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The view over looking the Elysian Fields was serene and tranquil. Something, both women needed at the moment before their big day tomorrow. It was a time of reflection; thoughts of the future; thoughts of the women they loved and how far they had come as a couple.

Xena (sitting down next to Varia): Here. Have some of this.
Varia (taking a sniff of the offered cup): Ooh, that's potent. What's in there?
Xena (taking a sip): Ouzo. Straight. Not the watered down stuff either. Figured you could use it.
Varia (taking a swallow): Oh, that's good. You nervous.
Xena (nodding): Yeah. I know that sounds strange coming from me but I look back on the years and realize maybe I should have done something like this sooner for her.

Varia (thoughtfully): Yeah, but then maybe you two wouldn't be where you are or who you are. I remember that night I saw you two in the barn. Even though the whole day had been stressful and there were some cross words and a few fisticuffs you two were standing so close and the way you were holding Gabrielle, I wished then and their I could find someone that would want more than a night or two of lustful passion. You both have something special and I hope to have that with Eve.
Xena (softly): You can. You just have to work everyday Varia. Every single dam day no matter how good life is or isn't. You have to talk and never ever be afraid to say you're sorry or I love you. And, mean it not only from here (tapping her head) but also most importantly from her (placing her fist over her heart.) Falling in love is easy; having sex is easy; going through the mundane is easy. Staying in love and working through every thing in life requires work and you have to want to do that or else you'll end up losing the one you love.
Varia (understanding): How do you know I mean well if it's going to work? How do you know that one day it might be over and well…?
Xena (looking at her): You don't. You just live every day and try to do your best and love her. Hell if Brie and I can survive some of the shit we have and still come out together in the end I think anyone can make it. They just have to want to.

Varia (taking a deep breath): Thank you for everything; for forgiving me; for giving me your blessing and being there for me.
Xena (leaning over and cupping her face): You're welcome. I just ask you take care of Eve. I know she can be difficult and stubborn but she comes by it honestly. Love her Varia that's what she needs. My daughter, like you has been through some rotten shit in her life but it's made her stronger, like you. If I didn't believe that you could love and take care of her, you wouldn't be here.
Varia (nodding): Thanks mom.
Xena (playfully growling): Don't go there.
Varia (playfully punching): Right the whole image thing (teasing.)
Xena (laughing): Something like that.

Aphrodite (guiding a very drunk Eve to the couch): Now wait. Hold on. Dam it where's Gabrielle. Eve sit down honey. You're going to fall over. Dam the part of you that is half-mortal is toast.
Gabrielle (walking in; fresh from a bath): What's wrong?
Eve (weaving): Mom not's my faults. Nervous (raising her hand.)
Gabrielle (seeing a glow coming from Eve): Hold it, here (taking Eve's hand in her own) Aphrodite go get us some tea please. I'll take care of her. (Squeezing Eve's hands and feeling the energy in them) easy honey. Calm down.

Eve (softly): I just miss her (hiccupping.) Do you realize it's been almost six days and nothing? We haven't been apart since we got together (getting agitated.) I don't like it. I want to go see her, (her hands glowing more so.)

Gabrielle (thinking how much Eve was like Xena): (Easy tightening her grip a little.) Honey you know you can't. Just relax. First thing tomorrow, you'll see her. Then you'll have the rest of your lives together.
Eve (insecure): What if I'm not good enough? What if she doesn't want me? I mean I was evil for so long…
Gabrielle (realizing it was the alcohol talking more than anything): Sweetheart you know that's not true. Varia loves you so much. And she's going to love you more every day you're together. And that wasn't you. Not my little girl. My little girl's mind was poisoned and you were turned, much like your mother because of power and corruption. You're not evil honey (pulling her in a for a hug.)

Eve (leaning her head on her shoulder): How do you know?
Gabrielle (faithfully): Because I know you, the real you and it's what your mother and I do. Because of the love, your mother and I have for each other and for you. You'll see sweetie. I promise.

Eve (dozing): Thank you.
Gabrielle (rubbing her back): You're welcome. Go to sleep I'll be here (helping her lie down.)
Eve (softly): Mother's lucky to have you and so am I.

