know Alex has one in my bag.

Tessa (gulping): You mean.

Brennan (trying to calm her): Listen to me. These people are after you or me. But irregardless they have to come through me first. We have a car and as long as my footlocker remains in the trunk, things are fine…

Tessa (looking up at her): Are you out of your mind? Things are far from fine they're going to shoot you.

Brennan (chuckling): No, they're not. See how they're wandering from room to room aimlessly not really using the keys…

Tessa (wide eyed): How did you…

Brennan (pointing): See how when that one walks something shiny is in his hand, its too small to be a gun. So it's the keys. They're not professional they're sloppy. Now if they were really looking they would be opening every door in this place and ordering the occupants out. They're not. (Looking at Tessa's face) I promise we'll get you out of here, ok.

Tessa (nodding): Ok. I trust you.

Brennan (smiling): Just do as I say ok pygmy.

Tessa (softly): Ok Amazon.

Day's Inn Alex and Jasmine's Room

Alex (sitting by the window): Just stay still will you.

Jasmine (pacing): I can't. I want to go out there and…

Alex (rolling her eyes): And do what. They have guns you don't. You don't even have your license.

Jasmine (throwing her arms up): Neither does Brennan…

Alex (realizing): Oh, shit. She has one. This aint good. No, no not good at all. Dam if the cops show up then she'll end up back in the brig under false charges.

Jasmine (gulping): Shit. But this is an emergency. She's wanted for a crime she didn't commit…

Alex (squeezing the bridge of her nose): And she's also wanted for questioning with other things.

Jasmine (nervously): Shit. Dam she's technically a fugitive. (Thinking) we have to get her out of here. The cops will be here at some point and (pushing her wife to the floor as a dark figure reached the door to their room.)

Figure (grabbing the doorknob): Doesn't look like this room is occupied. No lights on or TV.

Another figure (taking his gun out): Guy didn't tell us how many rooms were occupied. Did tell us where our friend was.

Another Figure (angrily): Can you two get on with this? The cops will be here soon. They'll find our two dead bodies. Come on we've got other rooms to check. This one seems empty.

Figure (running across the lot): Let's go the cops are on the way.

Day's Inn Alex and Jasmine's Room

Alex (watching as the cars left the parking lot): They're leaving in a hurry. Shit (slamming her fist in the door) the cops must be on their way. Here grab your jacket and get down to their room. Give Brennan any cash you have on you and here (handing her some other money.) Tell them to get out of here.

Day's Inn Tessa and Brennan's Room

Brennan (gasping for breath as she dressed hurriedly): Come on Tessa move. We've got to get out of here. Grabbing her bag and Tessa's laptop case.

Tessa (grabbing whatever she could from the bathroom): I'm going. You're wounds still need treatment.

Brennan (listening as Jasmine called out to her from the door and then looking outside): Shit get in here.

Jasmine (panting): You've got to go. Here (handing her a wad of cash. Take what you can and go.

Brennan (nodding): I'm gone. Come on Tessa.

Jasmine (softly): Be careful. We'll catch up with you later.

Watching out the door as Tessa and Brennan made their way across the parking lot and to her car. She grabbed the large trash bag stuffed in her jacket and took anything else Brennan and Tessa had left behind. There was no sign they had been here that night. Running out of the room as quickly as possible and back to their room praying for her friend's safety and that her friends would be ok and she would get her car back in one piece.

Rural Road SC

Tessa (looking at Brennan's pale face): You're looking awful. Maybe I should pull over.

Brennan (groaning): No time. Head north until you see Creekbury road take a left onto that. Just watch your speed and don't panic ok.

Tessa (softly; fighting tears): I'm scared Brennan these people are after me and…

Brennan (leaning towards her): Tessa things will be fine. Alex's aunt is working on things as we speak. It's just a matter of time.

Tessa (biting her lip): Maybe I should just go back…

Brennan (shaking her head): No I gotcha and I aint letting you go any time soon. That is if um (scratching the back of her neck…)

Tessa (understanding): My ex never cared about my feelings or nothing. They say your spouse or partner is supposed to be your best friend. I couldn't even confide in him about anything. You've shown me more compassion and understanding in this past week then anyone in my family ever did.

Brennan (pointing to gas station): His loss. Pull in there. Go in get us some coffee and here take this and get some cash.

Tessa (waving her own card): I got it.

Brennan (grabbing her hand): No I do. Trust me. If they're looking for you then you don't want to use that.

Tessa (taking Brennan's card): Ok but I'll pay you back.

Brennan (trying to lighten the mood): Friends don't owe friends but if you want, I'd take a kiss.

Tessa (blushing): Ok (smiling.) Stay put…

Brennan (grateful Tessa hadn't take it the wrong way): Where am I going? (Watching as Tessa walked inside the gas station listening to the sound of her laughter as she went.)

Days Inn Alex and Jasmine's Room

Jasmine (watching out the window): Well the cops are definitely here.

Alex (shutting her cell phone): That was Adrienne her and Clara are heading up here. No one's by the house now.

Jasmine (thinking): Wonder why. How long do we have before the police come knocking?

Alex (smirking): A little while.

Jasmine (taking her wife's hand): Come on. You promised me a hot bath and some (nipping her ear) playtime.

Ale (smiling): I love the way you think.

Jasmine winked and pulled her wife into the bathroom. If the cops showed up then it would appear they were enjoying some time alone together and knew nothing of what happened at the hotel.