Gabrielle (smiling): And I'm lucky to have you both. And after tomorrow, Varia will be officially part of our family (reassuring.)
Aphrodite (carrying in a tray of tea): Here. Is she all right?
Gabrielle (nodding and pulling a blanket over her): Just a case of nerves. You know how that goes (smirking.)
Aphrodite (setting the tray down): Do I ever. When I married Hephaestus, Athena and Artemis were up with me all night. I couldn't sleep; couldn't think. I just kept pacing and wondering.
Gabrielle (comforting): I'm sorry.
Aphrodite (shaking her head): It's in the past little one. I have my family here too. And I know that one day I'll see him again. We'll be together. (Sipping her tea) enough of the depressing stuff. Did you get her everything she needs for tomorrow?
Gabrielle (leaning back): She's going to make a beautiful bride.

Aphrodite (nodding): Yes, she is little one.

Varia (struggling with the buttons on her shirt; her hands were shaking so bad and she felt like she was going to be sick) Dam why do I have to wear all this fancy frilly stuff, again?
Xena (walking in): Because it's your wedding day. Here let me help you (noticing that her hands were shaking as well): Shit. Maybe we should both get some help. I can't tie the ties to my pants and my shirt (chuckling.)
Varia (softly; her face paling): We're a mess. Excuse me a minute (running into the bathing chamber and retching.)
Xena (wincing): Varia, take some nice deep breaths (walking in behind her and rubbing her back.) Here (wetting a towel for her.) Relax.

Hectate (materializing behind the both of them): Well look at this. If it wasn't so serious it would be funny (pausing) on second thought it is (gulping as Xena growled at her.) Look at you two (noticing their state of dress or rather lack there of; the pale color to their skin; their harsh breathing and shaking hands.) Oh, come here. You two look so dam pitiful. (Here waving her hand) mint tea with some chamomile for your stomachs. Xena, hold your arms out (reaching for the ties on her pants) dam girl you got knots there. No wonder you can't tie them (teasing.) Ok hold still (noticing a blue strip of cloth that covered her) something blue. How sweet?
Xena (growling): Never mind my unmentionables just tie the dam things all ready.
Varia (chuckling and sipping the tea): This is just what I need (getting glared at) the tea I mean.

Hectate (reaching up and buttoning Xena's shirt): Relax. (Smoothing the front of her shirt down) get your coat. Ok you come here (motioning to Varia) another one. No wonder you warrior's have to get married. Other wise you would be in a disastrous state constantly. (Noticing she too had the same blue cloth) matching unmentionables how cute.

Varia (rolling her eyes): It was the only thing I could wear that wouldn't clash with anything else. I mean I have to carry the weapons and the white coat and pants have no other color in them well anyway hey easy there (motioning to the tugs and pulls on her pants.)
Hectate (rolling her eyes): You relax. Here (buttoning her shirt) go get your coat. Then we'll finish assembling you two.

Xena (walking in with her coat and weapons): Ok here. I don't know why we're bothering with all this fancy stuff. Brie's just going to rip it off later.
Varia (yelling through the doorway): Thanks for the thought mom.

Xena (smirking wickedly): Welcome. Just wait to Eve gets a hold of you (laughing as she heard a thud.) Right foot first Varia.

Hectate (shaking her head): Ok you're as set as you're going to be. Now go pace in that corner (smacking her on the bum playfully.)
Eve (shifting uncomfortable as Aphrodite braided her hair): What's with all the frills and fuss?
Aphrodite (shaking her head): You're so much like your mother. Just relax. Is that tea helping?
Eve (nodding): Yep. Mom looks beautiful. I can't believe she hasn't figured it out yet.
Aphrodite (smiling): That's because she's to worried about you. Ok you're set. Let's get you two to the altar.

Varia (pacing): I got to do what (not sure she heard the priestess right, but she would do anything for her partner.)
Priestess (softly; backing up): You have to kneel for the ceremony since you're the Warrior. Xena has to as well.

Xena (looking around): It'll be ok. There's some pillows you can kneel on.

Another priestess walked up to them and informed them that Xena had to go and meet Eve so they could begin the ceremony.
Gabrielle (kissing Eve on the cheek): I love you and I'm proud of you. I'll see you out there.
Eve (nodding; wondering what was taking her mother so long): Breath. Relax and breathe.

Xena (walking up behind her): You got that right. You look beautiful sweetheart (hugging her tightly. Eve's gown was a white off the shoulder satin dress; adorned with lace and pearls. On her neck she wore a crystal pendant with a silver chain and her hair was done up in braids.)
Eve (looking at her mother): You look great mother. Mom is going to be so surprised. (Xena's outfit was a white leather coat with white pants and a silver grey silk shirt underneath. On her shoulders she wore Gabrielle's Queen insignia and her hair was done up in braids. Varia's was similar except her shirt was a light green and she had foregone her insignia on her shoulders.)
Xena (smiling): We're just about ready.
Gabrielle (standing beside Varia and adjusting her scabbard): Easy. Now don't pass out on me (teasing.

Varia (nodding and admiring Gabrielle's dress; hers too was white and off the shoulder; a light blue belt went around the waist and her hair was done up in a braids as well. Around her neck she wore a necklace Aphrodite let her use and she had her Queen's insignia on her shoulders): You look really nice.
Aphrodite (taking her spot on the altar): All right Eve come on in. (She smiled as the room lit up and shadows from Xena and Gabrielle's past began filling the room. She had called in a lot of favors to get those that had gone before them to be here for this ceremony but it was worth it. Very much so.) Everyone knows why we're here. To join two women together in love. Who gives Eve to this Warrior?
Xena (holding Eve's arm): I do.
Aphrodite (smiling): And you are?
Xena (proudly): Her mother. Xena of Amphipolis.
Aphrodite (looking at Gabrielle): And you (looking at Gabrielle?)
Gabrielle (taking Eve's hand): Am her adopted mother. Standing here as witness to our daughter's ceremony (proudly.)

Aphrodite (flipping through some pages): We seem to be missing someone. Ah yes (playing) there's to be another joining here as well. Come forth warrior and state your desire.

Xena (trying not to choke): I Xena of Amphipolis…
Aphrodite (smiling): We already know who you are get on with it (teasing; seeing as how nervous Xena was.)
Xena (coughing): Um Gabrielle will you join with me today as our daughter and her partner join (kneeling on a step below Gabrielle.)
Gabrielle (fighting tears; she never expected this; her Warrior could be so romantic at times): Xena…
Aphrodite (looking at Eve and Varia to help): Just nudge them along.
Eve (placing her hand on Gabrielle's shoulders): Mom she wants to join with you. Do you want that?
Gabrielle (nodding): Yes. I'd be honored.

Aphrodite (pointing to Varia and Xena): Both of you as Warrior's must surrender yourselves to your intended. (Watching as two priestesses guided Xena to her knees in front of Gabrielle and helped place her sword on the altar at Gabrielle's feet. The other priestess did the same for Varia and Eve.) Eve of (looking through the parchment) Eve of Thrace do you enter this union freely and without reservation.
Eve (smiling): I do.
Aphrodite (looking at Varia): Varia of Aboria do you enter this union freely and without reservation.
Varia (trying not to stutter): I do.
Aphrodite (softly): Take each other's hands. (Then turning to Xena and Gabrielle she asked them the same question.) Now you take each other's hands. A union is a contract of love between two people who will spend their lives together as one. I am going to ask you as a couple, a series of questions. Varia and Eve do you take each other to be joined in a union blessed by me and your parents to honor; love; protect and nurture each other through all of your days.
Varia and Eve “I do.”
Aphrodite (looking at Xena and Gabrielle): And do you Xena and Gabrielle take each other to be joined in a union blessed by me, to honor; love; protect and nurture each other through all of your days.
Xena and Gabrielle “I do.”
Aphrodite (leafing through parchment): Do you promise to take care of each other through sickness; health; grief; loss and pain, good times and bad?