Rural Road SC

Tessa (nervously): I heard on the scanner about what happened at the hotel. Some neighbor heard what sounded like gunshots. The cops say that whoever did this is considered armed and dangerous. And they are looking for more than one person. I hope Alex and Jasmine are ok (sipping her coffee and watching the road.)

Brennan (watching the road and Tessa): They can take care of themselves and they'll be fine. Here you should be coming up on the exit now. (Looking at the way her hands were tensed around the steering wheel.) Tess, loosen your grip a little. We'll be ok.

Tessa (taking a deep breath): How do you know all this stuff? How do you know how to get out of situations and stuff like that?

Brennan (looking at the road): Training, instinct things like that. The thing is you have to stay calm. Act don't react (noticing Tessa shiver.) You ok.

Tessa (shaking her head): Just thought I heard those words before you know.

Brennan (nodding, she too had feelings that she had known Tessa before somewhere and she felt different around her): I know. I get that feeling around you. Like we've been through things like this before, somehow. (Looking for the marker) ok up ahead take that left. Go slow this road is pretty backwoods. Very few people know about this.

Undisclosed Location SC

Danni (slamming the phone own): I want that on my desk now.

Jones (walking in the room): I've got him maam. Just took me some doing to get out of things.

Danni (taking the tape and paperwork from him): You were in his office at the time this occurred.

Jones (nodding): Yes maam. Found his bank statements as well and some receipts that I can't make sense out of.

Danni (looking through the paper work): Johnson (thinking) Esquire with a Boston address and a few military officials names. Get someone to look into these for me. And get his whereabouts for the past 2 months. (Answering her cell phone) who is this? What information? Ok where can I meet you and how will I know it's you? Ok (listening) all right give me a half an hour (shutting her phone and grabbing her jacket.) Jones, I'm going to go meet with someone who has some information regarding this whole mess. Have Samuels help you with those names. Call me if anything comes up.

Days Inn SC

Lieutenant Dobbs (writing in his notepad): You said you saw a black car pull away after you heard the noise.

Alex (nodding and trying not to shiver in her bathrobe): Yes sir. I heard a noise like a thud or something and I looked out the window and saw a black sedan drive away.

Dobbs (nodding): Ok maam. You didn't happen to get the license plate on the vehicle.

Alex (shaking her head): No, I didn't but it was dark I don't think it was a North Carolina plate though.

Dobbs (writing): You didn't get a plate number but you got a glimpse at it.

Alex (nodding): Well it went under that light there (pointing) and that's when I noticed the car wasn't from around here.

Dobbs (shaking his head): Ok. You're going to have to stay someplace else. This hotel is closed though. If you want I can have one of my Officers help you with your stuff.

Alex (looking at her partner): Oh, we'll be fine. But thank you Lieutenant.

Dobbs (nodding): You're welcome. Have a good evening (shutting the door behind him.)

Jasmine (standing up and grabbing their bags): Let's go.

Alex (putting her hand on her wife's shoulder): Hold it. Let's give it a few minutes. Then go. Besides, we have to find another hotel. We can't go back to the house until all this blows over. Everyone is looking for either Tessa or Brennan. So just, relax for a minute.

Boston MA

David (smiling): Excellent but still no sign of my daughter or that disk. Well find her dammit. What the hell am I paying you for, you ass? Don't make me have to come down there. I'm giving you another day then I'm flying down myself (slamming the phone down.)

Linda (walking in): Darling I'm going out for the night.

David (leaning back in his chair): Richard had an accident. The cops found his body (sneering) one loose end tied up.

Linda (fanning herself): I have someone coming by tomorrow. A young attorney fresh out of Harvard. Very nice young man.

David (nodding): Good. Have a nice evening dear.

Linda (walking out): Do try not to work so hard darling (blowing him a kiss and shutting the door.)

David (waving his hand): And try not to fuck to many boys tonight (chuckling and opening up his computer program.) Let's see oh good another deposit for a job well done (laughing and picking up the phone.)

Cabin In Mountain Range SC

Tessa (setting their stuff on the floor and jumping as Brennan came back in): Where the hell have, you been (rushing over to her when she noticed her pale sweaty face.) You had me worried.

Brennan (panting): Had to hide the car. Cops could be looking for it. Easy little one (noticing how Tessa was shaking.) I'm here.

Tessa (brushing back her hair): Please don't do that again.

Brennan (limping over to the kitchen): I won't. Too much dam work as it was.

Tessa (following after her): Just what did you do with the car Brennan?

Brennan (opening the refridge and grabbing a beer): Hid it (the beer was taken out of her hand) hey (protesting.)

Tessa (grabbing the carton of milk): This is better for you. And you're on antibiotics. When your done with those then you can have this (putting the can back. She found herself pulled back and pushed against the counter but didn't feel threatened.)

Brennan (placing her forearms on either side of Tessa and leaning forward): I don't like my beer touched pygmy.

Tessa (smiling): Well it's not good for you right now (realizing how close their faces were.) Um…

Brennan (her heart pounding in her chest; her senses reeling and it wasn't from the medication): Can I (swallowing hard) kiss you.

Tessa (feeling the same things as Brennan): You better (trying not to squeak.)

Their lips touched softly sending a jolt through both of their bodies. Both women moaned at the sense of familiarity and coming home. Two souls once lost had now found each other again. But they still had so much else, to deal with besides these new found feelings.

To Be Continued

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