Varia and Eve “I do.”
Aphrodite (smiling): And do you Xena and Gabrielle, promise to take care of each other through sickness; health; grief; loss and pain, good times and bad?

Xena and Gabrielle “I do.”
Aphrodite (motioning to the priestess for the ceremonial knife): As you consecrated your union for the first time and united your hearts you now shall unite your souls. By making a small cut along your partners palm you are invoking an act of trust; faith and loyalty to them. Think of the first time you saw each other; think of the first time you held each other and think of your future together as you perform the blood bonding. Xena and Gabrielle your lives have been filled with many trials but you overcame them all with trust and love. Performing this act seals that pact and promise you made so many years ago (nodding to the priestess.
Xena gently took the knife and held out her lift hand while Gabrielle held her hand in her own and made a quick slash across her palm. She never winced and never lost eye contact with her partner. Then Xena did the same to Gabrielle. The priestess took the knife and cleaned the blade then wrapped a white cloth around their hands linking them together.) Eve and Varia think of the first time you saw each other; think of the first time you held each other and think of your future together as you perform the blood bonding. Your lives have been filled with many trials but you overcame them all with trust and love. Performing this act seals that pact and promise you made (nodding to the priestess and watching Eve and Varia do the same. Then the priestess repeated the motions with them and backed up.) Do you have your rings (looking at the priestess that gave Varia her and Eve's rings then gave Xena's hers and Gabrielle's?) Varia stand up and present your ring and your vows to the woman you love.

Varia (taking Eve's hand and placing the ring on her finger): Eve my lover; my best friend; my soul mate I offer you this ring as a symbol of my undying love and devotion from here to eternity.

Eve (taking Varia's hand and placing the ring on her finger): Varia my lover; my best friend; my soul mate I offer this ring as a symbol of my undying love and devotion from here to eternity.

Aphrodite (raising her hand and blessing their union): Let no one tear apart what has been blessed. Love each other and be good to each other. Xena and Gabrielle your vows to each other.

Gabrielle gasped as Xena took her hand and began to place the ring on her finger.

Xena (taking Gabrielle's hand and placing the ring on her finger): Gabrielle my love; my best friend; my soul mate you saved my life and my soul. I offer you this ring as a symbol of my undying love and devotion from here to eternity.

Gabrielle (taking Xena's hand and placing the ring on her finger): Xena my lover; my best friend; my soul mate; my hero in so many ways. You too saved my life and my soul. I offer this ring as a symbol of my undying love and devotion from here to eternity.

Aphrodite (raising her hand and blessing their union): Let no one tear apart what has been blessed. Love each other and be good to each other. As you place the rings on your intended's fingers let it serve to remind both couples that so finely, intricately are the threads of your existence woven together, that you are each but one half of the same soul. Raise your joined hands (she blessed them silently.) You are officially joined you may hey (laughing as neither couple could wait for the you may kiss your wife statement.) You were supposed to wait for that statement.

Both couples turned to face the crowd with their hands still tied together and a raucous of applause; cheers; whistles and catcalls greeted them. The priestess untied the ties for both couples and congratulated them.

Xena (kissing Eve on the cheek): Congratulations and Varia (kissing her on the cheek as well) welcome to the family (winking) officially.

Gabrielle (kissing them both): Congratulations. You both made us very proud.

Eve (smiling): Thank you and it's about time mother.

Varia (teasing): Yeah took you two long enough.
Xena (smiling): Well the best things come to those who wait (leaning down and kissing her bride softly.)

Aphrodite (walking up and hugging both couples): That was an awesome ceremony. Now come on let's go meet your guests. I want to party. Two of the hottest couples joined on one day oh yeah.
Xena (laughing): Thank you. It was beautiful.

Gabrielle (leaning into her partner as they walked down the stairs): You did a wonderful job. And Eve you and I will be having a long talk about this when we get back from the honeymoon. You troublemaker (teasing.)

(Varia whistled innocently) and don't think that you're off the hook either. You're both in trouble. Keeping this from me. Bad I tell you (teasing.) And you I can't begin to tell you…
Xena (silencing her with a kiss): You can take it out on me later. Right now we have guests to greet although (stopping short as she realized who their guests were. Family and friends who had passed on before them lined both sides of the large room.) Aphrodite…
Aphrodite (playfully smacking her on the bum): Go on. It's part of my gift to both couples. I'm going to meet and mingle (kissing each women on the cheek and going off to party.)
It was a beautiful reception there were so many people there that wanted to wish them well; people that they hadn't seen in so long because they had passed onto the other side. It was a joyful time with time to catch up and talk and enjoy life. As the music slowed to a song Eve had picked out to dance with her mom she walked over to her and took her hand.

Gabrielle (laughing): I'm honored honey.

Eve (gently taking her left in her own): I owe you so much. You gave me chance after chance. Believed in me when no one else would or did. With the exception of mother. You offer us so much and take such good care of us. Thank you for your blessing.

Gabrielle (fighting tears): Eve your my daughter. I want you to be happy. (Hugging her tightly.)

Xena (taking Varia's hand): Come on featherhead.
Varia (gulping): You mean me and you.
Xena (nodding and pulling her to the dance floor): Yes I mean you. (Gently guiding her in the slow dance.)

I'm proud of you. And I can't thank you enough for making my little girl happy.

Varia (smiling; calming): She's made me happy. It's you who I should thank for giving her to me.

Eve (tapping Varia on the shoulder): Switch.

Varia (leaning forward and kissing Xena on the cheek): Thank mom. (She walked over to Gabrielle and took her hand gently) thank you. (Chuckling) seems as I'm saying that a lot lately. But it's the only words I can think of that can begin to express by gratitude.

Gabrielle (smiling): Just love our little girl. That's all I want. Make her happy.

Xena (kissing Eve on the forehead): You're a beautiful bride. I never thought this day would come.

Eve (understanding): It wasn't your fault. I'm just glad you and mom gave me a chance and offered your love and support.

Xena (fighting tears; she had been doing that all day): Eve no matter what had happened I wanted you to come home. Hoping that we could heal some of the wounds and…

Eve (softly; leaning her head on her mother's shoulder): Mother let it go. We're here now. We have much to celebrate. Thank you for your love; guidance and your support.

Xena (closing her eyes): Eve…
Eve (gently): I told mom the same things.

Ephiny (walking up to them): I couldn't be more proud or more happy. May I have this dance with our Princess?

Eve (confused): Um…
Ephiny (gently shoving Xena aside): I mean you. You are so much like her at times.

Xena (protesting playfully): Hey watch it.
Ephiny (laughing and taking Eve in her arms): Go stand in a corner Warrior Princess.

Xena chuckled and walked over to the bar to get a drink and watch the festivities.

Ephiny (caressing Eve's face): I'm going to share this dance with you and your mom. But first you are an Amazon Princess whether you want the title or not. I know what's in your heart. Be patient with that featherhead as you well know her emotions sometimes get the best of her.
Eve (smiling): I can't tell you how much it means to me that you always have looked out for my mom's.

Ephiny (kissing her cheek softly): It is my pleasure and my honor. And I'll be keeping an eye on you both.
Eve (kissing her cheek): Thank you.
Ephiny (smiling): Let me go rescue your featherhead.

Gabrielle (kissing Varia on the cheek): Go get your wife.

Varia bowing respectfully and then went to find her bride.
Ephiny (pulling Gabrielle tightly against her): One of the few times I can say that I love having you in my arms and not have to worry about tall dark and gorgeous. You look beautiful as always.

Gabrielle (trying not blush): Thank you. You look good. You going to dance with Xena.

Ephiny (looking around trying to find her): When I get my hands on her (teasing.)
Gabrielle (teasing): You wish.
Ephiny (implying): She's probably more than a handful. But then you would know (smirking.)
Gabrielle (kissing Ephiny softly): More than you know.

Xena (sipping her port and talking to Lyssa): When we come back from our honeymoon. Maybe I can find you a position within my guard unit.
Lyssa (nodding): Give me a chance to talk to her.
Xena (watching as Ephiny was walking over to her with a very determined look on her face): I'll talk to you when I come back. Why don't you go and talk with her now?

Lyssa (brushing back one of Xena's braids): Thank you.
Ephiny (tugging gently on Xena's arm): Come on.
Xena (not moving): I danced with my wife; my daughter; her wife; my mother and then my brother. Sorry dance card is all filled (arching her eyebrow.)
Ephiny (pleading): Come on I had my arms wrapped around Brie, it's only fair I get the full treatment.

Besides it's not every day the Warrior Princess gets hitched (teasing.)
Xena (playfully rolling her eyes): All right. But keep your hands to yourself (taking her hand gently in her own.) So you danced with Brie (wrapping her arms around her waist.)
Ephiny (wrapping her arms around Xena's neck): Yes I did. She's so beautiful. Eve is too. A perfect combination of the both of you.
Xena (thinking): You know.

Ephiny (nodding): It's Callisto's soul but you and Gabrielle are very much part of Eve.
Xena (looking at Gabrielle): That she is Ephiny. I'm very lucky.
Ephiny (kissing her lips softly): You both are my friend. Do you know technically now you are an Amazon?
Xena (uncomfortable): Ephiny…
Ephiny (smiling): It's the truth. Just ask Queen Melosa when you get a moment.

Xena (kissing her forehead): Thank you Ephiny. For everything.
Ephiny (understanding): Thank you for keeping your promise. And for loving her. I thought at one time I had a chance but I knew deep down inside she had your heart and you had hers.
Xena (cupping her face): You know we both love you.

Ephiny (kissing Xena's palm): And I love you both. It looks like some of your guests want you to make a speech. I'll see you around.
Xena (kissing the back of her hand): Can't keep Amazons caged (teasing.)
Ephiny (teasing back): You wish Warrior Princess or is it Lord of the Underworld (backing up as Xena playfully swatted at her.)

Xena walked over to her wife and took her hand gently in her own and made her way to the head table.

Many of their friends and Xena's mother made toasts to both couples and Xena, Gabrielle, Eve and Varia thanked everyone for being there and for wishing them love and happiness. The Amazons in attendance made sure neither Queen wanted anything during the reception and many of them took to Eve with sisterly affection stating the past was in the past. This was the future.

After the guests parted leaving only the Gods, the question now was where to go on their honeymoons.
Eve (snuggling into Varia's embrace): Somewhere quiet and warm and peaceful.

Varia (nodding): No interruptions.

Apollo (thinking): I have just the place. It is further south of where the Amazons settled but I guarantee no interruptions. How's that?
Aphrodite (implying): And plenty of servants to do your bidding.
Eve (looking at Varia): Sounds good. That ok love.
Varia (nodding; in truth she didn't care where she just wanted time with her partner): Sounds perfect if I have you beside me.
Xena (teasing): Big softie.

Varia (softly): Yeah well I can always repeat what you said about Gabrielle (wiggling her eyebrows.)
Xena (hoarsely): You do and your toast.

Gabrielle (smacking Xena on the bum): Behave. Go on the both of you. We'll get together when we get back.
Eve (hugging both of them): Thank you so much for everything.
Xena (kissing the top of her head): You're welcome. I'm proud of you honey. You take care of that featherhead over there.

Eve (laughing): Mom…

Gabrielle (shaking her head): I'll handle this one.

Eve (implying): I'm sure you will.
Varia (leaning in for a hug): Thank you for the gift of the cabin. I know how much that meant to you both.
Gabrielle (softly): Just take care of Eve. We'll see you two when we get back.

Apollo (taking both of their hands): Let's go ladies.

Hades (folding his arms across his chest): I can keep an eye on the Underworld for you while your gone. I would stay in the shadows after all I would like my daughter and her bride, to be able to relax and enjoy.
For a moment everyone tensed waiting for Xena's verbal tirade and watched as Gabrielle tensed waiting for the oncoming storm.
Xena (smiling): I'd like that.

Aphrodite (smiling): Ok one honeymoon trip to for a bodacious couple…

Hectate (holding up her hand): Hold it. One second.

Xena (folding her arms across her chest): Now what?
Gabrielle (wrapping her hand around her partner's bicep): Be nice.

Hectate (arching her eyebrow): That will be the day. Xena seriously I need to talk to you about something in private.

Gabrielle (kissing Xena on the cheek): Go ahead I'll wait (nipping her ear) for a moment.

Xena (following Hectate): Ok what is so all fired important that your keeping me from my honeymoon.

Hectate (laughing): Oh it's about your honeymoon. Heathen that you are. Seriously. You know you and Gabrielle can make a child between you two. Your powers and her powers combined can make that possible. It has to be something you both desire but it can and has happened.

Xena (wide eyed): You mean… Brie and I…

Hectate (nodding, patting Xena playfully on the arm): Go on. I'll keep an eye on things.

Gabrielle (laughing): I'm just so happy. I never wanted to push the issue with her.

Aphrodite (smiling; Gabrielle was still in for a big surprise): I know. (Looking up as Xena walked in) well looks like (chuckling as Xena picked Gabrielle up in her arms and cradled her; kissing her softly) ok I get the point. Dam impatient Goddess' (teasing.)

Gabrielle (moaning): Aphrodite um…
Aphrodite (winking): You got it babes.

Varia (carrying her bride over the threshold): Well here we are (soft lips kissed hers.)
Eve (softly; caressing her face): This is so beautiful. And the ceremony and you and…
Varia (kissing her tenderly): You're beautiful baby and I wanted you to remember this moment forever.
Eve (looking around the room): I will.

Varia (setting her down gently):Well let's see what we um (small strong hands undid her jacket and blue eyes held a mischievous smirk) love (moaning as those small hands set her body on fire.)
Eve (removing Varia's sword and scabbard): We can explore the room later. (Seductively) right now I want to make love to my wife.
Varia (reaching for the ties on Eve's dress): And I want to make love to my wife (kissing her lips.)
Eve (pushing Varia towards the bed; both women frantically removing clothing): You have no idea what you do to me (grunting as she was pulled on the bed and five feet eight inches of extremely aroused Amazon Warrior pinned her down.)
Varia (grazing Eve's throat with her lips and teeth): If it's anything like you to do to me then yes I do.

Their skin touched in all the right places and their hands and mouths reached out; their hearts and souls connecting in that special way that spoke of coming home and eternity.
They were outside a building; the path around the building was line with trees and flowers and had a stone walkway. The air around them was filled with birds singing and other signs of wildlife.

Gabrielle (looking around): Xena this is beautiful (running her fingers through her partner's dark locks.

Xena (walking toward the doorway that would be their home away from home): Not as beautiful as you. This is our paradise Brie (trying to figure out how to get the door open without setting her package down.)
Gabrielle (smiling as she opened the door): I got it (and gasped as Xena carried her over the threshold. The room was exquisite and almost like Varia's and Eve's (yet they didn't know it); a marble tub by a large fire place with furs in front of it; a desk and a bookshelf lined with scrolls; flowers on several tables; and of course a large canopied bed): Xena (fighting tears.)
Xena (setting her down gently; knowing she was overcome with emotion; she was pleased that everything had been done par her instructions): Do you like?
Gabrielle (looking at her ring; then at Xena; then at the room): Xena this is…I can't believe…You…

Xena (smiling and taking her hands in her own): You deserve all of this and more. You've made my life so happy and complete and I'm sorry (soft lips caressed hers.)
Gabrielle (wrapping her arms around her partner): Shh. None of that. Here and now, that's what's important. And you've made me the happiest woman alive. Where did you get the rings? Varia and Eve's came from (Xena kissed her to silence her.)
Xena (softly): The rings were made by a friend. I took my design and Varia's down to her and she took care of it for me. And I'm glad I could.
Gabrielle (kissing the back of Xena's hand): I love you.

Xena (caressing her cheek): I love you Gabrielle.

Their lips met and all thoughts of exploring their suite vanished. Clothes; weapons and armor were removed and they barely made it to the bed. Moaning at the feel of each other, after a week separation their touches and kisses grew hungrier by the second and their passions ignited and their hearts and souls connected on a new level. Soul mates for eternity at the very least.

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